Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Royal Commissions

1. The Royal Commission is not a court of law and is not supposed to judge and sentence people. But the fact that such commissions are often manned by judges or ex-judges seems to indicate that principles of justice and determination of right and wrong should be based on legal principles.

2. But clearly the Royal Commission on the Lingam tapes has allowed itself the liberty of stretching legal principles in order possibly to achieve a certain objective.

3. One sentence in the report is very telling and I quote, “In the process, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was also entangled. That possibility was ominous when examined against the factual circumstances surrounding the rejection of Malek Ahmad as Chief Judge of Malaya. Their ultimate aim or purpose could not be ascertained with exactitude given the limitation under the (Commission) terms of reference. It could be related to the fixing of cases as submitted by counsel for the Bar and others. Certainly it is reasonable to suggest that it could not be anything but self-serving.”

4. Through these unusual reasoning based on ominous possibility, even though they could not ascertain with exactitude, the Commission concluded that I could be related to the fixing of cases.

5. I am now named as one of those to be investigated by the authorities.

6. I await the investigation which I suspect is possibly intended to incriminate me one way or another.

7. Indeed based on the arguments of the Commission itself I can say that possibly it was set up in order to find something to pin on me, to drag me to court etc and generally humiliate me.

8. Indeed, although I cannot ascertain with exactitude, it may be possible that the Commission members may have been instructed to pin something on me. This is a reasonable suggestion given that for the Prime Minister “it would be self-serving.”

9. This new legal principle that ‘if it is possible then it could have been’ opens a plethora of possibilities. These possibilities should be investigated through Royal Commissions. We would then be able to have further investigations and possibly charge certain people in court. At the very least the Royal Commissions can create doubts regarding the integrity of selected people.

10. For a start I would suggest a Royal Commission to look into the possibilities of lobbying and abuse of position by Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he was Deputy Prime Minister as is recorded by the United Nations in which he was listed for being involved in the Oil for Food business with Iraq. He is also on record as abusing his position by lobbying the Iraqi authorities in favour of his sister-in-law. Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers are prohibited from doing business. Letters of recommendation for sisters-in-law clearly constitute lobbying.

11. Another Royal Commission should investigate the merger between ECM-Libra, at that time partly owned by the Prime Minister’s son-in-law and a well-known crony, with a Government Company – Avenue Assets, in which the Prime Minister who is also Finance Minister was possibly responsible for devaluing the price of Avenue Assets and giving ECM-Libra, run by the Prime Minister’s crony, Kalimullah, the management role.

12. A third Royal Commission should look into how the 5% royalty (Wang Ehsan) due to Trengganu was spent. It is possible that the usual procedures for fund allocation and spending were not adhered to. The possibility of corruption when contracts were given should be fully investigated. The Commission can, on the basis of possibility implicate the Prime Minister, the Menteri Besar of Trengganu and the Prime Minister’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, in the misuse and abuse of authority.

13. Now the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu says that the billions spent on the Monsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque etc did not come from “Wang Ehsan” but from Federal funds. Who decided to allocate so much Federal funds to Terengganu which already has some six billion Ringgit in oil royalties unspent.

14. Mere denial by the Prime Minister, the Menteri Besar and the Contractor should not be accepted as it is reasonable to suggest that they could not be anything but self-serving. The possibility here is ominous.

15. There is no need for the Royal Commission to ascertain anything with exactitude. Mere possibilities should suffice for the Royal Commissions to make their recommendations and for full publicity and pictures to be released to the Kalimullah controlled mainstream media. A full investigation by the authorities should then be carried and the innocence proven though not necessarily beyond reasonable doubt.

16. When the Royal Commissions have finished their work, new Royal Commissions should be set up to look into other possibilities of abuses of power by the present Government and all the previous Governments.


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Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

sememangnya, sejak Tun melepaskan jawatan PM banyak puak-puak ini nak kenakan Tun, saya percaya yang benar akan tetap menang.

E said...

Seeing is believing and we can see clearly all the nonsense that going on with the present administration.
I have a vouge impression that the current PM should step down for
the sake of all fellow malaysians.

cwwc said...

Very Interesting View. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Azhari said...

Dear Tun,

Great that your straight forward explanation has indeed show the "hollowness" of your detractors to pin you down via the use of Royal Commission.

I pray that Allah would bless you with good health always in order for you to keep on blogging so that you should be able to refute all baseless allegations your detractors 'within' UMNO are throwing at you.

We do know your detractors' trick i.e. to keep on throwing the mud at you so that some of them will stick.

InsaAllah with Allah grace & prayers from all of us you'll earn success here & hereafter.



Wahai bloger:antimamak,

kau belum jadi pemimpin ramai dah benci..!!!

Semua komen you dalam blok TUN, agak biadap..!!!

Be gentlement....dah ramai cari profail you....

at least we know from where you post....

we will expose later...

keep on your comments..

Anagkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara


gunungraya said...

A'kum Tun!

The Truth shall prevail!

Mereka ni spt PM dan kuncu-kuncu mereka ternyata cuba bermain api rupanya. Kita perlu cabar mereka supaya bawa kes itu ke mahkamah biar prosiding mahkamah akan membuktikan bahawa Tun tak bersalah, malah segala usaha pakatan jahat rejim Pak Lah akan backfired!

Depa ingat Tun ini tidak mempunyai bullet fire la? Hehe. Silap orang la mereka ni!

Mereka asyik buat royal commission nak kaitkan Tun, tapi mereka juga perlu buat Royal commission untuk:

1- Kes ECM Libra

2- Kes Batu Putih

3- Kes Iskandar Malaysia yang menjual Johor

4- Kes kenapa banyak khazanah strategik Malaysia dijual kepada orang asing

5- Kes Proton, isu AP.

6- Kes Rasuah untuk dapat tender kerajaan.

7- Kes Halal Hub

8- Kes Oil For Food

9- Kes Banjir besar di Johor, kaitan jual pasir 1 bilion kubik.

10- Kes Anwar Ibrahim yang masih tersimpan di zaman Tun.

11- Kes kenapa Anwar Ibrahim dilepaskan? Apakah wujud campur tangan pemerintah?

Tun! Perjuanganmu belum selesai! Teruskan perjuangan mu, dan kami semua akan sentiasa berdiri teguh di belakang Tun!

