Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Samy's Folly

Looks like those who want to answer my charges are short of ideas.

All they can say is that I am a racist and I was worse than the present Prime Minister.

Now Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu has joined Karpal Singh and Param Cumaraswamy in calling me racist.

These three characters want the Government to free the Hindraf leaders from detention under the Internal Security Act.

They must know that Hindraf represents Tamil racists who still look to their old masters, the British, to protect them. They don’t believe in Malaysian institutions.

And they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race. They and their apologists are racist to the core.

Seeing the death and destruction inflicted on Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, they threaten to bring this kind of violent racial politics to Malaysia.

In sympathising with Hindraf, Samy exposes his deep racist sentiments.

He insisted that he was the only leader of the Indians.

He refused to allow other Indian political parties to join the Barisan Nasional. His arrogance was unbearable. The defeat of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is entirely because of him.

I will follow this with extracts of what Samy Vellu said when I was Prime Minister. You can then judge what kind of Indian the Indians have as their leader.


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Emmeth said...

Blogger CheDet dah cecah 2 juta,

let us make ourselves more influential,

dgn fakta & ilmu yg kita ada mari kita ramai2 serang blog pro DAP, DSAI, KJ & geng.

blogger diaorg perasan ingat sukses PRu 12 sebab kita sokong sangat dgn P.Rakyat....we r d silent majority

Takashi said...

samy vellu has his own video at

memang joke of the nation.. samy vellu is irrelevant already and ultra racist..

anyway our so-called "PM for Malaysians" is also racist.. excuse me, you mean "PM for Umno?"

Fortress said...

Samy Vellu's time has come. Depart graciously. For every beginning there is an ending. The people want change in leadership. If the leaders don't go then the parties that they 'lead' will have to go.

A good leader is one who knows when to stand up and when to sit down. One word of advice to Samy Vellu: Don't die standing!!!


Mohd Shafri bin Mohd Shariff said...

Dear Tun,

I believe that these two chaps Shahir Samad and Zaid Zainuddin has half the brain that you have perhaps much smaller. I've seen on TV on how the answers the questions and didn't seems to have an integrity. They are more of having to run their personal vendetta rather than running the country.

As for Mr Sam, he was not like able by the Indian community for such a long time and fail to realized it.

Now, I have lost respect to all of those politicians. But I do not understand why they are still up there? Are we the Malaysian such a forgiving nation that allows such people to run the country and made blunders?

During you time, these people are always says the right thing since you always have the right answers. But since you are gone, they have made all the wrong answer to the public and start trying to get away by lying.

Now as you write you always put words that people will do their thinking and figure out the math. It was the same thing that you did when you are in power. Therefore, most Malaysian are a thinker now. Thanks to you. Can't the new government administration understand this and stop fooling the publics on the stupid and irrational statement.

Thanks TUN

I will always support you

Offshore Representative said...

Karpal dengan Sammy bagai kacang lupakan kulit.

Ask me, I say Samy Vellu is the worst Indian leader Malaysians have ever seen in the history of politics in Malaysia!

He has destroyed BN and MIC and he should accept responsibility for this.

DatOk ZeQ said...


Saya gembira, sekurang kurang nya sekarang dah ada seorang hero !
Dato Yong Teck Lee, Presiden SAPP yang mengusul kan "usul tidak percaya" kepada PM . Ini lah semangat yang kita tunggu tunggu. PR begitu gembira, tetapi kita macam mana? Bila lagi hendak bertindak ?

Syabas Dato Yong !! we will follow suit.

Yang lain kecut peruuuttt ?

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Nostradamus said...

Multiracial Jekylls and Hydes

Politiking is a game not for the faint hearted in Malaysia. Why? Because if you are an ordinary Malaysian wither whatever colours and beliefs, you’ll get nowhere trying to understand what all the politicians and so called leaders are trying to make you believe. Because in our midst lies Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis, Bengalis, Ceylonese, Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Babas, Eurasians, Kopi-susu, Teh-susu, Kopi-kau Bumiputera, Non-Bumiputera, Moslems, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Sikhism, Bahais etc who are liars, hypocrites, selfish, lords, bigots, greedy, corrupt, racists, evil, yes-men, close one-eye and any other stronger terms associated with it is all there. In Malaysia, those people are also called snakes or ular and it is definitely not only represented by one colour or belief.
Out of 27 millions Malaysians and we have to have such politicians and so called leaders who ended up making policies and laws for us to follow. Where or where are those Malaysians who are born righteous, patriotic, selfless, caring, fair, loving, intelligent, kind, understanding, with principles and beliefs, tolerant, colourless, and humane and serve us with just a simple thought of making us Malaysians proud to call them our leaders to serve us and make this land a joy to live in together and a showcase to the world whatever it is called either the best Moslem or Multi Religious country, Tanah Melayu, Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, ASEAN, or Asia.
Of course, we have been lucky and should be grateful to live in this beautiful country where there are not so much natural disasters and is full of natural resources. We are fortunate that we do not have leaders who go the extreme of Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Milosevic, Suharto, Marcos, Kim,Jong IL and other despots. We are also fortunate we don’t have leaders who ask us to go to war whether within or without our country against fellow human beings. Lest we forget, we do have people who have suffered because of bad policies and governance, greed and corruption, power and racism, bigotry and self-righteousness.
Many of us are just plain citizens who only wish that their generations to follow continue to live a life of peace and harmony with leaders who are righteous, just and caring. We also want our citizens to survive better not just in Malaysia but also in this world. Isn’t that what everyone wants for themselves and their generations to follow?
In Malaysia, because of politicking, we have leaders and followers who are Jekylls and Hydes. How come that it always ended up with them telling us what we should have and is good for us (since it never ever ended up the way we want) when it should be us telling them what we earnestly want of them, if we believe in them. We can never know who amongst Malaysians are Jekylls and who are Hydes. A person’s character is always a first good guide and with the person’s past history, perhaps, perhaps then, we can find a jewel amongst us all, to lead us on.

Tuna said...

Salam Tun

You are now a multimillionaire. 2 Million plus visitors

fariszigon said...

shame of tamil ppl bhalf of hindraf n sammy..
y we malay must highlight tis type of asid..shit n selfishness..

tis's malaysia..backthen was known as tanah melayu kn..
ni ada hati nk samarata kn semua..apa crita??
yg melayu senang ingat depa bleh senang smpai bila2..nk tolong ssama sdiri pn ada hati plak nk sama rata..
mmg xsalah kn tun..tpi melayu sdiri asal nya xdapat kesamarataan..masakn kita melayu xboleh nk khador yg dlu2 time british..
sammy ni ckp melayu pn cm org india yg baru mai dr sana..sedangkn malaysia dh merdeka nk masuk 51tahun dh..apa crita??
huhhhhh...bab tol dlu toksah kiralah..
poyo la lu indians yg sokong sgt hindraf tu..blah la hangpa balik india..
mamak ni pn satu aka anwar..ckp putaq pn ada gak org kita terhegeh2 sokong..
mungkin sbb xdak benda lain nk sokong kott...

tokayah tun mahathir..tubuh la party bru klu DAAB tak mau step down masa terdekat ni...
ur blog's rate mnunjuk positif ;) ..please think bout it
..bkn nya nk buang umno..kami syg umno tpi kami sangsi org yg gerak kn..

*i'm so sorry if i hurt anyone's feeling..a fact is a fact..y cant we just live in harmony..xyah nk ungkit2 lg dh..

*remember malaysia is tanah melayu tu ja..

Nostradamus said...

To be a great world leader, it is for the citizens, then the world audience and their leaders to acknowledge. To judge another racist or corrupt or fair minded or great is also for the majority to judge over time on your deeds, actions, words and character. There is never a need to say out aloud nor trumpet our own achievements to be acknowledged as a great leader.
History have shown who are great world leaders. More recently they are Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. Further back in time, most of them I can remember are the Prophets or those humans who have brought great knowledge and peace to the world.
There are also people who also claim to be great world leaders ie. Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tze Tung, Fidel Castro, Suharto, Marcos, Mugabe, George Bush, Eihud, Osama etc etc. Most of them who claim themselves as world leaders are acknowledged by the world for the things and deeds they have done not over 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year but over the years of their lives. The most evil man in any country who is supported by their own citizens or parties only can also lay claim to be a great world leader. Whether such support is by subjugation, corruption or self aggrandizement thru control of their own publishing medias or rewriting their own history books is never lasting. The truth comes out in the end, hopefully, sometimes only after their death and all the self acclamations turns into a subject of ridicule, mockery and shame.
True great world leaders are not necessary intellectuals, politicians or leaders who have great power. They all have something in common. They spread things which we all humankinds share in mind and spirit and have great joy in. They spread peace, justice, knowledge, love, compassion, humility and possess great characters which any loving parents would want their own children to possess.
With a population of 7 billion around the world of which Malaysia has 27 million, to be one great world leader to be admired is a monumental task. Back home it is much easier. Malaysia has so many problems that can be solved if only we throw out racism, greed, power, lordship, corruption and hate. Ask any Malaysian now, our parents, children and grandchildren and the one most loved will still be Tunku Abdul Rahman and it will still be only him at the way things are still going. Not only because he is Bapa Kemerdekaan but more because people can see thru his character that he possess some of the attributes great world leaders have.
Is it so difficult to throw out all those evils? Another 50 years from now, what kind of world or country do you think our children or grandchildren should live in. What sort of knowledge or character do they need to have to survive and prosper? Can Malaysia be a model country for others? Can Malaysia lead in Asean, Asia or the world with the type of citizens we now have. Malaysia cannot even unite it’s own citizens what more to preach to others. Forget all those tourism adverts. It makes us fools when our blogs and newspapers goes around the world.
Dear Tun. You are gifted with more intelligence and knowledge than most people I know or read about. You can read what humans (good or bad) want and cherish. Choose how you want to be remembered first by your citizens and perhaps the rest of the world will follow us. Let us the citizens and our generation to follow determine how you should be remembered by.
I congratulate Tun on your 1 miilion hits. That means it is easier to reach out to people unlike the old days. Time is still on your side until the day it is taken away by (God, Tuhan, Allah) and it beats any other medium of spreading your future messages.

yong said...



On SAPP's case, I heard tonight in Putrajaya, someone is singing Siti Nurhaliza's song PERCAYALAHHHH!!!!

Haji Eddy said...

Dear TUN,

It seems that UMNO and some of the component parties now is more focus on hitting at you than trying to win the hearts of the people from the opposition!!!

More like shifting the blame to you ... rather than constructively working to repair the damage done.

To Samy ...... i got one thing to say ...... "TIME'S UP!!!YOU GOT TO GO MAN"

z i z o u said...

Salam Tun!

saya kecewa dgn stu coment di atas yg stil kaitkan hubungan keluarga Tun dgn 'mendiang' Sami, walhal Tun boleh delete!

aniway, mendiang ini bersuara mungkin kerana tidak berjaya mendapat atau samakan tarafnya dengan pakar bahasa iaitu TUN LEE KENG YAIK, mebi DYMM tak mau bagi!

Teruskan usaha Tun!

jojo51 said...

When Tun was PM we always heard the same clique. He was always 2 steps ahead than the rest, cabinet members included. Therefore whoever wants to take Tun head on must have an arsenal of weapons. Otherwise forget it. My sympathy is with Samy. He will soon join the long list of casualties.

Nostradamus said...

Mungkin, Nostradamus (ahli nujum) dengan izin, boleh membantu sedikit..

Sejarah Melayu Moden seterusnya mencatitkan bahawa maka berakhirlah dinasti Tun selama 22 tahun dengan parti UMNO Barunya yang ditubuhkannya selepas UMNO lama dibubarkan.

Cubaan demi percubaan oleh Tun untuk mengembalikan zaman gemilangannya menerusi berbagai proksi sebelum anaknya dapat bertakhta termasuk penubuhan berbagai parti baru tidak berjaya kerana penyokong-penyokongnya sendiri yang sudah membelot, bercelaru dan tidak setia. Harapan meneruskan sistem feudalisma politik ini, hilang sama sekali apabila pengasasnya, Tun keluar parti bersama-sama pengikutnya secara beramai-ramai pada tahun 2008 dan kuasa pemerintahan DSAB kembali kukuh dengan tentera bersekutunya.

Maka, bermulalah dinasti DSAB dari tahun 2004 dan sempat memerintah selama ........... Pada tahun 20..., dinasti DSAB digulingkan pula oleh parti politik yang disokong oleh Raja-raja Melayu dan muncullah seorang pemimpin berjiwa rakyat dengan nama .................. yang memerintah Persekutuan Tanah Melayu seterusnya. Negara Malaysia yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1963 akhirnya ..........................

In English Language

“12. I am not an astrologer and I cannot guess what will happen 5 years from now.”

Maybe, Nostradamus (an astrologer) with permission can help a bit.

Modern Malay History will hence record forthwith the demise of Tun’s dynasty after 22 years with his UMNO Baru party which was formed after the demise of the old UMNO party.

Many attempts by Tun to return to his age of glory, thru proxies, before his son could rule including the forming of various new parties did not succeed due to his supporters who themselves have already betrayed, became disillusioned and disloyal. Hopes of reviving this political feudalism system disappeared altogether , when the founder Tun with his followers left the party enmass in the year 2008 and DSAB rule became more entrenched with his coalition armies.

Thus, the beginnings of the DSAB dynasty from the year 2004 who managed to rule for only ……… In the year 20….., DSAB dynasty was overthrown by a political party supported by the Malay Rulers and gave birth to a leader with a citizen’s heart by the name of ………. who ruled the Federated Malay States forthwith. The nation of Malaysia which was formed in 1963 ended up ………………..

Hawk Tan said...

Bukan sunyi tanpa komen,
Saja ingin membaca dan memdalami komen komen rakan rakan blogger.


Manusia sanggup berbuat apa kerana gila kuasa.
Sungguh menjijikkan, tak tahu malu, tak sedar diri,tak ada peri kemanusian dan belas kasihan.

Akhirkata, betul betul muak dengan ahli politik yang gila kuasa dan kekayaan.

pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

Whatever the Malay leaders talk about Malay rights they simply conveniently claim that the Malay leaders are racist.

Shame on them. They must honestly reflect on themselves whether they themselves are the culprit who persistently playing the race card to be popular and champion of their race.

Come on my fellow friends of other races, don't be hypocrite of the first order. We are tired of this hypocrisy played by other races. We know for the fact that they will continue to play this "sindiwara" until this country becomes totally a "failed country". Then everybody will realise that what they have in possession now will all be gone to ashes if they are not careful. They seem to be more aggressive after the election knowing very well that the government is too weak to handle this race issue. They seem also wanting to take advantage of the so-called "OPENNESS" of this present weak governmet.

If I am the government now, I will start "operasi lalang" and dump them under ISA. Make no mistake about it. We can't afford to have these people around instigating others by "subtly" harping on race issue every now and then.

They refuse to learn that we had experienced before that "DEMOCRACY WAS DEAD". Do we want that to happen again. Certainly NOT at all. Enough is enough, so please restrain from acting foolishly. NOBODY WILL GAIN FOR SURE !!

Charlsen Ming said...

SAmy vellu dalam Barisan nasional hanyalah seorang hamba abdi saja!! Dia tunduk pada apa Pak lah kata dan berpura pura jaga orang orang india padahal dia hanya memihak Pak Lah utk menindas rakyat bersama sama!!

Barisan Nasional dan komponen dia hanya tahu menindas rakyat sahaja!!
Semua mrk hanya minat utk rasuah bersama sama di dalam Barisan!! kata pula nak jaga orang dia.. pui!!

zulkarnain said...

What Tun say about the Hindraf being racist are very true. They are a bunch of morons that Malaysia can do without. They manipulate their own races for their hidden agenda.

To hear Samy calling for their release now after condemning them earlier just show what Samy is willing to do to win confidence from his own races.
Samy is one example of a person who think so highly of himself that he can never imagine it possible that the Indians need any other leader other than him. That is why till today he still insist that he is the only champion for the Malaysian Indians although his people booted him out of his office. Wake up Samy. Stop dreaming and go fly a kite.

Zahari S said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

It's about time that someone say something about this Samy Vellu character. As a defeated MIC leader, he joined Pak Lah bandwagon to discredit you and poured all the problems of the entire Indians communities onto your lap.

Samy should be ashamed and together with Pak Lah resign their respective President posts so that new leaders of MIC and UMNO can emerge.

Anyway Tun, just like the Ian Chin saga, we can't wait for more exposure from you regarding this ungrateful Samy.

Shah Alam

Pak Pandir said...

Harap TDM bersabar banyak - banyak.
sy sentiasa di belakang tun. walaupun saya bukan "sesiapa"..

jawison said...

Salam buat Tun sekeluarga,

Hidup Melayu penuh sabar,
Penuh sabar kuat imannya,
Bangsaku Melayu pantang dicabar,
Kalau dicabar buruk padahnya!

Jawiraf...kita tiada pilihan.

muslimah_262 said...

Keep it up, dpc!
It's just amazing that Sammy Vellu still wants to hold the (MIC) forte despite LOSING in the last elections. How can BN allow losers to continue to lead...they're digging their own grave.Does he have any insight at all?

Same goes with Shahrizat. She lost in the elections. Yet she's elected to be "advisor to the PM..?! Nevertheless,as a person, she is indeed a very commited politician during her tenure, no doubt, and I sincerely feel sad to see her lose.

Something's wrong somehere, doc!

My-2-cents worth of comment:

My intuition is, the "Opposition"(depends whose side you're on)(and foreign supporters) are strategically and gradually 'planting jarum'into the minds of an otherwise peace-loving people of Malaysia, to erode the people's confidence in M'SIAN OIL GIANT, PETRONAS. Then later, when PETRONAS will be taken over by them.

Wow, what victory it will be for those pro-oil,pro-war advocates.(Some of you know who they are).

And "OIL" is a very critical item in the minds of this group of this moment I won't say who, lest I'll be labelled as anti-Semitic..

Tun, you were spot-on (accurate) in stating a long time ago, that "they" rule by proxy. Their motto: "divide (the nation) and rule".


Kamarul said...


This is a bit off track from the topic.

I have one question for you. Malaysians would like to know the real reason for the sacking of DSAI in 1997 (or 98? can't really remember.. melayu mudah lupa.. hehe)

Logically, sodomy is embarassing and very sinful. And if DSAI is really a sinner (in "that" way), I'm sure he will be well covered. At he same time, look at his so-called accused sodomy partners, sukma darmawan and can't remember the other guy. A person like DSAI (I would say quite good looking) can be attracted to those two? Doesn't make any sense. So, sodomy was not the real case.

