Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ian Chin’s Great Revelation

1. I have not commented earlier on Justice Dato Ian Chin's (Chin J) exposé about my misdeeds because I needed time to recall events which happened more than a decade ago and to find documents which may give credibility to my explanations.

2. I am grateful that some judges and ex-judges have refuted what Chin J said about my threatening judges. The Singapore Straits Times (not my favourite paper) seems more willing than Malaysian papers to report how Chin J's colleagues were stunned by his statements.

3. One Court of Appeal judge told the Straits Times, “I asked my brother judge who was on the bench with me this morning whether he remembered the incident, and he asked me the same”. Neither of them did. Nor did retired senior judges Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah, Tan Sri Lamin Yunus and Datuk Shaik Daud Ismail, who were quoted in the New Straits Times.

4. About the “thinly veiled threat” to remove judges, the Straits Times reported “Several judges have since disputed his version of the event”.

5. Those contacted by the Straits Times “did not remember him (the ex-PM) issuing a threat to sack judges who did not take his view”.

6. A serving judge who was present at the conference said: “There was nothing like that at all. It would have been so shocking that I would have remembered it”.

7. It seems that except for Chin J, no one else heard the threat. I attended only one judges conference and I remember I talked on two subjects:

1) The mandatory death sentence on drug traffickers
2) Litigation

I explained the need to deter drug trafficking through the most severe punishment. There were more than 200,000 addicts in Malaysia. They were practically the living dead and indeed many died prematurely. They were involved in drug related crimes, including murder, rape and even matricide. Malaysia needed to reduce drug addiction but judges were reluctant to pronounce the death penalty. That was why it was made mandatory.

8. On litigation, I talked about the situation in America where huge sums were awarded by judges, including for alleged malpraxis and negligence on the part of doctors.

9. As a result doctors would order costly laboratory and other tests to avoid accusation by claimant’s lawyers that they neglected to give the best service to the patients. To cover all these tests, medical charges are very high in America and the poor cannot pay.

10. Insurance premiums for doctors are also very high and the patients may be bankrupted by high medical fees. I did not want this to happen in Malaysia.

11. At no time did I issue any threat against the judges.

12. As for the boot camp, our military forces may have it. But what we did have were courses on “Tata Negara” or “National Creed” at work camps.

13. At such courses the speakers try to explain Malaysia’s political system with particular reference to the BN concept, ethics and moral values and democracy in Malaysia.

14. Participants included civil servants, corporate leaders, politicians and university staff. I suppose judges also attended.

15. For three to five days the participants stayed at the camps and followed certain programs. This included getting up very early in the morning (for prayers for Muslims), physical exercises and many hours of lectures. One of the chores was to wash your own dirty plates after a simple meal. When I gave talks at these work camps I too wash my dirty dishes. It was part of leadership by example.

16. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended these work camps. There were hardly any complaints.

17. I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates.

18. The course clearly did not have a positive effect on him.

19. I am disgusted with Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and Karpal Singh who immediately assumed that Chin J was telling the truth. Zaid even went so far as to say this is normal, as if I threatened judges all the time.

20. I will be writing a little more on Ian Chin J so that the public will become more acquainted with him. Suffice for me to say for the present that Chin J has a police report against him for hiding his past when hearing a certain case.

21. The public can then pass judgement on me. But of course if I have to be charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that is fine. The world will then know what kind of Government we have.


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Tun Teddy said...

tok det,

if you write a literature insights on Malay race.. I bet it would be a classic.. perhaps would be taught in all schools in Malaysia and Japan..

why don't you write one?

Onlooker said...

YAB Tun,

I feel a strong urge to answer the question raised by 'jebatmustdie' who posted his comment in this blog.

The Chinese like to talk more about issues of meritocracy, judicial independence, equal rights, freedom of media and human rights and talk less about poverty not because the Chinese are all rich people. This is because the Chinese people, whether Confucian followers or Jesus' followers, all share some common values which are not found in many other racial communities. Some of these common values are endurance, perseverance and giving top priority to education of the next generation over other material enjoyment. Most Chinese people pray hard to God, but they also taught themselves that mobility of labour is the best tool for them to bring changes to their fate of being born poor. In the past during the reign of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the rural Chinese people of Malaysia found jobs in bigger town with the mobility of labour they obtained from basic education. When later on the Chinese people found strong competition from the Indians and the Malays who also moved to urban areas from the estates or villages, some of these poor Chinese people started to move further to work either as a legal worker or as an illegal worker in the affluent foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, England or Australia. They helped their families in Malaysia financially by remitting their hard-earned money from overseas to Malaysia and also helped indirectly to build up the International Reserve of Bank Negara. Most Chinese people see poverty as the problem of individual and not the political problem as a result of an unfair government policy. Therefore to most Chinese people, poverty problem should be tackled individually with their personal endurance and personal improvement. Most Chinese also see poverty as the trial from God and as a foretaste of future fruitful reward from God after the consistent perseverance and the successful endurance of economic hardship imposed by God as a trial or training apprenticeship. These are the reasons why the Chinese talked less on poverty.

Why do the Chinese talk more on the so-called democracy problems, equal rights problem or human rights problems? I guess this is because some Chinese university graduates have received a strong influence from the Western culture since many of them were compelled to go further study in the Western countries like Australia, England and the United States, as a consequence of their being forestalled from entering the Malaysian local universities due to limited quota imposed by the racist university intake policy.

No matter what, the Chinese are thankful people and they usually feel thankful for having the Malays as their peaceful neighbour.

However, there are also handful of Chinese people out there finding that NEP is just a gimmick for breeding the corruption and therefore it should be abolished before the corruption problem gets running out of control in Malaysia.


'jebatmustdie' said:
I often wonder why the Chinese took up with great intensity some issues such as meritocracy, independent judiciary, equal rights, freedom of media and oppresive laws. As we all know, these issues are less relevant to the majority of the citizens here in Malaysia.

One Malay politician mentioned that these issues are "rich people's" issues. I have yet to see the Chinese took up other GREATER issues such as poverty, unemployment, expensive medical services/treatments and unfair income distribution.

Why are the Chinese took up the first few issues and not the latter? Easy. Because the latter issues do not benefit them. Why fight poverty when they do not suffer any kind of stark poverty like some of the Malays? Why they did not need to highlight issues such as expensive medical treatment? Coz they do not feel it is expensive that's why. They can afford to buy insurance can't they? Most Malays can't.

Bidayuh said...

Dear Tun,

I did saw the picture of you washing your own dirty plate-dirty tray to be precise when you attended the Kursus Perdana BTN.

He's just "nyanyuk"...or he's got PhD (Permanent Head Damage)upon hearing so many court sessions.

Yan said...

u r da best

Al Zubir Rusinin said...

Assalamualaikum dan semoga Tun sihat walafiat.
Saya risau keadaan sekarang ini kerajaan sudah tidak stabil. Semoga Malaysia kita sentiasa aman dan harmoni.

Christie Li said...

Do this guy Ian knows what he is talking or someone made use of him to discredit Tun???

cucu tok det said...

Dah lama keluar Umno..(sejak Tok Det keluar..)tapi tak masuk parti lain..nak masuk balik umno bila DSAAB tak jadi presiden Umno..tak percaya kat Umno DSAAB..

Sabar Tok Det..kitaorang sokong Tok Det..

from ur grandson

m.jamil said...

salam untuk Tun,teruskan perjuangan yg belum sudah.doakan semoga sihat dan panjang umur Tun Dan isteri dan anak2

NEIL said...

To kamal, You can bark as loud as you can,but whatever it is Tun is GUILTY until proven innocent.Tun may look wise infact the truth is he's bodohland's Idi Amin.Kamal, the truth will be reveal in no time,like liggam tape,Anwar's appeal,Ian revelation etc are the signs of Tun's misdeed.People don't need too much brains to come to the conclusion that he is the manipulator.The skeleton in the closet is falling out one by one.I would like to see the next big one that is Anwar's appeal against his sacking as DPM.God knows!!!Tks kamal for your kind response.

jrihan said...

Salam Tun,
More and more politicians are voicing their distrust to are rite from the beginning..

Reza aljunaid Post said...

Saya rasalah, tujuan Ian Chin, hakim tu provoke Tun Mahathir, fitnah macam-macam pada Tun, sebab zaman Tun dia cuba lobi Tun untuk jawatan tertinggi hakim. Malangnya lobinya itu gagal.Geramnya dan marahnya Ian Chin pada Tun pada waktu itu meluap-luap. Maka dia pun tunggu waktu sesuai....

Kali ini setelah sepuluh tahun dia menyimpan rasa geramnya itu, peluang datang tetiba. Pak Lah tetiba buat-buat krisis dengan Tun Mahathir.Kesempatan ini maka dia cuba pula nasib iaitu cara halus campur main kasar mencucuk dan melobi perhatian Pak Lah kalau-kalau dapat pulak jawatan tertinggi hakim. Kalau tak dapat pun, dia harap Pak Lah lantik dia sebagai Menteri Kehakiman ke...dia nak bagi glamour...nak sedapkan lobinya..apalagi pucuk dicita ulam mendatang..dia buatlah cerita buruk kat Tun..sebab dia tahu Pak Lah tak suka kat Tun...harapan dia nanti Pak Lah gerenti percaya habis...Pak Lah mesti korek banyak-banyak cerita dari dia dapatlah dia tawar-menawar dengan Pak Lah...ha..ha..haaa...

