Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Samy's Folly

Looks like those who want to answer my charges are short of ideas.

All they can say is that I am a racist and I was worse than the present Prime Minister.

Now Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu has joined Karpal Singh and Param Cumaraswamy in calling me racist.

These three characters want the Government to free the Hindraf leaders from detention under the Internal Security Act.

They must know that Hindraf represents Tamil racists who still look to their old masters, the British, to protect them. They don’t believe in Malaysian institutions.

And they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race. They and their apologists are racist to the core.

Seeing the death and destruction inflicted on Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, they threaten to bring this kind of violent racial politics to Malaysia.

In sympathising with Hindraf, Samy exposes his deep racist sentiments.

He insisted that he was the only leader of the Indians.

He refused to allow other Indian political parties to join the Barisan Nasional. His arrogance was unbearable. The defeat of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is entirely because of him.

I will follow this with extracts of what Samy Vellu said when I was Prime Minister. You can then judge what kind of Indian the Indians have as their leader.


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Unknown said...

go!go!go! Tun, i'll support you what ever decision u made as i believe for every single action u did are having its own meaning.

Tiger JHL said...

Salam Tun,

saya merasakan samy vellu sebenarnya amat terdesak utk mengembalikan sokongan kaum India kepada MIC & dirinya sendiri!

areshan said...

salam.. saya setuju tun

fights tokca said...

right Tun.The defeat of MIC in general election is bcoz of SAMMIES!!!WE SUPPORT YOU TUN>>>

drew said...


Keep on keeping on. Your insights are invaluable.

ASHAR said...


Sammy Vellu buat pulisiti murahan. Dulu kata isu orang India, MIC akan tangani...malangnya bila banyak isu orang India gagal di tangani Sammy salahkan TUN pulak...ayooyoo

Cakap saya nak bodek Pak Lah, mahu pegang pegang MIC dan jawatan menteri lagi...ayo yooo sammy..

Apabila buat salah, semua kasi TUN. Mana ada patut sammy...

Sendiri mau Ingatlah...kalau MIC lu peganag lagi 4 tahun ....MIC pun akan hancur...

Orang India pun sudah jemu lu dalam MIC...sendiri mau ingatlah. Jangan salahkan TUN....

Lu apa mau lagi...sudah jadi orang kaya di India tarak cukup ka...



Zainal Ariffin Ashari said...

Saya kira ini adalah masa untuk para pembesar BN menentukan 'team' mana yang nak disokong demi kesinambungan kerjaya politik mereka. You or Pak Lah.

anaklangkawi said...

Yes. Samy as racist as Karpal & others..
only fight for his own ppl. what about the 90 other detention..
Well samy & Paklah must resign ..

slyderrose said...

TDM, sudah adat dunia. Masa ada kuasa semua orang sanjung dan sanggup cium tangan. Dah hilang kuasa, kawan pun bolih hilang.
DSAI dah alami dulu dari TDM. Baik TDM minta maaf pada DSAI sebelum terlambat.

Anonymous said...

it's hard for us top unite in one community if everybody doesn't want to keep their own interest behind.

malaysia boleh!

Mr.D said...

I wish you would have removed him when you were in power. He has clearly failed the Indian community. Downright corrupt and only know how to talk big!

► madi ◄ said...

Mr. Samy
detactor in MIC..

Dafi said...

Let us know the whole truth Tun. What is really going on with our country?

Other than that what is your advice on the oil price? What is the remedy. Please give your thought

ManBM said...

Sami vellu tu memang cam tu Tun, bila dah takde kuasa baru nak bising2. Kalau tak dok diam je jadi menteri kerja raya.

penang said...

I am very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Really, the people cant wait to hear the truth about Mr Samy.

PJ said...

Your sordid past is catching up with you,Tun! Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth. He has personal knowledge of your current public speeches and also your attitude towards the non-Malays in this country while you were at the helm of affairs. Is there any doubt that you have been playing the race card recently?

Seniman Menangis said...

Dear Tun,

These three jokers are also racist, if not they won't champion their race's issues, am i right tun. As for Samy why didn't he back the Hindraf people when he was in the government? Cakap tak serupa bikin

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya ada seorang bos india. Dia mengakui Samy ni hanya mengkayakan diri, keluarga dan kroni sama macam AAB.

Samy ni dah tak di minati tapi masih mahu duduk atas takhta macam AAB.

Salah sendiri tak membantu membangunkan masyarakatnya tapi menyalahkan orang lain. Mengaku diri betul tapi orang lain salah macam perangai AAB


SAMY = AAB = Orang yang patut resign

RadioAtok said...

Dear Tun,

I feel like something wrong about our country now and its about reaching to the end of our objective to vision 2020. I'm so concern about the new generation future. Are they going to have what we use to have when Tun ruled the country?

Anwar Ibrahim is getting wild in his poilitical vision and Pak Lah is getting weak and weaker in giving the direction to Malaysia people.

Tun, please help us...
skype : funtoosurf


Syabas TUN,semoga Malaysia akan lebih makmur.Semoga Pak Lah meletakkan jawatan kerana jika tidak mungkin lebih ramai lagi parti komponen BN akan memberi tekanan pada UMNO khasnya.

Tun Sila kan terus bersuara.


Sarinande said...

Tun, Salamun alaikum,
Jaga diri & kesihatan. You are still relevant.

joehenry said...

Tun, There is not doubt about it. Samy Vellu seldom took care of the Indian community when he was a minister. He now tried to blame that you are racist to cloud his shortcomings.

Anonymous said...


Why people always play the racist card?Can't they grow up.By the way,wake up Mr Samy,don't bite the hands that fed you.Is this how you repay Tun for keeping you as Minister for many terms.Please tell us what he said to you Tun,we can't wait for it.

TDM Supporter said...

Dear Tun,

This message of yours to the Indian community is clear to them to realize where they come from. yes, I agree that Indian should be thankful to you and the Malays.

Unknown said...

hope there will be more no-confidence vote after this...

Apanama said...

That's the way Tun!
No use handling this ungrateful scumbag with kid-gloves any longer.
What you have done for him (while he pretended to be the HERO OF THE MALAYSIAN INDIANS over the years is more than enough.


p/s I told you Samy, don't play with fire.
About the same time last year your filthy mouth uttered similar lies, but when your lies were exposed you counter-lied saying that your former deputy Datuk S.Subramaniam was plotting to undermine your leadership.
And since Tun Dr.Mahathir was overseas at that point of time, you managed to cry over the phone and shift the blame on Datuk Subra.
Now you've been caught again, with your pants down and trust me ... its a BLOODY UGLY SIGHT!

chezai said...


May Allah will always bless u with lot of patience and be strong daddy....

Take care for both of u....

J Lou said...

Salam Tun,

It seems now very hard to keep people think reasonably and say things reasonably and with constructive arguments & criticisms.

Apart from having personal interests to seize power, things now grow to hatred, because of losing political powers.

They can help giving solutions & truth facts things and issues around, and should stop inflicting old wounds.

Come on Government, take the next step forward from the last step taken and make every further steps the better ones than the steps taken.

We wish pure stability, living peace, feeling harmony, and growth & advancement.

The fuel hike is a past thing, look for better solutions and back ups from now, make country strong.

Please think the way forward for all goods & maintain fairness, not biased.

SkiLL said...

Hidup Tun. Teruskan usaha Tun. Mudah-mudahan Malaysia boleh kembali gemilang dengan ajaran/teguran Tun.

Ayuh Kayuh! said...


perisaiwaja said...

Hope that these "millionaire" to be will think again and use their brain after getting million of pounds from British govenment instead of Kerajaan Negara Malaysia.

Unknown said...

Salam TUN,

Kaum India kene akur tentang Ketuanan Melayu di bumi Malaysia.
Hindraf memainkan suatu isu yang boleh menimbulkan perasaan panas hati di kalangan kaum Melayu.

TelagaJoke said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Jika Tun dapat jelaskan mengapa Tun Salleh Abbas dipecat pada 1998 mengapa Tun tidak menjelaskan mengapa Anwar Ibrahim di buang dari jawatan TPM? Jika tak keberatan jelaskanlah dalam blog ini mengapa Anwar Ibrahim di tendang keluar dari UMNO 1998.

Saya memang dari kecik tak sokong Anwar Ibrahim sebab secara semulajadi naluri saya memang tak suka cara dia menjadi pemimpin.