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

In Real Life
(where is mukhriz?)

June 03, 2008 17:32 PM

Nik Sapeia's Lawyer Challenging Evidence By Four Witnesses

KOTA BAHARU, June 3 (Bernama) -- A lawyer representing businessman Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof who is charged with causing hurt to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and three others, on Tuesday urged the Magistrate's Court here to strike out the evidence by four witnesses.

The witnesses were Wan Mohd Hafiz Wan Awang, Mohd Zaid Mohamad @ Yassin, Mohd Ali Da'em Ibrahim and police cameraman L/Cpl Romzi Mat Nayan.

Counsel Zainal Abidin Mustaffa said they gave difference accounts as to how and where Nik Sapeia had allegedly sprayed a dangerous substance at the victims -- Dr Mahathir, Pasir Mas Member of Parliament Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Mohd Nasir Muda and Suberi Sahidan.

He said that according to Hafiz, he saw a hand holding a spray canister with the thumb pressing the tip of the canister while Dr Mahathir was outside a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

However, Zaid had said that Dr Mahathir was in the vehicle and two fingers were used to discharge the spray while Ali had told the court that the incident happened inside the terminal and Dr Mahathir and Ibrahim were at the time in the vehicle.

Only two elements in the evidence of the four witnesses were similar, namely the spray was discharged once and only one person did it, Zainal said in his summing up at the end of the prosecution case.

Sapeia, 53, is alleged to have caused injury to the victims by spraying a substance which posed a danger to the body when inhaled at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Pengkalan Chepa at about 11am on July 28, 2006.

The offence under Section 324 of the Penal Code carries a maximum jail term of three years or a fine or both.

The trial began in August 2006 and saw the prosecution comprising Raja Rozela Raja Toran and Noor Ezwanee Mohamad producing 20 witnesses. Zainal and co-counsel Mohd Ilyas Mohd Noor acted for the defence.

At the end of today's proceedings, Magistrate Azman Mustapha ordered the prosecution to submit a written argument on June 23 and fixed July 8 for rebuttal by the defence.


i. Your army must press forward on all fronts -here and internationally. The Anwar card will be played.

ii. Mukhriz must raise these issues in his talks and in parliament to help the Prime Minister clear these allegations about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Ministry of Finance -these are very serious allegations or Mukhriz sues you Che Det for defamation.

Kian Teck said...

Another insightful post Tunku.

For the benefit of the nation, this is truly astonishing.

Here is to a better Malaysia!

Gunung Semanggol said...

Dear TDM

Keadaan nampak terlalu kalam kabut yg pasti terlalu banyak Commission telah ditubuhkan dan yg pastiia nya tidak mendatangkan apa-apa hasil kepada kerajaan kepimpinan Pak Lah sekarang. Terbitan buku hasil siasiatan di jual dengan harga melibihi RM500, ini memboleh kan orang yg berada saja yg dapat membelinya kalau orang miskin tak dapat membeli buku tersebut. Saya rasa semua rakyat patut mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut atau keadaan sebenar.Ini membuktikan kepimpinan yg
ada tidak memberi peluang kepada rakyat untuk memberikan pandangan.
Dimata dunia menganggap kipimpinan yg ada sekarang terlalu lemah untuk mengatasi masalah dalaman negara. Yg pasti apa kah keyakinan dan penglihatan dunia terhadap badan kehakiman Malaysia? SEKIAN selamat berjuang TDM.

donplaypuks said...

At least you are still free and have the benefit of a hearing by the RCI. You may have your day in Court.

But what about Kit Siang, Karpal & hundreds of others you put behind bars under Ops Lallang. They were convicted by you and you alone on the strength of mere
'possibilities'. And the Hindraf 5 too. Why no RIC for them?

So, why are you complaining when it's your turn to be on the receiving end. Feeling the heat, are we?

Sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. You would do well to remember that!

echelon said...


The VK Lingam inquiry was left without any proper control probably to attacked several people within their hidden agenda. To much dissapointment, the officers of the court should/must uphold the integrity of the RCI and its members. The RCI was one of the factors lead to the defeat of BN during last election. The RCI were staged with incompetent members e.g Prof. E.Datuk Khoo K.K (He is a historian and not relevant for the judical case).

I was honored to witnessed that the judges & the committe members stood up once you enter the room. It shows the due respect to you Sir. A Wise Puritan once said " Apabila yang HAQ datang maka yang BATIL akan tunduk hormat".

The AG should prevent a lot of unnecessary proceding to enter the courts as we are facing nearly400,000 PENDING CASES in our court and this should be AG, DPP and officers of the courts KPI - Key Performance Indicator. And worst the public should be made known to their KRA - Key Result Area. As such, our recent lost to Pedra Banca.

I'm happy to see your 2 Cents Thots on the matter Sir but this is 'Below The Belt" issue. We need your wisdom to lead Malaysia to a greater heights. And it starts with our soverginity and the positioning of the Malaysian Excellency in ASEAN. Upgrading our Education Systems & Contents must be our priority so that our education standard can be the best in ASEAN Countries

Azuddin Jud Ismail

ija said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Sehari kalau tak baca komen Tun rasa macam tak lengkap saja..

I love to read all your comments cos all of them become the greatest reading articles for me.

Keep up your great spirit and we as a silent majority will always support you till the end.


Anak Jati Kedah

akil said...


No disrespect, but lets stop all this nonsense of 'the pot calling the kettle black'.. We need tranparency and accountability, which we did not definitely have during your time..And the current need for 'royal commissions' just reflects the state of affairs during your time.

Let the PM do his job.. Transparency and accountability has not reached the desired level but it is definitely better than during your time

mat_bodohwi said...

...royal commission is only an instrument of the government here in malaysia...so it has no impartiality...

Don said...

salam Tun,

Semenjak laporan royal commission keluar, saya juga tertanya-tanya tentang cadangan royal commission untuk mendakwa Tun atas alasan kebarangkalian berlaku 'fixing of cases' walaupon suruhanjaya ini tidak dapat mengaitkan Tun secara langsung dengan perkara itu. Dari segi logik pon, seorang yang berakal sihat akan melihat cadangan itu sebagai satu cadangan yang tidak logik.