IMF? Loan from IMF? Is it so very sinful? I don't think so... So, IMF reason is not applicable.

What was the real reason Tun? As far as I heard from other malaysian, you removed DSAI due to some serious national security matter. Is it true?

Hope you don't mind giving us the answer..

Take care Tun.. God bless you, your family and all malaysians.. except "the few"..

Farah said...


I am sure most Malaysians has a bit of kenangan on Mr Samy, either regarding to the toll issue, or his silly mistake when using Bahasa Melayu. Somehow, Malaysians used to laugh his doesnt-mean-to-make-as-a-joke word.
Malaysian must know to speak Bahasa Melayu... somehow Mr Samy was a Minister for many years!
I really wanted to hear what majority of Indians says about HINDRAF. Are our fellow Malaysia's Indians community supporting this stupid and moronic 'tuntutan'?
Please my fellow Indian friends.. I wanted to hear your opinion on this organization..


piezo said...

Memang Ler Tun, Harga Roti pun dah naik, pengaruh makin kurang, mcm mana nak makan roti free..

noor faiza said...

Salam Tun,

Wow Tun!! Your words are very sharp like a knife. So direct to the point and hit the target at the very point. So effortlessly but yet very painful for Mr Samy.

So Mr Samy (if you care to read), your day at office has been long overdue. The Indians hate you and now Malays hate you more for patronising Tun shamelessly.

You better take back your stupid pathetic press statements and ask for forgiveness from the man who defended you for as long as you are known as politician in this country.

Samy is a real clown!

jiwakacau said...

anak2 mudha jgn hisap dada..
anak2 mudha musti berani derma dara..

klafterdark said...

Dear Tun,

I bet you regret the fact that you chose to kill the snake when you were given the choice last time kan... Well, who could tell the difference between a snake and Samy Vellu.

To Samy Vellu, big mistake man... really big. With that much loots, you should have just quietly slither away. I dont think you can even explain where it came from. Not even 10%. And I dont think you should provoke Tun to explain it for you. He is good, lemme tell ya...

Tun, take care.

amarz said...

saya amat berbangga kerna negara mempunyai pm seperti tun.tun membangunkan negara dari segi auto mobil,teknologi,ekonomi dan sebagainya...namu saya kini sedih kerna selepa tun bersara segelintir pihak bersikap sepeti "melepaskan anjing yang tersepit"...saya sokong sepenuhnya tindakan tun...

Pulau Sibu said...

You support detention of Hindraf, thus you support what Abdullah is doing. At least I found one common points between you two. Abdullah was in charge of the internal security when you were prime minister, and ISA has been exercised often. I could understand why there is a common point

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

EVerything is about power Tun.. Selfish and irresponsible.. Will do anything to get what ever they want though ppl do not wat them anymore.. And now, you are trying to gain ppl's support with this dirty way... Come on la Mr Samy... Trying to be hero but zero.. You dare to call Tun racist a after you lost in the PRU-12... Tak mengenang budi la... Pepatah ada mengatakan "Seperti melepaskan anjing yg tersepit, akhirnya kita digigitnya..." Nampaknya bukan Melayu je yg mudah lupa kan Tun.. ermm... Shame on you Mr Samy...

ZuL said...

from wikipedia..:p...:

Samy Vellu was, and continued to be, a disciplined and determined man. He successfully converted crises to opportunities. During the Indonesian Confrontation, he made headlines by climbing up the Indonesian Embassy's flag pole, pulling down the flag and burning it. "I was charged in court and fined RM25," Samy Vellu later said. Malaysian newspapers called him Hero Malaysia on the front pages.


Ong said...

Dear Tun,
I agreed your comment with all my heart.Since when did Samy Vellu care so much for the Indians.When he was still in the goverment what he really cares was his own position and power.And now since he has lost in the election.He starts to care for the Indians.Well this should be a very good news to the Indians but should have came 20 years ago and not now.

I still remember very well during the March election.Samy Vellu told the people that he will win his seat even if the Indians doesn't support him.But look now what he is doing!!!

Dearest Tun Dr M,maybe after Paklah sept down as PM,Samy Vellu will have lots of "comment" for him!!!This is what Samy Vellu really is!!!

zawien said...

Sidang akhbar yang ditujukan khas ke batu jemala PM kita tadi betul-betul tepat pada masanya. SAPP menyatakan pendirian undi tidak percaya (yang sememangnya mewakili jutaan lagi rakyat Malaya) terhadap kepimpinan mengarut Pak Lah. Namun Pak Lah masih lagi tidak dapat memahami (atau memang buat-buat tak faham) mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh Parti Komponen tersebut. Beliau berkata, ini adalah disebabkan oleh kepentingan peribadi pemimpin SAPP yang tidak dipenuhi oleh BN -TV3. Kenyataan ini menggambarkan seolah-olah SAPP adalah Parti 'Nakal', yang bilamana ketika membantu BN menang, ditimang-timang, dan bilamana bertindak memperbaiki parti, dihenjak-henjak. Entah bila keegoan Pak Lah ini akan berakhir. Pelbagai mesej SMS, MMS, SSM, SSS sudah di hantarkan, namun ibarat 'henfon'nya telah mem'block' kesemuanya kecuali mesej yang melambung dan menimangnya.
Dan pada masa yang sama, jentera BN di Perlis sudah bersiap sedia sepenuh jiwa dan raga untuk mempertahankan kerusi DUN Sanglang yang dikosongkan. BN yakin kali ini majoriti undi akan bertambah dan seterusnya menunjukkan Parti BN masih mendapat sokongan yang padu. Come on la, entah apa yang bermain di fikiran pak-pak menteri semua. Setelah apa yang berlaku sejak 3 bulan ini(tanpa mengambil kira sejak 2003), apakah masih ada sisa-sisa pengundi yang sanggup menutup mata memangkah dacing. Malahan jika diletakkan parti Cap Solex Motor sekalipun pasti akan meraih majoriti yang sangat besar.
Jika realiti ini masih tidak difahami oleh BN, nescaya kegagalan demi kegagalan akan menyusul seterusnya melenyapkan Dacing dan digantikan dengan Bathroom Scale etc. Sedarlah dari lamunan, masih belum terlambat, tiada cara lain lagi untuk memastikan BN terus bernafas dalam lumpur, iaitu dengan MENYINGKIRKAN PAK LAH selamanya...

1/2 BOILED EGG said...

Dear Tun,

If you visit this URL:, you will be shocked to find that Samy Vellu is called as The Lord of the Indians! I wonder if he is the Lord of the Indians globally or only in Malaysia?

In the same website, the Lord of the Indians, Samy Vellu, at a by-election said: “Some Indians don't like me. They tell educated people not to respect me and some even call me a rascal. Despite that, I'm still well liked.” Ai yoyo, so sweet and so charming …..

Here is another famous quote by the Lord of the Indians: “Keadilan can go to hell …” And this was how Anwar Ibrahim replied back: “Samy Vellu himself is hell, where else to go?”

And Tun, remembered you once commented: “You ask MIC what they would do if I removed Samy Vellu?” Well, as I am not a MIC member, can Tun now tell me and all Malaysians what MIC would possibly do when Samy were to be removed by you at that material time?

Something very strange and rather nasty is happening in our beloved country. It looks as if Tun scratched Samy’s back but Samy stabbed your back instead of scratching it. I guess Samy is now scratching the back of Pak Lah and no more interested to be scratched by you as you have lost the political power. This is a reality and that Lord of the Indians is not silly when comes to taking side and whose back he should scratch again after you stepped down as PM.

Did you remember what Samy had said previously? He pledged to continue with his work undeterred, adding that there were many programmes to be carried out for the betterment of the Indian community. That’s why Samy Vellu has joined Karpal Singh and Param Cumaraswamy in calling you racist –to make you angry and also to show Pak Lah that he (Samy) is also not in friendly term with you anymore! He is now showing his true colour to you …

Anyway, stay strong and be fearless, Tun, as majority of Bangsa Malaysia are still in support with you.

Ismail said...


samy was and still will be a joke to the indian community .. he is the one kill mic.. no one can fite him in mic election..n when he loose his seat and post as a minister what else can he say :S

PdgSakti said...

Apabila DAP mempertahankan polisi untuk menguntungkan kaum bukan melayu, mereka tidak dianggap racist, tapi mewakili suara rakyat.

Apabila Hindraf melakukan perkara yang bertentangan dengan dasar negara, mereka tidak dianggap racist, tapi mewakili suara kaum India.

Apabila Tun mempertahankan ketuanan, mempertahankan apa yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan, mereka ini pula dianggap racist, walaupun mereka juga mewakili rakyat.

Apa yang saya perhatikan, kaum-kaum lain telah nampak kelemahan kepimpinan Pak Lah dan UMNo, dan inilah saatnya mereka ambil kesempatan. Biasiswa telah dinaikkan kuota, suara mereka dah minta untuk terajui GLC (yang skrg ini diterajui oleh orang Melayu), dasar DEB semakin dipertikaikan..

Dan apa yang menjadi bertambah malang, terdapat jugaorang melayu yang sanggup menjadi balaci dan bersekongkol bersama dengan mereka ini.

Jgn sampai satu masa, anak cucu kita hanya akan menjadi melayu yang merempat di bumi sendiri. melayu yang menagih simpati dari kaum lain untuk memajukan diri semata-mata kesilapan dan ketololan kepimpinan orang melayu yang ada sekarang ini..

syahdux said...

Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, Karpal Singh dan Param Cumaraswamy, mabuk lebih ni....

konon-kononya hero filem tamil la tu...dey! bombay police station

cit podahhHHHH....

MZR said...



"Why start a fight with Samy Vellu? After all, he is still your son's father-in-law.
It is not very nice to your son and your daughter-in-law when you start a family feud in the eyes of the public. Do you know that?"


Tunyut said...

Tun macam berjuang dari bawah semula...
Selagi ikhlas untuk rakyat pasti mendapat sokongan...
Semoga Allah tetapkan hati Tun...

tuntuah said...

Tun Dr M yang dikasihi,

Sebut saja Samy Vellu...Orang India akan BOO...Samy Vellu...BOO, 90% Orang India masih BOO Samy Vellu sampai sekarang

Sejak bila bermulanya episod boo ini?

Sejak Akaun Bumiputra Commerce no 1402-0000168-00-2 didedahkan oleh pimpinan pembangkang pada pilihanraya kecil ijok.

Kenapa dengan akaun ini?

Sebabnya ada sejumlah 25juta wang atas nama Samy Vellu...

Yalah..dia kan menteri...25 juta sikit saja...tapi kebetulan pula masa tu Maika ada masalah...dan kerajaan bantu...tapi tup-tup dalam masa yang sama dia ada 25 juta.

Kebetulan betul nampaknya.

Apabila S.Vellu di BOO oleh masyarakat beliau sendiri...kemana dia nak lari...dah jatuh dari tempat tinggi...bagi mengelak dari cedera parah atau padam terus...
Samy Vellu pun cuba berpaut lah kat mana-mana ranting yang sempat dicapai...malang...semua ranting yang dia paut pun rapuh...lalu dia
terpaksalah ikut arus supaya tidak terus lemas..
Orang kalau dah nak lemas...kalau kita bantu sekalipun amat bahaya...silap-silap dengan kita-kita sekali turut lemas.

Pak Lah pula ibarat Tongkol Kayu reput yang hanyut...Bila Samy Vellu berpaut kepadanya maka selamatlah dia buat sementara waktu.
Tetapi... sebenarnya dua-dua mereka juga telah hanyut di Sungai yang sama yang bernama Malaysia.

PS: Teringat kata-kata DET KHALID..."Cara nak elak tahu hanyut ialah dengan menyelam...bila tahi hanyut dah berlalu...kita timbullah balik"

Fikir-fikirkan lah siapa yang jadi Tahi hanyut sekarang.Selain Samy Vellu,Antimamak salah sorang...Thank.

Bobby said...

TUN , you are a living Legend. May god bless you with health and panjang umur.

You give us(the malays) the inspiration and courage to be strong and bold and to fight for what is ours.

TUN , why don't you come back to Politics.

Let's make a new party. Lets call it Parti Melayu Bersatu. The communist got their party, so i think its highly possible we can have our own.

Plus... if Mukhriz joins us , than we already have a parliament seat without even going for an election. haha.

So TUN , please consider my suggestion. Let's make a new political Malay Party.

UMNO is old and masih ada sisa-sisa penjajahan. The name itself is in English. Cmmon , a malay party screaming bout Ketuanan Melayu has its party name in English? Isn't that a joke.

Furthermore , the malays have long owe their unparalysed legs to stand on their own feet without any help from other Race. But still since the Malay sultanates of Tanah Melayu and untill now , we keep begging other Race for help to win our own Land.

Please consider opening Parti Melayu Bersatu.

Thank you , sekian Terima Kasih.

joseph said...

He has done enough damage to the indian community ever since he represent Indian under MIC umbrella. What I felt Tun during your tenure you,should have done something to indian community. You have done great for bumi and UMNO , perhaps a little effort will turn for better fortune for indians. Now still not too late since your word carry weight and thrust. Well for samy velu, if he still want to do good for indian contribute all his earning all this years, perhape a certain percentage, for better developement of indian community such as education, scholarship, donation...creating a basic least he will be bless by few during his older days. I don't see the spirit of BN back in 1957 now. Everyone think of their own races which is NOT the right think to do.

Mohd Naim said...

Yg. Bhg. Tun,

Perpatah melayu ada berkata “anak dirumah menanggis berok dihutan disusui”. Itulah perangai Sammy yang saya perasan semasa Tun berkuasa dulu. Dia asyik membodek Tun kehulu kehilir sampai lupa nak jaga bangsanya sendiri. Sampaikan makan pun disuapkan kemulut Tun semasa kunjungan Deepavali Tun kerumah beliau. Bukan main lagi dia menjaga Tun.

Memang silap dia kalau bangsanya mendapati dia “irrelevant”. Semuanya dia bolot buat pengaruh diri sendiri. Siapa engkar dia hukum. Siapa lawan dia cantas. Mana tak Presiden sampai sekarang. Tak boleh cuit sikit nak melenting bukan saja kepada bangsanya tetapi dengan kita pun.

Saya percaya agihan kuasa kepada parti-parti dalam kerajaan BN mesti berserta imbuhan kewangan untuk kepentingan setiap bangsa yang menyertainya. Terpulanglah budibicara ketua-ketua mereka mengandakannya atau tidak bagi faedah bangsa sendiri. Kalau ini tak terjadi oleh sebab penyelewengan atau kelemahan mentadbir pemimpin-pemimpin, salah siapa kah itu? Saya fikir dia mahu Tun suapkan dan pimpin tangan bangsanya sebagai balasan suapan Deepavalinya terhadap Tun tak?

Apalah salahnya “being racial” sebagai pemimpin parti-parti BN? Dalam bangsa sendiri masih berjalan pun tak betul macam mana nak menyusui berok-berok dihutan itu? Saya tak fikir Bangsa Malaysia itu boleh dilakukan secara “revolution” tanpa mengundang padah. Ianya akan terjadi apabila sampai ketikanya nanti.

Yang saya tahu “racist” adalah bangsa yang ingat dia kuat memandang rendah terhadap bangsa-bangsa yang lain. Macam mana pulak bangsa melayu yang memerlukan NEP hingga sekarang boleh bersikap “racist”? Sememangnya orang yang kekurangan dan lemah yang perlukan bantuan. Saya tak dengar lagi pemimpin-pemimpin melayu dengan sengaja memperkecil-kecilkan bangsa-bangsa lain di Malaysia ini. Sebaliknya yang memandang rendah terhadap bangsanya sendiri adalah. Kalau pemimpin-pemimpin kita masih berebut-rebut dan meminta-minta untuk kebaikan bangsa sendiri ini bukan “racist” tetapi “racial”.

Sammy ini Tun cuci dia baik-baik sebab setelah jadi begini kepada Tun saya rasa meluat mengenangkan dia membodek Tun dulu.

ctoast said...

Saya sokong TUN dari Dulu Kini dan Selamanya. Berkenaan samy, biarkan je 'sang arang' tu terus menjadi 'sang debu'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.
No doubt you being former PM of your country (though still 3rd world in so many ways) and had a spell (22 years) of "grandeur", and being a retired medical doctor, would it not be appropriate if you could enlighten on how to treat this sickness/madness called "delusion of grandeur"?
It would be a great "service" to all political office bearers of the Barisan Nasional Govt. if in your blog you could give tips on tactics to conceal corrupt practices as well as how to keep buried treasures buried?
Of course it would bring immense benefits if some of the present UMNO members learn how to twist /distort facts in a more believable manner, you being a Master in that expertise?
Best advice you can give them, would be on how to antagonize your neighbors & make them hostile and alienated towards Malaysia.
Playing the racial card was your forte and subtly instilling fears to the psyche of the Voting populace.. it really calls for a person with a twisted mind (not Intelligence). Or was it some (unfortunate) "skill" acquired from medical school? I would think its genetic!
And by the way Dr. had there been any personal experiences of an abuse (as in sodomy) suffered at the end (pun intended) of a Mat Salleh that imprinted such hatred and malevolence in your psyche, for the whole race of whites?? Blogging will not save you. Only Allah s.w.t
can, by taking you quickly and sparing all Malaysians the torture of your continuous malevolence disguised as Truth. Old people do not automatically become wise. You are an excellent example.
May your creator be merciful to you.
If you have belief in Allah s.w.t. at all.

yEnG said...

samy oo samy... samy vellu ni mmg nk cari sokongan la. u aaa samy,dont talk2 too much la..nobody want u. u sape kalu Tun xde??? answer me!

saya sentiasa menyokong TUN!!!!

jantanbelang said...

samy ni 'sami' lalang..... faham faham ajelah resmi lalang...jangan kita ikut jadi lalang sudah

gelagat niaga said...

Kepada 'slyderrose',

Apa dia kena-mengena topik "Samy's Folly" ini dengan si Anwar Ibrahim pulak?

Apa pasal pulak Tun Dr. Mahathir kena mohon maaf dengan si Anwar tu? Terbalik yang sepatutnya, kan?

Yang sebenarnya bukankah si Samy Vellu itupun sedikit-sebanyak macam si Anwar jugak, seolah:-

- menggigit tangan yang pernah membimbing,
- menikam dari belakang sesudah kecewa,
- ibarat kacang lupakan kulit,

Maka, eloklah kita semua menghayati sebahagian dari senikata sebuah lagu nyanyian Tan Sri S.M.Salim yang berjudul 'Tak Seindah Wajah', yang berbunyi:-

"Inikah dia lakonan hidup,
Dipentas Dunia insan berpura,
Tipu dan daya pencapai maksud,
Budi dan Harta merangkum noda"

Semoga diambil iktibar.



