Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil Price


The price of crude oil has increased by 400 percent in the last three years. It follows that the price of products must increase, sooner or later. In other countries petrol prices had already increased. In the United Kingdom one litre of petrol sells for more than one pound sterling or RM7. In the United States it is about RM5.

That the price in neighbouring countries has gone up is shown by the rush to fill up by Thai and to a lesser extent Singapore vehicles.

The Government has now announced an increase in petrol price by 78 sen to RM2.70 per litre, an increase of more than 40 per cent.

I may be mistaken but there seems to be less vehicles on the road today. But obviously that is not all that will happen. All other consumer goods, services and luxury goods would increase in price.

The cost of living must go up. Put another way there will be inflation and the standard of living will go down.

Obviously our increase in petrol price is far less than in the United Kingdom or the United States. But our per capita income is about one-third of theirs. In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US.

The increase hurts but the pain is greater not just because of the increase percentage-wise is higher than in developed countries but because of the manner the increase is made.

A few days ago the Government decided to ban sale of petrol to foreign cars. It flipped. Now foreign cars can buy again. Flopped.

Knowing that in a few days it was going to raise the price and foreigners would be allowed to buy, why cannot the Government just wait instead of banning and unbanning.

But be that as it may what could the Government have done to lessen the burden on the people that results from the increase in petrol price.

In the first place the Government should not have floated the Ringgit. A floating rate creates uncertainties and we cannot gain anything from the strengthened Ringgit. Certainly the people have not experienced any increase in their purchasing power because of the appreciation in the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Ringgit.

Actually the Ringgit has increased by about 80 sen (from RM3.80 to RM3.08 to 1 US Dollar) per US Dollar, i.e. by more than 20 per cent. Had the Government retained the fixed rate system and increased the value of the Ringgit, say 10 per cent at a time, the cost of imports, in Ringgit terms can be monitored and reduced by 10 per cent. At 20 per cent appreciation the cost of imports should decrease by 20 per cent. But we know the prices of imported goods or services have not decreased at all. This means we are paying 20 per cent higher for our imports including the raw material and components for our industries.

Since oil prices are fixed in US Dollar, the increase in US Dollar prices of oil should also be mitigated by 20 per cent in Malaysian Ringgit.

But the Government wants to please the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and decided to float the Ringgit. As a result the strengthening of the Ringgit merely increased our cost of exports without giving our people the benefit of lower cost of imports.

This is not wisdom after the event. I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes.

I believe the people expect the increase of petrol price. But what they are angry about is the quantum and the suddenness. The Prime Minister was hinting at August but suddenly it came two months earlier, just after the ban on sale of petrol to foreigners.

If the increase had been more gradual, the people would not feel it so much. But of course this means that the Government would have to subsidise, though to a decreasing extent.

Can the Government subsidise? I am the “adviser” to Petronas but I know very little about it beyond what is published in its accounts. What I do know may not be very accurate but should be sufficient for me to draw certain conclusions.

Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported.

Three years ago the selling price of crude was about USD30 per barrel. Today it is USD130 – an increase of USD100. There is hardly any increase in the production cost so that the extra USD100 can be considered as pure profit.

Our 250,000 barrels of export should earn us 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (twenty seven billion Ringgit).

But Petronas made a profit of well over RM70 billion, all of which belong to the Government.

By all accounts the Government is flushed with money.

But besides petrol the prices of palm oil, rubber and tin have also increased by about 400 per cent. Plantation companies and banks now earn as much as RM3 billion in profits each. Taxes paid by them must have also increased greatly.

I feel sure that maintaining the subsidy and gradually decreasing it would not hurt the Government finances.

In the medium term ways and means must be found to reduce wasteful consumption and increase income. We may not be able to fix the minimum wage at a high level but certainly we can improve the minimum wage.

Actually our wages are high compared to some of our neighbours. The investors who come here are attracted not by cheap labour but by other factors, among which is the attitude of the Government towards the business community and the investors in particular.

From what I hear business friendliness is wanting in the present Government – so much so that even Malaysians are investing in other countries. There are rumblings about political affiliations influencing decisions. Generally Government politicians are said to be arrogant.

Malaysia is short of manpower. The labour intensive industries are not benefiting Malaysians. Foreign workers are remitting huge sums of money home.

The industrial policy must change so that high tech is promoted in order to give Malaysians higher wages to cope with rising costs of living.

The world is facing economic turmoil due to the depreciation of the US Dollar, the sub-prime loan crisis, rising oil and raw material prices, food shortages and the continued activities of the greedy hedge funds. The possibility of a US recession is real. In a way the US is already in recession. The world economy will be dragged down by it.

Malaysia will be affected by all these problems. I wonder whether the Government is prepared for this.

We cannot avoid all the negative effects but there must be ways to mitigate against them and to lessen the burden that must be borne by all Malaysians. I am sure the Government will not just pass all these problems to the people as the review of oil prices every month seem to suggest.


Harga Minyak

Harga minyak mentah naik sebanyak 400 peratus sejak tiga tahun lepas. Lambat laun harga barangan juga akan alami kenaikan. Di negara-negara lain harga petrol sudahpun naik. Di United Kingdom satu liter petrol dijual pada kadar lebih satu pound sterling atau lebih kurang RM7. Di Amerika Syarikat harganya lebih kurang RM5.

Petunjuk bahawa harga minyak di negara-negara jiran mengalami kenaikan ialah bagaimana kenderaan Thai dan juga Singapura berpusu-pusu mengisi minyak di Malaysia.

Kerajaan umumkan kenaikan petrol sebanyak 78 sen ke RM2.70, kenaikan melebihi 40 peratus.

Saya mungkin tersilap, tetapi ternampak kekurangan jumlah kenderaan di jalanraya hari ini. Tetapi kesannya bukanlah terhad kepada itu sahaja. Barangan pengguna, perkhidmatan dan barangan mewah akan mengalami peningkatan harga.

Kos sara hidup sudah tentu meningkat. Dilihat daripada sudut lain akan tercetus inflasi dan taraf kehidupan akan menurun.

Memanglah kenaikan harga petrol di sini jauh lebih rendah daripada di United Kingdom, mahupun Amerika Syarikat. Tetapi pendapatan per kapita kita adalah lebih kurang satu pertiga mereka. Berasas kepada kuasa membeli kita kenaikan harga adalah lebih tinggi dari UK atau Amerika Syarikat.

Kenaikan ini menyakitkan, tetapi sakitnya lebih dirasai bukan kerana kenaikan dari segi peratusan adalah lebih tinggi daripada negara-negara maju, tetapi kerana cara kenaikan tersebut dibuat.

Beberapa hari lepas Kerajaan putuskan untuk haramkan penjualan minyak kepada kenderaan milik asing. Tunggang. Sekarang kenderaan asing dibenar membeli semula. Terbalik!

Mengetahui yang ianya akan menaikkan harga minyak dalam beberapa hari dan orang asing akan dibenar membeli, kenapa Kerajaan tidak menunggu sahaja daripada keluaran arahan larangan dan kemudian benarkan semula.

Namun begitu apakah yang Kerajaan boleh lakukan untuk meringankan beban kepada rakyat hasil daripada kenaikan harga petrol.

Pertamanya, Kerajaan tidak patut mengapungkan Ringgit. Kadar apungan menyebabkan ketidak-tentuan nilai Ringgit dan kita tidak akan meraih apa-apa keuntungan daripada kekuatan Ringgit. Sudah tentu rakyat tidak menikmati peningkatan kuasa membeli walaupun terdapat peningkatan nilai Ringgit dari segi tukaran dengan Dollar Amerika.

Sebenarnya Ringgit mengalami peningkatan lebih kurang 80 sen (daripada RM3.80 ke RM3.08 pada 1 US Dollar) satu US Dollar, melebihi 20 peratus. Jika Kerajaan teruskan sistem tambatan kadar dan menaikkan nilai Ringgit pada kadar 10 peratus pada satu masa, kos import, dalam Ringgit boleh dipantau dan dikurangkan sebanyak 10 peratus. Pada kadar kenaikan 20 peratus, kos import patutnya turun 20 peratus. Tetapi kita tahu harga barangan import dan perkhidmatan tidak kurang. Ini bermakna kita bayar 20 peratus lebih tinggi untuk import termasuk bagi bahan mentah dan komponen untuk industri

Oleh sebab harga minyak disebut dalam Dollar Amerika, kenaikan harga minyak dalam Dollar sepatutnya dikurangkan sebanyak 20 pertaus dalam Ringgit Malaysia.

Tetapi Kerajaan hendak turut Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa dan Bank Dunia dan telah putuskan untuk mengapung Ringgit. Akibatnya kekuatan Ringgit hanya meningkatkan kos export tanpa memberi sebarang keuntungan kepada rakyat menerusi kekurangan kos import.

Ini bukanlah kecerdikan selepas sesuatu itu terjadi. Saya telah beritahu seorang Menteri Kerajaan supaya Ringgit tidak diapungkan tiga tahun lalu. Memanglah saya bukan pakar dan saya hanya tahu serba sedikit tentang rejim kewangan antarabangsa.

Saya percaya umum terpaksa menerima kenaikan harga petrol. Tetapi apa yang menimbulkan kemarahan ialah jumlah kenaikan serta keadaan tergesa-gesa. Perdana Menteri sebelum ini seolah-olah mencadangkan kenaikan hanya pada bulan Ogos, tetapi ianya datang dua bulan lebih awal, sejurus selepas pengharaman penjualan kepada orang asing.

Jika kenaikan berperingkat, rakyat tidak akan terlalu terasa. Tetapi ini bermakna Kerajaan perlu terus beri subsidi walaupun tahapnya akan menurun.

Mampukah Kerajaan terus beri subsidi? Saya “penasihat” Petronas tetapi saya tahu sedikit sahaja berkenaannya dan tidak lebih daripada apa yang dilaporkan dalam akaunnya yang diumumkan. Apa yang saya tahu mungkin tidak begitu tepat tetapi cukup untuk saya membuat beberapa penilaian.

Malaysia mengeluar lebih kurang 650,000 tong minyak sehari. Kita guna 400,000 tong dan selebihnya 250,000 tong di export.

Tiga tahun lalu minyak mentah dijual pada kadar USD30 satu tong. Hari ini ianya USD130 – kenaikan sebanyak USD100. Hampir tiada peningkatan di dalam kos pengeluaran oleh itu lebihan USD100 boleh dianggap untung bersih.

250,000 tong yang dieksport sepatutnya memberi kita pulangan 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (Dua puluh tujuh bilion Ringgit).

Tetapi Petronas untung lebih RM70 billion, yang kesemuanya milik Kerajaan.

Kerajaan ini melimpah dengan wang.

Selain minyak, harga minyak sawit, getah dan timah juga meningkat lebih kurang 400 peratus. Keuntungan syarikat perladangan dan bank-bank juga mencecah sehingga RM3 billion tiap satu. Cukai yang dibayar juga sudah tentu mengalami peningkatan yang tinggi.

Saya percaya jika subsidi dikekalkan dan dikurangkan secara berperingkat ianya tidak akan mengekang kewangan Kerajaan.

Di dalam jangka masa terdekat cara untuk mengurangkan pembaziran dan menaikkan pendapatan mestilah diperkenal. Kita mungkin tidak dapat menetapkan gaji minima, tetapi sudah tentu kita boleh meningkatkan sedikit jumlah gaji minima.

Sebenarnya pendapatan kita tinggi berbanding sesetengah jiran kita. Pelabur yang datang ke sini tertarik bukan dengan harga buruh murah, tetapi faktor-faktor lain termasuk sikap dan pendekatan Kerajaan tehadap komuniti perniaga terutamanya pelabur.

Daripada apa yang saya dengar, sikap mesra peniaga amat berkurangan pada Kerajaan sekarang hinggakan orang Malaysia juga melabur di luar negara. Terdapat cakap-cakap berkenaan hubungan politik mempengaruhi keputusan. Secara amnya ahli politik Kerajaan dikatakan sombong.

Malaysia tidak punyai cukup tenaga kerja. Industri yang memerlukan tenaga pekerja yang ramai tidak menguntungkan Malaysia. Pekerja asing menghantar jumlah wang yang besar ke negara asal mereka.

Polisi industri mestilah bertukar agar teknologi tinggi dapat dipromosikan untuk memberi rakyat Malaysia lebihan pendapatan bagi menampung kos sara hidup yang meningkat.

Dunia sedang menghadapi kecelaruan ekonomi akibat penurunan nilai Dollar Amerika, krisis pinjaman sub-prima, kenaikan harga minyak dan bahan mentah, kekurangan makanan dan akiviti tamak “hedge funds” yang berterusan. Kemungkinan berlakunya resesi ekonomi Amerika Syarikat adalah benar. Sebenarnya Amerika Syarikat sedang mengalami kelembapan ekonomi. Ekonomi dunia akan turut ditarik turun.

Malaysia juga akan terjejas kesan daripada semua masalah ini. Saya tertanya adakah Kerajaan bersedia untuk menghadapi semua ini.

Kita tidak boleh lari daripada akibat negatif tetapi mestilah ada cara untuk mengatasinya agar beban yang terpaksa ditanggung rakyat dapat dikurangkan. Saya harap yang Kerajaan tidak akan melepaskan sahaja segala masalah ini kepada rakyat seperti ynag digambarkan cadangan untuk menilai harga minyak setiap bulan.


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David said...

To all those politician whom always keep saying they must "mempertahankan bangsa kita".

From what ?? from your neighbour nextdoor ?? from your office mates ?? or from your the man on the street.

Now it's time to say we all must "mempertahankan ekonomi negara".

Stop all those craps political manifestor and please make yourself be more useful to our country.

If the PM can't do his job well, does it means all of you just sit & watch while the country is routing with inflation and burden its people.

It's too fragile to leave the whole Nation future in the hands of those politician whom words is always lounder than action (if they any action left!!).

Save us all, please.

panglipulara said...

salam tun...

memang pengurangan subsidi minyak perlu untuk negara,
tp perlaksanaan pelan strategi pak lah yg kita pertikai kan..
idea dummy untuk cukai kenderaan menarik tp kita rasa akan gagal kerana menyusahkan rakyat.
ini org bukan pembela rakyat...

yan said...

salam Tun

saya setuju dgn Tun.

ape lah yang pak lah sdg pjuangkan sebenarnya.. kebajikan rakyat hilang entah kemana...

Tun we still need you, please make a come back...

Take care of your health.
May God bless you alwayz...

Anonymous said...

Now at least we are more clear on certain issues, esp the PURE INCOME part !!

So sad that they keep on saying how much they have subsidized and they have lost so much just cos of the subsidies but on the other hand they are actually earning more than we never expected :(

Thanks Tun for sharing with us.

Hafez blog said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

As a citizen of Malaysia and a small enterpreneur, I feel stress and demotivated by an increasing in the oil price. The cost that I predicted for the business operation suddenly change drastically. For sure, more things to come for such increment.

After all these prices keep hiking up, our HR minister suggesting of minimum wages for workers. By all means, how do a small enterpreneur like me to suvive? Govt job? Surely enterpreneur like me will failed to get a small job though qualified. Why? Big guns get things first. Small guns rush for one if you lucky enough.

I believe what you said can be a useful info for us as a one citizen. I admired your courage and leadership Tun. I really hope something can be done to help us survive and avoid any economic circumstances.

This is not about UMNO anymore and yet its true it is about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the way of solve things.

ketam said...

Salam Tun..

Minta komen pasal ada blog yg mendedahkan bahawa tub dan keluarga Tun ada menyimpan wang dan FD yg banyak di dalam ISRAELI NATIONAL BANK.


Waterfall said...

assalamualaikum Tun

I am terribly upset over the new petrol price. Many of us drive over 50 kilometres (one way) to work each day and this new petrol price will not only hurt, but more than that, it might cripple our financial state. i wish the public transport was an alternative but in my case it is not.

When i read about the amount Petronas makes annually and the amount of bonus the Petronas staff gets, i wander how the authorities rationalize their decisions and sleep well at night. May God give them the conscience and sense to see what others already know before its too late.

God bless you Tun.

Zaid@Zaidel said...

Sebenarnya Tun, PM kita skrg ni nak jadi mcm tun juga. Ada KLIA Puterajaya dan Menara Petronas. Tapi dia salah mendapat nasihat. Koridor skrg pun hanya tinggal koridor. Besi dan simen dah tak ada harga siling lagi. Maka semuanya akan naik, termasuklah perumahan, nak buat hospital pun kos akan naik. Sebnarnya Tun, saya terfikir idea penambatan ringgit yang Tun pernah laksanakan dulu dalam kita menghadapi krisis minyak ni. Saya bukan bijaksana seperti pakar ekonomi negara, tapi jika dulu kita pernah lakukan maka sekarang pun kita boleh lakukan untuk kawal harga minyak dengan penambatan ringgit.

seme said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Pening disebabkan harga minyak yang meningkat terlalu tinggi sekarang.

Kerajaan juga akan memberi rebat. Berapa sangatlah nilai rebat yang diberi berbanding peningkatan kos sara hidup yang terpaksa ditanggung. Kalau dicongak dan dihitung oleh seorang yang tidak tahu matematik,ekonomi dan akaun pun dapat jawapan yang mana hanya beberapa peratus sahaja rebat yang diberi dapat menampung peningkatan kos sara hidup akibat peningkatan harga minyak ini. Tak tahu macam mana pakar-pakar yang terlibat mendapat jawapannya?

Seperti yang dicanangkan, penjimatan yang dapat dari subsidi yang entah berapa puluh billion ini akan digunakan untuk pembangunan infrastruktur. Untuk apa dan kepada siapa pembagunan yang akan dibuat? Betulkah untuk rakyat? Adakah pembangunan yang dibuat tersebut dapat dinikmati oleh semua rakyat secara langsung seperti kesan yang ditanggung oleh semua rakyat? Untuk tatapan pihak yang menetapkan harga minyak, banyak lagi orang yang duduk di kampung belum menatap secara jelas KLCC yang dibina tetapi telah lama menderita akibat kesan peningkatan harga minyak yang pada masa yang sama menaikkan barang-barang keperluan. Kita sebgai rakyat Malaysia bukannya menolak pembangunan tetapi biarlah pembangunan yang hendak dibuat dalam keadaan rakyat hidup selesa dan tidak menderita. Saya rasa seluruh rakyat setuju kalaupun kerajaan hendak buat jambatan dari Semenanjung ke Sabah hatta jambatan gantung dari Gunung Kinabalu ke Gunung Tahan sekalipun sekiranya rakyat hidup selesa dan tidak terbeban.

Selepas pengumuman peningkatan harga minyak, pihak kerajaan juga mengatakan harga barang tidak akan naik kerana barangan asas masih lagi diberi subsidi. Ironinya cuma beberapa barang asas sahaja yang dikawal oleh kerajaan. Yang lainnya kerajaan tidak mengawalnya bahkan pernah suatu masa mengatakan kerajaan tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa kerana harga tidak dikawal oleh kerajaan. Pada masa ini lain pula bunyinya. Tidak sampai sejam yang lalu saya makan tengahhari di warung. Kalau dulu harga cuma RM 5.00 tetapi hari ni sudah naik RM 5.50. Itu baru hari pertama kenaikan minyak. Tak tahu macam mana keadaan pada hari berikutnya.

Kerajaan mengatakan harga minyak akan dikaji untuk setiap bulan untuk menentukan harga. Katakan harga minyak akan turun pada bulan depan, adakah harga barangan yang dinaikkan pada hari ini akan diturunkan. Pastinya TIDAK. Pada masa itu rakyat masih perlu membayar pada harga yang sama untuk semua barangan. Tidakkah cendiakawan dan bijak pandai yang membuat keputusan ini berfikir kearah itu? Nanti pada masa itu barulah pihak kerajaan mengarahkan ahli penguatkuasa yang juga merasai kesannya pda hari ini terhegeh-hegeh untuk membuat penguatkuasaan. Tiada gunanya lagi.

Akhir sekali diharapkan Tun dapat memainkan peranan sekali lagi dalam isu kenaikan harga minyak ini untuk kebahagian semua rakyat. Saya secara peribadi malu untuk mengharapkan Tun kerana Tun telah banyak memainkan peranan selama ini dan walaupun telah bersara masih lagi diharapkan untuk membela rakyat. Saya masih ingat terutama pada tahun 1997 yang mana Tun dapat menanganinya secara bijak. Walaupun ramai yang tersa kesannya pada masa itu tetapi tidaklah semua rakyat yang merasainya. Tetapi pada masa ini, keputusan yang dibuat telah menyebabkan rakyat keseluruhannya menderita.