Zaid Ibrahim pulak awal-awal lagi dah percaya cakap Ian Chin tu...pasal dia ni tetiba aje anti Mahathir zaman Pak Lah ni...apa lagi dia siap nak siasat nak korek cerita sampai lubang buntut Ian Chin...kalau boleh dia ni nak kasi juga Tun Mahathir masuk penjara...inilah Zaid..tak da semangat langsung nak bela Tun Mahathir bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan pemimpin Melayu nombor satu dalam dunia ini...

Oleh itu saya setuju, hakim-hakim,peguam-peguam ini dimasukkan ke Pusat Latihan Biro Tatanegara agar di perkuatkan jatidiri nasionalisme mereka sebab saya bimbang barangkali banyak hakim dan peguam kita kini yang sudah hilang semangat nasionalisme...contohnya macam peguam-peguam hindraf tu...

Dan ini ditambah lagi banyak lagi salahguna masa hakim dan peguam kita kerana diberitakan ada hampir lebih 9000 kes tertunggak masih belum beres di Mahkamah Malaysia ni. Di mana hakim dan peguam kita? Apa kerja mereka? Asyik melobi aje ke? Atau sudah pandai main kotor ye?

Dah pandai main politik ye?...harap-harap institusi kehakiman tidak dipolitikkan oleh hakim macam ian chin dan peguam macam Karpal dan Zaid tu....

BRAVO TUN..kerja Tun memang gred A+.....

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...


Tahniah kerana berjaya mematahkan satu lagi serangan hendap terhadap kredibiliti Tun.

Sebagai seorang yang dilatih dalam undang-undang, saya sendiri terkejut dengan pendedahan yang sungguh luar biasa - bukan kerana intipatinya tetapi masa dan tempat ianya dilakukan.

Tidak patut dilakukan di Mahkamah terbuka.

Wasalam Tun.

ZBS said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

Thank you for enlightening us with your answers and rebuttals to a such cowardly act by someone that is not fit to be a judge.

We shall wait for Chapter 2 of this Ian Chin saga.

On Karpal, Ambiga and Zaid, all these three jokers can't wait to distinguish between facts and fictions and they all jump at the slightest opportunity to push and keep you down.

Personally, I attended two of the BTN sessions during my stuying days and believe such course have had much a positive impact to me as person and as the citizen of our great country. This was during the early years ao Tun as the PM of Malaysia.

Since the gate of this Ian Chin saga is opened, let see what the water will bring us when Tun publish the second chapter.

Tun, may you be in the best of health as we, the rakyat still need you to carry our voice against such inept PM and his band of cabinets.

dsranjau said...


Video menunjukkan pengakuan TUN yang Anwar tidak bersalah telah diedit. TUN telah mengakui hal tersebut semasa temubual bersama wartawan ketika TUN berkempen untuk Mukhriz di Jerlun pada PRU 12.(lihat Youtube-taip Bongkar Putar Belit 'Video Pengakuan Mahathir Zalimi Anwar' ada link ke website dan article untuk di baca)


Rosdi said...

You are da man!.. I salute you!.. Still have time to write a blog with your hectic schedule and enormous responsibility!.. You are super mega giga man....!!

enigma7 said...

Salam Tun,

Finally the truth revealed. Myself indeed sick of hearing these lame excuses to intimidate you. More defamations will follow soon but no worries, you have millions of youth by your side. InsyaAllah everything will be alright.

I feel disgusted with the current administration..really sick of it.
The way Petronas CEO's special interview conducted made me laugh..wonder how many times all of them practised for it hahahah.

Cucu Tok Mat Alor Sena said...

Refering to 'Jebatmustdie', I agree 100%.

It is obvious that the majority of chinese (or non malays) in malaysia only fight for isues benefiting their own group. They don't really care if other races lag behind.

The ethnic group that really needs greater support from the government now is the malays, as well as the Indians and other bumiputra ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak.

Most of the chinese are quite well off. Meritocracy will only benefit the chinese and create a bigger gap with other races.

Abolishment of the NEP will push the malays further backward. Opening up of government service and freedom of the judiciary will only benefit mainly the majority non-malay graduates and lawyers close to the judiciary circle. The malays must be extra careful and not be easily misled when reading all the statements coming from the alternative media such as malaysiakini, harakah and the blogs. I'm not a racist but I cherish peace between all races in malaysia that our present and past leaders always fought for, and whatever obligations that are enshrined in the Constitution to ensure this peace is maintained.

junkopile said...

Tun Dr M
Tun this fella just wanted his name to be known thats what he is doing.(n someone definitely behind)
Who the heck is this J Chin, why it took ages for him to lodge a report
the answer will be, the authotarian regime during your time, no need to layan lah

Mamak JB said...

Salam Tun, Semoga Allah SWT lindungi Tun dari segala mala petaka. Aruah ayah saya pernah kata orang macam Tun lahir cuma sekali dalam 100 tahun. Teruskan perjuangan Tun yang mulia, Allah SWT sentiasa di pihak yang benar

mustafa ht said...

salam Tun.u shd initiate legal
proceedings against this judge for karpal i have said
earlier he is not a good citizen
of malaysia.he doesnt care what
happen to this country.he only
cares to make a good living here
for him and his long as
he can talk like any lawyer does
he will be dont bother
about him so much.

ayeharis said...

Dear Tun,

I beleive in you and I am so sure that most of the people beleive in you...ayeharis

Painting Man said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir,

during the times when you were prime minister, i was stil very young. Therefore i did not understand the political world and what you did that time.

But today, when i think of malaysia, i think of you, when i see the petronas twin tower, i see you, everything that malaysia has today is because she had you.

Ever since then, you had been my role model, my inspiration, my hero. You are truly a respected man, the most respected man.

hazACE said...

harap sihat selalu,
thanks for keeping us updated otherwise will be blinded by this political games.
whatever urlmym decisions are, i can feel that it is for the best.
u set the bar to high as it is difficult to find your replacement..
thanks a lot,
you are my idol..

mednaha said...

Tun, orang macam ian chin ni jangan bagi can….

dia yang sengaja cari pasal hulur kepala.…

apalagi Tun, kasi je satu pukulan TKO….

JAY said...

Dear Tun,

When you left the PM post to Pak Lah, our present day leaders still need your guidance and observance. Funny how they could not be matured and responsible politicians and ministers.
For we knew, what capabilities Pak Lah has. For me, a decade ago matters, only revealed now, does not make sense at all, or at least if it was revealed when you just retired as PM. You should have become the Minister Mentor when you decided to handover the PM post. Day by day our leader lost focus and problems are increasing and growing. Now they nag decade ago issues and these so called professional and justice seeker people such as the Bar Council Chairperson (of whom so highly respected), the Law Minister Dato' errr so.... (I can't recall his name) are all lost focus. The Rakyat are suffering. Funny how our Politicians could not be matured and responsible politicians and ministers even though their hair are all turning grey.If Justice Chin is so capable why bring up decade ago issues. Is it because it is normal to hear court cases over decade ago in Sabah. Is it any wonder why they are still so many backlog of court cases in Sabah. Some even guilty but due to lack of rotten evidence was freed.... and some genuine innocents were prosecuted. I don't see why you need to response to Justice Chin's allegations. After all its already a decade. This problem is just turning away ears and eyes from the Rakyat's present day problems and at the end of the day only newspapers and kopi tiam make profits. All the best to you Tun.

nsfan8 said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,
Mudah2an Allah akan sentiasa melimpahkan kesihatan dan keselamatan kepada Tun and family.

Begitulah fitrah manusia di dunia..bercakap melalui mulut kerana anggota lain yang menjadi saksi tidak boleh bersuara sahingga dihari kebenaran.The truth will always surface once all the lies are said and told..believe it.

Take care...we all love you .

nikdublin said...

Perhaps Chin got it mixed up between boot camp and kem bina semangat where most of us went. That place is not bad at all as you'll be doing the basic things that you 'forgot' to do when you are outside of the camp. It is true that you are not permitted to go out of the camp but not until the extend of they will shoot you if rules are not followed. May be Chin have the perceptions that as a judge, he is second to none and above everyone. Most of all, to my opinion, what ever you do is always misinterprets by others. And like most good leaders, it is nice of you to explain whereas go to hell if it is other.

salam hormat.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, if there is such a threat then, it could have been so shocking that the media both local and abroad would have made it front page and the prime news.

What is actually this Ian Chin's motive?

How we see individuals who practice, "an individual is innocent unless proven guilty", are quick to take advantage of this ridiculous claim, adding blowers to a string already wet.

Especially Zaid Ibrahim!

Others "yang sewaktu dengannya" too.

When this is happening, are we seeing within a shadow of an expanding doubt, about the move to reform the judiciary branch.

Ex-gratia, and this claim by Ian Chin.

In addition to comments here, that earlier exposing a personal experience not nice with the said judge.

Yet, both Zaid Ibrahim and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are also quick to say no to a Royal Commission on this matter.

Thus the police report by Karpal Singh.

Seems like a fiction well planned.

Thus, denying the one accused to a piece to say.

Some how they have been "successful", if there is a possible intention to having you experiencing general and public perceptions not deem fit for a Statesman, you are.

Until this post!

I already know, and the world will soon know the kind of Government we have.

According to Husin Lempoyang, flip! flop!! flup!!!

Sounds like droppings of his "tumpuk tumpuk tahi unta".