Jika hanya mengambil kira dengan wujudnya kebarangkalian, walaupon tidak mempunyai bukti, maka seseorang itu harus didakwa, maka mahkamah akan terpaksa beroperasi 24 jam dan mungkin setiap seorang rakyat Malaysia akan pernah didakwa di mahkamah kerana kebarangkalian melakukan dari sekecil-kecil kesalahan hinggalah sebesar-besar kesalahan.

Mungkin benar apa yang dikatakan Tun salah satu tujuan penubuhan suruhanjaya ialah untuk 'self-serving'. Apa-apa pon, semoga Allah membantu orang-orang yang benar.

faizal(ampang) said...




"" Kepada pembaca dan semua penyokong blog Anti Khairy,

Blog Anti Khairy yang menggunakan alamat www.antikhairy.blogspot.com telah berjaya dimusnahkan oleh konco-konco menantu Pak Lah.

Oleh yang demikian, sekarang ini blog Anti Khairy beroperasi dengan menggunakan alamat http://antikhairy.wordpress.com.

Sila beritahu kepada teman-teman anda.

Kami akan kemaskini dengan maklumat-maklumat terkini mengenai kegiatan jahat menantu PM dalam jangkamasa yang terdekat.

Terima kasih kerana memberikan sokongan.

Anak Jati Rembau. ""


Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata....

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara.


Hajar said...

To Antimamak:

I believe there's a possibility that Antimamak is not aware of the real issue. And it is highly possible that Antimamak is "BERMIMPI DI SIANG HARI"..If possible, Antimamak shall read and understand the article before even trying to give any comments so that there is no possibility that the readers consider Antimamak's comments as possibly, "unintelligent".

Keep up the good work Tun M!

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, even though we do not know what transpired between Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Ezam Mohd Noor, on the day an UMNO membership form changed hands. By the way their non-verbal messages, smiling brightly, perhaps they both were up to a move so bad. This post on Royal Commissions, really expose Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shadowing what he knows lurking inside him, from the witnessing eyes of the people. In addition, this post can really expose Ezam Mohd Noor, as to whether he shall stick to his principle and start exposing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the possibility of any wrong doings in misuse and abuse of power. What ever it is, now Abdullah Ahmad Badawi seems so difficult to look at people in the eyes, because his image of the so called Mr Clean, is already a subject of continuous talk about by the public. Now Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is an individual whose spot light shall no longer shine upon him, and he shall be left in the dark history of Malaysia.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, some visitors and readers here at your blog, may have noticed a Mohd Ali Rustam, placing a comment preferring to be the first to comment. However, the one we know who has a blog and the latest post there is 23rd April 2008, is Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam. Although both are using the same avatar, I hope no one will suggest to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to set up a Royal Commission on this point of one having an individual fun. (wink!). Some might be afraid should Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shall agree to the suggestion.

Sadiq said...

Naik kelabu bijik mata ni baca tulisan orang kat dalam blog ni. Saya bet TDM tak baca pun apa korang tulis memandangkan terlampau banyak idea(information overload). Syok sendiri la korang.

Betulla tulisan ada sorang mamat dalam blog ni, memandangkan terlalu banyak tertubuh royal commission, maka elokla dibuat jadi satu kementerian.
Boleh jugak saya apply kerja. Jadi kerani pun OK. Dapatla merasa skim pencen. Saya ni 3 kali interview kerja kerajaan tapi tak pass.

Azman said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Terimakasih kerana memberi buah fikiran, idea dan penjelasan yang bernas dan intelektual dlm setiap tulisan Tun dlm blog ini. Saya mmg cukup teruja bila membaca tulisan2 Tun ini kerana dgn adanya tulisan2 ini, saya dpt menjana fikiran dgn idea2 yg baik dan kadang2 "unexpected".

Saya adalah salah seorang dpr beribu2 kaum bumiputra yg "menjadi" dek dasar2 kerajaan yg Tun kepalai dan buat terhadap negara Malaysia. Pelbagai kenikmatan dpt dirasai pabila kita mempunyai ilmu. Tambahan pula ilmu yg didapati itu dpt digunakan utk meningkatkan taraf hidup satu2 keluarga. Masih saya ingat pabila saya menunggu2 Tun berucap di Perhimpunan UMNO tiap2 tahun. Betapa saya akan mengadap TV utk mendengar pesanan2 Tun dlm meningkatkan taraf hidup kaum bumiputra khasnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya. Tajuk2 utama akhbar2 di suratkhabar dan media masa itu tentunya dari Tun. komen2 Tun terhadap sesuatu perkara, samada isu dalam negeri ataupun luar negara, mmg dinanti2kan oleh semua kawan ataupun lawan. Betapa bangganya saya bila diluar negara menceritakan mengenai Malaysia. Acap kali org2 luar akan kaitkan Tun bila mendengar mengenai Malaysia.

Tapi skrg tidak lagi. Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi buah mulut org. UMNO tidak lagi sekuat dulu. Pembangkang makin naik tocang. Isu dalaman UMNO kerap diperdengarkan di media2, seolah2 tiada nakhodanya. Klu begini lah jadi nya, lama kelamaan UMNO akan berkubur bersama2 org2 didalamnya. tiada lagi ikon dlm UMNO, semuanya biasa2 saja. Kita tidak mahu org2 biasa utk memimpin negara. Kita maukan ikon, org/personaliti yg boleh berada 5-6 langkah kedepan dlm membicarakan mengenai satu2 isu, baik isu dalaman atau luaran. Kadang2 ada personaliti "diktator" tu membantu kerana hanya dia tahu arah tuju bahtera. Klu biar semua tahu, kelam kabut lah perjalanan bahtera tersebut sebab semua nak tunjuk pandai.

Harap Tun teruskan tulisan2 Tun sebagai org luar UMNO. Biar Mukhriz lawan dari dalam. Jaga diri dan kesihatan baik2 Tun dan semoga Allah sejahterakan Tun dan keluarga dunia dan akhirat.

suara hati said...

