Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil Price


The price of crude oil has increased by 400 percent in the last three years. It follows that the price of products must increase, sooner or later. In other countries petrol prices had already increased. In the United Kingdom one litre of petrol sells for more than one pound sterling or RM7. In the United States it is about RM5.

That the price in neighbouring countries has gone up is shown by the rush to fill up by Thai and to a lesser extent Singapore vehicles.

The Government has now announced an increase in petrol price by 78 sen to RM2.70 per litre, an increase of more than 40 per cent.

I may be mistaken but there seems to be less vehicles on the road today. But obviously that is not all that will happen. All other consumer goods, services and luxury goods would increase in price.

The cost of living must go up. Put another way there will be inflation and the standard of living will go down.

Obviously our increase in petrol price is far less than in the United Kingdom or the United States. But our per capita income is about one-third of theirs. In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US.

The increase hurts but the pain is greater not just because of the increase percentage-wise is higher than in developed countries but because of the manner the increase is made.

A few days ago the Government decided to ban sale of petrol to foreign cars. It flipped. Now foreign cars can buy again. Flopped.

Knowing that in a few days it was going to raise the price and foreigners would be allowed to buy, why cannot the Government just wait instead of banning and unbanning.

But be that as it may what could the Government have done to lessen the burden on the people that results from the increase in petrol price.

In the first place the Government should not have floated the Ringgit. A floating rate creates uncertainties and we cannot gain anything from the strengthened Ringgit. Certainly the people have not experienced any increase in their purchasing power because of the appreciation in the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Ringgit.

Actually the Ringgit has increased by about 80 sen (from RM3.80 to RM3.08 to 1 US Dollar) per US Dollar, i.e. by more than 20 per cent. Had the Government retained the fixed rate system and increased the value of the Ringgit, say 10 per cent at a time, the cost of imports, in Ringgit terms can be monitored and reduced by 10 per cent. At 20 per cent appreciation the cost of imports should decrease by 20 per cent. But we know the prices of imported goods or services have not decreased at all. This means we are paying 20 per cent higher for our imports including the raw material and components for our industries.

Since oil prices are fixed in US Dollar, the increase in US Dollar prices of oil should also be mitigated by 20 per cent in Malaysian Ringgit.

But the Government wants to please the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and decided to float the Ringgit. As a result the strengthening of the Ringgit merely increased our cost of exports without giving our people the benefit of lower cost of imports.

This is not wisdom after the event. I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes.

I believe the people expect the increase of petrol price. But what they are angry about is the quantum and the suddenness. The Prime Minister was hinting at August but suddenly it came two months earlier, just after the ban on sale of petrol to foreigners.

If the increase had been more gradual, the people would not feel it so much. But of course this means that the Government would have to subsidise, though to a decreasing extent.

Can the Government subsidise? I am the “adviser” to Petronas but I know very little about it beyond what is published in its accounts. What I do know may not be very accurate but should be sufficient for me to draw certain conclusions.

Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported.

Three years ago the selling price of crude was about USD30 per barrel. Today it is USD130 – an increase of USD100. There is hardly any increase in the production cost so that the extra USD100 can be considered as pure profit.

Our 250,000 barrels of export should earn us 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (twenty seven billion Ringgit).

But Petronas made a profit of well over RM70 billion, all of which belong to the Government.

By all accounts the Government is flushed with money.

But besides petrol the prices of palm oil, rubber and tin have also increased by about 400 per cent. Plantation companies and banks now earn as much as RM3 billion in profits each. Taxes paid by them must have also increased greatly.

I feel sure that maintaining the subsidy and gradually decreasing it would not hurt the Government finances.

In the medium term ways and means must be found to reduce wasteful consumption and increase income. We may not be able to fix the minimum wage at a high level but certainly we can improve the minimum wage.

Actually our wages are high compared to some of our neighbours. The investors who come here are attracted not by cheap labour but by other factors, among which is the attitude of the Government towards the business community and the investors in particular.

From what I hear business friendliness is wanting in the present Government – so much so that even Malaysians are investing in other countries. There are rumblings about political affiliations influencing decisions. Generally Government politicians are said to be arrogant.

Malaysia is short of manpower. The labour intensive industries are not benefiting Malaysians. Foreign workers are remitting huge sums of money home.

The industrial policy must change so that high tech is promoted in order to give Malaysians higher wages to cope with rising costs of living.

The world is facing economic turmoil due to the depreciation of the US Dollar, the sub-prime loan crisis, rising oil and raw material prices, food shortages and the continued activities of the greedy hedge funds. The possibility of a US recession is real. In a way the US is already in recession. The world economy will be dragged down by it.

Malaysia will be affected by all these problems. I wonder whether the Government is prepared for this.

We cannot avoid all the negative effects but there must be ways to mitigate against them and to lessen the burden that must be borne by all Malaysians. I am sure the Government will not just pass all these problems to the people as the review of oil prices every month seem to suggest.


Harga Minyak

Harga minyak mentah naik sebanyak 400 peratus sejak tiga tahun lepas. Lambat laun harga barangan juga akan alami kenaikan. Di negara-negara lain harga petrol sudahpun naik. Di United Kingdom satu liter petrol dijual pada kadar lebih satu pound sterling atau lebih kurang RM7. Di Amerika Syarikat harganya lebih kurang RM5.

Petunjuk bahawa harga minyak di negara-negara jiran mengalami kenaikan ialah bagaimana kenderaan Thai dan juga Singapura berpusu-pusu mengisi minyak di Malaysia.

Kerajaan umumkan kenaikan petrol sebanyak 78 sen ke RM2.70, kenaikan melebihi 40 peratus.

Saya mungkin tersilap, tetapi ternampak kekurangan jumlah kenderaan di jalanraya hari ini. Tetapi kesannya bukanlah terhad kepada itu sahaja. Barangan pengguna, perkhidmatan dan barangan mewah akan mengalami peningkatan harga.

Kos sara hidup sudah tentu meningkat. Dilihat daripada sudut lain akan tercetus inflasi dan taraf kehidupan akan menurun.

Memanglah kenaikan harga petrol di sini jauh lebih rendah daripada di United Kingdom, mahupun Amerika Syarikat. Tetapi pendapatan per kapita kita adalah lebih kurang satu pertiga mereka. Berasas kepada kuasa membeli kita kenaikan harga adalah lebih tinggi dari UK atau Amerika Syarikat.

Kenaikan ini menyakitkan, tetapi sakitnya lebih dirasai bukan kerana kenaikan dari segi peratusan adalah lebih tinggi daripada negara-negara maju, tetapi kerana cara kenaikan tersebut dibuat.

Beberapa hari lepas Kerajaan putuskan untuk haramkan penjualan minyak kepada kenderaan milik asing. Tunggang. Sekarang kenderaan asing dibenar membeli semula. Terbalik!

Mengetahui yang ianya akan menaikkan harga minyak dalam beberapa hari dan orang asing akan dibenar membeli, kenapa Kerajaan tidak menunggu sahaja daripada keluaran arahan larangan dan kemudian benarkan semula.

Namun begitu apakah yang Kerajaan boleh lakukan untuk meringankan beban kepada rakyat hasil daripada kenaikan harga petrol.

Pertamanya, Kerajaan tidak patut mengapungkan Ringgit. Kadar apungan menyebabkan ketidak-tentuan nilai Ringgit dan kita tidak akan meraih apa-apa keuntungan daripada kekuatan Ringgit. Sudah tentu rakyat tidak menikmati peningkatan kuasa membeli walaupun terdapat peningkatan nilai Ringgit dari segi tukaran dengan Dollar Amerika.

Sebenarnya Ringgit mengalami peningkatan lebih kurang 80 sen (daripada RM3.80 ke RM3.08 pada 1 US Dollar) satu US Dollar, melebihi 20 peratus. Jika Kerajaan teruskan sistem tambatan kadar dan menaikkan nilai Ringgit pada kadar 10 peratus pada satu masa, kos import, dalam Ringgit boleh dipantau dan dikurangkan sebanyak 10 peratus. Pada kadar kenaikan 20 peratus, kos import patutnya turun 20 peratus. Tetapi kita tahu harga barangan import dan perkhidmatan tidak kurang. Ini bermakna kita bayar 20 peratus lebih tinggi untuk import termasuk bagi bahan mentah dan komponen untuk industri

Oleh sebab harga minyak disebut dalam Dollar Amerika, kenaikan harga minyak dalam Dollar sepatutnya dikurangkan sebanyak 20 pertaus dalam Ringgit Malaysia.

Tetapi Kerajaan hendak turut Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa dan Bank Dunia dan telah putuskan untuk mengapung Ringgit. Akibatnya kekuatan Ringgit hanya meningkatkan kos export tanpa memberi sebarang keuntungan kepada rakyat menerusi kekurangan kos import.

Ini bukanlah kecerdikan selepas sesuatu itu terjadi. Saya telah beritahu seorang Menteri Kerajaan supaya Ringgit tidak diapungkan tiga tahun lalu. Memanglah saya bukan pakar dan saya hanya tahu serba sedikit tentang rejim kewangan antarabangsa.

Saya percaya umum terpaksa menerima kenaikan harga petrol. Tetapi apa yang menimbulkan kemarahan ialah jumlah kenaikan serta keadaan tergesa-gesa. Perdana Menteri sebelum ini seolah-olah mencadangkan kenaikan hanya pada bulan Ogos, tetapi ianya datang dua bulan lebih awal, sejurus selepas pengharaman penjualan kepada orang asing.

Jika kenaikan berperingkat, rakyat tidak akan terlalu terasa. Tetapi ini bermakna Kerajaan perlu terus beri subsidi walaupun tahapnya akan menurun.

Mampukah Kerajaan terus beri subsidi? Saya “penasihat” Petronas tetapi saya tahu sedikit sahaja berkenaannya dan tidak lebih daripada apa yang dilaporkan dalam akaunnya yang diumumkan. Apa yang saya tahu mungkin tidak begitu tepat tetapi cukup untuk saya membuat beberapa penilaian.

Malaysia mengeluar lebih kurang 650,000 tong minyak sehari. Kita guna 400,000 tong dan selebihnya 250,000 tong di export.

Tiga tahun lalu minyak mentah dijual pada kadar USD30 satu tong. Hari ini ianya USD130 – kenaikan sebanyak USD100. Hampir tiada peningkatan di dalam kos pengeluaran oleh itu lebihan USD100 boleh dianggap untung bersih.

250,000 tong yang dieksport sepatutnya memberi kita pulangan 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (Dua puluh tujuh bilion Ringgit).

Tetapi Petronas untung lebih RM70 billion, yang kesemuanya milik Kerajaan.

Kerajaan ini melimpah dengan wang.

Selain minyak, harga minyak sawit, getah dan timah juga meningkat lebih kurang 400 peratus. Keuntungan syarikat perladangan dan bank-bank juga mencecah sehingga RM3 billion tiap satu. Cukai yang dibayar juga sudah tentu mengalami peningkatan yang tinggi.

Saya percaya jika subsidi dikekalkan dan dikurangkan secara berperingkat ianya tidak akan mengekang kewangan Kerajaan.

Di dalam jangka masa terdekat cara untuk mengurangkan pembaziran dan menaikkan pendapatan mestilah diperkenal. Kita mungkin tidak dapat menetapkan gaji minima, tetapi sudah tentu kita boleh meningkatkan sedikit jumlah gaji minima.

Sebenarnya pendapatan kita tinggi berbanding sesetengah jiran kita. Pelabur yang datang ke sini tertarik bukan dengan harga buruh murah, tetapi faktor-faktor lain termasuk sikap dan pendekatan Kerajaan tehadap komuniti perniaga terutamanya pelabur.

Daripada apa yang saya dengar, sikap mesra peniaga amat berkurangan pada Kerajaan sekarang hinggakan orang Malaysia juga melabur di luar negara. Terdapat cakap-cakap berkenaan hubungan politik mempengaruhi keputusan. Secara amnya ahli politik Kerajaan dikatakan sombong.

Malaysia tidak punyai cukup tenaga kerja. Industri yang memerlukan tenaga pekerja yang ramai tidak menguntungkan Malaysia. Pekerja asing menghantar jumlah wang yang besar ke negara asal mereka.

Polisi industri mestilah bertukar agar teknologi tinggi dapat dipromosikan untuk memberi rakyat Malaysia lebihan pendapatan bagi menampung kos sara hidup yang meningkat.

Dunia sedang menghadapi kecelaruan ekonomi akibat penurunan nilai Dollar Amerika, krisis pinjaman sub-prima, kenaikan harga minyak dan bahan mentah, kekurangan makanan dan akiviti tamak “hedge funds” yang berterusan. Kemungkinan berlakunya resesi ekonomi Amerika Syarikat adalah benar. Sebenarnya Amerika Syarikat sedang mengalami kelembapan ekonomi. Ekonomi dunia akan turut ditarik turun.

Malaysia juga akan terjejas kesan daripada semua masalah ini. Saya tertanya adakah Kerajaan bersedia untuk menghadapi semua ini.

Kita tidak boleh lari daripada akibat negatif tetapi mestilah ada cara untuk mengatasinya agar beban yang terpaksa ditanggung rakyat dapat dikurangkan. Saya harap yang Kerajaan tidak akan melepaskan sahaja segala masalah ini kepada rakyat seperti ynag digambarkan cadangan untuk menilai harga minyak setiap bulan.


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hamdan said...

Salam Tun,

Kenapalah paklah tak ada pemikiran begini?

aeab & liza said...

Why it is so hard to disagree with you...i give up...i totally agreee Tun..

sokong_kerajaan said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Since one day, our world will experience the scarcity of the petrol, this will effect the people all around the world.

What will happen to travelling to far away countries then, if that were to happen?

People should think of an alternative to petrol.

Why are the scientists in Malaysia not researching on solar power or electrical power as an alternative?

Ayuh Kayuh! said...

Salam Buat Tun,
Sememangnya kenaikan harga minyak dunia amat mendesak kerajaan Malaysia untuk menaikkan harga minyak domestik selain mengurangkan kadar subsidi kepada hanya RM 0.30 sen seliter.
Walau apapun, kebajikan rakyat berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana wajar diberi perhatian khusus.

Anonymous said...

saya yg paling terkena bila minyak naik ni....ini disebabkan saya berulang alik dari cyberjaya ke melaka. Skrang ni pun belanja minyak + tol saya pi keje rm 1000 sebulan....itu minyak harga rm1.92 je....aku rasa klu dengan rate skrang ni rm 2.70 mau kat rm 1500 untuk minyak kereta je!!!! kerajaan bg subsidi rm625 setahun tu cuma belanja minyak saya setengah bulan.

isteri saya pun x sanggup tgk saya sakit poket ujung bulan, malam tadi beliau buat keputusan untuk berenti belajar. dan kami akan pindah balik ke Seri Kembangan ujung bulan ni. Satu keputusan yg amat menyedihkan, tapi kami terpaksa menerimanya. Nak duduk asrama, anak saya nak letak mana pula...tak terjaga. Satu keluarga menangis mlm tadi. isteri nangis sebab dia kena berenti belajar, saya nangis sebab terharu dengan keputusan isteri, anak aku nangis sebab tgk mak ayah dia nangis...terima kasih kerajaan malaysia....

Untuk keluarga yg One Man income mcm saya ni, sure banyak effek...

Tariff elekrik pun akan naik tidak lama lagi, berikutan diesel naik rm 1.....ahhh...malas nak pk apa lagi yg akan naik....

anjelina said...

TAHNIAH..TAHNIAH..TAHNIAH! kapada Yang Berbahagia Selalu Si Perdana Menteri yang dikasihi, kerana berjaya memeranjatkan dan menyatukan segenap lapisan masyarakat tanpa mengira kaum dan agama untuk bersama-sama dan berbondong-bondong berbaris ke stesen-stesen minyak berhampiran untuk mengisi minyak kenderaan mereka sebelum kadar baru dikenakan. Namun, ini hanya dapat bertahan untuk dua atau tiga hari saja kemudian barulah rakyat akan merasai keadaan sebenar kemaikan harga minyak ini!
Ucapan jutaan terima kasih jua dipanjatkan kepada menteri-menteri dan pakar-pakar ekonomi yang bersama-sama Yang Berbahagia Selalu Si Perdana Menteri untuk membuat keputusan yang tidak popular ini dengan mengenepikan option-option lain yang ada demi menambahkan kesengsaraan rakyat dengan meletakkan beban untuk dipikul oleh rakyat jelata atas dasar rakyatlah yang telah menyokong mereka untuk memerintah.
SYABAS kepada rakyat!

Zamri Pearce said...

Terima Kasih Tun....

cohong gym said...


Please save us

Pulau Sibu said...


Mahathir who stabilised the ringgit during the Asian Currency Crisis, should be entitled to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. No one has bravely done that, but all resorting to borrowing from the IMF. This Mahathir’s doctrine worked and he deserved the Prize!