Anwar Ibrahim is fighting for him self not for the agama dan bangsa! Ingatlah Anwar adalah pelawak tanpa muka seorang pelawak. Di rumbu (Org Kedah Faham) dan Siru (Orang Penang Faham..) Dia sembang deras kencing kemas. Maksudnya cakap tak serupa bikin.

Terima Kasih.

YKeong said...

Yes, first to the post. Thank you TDM for sharing your views in so many areas concerning the country. I've made it a point to read your blogs everyday.

amantubillah said...

Salam buat Tun sekeluarga
serta all bloggers.

Betul apa yang Tun cakapkan. Ramai rakan-rakan saya yang berbangsa India, semuanya tak undi BN pada PRU 12 yang lalu sebab marahkan samy's tulli.

Sudah lah tu samy oi, letaklah jawatan dalam MIC, bagilah orang lain pulak.




Samy pun sudah lupa, sekarang dia komen TUN pasal nasib orang India masa TUN.

Nampaknya semua orang politik macam tu....bila kalah, cari alasan agar mereka nampak baik....orang lain tak baik.

Hello Mr cakap sudah berapa banyak kuil didirikan tak sah pada mulanya kemudian lu kasi lulus...berapa banyka lagi lu mau....?

Bila sudah kasi besar...lebih dari had kelulusan, suruh kasi runtuh ...orang semua marah...Lu kata isu orang India lu boleh kasi tangani...bila orang India sudah benci sama lu, lu cakap TUN tak betul .....ayoo ayoo Mr Samy , kenapa tak cakap PAK LAH...isu hindraf kan zaman PAK LAH.

Lu betul tarak guna punya orang, patut lah orang India tak suka sama lu....

Ucap selamat juga pada MIC, semoga nanti terkubur sama UMNO PAK LAH.



antimamak said...

Tun :
Kawan sudah jadi lawan.. apa boleh buat??
Dulu samy adalah kawan sahabat yang paling rapat, deepavali sumbat kuih masuk mulut Tun. tetapi sekarang sudah jadi lawan
Fikirkanlah Tun...
Kerana Tun sudah menjahanamkan perpaduan kaum di Malaysia. Itulah balasan yang tidak perlu dimaafkan.

Kesimpulannya, apa bila tongkang sudah pecah, mamak dan rakan seperjuangan masing masing saling membunuh antara satu sama lain. Kerana takut nyawa di ancam.

Fireroll said...

Samy Vellu...oohhh..Samy Vellu...

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

I posted what I felt when Samy had criticised you in my latest posting yesterday. Hope it too will shed some light into his alleged accusations.

Please pardon some strong words in the article;

Thank you Tun.

Skyprince said...

Sebenarnya Tun, ada kebenaran disebalik tindakan Samy dan Param. Saya ingin mengajak Tun pergi melawat Lorong Bendahara di Jalan Langgar, Alor Setar dan lihat betapa MISKINnya dan betapa DAIFnya masyarakat India di situ . Keluarga Melayu di situ sekurang2nya ada sebijik kereta dan rumah walaupun rumah kayu tapi tersergam indah. Tetapi keluarga India di situ sampai nak beli kasut kat anak2 pun tak cukup duit. Rumah mereka dalam keadaan yang amat menyedihkan , elektrik langsung tak ada. Kenapa di lorong yang sama, penduduk Melayu diberi pelbagai bantuan tetapi penduduk India dianaktirikan ?

Saya pun orang Melayu jugak Tun. Saya ingin tanya Tun , adakah Islam mengajar kita mendiskriminasi manusia mengikut bangsa ?

Saya jugak ingin tanya Tun, siapakah pemilik sebenar bumi Malaysia yang bertuah ini ? Orang Melayu ? Ataupun ALLAH s.w.t ?

Jawab, Tun.
Dan pergi jenguk Lorong Bendahara, Alor Setar.

shahrul rizal said...

yes..i,m totally agree with you. but i believe the most important thing is how we can life peacefully in this country.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

So much anger in your writing. Maybe you can write more on how our society can prosper in a united nation. But then you had so many years to accomplish this. It must have been difficult.

Irrespective, your contribution to Malaysian society will be treasured.

bongeng said...

Ini india semua penuh dengan putar belit.

Semua ikut perangai Pak lah - tak nak mengaku dia penyebab kekalahan parti masing-masing. Ashik salahkan orang lain.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

After you left the government, everybody seems to behave like morons, sir. Tq.

Unknown said...

Yes Tun...tell us more about this Samy

i.n.a.a.m.i said...

sabarla TUN.. sememangnya kami tgh takut dgn politik malaysia sekarang..

Amirul Amin said...

Samy just like most politician in BN nowadays is a power hungry person and to me he is no better than Anwar Ibrahim because they will change their view even tough it is a total opposite of their view before just because they want to stay in power.For Hindraft,they claim that they fight for the "oppress" Malaysia Indian and call Tun and the government as racist but at the same time they are also being racist towards the Malays,Chinese and even the Indians who are not a Tamil.We all can see that Hindraft has direct connection with terrorist organization LTTE and the government has enough evidence to prove this fact but why they are still allowing Hindraft to exist???This show the current government are weak and will aloud others to step on their head,what kind of government is that???Most people says that the government are afraid to take any more harsh actions towards Hindraft because they are afraid being criticize by the American and it's ally,well The Patriot acts are no better than ISA well actually alot worse than ISA so if they can do it to keep "peace" in their country why can't we???So in conclusion,the government now are weak,corrupt and full with people who do not serve the people but serving them self.What is the use if we have freedom but live in constant danger???Just look what happened to Indonesia.About 10 years ago the people of Indonesia feel so happy because finally their reformation are completed but now,more and more Indonesian starting to say "It is better to live under a dictator and happy than to live with freedom but not happy" so I don't want Malaysia to be like that.To save Malaysian we need a strong leader and the new BN like you Tun.HIDUP TUN!!!

Asal Bahagia said...

Itulah kisahnya politik. Harap pemimpin2 imbau kembali apa yg telah mereka perkatakan sebelum kenyataan baru dikeluarkan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Che Det,

Both of you are out of your mind and is irrelevant when it comes to handling new issues of the younger generation (but I must admit that your attempt to remain relevant is admirable). Nevertheless, both of you share the same skin and were once a pact together.

Instead of giving guidance and golden advices from the experienced, both of you tries to lead and muscle out to the way you wanted it to be. You are however, at least better off compared to Mr. Samy Vellu as you are far wiser than him.

As for what happens next, you should leave it to the younger generation. As long as you are still around, even your own son will never learn anything from your own action.

I am speaking as the child of a business owner himself whom still cannot put down the weight he has been carrying all these years. Escaping his shadow is what I am focused on right now, even if it would cost me my life but that would fail myself, right?

Omnipotent said...

Dear TDMM,

That's telling it to them! Samy? Well not much of a supporter of him what more his gangster character of dominance or could I say arrogance.

Maybe he should finally retire and find a role as an actor in some hindi movie???Strange enough all your BN component leaders has defracted support when you stepped down as PM... sad:(

Unknown said...

huh, now we know....

jayam88 said...








Omar Salleh said...

Dear Tun
Samy ungratefull creature on earth.
Cabinet minister for decades and disliked by the Indians.Now blaming everybody except himself. MIC should now replace him. Many capable leaders among the Indian community.MIC should put him respomsible for its defeat.
Tun please help the nation.

luddin said...

Salam TUN....

Semoga Bersabar TUN....
Keep up the good writing!!
May the force be with you!!..


Another blog by AAJ said...

Hehehe...good to be early birds...

Samy? Typicall...

Haji Eddy said...

Salam Tun,

Race based parties no longer have any importance in Malaysian politics.This is clearly evident after the disastrous recent election.In the next 50 or so years from now ...... inter marriage will contribute to the birth of these raceless society.

And because of the technological advancement ..... people are getting more affluent and knowledgable ..... people know who to vote for!!!

My advise to those who disagree ... THE WIND OF CHANGE HAS BEGUN ....... Listen to it .......

Unknown said...

Dear Tun
This is my first appearance in your blog.I Harap harap saya tak nampak kekok.

What can I say.

Sammy. Masih segar di ingatan saya monolognya apabila diminta pendapat berhubung dengan apa-apa jua kenyataan Tun semasa dahulu. "SAYA MENNYOOKONG SEPUNUH PUNUH NYAAAAAA!"


