Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ian Chin’s Great Revelation

1. I have not commented earlier on Justice Dato Ian Chin's (Chin J) exposé about my misdeeds because I needed time to recall events which happened more than a decade ago and to find documents which may give credibility to my explanations.

2. I am grateful that some judges and ex-judges have refuted what Chin J said about my threatening judges. The Singapore Straits Times (not my favourite paper) seems more willing than Malaysian papers to report how Chin J's colleagues were stunned by his statements.

3. One Court of Appeal judge told the Straits Times, “I asked my brother judge who was on the bench with me this morning whether he remembered the incident, and he asked me the same”. Neither of them did. Nor did retired senior judges Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah, Tan Sri Lamin Yunus and Datuk Shaik Daud Ismail, who were quoted in the New Straits Times.

4. About the “thinly veiled threat” to remove judges, the Straits Times reported “Several judges have since disputed his version of the event”.

5. Those contacted by the Straits Times “did not remember him (the ex-PM) issuing a threat to sack judges who did not take his view”.

6. A serving judge who was present at the conference said: “There was nothing like that at all. It would have been so shocking that I would have remembered it”.

7. It seems that except for Chin J, no one else heard the threat. I attended only one judges conference and I remember I talked on two subjects:

1) The mandatory death sentence on drug traffickers
2) Litigation

I explained the need to deter drug trafficking through the most severe punishment. There were more than 200,000 addicts in Malaysia. They were practically the living dead and indeed many died prematurely. They were involved in drug related crimes, including murder, rape and even matricide. Malaysia needed to reduce drug addiction but judges were reluctant to pronounce the death penalty. That was why it was made mandatory.

8. On litigation, I talked about the situation in America where huge sums were awarded by judges, including for alleged malpraxis and negligence on the part of doctors.

9. As a result doctors would order costly laboratory and other tests to avoid accusation by claimant’s lawyers that they neglected to give the best service to the patients. To cover all these tests, medical charges are very high in America and the poor cannot pay.

10. Insurance premiums for doctors are also very high and the patients may be bankrupted by high medical fees. I did not want this to happen in Malaysia.

11. At no time did I issue any threat against the judges.

12. As for the boot camp, our military forces may have it. But what we did have were courses on “Tata Negara” or “National Creed” at work camps.

13. At such courses the speakers try to explain Malaysia’s political system with particular reference to the BN concept, ethics and moral values and democracy in Malaysia.

14. Participants included civil servants, corporate leaders, politicians and university staff. I suppose judges also attended.

15. For three to five days the participants stayed at the camps and followed certain programs. This included getting up very early in the morning (for prayers for Muslims), physical exercises and many hours of lectures. One of the chores was to wash your own dirty plates after a simple meal. When I gave talks at these work camps I too wash my dirty dishes. It was part of leadership by example.

16. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended these work camps. There were hardly any complaints.

17. I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates.

18. The course clearly did not have a positive effect on him.

19. I am disgusted with Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and Karpal Singh who immediately assumed that Chin J was telling the truth. Zaid even went so far as to say this is normal, as if I threatened judges all the time.

20. I will be writing a little more on Ian Chin J so that the public will become more acquainted with him. Suffice for me to say for the present that Chin J has a police report against him for hiding his past when hearing a certain case.

21. The public can then pass judgement on me. But of course if I have to be charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that is fine. The world will then know what kind of Government we have.


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NEIL said...

At last TUN you response

sinac said...


uri said...

Salam Ayahanda Tun,

Luahkan segala2nya. I love you so much.

NEIL said...

Tun, To say you needed time to response means that you have done too many misdeeds that you closet is full already.Take your time to response.This is only round one.

Mr Jan RoxStar said...

finally ayahanda have spoken :D

- btw this blog already reach 2m hits:D said...

Salam Tun dan sahabat2...

Interesting reply.
Make ian Chin's statement questionable.

mynice said...

Tun when r u going back to Kubang Pasu we all miss u...

season in d sun said...

Yg Amt Brbhgia Tun'

so the truth has ian chin...what's up...

PrettySexy2u said...


U are the only one to speak on behalf of all our MALAYSIAN now..

I respect u. I doubt if after u, still got anyone like u which is so brave to speak on our behalf??

I really feel disappointed with the BN leadership now which after the handover of TUN to PAK LAH , nothing improvement from the government made to all the malaysian

I feel doubtful for our futures from now on....

Lim Yii Sing

season in d sun said...

Yg Amt Brbhgia Tun,

so..the truth has revealed...ian chin...what's up...

PrettySexy2u said...

Actually whats wrong with MALAYSIA now??

No improvement? Only the success of BN in 2004, from 2004-2008,wat BN have done to all the malaysian??

roggonx said...

Dark Clowd Has Covered In So Many Angles..

thesweetlittlecat said...

I always believe u..
Such 'bad' accusation to u is very rude & unwise.. i wonder what kind of judge was Ian Chin bfore?

I think u should sue him for spreading lies about u!

Believe me most of Malaysian believe in you...
There are so many things the D&Co trying to do to humiliate u..

Glad that finally u comment on the Ian Chin accusation..

May Allah bless u always Sir..

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Bagi banyak2 lagi TUN....Depa tak tau kot yg depa lawan ni sapa.....

P/S - Kalau takut dilanda ombak jangan berumah di tepi pantai......kalau takut rugi jangan jadi raja lelong......Kalau takut makan diri jangan pandai nak klentong...

fariszigon said...


malaysia mmerlukan party baru yg dpimpim tun..bkn nya buang umno..mayb lepas DAAB turun..everything smooth..back on umno again..

tun..ramai lg pemuda yg bkn liberal..pkr?scum...pas?cakap xsrupa bikin..pakatan rakyat?shit talk selfishness inbetween..

*may ALLAH SWT blessed u n family...amin

Anonymous said...

Maybe I must read this many time to get understand


Unknown said...

they think they can distract you with such rubbish, how wrong are they.

it seems that the more rubbish they throw at you, the more idoitic you make them look.

good work!

Unknown said...

everyone seem to be first to comment..

am i third?

SaifulG said...

The truth is out there, some how or some where truth will come out in the open. Masalah negara kita sekarang ini adalah masalah cover up, we try to cover our mistake with other mistake. I salute Tun for the leadership which some ppl tak boleh nak paham. A true leader must make a decision that sometime may sound unsound for the sake of many. sebab harinya pemimpin kena bekerja untuk rakyat. Bukan rakyat bekerja untuk pemimpin. Kes judge Ian Chin it just show that sometime current leadership try to blame old leadership in order to cover their mistake. Creating a big Issue on Tun dengan harapan rakyat tak salahkan dia ngan keadaan politik sekarang. Sapa lah advisor or think tank sekarang ini, pikir tak cukup panjang kena makan gingko biloba lebih ini tambah sikit oxygen ke otak.

Mariapun said...

Salam Tun,

Kami semua rakyat pembaca setia blog Tun tidak akan mudah percaya dengan dakyah yang dibuat oleh pihak kerajaan lah wi.

Kami akan tetap sokong Tun dan kami tetap percayakan Tun. Hanya puak seperti antimamak dan mamaktongkang sahaja yang cari publisiti murahan menyibuk antar komen dalam blog Tun ni.

Kami rakyat tak akan diperbodohkan lagi oleh kerajaan lah wi. Hanya antimamak & co akan terus diperbodohkan kerana asyik makan roti canai atas daun pisang.

Teruskan perjuangan Tun, kami sentiasa teguh berdiri dibelakang Tun.

Razamith said...

If the Government can ask youth to attend PLKN for national service, I think it is also wise for all government servants to attend a boot camp similar to PLKN or Biro Tatanegara for instilling national spirit. It is funny when a jugde complained about have to attend a boot camp.

Mr. Right said...

What a good response from Tun...

pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

What do expect from a Minister coming from backdoor!NO CLASS !!

Tamin's_Family said...


Fireroll said...

TDM mmg patut dedahkan semua yg xbetul skg ni...
teruskan usaha murni mu, TDM...
dan tahniah blog TDM dah lebih 2 juta hits...

ASHAR said...


Semua yang berlaku TUN ada catatan dan masih di simpan....bravo TUN. Memang TUN mempunyai disiplin dan prinsip jati diri yang kuat...salute TUN.

Semuanya yang TUN ucapkan pun TUN boleh recall back dari dairy kecil TUN...walau pun dah 10 tahun...hahahha.

Kalau Pak Lah dan Pemimpin lain entahlah...masuk tong sam pah lah kot. Pasal tu tak ingat dan tak tahu aja jawab nya....hahaa

Saya harap banyak yang TUN boleh dedahkan demi untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Haaa....TUN masih simpan " Peluru Emas " buat pemimpin pengkianat....hahha

Syabas TUN dengan penjelasan ini. Semuga mereka yang memburukan TUN mendapat imbalan mereka pula...

salam perantau


Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

Unknown said...

takpa TUN
ALLAH maha mengetahui

wanzaim said...

Salam Tun yg dikagumi ..

Tun ... saya tak boleh bayangkan mcmana keadaan negara apabila kegawatan ekonomi dijangka berlaku hujung tahun nie boleh diatasi oleh KERA JAANE Malaysia sedangkan kita dipimpin oleh SULTAN ABDULLAH yang BEBAL, PEKAK dan TAMAK .... saya pasti Malaysia hanya akan tinggal nama kalau si BEBAL nie tidak merambus sekarang ...

Tun .. saya bernazar kalau si BEBAL nie merambus dalam masa sebulan ni .. saya akan PUASA sehari ...

p/s : Tun ... Saya rasa x lama lagi Hakim Pembodek Ian Chan dapat naik pangkat .... yerlah ... kipas kuat .... dapat naik jadik MENTERI kot .. MENTERI KIPAS PAK LAH ..


ixora said...

Salams Tun.
I was waiting for your explanation because I knew there were more to the story. Thanks for the explanation. Will be looking forward to more stories on Chin.
Take care.

Unknown said...


i believe this is a desparate act and measure from desparate losers. come on losers, focus on the real issues here.

I think the rakyat is intelligent enough to see this as another diversion. For crying out loud the rakyat is suffering. You talk about eradicating hardcore poverty - but you the one who creating the gap and disparity.

Malaysia should revise the poverty line - family below RM2k income per month should be considered as those in hardcore poverty group. With the rising inflation and cost of living, it would take gazillion of RM and ages until you can resolve hardcore poverty.

sazril said...

Alhamdulillah.. Bersyukur ke hadrat illahi bahawa Tun masih mempunyai ingatan yang masih kuat dan jelas dalam mempertahankan pentadbiran Tun.

Teruskan menjawab "serangan" dari dalaman kerajaan untuk mengoyahkan Tun dan memisahkan Tun dari penyokong-penyokong Tun yang jitu.

Kami mendoakan kesejahteraan dan keberkatan kepada Tun sekeluarga untuk terus mempertahankan kedaulatan negara.

Unknown said...


"But of course if I have to be charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that is fine."

Even if some BN mp choose to "lompat", That dollah will still win bcause this OLD Karpal Singh WILL definitely "Lompat" in
to make sure dollah always think
he is the GREATEST Hadhari PM.

i hate hadhari.....

Wahdaniah said...

Now they know to whom are they talking about.
Don't give face to them Tun.
Untill Pak Lah STEP DOWN.

Unknown said...

Greetings Tun,

Great stuff... look forward to more revelations!! Take care. :D

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tun,

I'm sending you this letter as I feel our current Prime Minister do not have the ability nor the willpower to address what I am about to say.


I often wonder why the Chinese took up with great intensity some issues such as meritocracy, independent judiciary, equal rights, freedom of media and oppresive laws. As we all know, these issues are less relevant to the majority of the citizens here in Malaysia.