So much talk about oil crisis in bolehland today, and the food crisis. Here is my bit of suggestions:-

Abdullah please advice people to eat less, may be half our current diet. Many of us are too fat and over-weight. For our health, it is nice to suggest the people to eat less.

To use less petrol, please drive less. Please walk or use your bicycle. That is good for health.

We are lacking of food yet we have plenty of land. Simply the people are too lazy to work hard. Instead of sitting in front of the computer here and talking nonsense, why not give us some land and let us plant the padi. There are so many gangsters handing around in the towns. Please send them to plant padi.

CNN 2003
RESSA: His nation's cheerleader, he encouraged self-confidence, building the world's tallest towers and first-class infrastructure, projects that left Malaysia over-stretched when the Asian financial crisis hit in 1997.

Even then, he chose to deal with it his way, ignoring advice from the International Monetary Fund and imposing sweeping capital controls, policies which helped Malaysia weather the crisis better than its neighbors.

sharq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tingnan said...

Dear Tun,

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday and we agreed that the ringgit should have been locked before making any drastic changes to the affect the economy now. The rise in inflation would certainly be more than 5% as reported due to the increase in petrol prices. The whole economy will be burdened and the ringgit, would most likely depreciate due to the slowdown.

Wouldn't a small rise in taxation be better to propagate the cost of the increase in fuel price, while protecting the lower income community, since taxation is only applicable to those who are earning 2,500 ringgit a month and above?

Besides, to further curb the problem, they could've implemented a ban of vehicles entering the city and at the same time increasing the efficiency of the public transportation. That would actually curb the usage of petrol, especially if executed in cities like KL and Penang.

Kamarul Azhar said...

Dearest Tun,

It's true what u just said that for every dollar of increment, Malaysia, as a net exporter would benefits millions of dollars in revenue.I've read about it few months ago in an economic journal.

Still,the government are saying that we could not afford to support for subsidy anymore.How could this possibly happen?It was a sad sight last night when I saw so many cars and lorries and even buses queing up to get the fuel.

The present government never thought about the pain the rakyat is now suffering.The standard of living is decreasing and the rakyat is not happy anymore.This land is so rich, why should we suffer like this?

Tun, please, make a come back.

ASHAR said...


Satu lagi kelemahan PAK LAH..yang begitu terserlah....

""A few days ago the Government decided to ban sale of petrol to foreign cars. It flipped. Now foreign cars can buy again. Flopped.

Knowing that in a few days it was going to raise the price and foreigners would be allowed to buy, why cannot the Government just wait instead of banning and unbanning.""

Kalau Malaysia mendapat keuntungan yang berbillion ringgit dengan kenaiakan harga minyak dunia adalah kurang wajar PAK LAH menaikan harga minyak dengan mendadak.Hanya menyusahkan rakyat.

Apa yang di perjuangkan oleh PAK LAH..???



Seriously Malaysian said...

End and remove all subsidies. They do not make economic sense. Subsidies just create inefficiecies. We should use the money save to provide better education, improve infrastructure, provide better healthcare, and invest in R & D.

Andy 4ever said...

I believed most M'sian already prepared for the fuel price to be increase by the Govt but what they didn't expect is the sudden announcement by Pak Lah & a whooping 78sen increase!!! That's definitely a hefty increase for all M'sian motorists.

I felt the pain as well as my profession in sales & marketing involves traveling & driving around the whole of M'sia. What i couldn't understand is the Govt seriously couldn't afford to subsidize us, M'sian on the fuel? If the Govt increase the fuel price within 30-40 sen then i'm pretty sure that M'sian motorists can accept by that is not the case happened now.

I agreed with Tun that our standard cost of living in M'sia is way below other countries like USA, UK, Japan, etc. One of my customers shared with me that a begineer or trainee staff in Japan in automotive repair industry earns RM5K-6K average per-month after conversion from Yen to RM. Sigh..... as for us, previously when i was a trainee in IT field, i was earning a mere RM850 monthly only. I dunno how true is this statement shared with me but it's time for us, M'sians to change our current lifestyle in order to keep up with the various rising costs of living in the coming future.

We can't blame for everything that's increasing now but what we can hope for is for the Govt to help us ease the burden.

Uchu Keling said...

"Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported."

Does that mean we are buying the 400,000 barrel at the world market price?

Can anyone in Petronas explain how much is our processed fuel cost actually?

Finally, I have only this to say:

mbikejbc said...

Hidup....UMNO.... Hidup UMNO.... Dulu kini dan selama-lamanya... "Fikir-fikirkan"

DevilsUnited said...

Correct Tun, the govt. should distribute back the billions profit back to the people

Anonymous said...

Salam Tub Dr Mahathir,
You are totally brilliant with your comment. I really proud and totally agree with your idea. You have the vision and can see what is happening right now. Even in your time, you increased the oil price due to the increase of the market oil price but the malaysians are not suffer because you can maintain the goods price by bringing more production factory into malaysia. but pak lah ni tak tau berniaga. pelabur lari dah banyak....tapi ada orang cakap anwar ibrahim pandai ekonomi tapi diorang tak tau anwar ni la dulu nak tambat kan ringgit kat IMF....kalo tak habis dah Malaysia sekarang. Tun Dr Mahahtir la yang selamatkan Malaysia ketika tu.

Reformation said...

UK oil price cost 0.82P/ litre in 2004.

warisan melayu said...

Salam Tun...

Thanks for fully explanation...

-always behind & support u

BuDakHutaN said...

Assalamualaikum Tun...
Kejutan dan kenaikan mendadak harga minyak memang tak dapat di elakkan memandangkan harganya di pasaran dunia turut meningkat. Anggaran simpanan minyak dunia yang kian berkurangan akan menyebabkan kenaikan tersebut akan bertambah dari semasa ke semasa.
Seeloknya kita memerlukan dan memajukan sumber tenaga alternatif bagi menggantikan sumber bahan mentah yang satu ini.
Reaksi rantai selepas peristiwa kenaikan harga minyak ini akan merangkumi pelbagai aspek seperti harga barang dan kos sara hidup, inflasi dan setentunya politik.
Sebilangan rakyat dapat memahami tindakan yang terpaksa diambil oleh pimpinan Pak Lah. Manakala terdapat juga yang melenting dan tidak berpuas hati. Kajian harga minyak pada setiap bulan yang dikatakan juga bergantung kepada harga pasaran semasa. Segala tindakan dan implikasi tindakan kerajaan ini akan dimasukkan dalam 'buku rekod perkhidmatan' oleh rakyat sebagai rujukan.

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

Excellent and enlightening article. Thank you.

bl tay said...

If our country can cut down on corruptiona and wasteful management practices by the central and state governments since your time, we won't be affected much by the petrol increase at all, and it is still not too late to do the right thing now. Too much emphasis on race issues, I think we just don't have the right people for the right job in the governments.

azamreeves said...

the govt should implement Mycard system before pumping oil to the cars.This will prevent the foreigner from getting subsidies which they will pay as normal market price at RM 4/litre.

I read the statement from Idris Jala,MD of MAS. He said that the current oil price is not reflecting the actual price. There is no shortage since drilling/ofshore works still continue and people still filling in gas station without any problem. He said that the future traders which want to keep the stock create uncertainity & fluctuation of oil price to increase. Can you give us some valuable information on this

myenvelope said...

None in Umno that has your calibre, totally salute!

HangNadim2020 said...


Like the rest of us, I feel very sad that the gov is not fighting our cause. They were elected to SERVE us. But do they? I personally think that PakLah is not responsible for his actions... I doubt he knows what he is doing. Sad, Historic and Tragic to the history of Malaysia....

che we said...

The arrogant of power lead to this raising oil price. We are Oil producer Country...Why this should happen??

Royz said...

I really would like to know who is his advisers? We have a lot of intellectuals which we could utilize as a think tank group and yet this is the best that they could come out with! I am truly disappointed with the lie more than the price increase itself.

5er_dragon said...

I agree! And I think what sokong_kerajaan said is true too.

hishammarmin said...

Salam TDM..

Apa nak jadi dengan negara kita ni Tun.... Kelam nampaknya perjalanan kita untuk ke hadapan. Berbalam balam segala cita-cita....

....penyu menangis tak siapa yang tahu...

Anonymous said...

The Dictator Dollah is too stupid to learn any lesson

but lets rejoice as the govt do understand our current problem!

squall-shinoda said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun Dr. Mahathir yang saya hormati,

Saya sebagai salah seorang warga Malaysia yang prihatin juga berasa sangat marah dan sangat tidak berpuas hati dengan kenaikan harga minyak baru-baru ini. Macam yang kita sedia maklum, isu harga minyak adalah isu sensitif di kalangan rakyat kerana ia akan membawa kepada "kesan domino" - setiap kali harga minyak naik, masa itu jugalah pesta naik harga barang akan berlaku, tetapi peniaga memang tiada pilihan kerana kos pengangkutan yang bukan saja ditanggung oleh peniaga tetapi juga pemborong dan pengilang.

Sepatutnya harga barangan tidak menerima kesan ketara akibat kenaikan harga minyak JIKA DAN HANYA JIKA sistem pengangkutan kereta api dipelihara sebagaimana sistem jalan raya dan lebuhraya. Di Singapura, kerajaannya amat menitikberatkan sistem pengangkutan awam, dan hasilnya kos sara hidup tidak terasa sangat perbezaannya kerana mereka ke tempat kerja dengan menaiki MRT; kereta hanya digunakan semasa hendak ke Johor Bahru.

Saya masih ingat lagi bagaimana Ayahanda Tun mahu memperkasakan semula sistem pengangkutan awam, bermula dengan pelancaran KTM Komuter dan Star LRT (kini Aliran Ampang/Sri Petaling) sehinggalah ke pelancaran KL Monorel semasa Tun hendak bersara dahulu - semuanya berjalan secara konsisten dan berterusan. Zaman Pak Lah? Antara perkara terawal yang telah dia lakukan ialah mencantas kebanyakan projek RMK8 yang penat-penat Ayahanda Tun merangka demi kemajuan negara serta kesejahteraan rakyat, terutamanya projek Putrajaya Monorel dan projek landasan berkembar Padang Besar - Johor Bahru (kini sedang disambung semula, itu pun sudah terhantuk baru terngadah). Nah, hadiahnya kepada rakyat ialah pesta naik harga barang setiap kali harga minyak naik. Dengan kata lain, Pak Lah gagal dalam memajukan ekonomi negara sebaliknya meranapkan negara dengan inflasi yang tinggi, kos sara hidup yang tinggi (tapi yang hairannya dia pandai menipu statistik walaupun pernah gagal mata pelajaran Statistik).

Lebih mengecewakan saya ialah sikapnya kini yang tidak ubah seperti diktator di dalam Umno. Oleh sebab itulah saya bertegas tidak mahu mengisi borang keahlian Umno walaupun pernah berkali-kali didesak oleh ayah saya sendiri.

Ayahanda Tun, saya amat merindui kemajuan dan kesejahteraan negara kita semasa Ayahanda menerajui negara dulu. Malaysia sekarang bukan lagi lubuk macam dulu, tempat kita sekarang dah dirampas oleh China, India malah negara-negara seperti Vietnam dan Kemboja juga.

Baiklah Ayahanda, saya mengundur diri dulu, moga-moga Ayahanda Tun sekeluarga memperoleh kesejahteraan dan dimurahkan rezeki.

- Mohd. Hezery bin Hussin

Frost said...

The oil price increased and guess what? For a salary guy like me, who earned RM800 per month, it is really tough. Last time my dad earn RM500 can feed the whole family, but now with my salary, I can't even feed myself properly.

Anonymous said...

Salam TUN,

It seems the present goverment want us (people) to join them to be part in their club of doom

I have great admire to you TUN. Semoga TUN dirahmati Allah

Pixie said...

I wish the government could reconsider the petrol increase, if given a chance I would like to go to work by public transportation but as we all know its not as efficient and convenient as other countries. I am from the middle class and now demoted to poor level because of this sudden increase. I am not a big spender but our basic survival is been jeopardize just over night.

smallgiant said...

Salam Tun,

buah fikiran Tun masih diperlukan.Teruskan menulis untuk kami.
Sekurang-kurangnya kami dapat berkongsi idea dengan negarawan dan pemimpin ulung seperti Tun.

"Selamatkan Lah Kami Tun "

antimamak said...

Thank you for your explanation,
" I am the “adviser” to Petronas but I know very little about it beyond what is published in its accounts. What I do know may not be very accurate but should be sufficient for me to draw certain conclusions."

Macam tu mamaktongkang pun boleh dadi penasihat Petronas, Mamak jual roti canai pun boleh duduk kerusi sebagai penasihat di petronas.

Apa yang dihujahkan oleh tun ibaratkan sebagai roti canai berbentuk bulat, macam mana pusing pun nampak bulat sahaja.

Soalan, adakah Tun bagi support sama Pak Lah menaikkan harga minyak ?? kita cuma nak tahu jawapan? kalau Ya, ini bermakna Tun support sama kerajaan pimpinan Paklah, malah segala tindakan terhadap Paklah hanyalah
sandiwara politik sahaja.

Desmond_TheCoach said...

Good Day Tun,

Apparently, I failed to understand why our goverment failed to find alternatives in countering this issue. We acknowledge oil price will surge but keep in mind with your calculations based on Petronas alone, we seemed to be well being as oil exporter.

I wish there are some mid-term measures and long term measures in countering these issues.Public Transportation still not fully enhanced and still a major problem as to date.

Furthermore, our government failed to foresee the ripple effect after such announcement which may impact food & related consumer needed for a living.This is very stupid announcement in such a drastic measures.

There must have some form of mechanism before the subsidizing fuel completely removed. The timeline to August is unrealistic and I think our government is just making decision based on gut feelings.

The other end would there are many foreign and hedge fund investors behind of such crued oil pricing surge. Are we not awared how could a barrel worth USD30 can become now USD130 with such 3 years period. It is same principle of 97 crisis where all currencies badly hit.

I'm not convinced that our gov has the measures in countering what is going to be happened in US soon.

Perhaps Tun can shed some lights here.


XBB said...

I agreed with you Tun, I hate the flipped flopped mentality of the government all at the expenses of the poor citizens, not just oil price but in all others issues, highway, palm oil, rice, even to announced the date of election can also made it like we at your mercy - Mr Government. The allow of foreign car issue to continue to pump petrol is obvious. Who owns those petrol stations first of all? The rest we all can figure it out...

Dr. Ridzuan Masri said...
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cy97 said...

Dear Tun,

This time i must 100% agree with you. How i miss the time you were our PM. Now i appreciate what you mean by purchasing power then. Hope our next PM would be as knowledgeable as you are.

Unknown said...

Tun, we always thought that it is our government's priority to reduce rakyat's burden through subsidy. What happen to this concept when they removed the fuel subsidy?
It is so sad to see that we are coming to this stage. For those who made personal gain out of this, hope they would be able to eat and sleep well, by ignoring that fact that they are robbing the rakyat of our deserving rights!


Assalamualikum Tun,

Nak kongsi pandangan di sini !

madupahit ingin kongsi pengiraan FAEDAH / PULANGAN SEBENAR kepada warga malaysia yang dijanjikan RM625 setahun (tempoh agihanApril'08 hingga Mac'09) - andai tiada pilihan.

Pemilik kereta bawah 2000 cc akan diagih RM625.00 setahun.

DIBAHAGI kepada 52 minggu ( jumlah minggu setahun ) = RM12.00 seminggu

SIAPAKAH YANG TIDAK TERJEJAS bayaran minyak jika guna kereta pergi-balik ketempat kerja dengan pembelian minyak biasa guna ?

HANYA pemilik kereta berbelanja minyak RM30.00 SEMINGGU dahulu sahaja yang bermanfaat TIDAK DITIMPA MUSIBAH MINYAK NAIK HARGA.

Dengan naik 40.6 peratus:

Untuk sama kuantiti minyak dulu RM30.00 => RM30.00 X 140.6 %
= RM 42.18 sen
(Tolak 18 sen HALALKAN)

Hampirkan pengiraan => RM 12.00 kena tambah kepada RM30.00 yang biasa digunakan untuk isi minyak [ KITA ISI MINYAK KERETA BIASA IKUT RM UNTUK MUDAH BAYAR tidak ikut liter ]


HANYA SESIAPA BERKAITAN DENGAN AGIHAN RM625.00 SETAHUN MAMPU BERBELANJA RM 42.00 (dahulu RM30.00) SEMINGGU yang beroleh manfaat yang pak lah uarkan.





Tprintrepublic Apparel said...

Salam buat Tun,
Saya amat bersimpati dengan corperto. Sebab saya pun segolongan dengan beliau "One Man Income"
Yang pastinya kenaikan minyak ini akan memberikan kesan kepada pekara-pekara lain. Nampak gaya kena bertukar kepada NGV lah.
Anyway Thank to TUN sebab give a good comment. Semoga tun Sentiasa sihat sejahtera.


Ann Nabila said...