Zainal Ariffin Ashari said...

Kenapa baru sekarang DSSV mahu menyokong HINDRAF tidak sebelumnya?

bronaga said...

Askm Tun, this 3 jerks need to send back to their mother land instead staying here and not even saying thanks to the malay, keep on complained even though most of the indian ad get a good oppoturnity to build their life buisnes, education and so on, seems everything was not enough! I would like to be the 1st to slap at their face to shut their mouth up! Stupid jerks!

nizam080 said...

You have a healthy mind. And those who call you as racist their mind and soul has been infected by a virus. And I think those short sigthed and less education will call you as racist.

ALFAF said...

dear tun...
itu semua helah politik kurang bijak dari dia.. tun tetap kebal.
jaga kesihatan baik2 tun.
-Dr. harrisz-

Sunyai said...

Dear Tun,

You are the best.
I love reading your blog.

Nichey said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Wow...I can believe I am the first !! :-)

We now realise that not only "MELAYU mudah LUPA" but all other races too.


Lena Khalid

nicè´¤ said...

this sound a little bit of racist.
however, i am just a reader, despite giving some constructive comments, i hope everyone does not give 'whatever' comments or 'pray Allah' comment.

lisa toh said...

slm Tun,

well,hard to comment,i must say.Kita tak nak apa yang dah berlaku dulu berulang.Harap2 pisang tak berbuah dua kali.

Pada pandangan saya ISA is important(dan yang sejenis dengannya) untuk sesebuah negara.Bila terlalu banyak kebebasan bersuara diberikan ISA perlu wujud untuk mengimbanginya.saya percaya ianya untuk keselamatan negara dan rakyat.Pertubuhan hak asasi manusia might not agree with me though...

As for the HINDRAF leaders,i am in no position to comment.Makin ramai yang komen makin panaslah,pada saya apa yang Tun tulis ni sebenarnya very sensitive.Akan ada nanti komen yang tak sedap dibaca dan tak sedap untuk diterima oleh sesetengah pihak.

Apapun Tun,I believe U never a RACIST.kalau Tun racist dah lama kat Malaysia ni tak ada bangsa lain.Well,for mixed blood people like me agak menyedihkan bila baca benda2 macam ni.

Saya sebenarnya lebih sedih bila sekarang ni kita orang MELAYU berpecah-belah.Satu kononnya UMNO dulu,satunya UMNO sekarang.

Harapnya Tun boleh bersikap lebih menyatukan dan bukan sebaliknya.Tolonglah bangsa Malaysia..kita bukan bangsa apa2,kita adalah BANGSA MALAYSIA.

slm hormat buat ayahanda TUn.terima kasih

Unknown said...

Would I be wrong to say that Malaysians are all racists? :-)

The Chinese say that they are Malaysians but they have Chinese schools and the Indians said the same thing and yet they have Tamil schools. :-)

We are all a bunch of racist, just admit it.

Malay Women in Malaysia

dinGBK said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Doa ke hadrat Ilahi supaya Tun sentaisa sihat dan di panjangkan umur.
Tun benda ini baru nak tulis patut semasa Tun sbg.PM patut over rule dia.Samy adalah pembohong dan pembelot dan juga penipu kaum India
.Untuk kepentingan diri dia setiap kali pemilihan pucuk pimpinan siapa yang lawan dia akan ugut dan cantas dia yang terbaru adalah Tan Sri K.S.Nijar.Setiap pemilihan dia cuba aturkan croni dan yes boss dia kalau tak ikut telunjuk jari dia nahasla orang itu.
Teruskan perjuangan Tun.

abdul said...

YABhg Tun, I believe you knew what kind of person Samy is, way back to the time when you were in the government. The world is full of hypocrites and he is one of those. May God bless you.

Jidien said...

right.. but can we also can then judge what kind of Malay the Malays have as their leader?

Unknown said...

So foolish... better rest la...

Unknown said...

sammy deserved to be placed down the drain.. since he was the one "digging" it himself!

by the way.. keep on posting Tun. We love you.

muhamads said...

Salam Sejahtera Buat Tun,

I really miss malaysia no 1 joker... SAMY VELLU!. Hilang nya dia seperti hilang seri buletin 8.

I would say that he is lack of ideas to be famous and gain confident. Biasalah Tun, orang dia, cara dia. Tikam pun tikamlah, janji dia bleh retire in fame.

Din envy dgn Tun yg retire with glory but dia retire (maybe not) with just a head. Hes the joker among all joker.

I bet rumah dialah yang paling bising masa result PRU12 lalu. Heheheh

Terima Kasih Sesgt Tun

Unknown said...


Tun, apa yg Samy tulis kepada Tun dalam surat yg dia hantar selepas PRU baru-baru ni. Dia ckp ada hantar surat.

p.s. Blog ni dah hebat giler, kalah segmen Terjah dalam Melodi TV3. :))

p.s.s. Kalau boleh Tun karang buku (selain memoirs) cara-cara orang Melayu boleh berjaya dan berdiri sama tinggi macam bangsa lain didunia. Kira macam yg Zaaba tulis tu la. Supaya remaja-remaja Melayu ada buku yg diaorang boleh rujuk utk dijadikan panduan dan renungan.

shuk_crypts said...

assalamualaikum TUN,

Good job man!! We will support you.

Unknown said...

Jelas sekali dalam zaman Pak Lah semua orang cuba nampak macam tak perkauman tetapi sebenarnya lebih perkauman. Ini adalah sekadar ingin mendapatkan sokongan dari Rakyat yang mana sebenarnya telah lama pupus disebabkan oleh kelemahan kualiti kepimpinan yang ada sekarang tidak lebih sekadar ingin mengaut keuntungan untuk diri sendiri dan kaum kerabat terdekat. Cari mudah untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat ialah dengan cara menjadi hero kepada satu-satu kaum dan seterusnya berlakun seperti tidak perkauman. Apa saja kenyataan yang datang dari mereka yang sudah tidak mempunyai kuasa didalam kerajaan akan senantiasa dianggap seperti tidak betul, tidak relevan dan perkauman serta hanya memihak kepada kaum-kaum tertentu. Samy, let me advice you to retired now and forget about try to be a hero for Indian Community. Please realize that you defeat is a clear signal from the Indian and Malaysian peoples that your drama is over. Lakunan dah laku...
"Keberkatan & Kebahagian adalah Keutamaan Hidup"

Unknown said...

Salam Hormat Tun,

Selalunya begitu lah. Kita tak buat apa malah kita anggap mereka sama,depa kata kita racist. Depa buat macam2, depa kata depa tak racist.

crazyEllysee said...

To tell you the truth, I dont think you are racist. In fact, Samy is racist i guess.

nasirizal said...


masih ada harapankah malaysia jadi semegah, sedamai, dan semakmur dulu? saya betul2 rindu cara kepimpinan tun.....

ken_jazzeta said...

Hello Tun,

I believe no racist in yourself.

Karpal, samy and their group are the real racist and backbone of Hindraf.

Tht Y, they want all Hindraf leader released!


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

now is my turn to be first.
Tun, now u know who r your friends.
samy if u r brave enough
go and join Pakatan Rakyat
then u can criticize TDM.
if not keep your big mouth shut.
you are not on par with dear TDM.
may god bless you for all
you have done for the country.

Roy said...

Samy is really not in the same league as you, Tun M. He caused shame to the Indians and he continues to cause shame to himself. Almost every single Malaysians has or at least has heard silly jokes about Samy. Nobody takes Samy seriously, not the Indians and definitely not the Malays or the Chinese or the lain-lain.

Unknown said...

This clearly showed how terribly weak the current government is.

wafdi said...

keep up tun
rakyat nak tahu perangai samy belakang kamera pulak

jayam88 said...

















malaysian said...

the defeat of MIC was not caused solely by Samy Velu alone. It was a collective rejection of the people against BN-style racist "divide and rule" politics which was nurtured by Dr.M who learned this from no other than the BRITISH.

Unknown said...

Hi Tun,

This is my first post here!

Sam has overstayed his welcome. Having been there so long, he thinks that he's god and untouchable. Mar8 had brought him down real hard. So what's this new heroics coming from? A change of heart?

I don't think that you're a racist. Just a Malay with a conscience.

Keep on blogging!

amantubillah said...