One Malay politician mentioned that these issues are "rich people's" issues. I have yet to see the Chinese took up other GREATER issues such as poverty, unemployment, expensive medical services/treatments and unfair income distribution.

Why are the Chinese took up the first few issues and not the latter? Easy. Because the latter issues do not benefit them. Why fight poverty when they do not suffer any kind of stark poverty like some of the Malays? Why they did not need to highlight issues such as expensive medical treatment? Coz they do not feel it is expensive that's why. They can afford to buy insurance can't they? Most Malays can't.

They took up issues such as freedom of the media and meritocracy because these issues would benefit them the most. If the Chinese are sincere in equal rights, they should take up the more pertinent issues. But I reckon they will not. I remember your speech at a CIMA conference in 2005 where in a multi racial country, one race must not get 100% of whatever they want. Since this will lead to animosity between the races.

I truly believe that that is one of the best formula. No race should be left satisfied. Only then, we all can together work towards the betterment of our livelihood.

But unfortunately, some of the Malays were easily influenced by the calls of meritocracy and independent judiciary etc. as if these issues are the bread and butter issues of the majority Malays. They do not realized that they are being played right under their noses. If they do not fight for the plights of the Malays and instead fight for the issues brought forward by the Chinese, then who would protect the livelihood of the Malays themselves?

It seemed that the Malays have forgotten what they should fight for. And it is shameful that some of the so called UMNO ministers themselves are parroting these misdirected issues. It is bad enough we cowered under pressure by other races (especially the Chinese who had economic strength in Malaysia and now wants greater political powers too), but now we have our own people working against us. I'm sorry if I sound like a racist if other people are quick to judge. But this is what i feel and fear.

Some Chinese are believing that they should hold the highest political powers in Malaysia too. And they had the temerity to influence some Malays to drop the NEP. Did they honestly think all Malays will clap and cheer when Malaysia abandons the NEP? But some Malays did fall for it.

It seems that the idea of a 'Malaysian Malaysia' propagated by the DAP/PKR is 'the Chinese hold highest political power in the land as well as bigger economic share'. I can safely say that the Chinese feel that Malaysia owes them a favor for years of 'torture' or being '2nd class citizens' under the UMNO ruled Malaysia. Just ask any ordinary or poverty stricken Malays in Malaysia whether they feel they are a 1st class citizens.

The Chinese may not say it out loud, but they indeed are acting out that this is the time they should get everything. They know they will win in every aspect. They are already leading in the private sector. I assume meritocracy will make them lead the public sector as well. Freedom of media will make other Malay newspapers died out. Independent judiciary will see top judges are Chinese. Reforms in oppresive laws such as Sedition Act will make the Chinese unstoppable in questioning the status of Bahasa Malaysia and Islam. All these consequences are not thought hard by the Malays who had easily been swayed by the Chinese.

On another note, I do not presume that the NEP should stay on forever, but in the wake of the global economic uncertainty, I humbly submitted that most Malays are not ready to face NEP-less Malaysia for not another 20 years.

We should start afresh with the new batch of Malay children born today. Proper education, balanced support from government, fair rewards for success and punishment for failures should be installed. Then, in 20 years time, they are ready to compete in an equal playground.

By the way Tun, I am not a racist. I am talking about the Malays who had abandon their background. Reality dictates that cultural and ethnic differences are difficult to shed. We made the decision not to assimilate all races under one 'umbrella' race (Malays) when we achieved our independence, but strived to be multi racial and respect one another. One has economic power, the other have political power. This kind of separation of power is good. Too bad one side feels they need to have higher political powers too. Indeed, I am sad. There's nobody to look after my family and my children's children when I am gone. As it stand now, we can't even get the once fearless UMNO Youth to fight for our diminished rights.

Thank you Tun and may God bless you, always.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Conspiracy Theorist said...

Salam Tun Dr.M,

Heheh..wat can I say, dis is enlightening coz ur article clarified d situation & there r more coming out frm u to show d rakyat of an agenda to tarnish ur gudself..i say dat truth will prevail and insyaallah u'll come out fine Tun. You're a true leader..


The truth is more important than the facts.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn't.
~ Mark Twain

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum TUN,

Kami tidak mudah terpedaya dengan pembohongan yg dilakukan untuk memburukkan TUN....mereka semua tu tak sedar diri...

Sentiasa nak mengenakan TUN sahaja..seolah-olah PAk Lah nie Mr clean..tetapi sebenarnya mempunyai jiwa yg kotor....



Sekarang TUN dah jawab, tak perlu tunggu NST ke media ker, pemimpin UMNO ker nak jawab atau menyebelahi TUN. TUN buat sendiri. You rally great TUN.

Saya rasa ada yang sponsor untuk merendahkan kredibiliti TUN.

Macam abg antimamak saya, kalau tak ada yang bayar nak makan apa? nak beli roti canai pun tak mampu sekarang.


Zygote said...

Salam Tun,

Sue for defamation Tun!!

synasa said...


You r really good politician but most good politician not tell truth....not sure either u one of them, but for sure Paklah is not good politician far away to be good PM..

Sh.M.Amir said...

Tun...nampak macam depa ni dok try nak menyusahkan hidup Tun. Tapi rakyat bukan bodoh. Kaki angguk seperti semua balaci DSAAB boleh la.

Semuga Tun & seluruh keluarga senantiasa dilindungi oleh Allah SWT

RON said...

Tun always have everything at the fingertips!This is what a great leader should possess. In my workplace, I also have everything under my fingertips, so anybody has to doubly watch out in case any accusations are pointed at. Being PM for 22 years...don't those guys out there realised how much Tun knows? I like Tun's way of rebuking those accusers- they will regret what they have said and will surely think a thousand times before blurting anything out!
Not for some leaders now, "auto cruise leadership" and know nuts about managing the country.
Keep it up Tun, I am having a great time catching up on your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya ingat lagi menghadiri Kem Bina Negara pada semester satu pengajian saya di Universiti dahulu.

Kem ini membantu kita memahami senario politik, ekonomi dan sosial negara Kita. Secara keseluruhannya ia meningkatkan semangat Nasionalisma kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

Saya amat suka kem tu....

Tapi kasihan Ian Chin sebab tak dapat mengadaptasikan diri dalam kem tu sebab memang disiplin dijaga. Bangun awal pagi... berjaga tengah malam... kira penat jugaklah.

To Zaid, Sebagai menteri anda haruslah bijak menangani situasi ini. Jangan buat kesimpulan melulu. Macam orang pendek akal sahaja. Tak layak jadi pemimpin lah Zaid ni.

Unknown said...

by: Tun
I have not commented earlier on Justice Dato Ian Chin's (Chin J) exposure about my misdeeds because I needed time to recall events which happened more than a decade ago and to find documents which may give credibility to my explanations.
Tun, salam alaik...
Sure!! It happened a decade ago. How come the people urge you easily to clarify any statement about this case??!! I hope you can find more documents, any evidents, related people or wuteva that can preliminary stand you strong. You see?? Even one Court of Appeal judge also CANT remembered the incident... Just close the case and better you prepare to fight the Pak Lah laaaahh for the better and developing economy country. Before those Pak Lah and Najib's croniez use this case to change the attention from their inability ruling this country, to your " diz new oldies case" and manipulate the national law to eliminate you after wut you've done developing Malaysia in 22 yearz...
--- Signature: Salam from Universiti Malaya Supporters of Tun, not UMNO!!!---
p/s: HEHEEHH... Ampun ya Admin.. Again... Hope you plz dont approve a stupid or any comment that only want to become the first "poster" in the blog article, or just "sembang-sembang kosong". These school children bloggers dont even understand wut does it means by "The Blog" and make other people hard to read your blog in scientific or practical manners.

hamdan said...

Salam Tun;

Kaedah perang paklah nie mcm orang dah kalah tapi terpaksa guna mana peluru yg tinggal...

Cara paklah macam baling bom najis...tak kena pun tak apa asalkan baunya orang terhidu..

Kalau betul etika kewartawanan yg betul...kita nak tengok penjelasan Tun ada tak dibuat dalam paper mereka..terutama NST dan berita hairan..

tehsham said...

Tun, Be patient with all the accusation every truth will be reveal

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
I keep trying to get your response...

I think its o.k for me, though i never miss all your posts.

Let us know Tun ! Thank You.

Sh.M.Amir said...

Assalammualikum Tun yang dikasihi,

I know u r always right. No matter wat kind of thing tat their plan...they just set their grave. U r greet. Miss u all the time.


AxedAdvisor said...


1) Malaysian need more details on judge CHIN. Perhaps a write up on 'Judge Chin SAGA'

2) on Zaid Ibrahim too. He talks to much. Take him to court.

Muhammad Shahril Sha'ari said...

Salam buat Tun. Saya amat kagum dengan cara Tun merekodkan setiap perkara yang berlaku dalam hidup Tun.

Untuk setiap apa yang kerajaan BN hari ini lakukan terhadap Tun, dan seperti kes Chin J ini, kami sentiasa berada di belakang Tun, menyokong Tun sepertimana kami menyokong kepimpinan Tun dahulu. Tun luahkanlah segala yang terbuku dan buktikan yang mereka itu salah.



Perasan tak..?

Si Karpal Pacah dan Si Lim Kup Siang Malam, apa saja pasal TUN
mereka yang sibuk buat report ke balai polis.

Saya rasa, kita patut counter attack balik....biar mereka BISU terus.

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara


lampu_basikal said...

Assalamualaikum Tun, keep up the spirit Tun, you are our only hope now to save us from disaster. We the rakyat back you up 100% always. As for Karpal Singh, he is in this because of his cheap political mileage, and as for Dato Zaid, he only wants to please pak lah. They really are birds of that same feathers that flocks together.
As for you Tun, we love you wasalam.

abbie said...

i strongly believe the government should take over and manage the public transport system of the country esp the local buses, express buses, monorails, lrt and trains so that no transport company can take advantage of the fuel hike and shortchange the public with inefficient service.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
I've always known u to be outspoken and honest. Jes keep it up....ur the bes

Sabaq bnyk2 sb Allah sntsa dgn org
yang sabaq

antimamak said...

This is only oone sided story.. kenapa Tun tak saman dia naik court??

Segala galanya nampak jelas Tun sering melakukan brainwashing keatas kakitangan kerajaan supaya taat setia kepada Tun, Tidak salah lah kaedah brainwashing ini mendatangkan impact sikap pembodek dengan generasi yang begitu banyak. Kerana Tun yang mencemarkan otak fikiran mereka,

Dinasihatkan Tun patutlah ambil tindakan mahkamah keatas Chan J. kalau berani beritahu rakyat segala yang benar benar belaku, biar mahkamah dijadikan sumber informasi yang tepat.

Kesimpulannya, mamak bukan sahaja menjual roti canaim, malah mengajak geng mamak mempeluaskan business dan memonopoli pasaran roti canai di Malaysia.

Mimie said...

Salam Tun,

I like this part from Tun,

"I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates."

It's so cool and now i know that Chin J "not following the routine rules".

P/S: I wonder how he has the credibility to hear a case as he not even has a good credit for himself...Chin J, shame on you!

SiR KinG TiGeR said...


Chin J is frustrated you didn't promote him?

Tell Karpal to sue him, instead !

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

P.S antimamak, what say you???

observer said...

Dear Tun,

When you were our PM most Malaysians looking forward to see you either through news or in person. i believe we were looking for inspirations to move forward. When you stepped down, the media does not give so much space for you to 'come out' especially the electronic media. Now, thank God with this blog all of us can still 'hear' you. The boot camp thing is something 'tak masuk akal'. The words 'boot' and 'camp' ???!