Kehadapan Tun yang dihormati, kenaikan harga petrol secara drastik dan mendadak telah melumpuhkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.Please save us.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,

I really, really, really missed your leadership now. Despites all of negative propaganda and personal attacks on you by those unscrupulous people with power now, your deep thought ideas and decisions always enlighten us.

AK said...

YAB Tun,

The recent decision to increase oil price illustrates that the government is either insensitive or totally ignorant towards the rakyat's predicament.

As it was prior to the price hike, the rakyat was already struggling to come to terms with rising prices in consumer goods.

I remember clearly during your administration, during the financial crisis of 98, we had seen the shelving of several 'mega' projects. I don't see any reason why they should not do so this time around.

Ann Nabila said...

If only u stay a little longer then things would have been different.

Tayadih Maysia said...


Apabila bercakap soal kenaikan harga minyak, pendapat yang wajar kita dengar adalah daripada golongan petani, orang kampung, pekerja am, pegawai berpangkat rendah dan sederhana kerajaan, bapa atau ibu yang mempunyai 3-6 orang anak, dan golongan yang sewaktun dengannya. Mereka inilah yang akan menerima akibatnya. Orang yang WAJAR mengatakan bahawa "kenaikan itu tidak membebankan" ialah golongan ini. Jika golongan tersebut mengatakan kenaikan harga minyak tidak membebankan barulah kenyataan tersebut boleh diguna pakai. Bukannya, bendahara flip flop dan panglima-panglima perangnya atau golongan kelas atasan yang menerima imbuhan yang berganda-ganda. Realitinya, kenaikan RM0.10 sudah memeritkan golongan kebanyakan, inikan pula RM0.78. Sesetengah golongan boleh menyokong langkah tersebut kerana mereka TIDAK PERNAH ...merasai kesengsaraan orang lain!!!!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

This is my first comment since I started following your online journal.

First of all, I would like to take this chance to tell you how proud I am of you. U are just like a father to me, to all Malaysians. Malaysia still need you, bapak.

I guess everybody knows that the price of oil will definitely go up. But the surprised the Government made was - it's earlier than we thought, and the percentage of increment - WOW!Definitely EVERYTHING will double up their prices - by today kot???

I totally agree with your opinion, bapak. There are ways (if u really sit and think) to lessen the people's burden.

Whatever it is, I can see the clearer picture now. It's like playing chess, and Mr. Ezam's rejoining UMNO has his own agenda..of course I will not be surprised if one fine day, your ex-deputy will rejoin UMNO and replacing Najib, and our fren up there will resign and the timbalan will go up.

I believe u have already aware of this game.

Whatever it is bapak, let us pray that ALL Malaysian, especially the Malays - bangun tidur!!!

呉 和豪 said...

Good day to Tun Dr.Mahatir and all bloggers

I am happy that you are responsive

to the answer and issues that

commoner like GOHHOEHOE had

raised up.

This is very healthy ,I hope the

government will do the same, be

more responsive to constructive

suggestion, especially when it is

supported by data.I belive that

the data given by you based on

the profit made by petronas speaks

very loud.

By giving your comment in this

blog and allowing us to give

comment is something which is

very healthy because it provide

room for us to think ,to give

input.This should be sustained. I

also hope that bloggers can made

full use of ""

as a channel to provide positive

input for the benefit of our

country and people.

Please allow me to ask one more

question, should we intensify our

effort to research into

alternative enery,example the use

of JATROPHA ,as fuel.
Thank you and Best Regard


Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Kenaikan harga minyak secara mendadak mendapat pujian pakar pakar ekonomi negara.. Saya terasa saya tinggal di negara yang dikelilingi oleh orangorang yang bodoh dan diketuai oleh pemimpin yang dungu dan disokong oleh orang orang yang bebal.

Pada hemat saya yang tidak belajar ekonomi ini, kenaikan mendadak akan menyebabkan harga barangan akan naik dan tidak dapat dikawal lagi terutama harga barangan makanan serta perkhidmatan pengangkutan. Adakah kerajaan akan memberikan subsidi kepada barangan dan perkhidmatan ini untuk rakyat? Berapakah pula nilai subsidi tersebut? Adakah nilainya akan sama subsidi minyak ataupun akan kurang... Kita fikirkan sendiri gunakan akal kita yang tidak mempunyai kelulusan ekonomi. Jika tiada subsidi, kita bayangkan apa yang akan terjadi kelak.

Gila... inilah perkataan yang sesuai digunakan untuk senario negara kita sekarang ini...

Akhbar akhbar utama negara menyiarkan berita berita ini tanpa sebarang analisis kesan jangka masa panjang dan kesan jangka masa pendek terhadap negara.. Dan puji pujian diberikan berterusan kepada pemimpin tidak mempunyai tanggungjawab kepada rakyat.


Kita lihat pula bagaimana rakyat Malaysia bersuara...

Tayadih Maysia said...


Apabila bercakap soal kenaikan harga minyak, pendapat yang wajar kita dengar adalah daripada golongan petani, orang kampung, pekerja am, pegawai berpangkat rendah dan sederhana kerajaan, bapa atau ibu yang mempunyai 3-6 orang anak, dan golongan yang sewaktun dengannya. Mereka inilah yang akan menerima akibatnya. Orang yang WAJAR mengatakan bahawa "kenaikan itu tidak membebankan" ialah golongan ini. Jika golongan tersebut mengatakan kenaikan harga minyak tidak membebankan barulah kenyataan tersebut boleh diguna pakai. Bukannya, bendahara flip flop dan panglima-panglima perangnya atau golongan kelas atasan yang menerima imbuhan yang berganda-ganda. Realitinya, kenaikan RM0.10 sudah memeritkan golongan kebanyakan, inikan pula RM0.78. Sesetengah golongan boleh menyokong langkah tersebut kerana mereka TIDAK PERNAH ...merasai kesengsaraan orang lain!!!!

tingnan said...

Some said that this is the government trying to show some colour for the people because they did not vote for them for the past General Election? How can a government do something like that to the people, revenge?

And moreover, the worst is still to come, in a few months the cosft of electricity will increase and the fuel prices will be only 30 cents cheaper than the market price. Singapore is selling their petrol at 4.50 ringgit today and if we take them as the benchmark, it would be 4.20 ringgit a litre. How can we survive anymore?

FFCrew Team said...

how about the news say there our oil is just remains for another 10 years

Unknown said...

assalamualaikum tun,

terima kasih kerana tunjuk kan kami berapa kah minyak yang kita duk export.

saya cukup pelik kenapa nak duk banding kita dengan negara yang takde minyak?. sepatutnya kita banding kan negara kita dengan negara - negara yang export minyak jugak. kita rayat malaysia sepatut nya lihat harga minyak di malaysia duk turun sebab kita duk buat untung lebih kerana harga pasaran minyak duk naik. ini tak gitu. knp? mana pergi untung yang banyak tu? masuk poket siapa ?.

Pak lah bodoh sombomg. yang dia tau gi makan again. masa tun , kalau tun gi luar negara mesti tun bawa deligasi peniaga malaysia. and sekembalinya tun ke malaysia mesti selang beberapa bulan kita akan dengar sykt ini labur di malaysia 100 juta syarikat tu labur di malaysia 1bilion etc. sykt malaysia dapat project di negara luar macam - macam lagi. contoh seorang pemimpin yang bawa income ke malaysia.

tapi time si bodoh pak lah ini. takde sykt yang labur di malaysia wal hal byk yg tutup secara senyap.

sebab tu duit pertonas duk di agih ketempat lain sebab kerajaan dah takde income dari sumber lain kerana si bodoh ini.

tun kenapa tun lantik si bodoh yang zalim ini TUN kenapa??.


tak tau lah tun nak buat pe dah hutang pun duk naik. perniagaan saya dah turun teramat teruk. ke main semua project KJ.

dah tak tau nak hidup camne lagi dah.

kalau camne je tak lama lagi bakal bangkrap lah saya.


best regards


Desperado said...

Salam Tun...

Tun sememangnya bijak dalam memberi idea-idea bernas sebegini, namn begitu, dalam penulisan Tun, saya dapat rasakan yang tun juga bersetuju dengan peningkatan harga minyak ini walaupun tidak secara terus...

Khaled Aznawi said...

Salam Tun,

I am very much agree with your view on currency. Government should not float ringgit, let it remain as before. As exporter, our products are less competitive,hence we lost a lot of business opportunity.

In last night Buletin Utama, Pak Lah commented that the global high demand of oil is the contributing factor of the price increase. Irony, in today newspaper, Idris Jala of MAS, who has more than 20 years working experience in oil industry said that this phenomena is not genuine; an artificial demand created by greedy hedge fund. Who is correct?

You tell me....

Ronald Soo said...

use bicycle? your country transportation is not even up to standard, how can we rely on public transport?

singaporean earning SDG, so to them 2.10 or even 1.97SGD per little is ok

but for us earning RM 2.70 or future 4.70 a bit too much right? for a country that produces oil...
how can this happen?

i don even want to question where the money goes...

people earn in pound spend in pound value to value... 1 to 1

how can you convert and claim we are still cheaper?

wondering where is the calculation here...

Word is weapons. said...

Oh my god Tun please help Malaysian we all in great pain of increasing thing that is necessary to us.At least,increase the oil price must give green light to those Malaysian who are suffering from low income such a sudden just increase surprisely this will effect those who are not ready yet haiyoooooooo.....rice also increase everything increase what happen ha???Is it there want Malaysian people to become skinny until can see the bone then there very happy this is totally not fair to those who are not ready yet what had happen to Malaysian how are there going to accept it.Why don't the kerajaan try to think rasionally about those who has low income even thought increasing the increasing of oil price is despering the government but at least find a way to settle down the problem first then increase the oil price but this such a sudden.

WILSON said...

Dear Tun,

Although there are times I disagree some of the statements you made, but this time, I am all out to support your view of incompetent Abdullah Administration regarding the oil price. He is wake in most of the areas. Wake in knowledge, wake in planning, wake in controlling, wake in execution, wake in budgeting, you name he has it. Sick of this Lah!

tingnan said...

Besides, I heard that Malaysia produces "Sweet Crude" which is lower is sulphur content. These "sweet crude" are worth more than the "sour crude" that we normally get from countries like middle east. If it all make sense, the government would most likely sell off all the "sweet crude" and purchase "sour crude" at the same time. Hence even if we can consume the 650,000 barrels per day we will still be having positive income.

Engr MAA said...

Salam Dr. M,
I'm totally agreed with Dr. M on the policy or some instructions came out from the government on the ban of the fuel selling to Singaporeans and Siameses. This is because of the principles they stand with, where inconsistency of implementing the rule or policy whereby in north and east cost could be implemented but why taking so long to implement in JB. Is this because of the any internal link because of the interests. I wonder why they really taking care of Singaporeans rather than Malaysians and really confused of the credibility of the government to save their people. Besides, I'm totally agreed with Dr. M on the price shall be per income capita and totally disagreed on the claims saying that our price much cheaper compared to neighbour countries since the ruler of measurement might be different and cannot be used as benchmark. I really wonder why they trying to burden the Malaysians and really taking care of outsiders. "Respect own people, then people will respect you".

ClArΪssέ said...

I do not know much about how the economy works. As far as i know, i was told that the inflation rate in Australia is about 3% each year, where wages, food, petrol, school fees, etc all go up by a fair 3%.

But so much as i saw in Malaysia, wages hardly go up and costs of food and goods keep increasing. How could the people survive? How many percent of the people could afford for a day out with family at least once a week?

Malaysians would soon be the most unhappy people in the world as we would be so tied up by the limited income and high living costs.

It worries me alot.

1st Year Law Student 07/08 said...

It is without a doubt forseeable that the cost of living will increase.

With this regard, another fragment of society will tremendously be effected... LOCAL UNIVERSITY / COLLEGE STUDENTS.

Those with scholarships and loans are lucky to have some cash in their bank accounts to counter this economic phenomenon yet some of them are still complaining.

What about students without the benefits of a scholarship or a loan? Are we supposed to work and juggle it with our studies?

Be thrifty. Jimat Cermat. Some people might say. It is not as easy as it seems if your studying in a metropolitan city in the nation's oldest university.

The point here is, the hike in the oil price will have a chain effect which impacts every segments in society.

I am merely highlighting the fact that, it impacts us, uni/college students too.

Mr Zam, Emzeti IT said...

Sebagai cerita,
sempat jugak saya beli full tank RM50 sama dgn 26 liter. limit mmg diberi RM50 oleh stesen minyak, tp ngam2 tangki kereta saya (maklumlah kereta cc kecik jer)..
at leas dpt jimat RM20 lebih...

Reformation said...

we cant compare UK and Malaysia.
1)UK oil price cost 0.82P/ litre in 2004. 20%+/- increment for the past 4 years. cheapest bread 0.20P +/-, peanut butter spread 0.50P and used car for 50 pounds

2)MSIA oil price cost 1.42/litre in 2004.
90%+/- increment for the past 4 years. cheapest bread rm2?, peanut butter rm7-rm8? and used car rm2000 +/-

many more...
just my 2 cent! good day sir

Dr. Ridzuan Masri said...

Tun yang dikasihi..

Dulu, sebelum Tun berundur, sayalah orang yang paling kuat menyokong Tun. Saya akan bangkit, dan rela berdebat kalau ada yang cuba mengutuk Tun walaupun Tun kanal saya. Tetapi sekarang ini, sayalah orang yang paling kuat menentang Pak Lah dan regimnya, sehinggakan nak ditubuhkan cawangan UMNO ditempat sayapun, saya telah menentangnya.

Saya berpendapat, dengan menaikkan harga minyak sesuka hati, dan menggalakkan inflasi secara besar-besaran, adalah menjadi asas yang amat kukuh untuk kerajaan BN sekarang untuk tumbang keseluruhannya.

Tun yang dikasihi,

Saya sedih. Tapi apa yang saya patut lakukan, kecuali menentang dan menunggu keruntuhan kerajaan BN yang ada. Saya tak sanggup kehilangan UMNO, tapi saya juga tak sanggup dicekik dan diperkotak katik dan ditindas oleh UMNO.

Saya sebagai rakyat biasa, saya meninggalkan UMNO terlebih dahulu, 5 bulan sebleum Tun buat keputusan meninggalkan UMNO, sebeb saya rakyat yang miskin, yang merasai terlebih dahulu keperitannya.

Saya benar-benar kecewa Tun...

simply_BLACK said...

well, this is an unavoidable situation. as i believe, everyone has already expected the increament, just that it came much earlier than expected.

i'd say that banning the foreigner to fill up their tanks in our petrol stations is the way to go, especially Singaporean and Thais. our government should practice this since ages ago.

sometimes i just dont understand why would our goverment allow them to refill in our petrol stations. it's just not fair for the tax payers in our country. the more they buy from us, the more our government have to subsidize. they're earning stronger currency(SGD), they're not paying the tax but they're enjoying the benefits of our tax payers, is this sounds fair?


Idealis Malaysia said...

Salam Perjuangan...

Saya amat terharu dan sedih atas komen Corpetro said...

Antara komen beliau yang begitu menyentuh hati saya "saya berulang alik dari cyberjaya ke melaka. Skrang ni pun belanja minyak + tol saya pi keje rm 1000 sebulan.... itu minyak harga rm1.92 je....dengan rate skrang ni rm 2.70mau kat rm 1500 untuk minyak kereta je!!!! kerajaan bg subsidi rm625 setahun tu cuma belanja minyak saya setengah bulan.

Isteri saya pun x sanggup tgk saya sakit poket ujung bulan, malam tadi beliau buat keputusan untuk berenti belajar. dan kami akan pindah balik ke Seri Kembangan ujung bulan ni. Satu keputusan yg amat menyedihkan, tapi kami terpaksa menerimanya. Nak duduk asrama, anak saya nak letak mana pula...tak terjaga. Satu keluarga menangis mlm tadi. isteri nangis sebab dia kena berenti belajar, saya nangis sebab terharu dengan keputusan isteri, anak aku nangis sebab tgk mak ayah dia nangis... terima kasih kerajaan malaysia...."

Ini baru sekelumit kisah yang dihadapai akibat kenaikan harga minyak ini... saya pasti terlalu byk yg menghadapi kesukaran dan keperitan hidup akibat keadaan ini...

Entah lah apa yang harus kita lakukan... selain drp berjimat dan cuma mengaturkan hidup kita sebaiknya dengan menyesuaikan diri dengan keadaan sekarang...

Namun keadaan ini adalah hasil "KEBIJAKSANAAN" PM kita sekarang yang mana mahukan rakyat menanggung kesusahan bersama kerajaan. Amat berbeza sekali di zaman TDM yang mana kerajaan waktu itu rela menanggung susah demi kebajikan dan kesejahteraan rakyat... kerajaan sanggup melaksanakan ikhtiar lain tanpa memberikan kesan terus pada rakyat... tapi sekarang kerajaan lebih rela menyusahkan rakyat dari menanggung dan memikirkan jalan keluar masalah ini...