Salam Tun serta keluarga
serta all bloggers

Dun Sanglang dah kosong.....Tun!!!!

Nak dapat kat sapa pulak....Tun????

Parti Sosialis Malaysia.... masuk la bertanding Dun Sanglang ..... Test tengok.....

Kalau BN menang, lagi besaq kepala lah pakBODOlah.

SAPP pun dok buat hal....

Aduh.... Adduh......


jenkazama said...


Haha...U r right Tun.
The 'old master' part is very funny.
Someone is trying to be the Gandhi of 21st Century.
It is just like what happened in 'Victor's Last Wish'.
Yet Im afraid that someone is also trying to be Mao Zedong here in Malaysia due to the current situation.


ken_jazzeta said...

Hello Tun,

I believe no racist in yourself.

Karpal, samy and their group are the real racist and backbone of Hindraf.

Tht Y, they want all Hindraf leader released!


zt said...

Jelas, ahli politik kebanyakkan memperjuangkan kepentingan diri bukannya rakyat,contoh Samy Vellu. Saya percaya Tun pentingkan rakyat semasa pentadbiran Tun. Jelas, dari kenyataan Sharir semasa sesi dialog, Tun mempertahankan pemberian subsidi kepada rakyat. Cuma Tun,saya ragu kenapa Tun memohon pertolongan dana Israel untuk menangani militan Islam di Malaysia dan dana Israel untuk pilihanraya? Email attachment surat ditandatangani Tun,sumber dari JPM kini diedarkan kepada ramai.

HardcoreCheDet said...

Saya sokong betul dgn kenyataan Tun.
Kalau diaorang cakap pasal bangsa dia orang tak pe bukan racist, kalau kita mempertahankan hak kita dia kata racist... memang tak patut...

Unknown said...

Bravo Tun,

That's why I like Dato' S.Subramaniam more than him. Ayoyo! Samy the Desperado Ibarat Tol Lupakan Lebuhraya

Teruskan Perjuangan

ASHAR said...


Apa nak jadi sekarang…kabar angin ramai ahli Parti Gerakan dah keluar parti, SAPP dah mula usul tak percaya PM, Mr Samy MIC dah mula berubah haluan, D Najib bagai lalang….

""Di Selangor jumlah penduduk Islam adalah lebih kurang 4 juta orang dengan jumlah masjidnya adalah sebanyak 380 buah. Manakala penduduk yang beragama Hindu ialah berjumlah 700,000 orang dengan jumlah kuilnya sebanyak 1,000 buah. Apakah pula pendirian orang orang Melayu dalam PAS dan PKR tentang perkara ini ? ""

Baca lah artikel ini….

Hanya TUN yang tegas dalam hal ini.

Salam perantau

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara


ahas58 said...

Yes! That was the truth behind it.

Jerry said...

Yeah, indeed our Mr. Semi-Value, a desperate politician who sought a last resort to revive his political career. To say the least, his days are over already.

zulkplyjoharis said...

Bukan apa sebenarnya Samy's keluarkan statement macam tu semata-mata nak tunjukkan diri beliau cukup prihatin terhadap kaumnya sedangkan sebelum ini tak pula... Ni cara dia nak sucikan nama dan dirinya saja supaya nampak elok dipandang oleh kaumnya. Pasal Hindraf bagi saya wajar dikenakan tahanan ISA kerana kelakuan melampau dan ganas yang boleh mencetuskan huru-hara dan kita tak ingin peristiwa berdarah 13 mei berulang lagi dengan suatu tragedi yang lagilah menggugat keharmonian negara ini.

ahas58 said...

Yes! That was the truth behind all the rumble.

jamil said...


tinggal i presiden utama dan bn blum jatuh cuma menanti masa
kesian pak lah tak mau terima nasihat tun...pendeknya akal

Malaysian future said...

Finally our dearest Sammy joins the party after kept quiet for soooo..... long.

zjerung said...

betul tun, bos mic memang lalang, betul kata pepatah dulu, antara ular dengan orang tamil, yang mana pilihan kita,......apa yang berlaku hari ini kesan daripada pemerintahan AAB, apa boleh buat, kita rakyat yang menanggung. Semoga AAB sedar senario malaysia kini..teruskan tun, saya tetap sokong....

Jeev said...

Samy Vellu is a scumbag. He does not represent Indians any more than the MCA does!

sya said...

entah la Sammy velu ni..dh 27thn dah... Tun pun 22thn je.. ade angan2 nk cipta rekod kot...2 yg xmau lps2 lg 2...ish3.....
Tun, keep on writing.. :)

BlueMoon said...

Another good posting Tun. As far as I can read in the newspapers, Samy is always championing for Indians, or more specifically Hindus. He's always asking and pressuring the goverment to do this and that for Indians only. Never at once he did for all Malaysians. Even if he did then it was not sincere. You're right that Samy Vellu is very racist from outside and inside. Even the Indians are not comfortable with Samy's obsession with what indian-have-nots. No wonder both the Indians and Malays have jointly booted him out from Sg. Siput.

InneKe said...

Salam Tun,

Saya dah beli laptop semata-mata nak baca blog tun, ....Surat Khabar dah tak beli ....memualkan....Kami rindukan berita "Kelas Pertama" dari Tun,

Minta tun terbitkan sebuah buku khas untuk simpanan dan kenangan buat kami, tentang pandangan dan harapan tun.

kaa2121 said...

The contents of Hindraf's petition is tantamount to a declaration of war on the Malays. Hindraf and their sympathizers must know that what they hope to achieve can only be achieved through revolution. If such is the intention of Hindraf, then the majority is ready to resist.

chewchew said...

dear tokdet.

paklah is using other people to attack you & at the same time,
protecting himself.act of giving money to sabah & sarawak, is part of the tactics.

ian chin has samy. who is next?

i hope to hear your explanation on gold dinar.

tabik to laksamana tokdet...

Jerry said...

And yeah mr sammy, could you pls tell me which brand of hair-growth lotion did you use? They seemed to be the only successful project you've ever done, perhaps you should consider being a spokeperson for the product.

Azhari said...

Dearest Tun,

Samy should look at the mirror first before calling you racist. I doubt Samy can distance himself from being called an Indian racist. After all, since the election his calls are becoming louder to free the racist Hindraf. Just like the 'Accidental' PM, Samy's useful life has long overdue from Indians' perspective.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun...
for me...Tun was never a racist..but he loves and cares for malay very much...but melayu mudah lupa...itu je.....apatah lagi other races.

ashhassimoto said...

There was a joke going around during the last 12th GE. It was an old joke, however since you highlight SamyVellu in your posting, I would like to reproduce and share the joke with everyone:-

Pak Lah and SamyVellu went on a helicopter ride to survey various parts of KL from the air to enable them to make accurate assesment in their preparation for the upcoming general election. As they fly over Sentul area, SamyVellu was overheard telling Pak Lah " if I throw down RM200, I will definitely make 200 people very happy". Soon, they fly over Gombak area, and Pak Lah was overheard telling SamyVellu " if I throw down RM2000, I will definitely make 2000 people very happy ". The pilot overheard their conversation and chipped in to say " if I throw both of you down, I will definitely make 27 million Malaysian very happy."

Bendahara Din said...

Salam Tun,

I somehow agree with you that they are racist hiding behind the name of true Malaysian.

nasirizal said...


agak2 tun kita kat malaysia ni boleh merasa lagi ke hidup setenang, damai, makmur dan bangga (jadi salah sorang anak malaysia) macam masa Tun jadi pm dulu? makin lama makin risau la pulok saya.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Saya juga setuju apa yang dinyatakan oleh Tun. Sekarang ni memang sukar untuk Samy Vellu mengembalikan keyakinan Kaum India terhadapnya. MIC mungkin sudah menjadi sebuah parti yang tidak releven bagiKaum India sendiri untuk memperjuangkan nasib mereka seperti juga UMNO sekarang...


Ahli UMNO Yang Kecewa

Roy Eusoffe said...

Tun Sir,

Sorry Sir, you level yourself at the lowest when you choose to comment remarks from Samy... Who is he really? He is entirely to be blamed for the lost of MIC in the recent poll and now he wants to divert onto you... Come on, who on earth trust Sammy the most arrogant and stupid politician that ever existed in Malaysia....

Tun, forget about him, we want you to pursue the good cause of the nation. Sammy is a history, no big deal about this dead wood and useless leader...