Assalaimualaikum, TUN

Memang suarahati saya dah tahu niat pak lah menubuhkan suruhanjaya hanya untuk memalukan orang tertentu terutama TUN,tetapi kebanyakan rakyat yang mengundi pada PRU 12 yang lepas dan yang menyebabkan BN hilang 2/3 kerusi di parlimen tak ambil kisah pun pasal suruhanjaya kehakiman,kami tak kisah siapa pun yang jadi hakim asalkan adil....kami tak pernah rasa tertekan pun proses keadilan semasa di bawah TUN...

Yang kami ambil kisah sekarang ialah kepimpinan kerajaan(PM) yang lemah...saya dah tak yakin dengan kempimpinan sekarang(Pak lah,nazri aziz,kj,sharil samad,ali rustam,muhmmad taib,musa hitam,zaid lawyer,zahid hamidi dan sekutunya) boleh membawa negara,bangsa,agama islam ke tahap cemerlang sepertimana semasa pemerintahan TUN....

Harap sharil samad dan KJ beri perjelasan tentang isu yang TUN bangkitkan.....TANIAH TUN diatas kejayaan blog TUN....jumpa lagi.....bisikansuarahati.blogspot.com.

esen said...

InsyaAllah Tun, kebenaran akan muncul dan menyebelahi orang orang yang benar. berbahagialah Tun dunia akhirat.Amin

esen said...

salam tun, banyak2 bawa bersabar, ini adalah dugaan seorang pemimpin. bersama2 saya menyokong tun, saya bukan manusia yang tak kenang budi, buruk macam mana pun tun, tun tetap pemimpin terunggul Malaysia.
tq tun....

rio said...

A'kum Tun

saya selalu menonton filem tamil
filem tamil selalunya berkaitan polis dan menteri2.
adakah filem tersebut menggambarkan kerajaan Malaysia juga?sangat korup?
jawapannya ya!
masalahnya tiada orang yang jadi seperti hero dlm filem2 tersebut.
sebabnya, outlaw di Malaysia lebih ganas dari yang dalam filem tamil gambarkan!!!!

red1 said...

Dari menganalisa tulisan AntiMamak, saya dapat menangkap dengan mudah bahawa AntiMamak ini sebenarnya adalah double agent yang menyamar sebagai anti Mahathir supaya orang benci kepada pembangkang.

Itulah taktik kotor. Kita tidak harus memihak kepada sesiapa secara kotor maupun sebaliknya secara kotor.

Redhuan D. Oon

Zamri Yahya said...

Pening Kepala dengan perangai Pak Lah ni .. Step down la Moron!

Support Chedet all the time...

Malay Lawyer said...

dear Tun,
Members of the Royal Commission ought to have appreciated that you do not arrive at a decision without a thorough study.Your skill in and commitment to collecting information prior to making a decision is second to none.That is why you never falter afterwards and your conscience is always clear.

As PM you are privy to a lot of information which others are not.It maybe that you were aware of the late Justice Malek Ahmad's health condition that you did not appoint him.Or there might be other reasons.It is your right not to disclose them or disclose them at a time you think appropriate.

For the RC to conclude that you reject Malek Ahmad to enable you to "fix" cases is prepostrous.Have they applied wisdom,justice,compassion and fairness? Or were they driven by revenge,hatred and/or anger?I hope it was not ego that persuaded them to think that they need to champion a "fallen" colleague.

Tun,you are a person who believe passionately that at the end of the day you are accountable only to Allah.Your one concern is that whatever you do it is because of Allah and for Allah.May you continue to be guided by Him.

I will mohon Allah for your and Tun Kak Hasmah's prolonged good health.Wassalam.

SayangTun said...

Tun yang Amat DiHormati

saya terjumpa laporan yang dibuat oleh Pemuda PKR ini semasa saya melayari suatu blog...agak menyedihkan kerana pihak Pemuda pkr ini mengambil peluang drpd hasil laporan suruhanjaya tersebut bagi tujuan untuk memalukan Tun yang saya pasti Tun adalah pihak yang benar di dalam hal ini...berikut saya sertakan laporan polis tersebut dan saya mohon Tun untuk memberikan pandangan balas terhadap repot yang dibuat oleh Pemuda pkr ini...terima kasih Tun !!

Kami yang bertandatangan di bawah telah membaca laporan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Klip Video Mengenai Urusan Perlantikan Hakim-Hakim.
Suruhanjaya di dalam laporannya telah menyatakan bahawa tindakan-tindakan watak-watak utama yang terlibat telah menjejaskan dengan serius kebebasan dan integriti bidang kehakiman secara menyeluruh.
Suruhanjaya juga menyatakan bahawa terdapat sebab yang cukup untuk menggunakan beberapa akta ke atas sebahagian daripada individu yang terlibat. Malah ada kemungkinan tindakan-tindakan mereka menyalahi peruntukan undang-undang yang lain. Justeru penemuan oleh suruhanjaya sekurang-kurangnya perlu menjadi pemangkin kepada siasatan lanjut.
Berikut ialah petikan daripada laporan suruhanjaya tersebut:
“It is sufficient for us to state here that the collective and cumulative actions of the main characters concerned, had the effect of seriously undermining and eroding the independence and integrity of the judiciary as a whole.
For the moment, we would state that there is sufficient cause to invoke the Sedition Act 1948, the Prevention of Corruption 1961, the Legal Profession Act 1976, the Official Secrets Act 1972 and the Penal Code against some of the principal individuals involved. We do not discount the possibility of other laws being contravened. In any case, the findings have, at the very least, provided the catalyst for further investigations so that, hopefully, there would be complete transparency and full accountability.”
Terdapat enam watak utama yang terlibat di dalam mengatur perlantikan hakim-hakim kanan sebagaimana yang didapati oleh suruhanjaya. Mereka ialah
1. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
2. Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor
3. Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim
4. Eusoff Chin
5. Vincent Tan
6. V.K. Lingam
Berdasarkan laporan Suruhanjaya yang menyatakan tindakan sebahagian daripada mereka boleh dikenakan tindakan undang-undang, maka kami membuat laporan polis ini.
Ini adalah untuk Polis DiRaja Malaysia menyiasat samada terdapat bukti yang cukup untuk mendakwa mereka yang terlibat dan mengemukakan syor kepada Peguam Negara untuk tindakan lanjut.
Sekian sahaja laporan kami.

24 Mei 2008.

Shamsul Iskandar Mohamad Akin
Ketua Pemuda Angkatan Muda Keadilan

samurai melayu said...