Diharapkan Tun diberi kekuatan dan buah fikiran untuk memberikan pendapat bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat jelata. Pada masa yang sama, diharapkan pihak yang terlibat dapat membuka hati untuk menerima pendapat Tun. Sekian, terima kasih.

sue said...

salam yang dikasihi buat ayahanda Tun lagi,

memang saya setuju dengan mereka yang mengucapkan tahniah kepada pak lah dan sharir, including najib!.

Tahniah di atas 'kebijaksaan' for this bunch of people'.

f this bunch of people still around for the next Pilihanraya; we will give them 'special present'!!!.

They deserve it!!!! for all the hard work they have done to help themselves!!!.

Ps: PAKLAH & SHARIR; cubalah naik bas pi kerja....cubalah...tukarlah gaya hidup tu....takkan kitaorang je...ea???...naiklah bas ke, komuter ke...PLEASEEEEEE...

to Tun,

ps Tun, I am sure KJ read your blog everyday!!!:). Let him learn something - lots of thing from this blog...

Ayahanda Tun,

We miss you as PM!!!'



adeeb said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

1st of all, i hope u can forgive me for cursing and swearing u during your premiership. i thought you are the bad one. but now i realize that u are not that bad afterall. u have done alot of good things during your days(except for few things, no need to mention it here).
now please Tun, do something to save the malaysian to make up for all your sins. use your brilliant ideas and kick pak lah out of office. this time we need u back again.

lehins said...

Salam Tun,

Saya rasa kerajaan bagi subsidi untuk pasang NGV kepada kenderaan lebih baik daripada bagi subsidi minyak setahun RM600.
Apa pandangan Tun?

Mikester said...


I agree that the government is flushed with money but the question is, does the government want to share the wealth with the people? Well obviously not! what's the most lucrative career in Malaysia today, be a ruling party politician of course and the easier one is to just be a crony.

This is a perfect recipe for a revolution, don't you think, doc?
people can't aford to eat and are paying double for everything whereas the poitical elite drive around in flashy continental cars and throw lavish parties.

The wheels are a turning, sir. Don't think anything can stop it.

slayer said...

Kenapa la rakyat tak boleh bersuara direct. Kalau aku boleh face to face dengan Dolah ni kan best. Dia boleh buat bodoh je, tolong la fikir pasal rakyat ni. Ni dok pikir pasal anak beranak dia je. Takut khairil tak leh bayar duit kete, nak beli pampers anak, dan nak pegi shopping kat Australia. Kalau orag kata bengap marah! Aduh, nasib nasib..mmmmmm. Rasa nak balik tanam sayur makan sendiri pun ade..nak nangis pun ada, kadang kadang tu nak tergelak pun ada!!! yang kaki PAM dolah pon satu, Hishamudin, Noh Omar ape semua tu, giler ape..dah ade juta juta tu dah la. cukup la tu nak tunggu mati. Bagi kat rakyat yang nak mkn untuk 2 3 hari pulak. Silap-sialp dah ade RATUS JUTA. Sapa tahu?!

peihong said...

aduhai.... eluk eluk teman boleh duduk taraf pendapatan sederhana dah kena duduk di taraf rendah gamaknya...


Jangan masih enak duduk di kerusi empuk walhal hanya tahu duduk sahaja tanpa halatuju.....

kepada rakyat malaysia.... harap bersabar.... lagi 3 tahun setengah - 4 tahun je lagi dan kita perlu ubah keadaan ini.

kepada TUN
Please comeback to kerusi empuk itu.... kami memerlukan Tun untuk halatuju negara.... Saya akan sokong Tun tanpa mengira parti mana yang Tun akan wakili..... Yang penting Tun kena tolong Malaysia yang dah parah....

luahan dari pengundi saluran 3 yang suatu hari nanti akan menjadi pengundi saluran 1.

Fauzi said...

Salam Tun,

Since I was a kid, I had an impression that you are the best leader we ever had.. You talk with brains.. And current PM is the most incompetent PM we ever had perhaps... Fuel price incerase may not affected me directly but I am really concern of low income group. With inefficient public transport, I dont think there is an option for Malaysian. I want to oppose on the sum of compensation or those ppl in power called it channel back subsidy to ppl needed.. One year, avg ppl will travel about 20000km-25000km. That easily required 2000-2500 liters of petrol. And with increase of whopping 78cent per liter, thats translate to additional RM1560-RM1950 a year. certainly way off from RM600++ compensation to those who own 2 liter and below car. This calculation not considered absolute domino effect of daily goods price hike which I am pretty sure will cost another 20-30% easily.. Government said expect inflation 4-5% this year is bullshit...!!! I laud the idea of what Tun said, we cant compared US, UK or even Spore simply because their per capita income is very very high and purchasing power is very2 high as well.. Ppl with brains will sick when government kept chanting our fuel prices is lower than the rest of the countries.. opps dont compare with Indonesia or Thailand.. Their car is cheaper than us...

Tun, god will, semoga panjang umur.. amin...

nurshazalinayuhanis said...

salam tun,

tolong lah Tun... perjuangkan bangsa kita... tak sanggup lagi dibawah pemerintahan orang yang takde akai.... makin hari makin benci melihat patah perkataan SI ISLAM HADARI (ADA HAD ADA HARI) ni... memualkan

sonofmalaysia said...

Dear Tun,

During this bleak hour of mental blackout in the current ruling government, it is good to hear sensible views such as yours. No doubt we miss your dignified presence at the helm of the government, and we wish that you are still there to lead us out of this current crisis. Yes! it is going to be a crisis! beware all Malaysians, The powers that be in the Malaysian Government right now might as well be running a banana republic, though i think they would fail at that too.

One thing about our dear current PM is that his advisors must be changed. All this wrong and miscalculated moves are seriously effecting the country. And these jokers are not feeling the pain and burden of the normal Atan, Raju and Ah Seng in the streets. They come out with their decisions after spending hours discussing in their air conditioned conference rooms and gulping down pots and pots and brewed coffee without realising the suffering of the 'ikan bilis'. After which they would be going off in their luxury vehicles being chaffeured off to the golf clubs or whatever playground of the rich and famous.They ought to come down to earth and consider about the normal laymen drinking 'Teh Tarik' at the roadside stalls.

Being a politician is not talks alone, you must have guts and brains. Those are the qualities possesed by Tun M, but sad to say Pak Lah is like ' Langit dengan Bumi' as compared to Tun M

island lost said...


I truly believe Tun, y cant it be same while u in charge?

ppl r giving up hope and fed up with government...

quadr0 said...

minyak oh minyak.....

Thanks to Pal Lah and those culprits that help him make the popular decision.I'm pretty sure for them this won't effect them at all but not to the rest of the people.

I'm staying in Sungai Layar, Sungai Petani Kedah and yesterday we had the biggest event ever here,Fill Up Your Tank Contest at all petrol stations.Hmmm,1 simple announcement had turn our life up side down.I wonder what next.

Today, a better news, no more LPG (cooking gas).Reason as usual, price increase la, apa lagi.Increment of 20cent/kg and the goverment said no price increase for the LPG.Again me and my fellow orang kampung feel grateful of being cheated again by the Malaysian Goverment,thank you so much Pak Lah.

This is only part of the millions pieces of the petrol hike.After this price hike for the chicken etc...And to my dispointment we are still out of flour here but the goverment did nothing.Numerous complaint had been made but...hmmm..may be I'm just a rakyat without money or political powers.

You had been our PM for more than 2 decades, you had abundant of experiences either locally or abroad,please..please can you at least give us a point or two for us on how to deal with these goverment.For me, I'm fed up but don't know how to deal with it.I already done my part as Malaysian in PRU12 but..............

Aleeza Zaily said...

Worry about harga beras
Worry about electricity tariff
Worry about harga minyak yg naik mencanak, and now has to
Worry about the domino effects - its look like semua barang akan naik...
Effects not only to the income-expenses of the family, but also the the human relationship, harap-harap jangan sampai ada keluarga yg jadi porak peranda sebab kenaikan-kenaikan yang 'gagal' ditangani oleh kerajaan pilihan ramai nih..

Freddie said...

Tun, thanks so much for your enligthenment. can you pls consider returning to office as PM again, surely majority of Malaysia rakyat would support it, at least for a short term to get things right for us. Some said that yours and few UMNO veteran's resignation is not as simple but with a great plan behind, is this true?

nadzri said...

YABhg Tun,

The people are not satisfied with the quantum and the suddenness of the increase in oil price. I agree with you Tun. I agree with you Tun. It should be done gradually. I don't care whether Pak Lah will lose his popularity or not. We are all concern about the domino effects of the big price incrase of oil.

Ahmad said...

Salam tun

Please , we need your help

nelly said...

Kalau kita tengok negara2 pengeluar minyak yang lain seperti Brunei yang mana memberi kelebihan kepada rakyat sendiri dengan harga minya yang palin murah. Negara kita adalah salah sebuah negara pengeluar minyak, yang mana pengeluaran minyak negara adalah mencukupi untuk menampung penggunaan sendiri dan berlebihan. Tetapi sebagai rakyat Malaysia kenapa kita tidak mendapat merasai keuntungan ini, malah kita terpaksa membanding diri dengan negara2 bukan pengeluar minyak? Tindakan menaikan harga minya sehingga kadar yang lebih tinggi dari kenaikan yang di alami oleh negara bukan pengeluar minyak adalah tidak wajar sekali. Ini satu lagi tindakan tidak wajar dan bodoh Pak Lah. Saya tidak pasti bahawa dia membuat keputusan secara concious atau tidak sedar apa yang dia buat. Whatever it is, dari segi dia memberi penerangan, sah lah dia memang tidak competent untuk menerajui negara kita.

shaz said...

Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

Yes we are heading to a deeper inflation zone and all these are beyond the control of the current government. This is mere domino effect and it is felt globally, and we can't run away from it.

What saddened and incite our hatred is the sudden increase of petrol price and its quantum. We the rakyat felt cheated by this FLIP-FLOP prime minister.

Why in the first place he open up his mouth and told us there won't be an increase, or that soon (which we all know it is just another rotten tactics to buy oblivious voters votes).

To add salt to wound, he agreed to TNB's increase of tariff, and this is done second time during his tenure of 6 years.

You might not feel the pinch as much as the majority meagre income earner. The rakyat whom take home around rm2000 or less.
Families with only one sole breadwinner.
Families with more than three kids to raised.
Families who lives and work in the Klang Valley especially.

The government's move to burden the rakyat with this incredible increase is absolutely ridiculous and done without taking into consideration the socioeconomic point of views.

The rakyat will be continually oppressed.

Mike said...

Dearest Tun,

this was indeed a nightmare to everyone. a normal person like me who work and earn less then 2k per month...

RM2000 - EPF - Socso - misc = RM1800

RM1800 - Gen2 (RM2.7 X 50 litre)RM135 per week X 04 = RM540 = RM1260

RM1260 - Car loan @ RM700 = RM560

RM560 - room rental @ RM200 - utilities @ RM50 = RM210

RM210 - meals @ RM10 per day = -RM90 to survive???!!!

Putra1308 said...

Kerajaan tidak patut melakukan tndakan menaikkan harga minyak dgn mendadak.. sehingga 40% x masuk akal. kita negara pengeluar minyak. kenapa perlu rakyat menanggung kesusahan ini. Pak Lah tolonglah..sudah tiba masanya anda mengundurkan diri secara terhormat. Sudah ternyata anda tidak tahu memimpin negara & ekonomi. Jgn smpai tiba masanya dimana anda dan keluarga anda dicerca oleh berpuluh juta rakyat Malaysia hanya kerana kesilapan anda.... fikir2kanlah..!!

Rasa hormat terhadap Pak Lah sudah lama hilang...!! :-(

mamupenang2020 said...

Umum kita semua telah mengetahui hari ini seluruh Malaysia nilai minyak berunsur bahan api telah naik dengan begitu drastik setelah diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri semalam. Amat mengejutkan kerana kenaikan ini adalah yang tertinggi pernah dicatatkan dalam sejarah negara. Ada pihak akan merasa gembira dan pastinya ramai di kalangan rakyat Malaysia akan merasa kecewa dan tertekan dengan kenaikan ini terutamanya rakyat berpendapatan rendah (Pendapatan bawah RM2000.00)

sebelum 1990 - RM 0.89
Tahun 1990 - RM 1.10 (kenaikan RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (kenaikan RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 (kenaikan RM 0.02)

Zaman Pak Lah kita mula memerintah
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 (kenaikan RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 – RM 1.92 (kenaikan RM 0.30)
Tengah Malam ini (05/06/2008) - RM 2.70 (kenaikan RM 0.78 )

Pelbagai kesan boleh terjadi dengan kenaikan ini terutamanya berkaitan dengan harga bahan makanan samada kering atau basah. Sudah pasti sekali lagi rakyat perlu bersedia untuk kenaikan harga barangan runcit pada bila-bila masa ketika ini termasuklah kos pengangkutan dan sebagainya.

Rakyat sebenarnya agak kecewa apabila kenaikan ini dikuatkuasakan serta merta pada 5 Jun 2008 dengan keadaan semasa terutamanya harga barangan runcit yang tidak stabil dan berlaku kenaikan di sana sini. Lebih bertambah duka lara dan kekecewaan rakyat setelah secara umumnya Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Samad mengatakan bahawa harga minyak akan dinaikkan pada Ogos ini adalah meleset sama sekali. Seperti tidak ada intonasi atau keseragaman di dalam kabinet sendiri di mana Menteri bertanggungjawab memberikan informasi berbeza dengan Perdana Menteri. Ketidakseragaman ini boleh membuka mata rakyat haluan berbeza ahli jemaah menteri. Sepatutnya kenyataan media secara "anggapan" atau pertimbangan 50 - 50 tidak boleh dimainkan oleh menteri berkenaan kerana rakyat telah meletakkan kepercayaan dan kesediaan untuk menghadapi kenaikan minyak seperti yang dinyatakan pada Ogos oleh menteri terbabit. Dengan pengumuman Perdana Menteri semalam menunjukkan ketidaksamaan atau keserasian pandangan antara menteri terbabit dengan perdana menteri ditambahkan lagi dengan kenaikan luar jangkaan.

Apa yang lebih menyedihkan lagi ketika ini adalah pihak luar terutamanya rakyat dari negara jiran boleh membeli petrol, diesel dan ngv pada harga semasa. Kita sedia mengetahui bahawa kos bahan api di negara jiran adalah lebih tinggi dari Malaysia. Persoalannya adalah siapakah yang sebenarnya menikmati "Subsidi" yang diwar-warkan ini. Adakah rakyat Malaysia atau rakyat negara jiran seperti Singapura dan Thailand. Ini menunjukkan seakan-akan seperti perpatah melayu "kera dihutan disusukan anak dirumah mati kelaparan". Jadi siapakah rakyat sebenarnya? Persoalan ini perlu dijawab oleh pihak kerajaan. Sepatutnya rakyat perlu lebih menikmati "subsidi". Memang benar rakyat diberikan imbuhan tunai RM625 untuk setahun. Persoalannya adalah cukupkah nilaian berkenaan dengan keadaan semasa yang tidak menentu terutama hal berkaitan harga barangan runcit. Semesti pihak peniaga akan mula untuk menaikkan harga barangan mereka tidak lama lagi alasan adalah kerana kenaikkan harga minyak. Mungkin selepas ini harga roti canai akan naik RM1.50 sekeping. Ini yang dikhuatiri oleh rakyat terutamanya mereka yang berpendapatan rendah bawah RM2000 sebulan.

Kerajaan perlu mencari mekanisme pengagihan minyak pada rakyat negara jiran mengikut harga pasaran dinegara mereka sendiri supaya tidak berlaku ketirisan "subsidi" rakyat kepada rakyat asing. Sekiranya pihak kerajaan gagal mengkaji mekanisme ini rakyat akan nampak dengan jelas siapakah "kera dihutan disusukan" dan siapakah "anak dirumah mati kelaparan".

Walaubagaimanapun ada pihak di Malaysia akan merasa gembira dengan kenaikan ini terutamanya pengusaha-pengusaha kereta sewa. Bayangkan sekiranya seorang pengusaha berkenaan mempunyai 30 buah kereta di bawah nama yang sama. Sudah pasti mereka ini akan tersenyum lebar menikmati durian runtuh dari kerajaan. Cuba kita kaji penggiraan di bawah:-

1 Kereta = RM625 setahun
30 kereta = RM625 x 30 = RM18,750 setahun.

Oleh yang demikian pengusaha ini akan menikmati durian runtuh sebanyak RM18,750 setahun dari hari pengusahaan kereta sewa ini. Sedangkan pengusaha ini tidak perlu membayar nilaian petrol yang membayarnya adalah pengguna kereta sewa berkenaan. Dengan hanya memiliki 30 buah kereta sewa dalam setahun RM18,750 diperolehi secara percuma. Amat lumayan dan beruntung golongan ini. Sekali gus boleh mereka boleh menambah bilangan kereta sewa tambahan setiap tahun sekurangnya 5 - 6 buah denga bayaran tunai bagi kereta terpakai. Bagi golongan ini perlu bersyukur kerana nikmat yang diperolehi. Kepada mereka yang mempunyai jumlah kereta yang banyak akan menikmatinya dengan lebih nilai.

Persoalan sekarang ini adalah adakah akan berlaku siri-siri kenaikan harga bahan api pada bulan-bulan berikutnya. Mungkin Ogos ini kita akan menerima berita duga sekali lagi dengan kenaikan susulan. Mengikut penggiraan ada ura-ura menyatakan bahawa harga bahan api mentah "Crude Oil" boleh mencecah RM220 setong sehingga penghujung tahun ini. Sama-samalah kita rakyat Malaysia memerhati dengan mata hati drama swasta bertaraf global ini dan bersiap sedialah seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk menghadapi segala kemungkinan perubahan corak dagangan antarabangsa yang berbentuk speculative terhadap bahan-bahan komoditi ini.

Apa yang perlu kita ingat adalah bukan hanya kita di Malaysia sahaja menghadapi masalah ini akan tetapi seluruh penduduk dunia ketika ini amat runsing dengan perubahan dagangan global secara drastik ketika ini. Apa yang penting kerajaan yang dipilih perlu memainkan peranan bagi memastikan kebajikan dan keselesaan rakyat diutamakan. Sebagai rakyat berdoalah kepada Yang Maha Esa supaya nasib kita semua terbela.


Anonymous said...


I miss the moment you ruled our country...

koboi malaya said...

sekadar cerita;
3 bulan yg lalu, pegi kerja naik moto + hujan hampir setiap pagi = basah kuyup.

2 bulan yg lalu, terima cadangan bini + kawan-kawan= beli kereta 2nd hand(konon2 tak basah dah kalo hujan)

SEKARANG.= minyak naik gila babi punya tinggi + barang2 dapur naik = pakai kapcai balik la jawapnya... basah kuyup lagi baik dari makan pasir hujung bulan.

TERIMA KASIH kat PM sekarang + penasihat2 yang cukup `BERHATI PERUT`

Revolution4All said...

This is a problem when a person whom do not possess strong background in finance, sound management style and quality leadership attributes insists to play TOWKAY!



azmil said...

Dear TUN,

Ive no comment for this article, as I believe you know what you're talking about- not like some other jokers.

Anyway, yes the govt should increase the petrol one step at a time. Not just simple jump to 40%. I know the govt has their own reason for that. But at least have some simpty towards the rakyat. We all know majority of Malaysian are from middle income earners. And i think it is fair enough that the govt should increase one at a time. For example: From 1.92 to 2.10 for the first quater of the year..then followed to 2.30..something like that. At least we can adjust with the changes abit by bit.

Besides that, since you mentioned that Petronas itself earning more than RM25billions i think it is fair enough that petronas pump in 10billion for fuel subsidies..and another from other income such as palm oil etc..with each contribute RM500 million..

Also, it is time that Malaysian to produce more professional and non professional workers. So that we dont need to import immigrants. This might help up little bit for the domestic income.

I might not good in this..but i hope this idea can somehow or rather shade some lights or give some tips. Thanks

Author said...

Is it possible kalau TUN jadi PM sekali lagi??

Harvinder Singh said...

I have good respect for Tun as although I believe you done so much wrong during your time in power there were certain things about you that made me a proud Malaysian.

That said I want to ask how successful was your plan after the 1997 crisis. After you been lauded left right and centre for coming up with a superb plan that defied everyone and IMF. Back then it seems to have had a good effect all the way till a few years before you left power. However due to your measures now we are feeling the pinch. In all fairness the Malaysian economy though was not effected as badly as our other Asian neighbors because of your measures has recovered the slowest. All our neighboring countries are at the pre 1997 crisis levels or close to it. Countries like South Korea are doing better even. Where is Malaysia though? Still far behind not even close to our pre crisis days.