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya cadangkan Tun berdebat dengan PJ lah.

Dia ni macam marah sangat dengan Tun lah. Cuba baca komen dia... penuh dengan kemarahan.

Ada dendam ka PJ??

Ceritalah sikit....

Lepas tu Tun boleh tulis... THE PJ SAGA pula sebagai jawapan...


zuhaimi said...

Tun, I agree with u on whatever u say on samy vellu.This person to me is a typical kling pepatah melayu kata "kalau jumpa keling dengan ular bunuh keling dulu". I have got no respect at all to this MIC leader. This guy has got no principle in deaaling in any matter any matter. Today he can be good to you when you are the boss the next day when u are out he will hit at u like nobody business.I have been wondering in the past how this guy survive.

ssr said...

Your deception and cunningness know no bounds. In your true style you now try to sow discord within the Indian community. This is how you ran the country for 22 years. Haven't you done enough damage?

zule said...

It makes me wonder how an ex JKR draughtsman ever proclaim himself to be an architect. When did he ever took a few years off to do his architectural degree? Or did he just purchase his degree off the shelves of some Armpit University in the US? Samy Velu, for all I know, is not even worth to be called "Semi Value". He is nothing more than a toupee-wearing and slightly obese bad actor from a B-grade Tamil movie.

the girl said...

hindraf are racists, un-malaysian and a bunch of terrorists. malaysia is no sri lanka. we did the right thing to lock those criminals up.

and those who support them, are just losers.


TUN cukuplah semua 2x5 juga

Zachary Alauddin said...

Dear Tun. Really constructive comments of every single entry in your blog. For me you are not racist at all. In fact, you are the fighter of all races in Malaysia. You were accused of cronysm towards some Chinese tycoons as well as protector for Sammy's wealth during your administration. But look what happened now? You were accused as racist for being pro-Malays. For me you are a nation great hero. We need leader like you right now. Only you that can unite the Malaysian and you are the only one that can shut down DSAI.

idar said...

salam tun
sapa dalam dunia ni yg tak racist
comment samy pasal HINDRAF (tak marah tapi sakit hati apa tu !!!!!!!!!)
keep going TUN kita di pihak yg benar.

lampu_basikal said...

Assalamualaikum Tun, well said Tun, Samy is mad because MIC is not that welcome in pak lah's cabinet and that recently Nalakarupan was more welcome by pak lah so Samy saw that he is not the tamil hero like MGR, out of desperation he took desperate measure to become that tamil hero he was before..... well tun keep on writing because we the people wants to know the truth, do take care Tun and may god bless you and your family, wasalam.

Habub said...

baru nk tanya tun pasal komen samy vellu..

indian among themselves da racist..berpuak2..brahmin la tamil la ceti bila remark dia ckp Tun tak banyak tolong kepada kemajuan org india..what an Idiotic dignity at all..

dlo skit pnya kipas tun..

cmni ka punya pemimpin malaysia india..what a shame..

*kasi suda meninggal dunia atau kasi meninggal malaysia..apa punya org..

Unknown said...

Tun, Syabas saya ucapkan. Saya support TUN dari Dulu Kini dan Selamanya.

Bendahara Din said...

Salam Tun,

Due to political instability now, these 3 persons are taking opportunities to fight for the Indians' power! Somehow I agree they are racists. You are absolutely right.

Onlooker said...

YAB Tun,

Did you consider the appropriateness of this blog first before you had posted it?

Why start a fight with Samy Vellu? After all, he is still your son's father-in-law.

It is not very nice to your son and your daughter-in-law when you start a family feud in the eyes of the public. Do you know that?

Come on, just call Samy Vellu out for a chat and then dispute can easily be resolved over a cup of teh tarik. Please don't make foe with relative. It is against the tradition of good family ties, which we Malaysians promote in common. Like Chinese saying goes, 'To move one step backward then the wide sea and high sky will all fall into our eyes.'

Nothing cannot be resolved if each and everyone of the disputed issue is willing to make one step backward in order to show good faith to one another!

Crazy Jang said...

very funny when we found that someone is so desperate to win back other people confident.....

what a waste to a country and their community...

chedin23 said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Biasalah orang macam Samy tu . Walau macam mana pun Saya tetap bersama Tun...dulu kini dan selamanya

SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Pak Sammy 2X5 macam PakLah atau PakLah tu 2X5 macam Sammy-kalau MIC boleh hancur disebabkan Sammy maka kita akan lihat sama UMNO hancur disebabkan oleh PakLah. Oleh itu marilah kita semua bersama bertindak utk mengelakkannya dan berdoa kepada Allah supaya PakLah jatuh sebelum UMNO hancur dan semoga Tun senantiasa diberikan kesihatan yg baik utk menerajui perjuangan menegakkan kebenaran-Ameen-Wassalam

Reza aljunaid Post said...

Saya tak suka Samy Velu pasai dia ni sokong pengganas HINDRAF....HINDRAF penipu..HINDRAF musuh Islam...


Ivan D Great said...

The show must go on..and so as you.
You have a long long way still to go, TUN....
Fight for our pain and freedom.

Rosie Tan said...

Dear Dr M

I totally agree and support u. But pls take care

Razamith said...

Samy Vellu.. a 'yes' man until the end. A yes man during Tun's tenure and a 'yes' man during paklah.

Unknown said...

what's in the world happenned now? All seemed to start a quarrel. Oo god help us.

virgo violent said...

Salam Tun
friend like samy who needs an enemy.i cant imagine there r still a handful of people still believe in him.may be they r trying to squeeze whatever left before the dump him into the drain,Anyway keep on yr gud work tun for the survival of the malays.
imagine now we have been push to the extend we cant even talk about our on survival and at the same time they are free to demand for their own race....almost everyday.
sedarlah wahai anak2 melayu.sedarlah anak2 siapa yang paling ramai menganggur sekarang ini.atas dasar apakah pihak swasta tidak ambil mereka bekerja.satu saja jawapannya.sebab mereka melayu.
sekarang ini paklah nak sebut perkataan melayu pun takut akan dimarahi oleh karpal,lim ks,samy,ong kt dan PKR.ADUH malangnya orang melayu.TUN lah saja yg.tinggal untuk mengutip sisa yg tinggal.

Rosli said...

Assalaamualaikum Tun,
Kami berharap Tun sekeluarga dalam keadaan sihat dan walafiat sentiasa. Tun teruskan perjuangan murni mu demi Ugama, Bangsa dan Negara.

Tun ialah orang yang paling sesuai untuk menggantikan Pak Lah.

Hidup Tun.

Tok Mila said...

Things happen for a reason - thank God for this phenomenon, blogging - the truths are being told and the truths will prevail.

Actually, Tun, you are so credible on all counts that it is really not necessary to even defend yourself. But, alas, there are quite a number of self-serving Malaysians who really needs to be told off.

Some people just do not want to understand that you had never wanted to score but to serve.

InshaAllah, you are in my prayers regularly.

Heical said...

Samy ini sebenarnya sudah tidak diterima olih kaum India.Jadi dia cuba macam macam cara untuk jadi MGR semula.
Malangnya semua orang termasuk bukan India dah tahu tembelangnya. Kubu kuat sendiri pun telah tumpas bahkan majoriti kalah dan ditolak olih kaum sendiri.
Masih tidak sedar diri ,mahu memeluk erat erat labu MIC. Yang pasti Samy nak tengelam dengan labunya. Mungkin kawan kawan dia boleh bantu bawa dia jumpa pakar sakit jiwa suruh lepaskan labu/bagi orang lain.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,
Apo kono ngan tambi sorang nie? dulu Tun la yg disanjung, lamo dapek jadi mentori pun psal Tun gak, skrang ni dh masuk kem karpal & d geng plak...poorrraaahh!!! lawak la dorang nie mcm citer kartun lak skrang. kah...kah..kah...

What's your comment on SAPP?

Semoga Tun sekeluarga sihat selalu & happy2 selalu...Jgn tension...

Unknown said...

You are a known ultra-Malay. As Prime Minister of Malaysia, you had the opportunity to do away with race politics in Malaysia but you did not. The NEP as instituted by Tun Razak expired under your term as Prime Minister and you did nothing to revamp or revise it. You continually played the race card to embolden UMNO and embolden more malays in this country to follow your lead to a point where generations of non-malay/non-muslim malaysians feel and in fact became 2nd Class citizens. And even after your retirement, you continued to play the race card. You even said recently that the malays of this country have been marginalized and will loose power to non-malays. Wake up Tun. You're an intelligent man - Malaysia's population is 65% malay. What you are suggesting is a practical impossibility.