Even this has value for a possible "gas", other than his, to be turned as fuel for vehicles in confronting the present and future increase in petrol and diesel prices.

Anis said...

Salam Tun..

Saya sokong tun.. Hidup tun !

Tamingsari said...


What is this country coming too..I read a comment from "ELEZEND", who got 500A's (figure of speech) and yet cannot get a place in an institution of higher learning compare to some idiot who got 1/2 an F and still got in.

Our education system is an embarrassment. Education Minister should resign and go and sell goreng pisang...oh maybe not, one needs at least a 1c to do that.

Wassalam Tun

Dee Darlienz said...

Sounded good..but im not really understand coz my english still poor..can somebody explain about this entry....May Allah bless u Tun.

zaki_77 said...

Dearest Tun,

Since we know that slander is a big sin in Islam, I was thinking maybe you can utilise your influence in Perkim to come out strongly against those who lie from amongst the Muslims to score political points against fellow Muslim opponents. Ian and those who back him do so to malign your good name; they should not e allowed to get away with it.

HeroTamil said...

salam sejahtera buat TUN,

I do enjoy reading to your respond regards to Mr Ian Chin's allegation.

To your Neil,
Yea!! Yea!! we know you can remember ever single details that you did from the day you are born.
None of us are like u.
Y dont u try the Memories Competition, you might get yourself sponsored..and have u on TV now and then.

And PJ,
Yep...i love u too!!
Guess you are the only one who understand and Master the Art of Sarcasm. Why dont you write a book about it. U might make millions!! Bless U!!

TUN sir,
Do take good care of yourself,
You are needed, STILL.

kulibatak said...

Salam Tun,

Saya harap biarlah selalu Tun kena hentam dgn "si tak tau malu itu" dan konco-konconya.
Sebabnya, lagi banyak Tun kena, lagi ramai yang benci dan meluat tengok depa.....lagi cepat la peluang depa bungkus.

Hapi said...

I was reading a comment made by one of the Malaysia Today regarding Petronas staff having so much benefits and living like kings.

Seriously, saya dah baca kebanyakan postings in MT but most of them cuma baseless accusation. Takde sorang pun yg menulis mengunakan evidence! Dan yg best sekali, sebilangan pembaca setuju dgn apa yg dibentangkan. Mentang2 la, harga minyak naik and petronas is dealing with minyak, so by default Petronas la yg salah. Obviously, they do not know why, the price increases. But what to do, kalau asyik dgr dari mulut mereka yg anti Tun Mahathir, anything and everything that gotta do with Tun and that is bad, is correct.

yg ada tu, accuse petronas for doing a lot of sponsorship. Well... siapa lagi nak sponsor, harapkan orang luar ke? sponsor salah, tak sponsor pun salah...apa2 sahaja la orang-orang ni...

Guybrush said...

Obviosly this is the case where judge Chin were sitting in his chamber far too long and started hearing voices. ;p

samilsuh said...

Ayahanda Tun,
Now we know who is the devil in disguise, Ian Chin talks so much bad about the boot camp and he should be kicked out of the court house. Is this a clear definition that
a lawyer is a liar. Tun should butcher them. We are proud of you and let justice prevail

ZSFotoVideo said...

Hanya tuhan yang tahu segalanya...

chrissy said...

You never fail to amaze. Say what they like, you are one of the greatest leader - no dispute on that. My son refers Tun as "The BOSS"

Aziz said...

i also felt strongly that the bar council chairman, de facto law minister and subsequently others like karpal and tunku aziz were grossly biased in their reactions. if chin had said this about someone else these characters would probably say "these are allegations which have yet to be proven" or "we must first ascertain what actually transpired. until then these remain as allegations". but since chin spoke against you it was politicially convenient and politically correct for your detractors to jump and jump on you to follow chin.

for me there were things you did as PM which i did not agree with but i try not to compartmentalise a person with fixed labels so if he does good i acknowledge that and if he does bad, i'll be one of the first to criticise that.

Maverick said...

Salam buat semua terutama Tun dan Keluarga,

Syabas Tun kerana akhirnya kita tahu keadaan sebenar mengenai kenyataan pertuduhan Hakim Ian Chin terhadap Tun. Saya cadangkan agar Tun banyak bersabar dengan segala dugaan yg mendatang dan saya percaya bahawa Tun telah bersiap sedia utk menghadapi semua keadaan ini.

Kita hormati para Hakim negara kita kerana mereka memegang perundangan dan mengadili di mahkamah. Namun jangan kita lupa juga perkataan HAKIM itu hanya jawatan dan tidak akan membuat seseorang itu betul sepanjang masa. Pada dasarnya, tidak kira mereka itu hakim, menteri, PM, TPM, kakitangan kerajaan mahipun swasta... kita semuanya sama. Satu sahaja gelaran yg kita kongsi bersama tidak kira di mana kita berasal bahawa kita ini cuma MANUSIA CIPTAAN ALLAH. Walaubagaimana hebat pun seseorang itu, walau bagaimana bijak sekalipun tetap tidak akan mengangkat diri mereka lebih tinggi daripada status seorang MANUSIA. Cuma mereka ini diberikan kelebihan dalam bidang2 tertentu dan kelebihan ini hanya pinjaman. Maka, sekiranya kelebihan ini digunapakai dengan sebaik-baiknya akan membawa manafaat yg baik kepada seseorang itu dan begitu juga sebaliknya.

Kita bukan hanya mahu mereka ini menggunakan kedudukan mereka itu utk menjatuhkan orang lain demi utk menaikkan diri mereka. Jelas dapat kita lihat perkara ini berlaku. Sesiapa sahaja yg berpeluang menjatuhkan Tun akan diberikan ganjaran yg baik. Tidak perlulah diulas bagaimana perkara ini berlaku, cukup saya katakan dengan katakunci "Senator+Menteri 24 jam". Sudah faham bukan.

Saya terkejut dengan keputusan SAPP mahu mengemukakan usul tidak percaya terhadap DSAAB selaku PM. Saya terkejut bukannya sebab keputusan ini mengejut, tetapi akhirnya ada pihak yg benar2 berani secara terbuka utk mengutarakan usul yg begitu berani sekali. Lebih2 lagi SAPP ini datang daripada pakatan BN yg seharusnya menyokong tindakan2, usul2 dan gerakan2 yg dilaksanakan oleh BN. Namun sekarang kita dapat lihat, dan DSAAB sendiri mengakui bahawa manifesto2 BN masih banyak belum dilaksanakan termasuk manifesto2 tahun 2004. Masihkah DSAAB bermimpi dan tidak akan sedar akan pimpinannya yg rapuh dan tidak mendatangkan hasil apa2 hasil kepada negara dan masyarakat? Mungkin DSAAB masih dalam Honeymoon Mode lagi spt yg kita sedia maklum.

Jika dilihatkan perkara ini, sekiranya DSAAB mahu memerangi gejala rasuah yg berleluasa ini, saya sokong dengan cadangan beliau ini. Tetapi mengapakah DSAAB tidak mahu memerangi gejala pendatang asing yg datang secara haram ke negara ini sedangkan sekiranya diteliti perkara ini juga ada mengandungi unsur rasuah? Isu PTI ini juga tidak akan mendatangkan apa2 hasil positif kearah pembangunan negara. Mengapa? Walaupun mereka ini diambil berkerja secara haram dengan gaji yg sedikit, tetapi dengan gaji mereka yg sedikit itu juga mereka akan menjadi kaya-raya di negara mereka dengan pertukaran matawang yg tinggi. Ekonomi negara juga tidak akan menjadi lebih baik dengan pengeluaran matawang ke luar negara melalui "pelaburan" orang2 PTI ini di negara kita.

Kita berharap agar pemulihan pentadbiran negara dahulu di baik pulih sebelum kita memperbaiki parti. MAna lebih ramai keahliannya, negara ataupun parti? Utamakan dahulu mana yg penting dan mendesak dan pada kiraan saya urusan negara ini adalah lebih mendesak berbanding urusan parti. Minta rombakan besar-besaran dalam barisan kabinet negara dan menggantikan kepada pemimpin yg lebih berkelayakan utk mendokong tanggungjawab tersebut.

Kita berjuang demi untuk AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA. Perjuangan ini lebih baik daripada perjuangan mempertahankan parti kerana tanpa AGAMA, BANSDA dan NEGARA, Parti tidak akan wujud dan tidak akan jadi. Tepuk dada tanya selera... Berjuang tiada penghujung dan belum selesai...

ashhassimoto said...

Salam Tun,

There appears to be a conspiracy amongst the legal fraternity to demonised you. Perhaps I can draw your attention to a photograph which appeared in May posting of Blogger anotherbrickinwall....the picture was that of lawyer Zaid Ibrahim, attending a meeting on 27 Aug 2007, in serious discussion with other legal activists, namely Haris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz Sarwar who were well known harsh critics of Tun.........the picture speaks a thousand words.....birds of feathers flock together....Karpal, Ambiga, Salleh Abas, Ian Chin, AAB, whoever they are, they are of same feathers.

Tun, everyone knows that Zaid Ibrahim was charged for money politics by the UMNO Disciplinery Board, and he was not even considered to contest during the recent 12th GE. BUT eventually he was made a Senator, he is now in the Government....he is in the Cabinet , and the irony part of it is, he is the de facto Law Minister.

Whatever he does, all his actions and decisions ( we know most Cabinet Ministers not necessarily in agreement with him ) are in line and in conformity with the hidden agenda, in furtherance of
AAB's evil scheme. What do you expect when someone enters through the backdoor?