Izinkan Anakanda beri pandangan kat
'Anti-Illuminati' yang kata Ayahanda Tun nyanyuk dan nasihat Tun M beri cadangan membina kat Pak Lah.

Pada hemat kami kay(cow) lah orang yang nyanyuk dan pendek akal, kurang membaca dan perhatian dan cara anda bertutur kami 'guarantee' anda peminat setia rencana/rancangan hiburan terutamanya AF dan Raja Lawak?

Sila baca kenyataan yang berikut sekuat2 hati.


Macam jeritan siSuden kat isteri pak mat dalam 'Seniman Bujang Lapuk

Bagaimana Ayahanda Tun nak 'communicate' dengan orang bodoh sombong?
Mungkin engkau 'lembu' dengan lembu boleh kot, Anti- Illuminati cuba lah!

Ada orang yang suka pasang telinga
dok ketawa kat kita.

slyderrose said...


Do not depend on Najib. He is so scare of Pak Lah as if Pak Lah got something on his sleeves about Najib. Maybe some files about Najib's scandal stashed somewhere. I think you should support Mahyuddin Yassin.

Wan Aikhsan said...

Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir

I surf into your blog all the time. Once a while, I checked on Rantings. It is either the news or reading your articles. What a wise man you're. Not only a great leader, but you're also a gifted writter. I have bought all the books there is, pertaining to your leadership that are available at MPH. You're signed on one of it, and my children are very proud of it.

Our whole family are your great supporter. Warmest regards to Toh Puan. We are with you, dearest, Tun.

Tanjung Bunga

Born84 said...

Salam Tun,

Saya tertarik dengan pendedahan yang Tun buat menerusi topik ini. sebagai seorang yang melantik paklah,saya yakin Tun mengetahui banyak tentang diri beliau dan kegiatan beliau.

Apa yang Tun katakan amat berasas dan tepat bagi mendefinisikan situasi berkaitan Suruhanjaya Diraja ini.

Suruhanjaya wajar bertindak mengikut protokol yang telah ditetapkan dan bebas. Tidak bersifat berat sebelah, kerana ia dianggap sebagai solusi kepada sesuatu masalah yang timbul dalam sesuatu sistem.

Apabila sesuatu yang penting terjadi dan badan bertindak yang sedia ada dianggap boleh dipertikaikan,maka suruhanjaya akan ditubuhkan dengan tujuan menjamin ketelusan.

Justeru, setiap suruhanjaya Diraja perlu hanya bersandarkan protokol yang ditetapkan. Protokol yang dimaksudkan adalah 'landasan' serta ketetapan padanya untuk menjamin matlamat penubuhan sesuai dengan keadilan.

Erti lain juga,apabila disebut 'diraja' ia haruslah menepati protokol sesuai sistem tertinggi negara iaitu Yang Dipertuan Agong.

Suruhanjaya ini mesti telus dan dibenarkan untuk mempunyai akses-akses kepada semua profil berkaitan yang terdapat pada semua pihak.

Suruhanjaya harus bekerjasama dengan semua komponen diraja yang ada termasuk Polis dan Tentera sebagai memastikan bahwa kewujudan mereka amat penting dalam proses keadilan.

Saya amat berharap agar Suruhanjaya yang tertubuh diberi kebebasan untuk melaksanakan tugas tanpa campur tangan pihak tertentu untuk 'melobi' mereka termasuk kerajaan.

Atas dasar-dasar tertentu,serta kbebasan mereka, suruhanjaya diraja boleh secara tegas mendedahkan sendiri mana-mana pihak yang cuba 'mempergunakan' mereka atau cuba menjadikan mereka 'kambing hitam'

Justeru, saya sekali lagi berharap bahwa proses ini akan berjalan dengan baik dan kebenaran akan dapat dicapai. Kerana jika tidak sekarang, dimasa hadapan kebenaran akan tetap terdedah jua bagi sesiapa yang cuba mengkhianati proses keadilan.

Terima kasih Tun...

Antimamak said...

kepada Melayu Nusantara:

Hormatilah kebebasan bersuara.
tahukah anda telah melanggari hak kebabasan bersuara, dan hak kemanusiaan??

Kalaulah ancomment saya menyentuhi perasaanmu. dengan itu janganlah membaca comment saya. sekurang kurangnya anda juga menghormati kebebasan bersuara. betul dak?? tapi bukanlah beri warning terhadap kebebasan bersuara seseorang.

Kenapa Tun tidak memperdulikan apa yang saya comment, dan memaparkan comment saya di bloknya? ini membuktikan Tun amat menghormati kebebasan bersuara , dan mempersetujui comment saya, agak terasa hairan kenapa anda hendak menghasut dan memberikan warning ?? Hairan !!!

Ooooiii melayu nusantara, saya tahu anda terlalu sayang kepada Tun, tapi kebebasan bersuara engkau bukanlah hero!!

OOiiiiii kawan, engkau manusia dari planet mana?? hairan !!

pakbelalang said...

On the payment of ex-gratia to the six judges sacked during the 1988 judicial crisis, Zaid said it was not that the government did not want to be transparent by divulging the actual amount paid out, but to respect the wishes of the families involved, for privacy.

What nonsense Zaid is talking about. Payment of ex-gratia to the judges is public money and therefore the pablic has every right to know how much in total being paid to the judges. Then only you can proudly say there are changes and reforms. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Haprak and HP6!!

red1 said...

Dato Onn Jaafar - Bapa UMNO
Tunku Abdul Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan
Tun Abdul Razak - Bapa Pembangunan
Tun Hussein - Bapa Perpaduan
Tun Mahathir - Bapa Kebolehan
Pak Lah - Bapa Komisyen DiRaja

Anonymous Says said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,
After handpicking your successor to the Prime Minister's post, there has been much judgement given to him. Apart from the King, the Prime Minister represents the country everywhere he goes. Not just the Prime Minister but also the other politicians and the ordinary Malaysians on the street. Conflicts are supposed to be solved internally and not be leaked out to any person. However, regretfully, it has leaked out, much to the shame of the ordinary Malaysians.

Since Malaysia is a democratic country, why shouldn't the democratic process be used to select the Prime Minister ?