Samy was just being factual, no more no less. I put it to you that you are in fact the racist, not Samy.

I have been faced many times by foreigners who ask how is it that non-malay Malaysians can live under a reverse-apartheid system in Malaysia where the colour of one's skin disadvantages one from equal education opportunities, equal economic opportunties and equal job opportunities. I was embarrassed to be a Malaysian when I was studying overseas.

Thanks to you and the legacy your policies have created, frankly I do not blame Hindraf in going to the British to seek a fair hearing of their grievances. Who is going to give them the time of day here??

I am just thankful that malaysian regardless of race, colour or creed have voted the way they did in March 2008. For the first time, there is now a realisation that you and your legacy of non-inclusiveness have been wrong. For the first time in my life, I am proud of being Malaysian again. If we continue along this path of new awakening in malaysian politics, we have a bright future indeed. This was certainly not the case before.

SOO [¥] said...

more more more!!

InneKe said...

Salam Tun,

Harap kebijaksanaan tun di warisi oleh anak-anak tun, dan harapan mereka bakal memimpin negara

Unknown said...

To all TDM haters,
'Talk no need to pay maa..'

Dearest Tun,
I adore you, and will always do!
Take a good care of your health Tun..

(half malay blood by i'll die for my agama, bangsa dan negara)

oldman said...

Salam YABhg Tun

Samy Yello always being agreable during TUN time,

Alawys love, respect, admire & adore you.......... always

Missing you....

RinG said...

samy vellu lantang bersuara ketika rakyat bertempik menolak beliau dalam pilihan raya lepas. satu MIC kalah tapi dia masih wat dekk aje xnak resign.

subung pahu said...

ayahanda Tun, begitule orang sedang kecewa lupa diri lupa siapa dia dulu. memang tak tau diuntung. saya gembira kempen untuk melingkupkan dia masa pru12 berjaya. teruskan Tun doa dari kami sekeluarga.

zaki_77 said...

It is indeed funny how Samy has changed his spots since losing sorely in the March elections. He was all talk and no action during his leadership of the MIC and did very little to represent the Indians in Malaysia. Now he is sulking like a baby and blaming others for his own failures. He is biting the hand that has fed him for so many years. He represents no one except himself!

subung pahu said...

ayahanda Tun, begitule orang sedang kecewa lupa diri lupa siapa dia dulu. memang tak tau diuntung. saya gembira kempen untuk melingkupkan dia masa pru12 berjaya. teruskan Tun doa dari kami sekeluarga.

alfyaj said...

Again To Mr Samy Vellu,

Please explain, and show proof, on what you have achieved and done for your own community during TDM's administration, till today? Have they progress economically thus far?

Funny that your community was upset with TDM, but weren't you the elected Indian community leader all this while?

As an outsider, I watch the RTM National news and read the newspaper, never can I recall a significant achievement that you have done for your community.

In addition, as a former Works Minister, you have failed to perform your job satisfactorily too.

As an obvious example, just compare the Roads in Johore Bahru versus Singapore....full of potholes everywhere...NO! Don't you dare point your finger to the fault of the Johore dministration, cos you are PAID by the Rakyat to ensure that these are done!

You have failed Mr Vellu, and that is why your community do not vote for you! Shame on you!

Hidup Mahathir !! I am PROUD of YOU!!

- hamba Allah, from across

Tamingsari said...


Why did you not rid of these ungreatful people when you were in office? Now look at them all, they are all running around like a pack of rats while the cat is sitting on the fence deciding who to devour.

One does not slap the hand that once help feed them...does one!!!

Salam Tun

nyelut said...

Salam Tun,
Tun adalah seorang tokoh pejuang bangsa Malaysia yang tulen. Kemodenan dan kemakmuran yang Tun bawa begitu banyak manfaatnya kepada rakyat. Jasa Tun tetap dikenang. Samy dan Karpal adalah 2 orang tokoh yang hanya tahu menyalahkan orang dan mempunyai hati budi yang busuk. Teruskan perjuangan Tun. Kami tetap menyokong Tun.

observer said...

Dear Tun,

Apasal diorang mahu cerita buruk-buruk saja. Ceritalah baik-baik sikit, nescaya yang baik akan datang. Tuduh-tuduh saja, positif action ada buatkah untuk membetulkan apa yang tak betul sampai kalah teruk pilihanraya lepas?

Nick Chong said...

Dear Tun

What they said is true, you are racist player and the best player in Malaysia, that why you can last for 22 years. Only the blind people are agree with you - i just wonder how can this people can be independable???? Do you realy think what you have said will change the the fate of malaysia????

Razamith said...

Samy Vellu the dinasour should resign as MIC president. Enough is enough. Indians does not want him anymore



Why waste your time honouring Samy Vellu with this posting?

This "kaki ampu" does not even deserve to be homoured.

Leave him be. The man has gone off his rocker.

Not even Indians voted for him and his party.

Thank you.

ARD said...

Tun M memang seorang yang suka menegakkan kebenaran. Saya sanjung Tun M. Tentang Samy Velu, beliau memang dah dikenali sebagai India Malaysia yang bermuka-muka. Pada masa Tun sebagai PM, Samy Velu bukanlah seorang ketua MIC yang berwibawa kerana tindak-tanduknya seperti suka membodek amat ketara pada mata umum.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
Samy's Folly.
Description of leadership that was not elobrated in any book of command.
1 - A leader - Whom was choosen to be among the people and for the people
2 - A leader - Whom was again choosen to lead hence proven to echo his leadership
3 - A leader - Whom has again interest himself to lead hence forgetting the real generation
4 - A leader - Whom have proof to others that it hold no barrs to meet anyone since no quelms in himself
5 - A leader - Him itself forgotton to belief that the party menbers are also relatives of others non menbers
6 - A leader - Whom lost not by fight,debate,money or power - but by peoples power
7 - A leader - Never in this party history fallen this low till forgetting that what has happen.

Sir,hold breath,do changes in choosen areas than wasting your valuables time.


Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,
As always, I agree with you Tun.

May God bless Tun & family. Thanks. We support you.

Nick Chong said...

if i have not mistaken Samy is your YES man for many years, but now after the split you start to accuse him and vv. You guy are just like small kid playing toy ( today i hate you and tomorow we friend again) lololololol
It realy show how mature you are!!!

Ubi Said said...

Semoga Allah mengurniakan kesihatan yg baik utk TDM.Amin!!!

zaki_77 said...

Saidul A Shaari; I think you are quite right when you say that "Malaysians are all racists" - Each ethnic entity is promoting their agenda. How can anyone believe we can have a Bangsa Malaysia when none of the minority races are willing to let go of their historical baggage of their 'homelands'? Malays, being the bumi putera and a majority in their country have done so much to accommodate and build a cohesive and stable country with other communities that it is hard to call it racism on their part.

kobis munga said...

Dear Tun,

I would agree with you. What kind of Indian the Indians have him as a leader.

Unknown said...

Kalau Betul Malaysia tidak racist... mwesti berani hapuskan sekolah2 yang berbentuk racist. perlu hanya ada sekolah kebangsaan.

Habub said...


Khairy Jamaludin ada dalam satu statement ckp sroh Petronas be more transparent and give a more detail record...for what..supaya dia ble 'clean' kan simpanan petronas plak..

Tun kena komen pasal ni..melampau budak khairy ni..da la tak shave..nampak sangat tadak disiplin..

Unknown said...

Semi-Value ni tak usah laa menyalahkan orang lain kalau nasib bangsa india mundur. Pada masa anak bangsanya di dalam kesusahan, tak ada kad pengenalan diri, kerja berpendapatan rendah, dan banyak yang menjadi penjenayah, si tua ini menghabiskan wang daripada projek-projek JKR membeli-belah barang-barang mahal puluhan ribu di Bukit Bintang. Banyak orang boleh sahkan. Lepas ni, mr Semi-Value cepat-cepatlah pergi kutip tape video CCTV kat shopping kompleks di situ dan tutuplah mulut promoter-promoter kedai tu dengan duit JKR yang masih banyak lagi tu. Tak usah lah nak salahkan orang Melayu pasal kemunduran bangsa India.