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,
Thank you for clarifying the above issue. The rakyat are not easily swayed by attempts to divert pertinent issues from the rakyat’s agenda by irrelevant issues. We will listen, read, evaluate and judge matters according to its merit. The majority of the Malaysian citizens have a strict regard for truth and it hurts the soul to lie as stated in the following verse from the Quran “Behold! how they lie against their own souls! But the (lie) which they invented will leave them in the lurch. (Surah Al-An’am, verse 24).

Unknown said...

salam Tun,

menyesal dahulu pendapatan,
menyesal kemudian tidak guna...

apa pasal Tun serah kerusi kat Pak Lah....

Apanama said...

Mr.J Chin, this is just the beginning. Wait till TRUTH strips you naked.

p/s Keep some really big leaves with you Mr.Justice, incase you need them to cover your 'tiny' brother.

Putera Bunian said...

Salam buat Tun;

Tergelak saya dan rakan-rakan membaca tulisan Tun ini.

"Satu lagi musuh kita kecundang!"

Apa nak jadi ni? Asal konon nak bongkar jer, diorang yang kena bongkar! Seronok juga macam ni. Lagi banyak musuh Tun nak mengena Tun, lagi banyak kami tahu dan kenal siapa mereka dan bagaimana perangai mereka dan kesalahan mereka.

Saya sangat mengalukan mereka memperkatakan keburukan Tun, sebab dengan perbuatan mereka tu, kami akan tahu siapa musuh Tun dan apa keburukan sebenar mereka. Seronok betul macam ni!

Mengenai kewangan ahli keluarga Tun dan mereka-mereka yang hampir dengan Tun didalam bank di Singapore tu masih belum ada jawapannya ke? Belum tahu lagi ker siapa orang itu dan betul ke banyak itu wang simpanan yang ada?

Tak seronok la macam ni Tun. Bila dia takut nak bagi namanya maka kami tak tahu lah siapa dia dan nampaknya tak kelihatan lah kebenarannya. Kami ni bukan apa, nak tahu siapa 'pengecut' tu dan kalau dah berani tunjuk 'kebenaran' kenapa takut? Bukan apa Tun, nak juga baca macamana 'pengecut' ni kena belasah pulak oleh Tun dan diketawakan oleh kami pembace blog Tun.

Kisah-kisah macam ni sekarang ni jadi bahan ketawa kami setiap pagi, lagi lawak dari program Raja Lawak. Seronok membacanya Tun, disamping dapat ketawa keseronokan dapat juga kami menimba ilmu macam mana cara menjawab soalan dari kutu-kutu air yang melawan Jerung dilautan.

Buat Tun, jangan bagi muka pada mereka ini.
Dulu ada Tun mengatakan ada beberapa kelemahan/keburukan kerajaan sekarang menyeleweng duit kami (duit rakyat). Tun mulakan dengan Scomi dan Jambatan Bengkok yang memang mengejutkan. Selain dari itu apa lagi Tun. Kami ingin sangat tahu sebab setiap kali dipaparkan dipapan kenyataan di Taman Perumahan kami ini, ramai yang membaca dan mendapat respon yang amat baik iaitu, perasaan meluat dengan kerajaan terutamanya PM.

Unknown said...

Tun, thanks for the explanation.
we are in fact really kagum dengan Justice Dato Ian Chin's daring attempt...

Tun, I read the Star dated 17/6/08 that "Federal Court allows Anwar to challenge his 1998 sacking"

I am not proficient with law, but why do the FC want to argue on your authority to sack your minister when CA then had held the action as lawful? What is going to happen if whatever rejected appeal would just re-surfaced and challenge the previous result all over again?

To be frank Tun, am worried for you since there are so many attempts against you....please take care.

Asaby said...

Dear Tun

We know that there are people who think they are justified to make allegations etc against you but they fail to see the bigger picture the damages they inflicted on themselves and the country. You are not alone Tun to fight all the battles.
As for the 'holier than thou' Datuk Ian Chin who is a judge, it is a pathetic disappointment to the Judiciary. He behaves like an opportunist who wants to be in Zaid's good book. I hope all the bests to you Tun and good luck.

SiR KinG TiGeR said...

Get Karpal to sue PM, as we want to know, where's the 1.4 billion cash and asset that you claimed you handover to him.

With the 10% commission of subsidy from Pos Malaysia, he and KJ will get another few millions.

I am still remain a million hairs

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

The Trooper said...

Dear Tun,

Tatanegara course is to instill patriotism irrespective of race. I did attended one during my school days.

It was a good course as it opened my eyes how lucky we are to live in Malaysia and to enjoy what others around the world cannot.

Ian Chin is not a patriot for not finishing his self labelled 'boot camp'.

Ian Chin has a different motive for making such allegations, probably instigated by someone!

Please continue with your humble effort for the good of Malaysians, Tun!

May Allah blesses you always!

You shall prevail!

hamdan said...

Halo antimamk...kau kata Tun cerita one side story....tapi bila itu hakim chin cerita pertama kali kau terus percaya?..apa punya busuk hati kau nie...

Now you suruh Tun saman...kau baru datang dari benua mana agaknya antimamak?.....Tun dalam politik 22 tahun mana ada nak saman2..tahun 1999 bermacam2 tomahan kat Tun terutama harakah..tapi Tun tak pernah nak saman orang...kalau betul dia diktator..aku rasa pembangkang kat malaysia dah jadi macam kat singapore gamaknya..sampai diistiharkan bankrup...

blueoceon said...

Dear CheDet,

U r innocent until proven guilty.

Thanks for the explanation and can't wait to hear more from you.

Sue Ian Chin's instead to clear your name.

Till then, take care

Unknown said...

"tak habis-habis dgn cerita ni"..let's move forward, our country needs to be united to face the steep challenges of the global front, not bicker over bitter past.

stop updating said...

salam Tun, dari gaya bahasa tulisan Tun pn dah dapat dikesan memangTun berkata bena.jangan risau Tun, Allah sentiasa bersama orang yang benar.

stylo-kiddo said...

Saya rasa hakim tersebut tak sepatutnya membuat kenyataan yang tidak berkaitan dengan perbicaraan yang sedang berjalan. Pada pandangan saya sebagai rakyat biasa ini kurang profesional dan kurang matang sedikit.

Mungkin Yang Arif boleh menggunakan medium atau waktu yang lain untuk membuat kenyataan. Bukannya semasa perbicaraan hendak bermula..

PJ said...

Tun, in refuting Ian Chin's allegations, you yourself has unconsciously stated "Ian Chin's expose about my misdeeds"!
This is indeed a self-confession! You did not say "my alleged misdeeds."!
You are known the world over for your "selective memory" or "feigned amnesia." As such, how can we say that your account of the episode is credible!
The present sitting judges are decent and polite: they don't want to embarrass you - so they too feign ignorance of the decade-old incident.The judges don't want to be seen taking sides on the issue- so they remain "independent" or "neutral" or "non-committal" by saying they don't remember! Transient amnesia seems to be a common "disease" in Malaysia, especially with some so-called eminent and prominent people! Every one knows for sure that you have been an autocratic ruler. We have to take your account of the episode with a pinch of salt! You are still on your "denial mode." I don't know when you are going to stop all these fibs!
May God bless and keep you!

RinG said...

show him who's the bos, Tun!

Orang Dapur said...

salam Sejahtera Buat Ayahnda Tun.

Alhamdulilah akhirnya Tun jawab juga tomahan busuk ini.

Jawab Tun. Jangan biarkan orang menuduh kita yang bukan bukan.

Unknown said...

Berapa banyak la si Chin ni dapat dari Kerajaan Dinasti Tiga Beranak ni...cubaan nak spin isu kenaikan minyak la tu..tapi gagal la...

Tahniah Tun..Setiap yang benar akan terus terserlah..Kenyataan Hakim-hakim lain tu dah cukup membuktikan yang benar...

Akan wujud lagi orang macam Chin ni..tengok la..semua nak ex-gratia la tu...siap duit banyak-banyak Pak Lah naaa...

zainal mokhtar said...

You're making my mouth water, Tun. Ian Chin absconded and lied ? This is getting more intrigueing !So Chin didn't want to wash his dirty dishes then, but wants to wash his dirty linen in public now ?
As they say, there are always two sides to a story. Chin started it, he better finish it. Just don't take another 11 years.
While this is all entertaining, I'm actually saddened, sad because of the thought - how many people have had their lives affected by this Judge when their legal cases went before him, when the best judicial consideration was expected of him. Was that afforded them ? Or did he allow the same pettiness, the same flippant attitude to colour his judgements ?



Buat abgku, TUN tu bukan macam abg fikirkan. Kalau nak saman orang aduh, hakim tak kering kain di buatnya.

TUN ni pemaaf orangnya, tapi jangan pijak kepala pula bila dah di maafkan.... Sepatutnya Ian Chin saman lah TUN, dulu lagi bukan 10 tahun kemudian.

Yang abg dendam sangat pasal projek roti canai abg yang gagal kenapa....banyak projek lain lagi. kenapa tetep berdengki dengan roti canai TUN.

tak payah sibuklah abg kita cuba projek lain pulak, dengar KJ banyak peluang....basuh bas rapid kl.


cucu tok det said...

leong said...
salam Tun,

menyesal dahulu pendapatan,
menyesal kemudian tidak guna...

apa pasal Tun serah kerusi kat Pak Lah....

Masa serahkan kerusi kat pak lah dulu, tok det ingatkan pak lah ni baik,pak lah pun dikenali sebagai 'mr. clean'..skang baru kita tahu yang pak lah nih pandai berpura-pura..

err..korang sedar tak,sejak paklah amik alih PM,tiba2 je DSAI boleh lepas dari penjara..apsal ekk..??

confius dah dengan politik era pak lah 'Bapa Kejatuhan'

Burung Hantu said...


Tun, Karpal tu mmg tak puas hati dgn Tun. Hidup dia dgn jadi MP pun sbb nak jadi musuh Tun jer.

Ambiga tu x tahu apa benda sumbangan kecuali berperangai mcm Karpal jer...nak tunjuk dia paling bagus. Poodah! Apa tah sumbangan 2 orang ni kepada kaum India pun saya x tahu.

Lebih kurang dgn Sammy ler skang ni dah pandai kutuk Tun. Mcm la dia bagus. Lepas daripada xder jawatan cakap besar dan bagus2 semuanya, salahkan orang semuanya. Bangsa dia salahkan dia tp dia salahkan orang lain.

P.S I didn't notice that you blog has reached over 2 millions. Congrats!
P.S.S What book are you reading currently?

elezend said...

Tun, currently I'm applying for IPTA but I didn't get offered although someone with worse result get into the same course I'm applying for

All these are because I didn't tick on "setuju" with courses offered by the government if all my 8 choices didn't get selected

Amiro said...

at the end of the day, we will know the truth..


Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Justice support by Proof and Motive.


bzz said...


Mungkin ramai lagi yg mahu buat macam ni pada Tun. Tapi bila baca apa yg Tun jawab semula. Mereka tak berani buat 'bodoh' pandai.

Tahniah Tun, belum pun sampai 2 bulan blog ini. Dah 2 juta lebih pengunjung.

Wan Aikhsan said...

Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir

AAB, Zaid Ibrahim, Ambiga and Karpal...and Ian Chin, all of you can now go to hell with your statement and ill intention.

We all love Tun Dr. Mahathir and will defend him at whatever cost.

Just wait Zaid, your time will come. Karpal is paying his price now by sitting on the wheel chair. Arrogant. He's suffering in silent.