Ian Chin's Great Revelation won't be the last, believe me. There will be more legal related issues be exposed......Only yesterday, the Federal Court allows Anwar Ibahim to challenge his 1998 sacking by Tun.

There will be more battles for you....but you have survived, you have stood the onslought for 22 soldier on.

I admire your guts and perseverance.

bulan said...

The present government resembles a circus. These accusations are yet another farce created by the Pak Lah clowns to try and deflect their ineptitude.

We are proud of you and what you have given us.

We wish you all the best as always!

ajak said...


Saya sedih sebab banyak sangat perkara lampau yang dipersoalkan.. Masalahnya ini mungkin boleh mengakibatkan 'making up stories' dan penipuan. Selain itu, ditakuti segala amal baik yang dilakukan dengan ikhlas dahulu akan terluput jika adanya sifat riak dan mengungkit.

Saya harap Allah menerima amal baik Tun sebagai amal yang soleh, dan Tun terpelihara dari sifat riak takbur mengungkit2 dan sebagainya.

Anonymous said...

Salam hormat Tun,

can't help myself from laughing when I read your response today hahaha... As usual you are full of surprises and I bet there are more to be revealed...

To NEIL, the "National Creed" is never a bad course, as it has made me and others to love our nation and respect others. From the course, we've also learned the right and respectful ways of dealing with foreigners.

Clearly from your own words, you do not know how to respect great leaders, such as Tun. I assume you are not a Malaysian, since a Malaysian knows how to respect others and use good words to voice out his/her opinion.

Quoted from your comment here "So I HEREBY FOUND YOU GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT." - this may be applied for those who reside in US, since here in Malaysia, someone is innocent until it's proven otherwise. Again, I assume you are not a Malaysian.

If my assumption is wrong (i'm innocent until it's proven otherwise..;P ), perhaps you did not have the chance to join the course before. You may call up the Biro Tata Negara number which is 03-8888 6320.

However, if you did join the camp before, probably you didn't listen to the lectures.


did you flee from the camp too?

Anyway, great post Tun!

ASHAR said...


Dalam harakan online hari ini:

""Parlimen akan gempar dengan usul tidak percaya terhadap PM
Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob
Wed | Jun 18, 08 | 4:18:41 pm MYT
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Jun (Hrkh) - Pengumuman yang dinantikan seluruh rakyat Malaysia akhirnya terjawab hari ini apabila ahli Parlimen Parti Progresif Sabah (SAPP) didakwa akan mengemukakan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Ahmad Badawi dalam sidang Dewan Rakyat Isnin ini.

Tindakan ini adalah sejarah yang mungkin tidak dapat dilupakan Perdana Menteri dan rakyat Malaysia bahawa usul tidak percaya akan dikemukakan terhadap perdana menteri.

"Sewaku sidang Dewan Rakyat mulai Isnin ini, 23 Jun, ahli-ahli Parlimen kita akan menyokong undi tidak percaya kepada PM. ""

TUN apakan usul ini akan boleh menurunkan Pak Lah, dan apakah kesannya kepada UMNO dan BN kerana ianya di buat oleh pembangkang.?

Salam dari perantau

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

Din Investor said...

Tun, I always admire your leadership style and I know that you will do the right thing for the sake of this country even if pressured by West and the western world ideology supporters which admire west systems. Current credit crisis which is facing west is a strong proof that their system is driven by greed and power far from human or world well being,justice and fair treatment which is frequently sung by them to get supports from other countries but is little put into practice . You were totally right when you lead Malaysia by 'Look East Policy' by emulating Japanese and Korean work practices in running this country [ I wonder whether your look east policy is being practiced by the current government as it has not been mentioned since your stepping down but the government seems to be bowing to Western pressure and has not in anyway criticise West for their misdeed]. Tun, my hope is that you will stay healthy and reveal the truth as others, mostly lawyers which are Western educated and are immensed with Western ideologies will always find ways to hate you even when you did something right as they in my opinion would like to make their name look good in Western press for supporting Western system. Malaysia has long been through colonization by West, and I as Malaysian do mot want to see this country to be colonize by Western thinking which had been proven to be wrong. Let our ways of doing things be dictated by East rather than West. I fully support your Look East policy.

Anonymous said...

Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Daniel Lieberman.

Kita boleh lihat dengan jelas "corak pemikiran Pakatan Rakyat & kerajaan sekarang bila kita buat perbandingan begini:

Bila Tun ada isu yang diketengahkan, tidak ada seorangpun yang bangkit untuk follow up.

Bila ada yang bercakap tentang Tun pula, baik pembangkang mahupun kerajaan, kedua-duanya melatah dan cepat-cepat menubuhkan Royal Commission atau membuat laporan polis.

Jadi apa kaedah yang sesuai untuk buka mata depa?

Barangkali bloggers atau readers yang dah buka mata boleh buat sesuatu.

Barangkali kitalah yang sepatutnya buat laporan polis untuk siasat apa yang diperkatakan Tun.

Pengunjung laman sudah lebih dari 2 juta.

Takkan seorang pun tak berani buat sesuatu?

Jangan tunggu Tun.

Dia cetus idea.

Dia bukakan mata kita.

Kita yang seharusnya kerah tenaga dan kewibawaan kita.


Anonymous said...

salam selamat malam ayahanda tun.. lama tak jenguk dan banyak posting baru yang saya ketinggalan.. tapi be the best ayahanda tun..

saya akan tetap baca dari awal sampai akhir.. dan mencerna apa yang baik dan buruk.. tapi ada setengah2 komen tersangat melampau dan tidak menghormati ayahanda langsung .. rosak bangsa kerana manusia yang semacam inilah!!

Wan shamsudin said...

Tun yang dihurmati;

Percayalah Tun, MEREKA akan gunakan apa saja untuk memburok dan membusukan nama Tun.Kadangkala MEREKA terpaksa mengunakan PEMBANGKANG dan MUSOH mereka demi mencapai niat jahat MEREKA itu.MEREKA gunakan kuasa dan DUIT untuk membeli orang orang untuk membuat FITNAH terhadap Tun.

Percayalah Tun, Rakyat masih waras dan rakyat tahu apa itu PERMATA dan apa itu BATU JALANAN.

Saya yakin Tun akan mendapat KEMENANGAN, dan MEREKA itu akan mendapat KEKALAHAN dan HILANG MARUAH.Sekarang pun MEREKA sudah hilang KEHORMATAN.

MEREKA sudah mengelabah dan terpaksa guna DUIT dan JANJI untuk mencari simpati dan penyokong untuk membela MEREKA.

Saya doakan agar Tun dan keluarga sentiasa di beri kekuatan dan kesihatan yang baik untuk menghadapi semua TUDUHAN yang TAK BERAKAL ini.

sRiKanDi^NeGaRa said...

Salam TDM yg dihormati;

Suara mana yg punya lebih byk bukti, itu yg kita cari.

TDM, kami bersamamu...


ASHAR said...


Kalau benar SAPP akan membuat usul tidak percaya kepimpinan PAK LAH...di parlimen dan PAS akan menyokong, apakah senario yang akan berlaku..?

salam perantau


alfyaj said...

To Neil,

I am concern over you...cos you sounded like a cry baby trying to get attention.

Face it, you are in TDM's blog.

We Love Tun and we will skip your entry when we see your name.

I truly pity you....

Hidup Mahathir!! We Love You!!

- hamba Allah, from across

zulquah said...


Obviously you are great.

Reply with facts.

Not just like the present bunch, does things in a "Fire Fighting" manner on handling issues. Before they could kill the fire, they found their underware burning. What a shame.

Dad, fight for your right. Malaysians knows whatever you have done is for their future with your gifted visions.

alfyaj said...

Hi Jenny, again,

I quote from your entry, "Common everybody knows u r a dictator, u kill all those go against u, including judges.."

Wow!! What a revelation.

Jenny, please provide us with prove that TDM is a dictator and he kill those go against him.

I'm interested to know and am waiting from your responce...

Thank you.

- hamba Allah, from across

wak Dojer said...

Hello yslim.

i refer to your JUNE 18, 2008 3:33PM.

i have had ponder long enough. i don't need superiority. i just need a true leader.

my very very personal point of view, AAB can't lead me. thats all about.

thanks for your concern.

p/s: enjoy your superiority under AAB while you can, as Datuk Yong Teck Lee of SAPP just released a press-statement for a motion of no confidence againts your AAB on next Monday in Parliament. good luck.

preencess said...

Asalammualaikum wrmth wbkt.

My dearest Tun,

May Allah bless you Sir in abundance of loving light,great health,patience and strength...amin.

Sir,I wish that they are many Malaysian leaders as visionary,strong and caring as you are. They should see countries only a stone throw away endlessly embroiled in problem upon problem causing pain for their citizens. Lack of basic living neccessaties, quality education scarcely available as the cost are exorbitant, not even job opportunities are in abundance despite their country being rich in natural resources.

Am worried that with the leader we have now in Malaysia, we are too heading the same way..Nauzubillahminzalik....

Am wondering too,why Najib seems to be lame and uncertain of making his political move? What is he scared of? If hes not as strong and determine as you Sir,who else would be the likely candidate to be Malaysia Prime Minister? Who will be the best choice Sir?

"The Devil that we know are better then the Angel that we dont know." The angel that we thought was Abdullah Badawi in actual fact a wolf in a sheep skin.Totally identified with the proverb above.