Unknown said...

Semasa saya berada di Oman dalam tahun 2005, orang Oman berkata pada saya, "I know youyr former PM Dr Mahathir, but I don't know your current PM... never heard of him...

NEIL said...

Tun, samy is your brother in arm but today when he say something to your disadvantage you started to discredit him. This is what I say to people like you or kamal,COWARD!When you are the PM You praise samy like he is your god co's he can bring you the indians vote,do as you say ,when you call samy, his tail started wagging,when you want roti canai, it's there for you,when you want to find your indian roots samy help you, but now you call samy a racist. Here in bodohland there is no racist other than Tun.All those who support you blindly are nothing but shit bucket.

Heical said...

Pening sungguh memikirkan hala tuju politik kita.SAPP nak lompat ke PKR.Ada seorang alim suatu masa dulu sanggup tonggang walaupun setan untuk mencapai cita citanya.Mungkin ada terpendam dendam untuk dibalas.Tak baik orang ni.Jangan harap dapat sokongan saya
Di Songlang BN kena dengan PAS.Pilihanraya lagi .Lihat keadaan sekarang BN tidak ada harapan lagi.Orang dah pun tawar hati.

Masalah demi masalah akan muncul bagi menyelamatkan keadaan Pak LAh kena segera serahkan Tampuk pemerintahan kepada Najib.
Najib nampak ada keupayaan memerintah Negara.

Unknown said...

Dearest Ayahanda Tun,

Again TQ krn nasihat kami supaya kerja keras dan tingkat skill & knowledge..coz it does benefit us all.

Pls disregard these stupid comments made by your antogonists.

we believe in Islam and only the truth.

samurai melayu said...


Mr. Samy, once upon a time, one of your VIP man visited me on a very important mission and kept on 'sirrriing'(addressed) me, Big Boss. I asked him why you keep on calling me Big Boss and he replied,'my boss said go and see boss, so you must be big boss'.
May I say to you Mr. Samy, if I'm big boss, my good Doctor Tun must be the Bigger Boss.
My advice to you, Mr. Samy. 'dont play with fire when all your wells are about to dry up’.
I'm telling you, sirr, Hindraf people are now claiming to be the sole representative for the Indians. What's there left for the MIC.They completely beaten you flat in the race for the Racist leader of the Indians.
And being the long time political ally of the Bigger Boss, you should atleast know the size of his shoe. Cerrektet, Mr. Samy.
You are still Mr. Samy to me. Coz there is a little respect left in me for you, sirrr!

Romba Nandri, siirrr
Poitu waren

SiR KinG TiGeR said...


Ayoo yoo Samy ! What are you talking about?

Remember the joke ?

Samy - Kalau saya minang ini pilihanraya PR12, saya bina satu jambatan panjang lagi cantik sini.

Pengundi - Tapi.. Dato Seri, mana ada sungai sini?

Samy - Tak pa, tak pa, saya bikin kemudian. Itu saya punya kirja, saya punya tanggung. Saya Menteri Kerja Raya !

You know what? He lost the Sungai Siput constituency that he held for donkey years !.

Hindraf is racist and only appeared during Pak Lah's Regime, because they knew he is a weak leader ! Later, we will have to face Chindraf,Banggalidraf,Geragodraf.

Except for Samy Vellu, his articifial hairs will have NO DANDRAF

Samy, kacang sudah lupakan kulit. Jangan sampai you punya rambut pun lupakan you !

Sue him !!!

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Some people cannot take a hint, even if they have lost their seat in the election. Put the blame on others.

Mr Sammy please grow up and let other people run MIC. You've had your chance and you blew it.

Regards to you Tun.

kulibatak said...

Salam Tun,

Biasalah ular sawa memang kuat membelit, tapi ada lagi yang lebih kuat membelit..............

Heical said...

Hari ini Samy salahkan Tun kerana tidak bantu kaum India . Masa dia jadi Menteri dan Ketua Kaum India Malaysia kenapa (dia orang yg bertanggungjawab )tidak membantu kaum India dan tuduh orang lain pula.

kirana nakia said...

Salam Tun

Biaq pi la kat dia..terdesak dan tersedak dah la dia tu..

ala2mamak said...

Salam Ayahanda Tun,

Teruskan perjuangan.Depa ni bukan tau apa pun.kalau Tun nak `tibai' bagi cukup2.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun

This is indeed an interesting development but not unexpected.

The former Prime Minister must have known him better than anyone else. The toupee-wearing Samy may share an identical hairstyle to Donald Trump, but he still fall short of decent homosapien intelligence.

He must have found solitary life after the defeat in the 12th general election a little bit exasperating. Can we blame him? Trying to analyse why the Parliment building leaks indeed requires Einstein-like mental strength.

Seriously, in the grander scale of things, can we see what has Samy Velly...opss Vellu, had done for the Indian community.

Have anyone forgotten about Maika Holdings and its financial performance or the thousands of "loyalists" who trusted the invesment company with their hard-earned savings? Many I believe are rubber tappers who Velly is trying to champion now.

I read with interest the comments from the likes of Velly and Param. But I wonder what have they really done to uplift the well-being of their community.

Quoting from al-Quran"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib suatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa-apa yang pada diri mereka”

Maybe Velly should do his own soul searching and realise, maybe...a very slight possibility, that the present turmoil engulfing his community is of his and their own doing.

Mesin Taip Baru

Mr. K said...

nrciniwDear Ayahanda Tun,

Samy Vellu's desperate to get back his support from the indians by joining the people he once spit on.

Smart move actually but it only shows that, this low life bagger never had a principle in live.

Trying to be a hero to the indian community for decades while in power but than, who has the last laugh? u Samy loser.

People gave u ample time for u to resign mannerly, but u chose the election channel, hoping that u'll be in power at least for another 5 years.

Now who's the loser?. So pity u Mr Samy. Get a life will ya.


facade said...


Sarinande said...

Dearest Tun, Salamun alaikum,

Your blog has become very colorful. Comments by the likes of antimamak, NEIL, PJ, (not to forget Cik Farra), dare to be different. But unfortunately their spatters of red, yellow, drain moss green, black are very superficial ....“Bring forth your proof if you are truthful.” Al-Baqarah:111.
Their comments sometimes make the blue, green, purple and grey bloggers see orange.

For them Robert Greene and Joost Elffers have this to say, “When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control.” And “Know who you’re dealing with – do not offend the wrong person.”

For you Tun, Law 5: So much depends on reputation – guard it with your life…

Take care.

LKCYC said...

Racists,lobbyists, cronies, the corrupted, the cheats, the selfish, .......the unGODLY,..
Let all be warned, GOD ALMIGHTY will sustain and preserve only the RIGHTEOUS ones!

ainas said...

Assalamualaikum tun,
Pandangan saya seseorang yang punya negara tentulah sayangkan negaranya. Seseorang yang punya bangsa tentulah sayangkan bangsanya. Namun itu tak beraerti kita hilang rasa hormat menghormati kepada bangsa lain. Ibarat kasih kita pada ibu-bapa kita tentulah berlainan dengan kasih kepada saudara dan kawan-kawan kita. Saya langsung tak faham kenapa Samy Vellu ni bercakap merapu. Dia harus ingat dia kalah dalam pilihanraya .
Oleh itu stop all those nonsense dan mulalah berfikir awak dah tak diterma oleh rakyat(india, cina, melayu)

Biliswira said...

this is my 3rd comments.
Selagi boleh belasah, belasah je lah Tun. Samy Vellu ni lagi lama pegang tampuk pemerintahan MIC. Tak ada siapa pun boleh ganti dia. At least Tun ada namakan pengganti2 Tun (macam Musa Hitam, Ghafar, Anwar, Abdullah Badawi), cuma tak siap kecuali Abdullah Badawi. Samy Vellu nih, macam SIngapura jerk... Agak2 kalau nak nominate successor kena dalam family dia juga kot. Sebab tu Abdullah Badawi tak berani nak bagitau bila tarikh nak buat penyerahan kuasa... Mungkin saja nak tunggu family member dia, baru bley jadik.
Najib , sorilah awak tu - takdak canla. Muhyiddin, Rais, jangan mimpi. Kalau nak, boleh. Bertandinglah dalam pemilihan nanti. Jangan tunggu, confirm tak dapat punya.
Semoga Malaysia aman makmur

Soul_Train said...