What is in a man heart is reflected on his face. Look at AAB stupid face, Malays says, "Bodoh Sombong".

Mohd Nazrin bin Mohd Yassin , Siti Hajar Abdullah said...


Bukan sahaja hakim dijadikan senjata kerajaan utk menghentam tun, tapi bekas menteri tun yang dikatakan pembela nasib rakyat india di malaysia kini dah buka pekung..

Apa pulak sumbangan pemimpin ini kepada kaum india selama beliau menjadi presiden MIC ketika di bawah tun? So sekarang ni beliau masih nak sambung jadi presiden lagi supaya PM sekarang boleh lakukan byk pekara kepada kaum India Malaysia pulak...

Biasalah tun orang yang GAGAL akan menyalahkan orang lain..

Mohd Nazrin

The Trooper said...

Dear Tun,

AAB, PKR, DAP and PAS have one thing in common. They are expert in finding fault but they are not good in finding solutions, resolving problems!

azlishukri said...

harap ramai yang faham mengapa Tun buat mcm tu..

Hartini O said...

salam tun dearest,

semuga umur panjang berani kerana benar takut kerana salah.

i admire your guts and preseverence.

i admire your records and properly kept.

i admire you and care for you even you don't know.

may Allah bless you.




kepada menteri zaid kita, mmang demo tak layak jadi menteri.... napo tak masuk bertanding...

Menteri bacul...!!!


ummphs.. said...

Salam Tun..

i don't see any advantage when Dato' Zaid try to bring up the past things. i think what concern more right now is to get back people trust and.. extremely important is - what improvement government should do to give rakyat better living?

anyway.. it's great hear your response regarding this issue.

god bless you. :)

zamri said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Mengapalah orang-orang yang duduk kat atas tu...tak jugak nak faham-faham. Kami yang duduk dibawah ni pun dah cukup faham dengan penyelasan yang diberi oleh Tun. Baik dalam bahasa malaysia atau pun dalam bahasa inggeris. Please.... step down Pak Lah before you make more damage to Umno and malaysian economi...
By the way Tun, saya rindu nak makan nasi tomato aruah Pak Haji Karim..
Nasi tomato satu!!!...
Semoga Tun sekeluarga diberi kesihatan yang baik dan dilindungi Allah SWT,amin..

hockage said...

Kubang Pasu love you

Offshore Representative said...

About the “thinly veiled threat” to remove judges, the Straits Times reported “Several judges have since disputed his version of the event”.

Agreed 100%

Bila ada kelapngan boleh Tun komen sikit pasal UMNO Kubang Pasu. Tun tinggalkan Malaysia kat seorang yang lemah kepimpinan. Begitu juga Tun tinggal Kubang Pasu kat Dato' Johari Baharum ..... No komem kat sini, tapi jelas pengundi Kubang Pasu menolak Dato' Johari.

azlishukri said...

akhirnya Chin J tu yang banyak buat orang salah faham..hakim-hakim mcm ni memang tak perlu di negara ini..

AloQStaQ said...


Sekarang ni dah terbukti bahawa ramai orang yang nak "menjulang" Abdullah nampaknya bersungguh-sungguh benar cuba membangkitkan isu-isu yang boleh menggugat kredibiliti Ayahanda Tun! ...

Tapi, kami sebagai generasi pelapis yang faham dan TIDAK BERKEPENTINGAN, sentiasa percaya bahawa Ayahanda memang betul. Selama 22 tahun Ayahanda memimpin kami semua dengan baik, cemerlang dan bahagia, kami tidak mudah lupa segala jasa Ayahanda kepada kami.

Ian Chin ni cuba menangguk di air keruh dan cuba mempropagandakan sentimen rakyat untuk memperlihatkan bahawa Tun melakukan kesalahan dalam pentadbiran. Padahal beberapa hakim lain tidak pula menyokong apa yang Ian Chin ni katakan.

Teruskan Ayahanda! Kami sentiasa percaya dan yakin, Ayahanda akan terus menang lagi kerana Ayahanda berada di pihak yang BENAR! ...

Jaga diri, jaga kesihatan dan senyum selalu Ayahanda + Bonda Tun berdua! ...

P.S : Saya dan kawan-kawan malam tadi menghadiri Majlis Bacaan Yasin dan Tahlil di Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Jerlun. Sayangnya Ayahanda Bonda Tun berdua tidak bersama di sana, tetapi salam takzim dari Tun berdua yang disampaikan melalui Anakanda Tun, Dato' Mukhriz mengubat rasa rindu kami semua pada Ayahanda dan Bonda Tun berdua!...

From me:



wak Dojer said...

Salam kepada Tun dan semua.

1) Wak teringat pada tahun 2000, Wak pernah dihantar ke Biro Tatanegara, Kuala Lipis, Pahang untuk kursus tahap-3. Wak amat faham jikalau seseorang tidak dapat menerima latihan "ala-komando" tersebut terutama para elit i.e. doktor? majistret? lawyer? apaaaa... ahlil musik?;

2) Tapi Wak boleh katakan dan berani bertaruh bahawa mereka yang dihantar untuk kursus Tatanegara kebanyakkannya terdiri dari kaum Melayu. Mungkin disebabkan faktor bangsa lain lebih memilih untuk bekerja disektor swasta dan kursus seperti ini jarang dianjurkan oleh syarikat swasta. Elok juga program "Khidmat Negara" diadakan bagi remaja lepasan SPM tidak mengira bangsa supaya lebih mencintai dan menyayangi Negaranya; dan

3) Wak pun faham bagaimana perasaan sesorang apabila menjadi "inferior" disebabkan "superior" yang mengawal suasana. i.e. apabila masuk ke dalam Mahkamah Yang Mulia dan ditengking herdik oleh Majistret, Hakim, Yang Arif Hakim berakibatkan ketidaksediaan Wak untuk menjalankan prosiding kes dalam Mahkamah tersebut. Iyalah, salah Wak sendiri dan kalau hendak lebih-lebih tanpa hujah yang kuat nanti dikatakan "menghina Mahkamah". Hendak kata dendam tu tidaklah, tapi lebih kepada mengingati mana-mana Majistret, Hakim atau Yang Arif Hakim yang pernah mengherdik Wak. Tak ramai pun yang macam ni. Wak redha. Tapi dalam konteks artikel Tun ini, Wak dapat bayangkan terdapat segelintir Hakim yang tidak biasa menjadi "inferior" kerana selalu sangat sebut:-

"in my court you must listen to what i will say or you can get other court to hear your application..."; atau

"you, counsel! please see me in my chamber. case stand-down"; atau

"if you are not prepare with what will you say then better you say nothing. you are wasting my time! i give you final date and you must grateful rather than i struck your case"; atau

"don't challenge me or resulted you contempt my court with your such allegation"

dan macam-macam lagilah. The "subject" in this case is non-exception. agaaaknya laah!

p/s: ter"wonder-wonder" sama ada antimamak atau PJ pernah pergi ke mana-mana kursus ala "Tatanegara"!

NEIL said...

Tun,I'm particularly interested in paragraph no.14.Quote..Participants included civil servants,corporate leaders,politicians and university staff. I suppose judges also attended.To you it's like a national service but to these people what is the point.After reading this paragraph I am 100 percent saying you are putting these people in the boot camp to frighten,cow and in another word shake them so they submit to your liking.Also this is to instill fear to those who don't tread your line of dictatorship.So I HEREBY FOUND YOU GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

warisan melayu said...

Salam Tun...

Terima kasih kerana telah meluahkan apa yg sebenarnya berlaku.

Sy cuma risau satu sahaja, kalau hakim-hakim yg buat salah, sape yg hukum? Kalau cara Tun mengikut ras undang-undang dipersalahkan, bagaimana mahu menghukumnya? Kalau ditubuhkan tribunal atas nasihat PM dan diperkenan oleh DYMM Agung, tapi masih salah lagi, macamana mahu menghukumnya?...Apa, mereka ingat mereka ni kebal sangat kah? Ya, memang betul PM tak ada kuasa atau hak untuk memecat hakim-hakim ini, tapi, andai nasihat PM kepada DYMM Agung diperkenankan, DYMM Agung ada hak dan kuasa untuk memecat! Ini adalah hak raja-raja melayu, fikir-fikirkan lah...

Sy cuma mahu menunggu sahaja hakim-hakim ni buat tuduhan terhadap Tun. Bila Tun dihadapkan ke mahkamah nanti, semua salah laku hakim-hakim ini akan terbongkar. Tapi, sy rasa mereka tak berani, mereka semua takut,takut salah laku mereka diketahui umum.

Sy menyokong segala tindakan Tun terhadap hakim-hakim ni semua!

chezai said...

Dear Tun....

Thanks for your explanation, has been waiting for this since u've been accused of this..

Untuk sape2 yg suruh tun bawak case ni naik court..hakim mane la skang yg buleh bertindak adil dgn Tun??semua takot dgn Pak D tu...


Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Looks like another plot by them backfired. Good job Tun.

We, Malaysians are always behind you no matter what they cook up to discredit you as we know who is actually here to help the people.



Is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad & some judges were not telling the truth or Justice Ian Chin??? Why they were not telling the truth??? what did they get???
So far, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad & some judges were implicated in Lingam Tape case and still pending the AG's decision.

nurain said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya respect Tun masih boleh ingat lagi pasal speech yg bertahun2 dulu...tak macam orang tu...semalam cakap lain..esok dah tak ingat dah.cakap lain dah..smlm ckp pilihanraya bukan hari tu,,,lps tu ckp lain..smlm ckp minyak tak naik..hari ni lain pulak jadi...
ari tu ckp nak bg kuasa, lps tu ckp nak bertanding pulak..hihihi..

Dear Tun, saya rasa tak payah la layan orang macam Ian Chin tuh..menghabiskan masa ajer..sebab orang-orang yg cerdik takkan percaya pun kenyataan dia dlm paper tuh..hanya org2 yg bodoh ajer yg terus percaya...mcm psl offshore bank Tun tuh jugak..

Daripada habiskan masa melayan org2 seperti itu..baik Tun bagi idea-idea, tips2 untuk menghadapi ekonomi dunia yg semakin membimbangkan ini. Apa yg kami boleh buat, cara untuk kami meningkatkan lagi ekonomi, berusaha memajukan diri..nak harapkan krjn..hampeh...

mr sham said...

saya sokong Tun,apa Tun cakap memang logik , benar ,senang paham dan berfakta.saya ahli UMNO golongan ke empat macam Tun kategorikan itu ari.Apa apa pun Saya sokong Tun dan anak Tun, Mukriz.Saya rasa UMNO sekarang ni tah mana arah tuju dan dasar.Habis satu satu hak melayu nak diliberalkan atas tiket keharmonian dan perpaduan kaum.Soalnya kenapa kita Melayu saja yang kena berkorban dan tolak ansur.Dalam sedar dan tidak kita MELAYU DITOLAK BERANSUR-ANSUR.

analia said...

Tatanegara.. Or known as Biro Tatanegara.

Sebagai penjawat awam, memang wajib untuk menghadiri kursus BTN ni. Antimamak kata brainwash.. antimamak penah pegi ke??

Well, saya penah pegi, mula pk mesti mcm tu gak, tp lepas dah pergi seminggu tu, baru tau bahawa banyak sgt faedahnya. Semangat CINTAKAN NEGARA. Itu yang paling utama. Silibus kursus tu detail untuk pupuk semangat cintakan negara.

Sebagai penjawat awam, berkhidmat untuk kerajaan, tak kira siapa yang memerintah, pembankang sekalipun.

Habub said...