Samy Vellu adalah jenis manusia yang sentiasa dalam angan-angan sendiri seolah dia adalah seorang 'Hero' (yang 'baik' dan tak mungkin kalah) dalam sebuah filem Tamil.

Beliau kena sedar bahawa beliau bukanlah seorang hero yang seolah dalam sebuah filem Tamil, malah beliau bukan pula seorang Hero untuk membela dan memperjuangkan kaum India di Malaysia.

Beliau hanyalah seorang ahli politik (macam mana jua kebanyakan ahli politik yang lain), yang bersifat dan banyak 'berlakon' semacam dalam kisah lagu 'Tak Seindah Wajah' - nyanyian Tan Sri S.M.Salim tu.

Tambahan lagi:

Pada hemat saya, si Anwar pula adalah juga 'Pelakon' dan 'Pak Lawak' (penghibur) politik yang terkemuka seantero dunia!


DatOk ZeQ said...


Tell us the truth why you resigned from the Government and UMNO President ? Otherwise Malaysian won't have this problems !

Samy Vellu used to be a yes Sir man, why made him changed now?

Tol tak boleh kasi naik kah,? tak boleh bukak pusat bidan kah or lagi ramai orang menghisap dada?

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

P.S Sambil sambil tengok Euro 2008

Samy ... Tarak tengok itu orang putih punya "Bola" kah ???

CaesarX2 said...

NOW,You can then judge what kind of Malay the Malays have as their leader.SEE FOR URSELF!

J.Sui said...


I was born and grew up in Kuching, a city that you hardly see Indian around. So had no experience in dealing with Indian.

When I came to JB 7 years ago, due to my kind of work, I travel alot within Malaysia and dealing with most all sort of races.

What I noticed, Malaysia Indian like to "Pusing-Pusing" when they talk, maybe too much of "Roti Canai". I got really disappointed.

Lately, I dont really want to social around with Indian is because of what I had experienced.
Not once, not twice.. I am really tired of them already. Sometimes, I tried to stay away from dealing with them.

Can I consider myself Racist?

Take care Tun.


nikdublin said...

I remembered what you said that there were once Tunku used to said that one Indian will want one party. And I also remember watching how Samy Folly praised you like a God for what you did for Malaysian. And it surprised me to hear that you now joined the club and attack you. Hehehe...I find it kelakar. We shall no call him...Desperado Samy Folly! Baru je 4th April 2008 dia dok puji Tun bagai nak rak.

Salam hormat.

Anonymous said...

Ada satu teka teki..!
Sejak minyak terus naik maka harga barang pun ikutla naik, cuma yang terus turun hujan ja,, Tapi ada satu perkara! dia ni dah maksimum tak boleh nak naik naik lagi, tapi sampai laa ni pun tak mau turun turun ? Apa atau sapakah itu? :)


jaya said...

Salam sejahtera Tun sekeluaga.

Samy dah merapu dia tak sadar bumi mana dipijak,lautan mana diseberangi,sanggup dia mengkhianat diri sendiri.

Sekian,semoga Tun sehat-sehat selalu. Teruskan perjuangan.


T.S. said...

Salam Tun,

Apa salahnya kita atau seseorang itu bersikap perkauman?

Hakikatnya, apabila seseorang itu lahir dari kalangan bangsa Melayu, Cina atau India, kecenderungan kepada kaum masing-masing itu sudah pasti ada. Tak payah masing-masing nak bohong la...

Apa yang penting ialah bagaimana untuk menjaga keharmonian dikalangan kaum agar tiada ada perasaan yang terguris drpd mana-mana kaum.

Disinilah, pemimpin-pemimpin memikul beban yang berat dalam melaksanakan amanah ini.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Warga Malaysia cukup kenal insan yang bernama Sammy Vellu sehingga kaum india hilang kepercayaan terhadapnya.

Walau tidak kesemua tindakan Tun saya setujui semasa pemerintahan Tun namun untuk perjuangan bangsa dan generasi masa hadapan saya bersependapat di dalam apa yang Tun perjuangkan kini.

Usar gusar teruskan perjuangan.


jenniferz said...

assalamualaikum tun..

pendapat saya, samy vellu pernah berkata kaum india jauh ketinggalan..macam mana tak ketinggalan..masa dia dulu berkuasa, dia tak ambil peduli ttg orang dia..semuanya masuk kocek dia..dia shj yg kaya dan terus kaya..tol makin naik, jalan bukannya semua rata ketika dia menjadi menteri jalan raya..

keduanya..dia selalu bergaduh dahulu untuk memegang kepimpinan mic..tak pernah nak beri peluang dkt org lain..dia shj nak menjadi ketua..jadi siapa yg perlu dipersalahkan?
bahasa Malaysia pun tak betul lagi sebagai menteri..bagaimana nak menjadi "role model" kepada bangsa india yang lain..

forgive me if i said somethg wrong..another thing to abolish racism issue, actually we should demolish type school..they made future generations they have build more type schools and insist they're Malaysians..why cant all kids go to national school..unity start from education and what Indonesia does..they cant go to school if they cant speak national language..they dont have problems with racism issues in school.. this is what we should do long time ago..

thanks tun..may Allah bless you and our beloved country!

vijeyan said...

Daer Sir,

Nobody in the country can be more racist then yourself. Actually what you accuse others is what you are.

You write as if your are statesman of this country and all others who are not in same frequency of thought with you are traitors.

Before you see whether others are running out ideas, I believe you got no ideas other then writing on racism and the present prime minister.

You have done enough damages to the country. Enough is enough. Please don't damage anymore.

If at all you have any ideas on making Malaysia a developed nation at the soonest write on that.

Anonymous said...

YABhg. Tun,

I sympathise with the Indian community. By voting wholly for the opposition, Indian voters thought that Barisan Alternative could do something good for their community-now they end up with very little representation in the government and worst still, stir up hornet's nest(Malay nationalism).

Kaum Melayu jangan balas dendam. We must be rational and help Indian community to get back on their feet. But for UMNO don't be stupid to even ponder of altering its original political struggle. All races vote on racial basis.

Sila lihat artikel 'Analisis undi PKR di Semenanjung-implikasi kepada UMNO'di laman blog DAH Ikhwan alamat

Abukabir said...

Salam Tun.

May I copy some of your posts on this blog to my own blog for my own personal reference, with of course clear mention your blogspot being the source...

Thank you.

Ferdaos Mohamed said...

Salam Y.A.Bhg Tun,
Ibarat Lagenda Si Tanggang, apabila dikemuncak kuasa dan kemewahan dengan bahtera muatan intan berlian, beristerikan ratu..sanggup ibu dari darah daging serta kaum di ketepikan; apabila bahtera karam maka masa itulah diri jadi lemas dan cuma menarik apa saja untuk dipaut mencari udara untuk bernafas, apa saja lah tak kira apapun isu dibawanya...budi, jasa dan roh setiakawan semasa dulu pun hanyut ditelan ombak dan badai lautan.

daniel leiberman said...


Kebanyakan kaum India hidup susah di Malaysia disebabkan pemimpin mereka SV yang hanya pentingkan dirinya sendiri, lebih tepat lagi perut nya.

Memang tidak di nafikan orang India tiada pembelaan langsung dari pemimpin mereka, sudah lah kamu banyak kasta, yang terpelajar dikalangan kamu pula asyik menyerang kerajaan, menyalahkan kerajaan, menjadi pembangkang, macamana kaum India nak maju.

Kamu kaum India patut bersatu tumbangkan SV saperti mana kami orang Melayu bangun untuk tumbangkan DSAAB.

Kenapa kamu mesti takut kepada SV, dengan kerajaan kamu sanggup mengadakan perhimpunan haram, tunjuk perasaan, bagi memo sana sini, dengan SV kamu terus senyap sunyi, takut sangat kah kamu semua dengan SV ini.


ajimsan said...

I gave some comments about your writing in my blog.

Can't wait for you to reveal how crappy Samy was. How you can tolerate him when he was in your cabinate... heaven knows.


ajimsan said...

serang! serang! serang!

aniisa said...

Salam Tun..

Saya sangat bersetuju.. Malaysia Boleh !

SHAZ said...

Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

Put it this way, you and every sensible person know this Mr Samy is a total goner. Hopeless case.

He thought if he were to collaborate with AAB on the "attack ops" against you, he will get to be in control again. This Hindraf thing in my opinion is just his feigned excuse.

Once your macai, i am sure you literally know him inside out.
Let him continue his blabbering in broken Bahasa Melayu (cant blame his sekolah jenis kebangsaan for failure to converse in proper Bahasa Melayu).
Surely it will only go down six feet under. Nowhere else.

Hindaf mob heads; like my previous comment; they should be left behind bars getting free makan, no doubt we chipped in a bit but this paid vacation would utterly be helpful to their sick mind.
These bunch of bollocks cannot be set free or they will create second Sri Lanka or India here.

My humble advice to you Tun, forget about this RASCAL. He is one hopeless RASCAL, who became a true RASCAL to his own people.

p/s: i love to watch tamil series on the tele. bet he loves that nama timangan.

SHAZ said...

Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

Need your opinion on the coming recession and the level of its impact would do to our country given the current political instability.

How long do you predict it will last.

Thank you Sir.

S.O. said...

Biasalah Tun,

Kalau dah kel*ng tu paham2 jela..lidah bercabang mcm biawak, jumpa sana ckp lain,jumpe sini bilang lain..patut si sami hitam tu dah lama kene tembak!!!

Bangunlah Melayu,,hapuskan pembelot ni sumer!!!

Zashnain said...

I do think Samy is a surviving politician who uses all the means within his community to win his political battles.

But it appears that he seems more interested in using his community for his own designs and further enhancing his political career.

Would the community stand to benefit from Vision 2020? I believe so. However I do not think he would agree with me. After all its always about Samy's Vision with Pak Lah.

Qamios said...

Samy is a hypocrite of the first degree.. fired Subra last time saying that he has had enough opportunity being a minister, sudah lama, etc.. hey.. look in the mirror samy!

Hidup Tun!

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Forget Sammy Vellu. He's desperate.



Have you heard this song ? GOODBYE SAM .
Please click :

Ms Handira said...

Hi Tun M,

The Indians only follow up with their own Tamil news from India and not the Malaysians news. They even listed everyday how many tamil indians die everyday in malaysia in that newspaper in this country, supposedly indicating that this country hate indians so much that so many indians are left to die or killed. The Tamil Newspaper must be the key to the common knowledge of the indian community about what is happening to their community in this country but the newspaper does not consider sensitivity in its publications of sensitive issues.

It doesn't help the situation either when the 3 musketeers (param, karpal, samy) states they support Hindraf by leading the release of hindraf mastermind and called you a racist. Didn't you used to represent 3 and more races in malaysia, by calling you a racist they are calling all of us racist. WHICH IS ABSURD.

Talking about poverty in the Tamil community and about their unrest of this issue until it leads to hindraf, the lower class tamil people are mostly not educated all they want was better opportunity at landing themselves stable job and education. They just follow hindraf movement to expose the same concern as they did to MIC.

Everyone should know that the Tamil community do not just take ANY jobs or employment. They do not work for money's sake, they work for glamour. FOR EXAMPLE: They could get an easy waitresing job at a restaurant but they refuse to be a waitress there unless it is in a hotel. This is malaysian tamil of course, what you find in mamak restaurant are tamils from india. Of course it's hard to land themselves a job if they want to satisfy their ego. That Indian people cannot do dirty jobs.

A few months prior to the March 8th election, Samy and Kavious were all over the newspapers fighting and calling each other names. They were indians but they are racist towards each other. It's like Indian killing indians. And now the indian leader wants to spread the animosity towards other races. Why is he acting so demented.

sawal said...

Samy sebenarnya nak salahkan TUN kerana kegagalan nya pada PRU12 dan terdesak untuk memdapatkan sokongan kaun india yang dah hilang kepercayaan pada MIC. Jika samy masih lagi memimpin MIC pada PRU13 nanti akan lenyap lah MIC dari kancah politik malaysia

Tayadih Maysia said...

Salam Tun,

Bercakap tentang Hindraf yang tak tahu mengenang budi memang menyakitkan hati. Bayangkan sudah puluhan tahun nenek moyang mereka duduk di negara ini, mereka masih berarak dengan membawa poster MAHATMA GANDHI dan QUEEN "ELIZABERTH. Betul2 menghina pemimpin dan kesultanan melayu di Malaysia. Inilah orang yang mendapat simpati sesetengah pihak. KALAU NAK DIIKUTKAN SEMANGAT PERKAUMAN, BIARKAN SAJA GOLONGAN INI BALIK KE INDIA DAN HIDUP MEREMPAT DI SANA!!!.... Kalau dah duduk di sini buatlah pandai2lah hormat orang. Bak kata pepatah "masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang singa mengaum" atau di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung".Kalau bukan kerana British dan kesilapan pemimpin lalu, Malaysia ini masih lagi dikenali sebagai MALAYA. Maaf jika komen ini menyinggung perasaan orang lain selain daripada HINDRAF.

Syonnia said...


I'm really sadden with what I'm seeing here.It seems like after one mine being stepped on,another mine was placed on the ground.What's the point of all these?

Instead of trying to solve and compromise on an issue,it seems like angers are being ignited into our citizens' heart.

I'm seriously worried Tun.I'm worried that our country will become too bold with their actions.As dissatisfactions and anger build up,it will eventually blow up.What's the consequences?Riots Tun..riots!I don't want these to happen Tun.

It's not wrong to be all verbal and complaining about our country's situation Tun but I don't think everything can be cleared up just by commenting on your blog.We're voicing our minds out here in the hope of getting some attention from your ghost "influential" readers that's reading each and every one of your comments(I'm referring to those in the PM's cabinet or office).These people gotta keep tabs on what's on our mind...sigghh...and no action has been done yet..I wonder what's taking them so long in listening to our woes..

What's all this about racism?I don't get this one either.This is another sad case that I just refuse to comment on.This has been going on and on and on.It has been endless.Since the day I was born till present.Endless!

The only thing I can say now is..Our country's having a benign tumor and it seems like it's becoming malignant.Proper treatment has to be done to remove this cancer.But the question is HOW?

ZarinaAMIN said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Well said, but then again whats new. Please continue to be a source of inspiration to us. I am here today because of you and well on the way to fulfill the promise I made to you during the Malaysian Students' International Conference on Vision 2020 in Petronas Centre KL way back in 1993.
Take care Tun, love u so much.
P/S went to a bookstore last night and read a book on " Malaysian Politicians say the darndest things and I quote samy Vellu's :
" I have immediately directed the JKR of so and so (area)to supply water to these people immediately,they have been without water for 43 years."Haha...

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I thank you again for this post.

The title aptly describing who is S Samy Vellu to Malaysians and those whom he represents.

I shall choose a line sharing information on S Samy Vellu, as one of the leaders, and his leadership.

While an intern at one of the Newspapers, I met S Samy Vellu, at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

I was chosen to cover this event, because other reporters do not see the significance of this.

The senior editor told me several points before I went.

During the telling, there have been a lot of laughter.

Thousand apologies.

At the event, one of my lecturers was there, and he stood up to give a ten-point mannerisms to an achievement of a good gathering.

Immediately after he sat down, "war". I said, immediately, because to my shocked, everybody was yelling, screaming, and shouting, and hardly no one listens, except me and a few other reporters covering this.

I observe the surrounding, I see faces unlike mine, I am like one sitting on fire with the heat, a bit like being in a "war zone".

Then, S Samy Vellu adjourned, I sense, he feels, "quarrel all you want, I prefer to meet the reporters".

He is nice to us, and I was known to him as new. We shook hands and exchange pleasantries.

Then reporters gone, immediately after S. Samy Vellu proceeded to continue. I was the only one left, perhaps still waiting for a scoop or some snacks (none).

The senior editor was excited and he called me, "Kau tak payah tunggu, berita itu tidak penting!"

We were laughing because the senior editor knew what happened even if he was not there. I did not have to brief him.

I met him again, in Sabah, but short, fat, and funny, well, not S Samy Vellu, but, Yusuf Chong!

Overall, he is remembered by many, with tolls, and many jokes about him.

I observe him on a few festivities, with media coverage, an opener, him putting food in your mouth.

I envy him.

My view changes, because recently, I watch a video clip, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with views on S Samy Vellu. I am totally surprised.

Then I observed his campaign during the Malaysia 12th General Election, and see him defeated at his constituency in one Sungai Siput, a state, Perak, I am born.

I then began to witness S Samy Vellu's folly, as he distance from you and become closer to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

How can this relationship, between S Samy Vellu and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, benefit those whom he represents?

We can see it clearly soon.

But a point for us to be watching closely, is his asking about RM 300 Million from the government to develop his community.

I wonder...

Actually S Samy Vellu can since 9th March 2008, assume responsibility and share as much blame as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in the outcome and result of the Malaysian 12th General Election.

His being the MIC leader, and please observe how many individuals within and without his party prefer and has decided to set up each a new party, to represent those Malaysians in this community.

I say, S Samy Vellu, please shoulder the responsibility, take the blame, and begin from there if you are sincere in helping MIC to continue being relevant again in the Malaysian politics.

The Eugenist said...


Tun, it is true indeed that once the pandora box is opened, it will be very difficult to close it.

Abdullah has created more problem, when he decides to be transparent and claimed to have accountability in his administration.

My point of view is that Samy Vellu is joining the rest in demonizing you.

Such a pity! He was once your staunch supporter and now he is joining the opposition in critisizing you.

Memang benar, politik ini busuk lagi membusukkan, kepada mereka yang ingin mengambil kesempatan "menghentam" orang lain..


Mohamad Safwan Jamal said...

salam Tun,

Ur statement is true b`coz as we know nowadays, there are lot of parties try to organize back their parties but they dont know how 2 organize it properly.

Mohamad Safwan Jamal said...

Tun, I totally agree with ur statement because that`s the truth.

Mohamad Safwan Jamal said...


Syonnia said...

Tongues lashing,
Fingers pointing,
Heads shaking,
Citizens crying,
Malaysians suffering,
Will there ever be an ending?

iammalaysian said...

Its kinda a funny because u & samy had a family relationship before but what happen now?? why both of u keep blaming each other as racist? is it all about family matter?