Your administration looted the country. You bailed out your friends who were the heads of the local banks, you bailed out the Malaysian Shipping Cooperation which was under you son, Proton.... Lots of other things as well where money from our finite oil resource was spent aimlessly. Not to mention one of the bigger drains in our economy today is the lopsided deals with the IPP's run by your friends again. Costing us in the tens of billions yearly.

You sit there in your chair seeing how the people you brainwashed during your time worship you. Do you not feel the pain and hardship you caused so many Malaysians so you and your friends can make an easy buck and live easy lives.

You wrote an excellent article but in all honestly its all sandiwara here and there. You should accept that part of the problem has been you and your system. Badawi inherited it and rather than making it better is just following your footsteps. You are just mad at him because you felt cheated because now, he aint giving you and your friends a piece of the action instead he diverted it to his own.

No wonder you are best friends with Mugabe, since both of you looted the life out of your people and share no remorse for what you have done.

noor faiza said...

Salam Tun,

I am being selfish here but I must urge u to make a come back for the top post or at least become economic advisor for the country.

Please Tun. I could see light at the end of the tunnel by seeing u step back in.

Appeciate your concerned.

Wak said...

Salam Tun,
Sememangnya cetusan idea Tun begitu rumit, taktikal & kompleks utk difahami oleh PM kita. Beliau takkan mampu terfikir sejauh itu kerana tak mau nak serabotkan pemikiran dia. Kalau program tentang cuti2 cari makan di Ostrelia tentu dia mastermindnya. Sekarang ni rakyatpun dah dapat menilai kebijaksanaan Tun berbanding dgn kegoblokan paklah mentadbir negara.

Teruskan perjuangan Tun kerana Tun merupakan Pejuang Tulen yang tiada bandingannya.

Semoga Allah merahmati perjuangan Tun.

cromox said...

Salam Tun,
Inilah Pemimpin yang tidak cekap menguruskan dasar-dasar ekonomi negara. Tun silap memilih beliau..

straycat's strut said...

I read corpetro’s comment and could not stop my tears. If it is of any consolation, corpetro is not alone. Despite the rosy picture the govt was painting, it is totally a whole different story on the ground. If you are doing business, the last 4 years would be your worst nightmare. 4 of my close friends had to go through divorce due to financial reasons. You heard about billions of project, thousands of plans, rosy pictures on national tv but nothing on the ground. When Tun did the Putrajaya last time, almost every contractor I know were doing some kind of work in Putrajaya.You rarely hear anyone doing any project these days. Sometimes I wonder who did the billions of Pak Lah’s project. Halimunan?

The petrol increase is the least of our problem. The corresponding effects that are the ones that are going to choke us. The hardest hit is going to be the middle class.

Tun, help us…

Anak Sarawak said...

This is actually a good time to address the "poor" of malaysia. Fancy that everyone is complaining how tough it is, but how do you think East Malaysia, which has the majority of the country's poor, is faring? If you consider government's mismanagement of petrol wealth to be such as big no-no or how obscene the amount Petronas is earning at the moment, why doesn't any politicians address the deep poverty of East Malaysians? After all, Sarawak's oil endowment contributes a big portion to Petronas' current wealth and profitability, so I'm sure it is their right to receive part of the blessings of their land. But as usual, I guess it's not in everyone's interest to address this, since East Malaysia is not a high priority.

Lo said...

Tun yang dikasihi

Memang amat memeranjatkan apabila Pak Lah menaikkan harga petrol sebegitu banyak. Sekarang beban rakyat bukan hanya kepada harga makananan yang melambung naik bahkan harga petrol yang semakin tinggi.

Kuantum 78 sen dan rm 1 adalah terlalu tinggi dan ramai rakyat akan mengalami kejutan dari segi belanjawan keluarga.

Pak Lah terlalu tergesa-gesa menaikkan harga petrol tanpa memberikan rakyat ruang untuk bersedia. Jikalau kenaikannya secara perlahan dan sedikit umpamanya 30 sen, mungkin kesannya tidak terlalu terasa.

Tindakan kerajaan mengharamkan penjualan petrol kepada kenderaan asing dan menarik balik pengharaman itu semula setelah beberapa hari menampakkan corak kepimpinan dan decision making yang lemah.

Kerajaan perlu meneliti langkah yang sepatutnya terlebih dahulu dan tidak mengambil keputusan tergesa-gesa.

Kesimpulan saya terhadap kes kenaikan harga minyak ini adalah; Pak Lah tidak sensitif kepada masalah rakyat terutamanya yang berpendapatran rendah dan kedua, kerajaan mengamalkan proses membuat keputusan 'knee jerk reaction'. God saves Malaysia


Azman said...

Adoi..aii, harga minyak naik lagi. Kali ni paling besar dlm sejarah, sampai 78 sen. Semenjak AAB pegang PM ni, tiap2 tahun ada saja harga yg naik. Balik2 naik, yg turunnya takde apa.

Rasa joke juga bila dlm Buletin Utama, Pak Shahril kata tiada limpahan harga ataupun "domino effect" akibat drp kenaikan harga minyak ni. Apa dia ingat kita ni org takde akal ke? The minute oil price is up, all hell will break loose. First yg akan naik ialah benda2 basic mcm makanan dan pengangkutan. Case in point, nasi lemak bungkus yg selalu saya beli di Stesen minyak Petronas dah jadi kecil bungkusannya walaupun harganya tetap sama. Masuk sekolah minggu depan ni siap la bus2 driver minta tambah sikit monthly fee. Masa tu nak buat apa? Menteri2 ni anak2 dia pun bukannya tau naik bas pun. Semua berhantar dan dihantar. Minyak (as well as car and driver)is only part of their benefits. Next one will be the service and tourism industries. Harga bilik hotel mesti naik, cukai perkhidmatan pun sama. Semua ini akan memaksa pekerja2 utk minta gaji lebih. Piket akan berlaku. Unions akan lancar mogok. Majikan, mau tak mau, kena naikkan gaji tetapi akan mengurangkan kakitangan supaya dpt kekalkan "overhead" dan utk berdaya saing. It's simple economics actually, the lesser RM travels amongst consumers, the tighter the economics will be. Org2 mengurangkan makan di luar akan menyebabkan kedai2 makan terpaksa gulung tikar, toke2 bahan makan terpaksa mengurangkan kos, dsbnya. Tambahan pula nanti klu bank2 naikkan kadar faedah. Lagi la susah org nak berniaga dan berbelanja.

Mungkin klu boleh suggest Petronas to subsidize the consumer rather than give back to the government via tax. Rasa nya benda ni pernah dibuat beberapa tahun sudah. Klu MAS dan AirAsia boleh buat "price war" utk dapatkan pelanggan, apa kata Petronas offer beberapa sen diskaun pada harga minyak sekarang berbanding lain2 stesen minyak. Pastinya sykt2 lain itu akan turunkan harga minyak mereka kelak. Keadaan ini akan berlarutan sehingga masing2 mendapat "volume customer" yg sesuai. Anyway kan dulu dah kata nak ban product dari negara yg menghina Islam. Inilah salah satu cara nya.

Anyways, keep on giving us your intelligent ideas thru your writings Tun. Salam sejahtera buat Tun dan keluarga.

dari Kepala Batas said...


" From what I hear business friendliness is wanting in the present Government".... Dr M

Sebagai mana yang semua telah sedia maklum, harga mnyak telah pun naik yang mana harga barang lain pasti naik ... bla bla bla dan bla bla bla ..... dan rakyat biasa seperti saya yang sebahagian besarnya adalah kuli akan terasa sekali bebannya

Kenapa ini terjadi ....?
apa pun sebabnya, yang pasti kerajaan telah kekurangan wang. Sekiranya kerajaan mempunyai banyak wang dengan pembahagian yang sesuai kepada semua ( dengan penetapan gaji minimum yg sesuai) , masalah ini tidak timbul kerana semua orang akan berpuas hati.

Pada pandangan saya, menjadi PM bolehlah diibaratkan sebagai menjadi TAUKE dalam satu syarikat. Beliau perlu memastikan urusniaga yg dilakukan dapat membawa keuntungan dan kesemua KULI dalam syarikatnya memperoleh pendapatan yang memuaskan hati semua.

Dalam konteks kerajaan masa kini, dapatlah disimpulkan bahawa Pak Lah merupakan seorang TAUKE YANG GAGAL, tidak berjaya membawa keuntungan malah hanya tahu menghabiskan sumber yang ada. Beliau mempunyai cita cita besar untuk membina koridor yang belum jelas kepentingannya. Cita cita tinggi tidaklah salah tetapi perlu di iringi dengan akal yang cerdik untuk memdapatkan sejumlah wang ( DARI LUAR) demi mencapai cita cita tersebut.

Dalam keadaan sekarang, saya merasakan kerajaan bukan sahaja menarik balik subsidi tetapi turut "mencuri" wang dari poket poket kuli kerana kenaikan harga minyak ini ( 78 sen seliter ) boleh memberikan keuntungan dan menambah pendapatan kerajaan.

Kegagalan Pak Lah sebagai pembuat polisi tidak ubah seperti TAUKE yang memotong gaji pekerja dalam bentuk yang berbeza. Kegagalan Pak Lah dalam BISNES antarabangsa merupakan satu kegagalan dalam menambah kekayaan negara yang akhirnya di tanggung oleh anda dan saya.

Pilihanraya telah berlalu, apa yang anda dan saya sebagai kuli boleh lakukan tidak lain tidak bukan adalah berjimat dan memberitahu anak isteri anda "gaji ayah sikit, kita kena berjimat" ataupun berhenti bekerja, dalam konteks ini berpindah ke negara lain yang mempunyai TAUKE yang cerdik dan cekap.

Pak Lah - " bisnes tak reti, PERABIS pandai "

Terima kasih

azuin vulpine said...

Salam Tun,

Sy amat bersetuju dengan, bukan itu sahaja, bahkan semua bidang kejuruteraan juga kemungkinan akan luput semakin hari..

Saya dapat rasakan semakin hari sejak dari kerajaan umumkan kurangkan projek pembangunan rakyat sampai lah ke kenaikan harga minyak...

happy said...

everything increase mean our country oso increasing lo.,.,
haha... jj... agree with tun

Azeline Jamaludin said...

Assalamualaikum Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,

Saya menulis komen ini dari hati saya. Saya tahu Dr. Mahathir Mohamad sudah bersara dan bukan lagi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Saya sekeluarga, dan pastinya ramai rakyat Malaysia yang lain mahu Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kembali sebagai Perdana Menteri kami semula. Mungkin mustahil bagi Dr.. Saya sekeluarga berasa tidak selamat dari segi ekonomi, politik dan sosial. Visi 2020 yang Dr. Mahathir perkenalkan dan perjuangkan selain isu orang Melayu seperti kabur dari pandangan. Dari isu wakil rakyat yang berkelakuan kebudak-budakan di Parlimen yang menjadi tontonan rakyat jelata, lompat parti, kekalahan teruk Barisan Nasional menawan hati rakyat Malaysia sehinggalah ke isu beras naik, minyak naik, elektrik naik, lepas ni tak tahu apa yang naik. Sekarang ni bukan masanya nak berkempen 'sayang Pak Lah' (maafkan saya). Tapi, ini masa nak menyelamatkan Malaysia. Jika seorang pemimpin tidak boleh 'perform', rakyat boleh minta beliau lepaskan jawatan secara baik. I am sure he is a nice person but in administering a country, being nice and soft is not enough and will not save a country from destruction. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia needs you as our leader. Please come back...Semoga Allah s.w.t panjangkan umur Mahathir Mohamad. Amin.

TM1-GB said...


boboy said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.
saya tak kisah jika harga minyak biarla dgn cara yang betul, ini dalam surat khabar semalam kata akan dinaikkan bulan ogos, tiba2 petang semalam umum naik hari ni.
saya ada beberapa cadangan di sini:-
1) kerajaan malaysia harus memikirkan untuk menggalakkan penggunaan NGV.
2) beri subsidi untuk pemasangan ngv
3) beri rebate khas unutk pengguna ngv dan perbanyakkan stesen minyak yg membekalkan ngv
4) buat pelaburan unutk penggunaan bio petrol ke apa ke..tak de la semata2 bergantung kepada pembekal minyak dunia.
5) pak lah turun jawatan..

Nino said...

tiada apa yang dapat diucapkan lagi selain terima kasih atas kenaikan minyak yang baru diumumkan oleh kerajaan malaysia, kerana dengan kenaikan minyak sudah pasti barangan lain akan ikut naik dan dengan kenaikan itu, akan membahagiakan seluruh keluagaku dengan tangisan tak berair mata, ibarat jatuh ditimpah tangga. terima kasih pemimpin pemimpin kerajaan malaysia, jasamu dipenggal ini takkan hilang didada yang punah.

warga daif

Mariapun said...

aku dah kata harga minyak akan naik. Aku dapat agak harga minyak akan naik masa najib bg amaran pd semua supaya tak buat spekulasi pasal harga minyak.

Penipu punya kerajaan pak lah, 2 hari lepas kata harga minyak akan revise dlm bulan ogos, tengok2 hari ni dah naik. Naik tu memang dah jangka dan tak boleh elak, tapi melampau sangat sampai rm2.70 seliter. apa pak lah nak rakyat lebih derita ke? bangsat punya bangsa! aku memang bengang harga petrol naik macam ni sekali. lepas ni kompom harga barang akan naik.

tak de otak ke diorang yang buat keputusan ni? masa zaman Tun jadi PM, memang harga minyak naik, tapi tak sampai melampau macam zaman pak lah ni. Ni macam balas dendam, setahun tak naik harga, tengok2 tahun ni naik berganda. Giler ape naik sampai 78 sen sekali gus? bebal punya pak lah!

kalo dulu tank kancil rm40 pun tak penuh, ni dah naik mcm ni, kompom dekat rm100 br penuh! kenapalah nak bebankan rakyat lg? korg yg kat atas sana mmg tak rasa sbb, semuanya dah 'spoon feed'. Makan tanggung berak cangkung! Kami rakyat yang berpendapatan sederhana dan rendah memang akan merana.

sokonglah lagi pak lah! lepas ni naikkan la petrol sampai rm10 satu liter! lagi bagus!

MMcrossings said...

Rakyat akan memberontak.

Mungkin ada snap election thru vote of no confidence.

Pak Lah will step down and Anwar will gain power since he offered to lower the fuel price.

The situation is pressing enough that Anwar could be find his way to be PM.

Is this AAB exit plan?

boboi said...

Salam Tun,
Kami rindukan pemerintahan Tun...Tolong lah kami dari pemerintahan yang Zalim ini. Rakyat terseksa..Zaman Tun rakyat hidup aman damai dan tenteram, kepentingan rakyat Tun jaga..Tp apabila sampai pemerintahan pak lah..Rakyat tersiksa..Tolong lah RAKYAT MALAYSIA TUN..Pemimpin yang ada sekarang(PAK LAH)adalah PEMIMPIN KUKU BESI..please save us TUN...

mat pokok said...

Dear Tun, WHY "they" dont believe in you...why...the rakyat will suffer and suffer

shera usagi said...

I don't know what to say. Just fear comes out of my mind when i think about the oil price issue. This issue can links to many problems. First, oil price increases, later food products price will increase too, many sectors will be affected, then people will suffer. I'm afraid that crime rate also will increase due to the cost of living that keep on rising as the oil price increases. I just keep on praying to Allah the Almighty to protect us all from any danger and threats towards our Malaysia.

Pak Malau said...

Salam Tun,
Terima kasih untuk penjelasan yang begitu berasas, lengkap dengan fakta. Sekiranya penasihat paklah dan juga paklah sendiri terlalu ego untuk mendapatkan nasihat Tun, mereka bolehlah datang melawat blog Tun ini untuk mendapat sedikit panduan. Tentulah tidak akan hilang rasa ego mereka sebab mereka tidak dilihat menggunakan nasihat Tun. Kalau terdapat persamaan pun, mereka boleh istiharkan sebagai kebetulan semata-mata.

Ramai yang hanya boleh memberi komen tentang beban dan sebagainya tetapi jarang yang ada idea untuk menyelesaikannya sebagaimana Tun. Kalau setakat “ubah cara hidup” tu, burung tiong bapa saya pun boleh ulang sebab masa naik 30sen hari tu pun dah cakap yang sama.

Kepada “antimamak”,
Kebanyakan forumer disini faham bahawa Tun jenis orang yang merendah diri, dan tak nak gebang bahawa beliau tahu semua, tapi Tun juga nyatakan bahawa beliau mempunyai maklumat yang cukup untuk membuat beberapa kesimpulan. Kalau anda gagal memahami maksud Tun dan cuba mengutuk Tun tanpa kemampuan membaca maksud tersirat ayat-ayat Tun, anda hanya memalukan diri sendiri di depan khalayak saja.

Tentang sokongan kepada Paklah untuk kenaikan harga minyak, sila lah baca balik artikel Tun diatas, kalau tak faham sekali baca dua kali, dan seterusnya sampai faham. Ini bukan soal hitam atau putih semata-mata, isu saling berkait dengan harga barang dan juga pendapatan Negara.

Cucu Tok Mat Alor Sena said...

Salam Tun,
Petronas is flushed with cash. Their staff get many months of bonus per year. The rakyat is like beggars asking for bonus from the govt, yet they still did not get.Rising cost of living is badly affecting the lower and middle class. Our purchasing power has been reduced drastically. The rich gets richer and never worry about petrol or food price hikes. However, demos and strikes are not the answer. The rakyat must change their lifestyle. They must learn to work harder, not just to depend on the govt for everything, not just to expect subsidies after subsidies (even subsidi beruk at one time),learn how earn and save more, think positive and not just complain or grumble. If you think you have not achieved enough then try harder, maybe you will get a better and higher paying job.

Marsha M said...

i rarely comment here, tun, because i think i am just a normal person and sked to say anything wrong (ISA mah, this cannot, that cannot) but really lah, i dunno how you calculate but i have a feeling that your maths is more terror than pak lah.

if the govt cannot calculate, we all will die.

all i can say is that the subsidy and all mean nothing when it takes a whole month's salary just to fund out traveling. not yet calculate escalating food prices! Gosh, dont know how to cont living in Malaysia liao.

vision2020 said...

Hi Tun,

Thanks for your comment. Your comment are always enlighten us. This is what the current government lack off, they only know how to attack you and ask you keep quiet, but clearly their brain are not even 1% of you !!! empty otak man!!! this is y malaysia still need you, becoz your advice and your vision always are good for the rakyat !!! long live.. tun !!!!

dean said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
saya tak faham kenapa kerajaan yg di pimpin oleh PM kita sekarang ni tak ubah mcm lalang.tiada pendirian.contohnya,larangan penjualan petrol kepada warga asing dilaksanakan.Dlm masa tak kurang dari sebulan,larangan tersebut di tarik balik.begitu juga dgn isu kenaikan harga minyak.Difahamkan kenaikan akan berlaku pada ogos.bermakna rakyat malaysia telah bersedia untuk kenaikan pada bulan ogos.Tetapi,tanpa disangka kenaikan itu berlaku secara tiba-tiba."PATUT KE?"bagilah kami ruang untu bersedia.Saya memng dah tawar hati dah dengan kepimpinan yg ada sekarang ni.tapi apa boleh kami lakukan.Tun,TOLONG LAH NASIHATKAN DAN INGATKAN LAH PM KITA TU SEDIKIT.Tanpa sokongan rakyat bolehkah mereka-mereka berada di tempat mereka sekarang ini."CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN" Assallamualikum........................

The Drama of Life said...

Hi Tun,
I agree with the increase of petroleum price because of couple reasons that we should think of:

1. Many subsidies were originally intended for the goals that were beneficial,even laudable because of their natural camouflage which the world is addicted to subsidies, and denial is a sure mark of addiction.

2. The challenge is learning of how to balance the environmental and economic considerations in everyday decision-making because one of the key-controls is the price and incentives systems which has been badly distorted by massive subsidization.

3. Subsidies to consumer must aimed at the supporting the poor and reducing them towards unhappiness likewise causing protest like in Britain where the fisherman never go out to sea.

4. Many of today's subsidies encourage the practices that are economically perverse of trade-distorting or ecologically destructive. Lastly the social inequitable which sometimes harmful things at once.