In your face Chin!

those karpal zaid n ambiga..they r just opportunist..let them..there'll be time when they scour their own spit!




Salam dari

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

M Amirul-

NEIL said...

Breaking News..Channel News Asia, Tun Dr Mahathir is found guilty of all charges relating to the boot camp that he initiated during his iron fist rule.Datuk Ian Chin was the first witness call and before leaving the court Karpal Singh told a packed press conference that those who collaborated with Tun will face the same fate as Tun.Tun will be sentence on August 31,the same day when Malaysia was founded, a date for all Malaysian to remember.For details you can go

f.ros said...

Visit to show support...

Unknown said...

everytime u respond to baseless allegations, the world shakes...
nobody does it better than u....

tabik spring !!

Unknown said...

Neil, please be fair in your remark about TDM. He ruled, managed and turn around the country from an agricultural based to what it is today for almost 23 years!!

Surely he needs time to remember all those incidents. I bet you can't even remember what you did last year, more so last 23 years!!


Atap_Rumbia said...

The man has spoken...IAN CHIN! what you gonna do now?

Unknown said...

I guess the gloves are no longer in use. You're hitting them and you're hitting them hard. I think you have come to the limit of your nice, kid's glove approach. Whatever it is, I'll always be behind you 100%. Don't worry Tun, a lot of us are behind you.
If possible can you include Malay translation for your articles ? I love the English version but some of my friends cannot get the meaning/innuendos etc.
May God bless you.

Rashid Saharudin said...


Terima kasih untuk ulasan Tun. Sekarang kami boleh tahu sedikit sebanyak mengenai Ian Chin.

Kita tunggu apa pulak cerita dari Ian Chin, Karpal, Zaid, mainstream media lepas ini.

Salam Tun.

Helang Rimba said...

YABhg Tun,
hakim Ian Chin ni patut dihantar PLKN kalau Pak Lah berani...Even Army General pun attend kelas Biro Tata Negara dan ramai lagi agar mereka sayang pada negara dan menjadi manusia yang lebih berhati perut...He should attend seminar like "Awareness before Change" di janda Baik baru dia insaf hakim ni. Pada si Zaid tu...satu hari nanti dia akan terima padahnya...kerana terlalu bodek Pak Lah memang manusia macam tu hanya Tun dapat lihat sekarang...kerana pandai ...macam Tun kata la...They should.......nanti lawyer yang baik marah pula..Karpal tu kubur dah tunggu dia tak lama sampai lah ajal dia...Insya allah dia akan menerima kebenaran sebenar..
Tun kami doa kan Tun sihat...dan ram,ai rakyat yang bersama Tun, sekiranya tak percaya Tun buka parti baru....ramai akan bersama...kita lawan Umno Pak Lah.

Unknown said...

To Neil,
Sorry to say that Tun takes his time to answer because he needed to present the case coherently. Whatever skeleton you think is in his closet, not a single one had been proven.
Frankly Neil, if you have evidence then speak, otherwise do as wise men do .... shut up.

Tun Sri said...


Ian Chin mungkin cuba menjatuhkan pengaruh Tun, dan juga pengaruh UMNO/BN di Sabah.

Kepimpinan Pak Lah memang bercelaru, dan semua orang tahu, cuma Pak Lah sahaja yang bodoh sombong.

Dengan tindakan SAPP membentangkan usul tidak percaya ke atas Pak Lah di Parlimen, kerajaan BN semakin tergugat.

Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim akan terus membuat kenyataan perang saraf, dan terus berperangai seperti acronym nama beliau.

Helloween said...

17. I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates.



kat rumah ada maid boleh la..
kena buat sendiri..apa lagi..ABSCONDING la..cabuut!!

WHAT THE.....!!!

Rossi said...

Dear Tun yang dikasihi,

1. I believed you have a lot of things under your sleeve with regard to Ian Chin J. Perhaps, there must be more skeletons in Ian Chin J closet that need to be revealed. The peek you given us perhaps as warning to Ian Chin J that "sarang tebuan jangan dijolok. Kelak nanti merana diri"

2. The law of winning a war is crushing your enemy and the best defense is offense. Why not attack and reveal skeletons in the closet of
- AAB (on continuous basis)
- Anwar Ibrahim
- Zaid Ibrahim
- Karpal Singh (Being human, he sure must have one if not many)

And if they sue, more skeletons can be revealed in court.

3. Then attack the remaining goons leaving the biggest goon last. (or perhaps the biggest goon first, and the smaller goons last, whichever you whim and fancy.

4. With 2 millions hits, you can see responses to what you write in you blog in the following day news.

Take care TUN.

che-mie said...

Tun seorang yang bijak.

Saya berbangga mempunyai bekas pemimpin seperti Tun.

Saya akan menunggu dengan sabar apa yang akan Tun lakukan seterusnya.

Saya harap Tun tak akan menunggu lama untuk jatuhkan Pak Lah. jangan diharap pada Najib Tun Razak. Beliau hanya setia membabi buta. Bagaimana kalau dia terus setia kepada orang lain selain dari pak lah?

Semoga Allah panjangkan usia Tun.

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Seems to me that there is an attempt to use the judiciary to implicate you with something. They has been trying hard but you always has the answer.

It is normal for all of us to attend the "kursus Tatanegara". I did mine when I was a student and later when I assumed my government post. I too, wash my dirty linen and woke up early in the morning. I feel proud to do that with my seniors and minister at that time.

So, we belong to the same alumni. But not Ian Chin though..

dgreat1975 said...

hakim2 nie ingat mereka ni tuhan tak boleh di ganggu gugat seperti di negara barat. mereka ingat mereka perfect kerana bertitle kan hakim tak dak sapa boleh monitor mereka sebab keputusan mereka muktamad. mereka nie sekumpulan yang cuba mengawal negara sebenarnya tapi gagal.
satu demi satu pak lah ngan the geng include karpal singh nak kena kan TUN.

semoga allah lindungi tun dan keluarga.

Unknown said...

Ayahanda TUN,

Kami amat merindui kepimpinan TUN..setiap apa yang diperkatakan oleh TUN...sentiasa bernas dan mempunyai mesej dan arahan yang jelas...

Tetapi kepimpinan sekarang......cakap seperti bercakap di kedai kopi...tiada makna langsung....tiada ciri-ciri mempunyai kepimpinan langsung....

Entah saya rasa macam dah feed up sangat dengan keadaan politik UMNO sekarang....

Untuk pengetahuan TUN.....rata-rata orang yg bercerita tentang PAK LAH yang saya jumpa akan timbeul perasaan yang amat benci dan meluat sekali kepada kepimpinan sekarang....

Memang benar TUN...jika tidak dibendung dari sekarang...ramalan TUN memang akan menjadi kenyataan...di mana BN akan tumbang dan hancur....begitu juga UMNO...

TUN tolonglah berbuat sesuatu...supaya kami orang-orang Melayu tidak menjadi bangsa picisan dinegara sendiri....

Kami harap ada satu tindakan drastik...dari mana-mana pihak ataupun dari TUN untuk mengubah senario sekarang ini....

saya rasa banyak orang menanti ada sesuatu tindakan diambil untuk mereka turut serta...tetapi bukanlah menunjuk perasaan atau melakukan rusuhan...

Lebih kepada yang lebih terhormat...seperti cadangan saya supaya semua ahli-ahli UMNO tunjuk protes keluar UMNO secara beramai-ramai...

Harap sesuatu yang miracle akan berlaku nanti...

Tolong lah ayahanda TUN.....kami semua dah tak tertahan lagi...dah bergolak jiwa....untuk melihat perubahan berlaku....

Tolonglah ayahanda TUN fikirkan...

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

Thank you for using the right words to describe your reaction to Zaid Ibrahim's reaction.

Disgusting..!!!! It is pure and simple in describing these types of people who appoint themselves as so called leaders of society just because they feel they are more affluent or successful than others.


mhh said...

Dear Tun,
Now they afraid of their own shadow,shining them with your appeal.interesting.S
Sink the Karpal.
Nice memory in Teluk Burau,sitting beside you during qiamulail!

NFH said...

Salam Tun,

Selain Ian Chin yang jelas ada agenda tersembunyi, Zaid Ibrahim adalah seorang manusia yang tiada kredibliti untuk menjadi saksi dalam mahkamah.

Macamana seorang peguam Melayu boleh jadi macam ini. Karpal Singh sudah tentu musuh UMNO jadi sekurang-kurangnya kita faham.

Kepada Pak Lah, Zaid Ibrahim dan yang sewaktu dengannya, ini pesan saya;

"Wah! Nampaknya kamu begitu bersungguh hendak mengenakan Tun. Ingat, kamu tidak akan dapat lari dari rakyat. Kami benci kamu!.

Kamu berjaya menipu diri kamu sendiri dan terbuai lena dalam keasyikan mainan syaitan.

Percayalah, hari kejatuhan kamu amat jelas di mata kami. Pada hari itu, tiada lagi kebaikan kamu yang tinggal untuk dikenang.

Kamu akan dikenal sebagai Bapa KEJATUHAN Malaysia dan orang seperti Zaid Ibrahim adalah hasil 'MODAL INSAN' dari pentadibiran ISLAM HADHARI kamu."

Kepada Tun yang dikasihi, rakyat semakin sayang pada Tun dari hari ke hari. Terima kasih. Jasa mu dikenang.

pang5bugis said...

Ybgh Tun,
Mereka sedang berusaha mengujudkan sebanyak mungkin musuh yang akan menghentam Tun. Semakin jelas dilihat jahatnya AAB dan kuncu-kuncu nya. Wahai blogger semua, kita kempen supaya lebih ramai pengunjung blog Ybgh Tun.

Doa untuk YBGH Tun supa terus bahagia.


NEIL said...

Tun, You are guilty until proven innocent.My learned friends after reading your revelation say you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.Your legacy is again been tainted by yet another revelation of your misdeeds beside your treatment of Anwar Ibrahim.Our children will read this dark years of your regime in the history book.The person who hold the highest office on bolehland is found guilty of the worst violation of human rights.Only Allah can find a suitable punishment to fit this horrendous crime against humanity.(similar to Hitler's Concentration Camp).

Unknown said...

bravo...bravo Tun

with your much awaited comments, i believe certain someone is feeling like in hot soup....delicious isn't it Mr J?

Mr J, would you like some pepper in your soup?

Tun we love you as always

kluangman said...


Angin bertiup kencang, beberapa orang kuat PAS sedang berbincang dengan beberapa orang kuat UMNO untuk 'bercantum' kononya demi menyelamatkan Melayu (UMNO) Islam (PAS). Irama dan lagu tidak dapat dipisahkan, itulah ibaratnya UMNO dan PAS sekarang.

UMNO menumpukan matlamat partinya terus survive dan yang lebih penting Dolah kekal kuat, manakala PAS bercita cita menubuhkan undang2 Islam dengan menghalalkan cara.

Apa ulasan Tun tentang hal ini, saya percaya sebahagian orang kuat PAS yang berunding hal ini adalah orang orang yang sama berdendam pada Tun.

rumah kebun said...

Hakim perlu ada sifat ketahanan diri.

Sifat kepimpinan dan kesetiaan.

Tok Mila said...


Dear Tun

God bless you and your wife. It has indeed been highly refreshing to hear your side or the rest of the stories since you started your weblog.

The truths needs to be told and it shall be told, God willing.

Take care.

smallgiant said...


Bongkarkan segalanya !!!!! jgn bagi muka kat diorg nie.bertopengkan dengan jawatan yang baik,tapi hati jiwa mereka kotor tanpa boleh dibersihkan lagi !!!!

Teruskan !!!