Please take a good care of your health Sir. Keep up with the wonderful work,in the name of Islam, Ummah and Country. My love to you Sir and family......

ASHAR said...


Kalau benar Pak Lah akan di tekan diparlimen, apakah yang akan berlaku.

Saya fikir parti di Sabah dan Serawak akan lebih yakin keikhlasan TUN dari Anuar Ibrahim.
Apa kata TUN berpakat dengan mereka seperti yang TUN rancangkan. Idea TUN untuk pembangunan Sabah dan Serawak akan lebih berkesan dari PAK LAH.

TUN kalau berhasil, lupakan pemimpin yang sombong , bongkak dan pengecut.

isteri antimamak

hatikusakit said...

Bah... This is the Kursus Induksi and BTN that all civil servants need to go to get confirmed in service. Personally, I don't believe in the Kursus Indoctrinasi... I mean Induksi as it is a waste of time. It is supposed to brief you on govermental procedures, etc2, build teamwork, etc2 and improve your work ethics, but from what I see, it doesn't work. Those that don't have the work ethics before the kursus won't have it after they go to it. I have personally seen people who have gone to these and they come back having learnt nothing except take a 3 week holiday. Obviously, to the general public, there are some blatantly obviously people in civil service that have gone and still perform miserably.

My suggestion, start the indoctrination young. In school preferably. About love for your country. I think it was Jefferson that said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country."

As for Ian the Chink, I think he need to be sent back to Indoctrinasi. Oh wait... How can he be confirmed in service if he don't have all this crap? And how is he a judge if he hasn't have had done the crap? Someone need to explain.

Despite me not liking this kursus/btn business, this judge is making a big deal out of small thing. If he don't want to go, then don't go and no need to get promoted. Oh yes, I think THAT was why he thought it was a threat. No go, no promotion. If he don't like it that much, then don't go or resign. Oh wait, if he resign, he don't become a *dato*.

PS, I am Cina and sometimes, I hate the Cina mentality especially when it comes to khianat your negara.

nurain said...

Dear Ayahanda Tun,

Saya pernah baca buku mengenai Tun..yg mana di dalamnya menceritakan sebenarnya sebelum Tun ambil jurusan perubatan, Tun berminat utk belajar undang-undang di England tapi tak dapat scholarship. dan selepas itu barulah Tun mengambil jurusan perubatan.

Apa yg sy ingin nyatakan di sini..walaupun Tun tidak meneruskan pelajaran pd waktu itu dlm bidang undang-undang...tapi ternyata Tun lebih hebat daripada mereka-mereka yg ambil jurusan tersebut.

You r a great thinker Tun, a true leader. masyarakat dunia semua menghormati Tun..they even wish u r born in their country..tapi segelintir manusia di Malaysia ini yg bodoh sombong,ungreteful serta tak mengenang jasa-jasa Tun, tak bersyukur langsung kpd Allah swt that a great leader like U were born in Malaysia. Depa rasa depa bijak pandai...tapi..hampeh..

hari ni kuor paper...ckp tak der niat langsung untuk menyusahkan rakyat,,ceh..habih yg rakyat dapat sekarang ni...apa ke jadahnya? seme brg naik harga, ayam naik, harga beras naik...

Dear Tun, dont worry...we rakyat will always be with u. I will stand beside u whatever it takes..
U r my PM always..

to judge Ian Chin...who r u compare to my dearest Tun..u ingat u kuor paper skali and accuse Tun...senang2 org boleh percaya?

Tamingsari said...

Dear Tun,

I think the Pandora's box is now beginning to open...there are now cracks in the BN Coalition party...starting with SAPP in Sabah and Bank Negara now going to increase interest rates.

I dread the worst for the Malaysian people...if someone capable does not take over from Pak Lah soon.


Maaran Matters said...

Well Tun,

Looks like the great revelation has become even greater joke.

Someone is very desparate to create issue to divert people atention away from the current issues of our distinguished weak government.

May GOD save all of us.

syahdux said...

I love u Tun...
Tun hensom...

red1 said...

Wouldn't it be more fun if you let them accuse you and drag you to court.

Your revelations steal the wind away from the storm. In the end no one wants to oppose you. And it will be back to a one-sided boring Malaysia.

Tun, you should be like Muhammad Ali. Fall back on the ropes, and let them keep coming at you.

Let them.

Redhuan D. Oon

whackthembugger said...

Yes Tun, do write a little spice about Ian Chin, just enough to castrate him, the useless Zaid Ibrahim, queen sniffer Ambiga and old doggie Kapal in public, maybe Neil will cry wolf when he realizes he is indeed only a mulut celopar, tak faham faham he has been indoctrinated to be a prized scumbag.

What’s wrong to be an autocratic or a dictator, it’s just another style of management/ administration suitable for a particular scenario and history is the judge that the 22 years of Tun’s rule has brought so much good to this country. However scumbags like Lim Kit Siang, Kapal Singh, DSAI and many others like human rights activists and the western powers will never admit it. Saddam Hussein was painted a brutal dictator by George Bush and those in the west with surnames like PJ, Neil and Jenny but to many Muslims/ Arabs, he’s still their hero while the world now acknowledges Bush and his unholy alliance which preaches greater freedom, liberty and justice as the greatest of liars and murderers the world has ever known.

All for One and One for All, touche…..Tun, we stand with you against all the tyranny and injustice amassed against you.

Anonymous said...


I knew all along the effort was to discredit you for being a great and wonderful leader.

Amist all Tun, you are still my hero and I love you very much !

Orang Dapur said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun.

Apa komen Ayahnda Tun tentang Parti SUPP yang tidak percaya dengan pimpinan Pak Memang Bodohlah seperti yang disiarkan dalam Buletin Utama mlm ni??

zubairi said...

Salam buat Tun,

I'm staying in JB, and we can received s'pore tv channel. I'm not sure what been reported in the s'pore straits time regarding CJ remarks and what others judge comments. But I'm pretty sure that its been covered on their tv news, where most of the judge (retired n present)expressed shocked and can't remember such incident happened !

Well... human being will always be human being.... we tend to tell lie, no matter what status we held, be it commoners, royal, professional, politician, thou, lawyers, and even judge !

Only Allah knows


Pray on your health Tun & family

the Owl said...

Sekarang! Orang Melayu, orang Cina, orang India mahu TUKARR ini kerajaan!!!

Jika UMNO tidak dipulihkan oleh kepimpinan bobrok Abdullah Badawi..UMNO akan tinggal sejarah.

Tun, dedahkan segala pekung kejahatan kerajaan yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini! Kami sokong Tun! Kalau Tun bina parti baru, saya adalah orang pertama ingin sertai parti baru itu yang berkonsepkan falsafah UMNO. Biar UMNO kepunyaan Abdullah Badawi tewas akhirnya!

Hidop Tun!

asoka said...


Zulkiffle B. Mohd Kassim said...

Tun strike back!,penampang sabah loves you,steady and cool TUN!

afiz_aljuhr said...

salam Tun saya dapat rasa, kerajaan cuba mencari kesalahan Tun masa Tun memerintah dulu. ini myebabkan kredibiliti tun hilang

Todd said...


Thanks for your response about this matter. Jangan mengalah dengan ugutan golongan pengecut. I know you are the best

SAPP announced that they will back a no-confidence motion against PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when Parliament resumes on Monday. What's your comment on this?

orangkampung said...

Tun yang di hormati,

Mahkamah merupakan tempat orang awam mengadu untuk keadilan dan pembelaan.

Hakim yang bijaksana merupakan harapan orang awam untuk mengadu dan mendapat kebenaran.

Harapan orang awam adalah mahkamah bebas dari pengaruh dan hakim adalah adil dan tegas.

Jika benar mahkamah boleh di pengaruhi dan hakim mengikut telunjuk orang ....


Sekian, terima kasih

idar said...

Politik Malaysis makin gawat
dgn undi tak percaya ,kepetingan diri lebih dari segala-gala negara
jadi kelam kabut, jangan comment berapi-api tapi kosong mufakat penting sekarang Harap Tun cepat .


idar said...

lupa semua pasal ian chin
jangan peduli dgn antimamak@mamaktongkan.Tolong gerak rakyaat khas orang melayu bela ugama(ISLAM) bangsa(MELAYU)dan negara(TANAH MELAYU Jangan
jadi spt mulukut di tepi gantang


penditaputra said...

Permit me to say something to one of the blogger here.

Congrat 2 u my mr jebatmustdie. Your comment on Chinese really impressing me. You addressed all the things right. That's what I want to read here. Here, you're no. 2 hero after Tun here. Bcoz Tun is always no. 1

CucukSanggul said...

12. As for the boot camp, our military forces may have it. But what we did have were courses on “Tata Negara” or “National Creed” at work camps.

**Hahaha!!! Now that is funny! I've been to a 'boot camp' (by Biro Tata Negara) too back in 1993 at the age of 16. Nowadays, every Malaysian teenagers has to attend 'bootcamps' (PLKN). I guess we all have attended our own 'boot camps'. And none of whom I know complained about anything. :D


21. The public can then pass judgement on me. But of course if I have to be charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that is fine. The world will then know what kind of Government we have.

**You are truly a fighter of your own way, Tun. How can I ever be not on your side? I hope all of these wont take so much of your health. Please take great care of yourself. My prayers will always be with you.

Onlooker said...