Ya Allah moga akan lahir seorang pemimpin yang memiliki dan mewarisi kebijaksanaan, ketajaman akal fikiran dan ketokohan seperti TDM semoga Malaysia terus Aman, Maju Dan Makmur seterusnya selamat demi masa depan generasi kita yang mendatang...

TDM saya mendoakan agar Allah SWT mengurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan umur yg panjang agar TDN terus dapat membela kami rakyat malaysia... BANTULAH KAMI...

Renung-Renungkan, Salam Perjuangan

Pixie said...

I wish the government could reconsider the petrol increase, if given a chance I would like to go to work by public transportation but as we all know its not as efficient and convenient as other countries. I am from the middle class and now demoted to poor level because of this sudden increase. I am not a big spender but our basic survival is been jeopardize just over night.

lisa toh said...

saya sedih membaca apa yang terjadi pada corpetro.saya percaya ia berlaku pada ramai lagi orang.I was sad when u step down,ramai antara kawan2 yang meramalkan apa yang berlaku hari ini bila Tun letak jawatan dulu.dulu saya percaya malaysia juga satu hari akan merasa kesan kenaikan harga minyak ini tapi tidak langsung menjangkakan ketidakstabilan politik dan inflasi yang kian meningkat ini.
Saya rasa ramai yang masih bersama-sama Tun dalam perjuangan Tun untuk membuka minda orang2 Malaysia.Bukan kerana saya membesar dibawah kerajaan Tun maka saya agak pro Tun tapi kerana kerajaan sekarang lebih mementingkan subsidi mana boleh dipotong supaya lebih banyak duit boleh masuk ke poket2 mereka ini.tidak cukupkah orang2 kerajaan mendapat duit komisen dari setiap projek yang dijalankan dikawasan masing2(kenapalah agaknya semakin banyak projek2 besar...memusnahkan alam sekitar...hmmm i wonder?)
Janganlah kerajaan sekarang mendabik dada kerana menang dalam PRU12 baru2 ini...ini kerana kami rakyat tidak ada pilihan..semua parti adalah sama..Cubalah beri kami satu pilihan yang mana parti itu sehebat Parti Barisan Nasional bawah pimpinan Tun dulu.we'll see what happen.Kerajaan dan parti2 sekarang tiada kredibiliti,tak punya identiti,yang ada cumalah DUIT INI AKAN MASUK KOCEK SIAPA NANTI...PM KAH?MENTERI2 KAH?ADUN KAH? DAN ENTAH SIAPA LAGI KRONI...
entahlah apa akan jadi pada malaysia yang kita sayang ini...sudah masuk 51tahun dijaga,dipupuk,dibangun tapi semua usaha itu sekarang di FLUSH ke longkang.
sedarlah my fellow malaysian...i believe there's always something we can do.Please Tun,lakukanlah sesuatu demi Malaysia dan rakyatnya.BERSATU KITA TEGUH BERCERAI KITA ROBOH

biskuttawar said...

this the way, that they should follow . I wonder, where is cabinet minister when the announcement were made...i think they are hiding in the oil fields or digging it .... c.o.w.a.r....

blink4blog said...


Very good analysis and i wish you were still the Prime Minister when come to handling nation economy.

I would say when the government saying review petrol price, it actually means "get prepare, we are going up again".

kczura said...

Salam Tun,

Kmai rindu dengan cara pemerintahan Tun..Jika Tun boleh memimpin kembali, satu Malaysia akan bersorak kegembiraan..Kenapa la Pak Lah tidak seperti Tun..Jika tidak mampu menjadi seperti Tun apa salahnya jika dia mendengar nasihat orang lain sedangkan dia tahu dirinya tidak bijak...Sedih...

yiemega said...

Ayahnda Tun,

Sebenarnya kami merasa amat terbeban dengan kenaikkan harga ini, inilah kesanya apabila orang yang tidak ada kelayakkan ekonomi menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Mordecai Kucai said...


Kalau pun pak lah tu kurang cerdik dalam hal lain. Dia boleh lantik penasihat yang boleh memikirkan bagi pihaknya.

Masalahnya dari segi memilih penasihat atau adakah dia pun tak tau apa nak tanya dengan penasihatnya. Kerana lazimnya penasihat begini dia tak proaktif.

Sekiranya kita pun tidak tahu apa yang nak di tanya. Penasihat pun tak berguna.

Sebagai contoh yang Tun tunjukkan dlm blog ini. Sebelum apa apa Tun telah memberi maklumat yang agak terperinci juga mengenai apa yang Tun tahu dan mahu. Malu juga pegawai atau penasihat Tun kerana mereka kurang mengetahui dari Tun.

Tun tahu apa yang Tun mahu dan penashat Tun boleh pula mendalaminya.

Kalau pun penasihat Tun pada zaman Tun sebagai PM di beri kepada Abdullah. Tetap juga tak jadi apa.

Kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak menyusahkan kita semua. Mengapa tidak awal pagi semalam atau lewat malam?

Kononnya nak tiru pada zaman dulu dulu. Kenaikan harga minyak macam kenaikan harga rokok. Dalam tempuh semalaman.

Dulu kenaikan berapa sen jer. Ni dekat 80 sen. Tentu la tak sesuai untuk di naikkan semalaman. Dah masyarakat terganggu. Jalan jam. Yang tak kena mengena dengan minyak pun balik rumah lambat.

Tu la. Kalau tak biasakan diri turun ke bawah selalu. Tindakan tidak akan halus. Mana lah boleh orang tinggal di tempat selesa nak memikirkan masalah orang tinggal dalam hutan. Tentu ada yang tertinggal.

Belum ada keputusan yang tepat telah di gembar gemburkan apa nak buat. Nampak sangat tidak ada keputusan yang tetap dan mengikut jalur yang sama.

Mungkin kerajaan yang bersempadan dengan kita pun memikirkan kelatahan kerajaan sekarang.

yiemega said...

Ayahnda Tun,

Sememangnya kami rakyat marhaen merasa amat terbeban dengan kenaikkan yang terlampau ini, menjadikan Abdullah Haji Ahmad sebagai Bapa Kenaikkan Harga Malaysia

sharq said...

dear tun,

please save malaysia from being ruined by the current sleeping beauty pm.

we don't need his weak leadership, we only NEED you.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum our dearest Tun,
Semoga panjang umur, sihat selalu, dan murah rezeki Tun. Tun sentiasa dalam doa kami sekeluarga.
Seperti biasa, Tun berjaya menerangkan perkara2 yg rumit dalam bahasa biasa yg dapat difahami oleh manusia biasa spt saya. Terima kasih Tun.

Yg saya terkilan ialah spt biasa saya rasa tertipu oleh kepimpinan Sang Perdana Menteri kita. Mula2 kata Ogos akan naik harga. Rabu semalam sepatutnya umumkan mekanisma subsidi yg baru. "Terkejut kangkung" (pinjam kata2 dari blogger UM Ubaidah) saya. Maka saya pun beratur sama2 selama 1/2 jam utk mengisi setangki minyak. Dan kini saya begitu anxious menunggu kemelesetan ekonomi yg pasti datang bersama2 dgn kenaikan drastik ini...(malam tadi tidur tak lena, malam ini juga pasti...)

Apa yg Tun nasihatkan di sini patut dilaksanakan dan insyaAllah berjaya. Bagi saya, saya sudah tak tau apa harapan saya kepada negara tercinta ini, selagi ianya berada di bawah kepimpinan Sang Saya-Perdana-Menteri-Boleh-Buat Apa-Saja.

Saya tunggu pemilihan cawangan, buat apa yg boleh, kemudian tunggu Pemilihan Disember. Jika tiada perubahan drastik di pucuk pimpinan sana, saya akan tidak berparti....seperti Tun tersayang...

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Cucu Mahsuri said...


Jika Tun terserempak dengan Abdullah Badawi dan Shahrir Abdul Samad di mana2 majlis, minta sampaikan salam TAHNIAH saya dan penduduk LANGKAWI kerana berjaya naikkan semua jenis barang (bukan minyak jer) yang menyebabkan rakyat menjadi hilang arah sebaik saja beliau umumkan PENSTRUKTURAN HARGA MINYAK ('penstrukturan' dengan 'KENAIKAN HARGA' sama ker?) semalam. Kami amat sayang PAKLAH & SHAHRIR dan sebagai tanda kesayangan kami akan hadiahkan kerusi empuk di rumah semasa PRU13 nanti untuk mereka duduk di rumah selama-lamanya. TAHNIAH PAKLAH & TOK SHAHRIR. Engkaula pemimpin paling 'bijak' di muka bumi Malaysia ini.

AxedAdvisor said...


Finally, it was said... "In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US".

It is often policymaker in Malaysia normally will come out with a misleading comparison.
It is fine to compare on a one-to-one basis, but saying it loudly as a reason for decision is not valid anymore.

If I am not mistaken, even the same goes through during your era.

Apart from fuel

It was loudly, and perhaps proudly said that our highway toll rate is among the lowest in the region.

But, as usual, policymaker, and the media failed to highlight that the tolls in few other countries is applicable in the major town only as compared to Malaysia. Even both Hutan-Kampung also subject to toll.

The same goes through too to many things...

To policymaker, surely the government and the politician, and most importantly the media just want to say "Welcome to 20th century".

Unknown said...

Terima kasih kepada Pak Lah diatas hadiah kejayaan pilihanraya. wahai Pak Lah..nikmatilah 5thn memerintah ini. kami sebagai generasi muda akan pastikan kepimpinan Pak Lah tidak akan berterusan.

Pak Lah cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang
Rakyat Malaysia merana, menderita, papa kedana
terima kasih!!

pengantin said...


Always support u. But i dunno whether it is possible why not u contest the umno presidency i think you can surely win.

Unknown said...

Kenaikan rm0.78 rasanya terlalu drastik...

Saya sebagai anak seorang kontraktor rasanya memahami bagaimana kenaikan ini akan membebankan ayah saya jika dilihat situasi sekarang betapa kurangnya projek kerajaan untuk disalurkan kepada kontraktor (yang bukan kroni). Malah ada beberapa kawan ayah saya yang telah lama gulung tikar. satu situasi yang saya rasakan sedikit kritikal.

Yang Miskin bertambah miskin
Yang kaya bertambah kaya (cuma golongan kaya yang tertentu mungkin)

Sharifah Fazirah Al Baraqbah said...

itulah... yg pasti pemimpim berfikiran luas mcm tun... susah nak dijangka siapa yg turut memilikinya...

hendak atau tidak... mereka yg berkuasa tetapi tidak menyalahgunakan kuasa cuma tak tahu menggunakan kuasa... menjadikan rakyat merasai kekuasaanya...

entah apa sebenarnya yg paklah nampak pun taktahu...
dlm kebimbangan rakyat terhadap isu kenaikan petrol harga barang dan kerajaan sendiri telah melihat kesannya ketika pilihanraya baru-baru ini.... kerajaan tetap dengan keputusan pelik dan melihat perubahan yang dibuat adalah untuk mengurangkan beban rakyat..
walhal... kita sendiri merasainya sekarang...
only a wide and well knowledge leader can see all factors.. just like tun.. i very impress on him..

paklah... if people see you can't, you just can't... the worst is that your supporters keeping in blind not to see the reality...
please don't make us suffer of your decision... but you still with your decision that you can...
now you can see what you can make to society actually...

please take times before make decision, consider all factors.. the cause and effects....

why don't you listen to tun advise...? just for the sake of rakyat.....

RaihanahMM said...

assalamualaikum Tun

I am terribly upset over the new petrol price, its so sudden and unexpected. Many of us drive over 50 kilometres (one way) to work each day and this new petrol price will not only hurt, but more than that, it will cripple our financial state. i wish the public transport was an alternative but in my case it is not.

When i read about the amount Petronas makes annually and the amount of bonus the Petronas staff gets, i wander how the authorities rationalize their decisions and sleep well at night. May God give them the conscience and sense to see what others already know before its too late.

God bless you Tun.

baizura said...

I dont understand how can both Pak Lah and the whole bunch of them especially datuk shahrir Samad be so insanely cn u implement such price hike to tak eeffect immediately....IWho are his advisors...cant he relate the impact it has over the ppl at large...i seriously support ur effort 110% to get rid of Pak this point i rather have anyyone as PM but not him...Cant leader stop n think for a while how these matter wud affect the ppl especially those who with families...i know that the increase in price can b avoided..but the mechanism n the implementation is so freaking weak n lack of intelligence..

onemalay said...

Dear Tun and All Readers,

The oil price issue has prompt all of us to discuss about it and we have no choice but all of us affected, small or big.

Fully agreed with Tun that the Government is always talking and comparing with fuel price of other nations, being it developed or 3rd world nations. Also our neighboring countries, that we are still paying cheaper fuel price at the pump. However, government seems to forget to address people of how much per capita income that we earn even compare to our neighboring country, Singapore.

It seems to us that the first thing government to resort to is to increase everything that possible, giving the excuse that government could not afford to pay so much of the subsidy. Fine than. But what we would like to know as the mass population is that, where is the money goes from the saving of this subsidy to the people? More mega projects, more corridors? And the question is, who benefited the most? Are we the people or only selected people rake in major portion of it?

Also, if I not mistaken, developed countries like US has the minimum household income of USD600 per month to be consider poor family, while in Italy minimum monthly income would be EURO1,100. Are we come close to that?

The recent Government seems to advocate free market, if there is the case let the market forces determine the final price, which I presume would be more competitive that of what we are currently has to pay.

Due to this increase in oil price, most of other items would definitely affected due to increasing in operating cost, like transportation, but the increase of people wages remain stagnant for quite a long time.

The above people would not feel the effect like us people who earn hard living. The moment we go out of our house everything is about money. The Goverment suggestion of we need to change the life style is should be address to them first not us the Malaysian public. It must lead by example.

We Malaysian are wondering why during Tun 22-years of tenure as PM, we are not suffering so much, until this new PM takes over of only 4 years, everything is seemed to go up, the only thing that goes down is 'rain'.

If he feels that he could not manage the country very well anymore, just step down with 'honor', and left it to the person that maybe better of managing the country economy so that the public would not have to suffer any further.

I am calling all the Malaysians to stand and rally demanding him to step down because we are suffering enough with so much increase in cost of living, education, health etc etc. We Malaysians are not so eager to have mega projects to be implemented all over the places which are not so directly benefitting us.

Less not forget, we Malaysians elected him for him to stand and fight for the welfare of the Malaysians and not for his so called 'cronies' and 'family circle'.

che we said...

Kenapa bandingkan dengan negara2 bukan pengeluar minyak?
bandingkan la dengan Brunei ke..Arab Saudi ke...kita adalah negara pengeluar minyak...
Hatta India yang bukan pengeluar minyakpun naik 10 sen je..

Na'Q & Ni'Q Mama said...

Dunia dah nak kiamat lerrr.Bumi sentiasa bergegar,kita manusia akan balik kepada zaman jahiliah dulu,manusia berlawan menggunakan pedang,kereta dah tak dapat bergerak sebab minyak dah terlalu mahal,tak lama lagi semua bahan galian tu akan hilang,kapal terbang pun sudah tidak mampu terbang lagi dah,orang nak gi haji pun kena naik kapal dah lepas ni..errrmmm apa yang pasti nya semuanya akan balik kepada zaman dahulu kala.huhuhuhuhu

Dan yang paling ketara sangat,sejahat2 manusia diangkat sebagai pemimpin,artis di sanjung,ulama ditendang terajang.

Tun tolong lah selamatkan ekonomi negara kita....

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,
As always, excellent explanation! Thank you.

I really hope that the PM starts listening to your advice; otherwise RESIGN. He is so arrogant & “bodoh sombong”. The biggest mistake the PM (UMNO) has ever made is to push you aside and totally ignored your opinions and advice.

I wish you were still our PM. You have my full support if you decide to be the PM again.

“Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera dan dirahmati Allah”

Fallen Angel said...

It's hard to understand why this kind of decision is made in a rush within days of the ban of selling out petrol to foreigner, as a malaysian , we have all the rights to know about all the decision that about to be made by our government. One logic conclusion that i can come out with all this sudden decision is , our current prime minister only announced what other people want him to say and do. Two term he hold the position as a PM and i can't see any progress or developement that can bring malaysia to another Level.

Like what our beloved tun mention our income per capita is far less than singaporean so we cannot compare our oil prices with singapore it is so unfair. Just like what tun said we understand that the fuel price need to be increased but a level that we can accept. Malaysian is not an ignorant people and we certainly not stupid.