In my opinion, it comes down to good governance. Government should get the price right and let the markets distribute the resources. Accelerate efforts to desubsidize and shift the liberated resources towards sustainable practices. The costs and incentives should be put back what they belong such as users instead of taxpayers or other groups. National industry are in the strongest position to take the global lead in moving towards desubsidiziaton.They could profitability begin by looking at the original rationale for their existing subsidy policies and whether it still can applies. This is what happen in Malaysian as petrol increase, the more violent the protests to retain them.

It is just my thought Tun. But no matter what...I still support Tun as I believe that Malaysia here need more experience and leaders like Tun.

Thanks..and Sorry if I make some of bloggers upsets ^^

rizal said...


I'm wondering whether the safety in our country will be at stake due to higher living cost. People who are in financial constraints need to feed their families and continue living. If the can't afford anymore, what choice do they have???

hayaaty said...

Salam YAB Tun

The sudden increase of the oil price to RM0.78 is indeed shocking news to every Malaysians. During Tun’s tenure as PM, I still remember how you would increase oil price gradually. What irks me is the current government has not been as transparent as they claim and in recent years have treated the citizen as though we are illiterate. Pak Lah failed to absorb the fact that most of Malaysian are highly educated, Thanks to Tun for bringing Malaysia to international level and improving the economic status so we have better life and education.

It is always the case that the minister claims that there will be no price increase but next day or two, prices of goods just increase and then they claimed that there is nothing they can do about it. I travelled quite a lot to Thailand and they have high regards on Tun. I have heard from a few of Thai’s that if Tun were to contest in Thailand, they will choose Tun as their PM. I just don’t understand how some Malaysians are not even thankful to Tun, such as Param Cumaraswamy. I think he would not even make it as lawyer if it wasn’t for Tun who worked so hard to make Malaysia where it is now.

As for the current government, stop finding fault of the opposition party and start being rationale. If they continue being arrogant, it will reflect in the next general election. We, the ‘rakyat’ have sent the Barisan a clear message. It is not that we are supporting the opposition, we are just sick of the Barisan government who is getting more and more arrogant. But it seems like the Barisan government still could not understand the message we sent. Now, we have to face the increase of prices of goods and I can assure its going to be worst than ’86 and ’97 economic crisis.

Look at UMNO, how “kelam-kabut” they are now. Pak Lah can’t even manage members in UMNO, how can we trust him leading the country???

Antimamak said...

Kepada penyokong penyokong Chedet:
Kita amat berterima kasih keatas Tun dimana sedia memberikan penjelasan yang munasabah, penghujahan yang begitu rumit sehingga penyokong pengyong chedet memahami faktor kenaikan harga petrol di Malaysia.

Besok hari pump minyak pun kena bayar petrol dengan harga baru, kenaikan sebanyak 40 hingga 64 %.

Apa yang memeningkan kepala,kerajaan telah memberikan pakej yang istimewa, iaitu subsidi...Ehhh Wa ! cukup seronok.

Tapi memandang statement Datuk Shahrir Samad baru-baru ini, dia mengatakan subsidi minyak adalah sebanyak RM56 billion manakala semalam Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop mengatakan subsidi minyak sekadar RM28 billion?? alamak ! yang mana betul ? yang mana boleh dipercayai ? adakah roti canai sudah guna tepung ubikayu ???

Jadi walau bagaimanapun krisis ekonomi mesti kita hadapi. khasnya cara cara membenteras inflasi dan kenaikan harga barangan. begitu juga krisis harga makanan yang kian meloncat.

Maka saya mengesyorkan penyokong penyokong Chedet mengambil tindakan seperti berikut :
Pergi ke kedai mamak, ambil gambar roti canai, nasi kandar, nasi briyani, Ros ayam..mana mana makanan yang sedap hingga menjilat jari... tangkap gambar dan buatkan poster besar dan melakat di dinding.

Kalaulah anak anak kalian ingin makan roti canai sebagai sarapan pagi, maka panggil lah mereka pandang ke poster itu... cara inilah yang paling murah untuk mengubati kelaparan.

Kalaulah nak minum teh tarik, maka pandang ke poster Teh Tarik sambil minum air paip. maka perasa teh tarik akan dihidangkan ....

Memang pun, sejauhmana Tun menghuraikan fakta kenaikan petrol, tetap kita yang menanaggung, alasan bukanlah dapat mengubati masalah, pendeknya hujah hujah tun hanyalah memberikan keterangan tetapi tidak menurunkan harga petrol... jadi tiada pratical, ia cuma sedap didengar, tidak boleh digunakan langsung.

nelly said...

Sah di sini bahawa Malaysia tiada wakil rakyat....apa yang kita ada ialah orang2 yang memanggil diri mereka wakil rakyat tetapi semuanya mempunyai kepentingan diri sendiri sahaja. Pak Lah membuat tindakan bukan untuk rakyat dan negara Malaysia. Ini pasti.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

Apart from the RM:USD exchange rate which touched 3.18:1 recently, the mismatch between RM27billion with RM70billion really do beg some explaination.

I shall hazard a lay person guess that with the disadvantageous appreciation of the ringgit to the dollar the Government will be greatly embolden to come up with a defict budget in years to come.

While it is a tough challenge handling inflation with only monetary measures cut up for the MoF-II, the MoF-I will have his team of advisors to come up with the economic measures to beef and spice up the RMK-9.

All these against the backdrop of a probable global reccession, Sovereign Wealth Funds aggression - Singapore has two of them, and the Pakatan Rakyat politics for a disillusioned nation with a free-floating ringgit in their savings.

On a positive note, however, the Fed sub-prime meltdown rescue package will point us as to how we can improve our standard of living here.

Shall we call up Ben Bernanke to ask his advise, Che Det, or the Exchequer? Perhaps a call to an old ex-Malaysian will save the phone bill - the call being local.

Warmest salaams to Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah.

ps I have a book that I would very much love you autographed, Tun. I missed the earlier oppourtunity. And oh, do Tun Dr M think that the China's economy is heating up too much?

aza said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir,
Mula2 Tun terkena tipu dengan paklah kononnya mr clean, sekarang kami rakyat Malaysia pun kena tipu dengan dia. Kejap kata tak naik tahun ni, pastu naik bulan ogos, belum apa2 dah naik malam tadi.

Cerita banyak pun dah tak ada makna. Cuma sekarang ni, kami nak minta Tun bantu beri jalan pada kami rakyat Malaysia macamana nak berhadapan dengan masalah ni. Dulu masa krisis ekonomi, Tun suruh kami belanja dan belanja, supaya duit boleh rolling. Dan kami buat. Sekarang, kami nak buat apa? Kami harap sangat Tun dapat bagi nasihat pada kami.

Terima kasih Tun,
Yang Tak Berapa Pandai Bab Ekonomi

p/s=Tun, buat parti baru kan senang? macam dulu2...

nisa said...

"Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported."

Assalamualaikum Tun :)

I don't know much, but this is interesting. Malaysia produces oil for our own consumption, with excess for exports?

Since global warming, we really should wean off oil. We could do it gradually i.e. efficient public transportation, reducing wastage, alternative energy. After we reduce consumption, shouldn't our exports increase - with more money coming in? Isn't that good?

God Knows Best.

Zatil aZmi said...

Assalamualaikum ayahanda Tun...

saya sgt sedih melihat keadaan ekonomi sekarang...
walaupun saya masih lagi menuntut tetapi bebannya tetap saya rasai...

kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak sememangnya akan membebankan kami golongan pelajar-pelajar yang membawa kenderaan terutamanya

student macam saya yang tinggal jauh (org Kedah sm mcm Tun)memang akan menghadapi byk kesukaran..
lepas ni mungkin harga tiket bas dan lain-lain tiket mesti naik...
apa la nak jadi..
minyak naik..tol naik..barang naik...mungkin pak lah kena turun..
Pak Lah dan pemimpin-pemimpin yand ada sekarang memang tidak prihatin terhadap rakyat.
Ayahanda Tun i really wish you're still the PM of Malaysia...
one thing i can say that no one can replace you...

We miss you Ayahanda TUN..
Take Care..
how good

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

Looks like we really need you now and ever.. Our hope is with you Tun.. Kindly consider to be back on the position and save this country from the present government... We will always support you...

moose said...

The ideal situation is to remove all barrier to market economy. Subsidies should be removed. The PM and other politicians should not interfere with the handling and operation of the civil servant especially the income generation bodies i.e. Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Beside that, let Petronas do their core job without any interference. Our fiscal policy should be handled with great care so as to make sure the overall growth will benefit the rakyat.
However, I am only dreaming with the government of the day in power. They just do not have the brain. Where are all the Economists???

Safeer said...

Salam Tun,

like you said..a litre in UK n US may be 1 pounds and 1 dollor, it is still consider cheap when you are in that particular country. if you convert it according to currency exchange rate, may be ours is much more cheaper, but the case/scenario is different here. in UK,the ppl buy 1 litre petrol for 1 pound. where as we have to fork out 2.70/litre,exchange rate not gonna help here thou. simple example, in singapore a can of pepsi is s$ 1.20 and in malaysia it is RM 1.50. when we see the exchange rate the singapore pepsi will cost RM 2.712 in malaysia. so da govt can brag themselves by saying ours is cheaper. but the truth is singapore pepsi is cheaper because even thou the exchange rate may vary, the average income of people in both country is same.if singaporeans get average income of S$ 1200, then does this stupid govt gonna increase the income rate by 1200x2.26=RM 2712? i just dont get sick of living in malaysia when we have flip-flops to run the country. dear TUN why did you hand picked this guy? a biggest mistake at the end of your 22 delighting years.GOD save us...

Hardyman said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

I just want to share some small ideas I have in my head.From my point of view I think the sudden increase of oil have pros and cons.The good is the black market cannot prepare to store for oil and make money out of it,which happened in few of the rural parts in Malaysia.
The bad is of course its like someone who just woke up from sleep and you ask him to jog for 100m(having a shock)
I think if the government want to have better solutions,why do they want to ban the foreigner from buying oil?why just don't open up a specific petrol station for foreigner without the subsidy,this could also bring some money to our country.

jebat said...

Salam Tun,

Its is really SAD hearing and dreading what is becoming to us Malaysian with such a weak minded government who reaps the sows of the people in the expense of the people. For some of the single income families, low income families what is going to happen to them. Who will champion for them. PAK LAH..He should step down and let some new and improve government turn this hardship around. He is no business man. He is just a GO-MEN.




JANGAN nak ajar kami orang miskin untuk berjimat dan tidak membazir....

Kami hidup dan terus hidup dengan berjimat dan tidak pernah membazir.


Kesan nya akan kita lihat tak lama lagi...

MUDAHAN tidak terjadi seperti negara jiran: kesempitan hidup gara kenaikan minyak dan harga barang makanan,menyebabkan banyak yang gantung diri, bunuh anak dan diri dan peningkatan kadar jenayah yang mendadak. Rusuhan setiap hari menuntut kerajaan menurunkan kembali harga minyak.

Pernahkan PAK LAH terfikirkan akan nasib setengah rakyat Malaysia ini......dengan cara PAK LAH yang sering FLIP FLOPED ... mungkin tak pernah terlintas akan nasib rakyat yang terhimpit ini.

Sekarang rakyat baru nampak dan sedar apa yang di perkatakan tentang PAK LAH....Pemimpin yang Lemah perlu berundur.

Apa lagi keputusan PAK LAH yang akan membebankan rakyat...?

Kenaikan harga bahan makanan kerana kos operasi naik..?

isteri marah..4;11

Effie said...


Kenapa segala keputusan Gov sekarang di buat tergesa2. Talking about foreign cars banned and unbanned shows that our current Gov are weak in making decision. Decision that they make seems just to cater what it is now and not future.

Tun ... sebagai rakyat biasa ... what can we do now to change this??

-Effie Amri-
Sultan Abdul Hamid Old Collegian, Class of '97

Sharizan Borhan said...

Hello Tun

Thank you for your comments and the alternative view that we can turn to after so long. Am and have always looked up to you. You are a man with guts, inteligence, heart and vision. Thank you bapak.

Yes I do agree that fuel must go up.But in any sense I was expecting it to reach around Rm 2.50 per litre in a gradual stage like it has always happenned. But this sudden increment will definitely hurt the lower and middle income groups. The gap of the rich and poor would be more evident now regardless of race and color.

Ah long's would be having a very jolly good time now loaning out money to the needy. By the way why are they surfacing again, this time like mushrooms. Didn't the govt do a crakdown on this some time back. If yes....why are they back?? Micro loans not extended out to the needy?

Well back to the topic

The rich...not effected at all I must say as they have been flushing money away anyway.

I guess that ministers views on things are very different as they have always been up there and not looking down or too busy to look all around them to see what the rakyat is actually going through.I guess with all the benefits/perks being "subsidises" such as housing,petrol even given AP's,how can/why should they see the sufferings of the rakyat.

I was in London last year and was speaking to a van driver that works for a company contracted to ferry govt officials and ministers included to places for meetings. The ironinc things about it is that, these officials that frequent the UK for so called meetings have their children studying there as well and most of their time there is spent doing their personal agendas.Would'nt this be termed as using rakyats money for personal interests.

I also have been told that they shop a lot abroad too in the thousands (foreign currency)...where do they get all these spending money I wonder? Are govt officials millionaires??

Tun, where exactly or what level of doom is Malaysia heading too in the future?

- We have a shaky Govt.Some are
gangsters themselves, not
educated, arrogant, self
opinionated, self glorifying and
the list goes on....
- We have opp party that too
cannot deliver 100%
- Personal agendas on top priority
list rather that the rakyats (I
know that they must be stupid
not to take advantage of their
positions but where do they draw
the line.

Will we ever recover if we go in to another crisis. What you did in 97 & 98 was a magical phenomenon that will always remain with me till this day. How you brought Malaysia to the world Map and from 3rd world to 1st world status in a short span of time was remarkeable.

Thank you bapak!

Would love to hear from you.

hasm said...

I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes.
thanx for the joke ayahanda!

SIR said...

My Beloved Father Tun Mahathir,

Let us pray that that this incident brings blessing in disguise to you and us, your supporter. I just hope every Malaysians read this blog of yours, so that they could at least appreciate your thinking process and the effort that you have put in over the years to build the country and nation.
I'm depressed to see so many Malaysians are blind to the contributions that you have made all these years. There may be some downs, but no man made system is perfect.

What is going to happen is PADAN MUKA to all of us that had refused or being blind in appreciating your hard work and courage.

For us to make remedy to this situation, we need to realise that the current government is incompetent. The PM has to step down as millions of people are effected by his action. It is not that we do not appreciate the reforms that is being made on the subsidy issue, but I personally feel the formula is just not right and can be refined further.

We Malaysians, never seems to remember and learn good deeds by our forefathers. Tak tau nak bersyukur dan menilai langsung. Itu sebablah bala ni berlaku kerana kita menyokong orang yang tak pandai. Wake up UMNO, wake up PAS, wake up PKR and all Malaysians. Please remember this:-

"Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, a great patriot who single handedly defied the odds and defeated zionist international financiers during the 1997 financial crisis so that Malaysia remains independent"

John Norafizan said...

Salam Tun,
I really hope u'd reconsider taking the post of PM again.

Right now, there is no one else..

deadpoet said...

Dear Sir,

Our ministers keep on saying that 'rakyat' must share the burden as the price of oil going up since the government subsidised a lot.yeah..yeah..these are just few things that they want to share...i hope they already tried and think to their very best on ways to avoid the increase before they increase the oil price.Not using the global oil price as a direct benchmark when the fact is they are increasing their profit.Hope we are not been betrayed.

nani said...

Pak should step down.After all that you did to us, you should be ashamed of yourself. And it is not a PETRONAS fault yang buatkan 'gedebagbung' increment in oil price.

Ayahanda Tun,
Please help us. We need you.

BabyJolie said...

If this continue like what the government said to be reviewing the oil by monthly basis, i'm not shock if by end ofthe year the petrol will increase to RM5 by end of this year.

I personally do not wish to see this happen but i see it's coming because of the lousy govern goverment.


ryu said...

I would like to know more how they calculate the petrol market price, how they calculate subsidy, why they said RM3 per little? Show me the profit margin. Don't simply increase the petrol price without the prove.
As we know that when the petrol price international is increase to USD130 per barret, the profit margin is the petronas should earn more money. Here is my confuse...
When Pak lah said want to Pencegah Rasuah, what have our Pak Lah Done?
How many case have fully investigate and success close file?
Like case "Zakaria Istana"(although he pass away already)? His BIG HOUSE still keep there although we know that must have something BEHIND/HIDDEN there, but we cannot do anything. If we(RAKYAT) build house like this and close day Majlis Perbandaran will come and will settle everything for you...but got exception that is....

The Juicy Bunny said...


I am so impressed of you writing day and day. It started when I was still in school, didn't even know what politic is and why everybody loves Dr. Mahathir (that time before Tun was given).

But all I do know is I love you and definitely other malaysians do too.

On God willing, one day I will see you and tell you face to face how much I adore you.

Anonymous said...

Benarkah dakwaan berikut? Jika benar apa tindakan semua? Cuba lihat analisis penganalisis berdasarkan maklumat yang didapati hasil pembacaan penganalisis mengenai harga minyak di Venezuela!

Rumor adalah seperti berikut, tetapi penganalisis telah membuktikan harga minyak di Venezuela seperti perkiraan di bawah. (Manakala harga minyak di negara lain akan disahkan kemudian kerana kesuntukan masa atau rakyat Malaysia boleh mencuba menyelidik sendiri)

UAE– RM1.19/liter
Eygpt– RM1.03/liter
Bahrain– RM0.87/liter
Qatar– RM0.68/liter
Kuwait– RM0.67/liter
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/liter
Iran– RM0.35/liter
Nigeria– RM0.32/liter
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/liter
Venezuela– RM0.16/liter

MALAYSIA– RM2.70/liter

PDSVA (company macam Petronas) in Venezuela is an example that currently owns 24 refineries worldwide and sells petrol at N7 per litre. Due to the policies of Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, the Venezuela are able to enjoy $0.19 (atau RM 0.6197) per gallon or N6.12.

Jika 1 gallon (US, liquid) = 3.7854118 litre maka, harga seliter minyak di Venezuela akan jatuh pada harga RM 0.16370742 !!!!!!!!!!


Perbandingan statistik di atas adalah berdasarkan maklumat semasa pada hari ini!

CucukSanggul said...

Tun Dr.M,

I have been speechlessly crying since yesterday. I don't feel good. The petrol price had been increased so much that I don't think so it will make most of us Malaysian can afford traveling to work everyday. Perhaps, we will hear some ministers come up with a suggestion that Malaysian should travel by cycling to work (tiru Japanese)after this. They will say that by cycling to work "Kita akan menjadi lebih sihat, cergas dan jimat duit" Like they did when suggesting tha Malaysian should replace rice with potatoes.

Dear Tun, I think this will make DSAI smile. He is now has a better future of becoming the next PM. I don't know..but I definitely not voting for BN in the next GE. Just as long as DSAAB is still in power.

I believe that you know better than them, Tun. You are the brilliant one. Please help us. We need you now than ever before!!

betara indera said...


Beri masa dua minggu, kerana selepas itu, apa juga isu akan hilang dari fikiran rakyat di Malaysia ini.. Apalah yang diperlukan untuk mengubah sikap "Tak Apa" masyarakat malaysia Ini... Entah..

ikan kekek said...

thank to BN voter...oil increase 41%...

50fingers said...

Salam Tun,

Give my calculation below a tinkle...
If Petronas churning 650,000 barrel per day, and we need 200,000 barrel, and balance 250,000 available for sale, and Petronas still making rm27 billion profit, it means Malaysian are getting free petrol... petrol and yet Petronas still making rm 27b!

Its for real.
Please do your own calculation and comment my analysis.

faridah said...

Sudah masanya kita letak noktah perkhidmatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia kini. Tiada yg dia tau apa-apa tentang ekonomi Malaysia yg kita cinta. Wahai Malaysian bukalah matamu. Apa lg kejutan yg tidak berpihak kpd rakyat yg akan dia buat.

Tun berpesan
the Government should not have floated the Ringgit. A floating rate creates uncertainties and we cannot gain anything from the strengthened Ringgit. Certainly the people have not exprienced any increase in their purchasing power because of the appreciation in the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Ringgit.

Jelas sekali ilmu menteri kabinet dan kewangan cetek, sekiranya phrases di atas x dpt mereka fahami. Stop floating the Ringgit......

Faridah J, shah alam

Chung Chui Kin said...


I knew the bad feeling of choosen a incompetent successor like Pak Lah, as in the corporate world, choosing a successor should based on qualification and not on political reason. Like what Taiwanese choosed their former president Chen, they suffered eight years, I hope we don't have to, Malaysian please act fast to change it.