You know i'll always support u in any situations. I also know you are not racist since u let you child married to Samy's child! But, I want to suggest both of you to sit down and settle all of the dissatisfactions happened in both of u!

I'll pray the best for you but plz do write on how to unite all of the races in Malaysia to be Malaysian again.. live happily & peacefully during your time as PM!
i miz that old days...

Best regards to Ibu Hasmah

Nesanga said...

You were very comortable with Samy during your tenure as PM.Always giving him such importantance, so as a senior minister.You and Him such buddy, raise the toll charges as you wish. He makes you happy, he kowtow to you.What a scenerio.Wonderful to see Samy garland you with a biggest garland whenever oppurtunity strikes to show who is the boss.All good things must come to an end as they say. March 8 was a destined day for Malaysians as it turned into a political tsunami, where it brought the Malaysian Ugliness to the fore.When you give racist speech, others respond more racially. Are you not ashamed that you had the chance to intergrate the people of this country, than to complain. It saddens that you were godsend to lead for 22 years and what have you done. Destroy the fabric of humaity forever and cause hatred among Malaysians.

Tamingsari said...


As an adviser to Petronas, could you comment on what Tan Sri Merican articulated on TV.

I do agree with him that we should not fault Petronas for the hike in Petroleum price, Petronas is a credible organization and headed by a credible CEO like Tan Sri Merican. Like you again we might not find a better CEO when he decides to retire.

We should fault the government for thier short sightedness.

Salam Tun

amry said...

very2 WELL done.....

Samy and Dollah is no difference...
They both think they have the power and they have a full support but what happen to samy will happen to Dollah cause Samy just Talk. Talk .Talk..... no Work like Dollah.. So Samy goes down at his own place.. sg siput...
Cant wait to see Dollah turn then this will be a very good bedtime strory for my kids...

Hate Hadhari. hate Dollah...
All he do is just talking and Sleeping.....

zaiton said...

Dearest YBhg Tun, Akum....betoi la Tun, masa PR12 dulu bila samy diumumkan kalah.....kawan2 kaum india saya punya la suka siap bagi pisang kat masjid.....tu la kan action speaks louder than words...

chesom said...

Salam TUN,

First i enter you blog. nice to read. good luck dear TUN, I LOVE U always.

orangkampung said...

Tun yang di hormati,

Hang Tuah berkata "Tak akan Melayu hilang di dunia".

Orang Yahudi mengatakan hanya bangsa Yahudi di dunia, bangsa-bangsa lain tiada nilai.

Orang Amerika Syarikat dengan "American Way of Life"

Agama mengatakan semua manusia adalah sama.

Bermula dengan setitik mani dan berakhir dengan tanah.

Apa yang kita hendak perjuangkan, apa yang kita hendak perjuangkan.

Sekian, terima kasih.

esmad said...

Setuju dengan pendapat Tun tentang kekalahan MIC yang teruk dalam PRU12 disebabkan Samy Velu. Bagi saya dia dah cukup lama untuk memimpin MIC dan tidak sepatutnya memimpin lagi . Sebab itu ramai masyarakat india memboikot MIC semasa PRU12. Semenjak Tun mengkritik kerajaan baru kita sedar bahawa orang-orang yang menyokong Tun sebelum dan kini mengkritik TUn adalah hanya untuk mengampu Tun sahaja.

Raj said...

Hi Maizura,
(June 18, 2008 10:01 PM)

Most pple with brains(which doesnt include you of cause) know that the Million Pound request is just a gimmick to bring the worlds attention to the unfair treatments of indians in this country. I do agree with Tun that alot of the Hidraf's statements/request are silly but there are some truths to a certain extend.

Well, we all know which "people" need to start using their brains....even after 50 years they still depend on the govt to survive! How embarassing!

Bumi Bertuah said...


We know samy education background, so we all know his mind ability, after all happen as a leader, I'm not suprise..

IBU Recipe said...

Saya doakan Tun sentiasa sehat dan mendapat rahmat ALLAH.Saya harap Tun teruskan perjuangan Tun yang sangat dihargai oleh rakyat yang masih rindukan kepimpinan Tun yang sangant cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang.Kembalikanlah zaman keemasan semasa Tun memimpin Malaysia.Saya sangat sedih dan kecewa melihat apa yang terjadi diMalaysia hari ini.Walaupun saya bukan warga negara saya amat berbangga dengan pencapaian Malaysia diera pemerintahan Tun yang berwawasan.Kalaulah saya menjadi salah seorang rakyat Malaysia saya amat2 bersyukur memiliki seorang pemimpin yang hebat yang dianugerahkan oleh ALLAH kepada Malaysia.

wak Dojer said...

Salam hormat kepada Tun dan semua pengunjung.

Samy Velu masih relevan kah? Champion? Hero?

p/s: Datuk M.Kayveas lebih bijak dengan membisu seribu bahasa dari berkata seribu tanda tanya.

p/s lagi: Wak tak pernah "respect" orang yang "cakap tak serupa bikin" lebih-lebih lagi untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

wak Dojer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terong said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Syabas Samurai Melayu, anda telah menjawab cemohan yang kurang enak dibaca atau didengar oleh si-nick ‘antimamak & pj’ dengan tidak beremosi dan amat berhemah. Bagi mereka yang memerhati apabila membaca cemohan sebegitu mereka akan ketahui bahawa tulisan begini mencerminkan budi pekerti sipenulisnya…. Kesian kita bila ini berlaku…. berkemunkinan besar mereka berdua kurang mendapat pendidikan dari ibu bapa mereka ataupun termasuk didalam kalangan yang terbiar.

Firman Allah SWT didalam al-Quran lebih kurang bermaksud: “Setiap anak yang dilahirkan oleh ibunya adalah bersih TETAPI ibubapalah yang mencorakkan mereka yang menjadikan mereka samada nasrani atau yahudi….. Jadi kita fikir sendiri kenapa dan mengapa mereka berdua jadi begini.

Walaupun kebanyakkan kita disini menyokong Tun tetapi kita masih liberal dan dapat menerima kritikan yang membangun dan lojik pada hokum ‘akal TETAPI kita menolak segala jenis maki hamun saperti orang gila atau cemohan yang terlalu beremosi saperti orang yang cepat berputus asa kerana ‘akal mereka tidak berupaya mencapai tahap pemikiran yang ditulis oleh Tun.

Alhamdulillah kerana Tun Dr Mahathir (DK Johor) amat sabar dan tidak sedikit pun menjawab cemohan mereka yang tidak bersopan. Mereka ini mengaku bahawa diri mereka Melayu tetapi sungguh memalukan bagi semua orang Melayu yang memang dikenali amat bertolak ansur dan bersopan santun.

Terong Pipit

Pak Sako said...

Kepada Dr. Mahathir dan para pembaca sekalian:

Inilah sebabnya parti-parti politik berdasarkan kaum tidak optimal, atau sesuai pada takat ini dalam sejarah negara kita.

Parti politik yang merangkumi semua kaum akan mengeratkan lagi hubungan antara kaum dan mengelakkan isu perjuangan yang membahagikan kaum, atau yang hanya menumpu pada satu kaum.

Ini tidaklah begitu baik dalam suasana negara kita Malaysia yang pelbagai kumpulan etnik dan hubungan antara kaum yang berdasarkan bahasa Melayu (dan juga bahasa Inggeris -- dua-duanya bahasa rasmi 1 dan bahasa rasmi 2 negara kita).

Maka apakah tauladan dari perkara ini?

Natijahnya begini: bahawa kita perlukan parti politik era baru yang mengkaburkan garis perkauman dan menyatukan seluruh rakyat kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang sama adil, sama makmur dan sama sayang-menyayangi antara satu sama lain. Ini adalah matlamat yang harus dicapai.

Ini adalah langkah seterusnya dalam evolusi semulajadi hubungan antara kaum dan politik negara.

Pada awal lahirnya negara kita, langkah pertama adalah bagi setiap kaum mempunyai parti politik yang menjaga kebajikan dan hak masing-masing. Kenapa begitu? Kerna ini adalah akibat strategi pemerintahan British yang berunsurkan "pecah-dan-perintah": pembahagian kaum mengikut peranan ekonomi dan tiadanya galakan untuk berpadu.

Maka secara tabii, kini, setelah 50 tahun hidup bersama, tidak janggal sekiranya tiba masanya untuk mengorak langkah seterusnya: iaitu, membina parti politik yang menggabungkan semua kaum.

Contoh parti seperti ini muncul pada mula-mulanya pada 1960-an dengan pertubuhan parti Gerakan. Kini, parti ulung yang menjunjungi prinsip ini adalah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), diikuti Democratic Action Party (DAP) (harus saya tegaskan bahawa dalam jawatankuasa tertinggi parti DAP terdapat dua orang Melayu).

Namun sifat ke-Malaysia-an harus dikembangkan lagi. Parti-parti ini masih boleh dikatakan masih di tahap awal evolusi mereka. Perlu diperkukuhkan lagi rangkuman mereka dan daya tarikan mereka kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira bangsa.

Tapi yang penting, matlamat parti-parti seperti ini adalah membanggakan. Disamping memperjuangkan kebajikan rakyat Malaysia secara seluruh, pejuangan utama mereka adalah dengan khususnya: (i) pentadbiran yang bersih, terbuka, dan bertanggungjawab dan (ii) pemeliharaan kebajikan rakyat biasa, bermula dari mereka pada strata pendapat rendah dan keatas (ini berbeza dari parti-parti politik yang lebih berkuasa sekarang, di mana fokus mereka adalah kebajikan dari atas ke bawah).

Tambahan pula, parti berdasarkan kaum ada bahayanya, iaitu, rasa takut satu kaum boleh dipergunakan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin parti ini untuk kekal berkuasa dan memakan khazanah dan hasil negara, kerna walaupun ini berlaku rakyat oleh kerana rasa takut akan pengaruh kaum mereka akan tetapi mengundi dan mengundi untuk suatu parti yang kemungkinan korup.

Maka, yang berikut adalah mesej yang paling penting yang harus diingat rakyat kita: perjuangan demi prinsip-prinsip murni yang menjamin kebajikan, kesejahteraan dan hak semua rakyat dengan bolehnya rakyat mengkritik parti-parti ini dan polisi-polisi mereka sekiranya salah atau kurang tepat, dan kebolehan rakyat untuk mengetahui dengan telus cara pentadbiran parti-parti.

Ini yang kita sangat perlukan pada zaman baru abad ke-21 ini, di mana bahan sumber asli seluruh dunia semakin berkurangan, dan perlu kita berjimat, tidak membazir, dan prihatin kepada keperluan rakyat.

Di sinilah perlu kita tukar paradigma parti berdasarkan kaum di mana masing-masing cuba bersaing sesama lain walaupun di dalam satu perikatan yang sama.

Semoga kita, rakyat Malaysia, berfikir sebaik-baiknya demi kebaikan sejagat.


Terong said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Betul sekali! Sebenarnya kebanyakan ahli-ahli MIC sekarang adalah sewaktu dengannya dengan kebanyakan ahli-ahli UMNO Pak Lah sekarang ni.... Semuanya berjuang untuk kepentingan diri dan keluarga terdekat sahaja.

Kebanyakkan rakyat Malaysia dari kalangan orang India dan Melayu/Islam kurang mendapat perhatian dari kedua-dua kepimpinan parti-parti ini.... sebab itu mereka kebanyakan mereka ini mengundi pembangkang atau undi rosak atau tidak mengundi kerana terlalu meluat dan benci kepada parti kerajaan amnya, UMNO, MIC, MCA dan Gerakan.
Ketua MCA, MIC dan Gerakan telah kalah!!! Apa maknanya tu? didukungi

warisan melayu said...

Salam Tun...

Dari awal lagi sy sudah menyatakan bahawasanya kaum India ini tak boleh dipercayai lagi. Mereka makin hari makin 'besar kepala', makin kurang ajar, makin biadap, makin tiada sopan dan santun lagi. Golongan kaum ini lah yang paling banyak sekali di dalam Malaysia yg tidak mahu memajukan diri dan bangsa. Tengok lah sendiri, budaya samseng, gaduh, sosial dan sebagainya. Jangan sampai kaum India ini 'terhapus' di muka bumi Malaysia yg tercinta ini. Ingat, kaum Melayu ada tahap kesabarannya, jangan dijolok dan kicau sarang tebuan, takut makan diri!

Untuk post Tun kali ini, sy sokong apa yg Tun perkatakan dan luahkan. Bagi sy, Samy Vellu ni la yg menjadi salah satu punca kekalahan BN pada PRU 12 baru-baru ini. Mengapa sy berkata begitu?

1) Hindraf telah membawa isu ini kepada pihak MIC di bawah kepimpinan Samy Vellu, tetapi tidak dilayan.

2) Apabila tidak dilayan, pihak Hindraf telah mengemukakan usul untuk berjumpa dengan pak lah bg menyelesaikan segala perkara yg berbangkit kepada isu ini.

3) Pak lah pula telah menyerahkan isu ini kepada Samy Vellu semula. Katanya, biar lah hal kaum India diselesaikan oleh kaumnya sendiri.

4) Tetapi, Samy Vellu terus mengenepikan isu Hindraf ini. Mereka merasakan suara mereka tidak didengar oleh 'ketuanya' dan juga di pihak kerajaan. Dan juga, Samy Vellu merasanya kedudukannya sebagai orang no. satu India kian tercabar dan tergugat. Disebabkan itu lah, Samy Vellu mengenepikan terus isu Hindraf ini tanpa menyelesaikan satu perkara pun agar kedudukannya kukuh dan selesa. Tapi, dia tersilap percaturan. Kerana isu ini lah, Samy Vellu bersama-sama dengan partinya, MIC, kalah teruk. Pelik sungguh parti komponen BN ni, menang sikit dapat post menteri sumber manusia! Apa ni?

Kesimpulannya, kegagalan Samy Vellu di dalam menyelesaikan masalah dalaman kaumnya telah mengakibatkan BN kalah teruk pada PRU 12. Dan, disebab kedegilaannya untuk sama-sama duduk berbincang dan mencari jalan penyelesaian dengan Hindraf telah membawa padah.

Hindraf merasakan suara dan isi hatinya tidak dipenuhi dan didengari oleh pihak kerajaan. Di waktu ini lah, Anwar Ibrahim menghulurkan bantuan, bagi Hindraf, Anwar lah hero mereka, sanjungan mereka! Pelik dan jelik ye orang Melayu dan Islam menjadi kebanggaan dan sanjungan kaum lain kerana memperjuangkan nasib dan hak mereka! Fikir-fikirkan lah...

P/S: Tiada penghapusan etnik berlaku di Malaysia.

nshahril said...


And Samy has shown that to you Tun, for the sake of his OWN, not the Indians which he stands for! :)

"sapa itu worang suruh saya resign? suruh dia resign dulu la... " - quote from the past!

abdulhalimishak said...

By the way Tun, if my conscience is still intact, allow me to comment this.

Samy once was your great cabinet colleague, who rolled the ball of your privatisation policy in Malaysia.

When you wanted to privatise the highways, it was none than Samy who made it when he was posted as the the bulldozer of the Ministry of Works.

When you wanted to private the telephone and electricity, it was none than Samy who made it when he was posted as the bulldozer of the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunication & Water.

But Sammy, like most fooly human has now run out of usefulness, and he is a dirt not only to Tun, but to many Indians too.

Dear Sammy, please see yourself hard in the mirror, and don't forget to remove your wig.

ELDERLY said...

Dear Tun, Syabas!!!!!! To all those people, please note....this is MALAYSIA, not INDIA or SRI LANKA. Malaysian will not sit still and watch.

nadzri said...

Hindraf is racist.

mhh said...

Dear Tun,
Nowdays we can see Karpal Sink act as mastermind for few issue raised.He tried to fetch up all issue which is still pending in his mind.Seems he tried to elaborate more on "flint stone" to Malay and Indian.For Chinese he cannot do it because his "partnership"(No Sikh will married with Indian girl-seldom-they want their children perfect/genius).Now Karpal was "kamcheng" with DSAAB and DSAI.The smartguy but stupid Sammy was trapped into this phenomenon.Sammy failed to satisfied Indian,Sammy failed to fulfil his cronies,Sammy failed to learn Bahasa Malaysia correctly(2 month Bangla in M'sia can speak better than him).He failed everything!His tounge like Biawak!
"Sink the Karpal"
Tun-->Dun forget to drink fresh milk.

sash said...

gd day Tun...
Samy has gone nuts! Who needs him anyway?
I strongly agree with your statement Tun. Samy vellu is the main factor why MIC lost in the recent GE. Yet he doesnt admit his mistakes and this shows his arrogance.
Being msian indian, i would say that we dont need this guy nor the party anymore. we need a revamp!
when he was in power(before GE), he mentioned that he dont support in any kind of form to the Hindraf leaders or supporters. he even mentioned that hindraf leaders are equivalent to terrorist n damaging indians overall.
hindraf was doing almost all the work to help the needy indians which mic failed to do so. i dont say that mic didnt help but the ratio was on the minimal side. WHy?
ANy now, this very same guy, all of sudden, supporting the makkal sakthi/hindraf. he even came out with a statement that he is going to fight all out to the gov to get the support for the indians. WHy now? so meaning to say he fail to do so during his power?
I think its time for him to get rid off. no one wants him anymore.
he need to go to the yamuna n gangga river to purify himself.
why is he calling Tun as racist?
I suggest Tun to send a mirror as a gift to samy vellu. ask him to see for himself first before putting a remark on others.

Go away samy!!


nshahril said...

Ayahanda TUN,

rasa2nya kalau Tun tubuh parti baru ni, tak kisah la REPUBLICAN ker parti BURUH ker.. ramai yg serbu masuk parti baru Tun nanti!

your blog now is THE MOST INFLUENTIAL alternatif dan bahan rujukan utk apa yg terjadi dlm politik Malaysia masa kini.

SYABAS Ayahanda! Teruskan usaha murnimu ini. Kami bila2 masa pabila disuruh menyusul apa yg dikata!