Abdullah said we need to change our livestyle, easy for him to say because he is rich and top there where everything is basically free for him. And what i really can't accept is one of our wise minister said in national TV last nite there will be no price spillage on other goods, ya right , i guess he never bought his household goods from normal shop like most of malaysian did. c'mon it's just logic , let me tell you , yes all rice(which price just increased earlier), palm oil, bread and some other food is controlled price, but we can't live on just food, we need toothpaste , soap, attire, nursery for babies and other things which is compulsory things to have. and i bet when i come home from work today i can expect all the price will be increased . and our salary can't be revised in a day like decision that made by our gov (4 hours meeting for Fate of 24 millions malaysian, doesn't make any sense even my company project meetings longer than that ).

I'm not a crybabies but if our current gov really thinks about malaysian there's a lot of other options . we need somebody like Tun , somebody that really think about the future . I'm not a big fan of you when you are a PM but now i can see how much superior u are and what a leader u are. Thinking about it all the decisions is make after long consideration previously totally different from what we have now with our current government.

I as a malaysian , i really2 think that we need a new government that is more transparent, that is more responsible about malaysian and i think i should ask this,


Yours truely,
Shahrul Aiman

Tinta Jemari TJ said...

Salam Tun,
Sebagai golongan muda atau lebih mudah dikatakan sebagai pengundi muda kami merasakan kerajaan atau parti yang memerintah sengaja memperjudikan nasib rakyat diatas kepentingan pihak-pihak tertentu bagi kami golongan yang berpendapatan rendah kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak cukup membebankan.Saya memuji zaman Tun menjadi perdana menteri kenaikan minyak mmg ada tapi tak lah seteruk zaman PAK LAH.Jadi saya harap Tun dapat teruskan perjuangan membela nasib kami walaupun dari luar.Terima kasih.

SiR KinG TiGeR said...

YABhg Raja Blog

Thank you for your explaination. Would it be appropriate if Malaysian boycott other companies like Shell, ESSO, BP etc and started using only PETRONAS ? Any effect on the price then ? I am sure there will be a price war? or the users will benefit because I am sure those companies will offfer other incentive to attract users.Then it is going to be a win win situation? A value for money ?

Well, I don't have your kind of brain !

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Dev_Guru said...

Dear Tun,

I do agree with you on the part where you enlighten us on the fuel price variance between countries. The price of fuel in UK and US is higher than us, but their income is definetly very much higher than us. But in our case, the fuel price is increased, but our wages are not, why does our current regime dont understand this,in return they want us to change our lie style. Why should we change the lifestyle ?

:::jillian de jill::: said...

hurm... sabar aje lah... jadi lah kita seperti katak di bawah tempurung tak yah ke mana mana... no more cuti cuti malaysia... harga petrol dh naik kn.. sooner o later barang barang keperluan yang lain turut naik... honorarium (sorry if error spelling)... RM 2000... yang CUEPACS nak cuba dapatkan ... tak dpt... kononya akan ada sesuatu yang lebih baik akan diberi.... 78 sen seliter... itulah ganjarannya...

saya turut sedih dengan apa yang berlaku sekarang... jom jom buat bisnes lintah ke.. keli ke...

apa kata kita tukar NGV... jimat tak... nnt harga gas pun naik pulak...

Aku Pening said...

Akum Tun,

Saya harap Tun sekeluarga sihat sentiasa.

Kerajaan pimpinan Pak Lah telah sekali lagi memberi isu kepada pihak pembangkan dengan menaikkan harga minyak secara mendadak.Secara tidak langsung pengundi akan menjadi semakin benci kepada kerajaan BN.

Saya bersependapat bahawa kenaikkan harga minyak ini adalah sangat memberatkan rakayat yang berpendapatan rendah. "Rebet" RM650 + RM200 yang dikempablikan kepada pemilik kenderaan pada setiap kali mereka memperbahrui cukai jalan adalah tak bermakna kerana rebet atau "subsidi" yang diberikan masih tidak mencukupi.

Kenapa kerajaan tidak mengambil langkah lain selain menaikkan harga minyak? Saya rasa mereka boleh mencari sumber kewangan lain bagi mengelak kenaikkan harga minyak.

Saya rasa ramai yang akan bersetuju sekiranya langkah berikut diambil untuk mengelakkan kenaikkan harga minyak:

1. Menaikkan cukai arak
2. Menaikkan cukai rokok
3. Menaikkan cukai kenderaan
4. Menaikkan cukai perjudian
5. Menaikkan cukai tempat hiburan
6. Pemotongan elaun MP dan YB
7. Mengenepikan (allocate) beberapa ribu tong minyak untuk kegunaan kita sendiri.
8. Menaikkan cukai kenderaan asing

Saya pasti sekiranya kerajaan mengambil langkah untuk tidak membebankan rakyat, alternatif lain pasti dapat ditemui.

kebil said...

salam tun

tolong lah selamatkan kami yg bukan kaya nie......kerajaan sekarang tak de bg apa utk rakyat...malah MENJAHANAMKAN rakyat ada lagi lah......



Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,
Im not an economist and i'm just a normal IPTA student studying TESL in Uitm. But yet, what you have said makes more sense then what is the goverment doing right now. The so called 'strategic subsidy management' by the goverment is all rubbish :
1. How can they consider to put car cc's as the benchmark to help the poor and middle class vehicle owners? Sorry to say but it is not a wise desicion. Any rich guy can own 10 branded cars with engines ranging from 1.3cc to 2.0cc and gets subsidy money 625x10= RM6250. While a poor malay that owns a seasoned saga will only get RM625.It this fair ? the rich will still get more benifit from the poor.
2.They also said that the food prices won't rise. We will give oil subsidies to private companies so that the price won't rise. Now look at this , majority of the small food operators(peniaga runcit,pasar,gerai,restoran) uses their PERSONAL vehicles to transport supply and manage bussiness. So logically when the oil price for individual vehcles rises the prces of food will also rise. Even someone with no knowledge about economy can think of this logic.
3. Last year Petronas managed to get a net profit of 80billion. From Tun's calculation due to the oil hike they can enjoy up to 27billion of extra profit. So, almost 100billion of profit and still the citizens of malaysia suffer?Where are all the profits going? According to Tun the profit is able to sustain the oil price at a stable rate.
4.when the oil price rises,the price of food rises,operation cost for bussiness rises and finally the cost of living will rise. The people will lose their buying power.Less sales+less bussines= blunting the economic growth.

Please God help us, Tun please find a way to help your people.We really need a change.

Unknown said...

tun cakap.

"Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported."

ini maklumat BARU! saya sebelum ni tahu malaysia produce dalam lingkungan 700,000 barrel sehari, tapi tun bagi figure yang lebih tepat. dan paling saya terkujat, malaysia masih net EXPORT sebanyak 250,000 sehari! dengan harga minyak naik dan domestic consumption hanya CIPUT, maknanya kerajaan semakin banyak wang maka takde sebab kerajaan patut naikkan harga minyak! yang patut kerajaan buat ialah kekalkan harga minyak dan pada masa yang sama berusaha untuk menggalakkan rakyat menggunakan tenaga atau kenderaan alternatif lain seperti public transport supaya penggunaan petrol di kurangkan sekaligus kurangkan subsidi kerajaan kepada rakyat! dulu negara kencang buat infrastuktur transport awam macam LRT, monorail, double rail tracking. sampai kat pak lah, semua jadik beku!

syabas tun! teruskan pendedahan!

Unknown said...

I read your article with your intonnation just now....I can still visualise your days...really miss your speech.
Ok.We cannot stop the rising price in the world economy..but government should at least try to help the malaysians deal with the problem...that's why they've been voted.
Betul kata some of our friends...mereka tidak akan merasa kesannya because all of the expenses being paid by their office.
kalau nak tulis yang dalam hati ni memang panjang...pendek kata kami terima dengan explanation Tun dan setuju dengan pendapat Tun...kerajaan dulu jaga Malaysia and Malaysians...dimata dunia!!!
Kalau kita semua kerja dengan ikhlas..insya'Allah hidup kita semua akan diberkati.

Tinta Jemari TJ said...

Salam Tun,
Sebagai golongan muda atau lebih mudah dikatakan sebagai pengundi muda kami merasakan kerajaan atau parti yang memerintah sengaja memperjudikan nasib rakyat diatas kepentingan pihak-pihak tertentu bagi kami golongan yang berpendapatan rendah kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak cukup membebankan.Saya memuji zaman Tun menjadi perdana menteri kenaikan minyak mmg ada tapi tak lah seteruk zaman PAK LAH.Jadi saya harap Tun dapat teruskan perjuangan membela nasib kami walaupun dari luar.Terima kasih.

closteriopsis said...

Salam Hormat Tun,

Mengapa pemimpin-pemimpin yang ada sekarang ni tak nak belajar atau amik ilmu mentadbir negara dari Tun, buat-buat pandai jerr.. 'bodoh sombong' tak elok di amalkan kerana ini menggadai negara ni..parah ni..yang menerima akibatnya rakyat jugak..


anjelina said...

Minyak - Pak Lah tidak mengharapkan rakyat gembira tetapi….
Seperti yang telah dijangka kenaikan minyak akan menjadi satu isu yang hangat diperkatakan dan kenaikan harga minyak ini akan menjadi bahan politik yang akan membakar rakyat untuk membenci kerajaan BN.
Kesempatan ini bukan sahaja menjadi bahan oleh pembangkang tetapi ianya juga akan menjadi bahan kepada juak-juak UMNO yang anti kepada Presiden UMNO untuk mendesak agar Perdana Menteri meletakkan jawatan.
Hakikatnya , Pak Lah bukan tidak tahu ini akan berlaku, beliau juga akan menjadi bertambah tidak popular dengan kenaikan harga minyak ini, al-maklumlah, siapa yang suka kerana terpaksa membayar lebih dan berbelanja lebih. Bukan Pak Lah tidak tahu ini akan berlaku dan bukan Pak Lah tidak menjangka isu ini akan membuat beliau bertambah tidak popular. Walaupun perkara ini telah dibincangkan bersama ahli-ahli kabinet yang lain dan telah dipersetujui oleh semua ahli kabinet dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri tetapi Pak Lah juga yang akan menjadi mangsa keadaan ini.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,
Saya amat berbangga mempunyai org spt Tun. Semoga Allah merahmati Tun hendaknya.

*sedang menunggang basikal sambil menggeleng kepala ke arah stesen minyak...

syaza said...

assalamualaikum tun,
the rising oil price really shocked us..
yes we understand harga minyak dunia memang semakin meningkat..but do we need to increase the higher price at one time..must have a solution..last time the raise only costs 5 to 10 78 cent..
for rich people, it is just a small matter..what if poor people?
kita pernah mengalami kemelesetan ekonomi...alhamdulillah with Allah's will and your guts, we made it through..
why they dont think that..or maybe ask your opinion since you have a lot of experiences instead of condemning you...
dont they think about:
economy is the key actually?

thanks tun for the will be my no.1 idol

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,




KinGHateCrewz said...

Skg ni bkn masa nya kita smua nk flashback lg bnda yg da lepas.. we live for the bukak mata and analyze decision yg dbuat oleh kerajaan pasal minyak..Ingat, kita negara pgeluar myak and harga myak domestik patut dkawal oleh kita. ini la baru membantu rakyat.Jgn la tertipu dgn bayaran RM625 n RM150 utk kereta n motosikal setahun.. Kira balik, agak2 berapa untung kita lepas bayar road tax + insurance.. nk tau lebey lanjut, bleh survey sndiri kat internet harga myak global.. sila beri perhatian pada unit harga n ukuran gallon(us)..convert pg RM per litre, mmg akan nmpak Malaysia mmg menang kalo nk dbandingkan dgn negara pengluar yg lain..
Malaysia Boley..
-Trima Kasih Kerajaan-

Unknown said...

assalamualaikum..Tun yg dihormati.

1.bolehkah tun jelaskan status penggunaan petrol dan elektrik oleh pm, menteri2 kerajaan sekarang dan wakil rakyat? bayar pakai duit gaji mereka sendiri atau sepenuhya ditanggung kerajaan?

kalau beginilah cara pm dan menteri2 menguruskan kerajaan, flip sana..flop sini, tidak layak pm suruh orang berjimat cermat.

2. benarkah harga minyak dunia sekarang ini jauh dari nilai yg sepatutnya? sekiranya benar apakah tindakan kita. sampai bila harus kita dieksploitasi sebegini. bergembiralah musuh2 diluar sana melihat rakyat merusuh, memporak-peranda negara dengan menjaja krisis ekonomi dunia sekarang. bergembiralah mereka kerana malaysia memiliki pm yg lemah yg tak tahu menguruskan ekonomi malaysia.

Anonymous said...

apaboleh buat ayahanda tun.. semut seperti biasa kena pijak dengan manusia

tapi satu waktu semut pun gigit manusia sampai boleh mati tunggulah

AnakKucing said...

First of all, I feel the US should stop using the sub-prime crisis as an excuse for their impending recession, seeing that it only constitutes a minute percentage of their total economy. The rakyat of other countries should also be smart enough to realise that the problem is more or less isolated, as not many foreign countries save for Japan perhaps have invested in the US Sub-prime market, so whatever their governments are saying is just bollocks. The US has alwyas been a convenient scape goat and/ or saviour, depending on convenience.

Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are blessed with enough resources to run independently of the US economy, if push comes to shove. An isolated economy is better than a globalised environment at the expense of the rakyat.

I agree that what is happening now is a mere show of government inefficiency, and more importantly the malady of corruption.

amy lee lee said...

Salam Tun,

Kenapa harga minyak Malaysia naik mendadak. Semasa pemerintahan Tun harga minyak paling tinggi pun pernah naik adalah 10 sen. Tp sejak pemerintahan Pak lah n the gang harga minyak naik melampau-lampau. Kenapa mereka tak pernah fikir tentang rakyat. kemana perginya duit hasil eksport minyak negara? Sepatutnya kita sebagai negara pengeluar minyak tidak patut menaikkan harga minyak. Apa yang menjadi persoalan disini kemanakah disalurkan duit-duit tol, hasil eksport minyak,pelaburan KWSP,dan sebagainya. Pelaburan ape yang mereka buat sehingga berbilion-bilion. Tak nampak satu pun pembangunan yang mereka buat. Kalau keadaan seperti ini berlarutan saya khuatir satu hari nnti mungkin kerajaan akan digulingkan..wlupun kite berada diats, jgn hanya mendongak ke langit. Perhatikanlah juga kami yang berada di bawah ni..Hitler lagi mulia dari Pemerintah malaysia sekarang...

idiopathic idiot said...

assalamualaikum ayahanda Tun dan pembahas sekalian..

semoga Allah memanjangkan usia Tun dan terus mengurniakan kebijaksanaan kepada Tun demi rakyat Malaysia.kami sayang Tun...

kesimpulan yang saya dapat ambil dari penulisan Tun..

1. menaikkan sebanyak 78sen (suddenly) bukan satu2nya penyelesaian kenaikan harga minyak global...

2. meskipun tukaran RM ke USD lebih kukuh (RM3.80 ke RM3.08 per USD) tetapi harga barangan import kekal..(tiada faedah buat rakyat)..barangan buatan Malaysia pun lebih mahal(apabila dieksport)

3. ketika rakyat dihadapkan dengan keputusan kenaikan biaya hidup yang menyakitkan...pemerintah pula flushed with money..aduhh..

4. pemerintah Malaysia hari ini arrogant/bodoh sombong/lemah/penuh duri dan racun/tamak..shame on u all!!!

saya nak tanya lagi..

1. bagaimana dengan sumber tenaga alternatif di Malaysia? (hydrogen/solar/air/water etc.)

2. wajarkah cukai pintu dan sebagainya dikurangkan atau dipotong utk mengurangkan beban rakyat..

maaf panjang sangat kali ini.i really2 try to make it straight to the point.terima kasih Tun..please help us Tun,please..doa/sayang/sokongan kami terus buat ayahanda Tun..wassalam

Fazli Razali said...

i don't know what to say...just i hope that Tun can save us now...!!!..please,i beg you....people of Malaysia beg you!!!

amarghassani said...

adakah ini keputusan yang dibuat oleh pak lah? ataupun nasihat dari penganalisis ekonomi yang menjahanamkan pemikiran pak lah???. tu la kerajaan malaysia silap tak mau minta pandangan orang lama macam tun dr M.... awat menterika tak leh mai jumpa tun ka ambik pandangan.... pak lah ooooiiii bila nk turun.. ni memang masa sesuai untuk anwar ibrahim bertanding.... kalau pakatan rakyat menang bukan sebab rakyat suka kat anwar ibrahim.... tapi sebab kebodohan pak lah dan konco-konconya yang menaikkan harga minyak paling tinggi dalam sejarah malaysia.. sedihnya malaysiaku......

. said...


amir said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Tun Dr.M
Good comment on oil price, but Tun since all Malaysian can't afford to fuel up their vechicle, is there any solution to cather these problem. How about the vision 2020, what will happen in the year 2020 in Malaysia economics, policy, political issues and etc since all things going up except rain. Can you comment Tun Dr.M.
Sincerely @kyoto, Japan.