Semoga Tun sihat selalu.

irwansham said...

i am a firm believer of let bygone be bygones. as an ordinary rakyat, i do question the timing of such allegations. was it motivated by political interest?

Azrin H said...

Salam Tun,

Teruknya si Ian Chin nih. Baru pergi TataNegara dah bising kena dera konon. Betul ke dia ponteng? Yang ni lagi kronik. Orang lain OK je pergi kursus tu. Saya pergi lebih 2 kali, sihat dan tak cedera pun. Simptom ngada2 nih.

Apapun tahniah, counter dah cecah 2 juta.

Amylia said...

Salam Tun,

Keep on writing...asik dengar sblah pihak dari media jaa tetiap hari...sampai berat sebelah telinga ni!

-Anak Jati Perak-

dospenang said...

Salam TUN,

Finally ....

1. The truth spoken...

2. Apapun TUN saya ingin cadangkan TUN adakan petition online dr mana-mana website samaada website ini atau mana-manapun untuk MENGUNDI MENOLAK PAK LAH MENJADI PM atau MENGUNDI MEMINTA PAK LAH LETAK JAWATAN SEGERA....

3. Mungkin juga TUN boleh kemukakan cadangan ini kepada Pemuda UMNO supaya PETITION ONLINE diadakan di website PEMUDA UMNO, biar mereka tahu berapa ramai rakyat Malaysia yang mahu melihat PAK LAH TURUN..

4. HARAP cadangan saya diberi perhatian TUN untuk dilaksanakan secepat mungkin sebelum PAK LAH terus membuat kesilapan.

5. .....
TUN : HANG DOLAH, lebih baik kau turun sebelum Sultan yang dah jatuh murka akan kau hantar 'TULAH' pulak kot atas....

PAK LAH : Ni, HANG TUN boleh rileks sat tak, seluar aku pun dah basah niii....
banyak lagi akaun tak wat 'CLOSING' aku dah tutup semua akaun, dah CLEAR baru boleh cauu....


An Old Auditor said...

What is your favourite newspaper then?

tok kadok said...

Assalamualaikom wtw
Tun Yang Dikasihi
Tahniah atas penjelasan. Semoga yang tak faham akan faham kecuali yang sengaja tak mahu faham atau yang dok cari kesilapan Tun.

NEIL said...

Tun,Datuk Ian Chin's revelation of the century has indeed tainted your legacy.Just imagine how are you going to write your memoir.In your twilight years you will be haunted by all the dirty tactics you use during your dictatorial years.Your Idi Amin and Mugabe iron fist years will forever be remember as the dark years in our history.Your final hours of suffering will be a testament of your brutal regime.

tok kadok said...

Assalamualaikom wtw
Tun Yang Dikasihi
Tahniah dan terima kasih atas penjelasan.Saya percaya ramai yang akan faham dan tahu cerita sebenar. Kecuali yang tak mahu memahami atau yang dok cari kesilapan Tun.

Bumi Bertuah said...

At last tun

Unknown said...

Ya Tuan Hakim, saya sudah katakan yang anda menggali kubur sendiri, sekarang rasakan ubat yang Tun berikan, pahit bukan?? Kebenaran itu memang sangat pahit untuk ditelan oleh mereka-mereka yang melakukan kesalahan. You have been served oh Judge and serves you right..

nwar said...

Salam Tun,
It doesn't take much to dispel Ian Chin's allegation. Anyone, sane or otherwise, can harp around alleging anything against anyone these days. What's pathetic is the local media's blatant ignorance of factual journalism and spin to divert readers (if there're any left!) attention of bigger issues - flip flop petrol price hike, potential change of government if politicians play froggy, SAPP announcement.. etc.

by the way, neil, comment on the issue. not childish rantings like "..closet.. bla .. bla ..bla..". grow up.

hanis said...

Salam Tun...

Indeed... they r a disgusting man... their mouth full with bulls**T (oppsss)... SAME LIKE ABB.... TALK NONSENSE ALL THE WAY....

Mimie said...

Salam Tun,

Dato Zaid seems to be "BACK DATED MAN"...

P/S: I wonder how's his previous firm can "SURVIVE" to shield the "ATTACK" from PUBLIC....
Condolence to his previous staffs....

Unknown said...

Yg. Bhg. Tun,

Patutlah selama ini kita dengar “Judiciary” ini tak bebas dan perlu dipulihkan. Kelakuan segelintir ahli-ahli mereka saperti Chin J, Zaid I, Ambiga S, Karpal S, Salleh A & Co. dll. adalah antara angkara yang menyababkannya. Kalau kelakuan sendiri kenapa pula Tun yang disalahkan? Selaku pakar undang-undang, mereka ini berlagak macam penyanggak politik. Sebaliknya Tun lebih celik hal undang-undang dengan tenang berhujah berlandaskan bukti dan fakta yang munasabah. Semakin bencilah mereka-mereka ini terhadap Tun selepas pendedahan yang Tun lakukan ini – ego kecundang.

Terima kasih Tun. Banyak kesedaran yang saya timba dari membaca blog Tun ini serta setiap komen pembaca-pembaca yang lain. Teruskanlah memberi pertunjuk yang benar dan saya percaya makin ramai lagi yang akan meyertai Tun. Semoga Allah mengizinkan jihad yang Tun lakukan dengan kemenangan.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Hiwabarakatu.

tunku said...

i am disgusted with zaid ibrahim too, the way he tried to confirm that what ian chin said was true. karpal as we know, let him talk to the walls.

TuangMD said...

Sapa kata pak lah lemah, bodoh, tak reti wak keje... Apa yang dia buat sekarang dah nak sama ngan Presiden Bush. Fight all the way utk buktikan he's the best and clean.
Jika Bush gunakan reason WMD utk halalkan war against Iraq, Pak Lah gunakan sejarah dan minyak utk burukkan org lain dan rakyat utk menunjukkan betapa baik dan bersihnya dia.
Harga minyak dunia sebenarnya hanya naik 24.6% (in RM) bukannya 40% seperti yg didakwa.
Tak caya, tolong check my calculation di

Roy said...

Majority of Malaysians believe you whole lot more than Ian Chin, Zaid, Karpal Singh, Kit Siang and the gang.

thesweetlittlecat said...

dear pj,
u said tun ade "feigned amnesia".. hahahaha.. who is the doctor now? u or Dr Mahathir? do u eva diagnose him?

then u said he is an "autocratic ruler"? i live peacefully in Malaysia during tun as a pm, i find he's a very good ruler which is well-known and been respected all over the world! may b u r not a truly malaysia!

mcm kate2 karam singh:
bagaikan kacang lupakan kulitnya!

aiyomanaboleh said...

A boot camp for judges? Whatever for? Aren't the judiciary an indepentant institution equivalent to the executive?

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

I always look up you as one of my favorite politician and leader throughout history, and I am very sure that every moves you made must be a good reason behind it. However,there is one event that I can't explain myself from media or my own reading, that is the Dr Anwar Ibrahim case. Is it true he involve in homosexual activities and scandals like we all knows from news in tv? What is the main reason of your disagreement with him? You might answer my query or not. I just want you to know that until know I don't quite understand why government sack Anwar Ibrahim. (I'm not supporting either PKR or UMNO, just my curiosity)

-Mohd Fadly-

daniel leiberman said...


Kenapa semua isu-isu yang ditimbulkan oleh Tun, tidak ada seorang pembangkang pun dari DAP, PAS, PKR atau golongan peguam yang bangun menuntut kerajaan menyiasat dengan menubuhkan Royal Commission.

1. Adakah mereka tidak mahu bersuara disebabkan isu itu dibangkitkan oleh Tun, yang bukan dari golongan mereka dan tidak mendapat publisiti yg menguntungkan mereka
2. Adakah mereka hendak biarkan DSAAB terus tidur dibuai mimpi sehingga tiba masa nya pada hari PRU13 nanti, BN terus kecundang. Jikalau isu-isu tersebut dibangkitkan sekarang DSAAB akan dijatuhkan, maka UMNO akan bangun menjadi kuat semula, maka impian menubuhkan kerajaan semasa PRU13 akan menjadi mimpi sahaja buat pembangkang. Yang terbaik sekarang ini ialah mereka duduk diam.
3. Adakah mereka ini sebahagian dari payroll CIS, CIA atau MOSSAD, Agensi ini mengarahkan supaya jangan dipanaskan lagi isu ini, sebabnya mereka mempunyai agenda lain.

Jelas sekali DAP PAS & PKR dan golongan peguam ini berniat jahat sama juga dengan DSAAB, sanggup memusnahkan negara demi kepentingan diri sendiri. Mereka ini adalah PENGKHIANAT yang sebenarnya.

pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

Some people are still in a state of denial mode against you. They will find ways to corner you at every angle. But I really pity them for having such an attitude. They are still trying to put you in an embarrass position and make you feel small. They will try very hard to find ways and means to discredit you until doomsday.

Anyway, you are just great, Tun. Your credibility is solidly intact. Make no mistake about it no matter how they manipulate their baseless accusations against you. As the saying goes a leopard will never change its spots. They just cannot accept the brazen fact that you a HERO!!

May Allah bless you with all the good things in life, Tun. We appreciate your good deeds very much. Those who do not, just let it be. They can continue ranting, ranting and ranting sampai ayam berkokok!!

Unknown said...

U r the biggest liar that I've ever seen, what abt lingam tape, how do you explain ? Common everybody knows u r a dictator, u kill all those go against u, including judges..

AzrulShahreen said...

Assalamualaikum TUN & fellow Bloggers...

Well said and good defense TUN. That is why the "OPENESS" plays an important role in providng valued information to the RAKYAT and not blindly expect MALAYSIAN accepts that kind of media story telling.

As stated in your recent article regarding OPENESS... this is it.

The recent news provide by our newspaper are more of glamarous media story happen to be one sided without referring to other sources like other fellow Judges.

This is why the MALAYSIAN are always, in a sense, in the dark actually although blessed with news and media informed.

I believe everyone herein are glad that TUN have finally spoken thereafter provide explaination (which of course backed with evidence). This point is vital and important to the MALAYSIANs... this is the proper information backed with explaination that everyone wants.

Dato Zaid is not a true advocate of laws BUT a mere businessman using law as leverage. If he is a true advocates and practise law proper during those days, he would not come up with idiotic solution as the DE FACTO Law Minister. That doesn't help backlogged cases in fact he open up more floodgate. Only those lawyers that have sufficient fund is able to conduct the things he wants to make happen in the judiciaries.

Of course judges decide without fear or favors but having read the allegation made by Chin J, shows that certain members in the Judiciaries are either in fear or in favor with certain ministers.

Enough said, everyone is not as ignorant as the government thinks. Soon when Malaysia is heading toward downfall, they will definately come up with other media-stories with someone to be blamed as scapegoat.

Thank you TUN for providing this latest news in defense against 'allegation' made by Ian Chin J. We look forward for your detail explaination in the next session.

May ALLAH swt bless you and everyone here, May we continue to ponder, discuss and express ourselves to TUN, providing our personal insight with the current situation in Malaysia.


Nazri Hashim said...





Revealed it. Let us tell the truth.Allah suka yang benar.Kalau jadi pembohong ,lama2 jadi pencuri.......

Thank q Tun , make the rakyat lebih cerdik that we are not stupid fools.

GM3 said...

Some friends just let me know that Ex-Chief Minister of Sabah will make a press conference at 2pm, today. Regarding what? Don't know but probably on "cross-over issues".

YSLim said...

To wak dojer,

Is it you felt the superiority during the AAB era or the M era? A point to ponder........

panca said...