Il Wanderer said...

Dear Tun,
This is further evidence that the present government is so removed from the daily struggle of ordinary citizens like us. The mechanism announced to offset the price hike didn't seem convincing enough. This is the right time to topple the present government. What's your opinion on this, dear Tun?

Noty Nymph said...

Salam Tun,
you are a man who is able to do everything and fix everything all the time, can you help the country fixing this problem?
i mean, we all know pak lah can't do it, definitely and we know how you have been treated but..... for the rakyat, can't you do something?
before it get worst?

shahrilrahman said...

assalamualaikum Tun..
Tolong lah kembali selamatkan rakyat..
apa akan jadi kepada rakyat yang hidup dikampung2 kesan daripada kenaikan harga minyak?
dah la dorg hidup pun mcm kais pagi mkn pagi..kais ptg mkn ptg...
kenaikan yang teramat tinggi..tolong la Tun...

Annuar said...

Is the increase in oil prices caused by high demand (mainly by China and India) outstripping supply or is it caused by speculative transactions by oil futures traders? Appreciate your insight on this.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Ini adalah pendapat dan andaian peribadi saya sahaja:

Beberapa perkara kerajaan mungkin terlepas pandang mengenai subsidi harga minyak yang dikatakan mendikriminasikan golongan kaya.

1-Subsidi hanya boleh diterima oleh pengguna kenderaan berlesen,bagi kereta dibawah 2000CC dan bagi motorsikal di bawah 250CC,persoalan:Bagi golongan yang tidak mampu memiliki motorsikal apatah lagi kereta,adakah mereka tidak sengsara?ya mereka akan sengsara dengan kenaikan harga tiket pengangkutan awam yang pasti akan naik

2-Mekanisme baru ini menghapuskan akta larangan kenderaan asing dari membeli minyak dari negara ini,persoalan: Adakah kenderaan asing lebih penting dari rakyat malaysia?kenapa tidak diteruskan akta tersebut dan kenaikan harga minyak dibendung?

3-Subsidi minyak diagihkan untuk subsidi makanan,persoalan:Petroleum adalah asas segala ekonomi zaman ini,jikalau harga subsidi barangan diberikan,harga makanan tetap akan naik kerana perkara ini melibatkan kos pengangkutan dan kos pengangkutan akan berpandu kembali kepada harga minyak semasa

4-Adakah harga minyak yang naik ini tidak memberi kesan terhadap sistem tol negara?Jikalau kerajaan betul prihatin terhadap rakyat,harga untuk tol patut dikurangkan

5-Adakah subsidi bagi kereta bawah 2000CC ini boleh membantu?RM625.00 setahun bersamaan dengan RM52.00 peruntukan subsidi minyak untuk sebulan.Cuba bayangkan musim perayaan,musim balik kampung,dari Perlis ke Johor.dengan harga RM1.92 seliter,kenderaan yang mempunyai CC sebanyak 1600 memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya RM300.00 untuk minyak sahaja,tidak bercampur dengan tol lagi.RM625.00-RM300.00 bersamaan dengan RM325.00.Subsidi untuk setahun telah berkurangan sebanyak hampir 60% dengan perjalanan satu hala.Inikan pula harga selepas harga minyak melonjak sehingga RM2.70 per liter

6-Masih ada rakyat Malaysia yang menggunakan kenderaan lama yang mempunyai kapasiti CC atas 2000CC,adakah mereka tidak layak mendapat subsidi sedangkan kenderaan mereka dari tahun 1987?Dan lebih teruk,pendapatan isi rumah tidak melebihi RM2000 sebulan dengan bilangan ahli keluarga melebihi 4 orang?

Selepas berfikir out-of-tingkap buat seketika ,adakah kenaikan harga minyak yang melampau ini strategi BN untuk menggagalkan manifesto Pakatan Rakyat?

Kalau difikir semula, kenaikan harga minyak akan menyebabkan segala kos untuk pengangkutan,penyelenggaraan akan meningkat, dan ini akan membuat PR agak susah untuk menunaikan manifesto mereka kerana PR tidak memiliki duit sebanyak mana kerajaan pusat miliki.

Sama-samalah kita fikirkannya adakah ada udang di sebalik kenaikan harga minyak ini.

Just pandangan peribadi aku sebagai rakyat yang mahukan pembelaan dan memerlukan jawapan yang kukuh


RealMalay said...

Dear Tun,

I respect you in many ways but I also do not subscribe to all your thinkings.

In your 20 years of premiership, why didn't the past cabinet think of a comprehensive solution to the transportation system? Why are all infrastructure projects privatised instead of being borne by the government? Just take a look at neighbor Singapore where travelling with the MRT only costs a fraction of what our LRT/ERL charges. A trip from Changi to City Hall costs only SD 1.60, while we have to cough out RM 33 to Sentral from KLIA! If we consider the purchasing power where RM 1 equals to SD 1, this is a hefty amount to pay. Why is there such a disparity? Because, private companies ammortised their investment in a much shorther period compared to what a responsible government normally do. Of course, there are also a lot of other "inefficiencies", which I will not dwell upon here.

If the government had embarked on a comprehensive transporataion system, such as the MRT in Singapore, I'm sure the rakyats would not have whimpered at the petrol price increase because there is a good alternative.

Seriously, I cannot comprehend, why everything is privatised - toll roads, public transportation, etc, when Petronas is making double-digit billions in profit year upon year. And all these are set to increase with the fuel hike.

The seeds of suffering of the rakyats had been sown long time ago, Tun.

padil_9080 said...

bg pendapat aku yg tak berapa cerdik ni harga minyak patutnya kalau
nak dinaikkan pun mestilah ada pertimbangan yg sewajarnya...
sepatutnya harga minyak haruslah di naikkan sebelum harga semua barang2 keperluan di subsidikan contohnye gandum..beras..dll..
sekarang bermakna beras dan gandum yg disubsidikan harganya oleh kerajaan yg bijak lagi cerdik ni dengan kononnye nak stabilkan harga akan terhapus..disebabkan oleh kenaikan minyak...selepas ni tengokla...walaupun dah di subsidikan semua barang2 keperluan pun ia akan tetap naik...percayalah..puncanyer ibu kepada segala permasaalahan ini ada lah kenaikan harga MINYAK..
aku pun tak paham kenapa kerajaan asek cakap singapore..thailand..atau negara serantau minyak lagi mahal..walhal budak sekolah pun tahu kita ni salah satu negara pengeluar minyak..tak pulak diceritanya berapa tong/gelen/kole yg dah kita sedut kat bumi malaysia yg kita cintai ni...sudah laahh..letih..nak pikir..nak dengar..nak cakap..
tapi aku rasa rakyat malaysia sebenarnyer mengerti dan memahami berapa terseksanya..tersentuh dan sakitnya ketika mengalami saat2 yg menyedihkan ini..

EZmarketing Network said...

Rakyat semakin hari semakin tertekan...pemimpin2 senang lenang memenuhkan poket dengan duit..juga pegawai2 kerajaan berjawatan tinggi seperti JUSA keatas...mereka bukan merasa kenaikan ni semua...segala perjalanan mereka semua di claim...kereta pun kerajaan yg bagi free..dan macam2 lagi imbuhan dan elaun yg mereka dapat...

Kami golongan yang bekerja swasta ni la yang merasa..dengan gaji yg tak seberapa

Jo said...

Pengishtiharan drastik kenaikan minyak semalam telah menyebabkan negara kehilangan sejumlah besar bahan api petrol dalam masa beberapa jam sahaja (4pm - 12am) berikutan kesesakan lalu lintas luar biasa di seluruh negara. Dengan kenaikan harga minyak mentah dunia ketika ini, kerajaan sekarang sepatutnya perlu bertindak secara rasional dan realistik dalam membendung pembaziran dan pengeluaran petrol yang tidak terkawal. Bukan mengkucar-kacirkan negara dan secara tidak langsung membazirkan jumlah petrol yang digunakan rakyat!

Zainal A. Kasim said...

But Tun,

The government seem to pass the buck to the people [when actually Malaysia should should be making a lot of money from the increase in oil prices + palm oil prices].

This is very UNPOPULAR decision by the government. I am MAD.., very-very MAD!

Nostradamus said...


Subsidy Mentality - (Wake Up Call)

Malaysians woke up this morning and found subsidy for petrol almost gone. No mood for breakfast also, and then have to start counting whether household budget for this month can balance or not with this increase. For those who have savings every month, maybe the savings will be less now. For those who cannot balance the budget every month and cannot even have savings, it is a nightmare. Now, what to do? Is it going to get worse? You bet, it will. It’s only a matter of time with the world prices for natural fuel and commodities going up. Can it go down? Less than 30% chance. Slowly but surely, your nightmare must multiply by 3X with the rest of other things associated going up.
What is subsidy defined in Malaysia? You hear it everywhere and basically it means if can, can get free or not? This subsidy mentality affects everyone. Rich or poor, bumi or non-bumi, west or east Malaysians, BN or PR. These subsidies mentality are more prevalent among members of the political parties who deem it a right once they are in power. What was once given before, it becomes very hard to take away or reduce. It is the same with scholarships, house discounts, taxes, projects, privatization, licenses, fertilizers, fishing boats, school fees, books, land tax, speeding fines, etc,etc
Forget about all the hoo hah on Social Re-engineering, NEP, bumi or non-bumi etc. It is all political talk only to gain power and get subsidy of one kind or another. Most of these subsidies if quantified into RM will end up in whose pockets? Make a guess? I’ll help you. Normal subsidies given to citizens is chicken feed compared to what is given to party members or families or friends. When we discuss about fuel or commodities, Malaysia is actually, a very rich country, you know. We export oil and have so much natural resources. Problem is, how to distribute it equally among the various types of subsidies and to whom it should be given.
So, we have to live with it, ya. What to do? We ask for it. Yes, I repeat again. We ask for it. Always with a subsidy mentality. Want everthing easy. Don’t want to be competitive. Katak bawah tempurong. Don’t want to compete and know how the world is changing. Keep on quarrelling among ourselves, who gets the best subsidy. Keep on politicking and championing who has got more rights. I think, in the end whoever won, will end up ruling another Zimbabwe.

Chasse said...

a'kum Dr M

Pak Lah tidak membuat keputusan yang bijak hanya mendengar sebelah pihak seharus dia bertanya kan pendapat orang ramai atau bertemu sendiri dengan Dr. M untuk mendapat nasihat.
Tapi Pak Lah hanya mendengar nasihat daripada orang yang hanya menjaga kepentingan sendiri.
Saya sangat sokong Dr M.

ELDERLY said...

Dear Tun Sir,
I read this with concern. If your explanation and projection is true, then, will you just sit and observe, Sir?

Kevin said...

In theory:

...Petronas is flushed with cash.

...RM70 billion should be enough to cushion the impact of increasing oil prices for at least 1 more year

In reality the following assumptions can be made for the sudden steep increase of fuel price:

...Petronas's coffers are low in funds.

...All or a large portion of RM70 billion has been wasted / on unnecessary projects, bail-outs or used improperly for questionable purposes.

...lack of transparancy & check & balance on how our oil money is used.

As a result, the rakyat is suffering from the consequences of the excesses of the Government.

The current rebate system is unfair as it is applied across the board. The rich can still drive a Kancil and enjoy the rebate.

The concept should be for the rich to subsidise the poor. Implementation wise for this may prove challenging. A cleaner & better quickie solution to mitigate fuel price increase may be to reduce taxes for income tax & new cars & motorcycles.

Medium to longer term measures must include:

1) Improve quality of diesel & encourage use of latest generation diesel vehicles;

2) Improve public transport system.

3) Introduce ERP system for in-bound traffic to CBD.

4) Encourage walking & cycling by providing safe & conducive environment.

Just my 2 sens

Ultimately, the government must stop squabling amongst themselves and start seriously governing.

The plundering of our beloved country must stop now and steps taken to ensure that Malaysia will still have a place in the sun. Once our oil runs dry in 10 - 20 yrs time, what do we have to offer to compete with our neighbours. The scenery looks bleak if we do not buck-up

We must stop being prideful and start being honest with ourselves for the good of the country and our children's children.

We are proud to be Malaysians and we only want the best for her.

Mohamad said...

Biodiesel adalah penyelamat kita sekarang tapi kenapa masih tiada berita tentangnya?

Anak Malaysia said...

Dear Che Det and Malaysians,

Oops !! We are Billionaires soon ?
Our Malaysia 1 sen coin is no longer in circulation. Our prices are rounding up more than rounding down the sen to ringgit now. Soon the RM1 note would be getting smallest at discount 40% or 63.3% with petrol price hike will reduce the purchasing power of ringgit. Many Malaysians shall all become instant RM billionaires like the Indonesians and Zimbabweians when the huge inflation skyRocket to the Moon and the Dacing weight scale is loopsided to the rich businessmen. As mentioned by Donald Trump (US property magnate) and Robert Kiyosaki (Finance Guru) said our society will be divided in " Super RICH" fuedalisma and "Very POOR" slave without any middle class society in modern world.


The new price of premium leaded petrol (ULG 97) is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight on 5 June 2008, it was announced a moment ago. The price for ULG 92 petrol per litre went up by 74 sen to RM2.62. Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre to RM2.58. The 78 sen hike or 40 per cent increase for the ULG 97 petrol is still below the antiticpated RM4 per litre price projected earlier and among the cheapest in Asia. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a news conference. Abdullah also announced a new tariff structure for electricity supply in Peninsula Malaysia beginning July 1. (p.s. possible an increase electricity tarriff for Tenaga ? )

The Fuel Price Super Bull Run from 2004 to 2008 in Malaysia from RM1.37 in 2004, RM1.62 in 2005, RM1.92 in 2006 and now RM2.70 in 2008.

Now let us compare the price with "OIL PRODUCING" net exporter countries in ASIA & other world producers today.

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
Brunei - RM1.12/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre / Malaysia Boleh - fuel/petrol price was still lowest in the region and ASIA :-(

Chain effect on petrol hike 40% and 63.3% caused electricity, gas, consumer foods, transportations,etc to increase at least 10% to 20% instantly today.

PAK kini is better known :"BAPA INFLASI" in Malaysia after TUN was excellent to appoint a Mr Clean leader for Malaysia since 2004. Bravo !!

PAK TUN ...pasal PAK LAH
Kata pepatah Melayu :



khusy said...

Sedih laa macam ni..

Apabila media buat spekulasi kata harga minyak akan naik dalam masa terdekat, cepat2 disangkal.. cepat2dinafikan.. Alasannya..masih dalam pelarasanlah.. dalam pertimbangan & kajian lah.. apalah... Dan katanya selesai menjelang Ogos ? Ogos ? Huh..Jauh panggang dari api.. Kerajaan nak permainkan rakyat kerr ?

Sejak dahulu lagi..Usaha Kerajaan menyalurkan subsidi kepada rakyat adalah sesuatu yang terpuji..mulia dan sepatutnya dilakukan oleh mana2Kerajaan.. Tetapi nampaknya Kerajaan pada hari ini semakin menekan hidup dan perasaan rakyat atas keputusan drastik yang tak wajar sama sekali..

Keputusan untuk mengenakan kadar harga pasaran kepada kenderaan asing memang wajar sangat dilaksanakan kerana secara tidak langsung subsidi yang disalurkan dinikmati bersama oleh mereka.. Jadi.. cubalah laksanakan dahulu... Fikirkanlah mekanisma yang sesuai.. Duduk semeja biarpun beratus-ratus kali dengan syarikat2 minyak serta persatuan pengusaha stesen minyak.. Selesaikan hal ini dulu.. Ini tak.. Rakyat pulak yang kena tempiasnya...

Pak Lah kata harga baru petrol dan diesel yang diumumkan masih lagi yang terendah di rantau ini.. Memanglah sebab kita adalah negara pengeluar minyak.. Kenapa tak nak bandingkan negara kita dengan negara2 pengeluar minyak seperti Arab Saudi dan beberapa negara teluk yang lain.. Macam mana harga minyak di negara2 tersebut boleh rendah jika nak dibandingkan dengan negara kita..

Takkan kita beli minyak sendiri ikut harga pasaran dunia!

Kalau Kerajaan & PETRONAS betul2 ikhlas.. cuba terangkan fakta sebenar kepada rakyat.. Termasuklah mengenai OPEC dan organisasi yang memainkan harga pasaran minyak dunia ni.. Ingat.. rakyat semakin bijak dan perlu mengetahui fakta2 ni.. Barulah kesusahan ini dapat dikongsi bersama2..

Teluslah & Jangan Berselindung Lagi

abd159 said...

Salam Tun,

Ambilkira sama org sabah ni. Kenaikan barangan akan lebih hebat dan hebat lagi dari semenanjung. Maklumlah byk barangan diimport dari semenanjung. Anda boleh tengok sendiri label RM pada barangan . lain harga untuk Sabah/ sarawak

Patut ada beberapa pengecualian untuk sabah sebab minyak diesel banyak digunakan sebagai janakuasa, kenderaan pikap ,4 X 4 (org Sabah pakai cc besar sebab keperluan bukan untuk bermewah) tak percaya dtg sini tengok jalanraya dia macammana (cuma belum ada tol lagi la).

Minta prihatin la sikit. Nanti kais pagi makan petang/malam. takde guna la slogan aman selahtera dan selamat tu.

ikan said...

Salam Tun,

Hidup Tun,teruskan perjuanganmu....

khas: kepada "antimamak"

relax la kawan....jgn marah2...
kami semua tahu yg kamu sedang mengalami tekanan perasaan ketika ini....
org Kedah ckp apa? pekak badak?

jamallyna said...

Salam Tun,

Suggest Pak Lah change the BN Manifesto to "Hapuskan Segala Subsidi".If the government wants to abolish the subsidy,then also abolish the income tax,road tax & whatever so-called taxes which blatantly distorted all these while,that's the most appropriate method to disburden the people..Harap2 Pak Lah paham le

Lost Sheep~ said...

Since we all know the oil prices will keep on going up, so why the government still wan to carry out mega projects such as KLCC, Putrajaya, etc? To show that we are BOLEH?

Why can't the government use those money to provide a better transportation system or invest in R&D of alternate fuel?

Chong said...

I am very dissapointed with the current government. All facts and figures just do not tally and dont make sense.

"We sell our crude oil in order to buy a more expensive crude oil to increase cost of living to be competitive?" Nonsense.

Somebody is mismanaging our comodity...

BabyJolie said...

This 40% increase of petrol price will affected everyone for sure esp. those on the move. If our usage per month is RM100, then we'll have to fork-out additional RM40/mth. No doubt, the world oil price is shooting up sky high, but the higher it shoot up, the more profit Petronas gonna make. Why we need to pay the price as per the market price whereas we are not enjoying any of the benefits from the oil revenue? Why should we pay the same price as our neighbour who don't have any oil resources? These are the questions in many ppl's mind. The public transport system is in a pathetic state & inefficient. We have plenty of toll road than any other country that i know off. Even the road from border to Haadyai in Thailand which are quite a distance, with wide straight road, but it's toll free. But on the other side on Malaysia, we'll have to pay toll (NSE). Well, that's the results of the so-called elected leaders managing our country & resources. And i would say majority of the rakyat ask for it & served them right for voting the corrupt & stupiak ppl to lead the country. Why i said that :

1. Malaysia is a NET crude oil exporting nation & Petronas are making RM76.3 Billion profit last year as published in their annual report. Where do the profit $ go? We don't see better infrastructure, but only more toll booths (for eg. there's 6 toll roads in a tiny state like Penang) or increase in toll rate. With such a profit/yr, how come our infrastructure or transportation system is not better than our neighbour, who got no revenue from oil.

2. The petrol price had been increased last year & the stupiak govt said they gonna reduce the petrol subsidy & the $ saved from the reduction in subsidy will be used to improve the public transportation system, etc. Anyone see the improvement??? Only talk cock as usual but the majority of stupiak rakyat still fall for it.

3. "We had the cheapest petrol price even after the increase in South East Asia", claimed the minister to justify the latest increase in petrol price. Guess their level of education is on par with those kids who graduate from kindergarten. Seems like i'm degrading the kids.. hmmm. They're comparing an apple & a durian? Any Ali, Ah Kow or Mutu on the street also know when we want to make comparison, we must compare 2 same things, i.e an apple with an apple. They should compare with Brunei, Arab Saudi, Venezuela, etc. rather than South East Asia. Check the chart below. Damned, most M'sian are really stupiak to be taken for a ride by the stupiak ministers/govt. And those who vote for them, those who believe in what they say are even more stupiak.