Bravo Tun,

“Bulls Eyes” I grew up with you being PM & you have always has been and will continue to be vocal but to bad not so direct when in power. Maybe it is true what they say in politics it is about choosing the better of two devils and there are lots and lots of strings attached every where that prohibits us from making the right decisions.

Unknown said...

If Sammy is truely not a racist, let see him be the leader to abolish tamil school and MIC

Unknown said...

salam, I had been oftenly staying around petaling street and hotel nearby when were outstation.I have been stolling around at he bargain market of 99% chinese populated and and I'd heard about them talking about glorious moment during your occcupation. hidup maa der!!!!!

samurai melayu said...


To 'jidien said'
May we translate what TANAH MELAYU
means in english, since you don't care to know 'THE LAND OF THE MELAYU'
Although I must admit amongst my closest of friends is a chinese who is a FCA and an Indian who now preaches in a church in the Klang valley, but when it comes to insults to my people, I'm a racist of the highest degree.

My apologies to my dear friends. May God bless you and your family with love and harmony.

zulquah said...


Samy already gone.

He is wearing mask on his face, so as wearing wig on his head.

We do not really knows the exact Samy but you do, Tun.

Unknown said...

uYang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir

Samy Vellu is desperate. A drowning man. Confused. Angry, infact with the whole world. Sungai Siput voters rejected him. Jobless. Powerless. No longer respected by the masses. Except by his few cronies. No more protocol. No more pom pom girls. No more red carpet. No more official function. No more invitation. No more speeches. No more VIP status. Lesser media attention. Infact, no longer an important man as he was before.

Nevertheless, he has created history as the longest serving PWD Minister in the world. Perhaps, we should all garland him for this. Wellway...wellway...wellway...hidup
Samy Vellu

Charles Mohan of NTV7 interviewed him recently at one of the MIC & Pandithan's political party. Another culprit. A provocater. A hippocrates. A racist in discreet. Charles Mohan actually instigated Sammy Vellu with question pertaining to Tun's remark in one of the function in JB recently. At that moment of anger, Sammy blasted out on matter pertaining to the racist remarks. I however, conclude that Sammy outburst is due to the manner Charles Mohan questioning him. It was infront of other MIC members. Sammy lost control of himself and lost face in public. Therefore, he let off his cool.

Within the Malay community in Malaya and now Malaysia, there
is a culture, or a believed, or a standing order that between a snake and an Indian, the Malay would killed the Indian first. This thinking existed simply because, from history, the Indian highly respect the British colonial master in Malaya before and after independent. The Indian with position in the British goverment those day looked down on the Malay ethnic as incapable, backward and illiterate. The Malays are being bullied. This are facts. Not something taken from nowhere. It is being told to me by my ancestors.

"Between the Snake and an Indian Killed the Indian first". Translating it, simply means a race which cannot be trusted.

Infact, the Indian was given another title, ie. as a "Double Headed Snake". Ular dua kepala. Cannot be trusted. Ungrateful. A rascal with big ego. God created them amongst the lost of all ethnic. A lowest of all caste.

In once occasion, I had the opportunity to assist Samy Vellu in one political function. It was chaos. Hectic and a mess. After everything was over, Samy Vellu remarked, that the worst thing on earth are, organising an Indian function. Imagine, the statement is by him. Not me.

Hold are a leader too.

Biliswira said...

this is my 3rd comments so far.
Kalau nak belasah, belasah je Tun.
Samy lagi lama memerintah MIC, tak pernah nominate least you ada 3, cuma tak siap. Last ke 4, Abdullah Badawi jadi.
Samy nak ikut Singapura, tunggu family member jadi successor. Abdullah Badawi pun terikut2 juga. Sebab tu tak jamin tarikh penyerahan kuasa kepada Najib. Najib, Muhyiddin atau Rais, jangan mimpilah nak jadi pengganti kalau tak masuk bertanding...
Semoga Malaysia aman makmur

Professional Translator said...

Dear TUN,
I can hardly find any fallacy of your 22 years reign as PM of Malaysia except for one grave mistake ....ypur had left behind a bunch of shrewd politicians like samy vellu, mat taib, khir toyo, pak lah, najib, rahim thamby, rafidah, sharizat, khir toyol, and many, many others as the next echelon of leaders..I believe these are the people that stir trouble in your government last time and they are now on the prowl with your absence to steal whatever the poor poor poor RAKYAT have...

Anonymous said...

ayahanda tun..

I think sammy betrayed his intergrity becuz for the power he already lose

keep going ayahanda tun

C.H.E Dayat said...

syabas tun!!... saya sentiasa menyokong perjuangan tun.. teruskan menghantar berita berita yang bernas dan benar agar rakyat sedar siapa yang benar siapa yang salah..

Jika berkesempatan, sila lawati laman blog saya di:

wisdom67 said...


Samy Bulu to dia sebenarnya berbulu kat diri sendiri kerana dia sendiri dan MIC tewas. Dia nak popular dia guna Tun sebagai sebab...macam kepala dia..rambut dah botak ....lepastu tanam ....nak bagi lebat. Saya tanya kebanyakan kaum India semasa zaman tun memerintah .. depa jawab Samy Vellu useless...jangan layan putu piring tu ...nanti Tun habis khudrat.

Lagi satu tu Karpal Singh dia tu dendam kat Tun dari dulu sampai dia duduk kerusi roda. Tun jgn hirau kat dia sampai dia sengap kat kerusi tu. Atau bila Tun tersermpak dia mana tolak aje kerusi roda tu....heheh.

Si Param Cumaraswawy nak tunjuk hero sebenarnya dia nak joint Pak Lah dalam cabinet...kesian kat dia, Pak Lah tak hirau...kawan2 Param kena tahanan sebab dia suruh depa demo. Lani dia susah hati sebab bila kawan2 dia bebas nanti...tau apa akan jadi kat dia, tu yang dia paling susah hati.

Saya berpendapat isu calling Tun racist hanyalah tajuk kerana untuk kepentingan diri masing2.

Actually these 3 person must form a party for them and for the Indian as a whole ...believe me these 3 aliens b4 seeing one another eyes. They will end up killing one another without knowing who infilated them. heheh

I really pity the Indians.

Tokmad Gasak said...

TUN, pertama sekali, jangan buang masa Tun melayan itu Samy kerana bukan standard TUN nak melayan si Samy. Itu Samy mana ada standard !punya orang..tarak guna punya..

ITU HINDRAF pun sama TUN.. racist punya..itupun tarak guna punya Indian...KALAU jadi masa TUN dulu..semua halau balik India TUN.

Sekarang janji mau TUN sihat sentiasa..kasi kacau itu PLAH tarak guna punya orang..

Pluboy2 said...

samy vellu dulu diam, sebab dia perut kenyang.. makanan banyak masuk.. kita semua tahu cerita dia untuk 30 tahun lampau ini..

sekarang, perut dia sudah kosong.. tak ada makanan lagi.. so naturally, dia bising la..

makin kuat makin bagus LAH dia fikir.. tak mau retire jugak.. semua sama perangai.. tak tau malu.. sudah kecewakan rakyat tapi tau mau balik kampung tanam jagung.. masih mau buat bising.. rakyat sudah jemu dengan mereka laa...

cassiorine said...

Salaam Tun.

No, you're not racist. I can see that you're just being strict and firm. However though, I wonder why you kept Samy as a minister while you were in power instead of just getting rid of him (like what you did to Anwar). Everyone in the nation was aware enough of his unprofessionalism.

JoeHarry said...

Salam Tun & pengunjung,

A cat on a hot brick can barely do anything.. betul sangat cakap Tun...terkapai kapai AAB ..tercungap cungap ke sini sana sampai ke Sabah.. tapi masuk angin keluar asap.. AAB is in denial of the reality of how weak his leadership situation currently is.... and soon he will hv to get a grip of a 'rude awakening' awaiting him .. and so does all of the BN leaders yg jadi macam tunggul sahaja skrg ni.. .. BN & AAB is still in denial of the rakyat's msg during PRU12 .... AAB is kamikaze-ing BN along with his old fashion unprofessional irrelevant self-pride. Perhaps BN et al hv all cocooned themselves with AAB's old fashion style and this old fashioned people certainly cant advance this country into a modern one ..they are proving to the rakyat and to themselves of their own irrelevancy ..and the eventual fate awaiting them

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