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Thank you for the figures. You do your job well. Usually 'Advisor' do not do that. We expect the PM to do that, but not only he did not, but he even tricked us about the timing of the price increase. PM should take you as advisor. At least you can give us more needed info.

We mati-mati thought that it will only happen in August over the next few months. Some of us didn't have time to get new large drums to fill up as hedging stocks.

But the rakyat is also behaving irrationally and pathetically. They rushed to save themselves one tankful of fuel that only save them about RM30 for one week only. As the following week their tanks should be empty depending on their usage. This shows that they are willing to waste hours of hardship just to earn RM30.

This shows how not only poor-stricken many of us are, but how poverty thinking we are.

There are so much ways to save RM30 one time. One of them is to car pool and use the public transport more.

If we want to demonstrate against this BN for 'Barang Naik' we should not demonstrate against the fuel price increase as it is a global affair.

We should demonstrate for better public transport.

Also to those who are not proud to be Malaysians that keep condemning progress we enjoyed the last 22 + 4 years, they may at least feel that they are now leaving in a foreign country with foreign prices.

Be patient. It is part of trust in God.

Redhuan D. Oon

Arfah Ishak said...

Kepada Tun Det,

Saya sangat terkilan dgn kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak bermula hari ini. Setelah mendapat berita tentang minyak naik semalam, hati saya menjadi sedih dan geram. Kenapa k'jaan tidak mencari jalan lain utk tidak menyusahkan kami rakyat. Kami memerlukan pemimpin bukan nya pemusnah kebajikan rakyat.

Saya, lepasan graduan hanya memperolehi gaji yang cukup2 makan selama ini. Dengan nak bayar duit PTPTN nye lah, duit tol, bayar duit kereta lagi,belanja rumah (sewa, barang dapur ant etc).sgt sgt dukacita yaaa amatt..Adoihlah, Kenapa mahu kacau poket rakyat. Ni saya nak cakap Kedah lah ni.geram sangatt.Tiap2 bulan pun saya nak kirim wang ke kampung pun kena cut cost. Tidak boleh ke cari jalan lain spt menaikkan harga jualan air ke negara seberang, menaikkan cukai ke pelabur asing ke..ape2 je lah,asalkan jgn naik harga minyak, sebabnya automatik la barang2 lain akan naik.

Saya minta jasa baik Tun utk memperjuangkan hak rakyat, Saya berbangga di besarkan di zaman Era Tun Det, Zaman Pak Lah ni, memang titik hitam la bg sejarah hidup saya.

p/s:Ingat lagi kata2 ni' Bekerja bersama saya, bukan bekerja utk saya,....hmmmppppphhhhh..'sigh'

Nasirudin Anjud said...


You should have removed all those "tongkat" subsidies while you were in the highest office.

You are one and only person with strength that could've undone all those subsidies without inviting protest and I could be your strongest supporters.

Face it Tun, your successors in UMNO will not be able to take good care of Sabah.

There have been several rounds of discussions recently whether the west coast of Borneo should return to Brunei, like old time.

It was only 100 years plus ago when we were in good care of Brunei.

You should have left Sabah to a better Guardian when you left office...all those could've been thing..sigh..

Any comment TDM?

bzz said...


Saya cadangkan Tun usulkan ke World Guinness book of Record utk 'record flipflop' terpantas di dunia. Mungkin halfpastsix cabinet kita ni akan dapat pecah lagi record selepas ini.

Brandon Liew said...


I really agree with you.With a sudden on increase of petrol WE, Malaysian people will really suffer

Government always compare our oil prices with non-oil producing countries such as :

For example

Singapore : RM 5.00
Thailand : RM 4.00

how about compare Malaysia with the other oil producing countries just as we are

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

Simon Koay said...


In magazines and internation media all over the world, it is said that the current cost of crude oil at USD130 per barrel does not reflect the true cost of the crude oil.

Even Datuk Seri Idris Jala himself mentioned (TheStar, June 5) that the true cost of crude oil (in respect to supply and demand) is only USD40.

It is expected that the price will fall when the supply is too much and demand falls.

Peter Beutel, an oil analyst at the consultancy Cameron Hanover. "Ultimately we'll see a huge collapse in prices." (CNN Money, May 23)

Some big voices on Wall Street think so, predicting the oil market could tilt sharply south soon if the U.S. dollar strengthens and demand for crude oil weakens in some key consuming countries (The Wall Street Journal, June 4th)

Why can't the government wait till the petrol prices drop before removing subsidies?

Why remove subsidies when the inflation rate is so high?

Why remove subsidy NOW when Malaysia can still make profits from exporting oil?

Why remove it now? When petrol prices is so high, Petronas profits is even higher and inflation is already beyond ordinary Malaysian's imagination?

At least the prime minister managed to prevent a rush of Thais into Malaysia to buy fuel and prevented an utter chaos at the north. That much I can give him. (even if it was a flip-flop decision)

Simon KCH

musato said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Saya tidak expert dalam hal-hal pentadbiran sebagaimana Tun kerana saya berada di bidang lain dan tidak mempunyai maklumat-maklumat yang berkaitan.

Walau bagaimanapun,secara kasarnya bagus untuk kerajaan mempunyai keputusan yang nampak ketegasan tidak sebagaimana sebelum ini.Nampak semacam ada perubahan.

Biar foreigner atau rakyat Malaysia membeli minyak pada harga yang sama pun.Asalkan jangan cuba membezakan-bezakan antara rakyat melalui subsidi dan mencari penyakit baru semata-mata untuk menjadi hero di mata rakyat Malaysia dengan membawa cadangan-cadangan yang ingin menolong golongan berpendapatan rendah kononnya.

Bezakan antara foreigner dengan rakyat Malaysia dulu.Jangan membezakan antara rakyat Malaysia.Jangan cari penyakit baru.

Terima kasih Tun.

le' said...

x tau pe nk jd..
harga minyak naik mendadak..
RM2.70!oh my god..
rakyat menderita tanggung kos ni..
lps ni kita jln kaki or naik basikal je la..kita buat mcm kat negara2 maju sana..
huh..tarif elektrik pon naik jugak.
SEMUA NAIK..ape nk jadi ni??
govenment tak tau..rakyat pon naik jugak!RAKYAT SEMUA NAIK ANGIN DGN TINDAKAN KERAJAAN..
pak something..
rakyat memerlukan tindakan pak lah..

Brandon Liew said...


I really agree with you.with a sudden increase of petrol WE, malaysian will only suffer
Government always compare our oil prices with non-oil producing countries such as :

For example

Singapore : RM 5.00
Thailand : RM 4.00

how about compare Malaysia with the other oil producing countries just as we are

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

Anonymous said...

Is that Pak Lah baru bangun dan belum tau keputusan pilihan raya yang lalu?

Tolong kasih tau Pak Lah GE08 punya result.

Thank you

sartline said...

asssl.tun, saya bersama tun

Rakyat Biasa said...

Tu la, Kan tun dah suruh jangan pcayakan Paklah..Dok caya lagi..Kan dah kena..Tun Dah Cakap Paklah tido..Pemimpin yg tido tak dpt bfikir panjang..Sedih dengan MALAYSIA skarang nie.

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

I dont understand why the government made such an immediate decision and implementing it in such a hurry.. In less than 12 hours from the announcement... Is this the right way? Why are they playing this game and let others suffer from it? What are they up to? Im hoping that Pak Lah and his perfect and fresh ministers will read ur blog and our comments here.. To all of u government leaders, you're making all of us sick of u and ur decision. What win-win situation you're talking about? Please enlighten us.. If this is the way you want to lead the country by making such a quick decision and implementing it in less than 12 hours, i can say that your plan is rubbish! No wonder u can give so popular promises that there will be no increase in petrol for last year.. cause u will increase it with 40% today.. what a smart move to get ppl to support u.. u're making us sick with ur present leadership...


How i wish u can lead this country again... please consider...

Anonymous said...

A great entry Tun. It's true that Malaysia isn't the only country to be affected by the oil price increase, but as mentioned by Tun it was the manner in which it was handled by the goverment that was most shocking to the people. We didn't expect it.

The RM0.30 subsidy is by far a small compensation to the increase of fuel prices. Surely a goverment that can spend millions on submarines for a war that might never happen can afford to help out it's poor rakyat?

The goverment should start looking into increasing the pay of goverment servants to help out in dampening the burden brough forth by the hike, tol prices should be reduced especially for the LDP (does it make sense to pay over RM3.20 to get stuck in a jam?)

The goverment might not be able to stop the raising cost of fuel prices - but they can help decrease to cost of other things / services that I believe is under their control.

sartline said...

saya berdiri teguh di belakang tun

Nazirul Hazim A Khalim said...

Dear Tun,

I am an economic student. What you say is true. Though simple, it is true. It is simple economics.
Why can't our government understand this simple economics? How stupid can they be? It's unbelievable.

First, our politics is in turmoil. Now, our economy!
For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my Prime Minister. Plain stupidity is shown day after day.

You have to do something Tun. Look at what Pak Lah is doing to our country. Please, Tun. Please!

azlishukri said...

mcm mana pak lah tidak terfikir macam ni..susahlah rakyat

TheFireWithin said...

The rising prices of goods is inevitable, like you said Tun. But was it right for the the Prime Minister to sit on this problem for such a long time, promising time and again that the government would not increase fuel prices until August, and then suddenly ask us, Malaysians, to pay 78 sen extra for petrol? When the price of crude hit USD50, nothing was done, then USD75, nothing was done, then USD100, nothing was done!!! Why? Was the election a reason? Fine now the price has reached maddeing levels, what next? The world is already in a crisis? How is Malaysia going to insulate itself, like you did in the 1997/98 crisis? Would they follow your example by setting-up a NEAC type committee, which at that time met almost everyday? Or is it going to be a discussion between a few chosen people with Khairy Jamalluddin charing the meetings, which would decide the fate of the nation?

azlishukri said...

sepatutnya mereka meminta pandangan daripada Tun, barulah negara boleh maju

azlishukri said...

harapan terakhir kita, semua ahli UMNO bangkitlah ambil tindakkan pilih presiden parti yang baru..

silversurfer said...

Salam Tun,

I'm 100% agreed on your comments and i'm pretty sure that all malaysian would too. During your time we did experience an increase of the fuel price but you have handled it very well by creating more businesses in Malaysia thus it make a lot of impact to economy.

Like you have mentioned during one of your speech..we are journey into the uncertainty world as being protray in tv series Star Trek, the captain (no. 1) has to make to right move to save the spaceship crew. As to happens nowdays, the captain has made the spaceship into doom.

Tun, please take back the captain of spaceship..

Concerned Malaysian said...

Dear Tun,

Now we have to increase Petronas profit by 400,000 x US99.90 ( ie US100.00 minus RM 0.30) everyday.

Tun as you are Petronas adviser many people assume that you are also benefitting from these huge profits or you would know what happen to our money. Can you clerify this? Is Petronas accounts OSA or will you be able to disclose it( if you have assess )?

Unknown said...


kindly do somethings to save the lower income group effected by the increased of fuel prices in malaysian market. pitty them. the cash rebate is nothings more than an 'agenda' to convince the peoples that the government consern towards its rakyat. what is rm625 for 12 months period? rm52 per month rite? its ridiculous don't u think that?

Unknown said...

In theory:

...Petronas is flushed with cash.

...RM70 billion should be enough to cushion the impact of increasing oil prices for at least 1 more year

In reality the following assumptions can be made for the sudden steep increase of fuel price:

...Petronas's coffers are low in funds.

...All or a large portion of RM70 billion has been wasted / on unnecessary projects, bail-outs or used improperly for questionable purposes.

...lack of transparancy & check & balance on how our oil money is used.

As a result, the rakyat is suffering from the consequences of the excesses of the Government.

The current rebate system is unfair as it is applied across the board. The rich can still drive a Kancil and enjoy the rebate.

The concept should be for the rich to subsidise the poor. Implementation wise for this may prove challenging. A cleaner & better quickie solution to mitigate fuel price increase may be to reduce taxes for income tax & new cars & motorcycles.

Medium to longer term measures must include:

1) Improve quality of diesel & encourage use of latest generation diesel vehicles;

2) Improve public transport system.

3) Introduce ERP system for in-bound traffic to CBD.

4) Encourage walking & cycling by providing safe & conducive environment.

Just my 2 sens

Ultimately, the government must stop squabling amongst themselves and start seriously governing.

The plundering of our beloved country must stop now and steps taken to ensure that Malaysia will still have a place in the sun. Once our oil runs dry in 10 - 20 yrs time, what do we have to offer to compete with our neighbours. The scenery looks bleak if we do not buck-up

We must stop being prideful and start being honest with ourselves for the good of the country and our children's children.

We are proud to be Malaysians and we only want the best for her.

Gigabyte said...

Dear Tun,

I'm totally agree with Tun. Where are all that Huge Oil Income & other resources income of Govt. going to? Is it accounted for? The day Tun announced to RETIRE, I actually keep my finger crossed that Tun will NEVER retire.

Time for more 'RAKYAT' power. Malaysians must now DEMAND for a GOOD, RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, CAPABLE LEADER.

huhu said...

I can't save you from my poor brain

-pak lah-

Anak Sarawak said...

Argument: The ringgit should never be unpegged.

I don't agree.

Part of the reason for the recent increase in oil prices is the weakness in the American dollar. The more it devalues, the more you have to pay for oil and other commodities. US dollar has weakened tremendously in the past year and is still on a decline. For the domestic economy, especially if you import a lot (rice from china, thailand), cheap good and raw material from other places, Malaysia would be forced to pay more for their goods. THe US dollar is a sinking currency, why sink along with US when Malaysia has a stronger economy than that? It makes no sense.

The other problem is inflation. Gulf states currently suffers from extreme inflation due to their pegging to the US dollar. Though flushed with money, they are forced to lower their interest rate in accordance to what the US Feds are doing, making money easily available. Just google inflation in middle east and pegging to US dollar to find out what a tremendous headache that is.

chot said...

Salam Tun...
kalau masa 98 krisis ekonomi...Tun bleh buat tambatan ringgit
kenapa kita tak boleh buat begitu pada minyak?
is it possible to do so?

melalui pemahaman saya tentang tulisan Tun..sepatotnya..rakyat tak perlu merana..kerana kita masih untung...tapi apa kan daya...orang yang kurang cerdik berkuasa...

or pihak pak menteri2 buta tuli?
panggil ler orang bijak pandai skets
tanya lah pakar2 ekonomi...buat kerja skets...
kalau tak bleh...kita letak jawatan..bagi orang yang layak pegang jawatan.

pendapat 1 sen saya

Nicole said...

Its horrifying. We can expect our food prices to rise as fast as today.

Our condition vis a vis Thailand's is not something we should be happy about. Their fuel prices might be considerably higher than ours, but they have nothing much to lament about because their car prices are MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper; the price of a car in Malaysia and the same car in Thailand can have as much as a whooping 20k-40k difference, and our this makes the fuel inflation problem minuscule.

Why the sudden boom in fuel prices? Can't they increase the price gradually? Give us more time to adapt! Does the govt. not realize that the price hike is just too drastic for us to comprehend in such a short period of time?

A rise in fuel prices means a rise in everything else. This is the chain reaction that I assume most people fear the most. No matter how little the fuel price increase, it will trigger other prices to go up up up as well. If you add all the additional costs and the amount of money we have to spend..its like putting a boulder on our backs when we're carrying a sack of rocks already.


I've been reading Uncle Lim's blog (Lim Kit Siang, as of late and according to a few of the commentators Najib said during the GE campaign that he "jamin" there will be no fuel price rise for the rest of this year. If what he says is true than his and his other comrades' 'promises" have much left to be desired, but I hope that this is not the case.


From what I read at Uncle Lim's blog, they're a protest today at Jalan Pasar, Pudu (indirectly opposite RHB and Am bank)at 11.30 pm and another one at Perak Office of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
at Federal Building (opposite Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh ), Green Town, Ipoh simultaneously. Will the govt stop them with water cannons again?


Somebody has to do something. We can't keep mum on outrageous price hikes anymore. I have acquaintances whose parents are grocers ad fish mongers and heavily rely on vehicles to transport their stock to and fro...and many of them have siblings, sometimes more than 3. How about their old folks? How are they going to cope with the sudden inflation? All of them are still studying! The rebate offered is not even enough from covering less than half of the expenses of the fuel price ONLY...

My parents looked so traumatized today...My dad went to work without a word and the whole house was so solemn...

Tun, you have to help us!!!

Davidespiyapongapore said...

Dearest Tun,

Shahrir says that food is more important to be subsidised.The govt should realise that petrol is as important to the people bcos without petrol, people can't travel to work and without working, there won't be salary and with no salary, what's the use of subidies for food.

PM says it is for the good of the People, WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? We are suffering like hell with all the price increase and the PM dropped another bombshell on us all. That's the problem when you have all YES MEN cabinet members.

Hope everyone will pray for a miracle bcos hard times are coming and we can thank the PM and the cabinet for it.