TDM have dreams; PL have schemes.
TDM see the gains; PL see the pain.
TDM see the potential; PL see the past.
TDM make it happen; PL let it happen
TDM see possibilities; PL see problems.
TDM make commitments; PL make promises.
TDM are a part of the team; PL are apart from the team.
TDM always has a programme; PL always has an excuse.
TDM says, "Let me do it for you"; PL says, "That is not my job."
TDM say, "I must do something"; PL say, "Something must be done."
TDM is always a part of the answer; PL is always a part of the problem.
TDM sees an answer for every problem PL sees a problem for every answer.
TDM believe in win/win; PL believe for them to win, someone has to lose.
TDM says, "It may be difficult but it is possible"; PL says, "It may be possible but it is too difficult."
TDM makes a mistake. He says, "I was wrong"; PL makes a mistake, he says "It wasn't my fault.

TDM winner
PL Loser.

straycat's strut said...

To most of us, the moves to make you look bad is understandable. Ian Chin is just 4th floor's instrument. When someone is ugly, deaf and dumb and whatever he did so far, it only proved further that he is indeed ugly, deaf and dumb, he would definitely became desperate. He tried to be smart, tried to be elegant and he even claimed to have dumbo's ears. Unfortunately, he only succeeded in being a dumbo. So, the only thing left for him to do is to tell everyone that no matter how depressing his values are, he is still better then you.

To us, he achieved nothing, produced nothing but destroyed everything. The sad part is, we are paying a high price for his follies, lies, stupidity, deceptions, antics...

His greatest mistake is to assume that he is good and the rakyats are stupid. Its an even bigger mistake for him to go around town bragging that he is not as bad compared to you. Wrong Pak Lah. In reality, we would be happy if you have even one-tenth of Tun's brain an an ounce of dignity.

And one more thing that you should learn by now is, most of us who "tidak mudah lupa,' would take it very personally on any attack on Tun. Tun is still like a father to us. He gave us dignity and inspiration while you gave us only headache and heartaches.

Dear Pak Lah, if you tell me that you are my father, I would disown you.

wak Dojer said...

Baru sebentar Wak terima laporan dari sahabat di bumi kenyalang, Sabah memaklumkan bekas Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Yong Teck Lee akan membuat satu "Press-Conference" pada jam 2pm berkenaan isu "Cross-Over".

p/s: sabar menanti.

daniel leiberman said...


Berapa upah yang CJ dapat untuk buat statement memburukkan Tun? Adakah CJ dapat yang berikut

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2. Semua Hutang Credit Card CJ 100% Diselesaikan
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5. dan sebagai nya

YSLim said...

To jebatmustdie,

The issues brought up are of general application involving humanity. You have tied it with race - how convenience. If a person thinking is of universal nature, he/she won't tied it up with race, ifnot he/she is a racist.

To M, you disagreed with Judge IanChin's statements. Do you feel your reputation was injured? If yes kindly defence it by taking up legal actions agaisnt him. If no, please don't blog it by refering to a foreign newspaper news. Wait, I need to check the Strait Time to see your contentds is true or not. Wait I need to check with the people of Strait Time whether their contents is true or not...... A point to ponder..

Your Life that I Live said...

Reacting to widespread criticism, Mahathir expressed sadness at being termed a racist each time he spoke on the rights of the Malays.

“I am extremely sad but we have every right to speak in defence of the Malays,” Matathir said.

Tun, I agree that you have the right to speak in behalf of the Malays. But what you're expounding is more than that: the Malays have the right to all the best benefits in Malaysia. What is left over, well, let's share it (aren't we humanitarian, magnanimous!) with the other races, who really have no claims at all in this country.

Let me ask you, does one have to be Malay (and how many percent of this heritage is allowed to be contaminated?) to be indigenous? From what many Malaysians claim, you are not 100% Malay yourself being half or quarter or whatever Pakistani. Please let us know what is racial purity, including your own indigenous claim.

When we talk about rights,we refer to the legal protections for the oppressed and disenfranchised minorities, which the Malays are not. In any society where the majority needs protection from the minority,that majority has lost all claim for having squandered its monopoly over politics and the economy. We're no longer being persecuted by the colonials, so there is no more excuse to cry foul!

Let's work, achieve, and share together; no one "race" is better or worse than another. We can look at ourselves all as humans, who need the same basic needs for life. For those who can't help it or even refuse to make it, we provide for them whatever we can. The hardworking and best qualified must be given equal chance to succeed ... for the overall betterment of the society.

Jabbar said...

Any revelations from these said Judges who claims to have felt threatened by you is just trying to avoid persecution from the public with their judgements.

I personally see these event pertaining to our judicial system is not about to right a wrong but more of proving to the public that even judges in Malaysia are corrupt.

For example, if Ian Chin's claims were true, where was his principles and honour if he was indeed threatened and succmbs to it. Judges are suppose to uphold the justice system, but if a mere threat of being sidelined for promotions or prospect of being demoted can change their principles, then they are not fit to be judges. As for these Judges, their pension should be withdrawn and their position as retired judge should be removed.
But, isn't this going to cause more problems as all cases under them are entitled for a re-trial or even worse mistrial.
So, who ever is pushing for these reforms and exposing your misdeeds have surely personal agendas especially those who have been found guilty by the courts under your leadership.

majorbabe said...

1) Pak Lah is just so SAD and an expected dissapointment...
2) Najib - can't see him as a leader - he need to get over the fact that he is Tun Abdul Razak's son from that big head of his, eat heaps of humble pies - THEN only he can think of being a leader.
3) Karpal is a waste of space - tagging onto more significant being - trying to look as significant? dream on.
4) Ian who????


Anonymous said...

Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.....
All the best Tun...
Rakyat Kebanyakan...

Pak Andak said...

Saya juga pernah menghadiri boot camp sebegitu yang di anujurkan oleh Biro Tatanegara. Kursus orientasi pelajar luar negeri, kursus kepimpinan dan kursus selepas tamat pengajian. Masih ingat lagi apabila surat pabggilan ke kursus diterima, sudah terbanyang akan kena brain wash mengikut istilah yang kerap digunakan pada zaman tu. Sebenarnya tidaklah sampai begitu sekali tetapi perlu di akui bahawa kursus-kursus anjuran Biro tatanegara terlalu dipolitikkan. Di jadikan saluran untuk menanam kecenderungan politik, semangat bangsa dan menjelaskan kewajaran tindakan sesuatu parti. Sekiranya perpaduan hendak di pupuk, bukan dengan cara membentuk generasi yang mempunyai satu corak berfikir yang tiada variasi, tiada kebebasan untuk menjelajah idea pelbagai. Yang kalau mempersoalkan pendapat penceramah kursus, maka akan diherdik dan dituduh tidak menghargai biasiswa yang diberikan, tidak sedar diri dan dituduh pemecah bangsa maka sehingga dikaitkan dengan sejarah bagaimana tanah melayu boleh terjajah dulu. Memang kelakar.
Kursus Tatanegara harus bebas dari unsur politik atau nasionalisma bangsa dan menumpu untuk membentuk generasi yang patriotik kepada tanah air bukan parti, berkeyakinan diri, berhemah tinggi, memupuk kesedaran dan kefahaman perlu bersatu dan terbuka kepada perbezaan pendapat dan kepelbagaian dan bercita-cita tinggi sebagai pemimpin dan sebagai pengikut.
Akhir kata letak lah orang yang bijak dan neutral untuk merangka semua setaraf dengan kepentingannya. Jangan tangkap muat sahaja nanti diketawakan orang. Seperti program di RTM tempoh hari dalam forum bersama Tan Seri Hasan Merican. Letak lah orang yang lebih bijak untuk berhadapan dengan Tan Seri supaya soalan yang di tanya pun bijak-bijak juga agar peluang tidak dibazirkan.

mohammed jack said...



Good work, Good reply Tun.

Can someone help TUN to check on whether MOLaw reveal govt secret docs to enemies of TUN.

If u look carefully they (C,Z,A,Ks)hv acted spontanously to demoralise our beloved TUN the great contributor to Malaysians.

TUN lanyak haprak haprak ni semua jgan kasi chance la dngan dia orang ni TUN.

May Allah bless TUN & Family Sihat Walafiat.

daniel leiberman said...


Para hakim ini malaikat kah. Tidak ada hawa nafsu. Baik sangat kah. sampai pijak semut pun tak mati. Betul kah mereka ini 100% bersih dari segala gala hal atau gejala. Tak pernah ke pergi melancung ke luar negara dibawah pembiayaan syarikat guaman tertentu. Berkaraoke, jamuan ringan minuman keras, berjudi, perempuan dan sebagainya. (bil ditanggung oleh syarikat guaman sipolan-sipolan).

Persoalan nya adakah mereka ini 100% bersih dari segala bentuk rasuah, dan adakah mereka ini 100% sentiasa berlaku adil semasa membuat judgement atau sebalik nya.

Dinasihatkan para hakim jangan lah terlalu ego atau perasan dengan kedudukan kamu. Mati nanti tahu lah kamu, siapa yang lord.

pang5bugis said...

Your article are very correct. But why are our malay leader up there doing ? They are just power crazy.

Not only Chinese are demanding, but other reces beside Malay are demanding more in everything. They are very lucky becouse AAB the stupid will entertain them.

Let we all support YBGH Tun.

ameq said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun

Sememangnya perjuangan Tun masih belum selesai.

Teruskanlah menyedarkan rakyat malaysia Ayahanda Tun

Semoga Allah SWT merahmati Tun.


Melayu Karam said...

Assalamualaikum TUN,

Sesungguhnya kredibiliti seorang pemimpin yang proaktif tetap terselah....

Saya faham kenapa TUN mengambil sedikit masa untuk menjawab... Ini kerana TUN tidak mahu menjadi orang yang bercakap tanpa mengkaji atau berfikir (tido ajeee)

Teruskan perjuangan TUN...


Inst. of Strategic & Information Studies-InSiS said...

Dear Tun,

Boot camps have been part of the correctional and penal system of the United States since the early 1980's. Modeled after military recruit training camps, the programs are based on shock incarceration grounded on military techniques.Participation in boot camp programs is offered to first-time offenders in place of a prison term or probation. The time served can range from 90 to 180 days, which can make up for prison sentences of up to 10 years. How serving time and boot camp time is equated differs among facilities. Offenders who do not finish a program must serve the original prison sentence.

"I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates".

Then, up to us to jugde the behaviour for those who absconded before the course was over.

Give your comments on this problem.

Thanks and regards.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
IF Tun commited guilty, IF Tun is proven guilty, IF Tun being found did something wrong...
Cant you all understand or see what are the good things that Tun already did for Malaysia for previous 22 yearz??!!! Why its really easy for some (or a lot) of people being reflected their attention for both LAZY Pak Lah and Najib's inability ruling this country just for diz useless attention to decade ago case?? Isnt that there's a lot of things such as economy (oil hike, poor prevention), politic (dirty stupid play of power abuse), corrupt, corrupt and corrupt, religion-racist probs, education and loootttt more to be solved? Current governz trying to drag our attention!!! Current governz trying to put burden on Tun instead!!! Cant you see??!!!! They are trying to use a national law to manipulate the atmosphere. Come on Tun!! Fight against the dictator tag-team of Pak Lah and Najib!!! Millions Rakyat behind you!!! And you also can drag both Muhyiddin Yasin and Rais Yatim to your side...
--- Signature: Salam from Universiti Malaya Supporters of Tun, not UMNO!!! ---
p/s: HEHEEHH... Ampun ya Admin.. Again... Hope you plz dont approve a stupid or any comment that only want to become the first "poster" in the blog article, or just "sembang-sembang kosong". These school children bloggers dont even understand wut does it means by "The Blog" and make other people hard to read your blog in scientific or practical manners.

joehenry said...