In a court, there are two opposing forces. One a prosecuting lawyer. Two a defending lawyer. They use whatever laws that they can find in order to win the case. Therefore, there is a need to make sure that true justice is achieved.

Just me,

Fazli said...

Dear All,

Why bother replying to "anti mamak"??? This guy has extremely low IQ and will support anyone who disagree with TDM.

Remember some teaching that say it's OK to befriend SATAN as long as this SATAN helps you to topple the then TDM led BN????

Well.... "anti mamak" is the product of this teaching.....

Anak Malaysia said...

Salam Che Det,

Malaysians are fed-up with so many Royal Commissions being set up nowadays. Todate Malaysians yet to see any big sharks and bad guys have been punished or jailed or charged in Courts. It is indeed waste of public funds and time for the Royal Commissions to put forwards their good recommendations to the government but no actions are taken. It is indeed no transparent and poor governance in the ruling government. Malaysians want true judgements, transparent judiciary and good governance today.

Last but not least, enough is enough for TUN to hit out at Pak Lah to step down. An old Malay Pakcik said "MAHATHIR" stands for:


Bangsa Malaysians want to have FAIR and JUSTICE LAW in our beloved country.

TUN ..please stop your racist card game and dont caused Pak Lah naik angin to call a Royal Commission on your strong criticisms on the present government and PM. Make PEACE and LOVE with Pak Lah for good.

Let Pakatan Rakyat rules 5 states in peace and harmony. Let Pak Lah rules the Federal government before he win back all seats or lose all to Pakatan Rakyat in forthcoming 13th GE.

thebabyiscoming said...

Salam Tun,

I have to say that amongst all the stupid mistakes that Pak Lah made, this mistake of cornering you is the biggest of them all.

Listening to his "hingusan" son in law to corner you to gain political mileage is the biggest mistake of them all. This goes to show how "zero" the current Prime Minister of Malaysia is!

Tun Dr. Mahathir is a "dearest" and "closest" to the rakyat, Pak Lah should have known this! It was the political suicide to "alienate" and trying to implicate the man who has built this great country!

Pak Lah!! you are such a looser!! Better resign!!!

halimah said...

To me the authenticity of the Lingam video tape is still in question!

While it has been ascertained that the man on the phone is authentically VK
Lingam and the man who took the video is by self admission the "honourable" PKR Member of Parliament, I'm still not convinced that a conversation actually took place between Lingam and the person at the other end of the line (purported to be the CJ aspirant).

To me the pauses in Lingam's speech are not long enough for there to have been any kind of conversation or turn-taking normal in a two-way dialogue.

To me it was more of a monologue i.e one man (the speaker)was talking in spurts with no time given to the person at the end of the line (the listener) to respond.

Furthermore, apart from the evidence that a call was indeed made to the judge's office, I'm not sure how it was ascertained that it was indeed the good judge who was at the end of the line.

It could have been any other person or indeed a plant listening to Lingam's conspiracy!

I don't remember if any language specialists or voice experts were called to verify the authenticity of the linguistic input which should have been the key evidence in this case.

Granted a Royal Commission is not a court of law! Their terms of reference however must be more substantive than drawing obvious conclusions based on the line of questioning that was actually permitted = which was contrived anyway.

More and more I'm convinced that legal/judicial truth is not absolute or final. It all depends on how clever legal minds are in manipulating language and argument.

Omong said...

Dearest TUN

Pak Lah is asking the civil servants to come up with ideas and suggestions to curtail the rising prices of commodities?? I wonder if he realises that by appealing to the masses for solutions, he is declaring his failure as a LEADER.

He also said that plans cannot be confirmed as some members are overseas attending conferences. Can Pak Lah think without his "kakis"??

I remember TUN thinking of a solution to the financial crisis which went against policies promoted by world bodies (supposedly intellectual). And you came up with a creative solution that turned out to be the right one for Malaysia. It was a tough and lonely period for you but you did it. Malaysians should remember this. Petronas Twin Towers, Sepang and many more are not excessive and mega projects because the spin-offs are enjoyed by every Malaysia in one way or another.

TUN's era was a PRIDE for ALL Malaysians. I remember a boxer who carried your photo into the ring. That's how proud and grateful he was - quite touching.

Semoga TUN sehat sejahtera dan bahagia disamping your great family.

PJ said...

Hello Tun:
What legal priciples did you follow when you set up a Commission to sack some top judges in the country?
Because you are implicated in the so-called brokering of judicial appointments, you try to wriggle out of the situation by accusing the Royal Commission members and pick hoes in their Report.The whole nation was shocked at your selective memory. You did not have the guts and gumption and the moral courage to tell all. Instead, you were twisting things at the Royal Commission hearings.
Your manner of speaking was the talk of the town. If you are not guilty, why worry, Tun?
Mathias Chong, behind all this vituperation? Stop all this lah , Tun Sahib.
Abi ?

jaramoza said...

sejuta lebih pembaca dgn pelbagai komen tapi media dan umno sekarang buat diam saja.
Pihak berkenaan akan berkata, buat laporan untuk mula siasatan, kemudian akan kata tiada kes untuk diteruskan. Media buat diam dan tulis cerita lain. Apakah tun katakan ini tak relevan. Cerita pasal tun dlamkes lingam, media tulis 1 dan 2 muka, sekarang saya tunggu pihak yg berkenaan yg mana nak buat siasatan dulu atau mereka akan cari tun, tindakan keatas mukriz kita dah tau, tak boleh bertanding....tutup satu mulut...
well done tun ..teruskan terukkan mereka...

Adnanlr said...

Salam Tun

As usual, another revelation being delivered incisively.

One thing that I could not comprehend is the apathy shown by PM and cabinet ministers towards the substance in your writngs. None of them show any response (positive or otherwise).

Surely, they can't all be deaf and dumb at the same time.

YB AAB need to wake up his Dept and engaged TDM constructively.

syed syahrul zarizi said...


Bernas sekali topil yang tun kupas. Tak sabar nak lihat reaksi media perdana dan para pembesar negara


adamckteh said...

If everyone interviewed by the royal commission replied by saying that he dosn't remember, what the royal commission could do?

joehenry said...