We miss you Tun and your leadership.

orang kampung said...

Salam buat Tun,

Semoga Allah SWT lanjutkan usia Tun dalam iman dan amal. .. Terimah kasih Tun dan keluarga..

Anonymous said...

Dear Che Det,

Looking back, the poor productivity and low professional labor investment during your time because of the crony-ism involved that have caused more productive Malaysian to leave the country seems to be the main cause of today's results.

The inefficiency caused by crony-ism not only increased the defection of professional labor in our country to neighbor or more developed countries, but also is the downfall of our manufacturing sector when faced with competition from China as well as non-supportive government in the sector that favors crony-ism of certain ethnicity and the mis-implementation of the NEP policy.

No thanks to your 22 years of reign, it will be awhile before our people of Malaysia can learn to live on their own again without th government support to increase productivity of exportable products and reduce dependencies of imported products.

I blame these painful period of regaining the Malaysian foot-hold on you.

At least there is still some sense in you when you wrote this article on the affect of fuel price increase.

amra1569 said...

Salam Buat Tun

Dalam waktu-waktu mendesak Tun masih berjaya melakukan yang terbaik untk segenap lapisan masyarakat di negara Malaysia yang tercinta ini. Tun berjay menyelamatkan negara sewaktu dunia mengalami krisis matawang sehingga tidak meminjam daripada IMF dan juga tidak langsung membebankan rakyat dalam apa jua cara pun. Inilah kelebihan yang ada pada kepimpinan Tun sehingga disegani oleh pemimpin-pemimpin terkenal dunia.

Saya sangat kagum sehingga sekarang dengan gaya kepimpinan yang ditunjukkan oleh Tun sepanjang menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Jasa-jasa yang Tun taburkan pada negara Malaysia yang tercinta ini memanglah tidak dapat dilupakan sampai bila-bila. Selain itu. Selain itu cara Tun menagani masalah-masalah yang dihadapi adalah cukup mengkagumkan dan penerangan yang diberikan kepada rakyat dengan dalam sesuatu isu adalah cukup teratur sehingga rakyat boleh menerima dengan hati yang terbuka.

Yang penting 22 tahun pengalaman dan mengapa mereka-mereka yang dikatakan terbaik dalam segala-galanya dalam pemerintahan kita tidak boleh menerima pandangan daripada Tun yang mempunyai pengalaman yang luas. Hmmmmm cukup memilukan pengalaman yang ada pada Tun tidak digunakan atau mahu diterima oleh mereka-mereka ini.

Sayang mengharapkan agar Tun terus menerus memberikan pandangan-pandangan yang bernas demi negara dan rakyat Malaysia ini. Rakyat Malaysia masih berdiri teguh di belakan Tun.

Sekian dan salam.

♠ÂvÊ♂♠ said...

dah ler harga beras sekarang sangat merunsingkan...dan sekarang harga minyak...lepas ini apa pulak?
macam dengan orang yang bekerja sendiri macam sya seorang pemandu lori
pendapatan sya x banyak.
sekarang harga diesel naik rm1?
apa tindakan Tun?

chot said...

kalau dah nak gian sangat naikkan harga minyak ni...hapuskan semua TOL,dan hapuskan road tax.
cukuplah menipu rakyat...bukan rakyat malaysia tolol mcm sesetengah generasi baru malaysia.

azlishukri said...

This is not wisdom after the event. I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes.

Inilah masalahnya apabila kita tak nak dengar nasihat orang yag lebih cerdik..Tun perlu terus memberi nasihat..

Nicole said...


Our highway toll rates might be among the lowest in the region, but from what I know, Kuala Lumpur has the most number of tolls In The World (Tun Sambathan said this?)

The Street Walk of Life said...

Salam Tun,
Thank you for a very wise explanation regarding this issue.Just cannot stand why the government cannot foresee other alternative rather than burdening the and my friends who just started working we need to strive harder in order to survive..

Ismail Halim said...

h.e. tun
your comment is fair
but it would be fairer if your thought is based on more academic and administrative skill rather an ex experience politician who always believes that his idea is unchallenged

anuarharun said...


Saya kira apa yang diimpikan oleh Tun untuk jadikan Malaysia negara maju menjelang 2020 tidak kesampaian selagi masih ada kepimpinan DSAAB. Jika perlu kami mohon pada Tun untuk turun kembali di arena politik keramat pada tahun ini juga.

nwar said...

Salam Tun,
terbukti buat kali yang ke.... betapa tidak-bijak nya Pak Lah dan penasihat penasihat beliau. Kita kini menjadi bahan tawa negara jiran. kalau dulu sewaktu zaman Tun, rata2 rakyat mendabik dada berasa bangga menjadi "rakyat", kini tiada lagi. Sungguh malu rasanya mempunyai kerajaan sebegini daif pemikiran dan pendek-aqal. flip.. flop.. flip.. flop.

Kupasan Tun amat sistematik serta logikal dan amat sukar untuk tidak dipersetujui.

Diharap, ada antara pak turut di dalam kabinet yang membaca penulisan Tun dan mengambil iktibar, dan bertindak untuk menjaga rakyat.

Gaban said...

Dear sokong_kerajaan,

How to do a research without enough funding from the government?

alfyaj said...

To Pak Lah, Shahrir and his fellow kinsmen

May I ask...

"Is this price-hike a part of your Rakyat-Centric policy?"

- hamba Allah, from across


Dear Tun,

The impact is too much to bear. You're still my No 1.....'they' should listen to you

azlishukri said...

I believe the people expect the increase of petrol price. But what they are angry about is the quantum and the suddenness. The Prime Minister was hinting at August but suddenly it came two months earlier, just after the ban on sale of petrol to foreigners.

Kenapa dengan Pak lah ni Tun? mengapa suka sangat berbohong?

Mimie said...

Salam Tun,

Berapa lama lagi kita kena tahan cakap PENIPU BESAR si Pak Lah nie? Dah banyak kali menipu, dia tak takut Tuhan ker? Hari tu tipu pasal Parlimen tak bubar. Semalam tipu lagi, kata minyak naik ogos, lah ni, naik hari nie. Bagi subsidi konon....Tu, setahun akan datang.....dalam masa setahun tu, Pak Lah leh confirm ker kerajaan dia tak tipu bagi subsidi....Pak Lah nak suruh kita berjimat supaya dia boleh senang lenang makan duit kita sebelum dia turun lah....Cuba kalau dia fikir duit yang dia ambil tu "Haram", apalah rasanya...Marah sangat ni Tun..Saya Sabahan...tapi, Pak Lah ni betul2 dah nyanyuk sangat.

Nak jer saya masuk politik...Saya pun bekas pelajar Sains Politik dan Undang-undang.....

Apa kata kalau rakyat bersatu padu membuat petisyen besar-besaran bagi setiap negeri untuk suruh PAK LAH turun......Kami sanggup tunggu penaja untuk buat petisyen ni dan sanggup turun untuk demontrasi hantar Petisyen ni ke Putrajaya...

Kalau pompuan dan kanak-kanak yang ramai hantar petisyen dan buat demonstrasi mesti polis tak sanggup hantar gi penjara kan......Sebab, Amnesty International ader aper.....dan seluruh dunia akan tengok.....Sekecil Tibet pun dapat perhatian seluruh lagi sebesar Malaysia yang jumlah Wanita dan Kanak-kanaknya lebih ramai....

Nak kata dipergunakan, alasan tu tak sekukuh suri rumah yang kena beli barang makanan yang mahal dan kanak-kanak tak dapat ke sekolah sebab tambang bas dah mahal...

Jadi, peranan wanita dan kanak-kanak mungkin adalah peluang terakhir untuk suruh Pak Lah turun....Lelaki ada yang ego dan takut....

Wanita dan kanak-kanak adalah golongan yang paling tertindas perlu lakukan sesuatu dan kami perlukan sokongan daripada kedua-dua Tun...

Itu ajer.....

P/s Kalau Pak Lah dapat masuk UMNO balik kerana kuasa wanita....Pak Lah kena jatuh pun mesti dengan kuasa Wanita SeMalaysia.....

ZuL said...

salam...just read 16 years ago news archive in new york times...

Malaysia Cuts Oil Price
Published: January 8, 1982

Malaysia's state oil agency, Petronas, has reduced crude oil prices by as much as $1 a barrel, the first price cut since last July, oil industry sources said here today.


very ironically with the present situatuion...hmmmmm

by the way tun dr mahathir should follow lee kuan yew step lah like becoming minister least for several least to guide our current prime minister.....

bob_kedah said...

Tidak ada pemimpin dalam kabenit yang LAYAK jadi PM selain Tun ambil baliklah jawatan PM & betulkan semula suasana yang semakin hancurkan negara... Kalau naka harap bakal2 PM.. dah tak layak dah lepa ni nak jadi pemimipin. Lepa takpala TUN, naik kereta Minyak kerajaan bayaq... macam saya yg dok di Titi Gajah pun terasa sengsara mcm mana pulak dengan yang lain2 yang dok di Bandar2 besaq???
Awat kerajaan la teruk sangat... saya dah TAWAQ HATI kat UMNO-BN, saya adalah pemuda yang sayangkan UMNO, tapi la entahlah TUN... Harap kita sama2 berjuang biaq LAH BEDAWI di turun cepat2 dari Kerajaan... ada pemimpin yang dipimpin tapi tak memimpin...

Anak Titi Gajah yang KECEWA

azlishukri said...

Actually our wages are high compared to some of our neighbours. The investors who come here are attracted not by cheap labour but by other factors, among which is the attitude of the Government towards the business community and the investors in particular.

Inilah yang dikatakan bahawa pemimpin perlu faham ekonomi..

jamil said...

bukan flip flop saja...kita dah macam masuk sarkas..macam-macam ada...1 menteri kata 2 bulan, tup tup esok berubah...betul la dsab kata ubah gaya hidup.. tahap satu kesabaran rakyat ialah memangkah ahli yg bukan kroni pak lah, tahap 2 ialah tuhan saja yang tahu tapi saya bayangkan yang tak baik...
Kalau tak pandai tu jgn la dok dengar cakap menantu saja..tolong lah oh pak lah..tak salah kalau mengaku silap dan undur..
tahniah tun, saya yakin tun ada banyak lagi bisa..teruskan terukkan mereka dan saya sokonng tun

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
I'm a Singaporean and I just want to say that I consider you the best Prime Minister Malaysian ever had. I only wish that in the future, the Malaysians will know that this is true. May your legacy lives forever.
Tun, you stepped down too soon for the knowing good of Malaysia.

Salam sejahtera,
Sabri Bajrai

AGC7000 said...

Dear Tun,

it is ironic when all those flashy cars of merc,beemer,brabus and other super-luxury cars owned by those high income 'rakyat' doesn't even appear at the nearest petrol station while all those who can afford the likes of kancil,viva,saga,wira,waja and so on had to jostling at the pump just to have the slightest chance of buying the subsidised petrol.

so where is the indication by the goverment of protecting the low-income rakyat?

even giving road tax discount of RM200 for owners of private vehicles with engine capacities above 2000cc (meaning for the super-luxury cars and suv's) is much more appalling and much to be discussed.

Pulau Sibu said...

So many friends wanted Tun to be back as Prime Minister in order to save the country. But I suspect Tun is enjoying this blogging more than as Prime Minister. The job as Prime Minister will be too busy and will keep him away from blogging.

When you compare our price of petrol with that of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah may tell you our water is cheaper than the water in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah may have to consider exporting water to Saudi Arabia, or have another recommendation letter for the 'Water for Oil' (not the oil for food) exchange program. Why there are no rich water exporting countries? because we export to Singapore at 3 sen per 1000 gallons!

AGC7000 said...

Dear Tun,

it is ironic when all those flashy cars of merc,beemer,brabus and other super-luxury cars owned by those high income 'rakyat' doesn't even appear at the nearest petrol station while all those who can afford the likes of kancil,viva,saga,wira,waja and so on had to jostling at the pump just to have the slightest chance of buying the subsidised petrol.

so where is the indication by the goverment of protecting the low-income rakyat?

even giving road tax discount of RM200 for owners of private vehicles with engine capacities above 2000cc (meaning for the super-luxury cars and suv's) is much more appalling and much to be discussed.

Unknown said...


Which idiot Minister that agreed to the floating of Ringgit?

We have a good living condition when the capital control put in place during your time.

Now, everything is in a mess. Just Pak Lah & Co wanted some nice publicity from the West, we are abandoning our future to them.

I just hope that Muhyiddin can take over as our new Prime Minister this year. At least, he can have the nerve to ask you for opinion on real economic matter.

Now it seem that everyone really i mean REALLY miss you.

Now that is what i called a Great Leader.

azlishukri said...

The world is facing economic turmoil due to the depreciation of the US Dollar, the sub-prime loan crisis, rising oil and raw material prices, food shortages and the continued activities of the greedy hedge funds. The possibility of a US recession is real. In a way the US is already in recession. The world economy will be dragged down by it.

Malaysia will be affected by all these problems. I wonder whether the Government is prepared for this.

Saya percaya jika berlaku apa-apa krisis kewangan seperti tahun 1998, Pak Lah dan menteri-menterinya pasti lingkup..tak tahu nak buat apa.. jika kita lemah, belajarlah daripada orang yang kuat..

Dr. Ridzuan Masri said...

Dear my beloved Tun,

The rising of fuel price issue, has drag my thinking about conspiration theory. It has reach to certain serious extent in my mind that the top officials of BN government will be collapsed, and these top officials know that such event will take place very soon. Therefore, these people quickly want to raise money for themselves and their pockets including those cronies and leave behind the mess to the opposition party.

I certainly hope my conspiracy theory will not become the true fact of current happenings.

The Author said...

salam semua,

hurmm, ramainya bagi comments sampai saya sendiri tak tau nak comment apa. Ntah apa akan jadik kepada kami pekerja bawahan ni in future. Itupun nasib baik belum mampu nak pakai kereta. Nampaknya sampai ke sudah tak merasa nikmat & keseronokan nak drive kereta sendiri, harapkan tumpang orang lain jer.

thesweetlittlecat said...

Tun.. Tun.. Tun..

AMAZING! Thats the only one can describe your BRAIN & IDEAS.. i know u love reading compare to "D" who loves sleeping!

I wonder why Malaysia using import petrol & diesel rather than we use our own oil! is it all about GOV aka PETRONAS making profit?? then why the profit doesnt go straight to MALAYSIAN instead of GOV using it to develope "D" & CO projects??

Today the petrol price increased by RM0.78 but will happen in August?? Is it going to be RM4.78?? What will happen to Malaysian with income lower than RM1k?

I know PM & Ministers sallary more than RM50k/mo, they will not suffer by the increase BUT how about RAKYAT with sallary lower than RM500/mo???

As fas as i know, if the oil price increase then others will increase:

1) Transportation price: what will happen to people who live in rural area who are using 100% public transport and earn minimum incime say RM500/mo? do they have to pay more for public transport?? how bout school children?? do they have to pay more for bus fair just to go to school and gain knowledge??

2) Groceries: i bet the price of most groceries will rise no matter how d gov are going to monitor! it even burden the rural people & low income earners! i dunno if they are going to suffer more, i know the will skip their meals cuz they have to thrift to survive! is gov going to control all of groceries price? NO!

3) Raw materials: D' same goes to all kind of raw materials i.e. agriculture products, fertilizers, cement etc etc

4) Political : The opponent will increase their powers & DSAB will lose his power! It means UMNO&BN power!

5) And what i care more the RAKYAT will INCREASE their SUFFERS because of the "D" Gov decissions!

Plz help MALAYSIAN not only by BUT by ACTIONS! I pray for your health to improve Malaysian life! i admire your braveness and will always do..

May Allah bless MALAYSIANS..

babali estet said...


kenaikan minyak dan kedangkalan pemikiran yang dibina oleh pak lah menyebabkan rakyat hanya mampu meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati mereka hanya dalam laman blog. segala desakan hanya maianan mereka yang tetap kaya.
kasihanilah raykat malaysia yang makin hari makin susah hidup mereka.. akan bertambahla kadar rakyat miskin dan malaysia tidak akan menjadi 0 rakyat miskin.

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,
My Prognosis is simple. The current PM lacks analytical skills. As you said...a flip-flop decision seems common, the one we r experiencing is a clear case in point.

You are a hands-onn Tun & undoubtedly the best Prime Minister in the world.

Yeap !! some mistakes may be made in the past. As I see it now,I would rather made a mistake then doing nothing at all, at the least I learnt fr mistakes & of paramount importance, I squueeze my brain that's gifted by God.

Lead us back to the right path fr the sideline please !!!!

Best Regards - micromacro

Rashid Saharudin said...


Diharap Tun sentiasa sihat walafiat untuk memberi pandangan, kritik dan idea yang bernas sebegini untuk tatapan umum.

Kalaulah Tun masih jadi PM, kami rakyat biasa mungkin tidak mengalami keadaan sebegini.