Pak Lah tak pernah belajar dari sejarah, maybe! Tiada sejarah menyebut PARTI, tetapi NAMA seseorang itu sendiri yg menjadikan sesuatu itu SEJARAH mereka!

salam hormat,
nshahril, MLWT

Terong said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Kami tahu Tun seorang yang liberal dimana semasa pemerintahan Tun yang lalu, Tun terpaksa melantik Samy kerana itu yang dikehendaki oleh MIC... fakta menunjukan ahli2 MIC berturut melanti Samy walaupun rakyat Malaysia bagaimana Samy 'membunuh' karier politik mereka yang menentangnya.
Tun menghormati perjanjian BN iaitu tidak boleh masuk campur dalam urusan parti gabungan BN jika tidak dijemput dan begitu juga dengan penerimaan parti2 baru kedalam BN.
Mana ada parti dari golongan India yang diterima masuk oleh BN semasa Samy & MIC didalam BN kerna Samy PERASAN bahawa cuma MIC & Samy yang mewakili golongan rakyat Malaysia berbangsa India.
Itulah susah nak nasihat orang yang PERASAN dan Syiok Sendiri saperti samy dan lebai dolah...

p/s - Siapakah yang sebenarnya pengampu dan pembodek? Tak lain dan tak bukan adalah mereka yang menghina dan membenci Tun apabila beliau tidk berkuasa lagi.... kerana bagi mereka buat apa nak cium tangan dan nak bodek, Tun mana boleh kasi apa-apa lagi selain dari nasihatnya yang mana mereka tidak perlu kerana depa perasan depa lagi baguih dari Tun....

anakjatipilah said...

salam..Tun yg d kasehi,

samy ni dah hilang taring nye dah.."GOODBYE SAM" dah ade pun lagu utk dia..apa lagi mr sam..just get lost..nobody wants you anymore..pegi jual teh tarik ngan antimamak tu..padan la..

Anyway Tun is d best LEADER

ONG said...


Seriously, do you think that the Indians misfortunes are caused by Tun?? Grow up brother, look at the Chinese people.. why do they prosper and the Indians not? Simple, because of their leaders like Tun Ling Leong Sik and MCA leaders before that..

Just look at this LOSER named Samy Vellu, look at the way he acted in Parlimant when he was a Miniter and MP, purely arrogant, like he was untouchable and on top of the world.. What did he do to the Indians other than doing for himself??

When he was rejected during the last election what message did the Indians people sent to him?? He is still denying all this and still think that he's the best person to be on top of Indian community.. after so long ignoring the wellbeings of the Indians, now he claims that he is the Indian Champ.. porahhhh....

musato said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Samy Vellu dan rakan-rakan boleh la jadi hero Tamil dalam filem-filem mereka sendiri.

Jangan lupa ini Malaysia.

Pada Samy Vellu.Bersara la.Lim Keng Yaik dah bersara,Tun Mahathir pun dah bersara...Tuan Samy pun bersara la,bagi ke anak cucu ke...atau anak-anak muda pulak la jadi Presiden MIC.

Dan jangan lupa...ini Malaysia.

Terima kasih Tun.

azrein said...

Salam Tun Dr.M,

1. I’m truly disgusted with Samy’s statement. That racist Indian. He thinks he’s the “Tamil Hero” like those in the Tamil movies. What a sore loser. Blaming others for his defeat. If not because of Tun Dr.M he would have been kicked out by the Indian (MIC) long time ago. My Indian friend told me that the Indian community has feed-up with Samy’s arrogance and rubbish talking.

2. If those racist Hindraf and its sympathizers want to bring violent racial politics to Malaysia, I say let us be ready and on guard. If they think they could intimidate Malay people they are damm wrong. Bring it on and we’ll give them a bloody nose.

Tun Dr.M,

Wishing you well and thank you for the inspirations, hope and guidance. You are indeed a true leader. My Allah blesses you.



Tamingsari said...


Let me lighten you day a bit...

"Johnny was going to his fathers house one day and he was packing everything in his room and putting it in his little red wagon.

He was walking to his fathers house with his wagon behind him, when he came to this hill.

He started up the hill but was constantly swearing "This God damn thing is so heavy"

A holy man heard him and came out. "You shouldn't be swearing" said the holy man. "God hears you...He is everywhere...He's on the sidewalk...He's everywhere"

Then Johnny says "Oh is he in my Wagon"

The holy man replies "Yes Johnny God is in your Wagon"

Johnny says "Well tell him to get the hell out and start pulling"

The moral of the joke...Present government should get off their hind horse and do some serious work for the people.


anti-wayang said...

hidup TUN, blah la antimamak

anakjatipilah said...

utk si antimamakkkk...
deyyy hang boleh pi la juai teh tarik ngan si vellu tu..peh mabok skali la ngan die...hang ni tak pikiak sikit ka..TUN ni ibarat sebutir permata yg di anugerahkan pada kita sebagai PEMIMPIN...hang tu apa jasa hang pada negara ni..what good you do or did to this country..??? tak reti menilai langsung..boleh blah ngan samy tu..

HIDUP TUN..we love u always

<< jordi ^ said...


Samy Vellu is really a joker in BN. He always said he will fight for Indian of Malaysia but what he really want is POWER. Until now, he still want to defend his presidency after MIC have lost. This "never-give up" attitude is what Samy Vellu have passed to Pak Lah (Joker No.2). Both are greedy with POWER and want to retired with highest achievement instead both have broke Malysian Worst Politic Record. So Funny.

Tun, you dont have to bother about what they said about you. Both Samy Vellu & Karpal Singh always say things without even think of it. Another one person, i dont even know what his name. Haha.. They only want to get into main page of newspaper because they almost been forgetten by Malaysian. They are like children playing with sand.

Sarah Alyssa Ridzuan said...


when I was younger I may hv disagreed with some of your policies, but looking at it when I came of age, the policies are far more effective than nowadays.

Don't bother about the wig man...he is desperate.

Sarah Alyssa Ridzuan said...


When I was younger I may have disagreed with your policies incl of your Wig-head minister.

But coming of age, I believe those policies that you enforced were necessary and effective for Malaysia. Far more better than nowadays....u kiss me please policy.

Permai said...

please visit my blog to read my opinion..but most of the content is not political issue,but the problem that we need to is depend to all of you. SETUJU ATAU TIDAK..

Pak Sako said...

Setuju 100% dengan pandangan menarik Terong, 8:51 am dan oleh Abdulhalimishak, 8:57 am di atas.

Saya seru semua pembaca agar membaca ulasan mereka ini.

Jangan buta-buta jer tuduh rakyat India di negara kita ni jahat lah, melampau lah. Memang mereka terbiar, tapi baca ulasan yang saya sebutkan di atas untuk lebih memahami apa yang betul.

jamallyna said...

Salam Tun,

Actually Samy Vellu is a "desperado" hahaha,unwillingly to accept his loss in election. Itulah alasan yang semua calon BN yg kalah berikan,xpernah nak menyalahkan diri sendiri,it same goes to our "brilliant" PM,pointing finger to rakyat sabotage vote for Umno & BN, whereas rakyat feel "nauseous" of his leadership already.

Tun,jaga kesihatan baik2,tak lupa juga utk Tun Siti Hasmah.

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

I dont think you need to care much about Samy.

He is an open book. The fact that the Indians still want to keep him is an unsolved mystery.

Having said that, Dato Seri Abdullah contention that the rakyat still wants him is also another unsolved mystery.

sue said...

Salam ayahanda Tun,

Yes ayahanda Tun, other races say we Malay always racist; but they really should look at the mirror.!!!.

I also do not want to elaborate much or give example to it.

But, as far as i know; who ever strike, they will success, it doesn't matter whether you need your goverment to support your races

We need to be grateful and protect our harmony among races.

ie; I also have good chinese's friends and recently one of them help me getting and recommended me to a new job; she shouldn't do that if she wants!.

We respect each other because of personality not because of their races.

Love you ayahanda Tun for your bravery to speak up!

ps: why is so hard to kick KJ & PakLah ayahanda Tun!


Ria Darwina said...

A`kum Tun,

Nampaknya Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu cuba nak mengembalikan identitinya sebagai super hero. Penyelamat kaum india. Beliau merasakan beliau saja yang dapat melakukannya by hook or by crook. Tak kira macam mana dia buat samaada baik untuk negara atau tidak. Yang pasti dia nak tolong diri sendiri dan pentingkan diri sendiri dan bukan untuk kepentingan kaum india disini. Kita dah tengok yang lepas-lepas sesiapa yang tak dengar cakap dia pasti disingkirkannya. Seperti super hero Marvel belaiu akan berubah menjadi Incredible Samy hulk.

ezani said...

I find it quite amusing how you can hentam balik Samy Velly after he has been your Minister of Transport for some years but yes, he is the one that suddenly support Hindraf and hentam you first. Obviously his loyalty to his Tamil race is very deeply entrenched in him. Anyway, I always thought Samy was in the Cabinet just to make up for 'Indian' participation although he seems to be the most colourful (vibrant) Indian personality for Malaysian Indians. The rich-poor divide among Malaysian Indians is also very starkly contrasting with rich local Indians being extremely rich...even richer than Malaysians from all other races. This may indicate that the local Indian wealth isn't fairly and uniformly distributed by locally-elected Indian leaders.

dgreat1975 said...

kepada Mohd Ali Rustam ,

hang jgn nak sama kan samy dengan TUN.TUn bagi kuasa pada pak lah bukan hilang kuasa.Dan Pak Lah tak kenang budi. Tapi samy hilang kuasa .
Aku rasa hang, Samy velly dan Pak lah sama jer ni memang kaki bodek dan tak kenang budi.

Maaf Tun jika bahasa tak sesuai. Tapi nie ler salah satu punca sebab BN kalah pada pru 12 pemimpin UMNO banyak kurang ajar pada yang berjasa dan lebih tua. Mana sifat orang melayu iaitu menghormati orang tua? adakah pemimpin2 UMNO yang ada sekarang nie menjadi contoh dan teladan pada anak2 kecik kita?

me said...

dulu waktu jadi menteri x nak jaga kau india... bila kalah... barulah terhegeh-hegeh kononnya dia pembela bangsa...apara ini sammy , my friends kaum india mmg x percaya dia nie tun.. trust me...

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...

Salam Tun,

When the chips are down,desperation sets in.

I wish we could list down all the accomplishments of your government in helping out the Indians.

Perhaps a comparative study on the number of professionals would shut them up.

It's ironic that when they accuse you of racism and then highlight YOUR failure to protect ONE particular race - their own. Isn't that racist too?

Salam dari ahli akar umbi

samurai melayu said...

siang mu menerangi mata rakyat
malam mu menerangi hati rakyat.


To 'nncckkll'who said

What they said is true, you are racist player and the best player in Malaysia, that why you can last for 22 years. Only the blind people are agree with you - i just wonder how can this people can be independable???? Do you realy think what you have said will change the the fate of malaysia????

What we say to him,
If what your dear Tun and the rakyat said cannot changed the current dire situation, then Malaysia will be 'doomed'!
But the likes of you will not feel it coz you're already doomed beyond
redemption. Cud you tell us what 'nncckkll' stands for coz our understanding goes like this,
nn stands for no,no!
cc for cabai cina!
kk for kuman kulat!
ll for lubang leleh!
Our rationale,
No,No - all said by us is no good
cabai cina - your words are hot full of ci…cina punya bahasa.
kuman kulat – full of comteminations and stinks like
lubang leleh- pus (liquid) from an infected ear.
Perhaps brader bloggers cud come out with better meaning to address Mr. ‘nncckkll’

Mind your language, please.

Wan shamsudin said...

Tun yang dihurmati;

Dari dulu lagi saya sudah beranggapan bahawa Samy itu bukan lah baik orangnya. Saya, secara peribadi pun kenal akan beliau.

'Ada pepatah mengatakan bahawa jika kita nampak seekor ular tedung dan dekat dengannya ada orang seperti Samy, maka kita mesti pukul dan bunoh orang seperti Samy dulu'.Sunggoh terlalu bisa dan jahat Si Samy ini dari si ular tedung.

Si Samy ini adalah seorang lagi yang lupa 'daratan'dan tak 'mengenang budi'.Semua ini sebab apa?Sebab gila 'kuasa' dan gila 'nama'.

Si Samy inilah yang benar benar 'hipocrite', apakah beliau jadi Presiden MIC untuk mebela nasib kaum India? Tentu lah TIDAK, kerana asyik makan 'besar'hingga perut jadi besar.Kaum India dipinggirkan olih beliau.Jelas terlihat 'kasta' baru yang ditubuhkan beliau, ia itu KASTA SAMI, mungkin kasta paling tinggi bagi kaum India di Malaysia.

Sekarang Si Samy membuat tuduhan dan menyalahkan Tun pula akan nasib kaum India. Sunggoh KATUN si Samy ini.Kaum India sendiri, bila sebut nama Samy, mereka kata'PUNDEK".Kaumnya telah membuang Si Samy sekarang kerana beliau dari awal lagi telah membuang kaumnya sendiri.BEGINILAH NASIB ORANG ORANG YANG KECEWA DAN HILANG HARGA DIRI.

Tak lama lagi kita akan ada seorang bangsa Melayu yang akan di buang olih bangsa sendiri. Tengok sajalah.Apabila seseorang hanya mementingkan dirinya, keluarganya dan kuncu kuncunya maka, insyaALLAH akan mendapat balasan.

Percayalah Tun, kadangkala zahirnya yang kita lihat hanyalah KOSMETIK saja. Saya yakin MEREKA tidak tenang didalam tidur dan akan menyalak seperti ANJING, seperti pepatah ini, " They work and live like a KING but they sleep like a DOG".

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

From the logical point of view, if you had been a racist throughout your 22 years of tenure as Prime Minister, the “Bumiputras” would have been above par compared to other races in terms of per capita income, involvement in economic activities, acquisition of professional jobs, securing ample opportunities in both public and private institutions of higher learning (for critical disciplines) etc.etc. as the list continues. Would you not have made these to materialized by hook or by crook if you were a “racist”? This was not so and the other major ethnic groups had fared better in major areas than most “Bumiputras” and so on what grounds were the allegations made to you that you are a racist ? The rakyat would like to know!

For the benefit of our non-Muslims brothers and sisters, Muslims were taught about the importance of righteous behavior and brotherhood in mankind as stated in the Quran , Surah Al-Hujurat verse 13: “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full Knowledge and is well-acquainted (with all things)”.

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

You dont have to say much about Samy. He is an open book case. The fact that the Indians still keep him as their leader is an unsolved mystery.

The Eugenist said...


By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal


Food for thought.

I had this idea whilst taking the Komuter, on my way home from work. It occurred to me when I saw an advertisement about the usage of NGV as an another alternative for petrol.

The Government has decided to give a rebate of petrol worth RM625 to Malaysian motorists.

Currently, the price for an installation of the NGV tank is RM3000 – RM5000, depending on the locations, etc.

Would it be nice if the Government would provide another rebate for us, say a 60% subsidy for the installation of the tank?

Let me do a very simple mathematics calculation on this. Let’s say, the amount for the installation is worth RM3,500. The Government will only subsidise 60% of the price, and we only need to pay RM900 for the installation.

Of course, it will only be a once a lifetime subsidy, instead of paying RM625 every day (assuming that everyday people will have to renew their road tax at the post office.)

Since the demand of NGV is higher than before, the Government has no choice but to spent millions to install more NGV facilities at all petrol stations around Malaysia.

When everybody starts using the NGV as an alternative for petrol, Petronas would be able to reduce and control the price per litre of petroleum or diesel. Petronas would also be able to reduce the price, since motorists has decided to use NGV, instead of petrol and with that, Petronas could export more petrol to other countries and get more revenue from it.

Apart from that, Malaysians are also been given an option, either to collect the RM625 rebate or the rebate for NGV installation.

But as what people said, Ini cuma cakap orang yang tak berapa cerdik laa…

Kita Kan Tersesat Pabila Malam Menjemput Bulan Semula Ke Sangkar Waktu –The Salam Connection.

taken from blog -

Timothy said...

Dear Tun,

Apa yang Tun cakap ada points. Dan saya percaya apa Tun buat ada sbb Tun sendiri dan semua itu utk kebaikan rakyat Malaysia. I am from Langkawi, we Langkawian love you so much. My family enjoy your loaf too! Don't know will the price increase in The Loaf because of infaltion ?

Mariapun said...

Salam Tun,

Seperti komen-komen saya terdahulu, saya tetap berpegang teguh untuk terus beri sokongan pada Tun.

Memang sekarang lah wi nak burukkan Tun demi tutup isu harga minyak. Hujung minggu lepas, satu wawancara dengan sorang menteri bangang yang disiarkan kat TV1, membuat kenyataan kononnya zaman Tun dulu banyak perabis duit, so lah wi kena cover hutang-hutang yang ditinggalkan oleh Tun. Kononnya lah wi ni bagus sangat la nak settle hutang yang Tun buat. Abis tu masa lah wi nak pindah Seri Perdana kenapa habiskan berjuta ringgit buat renovation? Ingat rakyat boleh ditipu ke?

Sammy Vellu ni pun satu punya bangang, tak sedar, kaum dia sendiri pun dah tak sokong dia, masih nak dok jadi presiden. Masa PRU12 aritu, ramai kaum India yang sokong PAS tau daripada yang sokong MIC. Mana ada elemen racist kat sini. Sammy Vellu yang masih tak sedar-sedar diri sama macam lah wi. Bezanya lah wi menang masa PRU12 (ehsan dari undi pos), Sammy tersungkur dikandang sendiri.

Lah wi pun masih tak sedar lagi dari lamunannya. Betul kata Ku Li, satu parti komponen dari Sabah akan kuar BN. Tapi lah wi masih bongkak, tak mahu undur jugak. Ada la pulak nazri aziz yang kuat kipas dok backing lah wi. Masa zaman Tun dulu pun kejenya dok kipas aje. Memang jenis dasar kaki ampu.

Sekali lagi saya ingin tegaskan sokongan saya terhadap Tun tidak berbelah bahagi.

Pada bloggers yang menyokong Tun, marilah kita teruskan sokongan, jangan mention nama-nama langau yang dok kacau bagi komen kat blog nie, nanti diaorang rasa bangga dan bongkak pulak. Kalau nampak nama-nama yang familiar yang dok kutuk Tun, scroll down terus, tak yah baca komen diaorang. Tak ada modal lain selain roti canai. Agaknya dia ni dah mabuk roti canai kot?

Ok lah Tun, harap Tun terus melontarkan idea dan harap dapat dengar komen dari Tun tentang SAPP yang kuar dari BN.

Salam hormat buat Tun yang dikasihi selalu.

Todd said...


Samy should resign as MIC president so does Dollah Badawi as UMNO president.

Fazli Razali said...

Samy Vellu think he was the hero of The Indian these days. He doesn't realise that he is nothing more than a loser in MIC.