(People r circulating this mail all over the internet)

pig-lah said...

dear tun,

harga minyak naik akan mengakibatkan lebih banyak rompakan & kecurian di seluluh negara, seperti kerajaan merompak"hidup senang" rakyat malaysia.

tun, you are the best

my_lara said...

salam buat tun dan pembaca sekalian,
sekalung tahniah buat pak lah and the gang sebab berjaya menaikkan lagi harga barang di malaysia... ini lah yg rakyat "tunggu" dan "harap" dari pimpinan pak lah. rakyat mmg "suka" harga naik... seratus kali setahun pun "tak pa"... tahniah sekali lagi kerana "berjaya" menambah kesempitan hidup golongan yg sedia tersepit dan terhimpit.... terima kasih!!!!!!!!

shahrilrahman said...

Salam Perjuangan..
Tun..Kami berdiri teguh dibelakang Tun...

Anonymous said...

I watched yesterday's news on the tele and realized that there are so many imported cars. There are alternative mode of transport like using motorbikes or public transport. Just the other day, the news reported that air is being used as a form of energy to drive the cars. It takes million of years for oil to form underground. But it takes a much shorter time than that to use it all up. Therefore, the scientists have to experiment with other resources that can be a source of energy.

In a city like Kuala Lumpur, sometimes one tends to get kind of confused. One sees all these exclusive stores. Then one wonders if everyone has that kind of purchasing power.


Noor Azam said...



memeng sekarang semua orang bersama-sama ter"paksa"
bekerja keras untuk menjaga poket negara dan PAK LAH& Corp.

So u so MR CLEAN!!!!!!!!!

sue said...

Salam Tun,
Saya lahir pada zaman Tun memerintah...Until now hati dan pendirian saya tetap tegu dengan segala pendirian dan pemikiran Tun...Saya akan terus menyokong Tun. Semoga Allah merahmati segala usaha Tun ini. Insyallah.

Yang Sentiasa Setia dgn Tun...

Vin Lim said...

Selamat petang Tun,

Saya amat terkejut dan hairan dengan kenaikan harga oleh kerajaan. Hairan kerana langsung tidak masuk akal kenapa Pak Lah boleh bersetuju dengan langkah ini. Totally no logic.. This measure will surely create another tsunami...

Kenapa dia boleh langsung tidak mempedulikan perasaan serta beban yang akan ditanggung oleh RAKYAT jelata??

myinc said...

Enough said, no wonder you can hold the government for 22 years!

Regardless of what you have did that might not satisfy certain people or group but I wish they could read this article and take a good out of it.

xplora said...


I agree from what you said. It is unfair for us to accept the sudden price hike as they agreed for the price revision on August.

It will be more appropriate if they followed what they've promised, and before considering remove the subsidies of oil, it is more important to build better public transport (eg. trains) that has been canceled by the AAB that you had proposed earlier.

isare said...

terkejut juga bila dengar pengumuman dalam tv. terus keluar ngan adik saya tuk isi full tank kereta. punya la panjang barisan di stesen minyak.

menteri2 sesuka hati naikkan harga minyak.mungkin dorang ingat semua rakyat malaysia ni gaji 7 8 ribu sebulan.

silap kita pergi pangkah menteri2 yg ada, hanya berapa kerat saja yang pandai berfikir, yang membodek...ramai...

menteri2 mungkin tak terasa kenaikan, sebabnya dorang ada kad khas, swipe ja, isi sampai penuh. pastu jenjalan. anak pinjam kad, swipe isi sampai penuh.

mungkin dorang tak pernah tepikir yg dorang tu gunakan duit rakyat/pembayar cukai tuk isi minyak.

tah la.tak tau nak cakap apa lagi dengan menteri2 kita ni. tggu saja la pilihanraya ke 13 ni. kami rakyat Malaysia TAKKAN ulangi kesilapan kami.

kepada menteri2 yang tak menjalankan tugas dan asyik membodek, bersedialah mencari kerja baru.yg mana dok makan dari projek kerajaan tuh, belajar2 lah tanam ubi kayu. manala tau terus papa kedana bila hilang jawatan nanti.

Setiap duit yang kamu seleweng, kami HARAM dunia dan akhiat sehingga kiamat nanti.

Minyak nak, beras naik. Jangan sampai RAKYAT NAIK MINYAK dah la.

Harap2 ada la menteri yg akan minta pendapat dari TUN. nak harapkan depa pikiaq sendiri, jahanam la Malaysia.

AnnDee72 said...

thats why i miss you so much Tun.. semoga Tun sentiasa dalam keadaan yang sihat untuk saya mendengar lagi coretan 'membuka minda menjana ilmu' dari Tun dimasa akan datang..

noris helmi nordin said...

Salam Tun,
Since the govt is flushed with funds why not they fix the subsidized figure at annual basis and pro rate the oli price. Its a subsidi for the rakyat of all races and walk of life.
Why none thinking out of the box like you did in pegging the dollar during the crisis for our local oil consumption? I beleieve there's a way if they use their brain to the fullest. Throw your wonderful ideas to Petronas as an adviser, remember the crude oil is a grant to our nation from the All Mighty to be enjoyed by the rakyat. Why not Petronas despite being ego, called other competent 'oil men' brainys from ex-foreign companies like Idris Jala and friends just to throw ideas in the name of the nation instead of focussing on profits? There's more in life than profits.

Fahmi said...

Yg Berbahagia Tun,

Terima kasih di atas perjelasan Tun. Sekarang rakyat boleh lihat... bila negara diterajui oleh pemimpin lemah..... yang sengsara adalah rakyat..

padil_9080 said...

saya tak berapa paham dengan kerajaan sekarang ni..
kenapa tak naikkan harga minyak terlebih dahulu sebelum mensubsidikan harga semua barang2 keperluan..
kononnya pada pemikiran atau pemahaman PM dan penasihat2 beliau harga barang keperluan telah stabil..tapi tahu kah beliau dan sahabat2 beliau bahawa tsunami kenaikan minyak akan menyebabkan apa yg disubsidikan akan hancur tanpa kawalan..
sepatutnya wahai penasihat2 PM mereka perlu dan berani menaikkan harga minyak terlebih dahulu dan membiarkan serta melihat semua barang keperluan naik dahulu setelah itu barulah kerajaan mengambil langkah drastik dan
sewajarnya bagi mengawal kenaikan harga dengan mensubsidikan barang2 keperluan..
barulah keaadan kelamkabut yg digembargemburkan dapat dikawal..jelas kenaikan kali kedua bagi barang2 keperluan tidak akan berlaku..
saya pun tak paham kenapa nak cerita pasal harga minyak singapore dan negara serantau..sedangkan kita sendiri adalah antara pengeluar minyak dunia...nak habis dah minyak di bumi malaysia ni disedut..

saya percaya selepas kenaikan harga minyak ini...akan naiklah harga barang2 di malaysia tanpa kawalan..

Fernando said...

"Imagine ur dad is a fisherman, he caught 1kg of fish and cook for u, then he ask u to pay him RM2.70, the son complained why ? The dad told the son, look ... the fish will cost u RM4.00 if u buy outside. It is already cheap as I subsidized u RM1.30"


ryann said...

Salam Tun,

The rise in oil price hurt me badly, being a student a minute change can make a big difference on our expenditure. increase in the cost of petrol and diesel means expensive meals, sometimes the only luxury of a student. can we not grow more rice?cant we not have cheaper fuel because we have some of our own?Pak Lah has been comparing the oil prices to that of Thailand, then why doesn't he compare the price of cars sold in thailand to ours?
why compare the price of petrol with singapore and Japan? their GDP is many times ours. we simply can't afford the luxuries they can. Pak Lah aslo said "kami harus memerangi kenaikan harga makanan dan minyak" and he proved he is the best leader by raising the price of oil instantly by 78 cents.mana pi perang Pak Lah?

Pak Lah shouldn't be digging the graves of MIC and MCA together with his and UMNO's.

Thanx to a leader that is really concerned about the poor and one his ministers suggested to eat less. would Pak Lah do the same?

Petronas' profits can be put to good use in the country but Pak Lah wanted the corridors to be better east,north,south and sabah corridors.

Huang Shze Jiun said...

Dear Tun,

I think the flip flop stand of the government can easily be explained once viewed as a fear of Singapore.

Ban annouced -
Then Singapore commented

Ban deferred (in south ONLY)

BUT Singapore expressed unhappiness

So the solve the problem,
government decided everyone pays more.

Singapore expressed happiness.
Government is relieved and happy.

khalid said...

Tun mentioned that 400m barrels is consumed locally.Based on the previous 1.92 per liter petroleum price it would equate to Rm 307 per barrel.The current price of crude oil is Rm 445 per barrel i.e a difference of Rm per barrel.Thus this equates to Rm 55.2 billion.(btw..actual petroleum/diesel portion of the crude is most probably 40% max.)
Now my question is..."is the govt actually paying money to the oil companies(including Petronas) as compensation for selling petrol below the market price? If is the money actually disbursed?"Or is the oil companies not making as much as they should and therefore with this price increase they will make more profits?Its puzzling..pls help me to get some answers.I certainly will not enjoy the prospects of Petronas mgmt getting 12 months bonuses cos of this price hike.

pig-lah said...

dear tun,

price increase in petrol had made lots of families suffered, last night i heard one of my friend said that, his wife cried and decided to work to help, and force to leave the 4 kids with his mother-in-law.

hey, "smart potatoes", you had make all the low income people suffer.

kevin said...


Nobody compares to you. You are truly a great businessman and visionary.

May you live for a long, long time.

The Eugenist said...



By means and ways, the problem started when the present Governtment decided to float the value of the ringgit.

IF the value of ringgit is still pegged at RM3.80 compared to a dollar, the Government would be able to maintain the subsidy.

As you always said;

"Ini cuma cakap orang yang tak pandailah..."


bluesavvy said...

knp x ministers yg potong gaji dorang yg berbelas2 ribu n berpuluh2 ribu utk kurangkan perbelanjaan negara, lgpun u all yg berkhidmat utk rakyat kan? skang nampaknye rakyat yg bekerja separuh mati utk u all!!! Pak Lah, jual je jet peribadi yg berjuta2 tu... lagi bleh save...

har said...

Dear Tun,

I will always support you.
I'm proud to have you as my PM.

tipulagi said...

Just to say that kita rakyat malaysia
Hidup kaya dalam kemiskinan.. walaupun bergaji RM2500 sebulan tapi tidak dapat menggunakannya untuk bermewah atau berbelanja dengan mudah tanpa pening kepala.... just cukup makan..tapi dengan minyak naik lagi... maka tak cukup makan laa jawabnya..

Anonymous said...

selamatkan rakyat malaysia dari pemimpin yang tidak tahu memimpin kami ini..... im so sad to see what happen lately in malaysia...the people is like being bullied by the so called leaders....

yvonne said...

Hidup sudah susah lagi susah. Besides, giving out the subsidy everytime we renew roadtax, isnt it that will cause wasting on manpower & time consuming? Well, let see how this method really work.
Tun, you are still the best la! Pak Lah no compare to you....

jimi said...

Salam Tun,

Kenaikan harga minyak mendadak yang begitu membebankan rakyat. Pada saya kerajaan sekarang bukan kerajaan yang praktikal dan tidak peka kepada masalah rakyat bawahan. Setiap isu kenaikan dan jawapan kepada sesuatu isu itu hanya diberikan secara teoritikal yang mana kebanyakan rakyat sudah jemu dan muak mendengarnya. Rata2 berita dari tv dan media yang pro kerajaan dengan sengaja mengeluarkan berita yang nampak seakan kerajaan membela nasib rakyat bawahan namun pada hakikatnya hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu betapa rakyat kini sangat terbeban. Yang pastinya harga barangan dan perkhidmatan akan meningkat, dan katanya kerajaan akan mengawalnya dengan penguatkuasaan yang bersungguh-sungguh tapi yang pastinya sebelum ini pun kerajaan memberikan alasan yang sama tapi hakikatnya harga barangan tetap naik jadi dimanakah penguatkuasaan itu? Selain daripada itu peningkatan kadar jenayah seperti rasuah, kecurian dan bermacam masalah sosial pun akan meningkat kerana rakyat kekurangan pendapatan untuk membeli barangan dan perkhidmatan yang harganya semakin meningkat. Sebagai warga Malaysia yang prihatin saya amat mengharapkan agar kerajaan dapat mencari formula terbaik bagi menyelesaikan masalah ini sepertimana pada zaman kejatuhan ekonomi dunia pada tahun 1997 dimana Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai perdana menteri. Tidak salah rasanya kepimpinan sekarang mendengar nasihat dan cadangan dari Tun Dr Mahathir sekiranya ia dapat membantu meringankan beban rakyat secara keseluruhannya, jangan kerana ego yang tinggi rakyat menderita dan negara tergadai.

dsranjau said...

Saya cadangkn perhimpunan membantah kenaikkan harga minyak diadakan di hadapan rumah Pak Lah Kepala Batas. manakala Di KL diadakn di Pejabat PM (Pelingkup Malaysia)Putrajaya. Ini bg membuktikan tindakan bodoh pak Lah menyusahkan rakyat.

yvonne said...

Hidup sudah susah lagi susah.....

Kasi subsidi masa renew roadtax la konon.. silap-silap besuk PM announce subsidi di tarik balik.. jadi kita juga yang susah..

Tun, you still the best la! How I wish you still be our PM.

ms.Nestarian said...

salam Tokdet...

save us Tokdet...we miss ur leadership...

rahman said...

Tun, sesungguhnya Tun dikatakan kuku besi dan diktator semasa menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Siapa yang berkata begitu: Ya, menteri2 kabinet yang tidak bersetuju dengan dasar2 dan pembaharuan yang diketengahkan oleh Tun.

Mereka berasa amat marah kerana cadangan dan usul mereka dalam mesyuarat kabinet di tolak oleh Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun, Perdana Menteri yang amat saya hormati, kagumi dan kasihi.

Pemerintahan dan dasar2 Tun sebenarnya mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat kelas bawahan yang berpendapatan isi rumah pendapatan sederhana dan rendah. Harga petrol yang rendah, barang keperluan harian yang sederhana dan lain yang serba sederhana kalaupun tak rendah.

Kenyataan sekarang: Pak Lah , menteri2 kabinet dan "the so call" economics expert(expert konon!) membuat tindakan yang membebankan rakyat dan merendahkan lagi taraf hidup rakyat.

Saya amat terperanjat dan berasa amat marah kerana kerajaan yang diketuai oleh Pak lah menaikkan harga minyak dengan mendadak dan amat tinggi iaitu kenaikan 30%.

Ya kerana kerajaan flip-flop pimpinan Pak Lah sering membuat kenyataan yang tidak konsisten dengan apa yang diuar-uarkan. Cuba kita lihat rentetan kenyataan tak serupa bikin di bawah:-

1. 2- 3 bulan lepas. Kerajaan menyatakan bahawa kebajikan rakyat akan dijaga dengan kenaikan petrol yang kecil.
Mulanya kerajaan mencadangkan Minyak Ron 92 akan dikekalkan pada harga RM 1.92 atau sedikit kenaikan , manakala petrol untuk kenderaan mewah seperti RON 95 akan dinaikkan harga mengikut harga pasaran.Manakala syarikat2 perdagangan akan dikenakan harga pasaran.

2. 2 minggu lepas- Kerajaan mengumumkan harga petrol di sempadan yang dijual kepada kereta negara asing akan dikenakan harga pasaran.

3. Semalam, Pak Lah mengumumkan petrol naik berkuatkuasa hari ini. maka bermulalah penderitaan rakyat bila harga petrol naik kepada RM2.70, dan juga tindakan rantaian(chain reaction) yg akan terhasil iaitu kenaikan harga barangan harian yang lain.

Pak Lah dalam wawancara berita TV3 malam tadi juga menyatakan harga petrol yang naik ini akan dikaji setiap 2 bulan sekali - (persoalan: kenapa perlu dikaji, siapa yang mengkaji, - adakah dikaji kerana hendak diturunkan harganya?Kenyataannya: HARGA PETROL TAK PERNAH TURUN!
Adakah ini kenyataan konkrit yang akan ada tindakan susulan atau cuma kenyataan Pak Lah yang sering flip-flop (tak serupa bikin -no follow up-)

4. Semalam Dato' Shahrir Samad dalam wawancara menyuruh rakyat bersabar. Kemudian mengumumkan rakyat asing di sempadan tiada halangan dan boleh membeli minyak mengikut harga warganegara( yang disubsidikan 30 sen)
Persoalannya: Kenapa tidak dikuatkuasakan saja harga pasaran sebenar pada rakyat asing di sempadan negara?
Persolannya:lihat perkara 1 dan kita tahu ini semua kenyataan flip-flop pimpinan sekarang.

4. Semasa Pak Lah baru menjadi PM, harga minyak dinaikkan, alasannya beban subsidi yang kerajaan tanggung boleh disalurkan untuk meningkatkan Khidmat Pengangkutan awam.

Dah 5 tahun Pak Lah pegang jawatan PM, MANA DIA Pelan cadangan meningkatkan perkhidmatan awam? Petrol dihapuskan subsidi, apa jadi dengan bandar-bandar besar yang lain? Pengangkutan awam masih lagi berada tahap yang teruk di Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Terengganu, Kedah, dan Kelantan, Sabah dan Sarawak?
Semasa pemerintahan Tun ada dicadangkan rel berkembar komuter hingga ke Johor Bahru, bila Pak Lah jadi PM terus dibatalkan projek tersebut! Sebaliknya terus dilancarkan Koridor Pembangunan yang menelan belanja berbilion-bilion yang tak menguntungkan rakyat!
Kos melantik perunding dari luar negara, kos kajian perunding dan gaji2 Perunding(Consultan) pun dah menelan belanja ratusan juta!

Koridor Pembangunan adalah idea-idea yang telah sedia ada pada zaman Tun tetapi dimekapkan, diberi rupa baru dan perkataan baru agar lebih sedap didengar dan disuntik dengan wang rakyat bernilai billion ringgit

- hak rakyat dan subsidi rakyat yang DIRAMPAS - subsidi minyak yang sekiranya dikekalkan akan lebih memberi faedah pada rakyat - taraf hidup lebih terjamin - inflasi takkan naik - kadar bunga pinjaman akan lebih rendah - harga barangan harian lebih rendah .

Yang sebenarnya bernilai ratusan billion - lebih berfaedah kepada rakyat daripada apa yang Petronas kononya menanngung kerugian sekarang.

APA? PETRONAS RUGI- Tanggung Subsidi? Duit minyak duit siapa? duit PETRONAS dan KERAJAAN-KABINET? Ya ka?bukannya duit RAKYAT yang sepatutnya dikembalikan pada RAKYAT juga dengan cara memberi subsidi?!

Harga petrol boleh dinaikkan secara berdikit2 mengikut tahun - akan lebih menguntungkan rakyat, nilainya RATUSAN BILLION lebih besar faedahnya daripada apa yang PETRONAS kononnya rugi berbillion ringgit! Bukannya mendadak naik 72sen! Tambahan lagi kita negara pengeluar minyak!

Semua dasar-dasar tersebut dah ada dalam DASAR PEMBANGUNAN NEGARA, Rancangan Pembangunan Wilayah dan Rancangan Struktur negeri yang berpandukan kepada Wawasan 2020 hasil pemikiran kreatif dan bijak Tun yang saya kasihi..


Negara Amerika Syarikat juga adalah negara pemberi subsidi terbesar kepada rakyatnya. Tahun lepas sahaja subsidi pertanian Amerika adalah sebanyak US$95 bilion dollar .

Itu Amerika Syarikat apatah lagi, dengan Singapura pun kita jauh ketinggalan 15 tahun dari segi pengangkutan Awam, Singapura telah ada perkhidmatan MRT (sama seperti LRT) bermula tahun 1986) dan sekarang ini perkhidmatan LRT, MRT dan Transit Bas Singapura mempunyai rangkaian yang menjalar ke seluruh pelusuk taman2 perumahan sekitar Singapura.

Di mana Singapura sekarang mencapai matlamat Pengangkutan Awam Taraf Dunia Kelas 1 seperti US,UK, Australia dan lain-lain negara maju.

Hampir 95% Rakyat Singapura tak perlu guna kereta untuk pergi bekerja. Mereka hanya gunakan kereta bila hendak bercuti ke Malaysia ataupun cuti hujung minggu.

Pengangkutan awam seperti bas dan LRT juga diberi subsidi oleh kerajaan Singapura di mana 50% daripada harga tambang sebenar bagi setiap perjalanan di beri subsidi.