Tun, we cannot ascertain with exactitude but the possibility is ominous that it is reasonable to suggest that the Royal Commission is indeed the Loyal Commission.

pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

Those remarks made against you are those people suffering from inferiority complex but continue to be in a state of denial. They are conscious that there is something lacking in them but they tried to cover up their ignorance by projecting themselves as if they are well-read,well-informed,well-educated and intelligent people.And yet they cannot master their intellectual skills to counter your argument, Tun. They are nowhere near you in terms of having intellectual discourse.You stand above all others. The rest they are simply finding ways to purposely wanting to irritate you. That is all they can achieved but at the end of the day all these critics of yours are just pain in the arse! Nothing much they can contribute but finally will just have to admire you !!

Azmany said...

Many comments here stated that there are too many commissions being set up. Are we going back to the old ways of bureaucracy? I understand that the present size of civil servant as it is much bigger than what it was in 1970s. No doubt the country, its socio-economy is also much larger; but after all the privatisations one would expect the country should be strong enough to let the people - via the private sector, social groups, trade associations to help regulate our lives.

The relevance here is that the Government is by its very pyramid structure controlled by the one person at the top. If that one person is strong enough to lead - than everything can run smoothly. If the one person at the top is weak and unable to lead and control the people underneath, the structure will wobble, cogs of the wheel don't run smoothly and sure enough things will soon collapse.

History has shown this trend many times over and if things stay as it is, we Malaysians will soon just memories of greatness. Mighty Egyptians and Rome left with pyramids and coliseum - we will be left with KLCC twin towers as memory of our times of glory.

Back to the commissions: to me it's another sign of undecisiveness - of letting other people handle the mess and avoid responsibility. No aaction talk only.

MalayMail said...

Hi Tun,

When you are in Power, Malaysia is moving forward and in great advancement but when Pak Lak took over from you he tried to walk away from your shadow "wanted to be smarter than you" and moving backward thro' the advices from the 4th floor 'advisers' and he would just follow thro your vision and success formula then we will be heading towards 2020soonest! The Royal Commissions on Lingam Tape at first is to targeted on you to discreadit you but when the case open he don't know how to close back and this is the great contribute towards our last election! Just my 2 cents! Billy Lee

MP-KedaiKopi said...

Dear Tun,
it seems to me that the present govt. esp. Dolah Badawi will stop at nothing to discredit and humiliate you in his effort to hide
his weaknesses and fiascos.
He will try ways and means to run
you down until you and your sons
Mukhriz and Mukhzani are totally
wiped out of the political scene.
But don't worry Tun "those who live
in glass houses should not throw stomes".
After more than 20 years serving
the people and the country, you
deserve to enjoy your retirement
and have a peace of mind. But the
present govt. will not allow you
to enjoy yoir sunset years. Even I myself as a layman have lost that
much needed peace of mind since
the new govt. took over in 2004.
virtually all the decisions made by this new govt. are either un-
necessary or very much lacking in
May God bless you and your family Tun.

mohjanne said...

Dear Tun,


If new commission to be set up in present ABB administration. 1st will be the Tender Commission to monitor big projects worth billions was tender out. A body ensure no wrong practice of ministry of finance or MOF in given out projects by favors , family member or certain contractor only.
First we explain why and what happen back as 7 to 8 RM Plan during Tun time, and what had in ABB time, After Anwar had expelled from MOF in 1998, Tun took and Daim back in managing nation development study new measure of impalement more project to stir up country economy affected badly during financial crisis. A fast way to redevelop the nation projects through DESIGN AND BUILD basis, which a qualify contractor was call in can put it their concept through their privately consultant propose and cost direct to MOF for approval, To be more correct, the MP in his constituency bought up what kind of development urgently need direct to EPU & MOF and recommend which contractor had well funded efficient design & build completed project in time. in such way, a good project will be implemented immediately at reasonable bargain price with EPU ,less red tape, Fast approval projects start building more jobs money flaw in construction industry also start moving Malaysia from recession by 2000. These ideas proven well in recapitalize construction development industry was carry on until end of 2003.
When ABB took over MOF in late 2003,he immediate order stop of many special Design And Build projects which had initial pre implemented by Tun via ministry department at stage so call Letter Of Intent only, ABB that time as Mr Clean want to clean up MOF burden as put hold projects direct award to contractor through lobby of MP as part of corrupt practice which resulted a higher price to build projects.ABB by early 2004 order a review of projects KIV freeze for moment and even some project at final stage call LA ( Letter Of Award ) by various ministries also retracted or cancel, such drastic measure had feared MP to put direct complain as that MP himself scare no be able to contest or deleted stand as MP for 2004 election because likely corrupted, 1 example that time was Tansri Kasitah arrested by ACA play most fear of MP could lead to Buka Fail ( Open Case Fail ).2004 election 90% won by BN clearly proven ABB had successfully sell his Mr Clean face by announcing many policy in battle corruption or I put it here cleansing up Tun projects awarded direct negotiation mess by a OPEN TENDER system .
From late 2003-early 2005,likely no projects was taken off, all stuck up and RM 8 fail completely, ABB gave reason of KIV due to no fund in MOF, pointing chaos Tun had over spend and government had no money to carry on projects. Fact is after 2004,KJ and his 4 floor had their game plan of developing country with new project of billion lobby directly to ABB.The Tun pre implemented projects fund was transfer to their new Design And Build project masterminded by KJ,Patrick,Kalimulah and ABB son.This intention had well covered by ABB also part of his corruption cleansing game to weep out MP from lobbying project direct from MOF,ABB with his ACA,AG team plus media keep given public a fake image of fighting corruption and managed mislead media what he doing is cut off all ill sick shady corrupt practiced system implemented by Tun time.