Kekalahan BN dlm PRU 12 juga banyak berpunca dari kegagalan Samy Vellu sendiri. Tuduhan yang mengatakan Tun adalah seorang yang racism adalah semata-mata untuk propagandanya untuk menarik minat kaum Indian semula kerana mereka telah hilang kepercayaan kepimpinan MIC itu sendiri.

Apapun yang penting adalah dia perlu membetulkan Bahasa Malaysianya dahulu sebelum membuat sebarang kenyatan melalui media elekronik. Amat memalukan seorang pemimpin di dalam Malaysia tidak tahu ber'Bahasa Malaysia' dengan betul.

zem27 said...



MatPyan said...

YABhg Tun and all bloggers,
Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera. Samy Vellu memang nama yang tak asing dari segi gangsterism, power crazy, power corrupt dan lain-lain. Maika Holding sudah jadi apa? Pelabur-pelabur dalam Maika yg miskin hilang wang pelaburannya. Itu semua gara-gara manusia yang bernama Samy Vellu. Semasa zaman pemerintahan Tun, dia lah yang sentiasa berdiri dibelakang Tun kononnya Tun adalah Bossnya dunia akhirat.

SAPP dah nak usulkan undi tidak percaya kepada PM Pak BedoLAH, macam-macam karenah YDP Dewan untuk menepis usul ini kononnya kena ikut peraturan.....Konco-konco MT UMNO plak kononnya berdiri teguh dibelakang Pak BedoLAH, kata kami menyokong kepimpinan Pak BedoLAH. Poraaaaahhhhhhhhh rakyat Malaysia 80% nak Pak BedoLAH berambus. TAHU TAK SEMUA MENTERI DAN MT, KAMI SEKARANG MALU UNTUK BERKETUAKAN PAH BEDOLAH, MALU UNTUK BERDEPAN DENGAN ANAK-ANAK REMAJA KAMI YANG BERTANYAKAN PEMIMPIN YANG LEMAH SATU INI, TAKKAN PAK BEDOLAH TAK TERASA MALU UNTUK TERUS JADI PM MALAYSIA. SELURUH DUNIA TENGAH TERSENGIH MELIHAT KEADAAN INI.


hanis said...

to samy....

dey thambi.... cut the crap will ya?

cakap bahasa malaysia pun tak betul... harap je duduk malaysia...

vision2020 said...

Dear Tun,

current malaysia situation are realy really bad !!! in fact, we are really worry !!! neither umno nor pakatan rakyat can give us the confident !!! any comment on this ? can you register your own party again ? so that we can give you our full support ? Please help !!! malaysian still need you and miss you a lot lot !!!

ccdev said...


sami has always been an ass kisser. You also should know that this fella is like this since so many years you work with him. Too bad you didnt sack him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tun,

I suppose this is what George Orwell is trying to portray in his satrical novel ""Animal Farm"

It's a pity that some do not look beyond the colour of the skin. At the end of the day, does it matter?

We are constantly expressing our feelings and thoughts to you & that is what a prime minister is for, besides being a leader, the rakyat look up to him as a father figure; someone who you could trust.

mh-j said...

Samy is a 'has-been'....for a long time now, just that he has just finally been ousted.As "an only leader for the Indians" what has he really done for the indians??! Now he comes up with comments like, "TDM never did anything for the Indians when he was a P.M"! I'm not an Indian but I'll say this...porahlah!!
Heard of the saying, "if you are confronted by a snake and an Indian(like Samy I add), which one would you kill first?" Thats 'forked tongue' for you.....
People like Samy should not push his luck and project himself just to still be in the limelight (oh how he loves that!!).....old stories/cases might just catch up on him...
Pergi main jauh-jauh lagi baik!

BotakLangkawi said...

Salam Ayahanda Tun,

Samy Vellu adalah satu nama besar dalam masyarakat India satu ketika dulu tapi sekarang taringnya sudah tiada lagi. Cakap selalu besar almaklumlah perut dia pun besar.Semasa zaman Tun jadi PM selalu kita dengar puji-pujian dari Samy dimana katanya kerajaan BN selalu berlaku adil dengan rakyat yang berbilang kaum dan agama d negara ini. Pandangan saya hari ini kita boleh lihat orang India sudah ramai berjaya. Ada rumah besar.......kereta besar......kerjaya yang baik......usahawan yang berjaya.....peguam-peguam yg handal......dan yang paling penting walupun kedudukan peratus orang India paling kecil sekali d Malaysia tapi siapa orang 2 yang paling kaya d sini.Kalau kuasa orang Melayu yang ada d Malaysia in bersifat zalim, ramai kaum India yang ketinggalan jauh.Memang tak d nafikan masih ada yg ketinggalan tapi lihat juga orang melayu yang 65% d Malaysia,ada juga yang masih hidup susah.Jadi Samy kena berfikir sebelum menuduh TDM. Hari ini lihatlah penduduk kaum India begitu kecil tapi kelakuan mereka sudah tunjuk kebiadapannya.Apa mereka nak lagi...nak sekolah Tamil sudah ada,biasiswa sudah ada,kuil merata-rata tempat dan boleh d katakan ekonomi mereka lebih baik dari orang Melayu. Sedarlah Samy seperti pepatah Melayu "D beri peha nak betis pula" Orang India hari ini sudah pandai nak demonstrasi sana-sini,kadangkala orang Melayu kita lihat sahaja kerana pimpinan yang d terajui oleh Pak Lah sangat lemah.Saya bukan bersifat perkauman tetapi apa yg d lihat sepanjang zaman TDM keadaan masyarakat berbilang bangsa d negara kita hidup dalam keadaan harmoni.Tapi apa dah jadi sekarang, Pak Lah sungguh lemah sehinggakan macam-macam d tuntut sehinggakan ada rakyat kita yang sudah tidak hormati Parlimen(menyambut harijadi d kawasan lobi Parlimen-kenapa nak tunjuk kuatke).Harus d ingat orang Melayu ada kesabarannya....


Teruskan perjuanganmu yang ikhlas dan benar itu.

Gold Aces said...

Salam Tun,

Of all these chaos in UMNO and BN, I can only see one thing... PAKATAN RAKYAT headed by DSAI is having the last laugh.
The leaders in BN are too arrogant and selfish. They do not care what is happening. All they know is to bang each other including you, Tun. They do not show any respect to you as the PM for 22 years, for creating Kuala Lumpur on the map of the world. Before this, people knew Malaysia as "a country just above Singapore".
Well, Tun, I can't see all these craps that they are doing to you. They will only appreciate you if the Pakatan Rakyat takes over the goverment. Then, they would call you up and engage you as a special adviser. It would be too late by then.
After watching news on the mainstream channels yesterday(19/6/08), I can conclude one thing that BN is the opponent party, and Pakatan is the party for rakyat. Pakatan is there for the rakyat going through this hard times. I am not surprised if DSAI will be our next PM.

So, Tun, let it be. Let them learn the lesson through the hard way. After all, you are no longer an UMNO member. Nothing to be ashamed of except for feeling sad for the party.
While waiting for the fall of UMNO, you have to train your son, Mukhriz to be the new UMNO hero. He will bring back the glory of UMNO but this could only happen after the Pakatan takes over.

All the best, Tun.
May God Bless you and your family.

Gold Aces

Maverick said...


Syok pla bila dngar mengenai Sammy ni... sepatutnya Sammy velu orang yg religious sebab namanya... namun yg saya dapat lihat ada dua perkara yg betul2 sammy jaga mengenai dirinya. Yg pertama, rambutnya utk menutup kawasan botak dikepalanya. Dan yg keduanya, kedudukannya sebagai ketua MIC walaupun pengikutnya semakin menyampah dengan beliau, sama spt AAB jugak la. Orang seperti ini tidak akan faham kerana mereka bersifat "tutup pintu" dan tidak akan mendengar pendapat orang lain.

Adakah seorang pemimpin itu patut bersifat seperti ini? Sedangkan pendapat2 ramai ini akan membantu mereka dalam menjalankan tugas. Satu perkara yg merunsingkan saya ialah, adakah DSAAB masih mahu melaksanakan Wawasan 2020 yg diasaskan oleh Tun dahulu. Setakat hari ini, saya rasa kurang melihat dan mungkin tidak pernah nampak iklan mahupun apa2 sumber pun yg mengatakan mengenai Wawasan 2020. Adakah Wawasan 2020 masih diguna pakai dalam zaman pemerintahan DSAAB ini? Takkan kerana percangahan pendapat dengan Tun, wawasan itu juga kena dimansuhkan memandangkan wawasan ini merupakan buah fikiran Tun. Pada pandangan saya, Wawasan 2020 ini telah diilhamkan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia pada masa itu dan ianya adalah hak negara dan rakyat yg akan menerima faedahnya. Sekiranya perkara ini tidak dilihat oleh DSAAB, saya membuat kesimpulan bahawa DSAAB mencampuradukkan perkara2 peribadi dengan pentadbiran. Perlu dilihat bahawa Perdana Menteri merupakan jawatan dan DSAAB adalah individu yg menggunakan jawatan tersebut. Diantara PM dan DSAAB adalah dua entiti yg berlainan dan jawatan PM itu tidak semestinya DSAAB. Dan atas nama Jawatan ini, rakyat yg sepatutnya memilih siapa yg layak menggunakan jawatan tersebut berdasarkan credibility dan kelayakan seseorang itu.

Tun, dalam kolum Tun pada kali ini saya beranggapan bahawa Tun hanya mahu menjawab tentang apapa pertuduhan yg dilemparkan kepada Tun. Saya akui, tidak ada siapa yg sanggup dituduh dlm pelbagai perkara seperti yg Tun hadapi sekarang. Kerana kita kena lihat bahawa nenek moyang ada berkata "Berani kerana benar, Takut kerana salah". Namun kita kena melihat satu lagi peribahasa mengatakan "Dicubit paha kiri, peha kana terasa juga". Dalam konteks berbilang kaum, saya mengakui bahawa kolum Tun ini MUNGKIN akan membuat kawan2 kita daripada kaum India akan terasa dengan kata2 Tun ini. TAPI, kita lihat dari sudut lain pula, kenyataan Tun ini hanya melibatkan pada hal Sammy dan Hindraf sahaja (secara keseluruhannya). Dan dalam PRU 12 baru2 ini kita dapat nilai siapa Sammy dan persoalannya sekarang, adakah dia masih relevan sebagai wakil masyarakat India dalam Negara ini? Nyata sekali tidak.

Tun, dalam apa yg Tun lakukan saya akan sokong 100% asalkan ianya untuk AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA. Kita akan bangun mendokong perjuangan ini dan akan menyambung perjuangan pemimpin2 kita yg terdahulu. Perjuangan blm selesai....

Ms Live A Life said...

Hahaha. Like your conclusion of Folly Mr Silly Samy. His words has gone against him. Doesnt this remind you of a malay proverbs about the indians? Lets not go into it coz you and I , we are not racist. We are Malaysians.

anak merdeka said...

salam rahmat buat TUN,taksoh duk layan pak itam tu,buat pening je,agenda TUN lebih bermakna buat kami anak bangsa,kpd TUN teruskan perjuangan mu yg suci,semoga Allah merahmati TUN

huanchin said...

Samy Vellu is a national disgrace!!! When he was in power, he always said agreement with highway concessionary cannot be reviewed, no chance at all as any review will be ended up with compensation paid by the government and cost taxpayer money.

Look at the current situation, the concessionary authority already made the initiative with the press conference offering the idea that they are willing to review the agreement to ease the burden that being carried by the rakyat after the unprecedented petrol increase.

Samy, I take my hat off on you!

sakitdadoden said...

Salam Tun & rakan2 seperjuangan...
Saya baru saja menonton

Setiap patah perkataan yg diungkap oleh Tun menyebakkan dada saya lalu menitis airmata dari mula hingga sekarang.

Tun, kembalilah...

Thanks CaesarX2 for the clip. And to all Malaysian, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TOO.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Kenapa bila orang melayu mengajak orang melayu yang lain maju daripada bangsa lain dianggap Racist???

Saya bagi satu contoh Mudah:-

1. Kita Malaysian mengajak Bangsa Malaysian lebih maju daripada Singaporean / American. Adakah kita racist terhadap Singaporean / American???

2. Kita Asian mengajak Asian lain lebih maju daripada European / American. Adakah kita racist terhadap European / American?

3. Kita bangsa Dunia mengajak Bangsa Dunia lebih baik daripada Alien. Adakah kita racist terhapad Alien?

4. Kita Bangsa cakerawala mengajak bangsa cakerawala kita lebih maju daripada Bangsa cakerawala lain. Adakah kita racist terhadap bangsa cakerawala lain??

Akhirnya, bila kita berpandukan kepada pemahaman racist yang sempit masalah tak akan selesai.

Bila jadi Malay boleh dianggap racist. Jadi Malaysian pun boleh dianggap racist kerana definisi yang silap.

Bagi satu definisi Racist yang tepat. Fahamkan definis tu baru kita gelar siapa yang racist racist.

Cermin diri sebelum menuduh orang lain wahai rakyat Malaysia.

Sia2 mak bapak ajar belajar tinggi2 tapi otak letak mana.

Gold Aces said...


After reading all the comments, I found out that it is such a waste to write and read about a person apa nama ... sapa itu Samy???

This guy is no longer a player. Sudah pencen and he has no follower. I am sure if he to have a blog of himself, there would be millions visiting it just to swear on him. Buang masa aje lah.

Tun, I think you don't have to write about this whatever his name is. He has already lost. People has rejected him earlier and it is just himself who refused to accept his loss.

During his campaign in Sungai Siput, the people there threw shoes and slippers to him and his wife. Still, he could not compute the message. Same goes for the present PM. Nak kena tunggu sampai orang baling selipar kot baru nak turun takhta?

So, Tun, tak perlulah susah payah tulis pasal makhluk ini, ye. Terima kasih.

God Bless you, Tun.

anak merdeka said...

hidup TUN

anak merdeka said...

hidup tun

Jengking said...

Ayo..yo..Samy! Bila u mau sedar, we all need new leader la. It's time for change....hari sudah senja masi tak mau tutup tingkap rumah ke?

Tun, thank you for your leadership all this while, dari time saya kecik sampai sekarang i admire your style of thinking. Syabas Tun!

Kalau ada kuasa untuk kasi muda Tun semula kan bagus, boleh jadi PM Malaysia sekali lagi cos we all still need you!

We love you Tun!!!!

Vishnu said...

Malaysians are in general racist la..just bloody admit it la.. Most of the people are soo pretentious and 2 faced.

If you ask me, I am soo thankful to be in Malaysia when compared to any other country. But cant some ppl see, ppl like me and many others feel the same way as well. What about the chinese and indian soldiers, police and firemens? I am sure they have the loyalty and love for the country more than anyone else Pls dont divide the races even more. I say the malays can keep all their special rights, add another rangkap in the rukun negara " Kedaulatan dan Ketuanan Melayu" I dun care..Doesnt bother me. All I want be LOVED in this country, be proud and able to contribute to this country and just want to call Malaysia my HOME!!

Leave the country to the new younger generation! Kick all the oldies out from politics.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saya suka bahasa Tamil.

Walaupun saya belum sepandai Sanusi Junid, namun, jikalau saya minum cendol di Bagan, Achi jual cendol kat situ dia beri saya pulut extra, dan diskaun.

Mujur jika saya semakin fasih, dia mungkin barangkali gamaknya mahu jadikan saya menantunya.

So, "Samy's Folly" eh?

Dear S Samy Vellu. Vanakam. Ninggal saukiyamma? Naan pere Zubli Zainordin. Just now, naan enakku konjum thalaivalee. Now, naan rombu sontosom. Nandri.

Dulu saya tidak faham, sekarang barulah saya faham, leret bahasanya berlainan susunan bahasa kita.

Saya sana juga pergi, saya api kereta naik, dan saya suka roti canai juga makan.

Pada saya, jika S Samy Vellu inginkan perjuangan, satu daripadanya ialah semakin ramai anak muda tidak lagi berbahasa Tamil.

Majukanlah supaya di negara kita setiap rakyat Malaysia berminat akan bahasa yang menarik ini.

Jika kritikan disuarakan dan mempersalahkan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, perihal kisah di masa lalu, apalah manfaat yang anda perolehi, dan adakah ini dapat memajukan masyarakat Malaysia yang anda wakili.

Jika ini S Samy Vellu melantun puji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk tujuan tertentu, tujuan persendirian ataupun sebaliknya, maka fahamilah kenapa masyarakat Malaysia sebagaimana di Sabah menyatakan tidak percaya lagi kepada pemimpin ini, dan kami mahukan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meletakkan jawatan sekarang (9 Mac 2008).

Perhatikan di Indonesia, sebagaimana dilaporkan:

"President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was speaking before 86 participants of the forum consisting of mayors, regents and leaders of regional legislative councils on Tuesday when he spotted a participant falling asleep.

Yudhoyono paused his speech and told the attendants, while pointing to the participant: “Wake him up. Go outside if you want to sleep.”

“How could a leader fall asleep while I am talking about how to develop our nation? You should be ashamed of the people who have elected you their leader,” he said.

Di neraga kita, Malaysia, saya itu S Samy Vellu juga, saya mahu tanya. You ada tahu kah, atau you ada tengok kalau, itu Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, dia beberapa kali, majlis rasmi punya, dia ada tidor!

Sekarang, kami rakyat Malaysia, juga, ada kata sama dia, you, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, jikalau you mahu tidor semasa waktu bekerja, you letaklah jawatan sekarang, kemudian (aproq) you tidorlah berapa lama pun you suka.

Itu macam lah. S Samy Vellu, you ada faham ka?

infins said...

Amma.. appa..

itu samy bila sudah tarak dalam gomen banyak cakap.. dulu duduk dalam gomen apa bikin? cakap tarak serupa bikin.. pooraaahhh...

sami malaysia sudah lupa diri.. sudah kalah, mau jadik presiden mic.. pigi dahhh.. shut your mouth off... cakap merapu.. buat lawak tak abis-abis.. boleh dapat title menteri lawak malaysia..

memang patut la kalah dalam PRU12.. bagi chance kat orang lain duduk dalam PWD.. nak cerita banyak nanti kena ban pulak.. tapi.. padan muka lu sami!!!!!!


Ybgh Tun,
Firstly I think we, the Malay are stupid to accept them the Indian became our citizen with entitle to vote. We the Malay are power crazy, we accept anything to be PM. Until now, because AAB still crazy to be PM he would agree anything as long he be there, this also goes to AI, he will agreed anything or even promise anything as long he will be PM.