Di Malaysia, apa yang berlaku?Subsidi petrol hampir dihapus, tetapi tak nampak ke mana sebenarnya duit itu disalurkan? Cuma cakap2 kosong Pak Lah saja!

Saya sedih malam tadi bila melihatkan deretan panjang kenderaan beratur ingin membeli petrol.

Tak dapat dilupakan seorang ibu dan anak kecil(lebih kurang 2 tahun lebih) bersusah-payah mendukung anak sambil mengisi petrol ke dalam tangki. Kereta yang ibu tersebut guna adalah Kancil plat lama keluaran tahun 1992.

Tak perlu saya ulas lagi komen Tun di atas berkaitan kenaikan harga minyak. Apa yang Tun nyatakan adalah benar, dan itulah yang saya rasa Tun akan buat berkaitan kenaikan harga minyak di pasaran dunia sekiranya Tun masih lagi menjadi PM.

Tetapi nampaknya PM Pak Lah tidak dapat berfikir dan menentukan manakah yang lebih baik - antara rakyat dan harga pasaran - semata-mata. Tidak kepada kesan harga barangan keseluruhannya kepada rakyat.

Kesal kerana kita dapat PM seperti Pak Lah dan Kabinet Fip-flop yang kurang bijak. Dasar- dasar Tun yang telah dirangka dan banyak memberi kebaikan ekonomi jangka panjang di kaburi oleh agenda-agenda sempit jangka pendek Pak Lah, menteri Kabinet dan "the so call" economics experts.

Golongan muda seperti saya yang membesar dalam zaman Tun, kami dapat lihat perbezaan besar corak ekonomi dan pentadbiran sekarang berbanding semasa zaman Tun.

Kenyataan dan saranan baik Tun yang diperlekehkan oleh kepimpinan dan barisan kabinet sekarang ini akan kami rakamkan buat perbandingan bila tibanya masa 5 tahun akan datang..

Jangan disangka dalam diam kami reda dengan apa yang dilakukan kepimpinan sekarang.. ingatlah api di dalam sekam...

Saya berdoa kepada Tuhan semoga Tun dan keluarga dipanjangkan umur, diberikan kebahagian dan kejahteraan berpanjangan dapat menyumbangkan tenaga dan fikiran untu kesejahteraan Malaysia.

ZaZa said...

Salam Tun,

Tun bagaimana kami mahu bertindak?? Berkata sahaja tidak mendatangkan apa-apa kesan pada kepimpinan hari ini. Saya bosan dengan kepimpinan hari ini, tindakan tidak memprlihatkan kewajaran untuk semua golongan.

Bantu kami...TOLONG LAH???

msharq said...

salam tun & semua.....

sy terfikir...kenapalah pak lah tak reti berfikir cam tun?

kenapa dialihkan beban kepada rakyat?

walaupun harga minyak dipasaran naik, secara logiknya keuntungan petronas sepatutnya lagi naik dan boleh cover subsidi utk rakyat

sekarang gov. pulangkan kat kita dalam RM 52.00 sebulan (RM625/setahun)....hahahahaa nak isi full tank kancil pun tak lepas...

RinG said...

i hardly understand anything but, for sure, the inflation is going up and cost of living will down. we'll live like 70's. Tun, help us with economy. proton need to survive too. we produce oil, can't it cover the price for us?

Zenith said...

Dear Tun,

I refer the phrase below as brilliant.

"Obviously our increase in petrol price is far less than in the United Kingdom or the United States. But our per capita income is about one-third of theirs. In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US."

At last the wise has spoken. The government only know how to keep on telling ppl that our petrol price is the cheapest. Of coz that's true because of the foreign exchange rate. But they can only fool some ppl but not us who are wise enough to calculate. Ppl elsewhere are earning more that we are so the price of the fuel imposed is still way affordable compare to Malaysia where average income i would say is around RM2000. Hope ppl will be wiser after reading this blog.

azmi said...


jadi la PM balik....pls...

afdzal said...

A'kum Tun,
Secara dasar kenaikan harga minyak sememangnya tak dapat dielakkan. Tetapi sebagai pengeluar minyak, negara sepatutnya tidak menaikkan harga terlalu tinggi. Banyak implikasi dan kesusuahan rakyat akan dirasai dalam tempoh terdekat ini. Sudahlah banyak perniagaan sekarang tidak dapat bertahan dan ini akan menjadi lebih buruk lagi dengan pengganguran. Kes jenayah akan meningkat dan macam2 lagi..

Sepatutnya kerajaan megekalkan had penjualan minyak pada kenderaan asing. Saya faham kenapa ianya dibenarkan kerana matawang asing akan masuk ke negara tetapi jika ia dikawal dengan dengan betul bagaimana pula dengan penyeludup...
satu sen pun tak dapat...

dsranjau said...

Menteri apa tau minyak pun x payah bayar!!!
Rakyat pilih pemimipin sebab yakin mrk boleh memimpin dan buat keputusan terbaik untuk rakyat. Adakah kenaikkan harga minyak patut dijadikan alasan menaikkan harga minyak?
Adakah menaikkan harga minyak sebanyak 40% keputusan terbaik mereka boleh buat? Saya ragu-ragu..
Adakah sekalin pemimpin yg ada punya otak untuk buat keputusan bijak?
Sekalian cerdik pandai yg ada di kalangan menteri2 setakat ini sahaja kemampuan mrk berfikir.

lifestartsat35 said...

i love the power of the internet! god bless them who created it. without it we wouldnt know the goverment is 70 billion richer!!!! lagi mau naik harga minyak! bagi naik darah!
pak lah will know be known as someone who created a phenomenon -cars queing for fuel until midnight on 4th June 2008!
change lifestyle? are they- the one upstairs too gonna change his lifestyle? are they having ubi kentang for dinner and lunch nowadays? wait.. what did he get for maths in his LCE/MCE?

lisa toh said...

slm sekali lagi buat Tun...
read many comments dalam ni.saya rasa terharu dengan sokongan buat Tun yang masih tak berbelah bagi...tapi masih ada yang sinis ttg kehadiran blog Tun dan apa yang Tun perkatakan disini.
Saya percaya apa yang diperkatakan dalam komen seorang pembaca blog ini bahawa taraf ekonomi people at middle class just dropped by one level selepas kenaikan harga minyak semalam.
Bila harga minyak naik,PakLah tak payahlah tabur janji nak control harga barang2 lain...piirahhhhhh mabukk!semua harga automatik akan naik...BRG2 KEPERLUAN(biar kurus sket...rakyat malaysia ni ramai gemuk,kena bercucuk tanam,tanah kan luas...mana tanah nak cucuk kalau tanah semua kerajaan ambik buat bina bangunan..ada akal ker?..kata sorang yang post komen tu lah..tapi sedar tak menteri2 lah sebenarnya ramai yang gemok)LETRIK,DIAPERS ANAK(lepas ni rakyat malaysia jangan beranak),UBAT-UBATAN(lepas ni sapa2 yang sakit kita jangan pergi hospital...mati kat umah jer..pergi hospital kena naik transport,kena bayar ubat kan),MACAM2 LAGILAH...jdi fikir2kanlah semua

mana perginya RAJA2 MELAYU,SULTAN2...tidak sayangkah lagi mereka ini pada rakyat jelata.Mengapa perlu membatu diri melihat saja kerajaan menindas rakyat.Sudah banyak menteri2 mencabar kuasa Sultan sejak menang PRU12.
PETRONAS menggali dan menjual minyak milik rakyat..milik Malaysia..hak punya rakyat.MENGAPA RAKYAT DI NEGARA2 PENGELUAR MINYAK YANG LAIN MEMBAYAR SERENDAH 30 SEN(RM) dan kita pengeluar minyak yg bagus..yang menjual harga minyak kita dengan begitu tinggi..mendapat keuntungan yang amat besar perlu membayar dengan harga yang berlipat kali ganda??Samalah juga dengan air..kita bayar lebih mahal dari apa yang kerajaan Singapura bayar pada Johor.Singapura kutip untung jual air pada rakyat dia..siapa yang sengsara..kitalah..kadang tak cukup air bila kemarau..sapa kisah?KERAJAAN?
Saya amat gembira seandainya Paklah dan penyokong2nya membaca blog Tun,saya percaya mereka membacanya..biar mereka sedar(oh..mungkin tidak!) rakyat mereka menangis,rakyat menderita,rakyat sengsara dari perlakuan mereka semua.Nak bagitau,kalau dah rasa tak ada duit sangat kurangkanlah gaji menteri,adun2 tu,kurangkan persen komisen dari projek2 tu,kurangkan pergi makan angin pakai duit tax rakyat..cuba merendah diri sket.mesti kita dapat save banyak duit kerja sket,claim duit banyak2.betul tak?
Janganlah yang miskin semakin papa,yang kaya dan buncit bertambah buncit menggelembung plak,takut pecah.Cukuplah derita ini..kami tak sanggup menanggungnya.apa akan jadi pada keluarga2 seperti keluarga yang dipapar dalam Televisyen(bersamamu dan sebagainya).kalau skang ni(contoh satu keluarga di kelantan),diorang jumpa nasi 2 3 hari sekali,lepas ni tak makan nasi teruslah agaknya.sedihnya saya!!TERAMAT SEDIH.
Saya rayu pada rakyat malaysia yang lain,kita boleh bersatu...biar PakLah dan kroninya balik duk umah..cukup dah kita bagi peluang dia tadbir negara ni...kuasa sebenarnya di tangan kita..kita yang pilih mereka..bukan sebaliknya.AYUHLAH!
terima kasih Tun memberi peluang orang2 kampung seperti saya memahami isu2 seperti ini..keep on writing.slm

Mannsanni said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

My daughter who is in JB wanted to visit her younger sister yg baru jer bersalin kat KL ni. After calculating how much she had to pay for petrol after the increase she decided not to come. Adik dia faham kerana naza citra memang kuat minyak. I had to agree and the traffic chaos in KL last night did not encourage me to insist that she should come. Meantime, at the back of my mind I wonder where this country is heading because I am worried about their future.

Mohd Nazri said...

Salam Tun,

saya mungkin kurang arif mengenai ekonomi, kewangan dan hal2 pentadbiran kerajaan. tapi pada pendapat saya, harga minyak adalah antara faktor yang besar dalam memainkan peranan kepada kos sara hidup.

bila harga minyak naik, sudah tentu harga penghantaran barang naik, harga barangan asas pun turut akan naik. tuntutan perjalanan pekerja naik. pekerja mungkin akan meminta majikan menaikkan gaji. secara tidak langsung syarikat terpaksa menaikkan caj-caj kepada pelangan (api, air, telefon, tol) yang akhirnya kami sebagai rakyat yang terpaksa membayar harga tinggi. untuk melihat harga turun adalah sesuatu yang ajaib dan mustahil terjadi.

kasihanilah kami. Tidakkah Tun terpikir untuk masuk bertanding semula ? agar dapat Tun lakukan perubahan untuk kebaikan rakyat.

mengenai had larangan penjualan minyak kepada rakyat asing, kenapakah tidak digunapakai MyKad ? pembelian petrol/diesel/gas mestilah menggunakan MyKad untuk mendapatkan harga subsidi. bagi yang tidak mempunyai MyKad (rakyat asing), terpulang kepada Kerajaan untuk meletakkan harga. dengan cara ini, keuntungan boleh dikaut melalui pembenaran rakyat asing membeli bahan bakar di Malaysia. Dengan cara ini juga dapat mengalakkan rakyat malaysia yang masih berdegil untuk bertukar kepada MyKad.

amat sayang sekali tidak digunapakaikan kecanggihan MyKad.

akhir sekali, tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Tun kerana memberi ruang untuk kami menyuarakan pendapat kami secara terbuka.

Adnanlr said...

Salam Tun

Again, the Master has spoken wisely on the subject. I fail to understand why cabinet did not manage to tackle the issue in a clear and concise manner.

Sure, Malaysia is spared from natural calamity but I started to see catastrophe looming in the form of inept cabinet ministers playing YESman. Disaster orignates from the government itself.

The latest fuel price hike incident was a monumental mistake. The manner it was handle will go down in history as textbook failure. The path we are heading is a dangerous one.

I also observe that :

1) the government has no clear direction. Decisions are made haphazardly and with little consultation. Shroud of secrecy is the main theme.

2) The government still believe majority of the rakyat is in good economic state. Surely not all 100 odd MPs and ministers are blind and deaf at the same time.

3) Promises are not kept. In schoolyard we call it "liars". Since when August starts on 5th of June?

4) The government prefer to keep silent. Last time Shabery was determined to be the good information minister. Now is the time la Datuk, to show your mettle. Or is it just a usual sabrerattling to secure the seat? Give us the FACTS and FIGURES. Do not hide behind the OSA law.

5) The government is not SERIOUS in tackling enforcement. If you leave all for rakyat to take care, then why we need to have you to sit on that comfy chair?

Pity Rakyat Malaysia. We have been screwed royally by this incompetent government.

Kok Tin said...

I do believe recent hike of commodities' prices are due to money being poured out from the equities' sectors due to bad market sentiments such as massive sub-prime's losses write-down etc.

I also believe that the government should play a role in maintaining the commodities' prices, and should not allow the "greed-hunger" traders to trade freely, which may impact the world's economy. Government is not intervening at the moment due to many political reasons.

I do not mind that the government is cutting their subsidies on the petrol as I believe petrol prices are still considered relatively cheap if compared to other countries. On the other hand, one main thing that I would like to highlight is that, our major problem is the public transportation system. We have to drive, simply because we have disconnected and inadequate coverage transportation system. Government should have emphasized more on this issue long time ago - look at our traffic problem! I do see a lot of similarities among our neighbors on the traffic issues like Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, but Malaysia's GDP per capita is much more higher.

I also find it hilarious that the government actually banned the foreign cars to fill up their petrol. I wander, the government had actually looked at the costs/benefits in between the tourism revenue collected versus the amount spent on the subsidy of petrol for foreign cars. Government should look at the bigger picture before making such a big fuss out of this, by dampening our tourism industry.

Malaysia used to be a popular destinations for foreigner to drop by and visit our paradise, feel our culture etc. It's no longer happening anymore due to bad image of Malaysia being painted in foreign countries in many areas such as social security, transparency, convenience, tourist friendliness, cleanliness etc.

rezd said...


dengan baca posting Tun dan komen2 pembaca...sedih pun ada....bagi saya...mungkin kekurangan sangat kualiti dan pengetahuan urusan atau ntah...susah nak cakap....

yela...macam 400k barel tu kan....kalau memang kegunaan rakyat kita sendiri dan cukup...kenapa jual sama dengan harga luar?

nyatakan kita memang keluarkan dan pakai sendiri...dah nyata itu hak rakyat malaysia....macam seorang ayahla kena kasi makan minum cukup(nafkah) kat anak...takkan la lebihan beras atau lauk kasi kat jiran sebelah kalau anak sendiri tak cukup makan??

tak payah nak beratkan,cuma rakyat malaysia semua sudah berilmu....dan sudah tentu waras....macam mane canggih teknologi kt malaysia ni..macm tula rakyatnya....

liza_82 said...

Assalamualaikum Tun..

Saya cuma anak melayu yang hidup dalam zaman Tun menjadi PM dulu..dan sepanjang tu saya tak pernah dengar parents saya mengeluh duit tak cukup sebab harga barang naik.. seingat saya, zaman Tun dulu, saya boleh kira berapa kali ajer harga minyak naik. Itupun bersesuaian dengan peredaran masa.

Tapi sejak pak lah take over ni..saya rasa orang yang gaji 3 ribu sebulan pun belum tentu boleh hidup dalam kl..tambahan lagi dengan harga minyak yang naik mengejut semalam..ya allah, nak terduduk rasanya saya bila diberitahu rakan sekerja semalam.

Dah lah dengan bebanan PTPTN yang nak kena bayar, kos hidup di KL lagi..alamatnya, tersadai lah kereta di rumah..kita ramai2 lah naik lrt atau pengangkutan awam. Tapi kerajaan sekarang tidak fikirkah impak kenaikan harga minyak ini akan mengurangkan permintaan ke tas kereta keluaran nasional.. siapa yang nak beli kereta proton & perodua memandangkan harga minyak yang tak munasabah tu?

Menonton perucapan pak lah dalam tv masa berita semalam buat saya naik meluat.. ingin menyalurkan duit untuk pembangunan negara? Apa yang telah dibangunkan dalam Malaysia selama 2 penggal ni? Saya tak nampak pun hasilnya.. anak melayu masih tertindas.. tapi yang sedihnya melayu di tindas oleh melayu sendiri..cukup2 lah tu pak lah.. nak isi poket penuh2 pun.. bukan boleh bawak duit tu semua masuk kubur pun.. saya rasa kalau arwah Endon masih hidup, mungkin beliau sendiri malu mengaku suami nya kaki sapu..

Akhir sekali, saya terkenangkan lagu 'anak kecil main api'.. masa saya kat itm dulu senior saya selalu ingatkan saya lagu ni..tapi dulu saya buta untuk menilai apa makna..tapi alhamdulillah..baru kini saya tau..

ZaZa said...

Salam Tun,

Dengan hormat kami memohon Tun menyegerakan kaedah bagaimana hendak memohon supaya Kepimpinan tertinggi Negara turun dari tampuk pemerintahan.

mohd_effendee said...

Salam Tun,

I don't think there is a Malaysian Government anymore. Uplifting the ban for Singapore and Thailand cars are greatly UNACCEPTABLE. While the Government is creating pressure to the people it bows down to those who don't qualify at all to consume our oil at lower prices. It seems that the Government is brave with the local people but chicken out with the outsiders. We lost Batu Putih and now we lost oil to a small country. I just don't understand. During your time, there were some oil hikes but you still maintain to make it as minimum as possible thus the people won't suffer but yesterday's hike was the BEST move by the BN Government. Now I am not sure whether the Prime Minister is a Malaysian or not. Please don't promote your KERAJAAN PERIHATIN. There is no heart in the government. It ends up that we Malaysians DIE and the Outsiders LIVE. I too would not want to extend my loyalty to UMNO anymore kerana hanya ORANG MELAYU MEMBUNUH ORANG MELAYU SENDIRI.....

alvin said...

Dear Tun,

Thanks you for your information on regards of our country rich Oil production.

Personally I have been bracing for the impact of Oil price increase but the thing that irk me the most is the suddeness of the increase. If compare to Tun method, Tun would announce such news maybe 1 week earlier so that people will have a time to think about it and get prepare for it, unlike someone we know, giving up 6 hours to adapt for price hike

Pak Lah ask us to change our way of spending, curb our spending etc.. But with curbing our spending, economic will not grow!!!

If we don't buy, company will not make money, if company don't make money, they cannot pay salary and if they don't / can't pay salary, we as the employee will suffer, which will resulting in, we don't have money to buy items.

It's a big cycle whereby if somewhere in it stop moving, the rest will stop also, resulting in.. another 97' incident

Tun, Thanks for your great move on the 97' recession, I salute you

buckie said...

The fuel that this country has rightly belongs to its people and not to one petroleum company. This means that the least the current Government could have done is to maintain the quantum of subsidy that has been provided previously if not more. The Government would not have lost anything by maintaining that quantum unless the Government has forgotten, "subsidy", like "depreciation" and "amortisation" is a cashless transaction.

By maintaining the quantum of the subsidy however, would mean it'll eat into the profits that the petroleum company is making. Bad news for the Government who has "urgent issues" at hand like the development of the North, South and Eastern Corridors to address that require gargantuan budgets to finance. This, in the current Government's view is more crucial than to improve the GDP of the country or ensure fair distribution of wealth throughout the society. So instead of sharing the profits of our net oil exports with the nation by maintaining current petrol prices, the Government has taken what is rightly belonged to us plus charging its people to pay for what they already own just so that it can pocket enough to channel the money to the respective "urgent issues". Imagine you are already standing buck naked and homeless, then in a blink, being skinned alive!

This country should start looking for local talents that can offer environmental-friendly solutions to restore our ecosystem so that we won’t be too dependent on fast-depleting natural resources. Sadly, despite having such talents in our very own backyard, this country, as always, has chosen to ignore and neglect such talents.


I seriously think the current Malaysia's PM has put his own final nail in his coffin!

Fantastic blog, Tun!

EbBie said...

My dearest Tun,

Frankly speaking, it is obvious that the increasement in oil price is unfair at all. As I read trough your blog, I've been questioning myself, where does the RM70 billion goes to?

Only last week I received my first allowance as I am doing my practical right now. I was really happy because of receiving RM600 for allowance and as for a practical student, that is a lot.