YAB Tun,

I tried not to politicise on the issue of Ian Chin's Great Revelation but I have to tell you my true opinion from the bottom of my heart.

I think it is fine if we try to train our company CEO to be independent by requiring him to wash his own dirty dish in a motivation course. It is also fine for me to ask a favour from a girl friend of mine to come to my own house and do the dish wash work, which I forgot to do before I left home, when I am busy with my outwork and not be able to come home for a few weeks.

However, in the context of judicial independence, I don't see the point why you should train a court judge to wash his own dirty dish in a boot camp organised by military forces. It is ardent inappropriate for you or your subordinates to organise such a training course for a court judge since it is irrelevant to the profession of a court judge.

This training, when involved with a court judge without his prior knowledge and without his agreeing to the course syllabus, is tantamount to the misconduct of disrepect to judicial independence.

If you insist that it is ok to ask a court judge to wash his own dirty dish in the public because you as a PM also did it, someone may be justified to argue that it is nothing wrong to ask you to mob the dirty floor of Petronas Twin Towers since you are the Advisor to Petronas and you draw remuneration from Petronas.

I suggest that you read some books on the U.S. Government in order to get a much better idea about separation of powers and judicial independence before you talk further on this issue. Otherwise, you will not have the adequate knowledge to rely upon as a common reference to discuss on the issue of judicial independence.

Many a time you have insisted on other people should do thing following your way. However, within the context of separation of powers, this stubbornness simply doesn't work! Even when you work in a private organisation, you should learn how to work in accordance with the job description given to you by your employer and not to encroach upon your other colleagues' territory, since there is an internal audit function which requires clear-cut separation of different job functions for different staff within the same organisation for purpose of checks and balances.

Hope you repent and begin to learn from the past mistake. God will forgive you if you really show a true repentance!

Onlooker said...

You should check out this blog in order to get a balanced view about why Chinese talk less on poverty than the Malays:

Pearls said...


I believe you.....

Richard said...

Frankly, I do not believe you and frankly, millions of Malaysians do not believe you. Your suppression of the Malaysian Judiciary is well known to both native Malaysians and foreigners alike to the extent that it has many NGOs and independent world bodies have voiced it on countless number of times. Couple this with all the misdeeds that has happened during your tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia, your denial of the existence of the boot camp alleged by Justice Ian Chin carries no credibility whatsoever.

For Chin to officially come out to say this considering that he is still a practising judge and therefore fully aware of his legal liabilities in such an allegation, it follows that his words possess a high degree of substance. Further, Chin would not open himself to ridicule if this allegation was untrue.

Please retire nobly and peaceably, and refrain from interferring with Malaysian politics.

pamina said...

something is wrong in the head of these so called leaders...

SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Bilakah serangan ke atas Tun akan habis-saya percaya Tun tahu bagaimana nak mengatasinya balik-to counter attack-good strategy-may Allah bless you always.

Nesanga said...

Finally you found something on Judge Ian Chin, as we thought you would with your special Branch officers working overtime to discredit a judge, as you have done to all former judges you sacked by special tribunal, as you have sacked your Deputy on charges of Sodomy. Anyone who opposes you will find that they have something damaging to themselves, as you will find something to discredit them. So goes with our present PM, Karpal and Param.You brought up our PM's sons company Scomi and other of his companies. Once when you were asked about your sons, you replied that they are capable of making their own money without your help. So please give credence to PM son also. Thanks.

Hapi said...

Dear Niel,

Are you are Muslim? If you are, i am surprise. Cause you are so brave to punish pple.

Who are you Neil? Are you related to Ian Chin? Or are you somebody who anti Tun due to some personal reasons? Or are you a blind follower of Anti Tun? Niel, if you are a M'sian, i believe you are lucky and doing pretty well or have a decent living in M'sia. Well.. considering you can write well and IT savvy. Do you think, you will have all that if you are in 3rd world country? or country where riots are common? How does a develop country like M'sia came about?

It's never easy to be a PM. You definitely need to ve the brain to think and act fast. And of cause the responsibilities is greater. Do you think, Tun would propose a program which will not benefit the nation? If a certain program implement by the PM should fail, its not the PM fault. Cause who manages it? Don't tell me the PM run the show, do training, do headcounts......c'mon! Where are all the paid personnel? Its them/ their agencies who shld be blame. They are paid to work. So its not the PM fault and definitely not Tun's fault if any of his program failed.

You really think that Tun ve the power to make everyone listen to him...well look, how many of the ministers have the courage to voice their thoughts? If there are a handful who ve the guts, M'sia will be in better state than it is now. The prob is, they are like lalang. You know what is lalang? So since they are like lalang....why would Tun wanna work so hard to make them scared of him and do things his way?

Niel, When pple take time to respond... its because, they think before they talk. But i guess for you... you are too straight to be easily fooled by the blind.

Roy said...

Tun can try to explain until the cow come home but the perception of Rakyat has been formed solidly with Lingam video findings, sacking of 5 supreme courts judges, issues of eusoff chin traveling with lawyer, and the latest Justice Ian reveal. Rakyat will definitely remember Tun Mahathir as the only prime minister who destroy (menjahanamkan) integrity of our judiciary and abolish article 121 of the malaysia constitution that ensure the independent of our judiciary. Nothing Tun said will ever change this very important legacy of Tun created. It will be recorded in the history book for all future generation and in the public law book of malaysia so that all future generation will remember this very important legacy Tun have left behind.

zsenteri said...

it's interesting that a suspended umno member for money politic who was not choosened to be a BN candidate in the last 12 pru and was not around to campaign for BN candidate. alas now he is a minister responsible for law.

NEIL said...

To all who are praising Tun,Please read THE MALAY DILEMMA,page 16,3rd paragraph..quote..That hereditary factors play an important part in the development of a race is an accepted fact.It does not need a scientist to point out this..bla..bla..bla.So that why your blog is being invaded with all this lousy comments from the weak genes generation,that is those who have brains between their legs.

Mr. K said...

Asalamualaikum wbt,

Ayahanda Tun tak perlu risau. Mainan mereka yg tak sudah-sudah hendak mengaibkan Tun bakal berakhir sebab mereka yg serba lemban ini dah habis idea.

Idea dari tepi tandas mana depa semua tu korek, dilemparkan kepada Tun. No worries, kita mesti berani kerana benar.

As for The Three Stooges (Samy, Ambiga and Karpal), biarkan ajer mereka tiga ekor tu menyalakkan tepi bukit. Dah penat esok, pandailah depa semua berhenti.

Semoga Allah bersama Tun dan dilempahi rahmat.


kedah youngster said...


Benarlah apa yang telah kami sangkakan, ini adalah rancangan dari MENTERI BIDAN TERJUN 'ZAID BRAHIM'. Dengan harapan lepas ini ZAID ni bole dapat jawatan lebih besar dalam parti.

ZAID, kamu adalah PENGKHIANAT & PEMBELOT besar di dalam UMNO.

zulkarnain said...

That’s great Tun. Rakyat not fooled by Chin Joker. He must had come real cheap for willing to smear Tun name at this time with all his mock up tales.
He didn’t expect Tun to find out about him being ponteng from his course. Tsk tsk. Shame on you Joker Chin. What a clown you are. You should join the circus. It is where you belong, next to the monkey.

kgtunku said...


We really should have a vote of no confidence in the law minister - I just can't believe he said something like I have no reason to doubt that the allegations are not true... Blinking idiot.


kgtunku said...


I just can't believe the law minister said "I have no reason to believe the allegations are not true.." what kind of a law minister is this? blinking idiot!


serling said...

Yang ditunggu sudah tiba
Penjelasan Tun, saya caya
Ngapa Ian Chin gitu suara
Hinakan Tun suatu agenda

miklo said...

Hello Tun,

Now, the politic, economic and constitution become worst. I dont know what is actually happen? I think Malaysia goes down now. With a stupid present PM, with image transparency and islamic(PM claimed)but in actual he and cabinet dont know how to manage the country. They are just do try and error. Now, the situation getting worst and more worst. The people or groups who has interest take this opportunity to screwed the present Malaysia. It comes from multi scope, for example judges and lawyer, races assosciation, opponent party and NGO's. Why all these happen? Because, they know, the present goverment and leader is very stupid! Then, they are think, this is a right time to make chaos. I am sure, Malaysia is goes down now. With lot of issue, Malaysia image now is not good at around the world. We dont have any pride, people around the world looked Malaysia is corruption country and be manage by crony.

Now, when you raised the issue and reveal the truth, the people or groups are feel angry and not satisfied because you had involve and want the present stupid PM step down. If this stupid PM resign or step down, the people or group has interest will lost something.

I cannot imagine, the lawyer and judges (Pengamal undang-undang) doesnt raise all these issue during the past decade, if them feel the PM (Mahathir) has do lot of wrong thing. Or why not after you step down in 2003. Why now??

Very strange! They are doing now because they know, the present PM, DPM and cabinet do nothing and they know the present goverment very stupid.

I dont know what to say anymore because as i know, UMNO and BN doesnt have a good character and brilliant of leader. The only has is "kaki ampu, kaki nak duit, gila pangkat".

UMNO is nothing now, we can see talented leader are together with opponent.

I can called this situation is "age of empire destroy".

from zanzibar, Tanzania.

miklo said...

Hello Tun,

Now, Malaysia politic, economic and constitution become worst. I dont know what is actually happen? I think Malaysia goes down and in a cycle empire destroy. With a stupid present PM, as an image transparency and modern islamic(PM claimed)but in actual he and cabinet dont know what they are doing. And goverment claim they are in good track.