You have to help Malay to realize this and do something to this becoming worst.

Your comment, Sir.

Thank You


Tun is a racist to the core as he believes that Malay race is more superior i.e. "Ketuanan Melayu a.k.a Supreme Race" than other races in Malaysia and entitled them to rule the country.
But on the other hands, he said that Malays need helps in everthing so that they can compete with other races in Malaysia because they are backwards.
Bottom line is, Tun had played the racial game to gain power to enrich his children and cronies in the name of Malay Dilemma!!! Malays will not be able to stand on their own feets if they continue to believe all these lies without going deeper into what Tun said!!! Tun is playing the same racial game now.
A new horizon is that all the poors will get helps from the govt irregardless of race or religion. The rich will have to help the poors through direct ways or taxes etc !!!

bermudagirl said...

Dear Tun,

Pasal Samy tu, toksah le Tun layan sangat, dia tu nak menumpang glamour kat blog chedet nie. Hakikatnya blog nie lagi popular dari kedudukan Samy yang terkini.His comment is quite petty to most of us.

Yang bawah nie saya rasa lagi bernas kalau Tun dapat komen.Something for us (the ikan bilis) can look forward to instead of lamenting about current political situation.

Perlembagaan Umno :Fasal 9.12 dan Fasal 12.10 (Jawatan Presiden Umno boleh dilucutkan)Diketengahkan oleh Dr Novandri.

Anak Malaysia said...

Aduhai ! Tun Che Det,

Waste your precious time to argue with ayo yo Samy is irrelevant to the public. Samy is a MIC legacy and not important to Malaysia.

Malaysians are better off without TUN's top kroni, Samy is out from Parliament. He learnt his good lessons now for deafing his ears on people calls. GOOD for him to retired now.

Please dont waste TUN time to write about Samy.....but use your time to write about how to tackle the economy and financial problems of Malaysia today. more about the reply on UMNO problems and feedback from smart MALAY bloggers to publish in UMNO Youth blog said:

memang betul dan tepat ditujukan kepada tokoh2 UMNO sendiri yang sombong, tamak dan jaga kepentingan serta kekayaan hak2 sendiri, keluarga, menantu, kroni2 diri saja.

Hak-hak Melayu dipermainkan dan diperbodohkan of bangsa sendiri pasal tokoh2 UMNO tidak adil dalam melaksanakan kekayaan negara kepada bangsa Melayu sendiri dan juga kepada bangsa Malaysia. Banyak projek2 yang berjuta-juta disapu oleh tokoh2 UMNO sendiri dan di agihkan kepada yang bukan Malaysian tapi orang2 asing demi kepentingan politikus2 UMNO dimana banyak ahli2 UMNO masih miskin dan tidak berupaya lagi menanggung beban inflasi kini. Siapa yang salah kini - ahli2 UMNO atau kaum Melayu yang tolak UMNO kini atau tokoh2 UMNO yang korupt, kroni, tamak atau sombong sekarang. Anda pilih.

Bapak2 UMNO dulu macam TUNKU, TUN RAZAK, TUN HUSSEIN dan TUN DR M banyak jaga kepentingan Melayu dan kaum kaum lain. Tapi kini politik2 sudah berubah sejak 2004 dimana UMNO jaga kekayaan dan kepentingan tokoh2 UMNO diri. Agak malang, UMNO masih main isu-isu kaum dan agama lagi supaya bangsa bangsa lain tidak sokong UMNO lagi dan benci tokoh2 UMNO.

Bangsa2 lain masih bersahabat dengan orang2Melayu di Malaysia dan tidak suka main api2 perkauman dimana mana pun. Demi Allah, bangsa Melayu faham isu2 politik Malaysia kini bukan problem Melayu, Cina , India, Kadazan, Iban, dll tapi kelemahaan UMNO untuk kikis problem wang politik, pengelewangan, korupsi, kroni, sombong, tamak dan gila kuasa dalam parti sendiri. Apakah lagi UMNO dapat menjaga hak2 Melayu lagi bila tokoh2 UMNO yang menaikan inflasi petrol, elektrik, beras, gula,minyak masak dll dimana majoriti orang2Melayu yang sengsara dan pikul beban dari polisi tamak dalam UMNO.

Kata pepatah Melayu : Tepuk air ke dulang, terpecik muka sendiri" ...dah UMNO padan muka naik inflasi, orang2 Melayu yang kena sakit hati.

Rakyat Melayu tidak lagi percaya dan hilang pedoman terhadap UMNO selama lama pasal kurang puas hati sudah jadi benci UMNO kini. Semua PM sudah keluar UMNO termasuk TUN Dr M tapi TUN Razak tak sempat keluar tapi sudah meninggal dunia lagi jauh dari UMNO kini. Apadalah lagi nak cakap cakap kosong pasal Ketuanan Melayu bila bangsa sendiri sudah diperalatkan oleh bangsa UMNO sendiri. Bukti2kukuh bahawa banyak kekayaan negara dibazirkan dan disalah gunakan untuk jaga hak2 tokoh UMNO..tapi bangsa diri dimatikan saja.

Kata pepatah Hang Tuah :
"Biar anak mati, Jangan mati adat".

Sekarang orang2 Melayu jadi mangsa kenaikan harga inflasi dimana semua bangsa dan negara sengsara pasal kelemahaan UMNO kini. Sila jangan lagi UMNO menulis and mempermainkan isu2 kaum dan agama lagi yang sudah kolot dalam zaman IT ini. Semua orang2 Melayu bijak kini dapat baca, lihat dan tahu muslihat2 tokoh2 UMNO yang tidak baik. Bukan semua tokoh2 UMNO tidak baik tapi ditolak keluar oleh tokoh2 UMNO yang jahat dalam wang politik kini.

Semoga UMNO masih relevan untuk jadi tongkat ali untuk semua rakyta Malaysia tidak kira bangsa, agama dan adat mereka dan tetap memperjuangkan kewibawaan Melayu disanjung tinggi oleh rakyat dunia.

INGAT TUN Dr M kata "UMNO kini bukan UMNO tulin lagi, UMNO tokoh yang tinggal saja" Tolong bilang macam mana tokoh2 UMNO dapat merangsang orang2 Melayu percaya UMNO kini masih relevan lagi selagi tokoh2 UMNO tidak turunkan inflasi di negara kita.




What do TUN think and comment about the above article on UMNO kini ?

Your smart opinion and comments are very much appreciated. Terima-kasih


Old Fart said...

Tun, let us get one thing straight. If Samy is racist, and I cannot disagree with you that he is, you are the mother of all racists that ever lived. The worst kind infact.

Even Hitler was honest. You are not. In denial of your own Indian, Kerala roots, you claim to be and champion the Malays. You even maligned and denied the Indians, or if you prefer, the Tamils, their dues. You talk a whole lot of cock here about the Hindraf taking seriously that those Hindraf guys really wanted to go back to colonial times. Indeed it was a clever little piece of thing to do as you can now have a neutral platform to spill your beans, so to say. You cannot deny the damage the Bowman Report did to your using the court system to shut people up. that could have got your judiciary of your times paraded for what it really was in a magistrate's court in London.

Now you spill your vile coaxing the Malays to become hardened racist radicals like you. And they are not biting. Only sycophants keep supporting you here and ring you praises. When will you just shut up and stay at home?

warna shanas said...

Salam Tun,

you have always been consistent and steadfast to your belief and struggle, whether in or out of politics, “say whatever” seemed to be your motto to detractors and supporters alike. Unlike some so-called “leaders” and “ex-leaders/politicians”, they lean wherever’s convenient, such are “lalang”, better for Monsanto to weed them out into oblivion.
“Race” has and will always be an issue as it is ingrained in us human, “.. and we made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other..” . Every race has their “rights” and the onus is on the leaders and power brokers to ensure fairness in their policies. Jury is out there whether or not samy played his role when he was “up there”, but to sharpen his knives and now calls Tun a racist is so lame. Commentors like nncckkll had his/her unfair share of the deal I’m sure, but the likes of him/her must realize that allowing emotions to outdo rationale really doesn’t help. Tun was and probably is still being categorized as an ultra-malay, but tell me, why on earth if that is so bad, that the majority of Chinese and Indians supported him whilst he was in office???

Thepeoplechoice said...

salam Tun,

Idea Tun memang 'chilled'. keperkasaan dalam kesederhanaan.

pernah jumpa tun ( masa tun perdana menteri ) kat klcc, masa tu tun gi memory lanes beli kad. :P takder org pun tau tun pegi situ, tetiba ada pak guard klcc nampak, terus dia roger geng2 dia... untuk kawal tun. Proud to say, masa tu Tun, saya ngn 1 indian family dalam kawalan tu.. :P

huhu rasa bangga sbb dapat gak jumpa tun, tapi sy kaku jek.. sbb tergamam. :P sekarang i want ur mind + nik aziz mind in my mind :P both of you GREAT MASYA ALLAH.

Harap tafsiran racist tun, boleh dibukukan dan di tanamkan dlm diri semua rakyat malaysia. biar semua faham. sbb its case very sensitives.

ok wassalam...


Yngh Tun,
Kalau kita fikir sejenak, apa kata Tun seru semua orang sokong Samy Vellu, pada hal yang sebenarnya ramai kaum India dah benci kat dia. Tujuan nya biar MIC telungkup. Macam AAB, Karpal dan gengnya bukan main sokong AAB, pada hal mereka sedar ramai Melayu dah bosan dengan AAB, tujuan mereka biar AAB dan BN telungkup.

Saya senantiasa menyokong Tun.

margaret said...

selamat sejahtera tun,

Memandangkan politik malaysia ni kucar kacir,saya berharap tun dapat membantu kembali malaysia seperti yang tun telah bangun kan. saya juga berharap tun dapat berbuat sesuatu terhadap malaysia melalui anak tun mukriz sebelum terlambat. Petronas under attack so do something. Kerajaan sekarang terlalu lemah sedangkan pembangkan terlalu agresif untuk memerintah. HELP, HELP tun...

Deva Guru said...

I do agree with Tun, in commenting about Dato Seri Sammy Vellu. But Tun in that time was in power and you know that Samy vellu is betraying the Indian Community and you being the Prime Minister should have made hime resign and bring in somebody that would lead the party and the community into development. Why is it all the issues are coming out after you step down.

kuntum said...

sam is a lamb in despair..

amydala said...

Salam Ayahanda Tun,
Hmm...dia dah tak boleh makan besar, dia bukak lah mulut...

Otw datang ofis td saya dengar berita interest rate will increase on this July...means inflation rate pon naiklah. Komen sikit Tun.

-Anak Jati Perak-

dieKrupp said...

Bravo Tun,

People will call Harimau for harimau tua,
But for anjing tua like mr sammy, people will call him ANJING KURAP


Selamat Sejahtera kepada
TUN Dr MaHATIR dan kawan kawan sekalian.

Jangan bergantung kepada Kerajaan

sahaja untuk membasmi kemiskinan.

Syarikat , Corporate atau Kongsi

yang berjaya juga dapat

menyumbangkan jasa mereka.

Belajarlah dari Tun Tan Cheng

Lock, Dr.Li Kong Chian ,
Tan Lark Sai, Tan Kar Kee , mereka

menyumbangkan sebahagian besar

daripada kekayaan mereka untuk

membangunkan pendidikan sebagai

usaha untuk membasmikan kemiskinan.

Dr.Mahatir juga harus di beri

pujiaan dan penghormatan yang

tinggi sungguh pun TUN bukan lah

Peniaga yang berjaya. Tetapi

seorang pemimpin dan pentabir

yang handal dan berpandangan

jaul.Tun Dr.Mahatir lah orang

yang meilhamkan konsep MALAYSIA

INCOPORATED .Kerana pandangan

jauh nya pergantungan Malaysia

kepada negara lain semakin

kurang ,Angkasawan Malaysia jadi

tauladan untuk dunia ketiga, kawan

kawan Melayu Kita dapat berdiri

tegas di Pentas Dunia. Kerana

Padangan jauh Petronas dapat

berkembang pesat dan membawa

manafat kepada rakyat

Malaysia.Ini lah satu contoh nya



berharap TUN DOCTOR TUN sihat

dan hidup panjang bagi kebaikan


yang ikhlas

zygote said...

Salam tun,

Your ending, manifest all the current problem, and MIC too...

margaret said...

Salam Tun,

Keadaan politik malaysia sekarang ini kucar kacir, saya berharap tun dapat berbuat sesuatu sebelum malaysia di ambilahlih oleh pihak pembangkang. Kerajaan sekarang terlalu lemah sedangkan pembangkang terlalu agresif untuk memerintah..Tolong malaysia tun, hanya tun saja yang layak membangunkan Malaysia..

kuntum said...

Sam is lamb in despair, Pak Lolah is next..

wanita melayu said...

sebenarnya Samy Vellu dan Abdullah Badawi same je..

MeriotocraticMadness said...

///"And they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race.."///

Oh,yes they are sir! - Because the Tamils are as much "Indians" as the very Malays themselves being 'Indians'.

In the 20th century history, art history, linguistics, and allied fields. The term "Greater India", consists of all the Asian lands including Burma, Java, Cambodia, Bali, and the former Champa and Funan polities of present-day Vietnam in which pre-Islamic Indian culture left an "imprint" in the form of monuments, inscriptions and other traces of the historic ‘Indianising’ process.In some accounts,many Pacific societies and most of the Buddhist world including Ceylon, Tibet, Central Asia, and even Japan were held to fall within this web of Indian ‘'culture colonies".

Hence,for all practical purposes the Tamils are a separate race in compression with other 'Indians".

So lets look at the contributions of Tamils to Malays.

Tamil contributions to the Malays are:-

Healing practices,navigation, the potters wheel,horses and elephants,textile dyeing, planked boats and wheeled carts,figure sculptures and decorative arts,written literatures,monumental architectures, spices for cooking, legal practices of the time(adat),titles relating to social rank and regal pomp,wet rice cultivation,animal husbandry ,glass making and etc..etc. The most far reaching and significant import from Tamils were the metaphysics and philosophy..

In 1025, the Chola emperor Rajendra I dispatched an army, presumably on a large fleet, across 2000 miles of ocean to conquer the southern half of South-East Asia. The Chola was also the only Asian empire ,except the Japanese, to have indulged, albeit briefly, in overseas expansion. It conquered Sri Lanka, the Andaman and Nicobar islands and, temporarily, parts of South-East Asia - the islands Sumatra, Java and Bali, and the southern part of the Malay peninsula.

Certainly, the Chola conquest contributed to a long process that had already started and which linked Southern India and South-East Asia together in terms of trade and religion. The Indonesia/Malay region was a pivotal point in trade between China and India ; and, indeed, the West oot, Both Java and Bali were largely Hindus. Rajendra's conquest was perhaps the first military expression of a more general connection which had been developing for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Ya. Saya Setuju.

Tan said...

Tak dapat mempertahankan Sg. Siput
Tapi Masih mahu menjaga tepi kain orang lain....walaupun ia hanya satu salah taksirannya. Dia patut tahu bahawa apa tajuk ceramah yang diadakan pada sabtu lalu, di anjurkan oleh siapa dan kepada audience mana
yang ditujukan... Haih wahai velu...

Ria Darwina said...

Salam Tun,

Mungkin ada yang nampak atau buat-buat tak nampak. Semasa perhimpunan hindraf kebanyakkan mereka menjulang gambar Mahatma Ghandhi. Tidakkan tindakkan mereka ini tidak menghormati pemimpin negara kita ini. Sekiranya mereka mengakui mereka rakyat Malaysia mengapa tidak mereka menjulang gambar DYMM atau gambar Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu atau gambar pemimpin lain negara ini. Adakah mereka ingat Mahatma Ghandhi pernah memimpin negara ini. So dimana mereka sebagai rakyat Malaysia?

ida said...

salam Tun,

maybe samy vellu need to be sent to "boot camp".he..he..he....i went there once.....really enjoy it.....the purpose is clear, to instill love for the country.....because enemies within are much more a threat to the country than those from outside......

p/s : told my father in aloq setaq bout the blog.....he insisted me to send him every single post that you wrote.....and Tun, you are always in his prayer everyday without fail....he..he...he's also sharing the same backyard as yours in seberang perak (kilang ais)when you were still in school age....

lvbala said...

Syabas.... Tun
I don't know whether this is a co-incident, as i pledge to you to talk about INDIAN is Malaysia in my comment on your blog 4 days ago. I am happy at last you are talking about MF Samy. I am an Indian too. Tun... dont make decision on INDIAN communities and about their loyalty to this country. The whole INDIANs are not happy with MF samy Velu and not Malaysia. Tapi dulu TUN juga yang manajakan dia. Bila dia tak benarkan IPF masuk dalam barisan TUN yang sokong dia.
To make it clear and straight again... I've read Mr.bronagas's comment. I think HE should think like a Malaysian. Hang boleh buktikan kewujudan orang melayu kah? Bolehkan hang buktikan orang melayu adalah bumiputra sejati Malaysia. Apa milik orang melayu asli...??? Agama? tulisan? rumi? bahasa? adat? makanan? masakan? cara hidup? ... semuanya hang pinjam dan curi dari kekayaan budaya orang lain. Dont claim this country is belong to you. Hang tak baca sejarah kah?
TUN... save the INDIANs...

i love you as my father.

Hidup TUN

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun....
Samy is not worth your great mind!He was THE ONE ASSIGNED AND ELECTED BY INDIANS TO REPRESENT THEM,BUT HE FAILED!WHY?SEBAB"SAYA BUKAN ORG BIASA..SAYA MINTRI....MINTRI KERJA RAYA"!HE GAVE HIS PHONE NUMBER SO PEOLE CAN SMS/CALL HIM ROUND THE CLOCK SHOULD WE HAVE ANY ISSUE REGARDING HIS MINISTRY...TAPIII.....BILA CALL!?!....hahahahaha.....even illiterates pun kenal Samy Vellu...He IS FUNNY!he failed,but desperate enough that he wanted to make you his scapegoat!now he wanted to be racist plak...

YSLim said...

Dear all readers of M's blog and to M, in one of my past comment I had said that you are a racist in that particular blog. I related it to your statements in that blog.

You are a racist if you generalised that particular "weakness" with a certain race. A racist is an individual and not a group. A few racist can form a racist group. But a group cannot be a racist for what they are fighting for in the name of humanity, fairness, well being of mankind.

A racist used the race-card to support his idea. A racist's idea is not universal. A universal idea is applicable to everybody.

J.Sui, Intead of tying down certain "weakness" with race, you should voice it that "weakness" at that particular fact, time, day or that person and not that group of persons.