Tun, What you have revealed enhances our belief that Ian Chin was never threatened by you. The fact that Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and Karpal Singh fervently insisted that he suffered from the veiled threat by you goes to show that they are most probably suffering from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy.

anakjatipilah said...


reveal whatever you can, jangan kasi chan sama dia..anyway u are d best leader in d world!! mind this.

Ruis Jugah said...

Boot Camp?

I remember many years back I attended a 10 days out of bound training at Kinarut, Sabah, pretty much sounded like what Tun mentioned. Yes, indeed we washed our our dirty dishes, threw away garbage, no one picked us up at airport - we used train, we woke up at 5am, exercises, etc. no radio, no tv, no handphone, no soft drink, slept on bunkbeds without aircond. , field training plus classroom lectures, etc.

After the course most of us felt glad that we attended, we became fit and have better attitudes. Our trainers were mostly Gurkhas!

Is that boot camp?

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,
Another BRILLIANT answer! I believe you.

To PJ and Antimamak: I believe the two of you are BIG FANS of Tun M because you both have always been ahead of me (and the majority) in responding to Tun M's articles. Bravo! Well done! Keep up the good work.

Thank you Tun. May Allah SWT bless Tun and family. Saya sokong Tun..

Tamingsari said...

Dear Tun,

Finally you have put some light on Chin J's accusations on you. I could not have believed what he had said, when there were 100 or 200 people who attended your speech...who in his right mind would threaten someone in a huge crowd like that...amazing how he could have become a HIGH COURT JUDGE...probably got his credentials from some back jungles of Africa.

Wassalam tun

leading said...


Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan ??

I did not know she was conferred a "Dato".

I just know that she is less "critical" on government lately.

tag said...

To Neil, I think may be you are the staunch supporter of Paklah or may be you are too young...thatis why you couldn't compare the previous situation with the changes within these 4 years.
However, if you are a Malaysian and you really love Malaysia, please be open heart and open mind to analyse situation happened in our country currently. Don't be so 'Narrow' Mind and Sense'. Now most of the populace of Malaysia are aiming and concerning to the situation going on in our country not always pin their points to a person like you.

Festive Hampers said...

Assalamualaikum Tun
If someone would make a cost benefit analysis, there are more good than bad that you have bring to the country. Thank you for that.

Lately, with so many socio, economic political issues, the government has been on a witch hunt, trying to divert the issues instead of working on making Malaysia a better place for all.

Thank to Allah, at your age you are still strong and sharp in your justification. May Allah always bless you.

jojo51 said...

I wonder what is the hidden agenda of the local mainstream newspapers and the electronic media. If STAR, NST and others are so willing to splash Chin's exposure frontpage would it not be ethical and reasonable to ask the other participating Judges (many have already retired) for their comments.

What shame!!! It has to be the Singapore press who got the comments from the other Judges which contradicted Chin's allegation. Don't demand for press freedom if you local newspapers could not even be fair in your reporting. Mainstream medias are just sheer hypocrites.

Let's hear from Tun about the real Justice Chin.

zetyouel said...


Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Airmata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa sesama kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman

Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Pribumi merintis sendiri

Masa depan sungguh kelam
Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
Tertutup hati terkunci mati
Maruah peribadi dah hilang

Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
Yang akan menentukan bangsa
Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti
Pulih kembali harga diri

Kita sudah tiada masa
Majulah dengan Maha Perkasa
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
Melayu kan gagah di Nusantara

Tamingsari said...


Why don't you sue Ian Chin for defamation. With the money you can share with all Malaysians and we can put it in the Bank of Israel.

Then the government can put all 25 million of us in jail...and subsidize all our food while in prison.

Wassalam tun

Mimie said...

Salam Tun,

Berita terkini,

SAPP isytihar hilang kepercayaan terhadap kepimpinan Abdullah
18/06/2008 3:45pm

KOTA KINABALU 18 Jun - Komponen Barisan Nasional (BN), Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) mengisytiharkan ia hilang kepercayaan terhadap kepimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai Perdana Menteri dan bersedia untuk menyokong sebarang undi tidak percaya terhadap beliau di Parlimen.

Presidennya, Datuk Yong Teck Lee memberitahu satu sidang akhbar di sini hari ini, keputusan itu dibuat kerana kepimpinan SAPP berpendapat kerajaan BN lewat menyelesaikan semua isu membabitkan Sabah. - Utusan

P/S: Kepada Pemimpin Sabah yang mengambil keputusan undi tidak percaya kepada Pak Lah, keputusan itu adalah terbaik untuk semua rakyat Malaysia dan Sabah khususnya. Namun, janganlah perjudikan keputusan itu dengan menerima tawaran PKR....kerana ia akan merosakkan negara dan negeri Sabah khususnya...

Keputusan SAPP itu adalah kedua yang terbaik selepas Tun Mahathir keluar UMNO...

Semoga ini dapat dilihat olek Pak Lah dan segera meletakkan jawatan sebelum Malaysia terus "LUMPUH"..

c s Di Ong said...

Tun, Just sue Ian Chin! We all support you.

wan9890 said...


Unknown said...

YBhg. Tun, Sabaq na. Kami semua syg Tun dan akan terus doakan kesejahteraan Tun sekeluarga. Depa-depa tu biaq pi. NAPETE APSERE bak kata org tanjung........

c s Di Ong said...

Tun, Just sue Ian Chin for damaging you!

shamanis said...

I'm comparing the comments and feedbacks in Tun's blog and Malaysia Today (MT).

Somehow, the one in MT is full of filth, bad words, showing more of the true state of mind of the writers.

To Pete, if you are reading this:

Come on bro, I thot you are one of those who is principle-based. Letting free flow of 'najis' entries to your blog, sedikit sebanyak mencerminkan diri anda. Come on.

If you or labisman etc don't control that, korang punya blog akan jadi sampah.

. said...

Steady lah Tun!

*Btw, pasal Biro Tata negara, malaslah la nak pi Tun .. hehe :p

daniel leiberman said...


SAPP Isytihar Hilang Kepercayaan Terhadap Kepimpinan Abdullah
18/06/2008 3:45pm

KOTA KINABALU 18 Jun - Komponen Barisan Nasional (BN), Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) mengisytiharkan ia hilang kepercayaan terhadap kepimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai Perdana Menteri dan bersedia untuk menyokong sebarang undi tidak percaya terhadap beliau di Parlimen.
Presidennya, Datuk Yong Teck Lee memberitahu satu sidang akhbar di sini hari ini, keputusan itu dibuat kerana kepimpinan SAPP berpendapat kerajaan BN lewat menyelesaikan semua isu membabitkan Sabah. – Utusan


KOTA KINABALU, June 18, 2008: Today, SAPP calls this press conference to make a stand that we have lost confidence in the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. In the coming sitting of the Parliament session starting Monday, June 23, our MPs will support a Vote of No Confidence on the PM. Whether the motion will be tabled by our Party MP or another MP will be decided in due course.

MP for P.190 Tawau, YB Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui and MP for P.171 Sepanggar YB Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun have expressed their stand in the signed press statement. He (Eric Majimbun) is now overseas on official duties. He will be back in Malaysia in time for the parliament sitting on June 23.


KOTA KINABALU, June 18, 2008: We must make a stand before the window of opportunity closes. This window of opportunity closes by August after which Sabah would be forgotten again. The nation¡¦s attention would switch to MCA and UMNO elections, people will be pre-occupied with the fasting month, Hari Raya, school exams and year end events. Political fatigue in the national mainstream over ¡§Sabah-Sabah-Sabah¡¨ issues would set in.

The momentum for us to recover our autonomy, get 20% oil royalties and return of Labuan would be lost. Unfair federal laws, excessive taxes and structural imbalances in the economy will remain entrenched. Sabah will remain the poorest state subservient to the central leadership. Labuan bridge, poverty eradication and rural development will remain elusive. Racial politics and wasteful monopolies will continue as usual. The illegal immigrant problems will reach boiling point. Grown up street kids, illicit drugs and crimes will continue to strike fear among the people. Police and law enforcement will remain understaffed and under-resourced. In other words, Sabah will lose out badly again. We will not get this window of opportunity for another 50 years, if ever again. In fact, we have now become suspicious of their delaying tactics.

This is why we need an immediate declaration of no confidence in the PM and the government to tell the Barisan Nasional Federal Government that we can no longer tolerate their insensitive attitude towards the Sabah issues that are real and serious.
The people are also suffering from high inflation resulting from the recent astronomical and unexpected fuel price hikes which was contrary to a BN election promise. Fuel prices have brought about stagnation in the business sector. Unemployment and social problems will rise. But the government¡¦s responses seem ad-hoc, flip-flop and lacking in foresight with a fire fighting style.

This is why we have to START INSULATING ourselves from the external shocks such as oil prices and food crisis. The food and energy crises will last a few years. The effects will be around for many more years. This is worse than the financial crisis of 1997-98 from which Malaysia took five years to sufficiently recover.

In Parliament on May 13, a BN Federal Minster killed off any hopes of a review of the petroleum royalty for the oil producing states of Sabah, Sarawak and Trengganu by declaring that the oil royalty shall remain at 5%. With our political move today, SAPP hereby initiates the political process to claim 20% in oil royalties which is after all the natural resource of Sabah. With that extra billions, we can invest in agriculture, education, capacity-building and achieve self-sufficiency in many things. We can therefore insulate ourselves from the external shocks or economic tsunami.


We will have a press conference o Friday June 20 to announce this matter of SAPP membership in BN after our Supreme Council meeting. This is the most popular question of the week. Actually, the BN has already left Sabah. The spirit of BN is no longer there. It is not that Sabah does not want BN; it is BN that does not want Sabah. The BN does not recognize the contribution of Sabah to the national mainstream. Ask any Sabah UMNO leader privately, they will pour out their frustrations. Remember the speeches of MPs Datuk Anifah Aman on ¡§terrace houses¡¨, Datuk Ghapur Salleh, Datuk Wilfred bumburing and Datuk Eric and Datuk Dr. Chua Soon Bui? Many BN component leaders also share our feelings.

Unknown said...

Ayahanda Tun,

Life is full of hypocrisy. It is indeed the number one killer for any leader who wish to seek revenge. As far as I can see if both Karpal Singh and Pak Lah wish to seek revenge now, I personally feel that they are only wasting their time. Pak Lah should think about the future of Malaysia and not his corporation, limited co.....Jewish Bank Secret accounts and etc........shame on them.

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

Quoted from you:

"I am disgusted with Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and Karpal Singh who immediately assumed that Chin J was telling the truth. Zaid even went so far as to say this is normal, as if I threatened judges all the time"

"The public can then pass judgement on me. But of course if I have to be charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that is fine. The world will then know what kind of Government we have."

Very interesting explaination from you Tun... Nothing else I can say... Their dirty game is so obvious and how I wish every single of rakyat Malaysia whom blinded by the news from government media will get this information too... Especially those w/o internet connection at home and can only depends on daily neswspaper..

I hope Tun can set up a team to produce a weekly newsletter for all ur article so that all Malaysian will get to know the truth from u directly... I know a lot of them outside there have been looking for answer and explaination from you.. I believe other visitors in ur blog did suggest about this too...

Unknown said...

To Ian Chin,

Please mind your own business and your own language. If you think that the country does not deserve any better judges than I personally feel that you, yourself should retired and starts to play golf. Besides don't you think that it is good for your health while relaxing your brains? At the same time do invite your pals such as Karpal Singh and Pak Lah to join you as well. I am sure you are good at persuading others to follow your lead.

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