They are just do try and error. Now, the situation getting worst and more worst.

In this sitaution, the people or groups who has interest take this opportunity to screwed the present Malaysia goverment. It coming from multi angle , for example judges and lawyer, races assosciation, opponent party and NGO's. All these body are aggresively take this chance and to ensure the present goverment will collapse then they are will take over.

Why all these happen? Because, they know, the present goverment and leaders is very stupid! So, this is a right time to make chaos and to ensure the goverment totally collapse.

I am sure, Malaysia is goes down within this 2 years. Malaysia will becomes poor or something big thing will happen(like Africa region). May be Malays no longer to admin the country, Malays we loose the power, Malays only has just name. And second Singapore were born in this region in this coming 2years.

The reality is Malays is weaken in all scope! That is why we must have strong goverment to show that Malays is power. But is not happen now.

In reality. Malaysia image now is not good at eyeing of the world. We are worst. We dont have any pride anymore, people around the world look Malaysia is corrupt country and been managed by crony.

Now, when you raised the issue and reveal the truth, the people or groups are feel angry and not satisfied because you are involved again and your urged want the present stupid PM step down. If this stupid PM resign or step down, the people or group has interest will lost something. They are worry about you because you had managed Malaysia very very well.

I cannot imagine, the lawyer and judges (Pengamal undang-undang) doesnt raise all these issue during the past decade, if them feel the PM (is you) has do lot of mistake and wrong decision on that time. That is responsibilty as Malaysian to prevent goverment which do a wrong thing. Or why not after you step down in 2003 they not reveal everything about you. Why now?? And its very strange!

They are doing now because they know, the present PM, DPM and cabinet has do nothing and they know the present goverment very stupid.(honey goverment, only enjoyed)

I dont know what to say more because as i know, UMNO and BN doesnt have a good character and brilliant of leader. The only has is "kaki ampu, kaki nak duit, gila pangkat, kaki pompuan, kaki botol".
That is leader of umno with that character. That is why people called UMNO dirty. UMNO is nothing now.

And i realize,talented leader and academician is more likely together with opponent. They are give full support to challenge the present goverment.

I can called this situation is "Malaysia- destroy age of empire".

Zanzibar, Tanzania.

yenkee said...

Hi Tun,
I must say I respect you despite your flaws as an intelligent human being.
Your last sentence " The world will then know what kind of Government we have." What is implied here?? I would not put down what i'm thinking but i am quite sure that our fellow citizens would be curious to know; let alone the rest of the world who are closely watching our good nation.

jantanbelang said...

ian chin ni pun satu, dia ni mesti adik beradik dengan mendiang botak chin.....

jenniferz said...

response to Razamith..i agree with you that govt servants going to the biro tatanegara (btn) camp as like plkn..
however the problem is we hardly heard children of ministers and datuk datuk went to the plkn..maybe it wasnt widely being covered by the press or maybe none..
but i knew some of children of datuk and children from wealthy family, they did not join the just reporting their physical condition did not permit them even though they are healthy.
plkn is for all..regardless race, religion and whoever your father is..but they possess power and money, of course we cant do anything..anyway walk the talk!

Anonymous said...

mari lawat blog saya di

terima kasih banyak2

gelagat niaga said...

Y.A.Bhg. Tun,

I had once attended one of those courses at the Biro Tatanegara camps in Pulau Langkawi - in the 90's. In fact, in one of those 'Kursus Bina Negara - Perdana', where you (the PM) and the then Deputy PM (Anwar Ibrahim), had also attended as panelists and speakers.

Since our batch was a 'Perdana' course (for a few days 'encampment'), and it thus meant your presence as the ‘Perdana Menteri’ was required. I guess, you would not recognise nor can you ever recall me, but I surely can remember to this very day, of your sincerity and your true 'leadership by example' portrayal during those few days.

During the course, our participants would range from some dignitaries – such as some Tan Sri, Dato' Seri, some Datuk and right down to the common man (like myself). Even some female participants had attended the 'Kursus Bina Negara - Perdana'.

With regard to your article, it is thus no surprise to me though that some individuals such as Justice Ian Chin had absconded before the course was over.

From my experience and observation (during the ‘Perdana Course’), it was perhaps their ego and 'social-status' that had made some of these dignitaries and individuals being unable to adjust or ‘handle themselves’, when having to let's say - bunk-up in double-decker beds in dormitories and also having to line-up and dine in mess-halls at specific schedules.

Having been in the so-called 'upper-class' themselves, these experiences would really ‘test’ such individuals, where one can see whether 'their feet was down-to-earth’ or not, during such outings. Certainly in these courses, the bed and boarding in the Biro Tatanegara camps were definitely not a 5-Star Hotel facility and experience.

However I personally feel that occasionally we do need to attend such courses – for our own good. The ‘upper-class’ citizens must realise that once in a while they need to get away from their country-clubs & golf-courses and get some experience with common masses and to be somewhat ‘down-to-earth’. To those Muslims who have genuinely performed The Hajj in Makkah in their life-time, I guess you will know what I mean by this.

Occasionally, one would have to give up some ‘comfort’ sometime in our life for the sake of our own good. As another example, that is why some excellent leadership & management skills have been churned out from The Outward Bound Schools method of training and motivation. Thus, the BTN’s – ‘Kursus Bina Negara’ was somewhat an effort to motivate the participants for the love and building of the nation – through participative involvement and team building.

Perhaps Justice Ian Chin could not ‘fit-in’ or feels out-of-place in such activities or venues. Or perhaps during some ‘brain-storming’ sessions, he felt his participation was not worthy of praise or appreciation by some of his peers or even from some panelists. Whatever it was, it should not have prompted him to abscond or even some would say ‘desert’ the course or camp. Hmm!, a ‘deserter’ would be a rather harsh word, but that’s exactly what it means when one abandons one's team or camp, doesn’t it?

But now and today in the issue of Justice Ian Chin, who is blaming or accusing you (when you had long been retired as Prime Minister) of threatening the Judiciary, is somewhat too belated and unbecoming of a Judge, is it not? Why did he not do so when you were still the PM? Why now? Something smells fishy here and right now it stinks very bad!

Anyway, having completed the course I did receive my participation scroll from the Biro Tatanegara. And I have proudly framed and hung the scroll as well as the group photograph (including with you – the PM), on the wall to be displayed for all see - whoever visits my office.

As an ending note, I just wish to register that it was during that particular BTN course did I get to observe (up-close), of your sincere and genuine leadership conviction. During the whole course, I had only one opportunity and instant to really ‘test’ you when you visited our group’s dining-table during one particular dinner-time.

After chatting with some of us and after having finished your meal, I followed you closely behind to the wash-basin when you were about to wash your utensils & food-tray. I offered to wash your utensils and food-tray but you declined my offer and went on casually doing what normally a housewife or a common house-maid would do.

I was astounded by this act. How is it that a Prime Minister is washing his own dishes in front of hundreds of participants, and where many amongst them were dignitaries! Thus, they too had to follow suit. I must say that you were truly leading by example and you had also truly - Walk the Talk!

So, perhaps this was also some of those ‘ordeals’ that Justice Ian Chin could not bear to go through. Where perhaps, he considers that it is highly improper for a Judge of The Courts - to wash their own cups, plates and dishes! Wallahu’alam.


ELDERLY said...

Bravo, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad: This is an example of a great leader. May Allah gives you strength, health and protection to relate the truth. I believe you.There are several MPs (oppositions and ruling) who just cannot accept that they have to be disciplined if they don't behave. Please, keep up with the good work. We still need you. Let your sons carry on with the legacy.

musato said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Sebab itu Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri kami selama 22 tahun.

Terima kasih Tun.

Cendanawangi said...

Thank you for clarifying all the issues.

Never miss.

Terong said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Saya rasa penulisan 'gelagat niaga' adalah benar dan berdasar kepada pengalamannya. Terima kasih 'gelagat niaga' kerana sudi berkongsi pengalan dengan kami dan sya sebagai seorang kakitangan swasta munkin tidak berpeluang menghadiri kursus seperti itu.

Kita semua tahu bahawa pemimpin kerajaan dari parti politik akan dinilai terus oleh rakyat pada setiap 4/5 tahun melalui pilihan raya TETAPI ini tidak berlaku kepada pihak KEHAKIMAN...

Hakim-hakim yang menjawat jawatan mereka kerana mempunyai kelulusan akademik... kemudian kenaikan pangkat mereka munkin kerana merit atau kerana membodek bos dan melobby kenalan yang berkepentingan dari kalangan peguam/ahli politik yang tidak jujur. Tetapi hanya PM yang berhak mencadang pemilihan mereka apabila beliau menilai semua faktor yang diperolehi dari semua pihak yang beliau perlukan sebelum membawa cadangan kepada Majlis Raja Melayu untuk persetujuan.
Jadi ini bermakna pihak Kehakiman dinilai oleh Majlis Raja2 Melayu dan juga PM yang dinilai oleh rakyat pada setiap pilihanraya.
Jika pemimpin yang dipilih dan berwibawa maka pihak kehakiman pun berwibawa juga ler... jika tidak rakyat telah membuat pemilihan pemimpin yang salah.... betoikan?
Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia amat setuju supaya Judge Ian disiasat oleh tribunal kerana beliau telah melanggar procedure.

ccdev said...


so there is no truth, what is the real story I wonder?