It seem that we fail to understand the word "racist" even though it had been used conveniently.

For eg. Hang Tuah said "Tiada Melayu hilang dari dunia". He is not a racist. He try to uplift the Melayu mankind. He did not pressdown on other races in his words or deeds. To fight for a Chinese/Indian medium school is not a racist's deed. It is for the uplifting of mankind with knowledge ie. the language. It did not pressdown on other. It give more option to the people - whether to learn the language. So I hope that most of us will think before using the word "racist".

But sadly, M, your government of 22years and you as their leader had breed such racist peoples with utmost comtempt. You have also breed this corrupted peoples who unashamedly used the race-cards. All this happened because a leader allowed it and most of the leader who allowed it are one of them. The same goes with corruption, if a leader is corrupted, the followers are the same because the leader will usuallly condone it or unable to suppress it because the leader himself created the limitation around him by by being corrupted himself.

Eg. Look here you had continuing criticised AAB without any constructive input, without any action (lots of way - maybe "mogok makan minum tidur"). The result, the same people you breed, eg Samy Velu, Khir, TsuKoon is doing the same thing. Look here, the people that you had used your stick to some extent, are now throwing the stick back to you, DSAI, TunMusa,Rafidah, MikeTyson,Zaid, Nasri. This is an observation from a layperson. Gods know what happened inside your government.

PWN Consultants, Malaysia. said...

Subhanallah AyahTun,

Look at the way you write.. simply admirable.

Can it be that you are oft-reciting His holy Firman, for that's the most refreshing reading.
Second to none.

The meaning He inspires with every reading just keep opening paths to more wisdom, simply no limits. That even if one has read them from the day he was born, until the day he will die, more wisdom will just keep on coming, Sharpening the Mind, Refreshing the Soul. Yet..

The truest/deepest meaning/wisdom only lies with Him, the Wise, the All-Knowing.


Perhaps one day, after the dark clouds of so many deceptions and vanity, there will be blessed rain to cleanse them all. And then, the sky will be clear again.

Not just for this Nation, but for all Nations.

God bless you, sir. And may God bless us all.

cheema said...

Harap kali ni dapat keluar,

tekaan saya semua penduduk malaysia ni racist.Tak kira apa bangsa, sama ja. Betul tak Tun? Cuma berlakon.

apa pun saya salute Tun.

ASHAR said...


Salam semua...

Hari hari yang kita lalui sekarang menampakkan penuh dengan duri dan ranjau yang sepatutunya tak kita tempuhi.

Ini semua gara-gara insan yang bergelar PEMIMPIN lemah dan lembik. Seorang PEMIMPIN itu pada dasarnya adalah pilihan rakyat. Rakyat memilih PEMIMPIN atas kepercayaan dan mandat yang diperjuangkan untuk rakyat.

Sekarang perjuangan PEMIMPIN sudah menyimpang dan kehendak rakyat umumnya tidak diutamakan.

PEMIMPIN sekrang hanya menampakkan kepentingan peribadi.

PAK LAH=UMNO= sudah banyak kita berkomentar diblog ini.


Mr Samy Vellu=MIC

Semua yang dikomentar disini PAK LAH dan UMNO, sama saja dengan Mr Samy Vellu dan MIC.

UNTUNGNYA, PAK LAH masih punya kuasa sebagai PM.

RUGINYA, Mr Samy dah tak ada apa lagi. Apa lagi sokongan padu dari akar umbi orang India sendiri dah jauh berkurangan. Keputusannya beliau kalah pada PRU12 kelmarin.

Mr Samy Vellu, sepatutnya tahu muhasabah diri kenapa beliau kalah. Ini juga pada Pak Lah kenapa BN banyak kalah.

Kedua pemimpin ini lebih kurang sama, masih lagi tak mengaku hakikat sebenarnya. Kedua dua pemimpin ini harus berundur demi kepentingan UMNO dan MIC khususnya dan BN amnya.

Kerana kuasa dah tidak ada, Mr Samy cuba mendapat simpati dari PAK LAH, dengan turut serta membidas TUN dalan temuramah beliau baru ini. Dan membangkitkan TUN sebagai 'racist' untuk menutup 'kemaluannya' dalam isu HINDRAF. Isu HINDRAF ini menjadi buruk akibat MIC dan PAK LAH lambat mengatasinya dengan bijak sana sehingga pembangkang menjadikan isu ini sebagai 'bomb' kepada kekalahan MIC. Pembangkang sebenarnya yang 'RACIST'.

MIC di bawah Mr Samy yang sepatutnya dipersalahkan dalam isu kaum India di Malaysia.

Kaum India kalau merasakan hak mereka tidak di perjuangkan maka Mr Samy lah yang bertanggung jawab.
Maka jatuhkan Mr Samy dengan demo atau sebaliknya. Malangnya Mr Samy sudah jatuh pun masih tak faham kehendak dan suara kaum India sendiri.

Agak terlambat Mr Samy nak betulkan kepercayaan pada kaum India, sama lah dengan Pak Lah nak betulkan UMNO. Rakyat sudah tidak percaya lagi....Nasi dah jadi bubur, dah tak mungkin jadi nasi lagi.

Kedua pemimpin ini,
PAK LAH dan MR SAMY bertanggung jawab penuh atas kekalah pada PRU12kelmarin.

Ini lah juga nama pemimpin bacul, tak menerima hakikat sebenar mereka yang bersalah, tapi memutar belitkan isu menampakkan TUN pula yang bersalah.

Kita lihat saja SILUNCAI-SILUNCAI ini dengan LABUnya.....


Bener kata TUN kerana Kepimpinan PAK LAH yang lemah.




Salam perantau

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

Terong said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Saya tidak bersetuju dengan tindakkan Hindraf yang sanggup memalukan negara Malaysia... tetapi jika sya cuba kita selami mengapa mereka berbuat demikian...

Bagi saya, puak Hindraf ini sudah terlalu meluat dan menyampah dengan Samy & MICnya dan UMNO pun kena tempiasnya meluat ini kerana bagi Hindraf UMNO yang menegakkan benang basah Samy & MICnya.

Berkemunkinan besar dimasa pemerintahan Tun, puak hindraf tidak berani TETAPI kerana kelemahan pemerintahan Pak Lah dan untuk menarik perhatian maka puak Hindraf sudah nekad dengan membuat perhimpunan haram untuk menyampaikan rasa tidak puas hati mereka walaupun mereka tahu apa yang disampaikan itu tidak benar TETAPI ianya akan membuat rakyat Malaysia dan dunia luar mengambil perhatian.

Samy & MIC tahu bahawa puak Hindraf menyalahkan mereka maka dengan itu mereka terpaksa menari mengikut rentak Hindraf untuk menutup kelemahan dan kesalahan mereka TETAPI bangkai gajah mana boleh ditutup oleh nyiru.

Kemuncaknya Sami & MIC terjelepuk di Sungai Siput pada harijadinya juga... kesian tak dapat nak sambut happy birthday dengan gahnya... dikalahkan oleh 'nobody' dan sungguh memalukan.... hehehe

Memang orang Melayu marah dengan tindakkan Hindraf, dan Lebai Dolah TERPAKSA mengambil tindakkan ISA kerana gentar sesuatu yang tak diingini akan terjadi kerana kemarahan orang Melayu sudah saperti gunung berapi nak meletup.

Alhamdulillah, bumi Malaysia masih mempunyai rahmat dari Allah SWT.

Untuk menegakkan benang basahnya, Sami & MICnya terpaksa membawa isu 'racist' atau perkauman dan Tun dijadikan 'kambing hitam' kerana Tun dah tak berkuasa lagi dan memang dibenci oleh lebai dolah dan kroni2nya... Sami berharap dengan berbuat begini, masyarakat India di Malaysia yang sangat meluat terhadapnya akan balik menyokongnya...

Sori to said Samy, nasi sudah menjadi bubur!!!!

mayhem said...

Salam hormat Tun,
Dengan rasa penuh kesal, saya dapati menteri2 didalam Mesia ni SEMUA dah tak dak pendirian yg teguh, ikhlas, jujur dan bertanggung jawab.
Mana peginya ‘Aku Janji’ yg mereka ucapkan,
mana peginya ‘menjaga kedaulatan Negara’ dan ‘mendukung cita2’ yg mereka laungkan?

Kalau beginilah rupanya politic dalam mesia, saya haramkan anak2 saya mendekati mana2 parti politik(atau komponen2) kerana parti2 ini SEMUA adalah perosak akhlak generasi baru , politik yg hina dan jijik. Jika beginilah caranya parti2 dlm mesia berfungsi, Parti2 ini tak dapat membentuk anak2 kita untuk menjadi orang2 yg berwibawa dan professional, untuk zaman akan datang. Begitu hina sekali, sehingga anak boleh ‘lawan’ bapak, pak mentua boleh ‘takut’ ngan menantu, ipar duai, sanak saudara ‘berpecah belah’ kerana parti politic, kawan-rakan yg pada satu masa dulu karib, sekarang musuh No.1. Politik mengajar rakyat menjadi pembelot…..
Menteri2 pun yg pada satu masa dulu mengaku setia, dan sanggup mati kerana pemimpin, sekarang dah jadi pondan, dayus, lembik dan cabul serta pembelot. Kini segala2 dah jadi tak tentu arah.

Tiap2 hari , ada ada saja yg mereka akan katakan mengenai Tun. Dan tuduhan2 yg dilemparkan kepada Tun berat2 belaka. Mana perginya sifat hormat dan Ucapan Terima Kasih kepada Tun, orang yg telah membawa rakyat Malaysia kemercu kejayaan, meNampakkan Malaysia didalam Peta dunia? Kemana perginya segala idea2 Tun yg tak ternilai Harganya mereka lemparkan? Tak adakah apa2 ilmu atau pelajaran/pengalaman yg telah mereka dapat semasa menjadi menteri dibawah Tun? Mengapakah mereka asyik membesar-besarkan perkara2 yg sama, berulang-ulang kali?

Saya tak pandai tentang politik, tapi hanya mampu sebak didada setiap kali nama Tun disebut.

I wish you well Tun. No matter what has happened, what other politicians have said about you, always remember this, that no one is as intelligent and as charming and as charismatic and as wise and as professional as YOU. Because, YOU managed 24 million Malaysians well. Bravo Tun. YOU are NO.1

(p/s: your ex-cabinet Men are jealous of you, that’s why they’re acting like this).

kuntum said...

sam is lamb in despair

Usama said...

To all those who think Sammy Vellu and the Hindraf are in the right please visit Colombo, Sri Lanka for a short holiday.

I'm Sri Lankan by origin but now call Malaysia home and will continue to do so till I die.

The conflict in Sri Lanka has dragged on for decades under the pretext of racial inequality. But little do most Hindraf supporters realize the damage conflict brings upon the entire nation.

Conflict only serves as a political tool for the incompetent to gain support of the disenfranchised masses. Its other purpose is to rob a nation of all its wealth and transfer it into the hands of those in power.

To all those people who saw fit to demonstrate and demand compensation from the Queen of England I have but one question. When your forefathers where brought into Malaysia, what were their job descriptions?

If my history serves me, the British looked upon Indians as their hard working labor force. So let’s just assume at least 80% of Indian's brought into Malaysia by the British came in as plantation workers and the like.

Today quite a few generations on, the hard working Indian's have achieved a lot. Amongst your community you count many a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountants, IT Professionals and many a successful businessman. It's true an Indian has to work harder to achieve something in Malaysia than a Native Malaysian would. But do you think it would be any different for a Malay who wound up in India?

As for the Indian community that feels left out and marginalized. Dr. Mahathir has done more for you and every single person in Malaysia than you will ever know. It is his leadership that has advanced Malaysia to what it is today. It is he who has built a strong nation that has the luxury of peace. For all the faults you may point out in Dr. Mahathir, don’t ever forget he made Malaysia what it is today. He has given every person in Malaysia the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Yes some of us have to work harder than others, but that's life all over the world. Even as a foreigner I have nothing but admiration and respect for one of the best leaders I have seen in my lifetime.

The Indian community in Malaysia is not large by any means. Yet we do not need to look far to see successful Indians who enjoy a wonderful quality of life. Would it be too much to ask, that the Indian community and their leaders get together to uplift their fellow brothers and sisters. Would it not be better to work together to advance your community rather than showing solidarity with those that wish to monger violence and hatred?

MM said...

Salam Tun,

I refer to the comments from ‘jebatmustdie’ and I do agree with him. If I am branded a Malay racist for what I’m writing here, I don’t care.

Kalau orang nak main kasar, kita pun boleh main kasar.

I am getting SICK of other races calling Tun or any Malay a racist whenever the issue of Malay rights, ketuanan Melayu etc is discussed.

These people think it is that simple that we should now talk only about the so-called ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, not about being Malay, Chinese or Indian….why? Just because we have achieved independence for over 50 years? This is just a dream for now as Malaysia will need another 100 years before we can evolve into a full democracy and practice total equality between all citizens regardless of race or creed.

Just look at the US as an example. They have been a democracy for hundreds of years and yet racism (whites, blacks, hispanics, Asians etc.) is still very rampant in their society. Anybody denying this fact? Only today we see there is a chance for an African-American (Obama) to vie for the President’s post, and it will not be a surprise he may lose white votes to McCain due to racism. The whites are still the dominant race there and the majority may not be ready to accept a non-white president yet.

For Malaysia, the reality is the Malays are still the dominant race whether you like it or not. Prosperity and well-being of the Malays will have a decisive impact on the country’s peace and stability as a whole. If the Malays are in trouble, left very far behind, or being sidelined, the country will fall into trouble (remember May 13?). God forbid, ethnic cleansing may really happen this time around because you know which race dominates the security forces.

To all those ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ champions, please do not push your luck too far by driving the Malays up the wall or into a corner. No one including you will like it when that happens. Non Malays certainly will have their fair share of the country's wealth and prosperity, no doubt about that and this is what has been happening all this while.
Remind yourselves that Malay/Muslim sentiments can be extremely strong where different political beliefs will be cast aside when the occasion calls for it. Give Malaysia another 100 years to grow and evolve before your GRANDCHILDREN or GREAT GRANDCHILDREN bring this issue up again.


p.s. – Tun, I hope you will publish this but if you decide not to becasue of the strong content, I understand.

iskandar said...

samy vellu ini lucu lah....dia main drama macam filem tamil...dah jatuh baru tau mana bumi.

truthful malaysian said...

Dear Tun,
I agree with you on what you have said about Samy in regards to his arrogance and thinking that he is the only leader for the Indian community. But you too part of the problem that created by him for the Indians. Hindraf would have not born if Indians have been respected and given due rights during your prime ministership. You cleared Samy from ACA, and you always have said he is a capable leader. Both of have been praising each other all the time. Now both of you are fighting each other for own survival. Your agenda is to remove Pak Lah and Samy's is to stay on as MIC president till his last breath. I don't believe both of you are truly fighting for the nation's interest, racial integration and harmony.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, tentulah Tun kenal akan karektor S Samy Vellu ini sebagai pemimpin dan kepemimpinannya.

Soalnya, kita saksikan S Samy Vellu ini dalam konteks kekalahannya dan kemerosotan partinya MIC setelah keputusan diketahui di PRU 12 yang lalu.

Kita lihat pula Koh Tsu Khoon, mewakili Gerakan, di Pulau Pinang.
Beliau mengumumkan, "Saya bertanggungjawab dan akan meletakkan jawatan..."


Bagaimana pula dengan S Samy Vellu ini?

Kita akan dapat lihat perbezaannya yang jelas.

Lantaran, "Samy's Folly".

Berikut pos di blog Tunku.

"Meanwhile MIC, which suffered a hammering blow in the general election, said that it would remain loyal with BN and continue to support the prime minister.

"We will continue working with all BN component parties that support and remain loyal to Abdullah," said MIC president S Samy Vellu.

"As for the three MIC members of Parliament, I've instructed them to support the prime minister especially in Parliament. This is the first time we have a BN component party not supporting the prime minister.

"We will not let the prime minister down because he was elected by the people," he added.


Eisy! S Samy Vellu, pun sudah buat-buat lupa ni, tahukah anda, negeri manakah yang Barisan Nasional telah kalah?

Perak, you sana ada juga.

Pulau Pinang, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, sini, sudah tarak! Lim Guan Eng...DAP jugak, sana memimpin.

Sabah, bolehkah ini S Samy Vellu, kasi kira berapa Ahli Parlimen dari sana?

Belakang, MIC tiga orang jugak. Apa pasal kasi "instruction"???

Itu you ada "instructed" jugak, makanya, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sudah tahu cara S Samy Vellu memimpin.

Ramaipun tahu. Ramai lagi jugak akan tahu.

Senangkah you ingat mahu cari title pos ini, "Samy's Folly", sesuai dengan S Samy Vellu sebagai pemimpin.

Diharapkan pemimpin MIC yang bakal ke sidang Parlimen Isnin ini, molek menterjemahkan undian, bukan di atas "Instruction" S Samy Vellu, yang telah "instructed" anda, tetapi fahamilah kekecewaan jika ada dari seluruh Ahli MIC, dan masyarakat Malaysia, yang ada bertiga wakili.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, itu UMNO punya ahli pun dia tarak ambil peduli, you ada fikir mungkinkah kemungkinan masyarakat Malaysia yang you wakili, dia ada peduli???

Ada faham kah?

Desmond_TheCoach said...

Dear Tun,

Samy Vellu was never a good leader to the Indian as solely to speak. In my opinion, the indian in this country should have been progressed much further than their ancestor when they arrived Malaya many years ago.

It is very disheartening Samy Vellu did let the indian community down. Countless opportunity which Samy should have done did not materialized, what a shame...

Whether his intention on hitting you on become racism could be daily political phenomena. I'm sure you know what you're doing.

As the matter of fact, MCA should have done better for the chinese not merely satisfied with what we have currently.

On the other perspective, Tun should have put a stern warning to Samy during your tenure as a PM those days. Unfortunately, it does not happened, I'm not sure is because of bureacracy among political parties within BN or otherwise. Perhaps you should have done something more strict and influence the indian community in the MIC on proper succession plan.

Anyway he is already in history now...I look forward your further comment on Samy should you keep additional "dark side" of him.

Desmond (

zunaidi said...

salam ayahanda tun,

terima kasih atas penjelasan..

tolong jelaskan sekali gossip kononnya ayahanda tun dgn sammy tu bisan dan biras...

ye ke?tipo kan?

i knew it x3..


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