Saya seperti yang lain, memang tiap-tiap hari menantikan pandangan Tun dalam blog ini. Sesungguhnya kebanyakan pandangan Tun dapat membuka minda rakyat. Blog ini dapat merapatkan segenap lapisan masyarakat dengan Tun secara langsung.

Mungking penuntut Uni boleh buat research mengenai idea-idea Tun.

Terima kasih Tun.

MYblog said...

Dear Tun,

This is the first time I write a comment on your blog and will be frank.

You started this affirmative policy and gave loads of opportunities to your own kind. While initially I seem to agree that there has to be parity in sharing the wealth of the nation but later I have have strong objections to this type and brand of NEP. When you handled this policy, you had a good control over how it works and had various principles about its implementation that somehow created a shield and it did not effect the affordability/inflation for the common man. Now you are gone but your affirmative policies are still there and its implimentation out of control. Everyone in UMNO is taking advantage of it, cronies have multiplied to the extent that what money the nation have is not enough to fullfill their ambitions, so much so that they make up this thing about subsidy and now in the garb of removing this subsidy, they are making the rakyat pay world prices for a commodity which is the property of this nation and its rakyat. There is no real subsidy, let me play with the numbers that you have given above. We sell 650,000 barrels per day of higher grade crude and buy lower grade crude. We actually also make about 15-20USD on this i.e. 400,000 * 365 * 20 = USD2.9 billion besides the sale of the 250,000 barrel = USD12.3 billion plus revenue from the sale of 400,000 to the rakyat. The cost of production must not be more than USD30, so total cost = USD7.1 billion. Now show me where the subsidy is?? Why can we simply say that Petronas viz - a viz the governmnet will make so much profits from oil revenues. Why this run a around. The answer is that then the politicians do not have any reason to raise petrol prices!! Its a pity that this great nation is mismanaged

MKOY said...

Why is the government is giving out rm625 to us and increase the price of petrol so high?
As it is the administrative cost for the govt high enough. Now they have to come with this stupid scheme to waste our tax money.
Use to money to compensate the price increase. We were ready for a price increase, but not 40%.
Pak Lah please wake up as when you act/talk all of us fall sleep.

zeenat said...

Salam Tun,

What make you to pick pak lah as your successor? He cant even run the country at a reasonable level. But he want to hold on as a PM saying he has support. He had damaged half of the economy you have buid and remaining half i think it wont be long as the increase in the oil price he had announced yesterday. What we can say... except wait until the next general election!

jamil said...

saya cadangkan kepada kerajaan sekarang supaya tarik balik semua subsidi minyak dan kita suruh rakyat bayar harga semasa dan pada masa yang sama kita tutup terus kementerian yang ada sangkut paut dgn pengguna..jadi kita jimat tak payah bayar gaji 1 menteri dan beribu kakitangan kemnterian.. jimat macam macam... senang depa ada pun serupa tak da...ok tak tun cadangan saya...

Unknown said...

Salam Tun...

1. saya ada terbaca satu artikel mengenai kewangan Tun & famili di lawan web
harap Tun dpt menangkis artikel tsebut jika semuanya dusta belaka.

2. nape Tun serah kuasa kepada pak lah? ape balasan yg Tun dapat? tolong buat sesuatu demi kebajikan rakyat terutama golongan berpendapatan rendah mcm kami nie. dah x larat nak bhadapan dengan kenaikan demi kenaikan sedangkan gaji kami tidak selari dengan kenaikan yg berlaku said...

Salam Tun,

Pak Lah akan diingati sebagai "Bapa Kenaikannn" krn telah berjaya menaikkan segala apa jua brg2 makanan & petrol sejak menaiki takhta sebagai Perdana Menteri&@#$^%...Tahniah

pekerja_kilang said...

asalamualaikum TUN..

saya nak luah kan kesedihan saya berhubung kenaikan harga minyak semalam..saya berasa amat sedih bila mengenangkan sudah tentu nanti harga baranga akan naik.untuk pengetahuan TUN saya hanya la seorang pekerja kilang yg hanya bergaji rm500 sebulan.Cuba bygkan dengan gaji yang sebanyak itu apa yg dapat saya belanja kan?..untuk pengetahuan TUN jugak saya tidak mempunyai kenderaan..tetapi saya percaya harga barang makan,tiket bas,tambang teksi, semua nya akan naik kesan dari kenaikan minyak ini..saya amat sedih TUN..saya amat berharap TUN dapat MEMBANTU golongan macam saya..adeh rindu sungguh zaman pemerintahan TUN..walaupun masa zaman pemerintahan TUN..ramai yg katakan TUN zalim, tetapi TUN amat menjaga kepentingan rakyat..saya sempat duduk bawah pemerintahn tun selama 20 tahun..RINDU SUNGGUH dengan pemeritahan TUN..saya amat runsing..sedih sekarang...TOLONG LAH KAMI TUN!

ahmad faizal yahya said... we need to brace for another tsunami...the domino effect of increase in consumer goods and transportation cost is just waiting to happen. don't use the same statements of 'our price is lower than the neighboring countries' not think the rakyat are stupid anymore in believing those.

i'm terrible sick of this....too much to swallow.

Adaml11600 said...


I agree that Tun Che Det should be a senior minister like Mr Lee but the problem is will Pak Lah listen.


You really have the foresight. We actually questioned why you were always commenting on Pak Lah. Judging from the flipflop policies : the petrol policy, currency, wearing of batik etc. I hate to say it - You told us so.

Unknown said...


Nampaknya Tun selepas ini saya dah bertekad bahawa saya tidak akan mengundi BN @ UMNO lagi. Walaupun sebelum ini saya mengundi pembangkang hanya sekadar menyampaikan mesej pada Pak Lah sebagai tanda protes, tapi nampak gayanya saya terpaksa undi parti lain selepas ni sebab saya yakin UMNO tidak mungkin dapat dipulihkan.

Kalau Tun tubuhkan parti baru, nescaya saya akan undi parti Tun. Hati saya sudah retak seribu yang mungkin sudah tidak boleh diubat lagi. Bencinya saya dengan UMNO pentadbiran Pak Lah umpama bercerai talak 3. Kalau anak Tun, Mukhriz keluar dari UMNO, harapan saya agar beliau boleh memimpin parti baru dengan Tun sebagai penasihatnya.

dominants said...


sebelum 1990 - RM 0.89
Tahun 1990 - RM 1.10 (kenaikan RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (kenaikan RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 (kenaikan RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 – RM 1.92 (kenaikan RM 0.30)
Hari ini: 05/06/2008 - RM 2.70 (kenaikan RM 0.78)

correct me if i wrong

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Can you be our PM again?? Or a Senior PM??
How can the rakyat trust this Govt? Today say one thing.... tomorrow they will do another thing! I told my wife, "Can we trust this fellow anymore?" Liars...! And why on earth do they have to give a last minute notice and have the whole of Klang Valley roads jammed? And that flip-flop thing really makes a joke of the Govt actually. It kind of confirmed that the decision-makers don't really know how to make decisions! A crucial one that is... Sigh!! I have a prediction : The oppositions will rule Malaysia in 5 years time....

whitesocksdude said...

all these massive increases in price for petrol, and soon to be electricity, all these are just the beginning of problems.

soon, it will take effect on people's daily lifestyles. When there's more people having trouble to face their daily end meets, people will think of ways to make it happen. There will be more people gambling, more people lending money from loan sharks, or even worst, more robberies, snatch cases.

The increase of crime rates affecting from drastic increase in our country inflation is foreseeable!

What about the macro effect, will interest rate with banks affected? House loans? Car loans....These all will surely be affected sooner or later.

gg said...

Salam Tun,

Saya kagum dan setuju sepenuhnya dengan komen Tun.
Tapi apa saya yang tak tahu ialah apa yang kerajaan cuba buat sekarang ni? nak majukan negara atau hancurkan negara? Inikah janji-janji ahli politik yang berkaitan masa pilihanraya.
Bolehkah rakyat malaysia buang kerajaan sekarang dan buat pilihanraya baru.

dzimba said...

A'kum TUN
inilah akibatnya bila kita mempunyai ketua yang mencongak ekonomi macam budak sekolah mencongak. Pak Lah tak faham apa2 pun tentang ekonomi, kesilapan demia kesilapan beliau lakukan semenjak memerintah.. rakyat dah hukum dai tapi Pak Lah tetap mahu jugak jadi PM.. berapa lama tak tahu la..mari kita sama2 berdoa agar Pak Lah letak jawatan secepat mungkin,, insyallah negara kita akan indah seperti dahulu kala.. berdiri megah, harmani dan makmur.

sekarang, harap ke slogan dan lagu je..cemerlang, gemilang dan temberang.
saya tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi tentang Pak Lah.(bodoh dan sombong)

PWN Consultants, Malaysia. said...

Salam AyahTun,
Thanks for this article.

Salam Pak Lah & the Government of Malaysia,

Besides the wise ideas of Tun, here's some humble ones too (hopefully all Malaysians could continue to contribute more ideas to help the world coping with what seem to be a 'quicksand' which is affecting the human race globally):

1. Perhaps we can seriously change to bio-fuel & Solar energy asap. Now that the market is there (world-wide too), lets use our lands to plant sawit and any other plants that can produce good bio-fuel.

2. Lets have a 'school' to look into this business & its R&D in every IPTA & IPTS nation-wide. We can also have quarterly conventions nation-wide to encourage its optimization soonest possible.

3. Lets create a fund solely for this and get our professors to give a good target of its completion. (I came to know that USM has succeeded in building a prototype 'bio-fuel + solar' that already travelled the Peninsular).

4. Meanwhile (while waiting for the mission completion), please use the petronas & other resources' many-folds of profit, wang ehsan, and even part of the taxes gained, to buffer the sudden jump of prices (or at least, please make it more subtle).

5. Perhaps with a careful calculation, we could (for the first time) decrease the price a bit for next month's review, or even, retract the price and start it in August as earlier planned and perhaps, without the sudden jump.

1. With the optimized technology of bio-fuel & solar, our petrol may not have a local market eventually (but this is ok since export can give more income to our nation)

2. The world may also cease to need petrol with the technology we are creating/optimizing (but this is also ok because as published some time ago, our petroleum resources is finishing in a few more decades)

May God guide us all.

Peace / Salam

Hilmy said...

Salam Tun,

Thanks Tun for your brilliant ideas and views. I always look fwd to your writings every day.

Tun, Petronas (or was it politician) is saying, oil reserve will be empty in 10 to 15 years? As Petronas adviser, can you enlighten us on this claim? Im sure Petronas is looking ahead more than 15 years..Im sure there are future plannings..more wells etc..

Petronas is making RM70 billion (which could be higher if Ringgit is not floated, being the exporter..). So gradual increase of fuel petrol like you said should have been implemented rather than 40% sudden increase... We are supposed to benefit from strenghened Ringgit, but the price of imported materials never seem to come what is the benefit to rakyat for Ringgit float?

Rich people generally are not affected by this fuel increase simply becoz they are rich..Some have company car allowance, petrol why they bother..

But, common people/rakyat kebanyak are suffering..Just read 'copetro' story..The wife has to stop her study and sacrifice her dreams and ambitions..He has to move back to Sri Kembangan..Everbody cries..This is only 1 published story, Im sure there are thousands/millions of this..

The chain effect will come in a rush. All cost of goods, foods, services will be increased. Dont be surprised..we may have Kuih 1 for RM1.00. Last time kuih 3 for RM1.00. Roti canai, Nasi lemak semua our buying power is gone..Inflation.

What can we do Tun? My views..Drive less and car pool?..Good ideas, but we need same gangs who work in the same direction and their works need not require them to travel a lot.

Use other forms of transportation? Naik basikal? Kalau 1 -2 km & ada cycle lane..ok..But kalau 20km, how? Do you dare to cycle on public Malaysian road condition with no cycle lane & Malaysian driving attitudes? Menempah maut..

Use public transportation..Why not but this has to be improved in terms of better coverage and networking, and connectivity so there is no missing links..

Eat less? Eat balanced diet, yes..After all Malaysian are well known to die of unhealthy and uncontrolled food intakes..Org Malaysia, 'mati makan berlebihan'..Org Africa 'mati kurang makan'

Avoid waste..waste of food, electricity, water,energy...

Maybe Tun have more ideas..Continue your input. We need your ideas..


Unknown said...

Salam Tun, kpd semua pembaca blog

Saya menjadi tidak senang duduk apabila melihat senario semasa tanah air.

Kadang2 terfikir, betulkah aku ni dok kat Malaysia?

Sakit hati melihat pemimpin bercakaran sesama sendiri.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan barisan kabinetnya memang sangat teruk.

Rakyat jadi mangsa. Malaysia pun ada rejim Zionis juga tau, bukan Israel sahaja. Kat sini lagi teruk sebab diorang hisap darah rakyat..

Dunia hampir kiamat..Masya Allah. Bukti2 terpapar didepan mata. Cthnya ialah orang kaya bertambah kaya, orang miskin bertambah miskin. Serta ulam terpinggir dan ilmu2 diangkat kembali ke langit Dan pemimpin yang tidak berilmu naik memimpin negara. See..

Tanah air kita sudah tidak lagi releven. Masyarakat kian kucar kacir dan menunggu kehancuran..ini satu keadaan yang amat menakutkan. Ngeri sekali membayangkan suatu masa kita akan kembali terjajah. Terjajah minda cara baru..dunia Barat akan ketawa melihat kenaifan kita.

Secara realitinya, tiada lagi tokoh yang boleh dipercayai dan diharapkan. Politik satu permainan seperti bermain games. Bukan main congkak tapi games internet yg gila2. Dalam politik yang halal jadi haram, yang haram jadi halal. Ini dalil2 mereka yang tidak lagi bersumberkan Al-Quran dan as-Sunnah.

Pemimpin2 tidak lagi berani memperjuamgkan nasib rakyat jelata. Mereka sudah cukup selesa. Berkereta BMW, Toyota, Honda, limousin ,duduk rumah super banglo ber'aircond'. Ada saham, simpanan, harta ratusan ribu, malahan jutaan ringgit. Ini negara dah macam kapitalis..

Memang sah wujud kronisme, nepotisme dalam realiti politik. Tiada yang mustahil. Orang yang di 'cucuk' jarum dibodek memang suka dan si pembodek2 akan menerima hasil yang setimpal.

Saya pun kalau bodek sapa2 YB, ADUN gerenti dapat peluang baik punya, tapi malangnya sapa pun tak kenal saya ni. Saya kira, usaha sendiri tanpa harapkan bantuan orang lebih baik.

Drpd pengalaman2 dan dr pembacaan saya yg rajin membaca ni,kebanyakan orang yang berjaya hari ini kerana kesusahan masa lalu. Moto mereka ialah "kesusahan adalah ubat yg paling mujarab'

Tapi bila direnung kembali, kejayaan untuk hari2 esok lebih getir, lebih perit, lebih derita kerana ruang2 dan jalan2 untuk menujunya kini hampir ditutup oleh kerajaan yang memerintah. Sesiapa yang masih punya semangat untuk menggapainya, mungkin kena berusaha dengan air mata.

Walau apapun isu2 yang diperkatakan, telah jelas sekali rakyat jelata menjadi mangsa. Ini lah pertaruhan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang teramat2 cetek dan dangkal mengenai kesusahan rakyat.

Maafkan saya kerana tidak berupaya untuk menyokong, mempercayai dan menyakini kepimpinan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan kabinetnya.

Mungkin ilmu saya cetek dalam bab politik dan ekonomi, tapi saya berhak untuk memilih dan menyanjung pemimpin yang saya sukai. Kerana pemimpin yang sebenarnya ialah yang berjuang untuk rakyat. Bak kata pepatah' dari rakyat kepada rakyat'.

Pemimpin yang sejati ialah yang mempertaruhkan seluruh hidupnya, ilmu pengetahuan, tenaga, masa dan wang rinngit untuk kebaikan rakyat.

Jadi saya wajar untuk bertanya siapakah pemimpin itu?

Adakah pemimpin idaman ini masih wujud di akhir zaman ini?

Tapi ini mungkinlah kerana saya sangat gemar membaca autobiografi tokoh2 terkenal. Walaupun mereka sudah tiada, tetapi sangat dekat dihati saya.

Dan kini harapan saya hanyalah satu2nya pada Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Tetapi dapatkah Tun yang saya kasihi ini dapat menyelesaikan kemelut rakyat? Kerana saya hampir hilang kepercayaan terhadap masa depan negara!

Salam hormat

Mantao said...


Selepas membaca komen komen utk artikel kenaikan harga minyak ini, boleh dikata rakyat Malaysia, melayu, cina, india sedang sengsara. Melepaskan geram dan seperti datang mengadu kepada Tun. Apakah sudah tiada tindakan yang lebih drastik boleh dilakukan utk menghapuskan Pak Lah. Ke kita mintak tolong sama Dato' Najib kasi letop je Pak Lah tu.

We will always be with you.!

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