Mohd said...

Saya mengikuti kursus BTN (Biro Tata Negara) pada tahun 1994,dan saya bersyukur kerana berpeluang mengikuti program yang Tun ideakan..Semoga Tun sehat-sehat selalu.

Minak said...

Dear Tun,

I attended "Tata Negara" course about 21 to 23 years ago.. twice.. It was really a good course.. gave a very positive impact to me personally..

No complaint.. Just like to hear the singing again..



yang penting..


-Jinggo Rock-

Bumi Bertuah said...


Maaf, lari dari tajuk......

Please comment Tan Sri Hassan explaination di RTM 1 baru baru ini...saya rasa ada yg tak kena dengan peneranganya...saya sudah lama di dalam industri minyak dan gas ini...

haniesofea said...



Anonymous said...

I'm very interested on what Tun said regarding on the TataNegara camp. It is because I had attended one myself and I am deeply disappointed by it, no wonder many people do not learn much of it. I listed 2 things for your information:

1. The information on our country in political, economic and social developments presented during the talks are not only outdated, but incorrectly describing the state of our country. The speakers seem to be lost in their estacy about the achivements of our country before the millenium age. During the talk, I saw many non-malay participants looked at each other, wondering if the speakers are from the present time.
2. When the facilitators in the camp were briefing us about the history of our country, it focused much on the "Kontrak Sosial". I apologize for having to say this, but the problem is when they talk about it, it sound like the Malays are being too reluctant to hand in the right of citizenship to the Chineses and Indians. In addition, many Bumiputra participants were shocked to hear that the rights for Malay can be be applied for them too, because they do not feel that they had the same rights as with the Malays.
I hope that Tun can explain this whenever you had time, because I myself had lost my confidence with this country and I hope that Tun coud restore my confidence.

Zashnain said...

Justice Dato Ian Chin's agenda towards Tun is quite funny however it makes Ian Chin look like a perplexed man who seeks oblivion in his career.

Hamba Allah said...

Salam Tun,

Dont bother about what Ian Chin is saying, he lies and we all know that. Hidup Tun!!

Azman said...

Agaknya berapa banyak this guy Ian Chin (aku tak kenal dia ni langsung sebelum masuk paper pasal condemn Tun) dapat dari Pak Lah utk malukan Tun. Yg best nya cepat2 disambut oleh menteri2 yg kaki bodek.

Syabas Tun!

thee said...

Don't bother what they say, you are true racist ! Pls sit and regain your memory on the earlier days of you political carrier. You had mastered the "divide and rule" formula from the colonial Gov.
Can you proof that Hindraf is the Tamil racist? Check the mother tongue of the 5 Hindraf in ISA !! Do not comment without fact. This is the proof of your Divide and Rule formula . The Malaysian Indians are united irregardless of languages. Do the gov dare to charge them in court and give a fair trial?????
Hindraf ask for fair treatment for Indians and not to break temples as one's wish, is this you are calling as threatening ??? Fantastic, Tun.
Hindraf NEVER involve in violence , do not link them to LTTE. It shows the current gov could not handle the problem in diplomatic way and you are joining the gov too. As Tun always say, " find the root of the problem before find the solutions" did anyone try???
Enough fooling us Tun,the days are gone. We stand as one malaysian, we don't want your racial politics anymore !!!!!

nookvillage said...


Saya menghormati Tun.Saya sempat ikut Tun ke Hong Kong semasa krisis kewangan.
Saya menghadiri Tata Negara sebanyak dua kali.Saya rasa bangga dan hormat bila dipilih.Saya dapat pengetahuan hal kemasakini tentang Malaysia dan juga dapat kenal (nokia-ed) dengan ramai kawan baru. Saya keliru bila Ian Chin melihat Tata Negara sebaga "hukuman". Saya berharap dipilih kali yang ke 3. Nookvillage

lord musan said...

Salam Tun,
These are the type of judges that gives the wrong impression of our judiciary but now the Abdullah government is trying to make you a scapegoat.In my opinion you should sue this Chin J fella and let him be judged by another proper judge for for defamatyion.As for Zaid, dont worry Tun.This type of people are always there just like the fishes(..i forgot the name of the fish!)..that always follows the big whale or shark!Sooner or later they will either drop to the bottom of the sea or they themselves got eaten by the bigger shark which can't find anymore prey elsewhere!Biasalah Tun,baru naik jadi menteri..mesti la nak cari populariti dulu!

Azman said...

Salam Tun,

NEIL comments

"Tun, Datuk Ian Chin's revelation of the century has indeed tainted your legacy. Just imagine how you are going to write your memoir. In your twilight years you will be haunted by all the dirty tactics you use during your dictatorial years. Your Idi Amin and Mugabe iron fist years will forever be remember as the dark years in our history. Your final hours of suffering will be a testament of your brutal regime."

I wonder where this dude comes from. Obviously this NEIL is full of nonsense. Please get your facts right.

There are more than 20 million people in this county. We grow up in this country and for sure fact our life are much better during the previous PM.

It is nothing and nowhere near compare to what you had commented above.

Having stable job, better standard of living, being able to feed our family and provide them with the best that we can are the most important to ordinary folks like us.

Frankly the person which has provided us with the platform and opportunity is happened to be our previous PM. It is not the darkest period of our history and it is also not the dictatorial years of our history. In fact this is the best period of our history.

Frankly the new administration should take this as a challenge to try their best to further improve the situation rather than wasting time in pointing fingers and raising issues which benefit certain quarters but ignoring the issues facing by the mass population.

That is the fact. Nothing more and nothing less.

To make things worse, we are now facing the most difficult time. To name a few, our buying power is eroded, our jobs are at stake, people are uncertain, the country is lack of direction and vision, economically we are in a very tough situation, our future is bleak, lesser economic activities, people are holding to their money, less spending on consumer markets, politically lack of direction, vision and many others.

Who do we blame? We shall not blame the world, the global economic situation or the previous management. What we do need is a strong leader together with his team to address some of these pressing issues.

Frankly, whoever it is and the team, they shall not waste their time to entertain issues such as this. These issues are not benefiting the mass population at all other than to please certain quarters.

This is the fact and the mass population has shown their frustration and anger during the election.

So in summary, please do not simply come up with this type of comments but perhaps come up with comments and facts or otherwise shut up.

Best regards
Kampong Boy

Menon Buster said...


It is obvious to all that Straits Time is not your favourite paper which reports factual events. Further, you will never like anything that is linked to SIN but you cannot deny the fact that you earned your medical degree in SIN (unfortunately). I am a Singaporean, proud to be one and am sure, you won't like to receive my comment too.

Vina said...

Dr Mahatahir ,i respect you a lot.
But i strongly disagree with your comment” Amy is racist, says Mahathir" i, m not samy supporter. But let me tell you something.. u can walk to street and call any indian and ask them what they think about hindraf.

They will tell you “they are our HERO". If one people talking is nonsense but how if 100 000 people talking and saying the same.. do you think they are insane.

You have been a great ruller of Msia, pls don't loose your trust n respect among us as what has happen to the current ruller.

The way hindraf bring the issue to goverment might be wrong but the msg given is very truth n strong enough to be understood.

Than you if you took some time to read this comment .

red1 said...

I notice such things happening to people who are famous and at the top. They will get jealousy and slander all around from certain nitwits.

It is just the social nature in politics. Certain people kept within themselves their jealousy of you when you are in front of them and in power. Once you are gone, they wait till they re sure you out of power, then they find the courage to vent it back.

Redhuan D. Oon

Anonymous said...

Quoted from Neil:
"To all who are praising Tun,Please read THE MALAY DILEMMA,page 16,3rd paragraph..quote..That hereditary factors play an important part in the development of a race is an accepted fact.It does not need a scientist to point out this..bla..bla..bla.So that why your blog is being invaded with all this lousy comments from the weak genes generation,that is those who have brains between their legs."

Anyone can clearly see that you are not a Malay, and suffice for anyone to understand that you are a racist.

And it is a common practise by the OPPORTUNISTS to excerpt few lines from someone else's statement and then manipulate them to their own lust for power.

As I assume Neil is only a civilian, he has no lust for power, and it could be resulted from a painful childhood and long for friends.

Someone should start by giving him a hug.

Please, help him! (Neil might be a she too, who knows, he/she's an opportunist!)

pemudaharapan said...



pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

Bernama reported that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) denied Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's allegation that its move in opening investigation papers on him was a threat.

Come on! Don't tell us it is a co-incidence! We know how the BN government under Pak Lah trying to spin things. The fact remains, Pak Lah now is so embarrassed that a vote of no cofidence is initiated against him. Even if it does not materialise, it is SYMBOLIC action made to reflect the truth and represent the silent majority of the rakyat that Pak Lah is just HOPELESS, period. It is good enough to affect his image as a weak Prime Minister. THE ACTION TAKEN BY SAAP IS CONSIDERED DONE WITH STYLE !!!

The rakyat are not "DEAF,BLIND AND DUMB" why suddenly ACA is opening an investigation on YTL. It is just to discredit YTL and to divert the main issue. We must congratulate SAAP for being brave enough to challenge Pak Lah and representing the silent majority who have already expressed loud and clear their feelings about the poor performance of the Prime Minister. By calling vote of no confidence coming from one of the component parties within BN strengthens the validity of his unpopularity. What a shame for him to continue holding on to his position. It makes him a real lame duck Prime Minister with no credibility.

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