After I found out that the oil price has increased, my happiness was blowned away. How could I afford on spending RM280 only for my transportation back and forth from home to work? This is not included my room rental (RM350) and meals.

Dear Tun, all of us do miss you and how you handle the economic crisis intelligently. I actually looked forward to join 'Putri UMNO' after SPM (2003) but was heart broken when you left.

Now, i am waiting for your comeback and I'll be your best debater ever when the time finally come.

Dear Tun, do take care of your health as I am very concern of your health. Lots of people says that they think of you as a father. I do too. I was borned in 1986 (when you were our prime minister)but sadly as I am struggling from a teenager to a young adult, I've felt like i lost a father, a meaning to further support the current government...

lastly, please paklah,...go away. It's a sad truth but we need Tun more than ever.

EbBie said...

My dearest Tun,

Frankly speaking, it is obvious that the increasement in oil price is unfair at all. As I read trough your blog, I've been questioning myself, where does the RM70 billion goes to?

Only last week I received my first allowance as I am doing my practical right now. I was really happy because of receiving RM600 for allowance and as for a practical student, that is a lot.

After I found out that the oil price has increased, my happiness was blowned away. How could I afford on spending RM280 only for my transportation back and forth from home to work? This is not included my room rental (RM350) and meals.

Dear Tun, all of us do miss you and how you handle the economic crisis intelligently. I actually looked forward to join 'Putri UMNO' after SPM (2003) but was heart broken when you left.

Now, i am waiting for your comeback and I'll be your best debater ever when the time finally come.

Dear Tun, do take care of your health as I am very concern of your health. Lots of people says that they think of you as a father. I do too. I was borned in 1986 (when you were our prime minister)but sadly as I am struggling from a teenager to a young adult, I've felt like i lost a father, a meaning to further support the current government...

lastly, please paklah,...go away. It's a sad truth but we need Tun more than ever.

adanmax said...

Salam Tun,

Kenapalah pemimpin Malaysia nh CETEK sangat pemikiran diorang.

Bagi saya,sebagai seorang student,macam mana kehidupan kami slps ini,walaupun dapat biasiswa,tp dengan harga makanan yg akan naik,rsnya tak akan cukup dengan apa yang ada.

lagi satu,saya terfikir mcm mn emak saya yang sudah BERSARA,dgn wang pencen RM 700++ jer sebulan,harga makanan akan naik,mcm mn pendidikan adik2 saya yg masih sekolah rendah & menengah??

Noonak said...

Hello everyone,

did some surfing and found out that within net exporting countries, apart from iran(1.11), we are paying highest rate for oil (0.84 USD/litre).

Average price listed (in USD/litre):
Egypt is 0.32, Indonesia(no longer Opec member) is 0.65, Kuwait is 0.21, Nigeria 0.10, Qatar 0.22, UAE 0.37, Saudi A. is 0.12 and Venenzuela is 0.05(!!!) etc.

1. Why the did gov. always try to elude us by comparing in RM, with the price in Singapore when it is cristal clear the currency difference and income level is far superior on their side? Is he taking us, the rakyat, airheads?
In the star: "Singapore pay RM 5.20 per liter". We only only pay RM 2.70, still cheap mah! wtf???!!
Then if we pay to market price, the price in Malaysia will be around RM 3.++. Still cheaper than Sing dollar what!

2.Why the did gov. always try to elude us by comparing with Sing/Thai which are NOT a net exporter of oil? Of course different lah!

Since upping the price previously by 0.30 sen, what have the savings been used to? Did Fak Lah fulfil his promise for a better public transportation? Did we see this materialise? What is the state of our public transportation? The whole thing is a disgrace!

Sudden sharp increase in petrol prices without an alternative! The economy will be in shock. I'm not an economist and wouldn't know exactly what will happen but I know for sure things are not going to be pretty.

Fak Lah said to adjust lifestyle and not to waste. Hello! most ppl can't afford to waste anything in the first place! What do you mean? to change to riding bicycles from motorbikes? Is he nuts?? Is he only talking to himself and his cronies? Yeah, maybe you could lose the public paid jet and to limit frequent overseas holidays to just a few numbers a year. No sweat. Moron!.

59 billion is to cover up on losses by the losing of 5 star states to the opposition. Theres a lot of spending to do soon what with the lobbying and buying of east malaysians so as not to jump party, the upcoming internal election in December..a lot of ppl to buy..
who cares about the miseries of the rakyat? They voted opposition, padan muka lah! Fak u lah!

Anyway, regarding rebates of RM625, most poor people will not be enjoying it as they don't OWN cars or motorbikes. I guess they have just been promoted to 'beggars' now from just being 'poor but manageable'.

How come tax on fuel efficient and hybrid cars not taken away? How come not enough is done to ease the accessibility of NGV so more ppl can use them? and why not abolish the APs all together?

Congratulations Dolah on the legacy that you'll leave behind! You'll surely be remembered down in history.

Geng Anak Bukit said...

Awat la jd lagu ni...

Pada sapa2 yg sebelum ni dok mengumpat la padah dia...Hangpa cakap macam hangpa pernah jd ni pikiq lah...

panglimapemuda said...

PRU-13 kerajaan paklah akan kalah...rakyat dok diam tapi tunggu PRU-13...hidup tun hidup PAS

Sha said...

Please help us Tun. Please do something.. please..

Daniel said...

Greetings Tun,

I hope you are doing well.

Great write up and things are really looking downhill but as with everyone, we are hoping that things will turn for the better and fortunately/unfortunately, it depends on the government.

Sometimes I wonder why we have only achieve such level of maturity after 50 years of independence while our neighbours and countries at other parts of the world are doing better relatively.

We have been blessed with so many great resources and Mother Nature has been kind to us but yet, we are not excelling at our fullest potential. I sincerely hope and pray that we, as a nation inclusing those in the government will wake up, buck up and do what's right for the country and not to waste in any form anymore.

If not, I am sure we will perish before Vision 2020 comes into the picture and that is just such a waste taking into account what our forefathers has contributed and sacrifice for this piece of land call Malaysia.

Shahnas78 said...


What can we do as a citizen of Malaysia? I mean RIGHT NOW. Next PRU may be too late.

Please do something. Myself together with millions of your supporter are behind you.

dsranjau said...

Try compare price pengeluar minyak dunia dgn Malysia.

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
Brunei - RM1.12/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre / Malaysia Boleh - fuel/petrol

M'sia paling rendah lah!!

KITA SUMA rakyat Malaysia setuju bg
Pak Lah title'BAPAK INFLASI'

Minyak dr Rm 1.37 tahun 2004 jd
Rm2.70 tahun 2008!!!!!!!!

Pemimpin terulung Malysia jatuh kpd.............
Pak Lah

Vin Lim said...

Selamat petang Tun,

Saya amat terkejut dan hairan dengan kenaikan harga oleh kerajaan. Hairan kerana langsung tidak masuk akal kenapa Pak Lah boleh bersetuju dengan langkah ini. Totally no logic.. This measure will surely create another tsunami...

Kenapa dia boleh langsung tidak mempedulikan perasaan serta beban yang akan ditanggung oleh RAKYAT jelata??

Kyp [CY] said...

sir, as u have posted here, i see u understand how the rakyat suffer with the fuel price increase, as compared with the UK or US citizens. is there anything u can tell badawi to do about it?

Amran Shah Idris said...

Salam Buat Tun...

Kali ini pimpinan Pak Lah sekali lagi mencipta rekod yg memeranjatkan...

Setelah berhari-hari memikirkannya selepas isu Tun keluar UMNO...saya berharap dgn legasi dan kredibiliti Tun..kita mewujudkan sebuah pakatan baru yang mampu memulihkan kembali Malaysia ke arah kegemilangan yang telah kita rencanakan hampir 30 tahun lalu...kini M'sia menghampiri tahap kekalutan politik yg meruncing...

Saya berharap Tun dpt melakukan sesuatu dan saya merasakan jutaan rakyat memberikan sokongan yang penuh...

jrihan said...

Salam Tun. You are unique. No question about that. However being a human , you have committed a mistake, appointing Pak lah. its time for you to rectify that mistake because that mistake has caused majority of rakyat to suffer..
Leaving umno is not a solution..stay in umno and become the president is..

azwanannuar said...

Salam Tun. Inilah dia bila pemimpin tidak pernah fikirkan rakyat. Bila pemimpin sudah menganggap, kerajaan itu dia yang punya dan lupakan yang sebenarnya kerajaan itu adalah rakyat. Sebenarnya, kenaikan minyak boleh dibendung dengan pelbagai usaha. Benar seperti apa yang Tun beritahu, kenaikan minyak dunia, telah membuatkan Malaysia terutamanya petronas menikmati keuntungan yang cukup besar. tapi, ke mana perginya segala keuntungan yang kita nikmati. Bagi saya, mungkin keuntungan itu 'digunakan' untuk merealisasikan segala koridor yang tidak tahu di mana keuntungannya. Dari terlalu 'asyik' ingin mencipta nama yang kononnya dia juga bapa pembangunan negara, dia akhrinya terlupa, bahawa rakyat yang merasai kepedihan hidup. Dia sanggup melihat rakyat menderita asalkan dia mengecapi bahagia. Semua rakyat malaysia, kita bersabarlah. Sesungguhnya, doa orang teraniaya itu akan dimakbulkan tuhan, meskipun ianya lambat. Tun, teruskanlah perjuangan Tun, kerana "perjuangan kita belum selesai."

Rajesh said...

After all we have achieve in this great nation, we are going back in time, where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer again.I used to believe when i was a child of vision 2020 when anything is possible,now i've lost hope. Back to step one.

malaysianlover said...

You all jangan banyak complaint la...

You all tak ada family macam Pak Lah. His big family with "big appetite" need to be subsidized more than we do.

p/s Tun, please don't give too much away to the present Govt. Helping them is like "melepaskan anjing yang tersepit" - they'll bite you back. But to help the Rakyat, those "jokers" have to be removed first.

Diki said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
You are definitely a man with principle. I (We / Malaysian) missed your expert guidance and leadership. Your wisdom is so great that I think none can replace so far. I personally feel that the country is going down to the drain (sorry for my harsh words) and that there is nothing much the citizen or the politician can do (correct me if I’m wrong). It looks like many successful Malaysian (those in the ruling areas) are becoming greedy. My hope and prayers are for all these to change for the better.
Why did you leave us? It was never like when trust was given to you. I (we/Malaysian) missed your leadership so much. Having said that, Thank you so much for all the years you have dedicated for all of us (Malaysians).

WY Kam 甘永元 said...

why didn't you think of the same idea when you re in power?

it's easy to's harder to practice what you preach dear Tun.

DatOk ZeQ said...

bpftneYABhg Raja Blog

Adapsi lagu Tan Sri S.M Salim

Apa dah jadi
Harga minyak naik lagi
kata ada beri subsidi
Kemana habis duit nya pergi

Apa dah jadi
Barang naik tak henti henti
harga beras, gula, tepung dan roti
Tapi tak naik kan gaji kami

Apa dah jadi
Sebab pangkat Tun yang bagi
Dia mula tak sedar diri
Nak bagi rakyat nya mati

Apa dah jadi
Dia tak ikut apa Tun Janji
Pandai melawan "Sifu" sendiri
Suatu hari memakan diri

Apa dah jadi
Kami semua tak tahan lagi
Macam macam dah bagi kat Khairi
Kami kena buat reformasi

Apa dah jadi
Tunggu sajalah sekali lagi
Ada kejutan kami nak beri
Jawapan nya ada di peti undi

Jawab Tun, Jangan Tak Jawab !

Apa naik pun DatOK ZeQ tak kisah !
(macam Aiman - tak kisah !)

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Nizam said...

we only heard rakyat has to suffer but what are leader's contribution on this?. In other countries, leaders are voluntarily willing to cut down their allowances to be with the rakyat but what the politicians doing about this?. Dare to cut down allowances and mega projects?. If all true, face it together with sincere.

KamiMelayuBaru said...

Wahai rakyat Malaysia, marilah kita keluar beramai-ramai untuk protes harga minyak nie.....Saya berani berada di barisan paling hadapan sekali bawa sepanduk "We want to claim our money from "the riches unemployed in the world"....

razman said...

Salam Sejahtera Tun,

I read your comment and i think you're the best economist for our country. You can see what others cannot. I really miss your leadership. What about Pak Lah? He always lie, you're true Tun, Pah Lah bohong. Dunno how many times he lied to us, Malaysian. Tun, i really hope that you make a comeback to Malaysia politic, is it possible? We are heading backward now.. So sad.

iamataxpayer said...

kawan kawan elok jangan panggil dia "pak" lagi kerana akan jejaskan satu title yang sepatuhnya ada maksud hormat...

shah said...

I just can't imagine the ripple effect of Pak Lah's action... May Allah bless us!

boboi_skbp said...

Salam Tun,

Apa dah jadi dengan negara kita ini...minyak naik lagii....


Tun Dr M,

Bagaimana Tun dulu boleh tersilap
pilih Pak Lah ni?


Ini adalah kesilapan terbesar Tun!

Ikhlas Untuk Negara said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

I hope today finds you in good health and happiness.As a homemaker I might not feel the pinch of higher oil prices as do working people but I know it's only a matter of time before the prices of goods come up(if not already) What is the average Malaysian to do in this circumstances? I think we should view other solutions to the problem rather than to just lay blame on the culprits. One thing for sure is that Malaysians need to rethink their priorities. Are all the things we are paying for absolutely essential? For example, paying the monthly fee for Astro , using handphones unnecessarily and even to making numerous trips to shops because we are not organized enough to do all our shopping at one go. I know this sounds pretty lame but I think small changes make a huge difference. We cannot wait for other people to make a difference in our lives. We should have the presence of mind to do it ourselves.

God bless you and keep you well.

malaysianlover said...

Dear Tun,

I know that you, as a Negarawan, a Fighter, A Genius, A Father to all Malaysians, you will not let the present Government regime destroy this Nation.

Can't wait for your next move...

kamsani said...

assalamualaikum semua.. yg pasti bukan tun shj yg bc komen sy. (silap2 tun tak bc pun)

pada tarikh 4/6/2008 apabila diumumkn harga minyak naik hingga 40%, sy rs macam duk dinegara yg bukan pengeluar minyak, betul kata pembangkang, jgn beza harga minyak malaysia dengan singapura, dengan thailand dan sebagainya yg bukan pengeluar minyak. mmg la minyak di negara itu mahal. mengapa bodoh pendek akal sgt pemimpin BN ni. dan mengapa rakyat masih menyokongnya. sy sebagai rakyat malaysia, terus hilang keyakinan pada pemmimpin UMNO. bodoh dn sengel. pada rakyat semua, jgn la sokong lagi parti umno ni. berani la membawa perubahan. jgn asik "Dahulu Kini dan Selamanya" shj.

apa komen tun jika anwar ibrhim menjadi PM malaysia di masa akan dtg???

antara anwar dan hadi, yg mana tun setuju tuk mgantikan PM skrg???

pada yang lain juga, komen la yg mn 1 anda pilih??

(komen jer...)
(hati marah ni) nak buat. klu la tarikh mengundi 6/6/08, memang bungkus la umno. mmg aku pngkah lain punya yer tuan TUN M.
silap2 tun pun pangkah lain..

Bob@dacshund2000 said...

Dear Tun,

Perhaps issues that require economic implications of mammoth proportions pervades my puny intellectual resoning, and I believe this holds true for most part of our 28 million plus population.

But equally what escapes my understanding is what does the much often propounded figures by our current regime, such as growth figures like 7 or 8% GDP really does mean? Are these impressive numbers supposed to transalate into some sort of a benefit for the ordinary man on the steets?

On another note, Malaysia is still importing 30% of its rice requirement. I wonder what happened to the equally much propounded "pertanian evolution"?

Hmmm....I'm just a layman trying to get his mind around things.

khairulr said...

lebih elok kalo kerajaan buat subsidi minyak utk dinaikkan utk setiap 3 bulan sahaja..selepas 3 bulan harga minyak diturunkan..dan seterusnya....pasti kepeutusan ini lebih popular dari menaikkan minyak keparas konsisten 2.70..

ija said...

Selamat Petang kepada Tun yang dihormati dan semua bloggers.

Just nak tumpang lalu je ni..
Nak bagitau la, orang atasan yang naikkan harga minyak ni tak terasa pun keperitan die sebab diorang dapat elaun petrol.

So, what do you all expect from this?

Pandang tilik budi bicara
Tepuk dada tanya selera



SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Saya memiliki Van Kia Pregio 2.7 Lit Diesel utk kegunaan keluarga yang seramai 8 orang (suami isteri dan 6 orang anak antara 1 bulan hingga 14tahun) kerana tidak mampu membeli kenderaan multi-purpose seperti Nazaria dan utk mengurangkan perbelanjaan minyak pada ketika itu.
Cukai jalan sekarang ini ialah lebih kurang RM1,700 masih mampu saya gagahkan utk membayar kerana harga Diesel yang murah dibandingkan dengan petrol semasa pembelian dibuat. Selepas sahaja beli minyak Disel terus menaik sehingga RM1.58-terpaksalah ikat perut sikit.
Tapi sekarang ini walaupun diberikan pengurangan cukai jalan RM200-saya masih menderita kerana harga Diesel sudah meningkat hampir sama dengan petrol (kurang 18 sen sahaja). Lepas ini kena ikat leher pula.
Patutnya Kerajaan perlu lebih bertimbangrasa dan membuat kajian terperinci terlebih dahulu sebelum berbuat sesuatu-tapi PakLah memang tidak akan berbuat demikian kerana telah diserang penyakit "Flip-Flop" dan menerima rawatan dari para doktor yg tidak berdaftar dan bertauliah di Tkt 4. EPU yg ada mungkin telah diICUkan oleh para doktor di Tkt 4 sehingga selalu dikebelakangkan dalam membuat keputusan mengenai ekonomi negara.
Saya percaya ini mungkin idea KJ dan Tkt 4 sebab ingat tak masa Perhimpunan Agung UMNO sebelum ini, KJ pernah dan beria-ia kemukakan idea ini-ini juga menunjukkan tindakan Kerajaan sekarang ini bukanlah idea PakLah atau Pak Shahrir atau Kementerian Hal Ehwal Pengguna dan Perdagangan Dalam Negeri. Pak Shahrir tu dengar cerita bukannya tahu apa dalam bidang ekonomi dan sebab itulah asyik ingin menyerahkan segala-galanya kpd harga pasaran semasa-lepas ini bolehlah dipanggil "Menteri Harga Pasaran Semasa" dan "Kementerian Pengurangan dan Penghapusan Subsidi dan Harga Pasaran Semasa".
Ini menguatkan hujah orang ramai bahawa KJlah yg menjadi "Mastermind" kepada pemerintahan PakLah PM "FLIP-FLOP".
Saya bersetuju dengan apa yg Tun katakan dlm artikel terbaru ini. Kalau Petronas telah mengaut keuntungan yg banyak kenapa tidak boleh diketepikan sedikit utk maslahah rakyat. Ke mana duit yg dilaburkan oleh Khazanah-takde untung ke - kita tak pernah dengar mengenai pembentangan akaun Khazanah - adakah kerana akaun Khazanah tidak pernah diaudit utk memastikan sama ada untung atau rugi. Haii ... kalau macam ni, sahlah UMNO dan BN menuju ke ambang kehancuran.
Saje nak tahu dari Tun siapa sebenarnya yg menjadi penasihat kewangan negara sekarang ini. Kenapa Mohd. Nor Yaakop tak boleh cadangkan idea yg bernas lagi masa zaman Tun dulu atau dah jadi "Yes Man" saje sekarang ni.
We miss u a lot.

herlina said...

Salam Tun

Saya ada cadangan ini hanyalah cadangan saja.

Memandang Pak Lah masih in-denial kenapa tidak Tun buat satu buku besar nama kan dia BUKU RAKYAT atau apa2 yg Tun dapat fikirkan letakkan diseluruh negeri selama 3 hari, jumaat, sabtu dan ahad. Supaya semua rakyat yg ingainkan Pak Lah meletak jawatan dengan cara terhormat dapat menandatangani didalam buku besar itu. Kemudian collect semua buku2 yg telah ditanda tangani rakyat yg mahukan Pak Lah letak jawatan diserahkan pada Pak Lah dipejabatnya oleh Tun sendiri.

Mungkin dengan cara begini Pak Lah baru sedar yg rakyat tak perlukan PM seperti Pak Lah lagi.

Saya berharap dengan cadangan ini dapat membawa perubahan didalam perjuangan Tun.

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