Back continue open tender old system in 2005,in one case I like to share here is a road project in Sabah,under RM 8 too important to be KIV,was order to open tender from original design and build by Tun,ABB give instruction it must be tender out, and must be in price more lower then what original proposed ,thus it ministry call for public tender ,but before this happen, MP who proposed that original project when an appeal to ABB realized someone who are new MP with good connection ,could be TKG 4 influence had other company with letter support ,surat sokongan (not approval )from ABB in form to be shortlist in had enough influence on tender board as well, now ABB caught himself right away couldn’t remember he too had promised which ever,or this project for which co favored and need a Flip Flop U turn decision, he then order the project review as SELECTIVE TENDER,a tender system by selected invitation, no more open tender, is a close door negotiation. Selective tender was manipulated to make sure only 2 company was last selected for final negotiation, once let say the original road project cost in 2002 was 50m,in 2005 it cost more, after putting fuel hike problems in, it could be like 60-65m then, then this stuck the tender board as no way to put below 50m,it KIV again after both selected company fight among themselves to secure this project .
By 2006,after long intent selective tender period. selective idea have made for all side happy, the original road plan was modified from straight to curve( Bengkok ) as it length increased so does it cost, now 1 road project finally turn out 2 package,1 for this co 1 other half awarded to co 2, in order to make cost look cheaper ,last it cost 40m each for phase 1 fall in RM8 and 45m awarded later for phase 2 RM9,by separate it into 2 RM, seem the road project influenced by ABB cost only 40m then 50m in Tun time for RM8,but in reality the delay and flip flop policy inconsistence answer to developing MP constituency had resulted big loss by MOF itself. From 50m to 95m,from straight proposal turn into a curved one,so does the road, Lurus jadi Bengkok. This how 1 of the mistake by ABB playing inconsistent order, policy, promises to his own MP,BN ,UMNO and rakyat of Malaysia,
Conclusion, open tender system just another foul play of ABB,KJ and family, before even anyone think for tender, it list who will got the contract are already pinched, whole tender even mere a window dressing to PENUH FORUM sahaja. it only make the ABB administration look clean efficient honest out side in reality resulted far worst. Now we see how ABB let RM 8 fall and transfer fund for RM 9 and many more mega project in GLC link co under the influence of KJ, Scomi benefit such contracts amount to billion oversea from PETRONAS, there where our money go too, from develop the nation fund was cancelled to fund it oversea projects, what & how this really help the nation economy? The great different about Tun run MOF is it shared all with BN & UMNO transparently for all parties and nation wide economy, if you say he is bad and let his MP conduct corrupt, what you say on ABB billions development controlled by his family, ECM Libra reverse took over Avenue Capital? a MOF controlled co, this reverse buy out also another form of long term contract with size worth billions, which look more corrupt, level of define “ Corrupt “ of here? Resulted part of MOF control well within family? don’t this amount enough good reason a Tender commission form in monitoring projects or GLC link co to be safe guarded .
Fact pilling up inline on every angle ABB is with lack creditability ,flip flop policy, low wisdom with back ground as scholar of Islamic study, served no experience in top corporate finance industry, his most creative idea of Islam Hadari the only sole product ABB offered contribution for Malaysia, also fail and rejected, ABB had not qualified to hold the MOF post so does continue as PM. He should resign immediately.

aah said...

Salam Tun,

Saya ada membaca buku skandal oil for food laporan khas malaysia today.Mengikut buku tersebut Pak lah memang terlibat dengan skandal tersebut,fakta fakta terperinci terdapat pada muka surat seperti berikut:
1.muka surat 68.beneficiary:BADAWI,MR ABDULLAH
2.muka surat 103 beneficiary:SHAREEF,MR.FAEK AHMAD


muslimah_262 said...

Semoga Tun dan keluarga sihat dan dalam rahmat Allah.Era kepimpinan Tun telah menyaksikan kedudukan Malaysia naik di Persada dunia.Finally the world knows that M'sia is MALAYSIA, rather than 'that country above Singapore'.Kini,dengan mantapnya pembangunan dan ramainya para Intelek Muslim yang telah dikurnia pendidikan tinggi melalui DEB, (Alhamdulillah dan dgn.kestabilan kepimpinan Tun), harap UMNO/BN cepat bergerak ke hadapan dgn. melantik seramai-ramai cendekiawan/penasihat Islam yang wara'(yang benar2 menghidupkan gaya hidup Islam),untuk meletakkan ugama Islam di tingkat atas dalam semua polisi BN dan memperbaiki perlakuan pemimpin dan rakyat yang lemah iman atau jahil.Justeru,kewujudan parti sekular baru (spt. PKR) tidak lagi relevan.Kerjasama Parti Islam dgn.BN akan menggerunkan musuh2 Islam & musuh2 Melayu di luar sana. Malangnya Parti Islam bekerjasama dgn. parti2 sekular yg. lain, semata2 utk.mendapat mandat pemerintahan, dan bukan kerana Allah.Salaam.SHINAH dan keluarga.

OneEyeSleepy said...

Dear Che Det,

One tends to be more sensitive and pays more attention towards the details especially when it involves ones own security.

May the truth prevail.

bexe said...

I am sure you have enough evidence to bring down this government. Why not bring charges (civil or otherwise) against the person(s) responsible; unless of course it incriminates you in the process. Please do not hold back and by making only insinuations as you are doing.I think you owe the nation a favor by bringing out your broom and sweeping the cabinet clean. That would be a wonderful legacy you can leave behind for us. Please go for it Tun.

mohammed jack said...

Sayang Tun

Not to forget may I suggest to set up few more commissions for various possibilities

1. to investigate the existing commissions their background/relations and intentions
2. to investigate for a start politicians like LKS, KS, DSAI n LEG(rcvd US1bil investment) their connection with unseen funds/funders and companies they are involved
Also investigate how many times they visited other countries and who they talked to
3. to investigate ZI (min of law) relationship with Tun SAB
4. to investigate Hidraf
5. to investigate Param
6. to investigate politicians (eg Nazri)ada xtra chabor ke tidak
7. to investigate kenapa kalah Pulau batu yang da jadi hitam
8. to investigate mcm2 lagi lah I Think You Know Better La.

Tun we all travel Nth Sth Est Wst of Malaysia everyday and we saw what U have done for the country and people. U hv fought and still fighting outside Malaysia for the poor and trangressed.

U R World Leader

U deserve RESPECT AND LOVE hingga Malaysia tiada lagi.

Cikokui said...

Tun yg saya hormati,

Apa yg saya minta dari tun, satu saja.
tolonglah tun, bila ada masalah dlm negara seperti masalah minyak, harga beras dan lain, walaupun tidak disoal oleh wartawan semasa sesi soaljawab, tun tolonglah selitkan idea tun untuk selesaikan masalah secara tidak langsung. sebab kumpulan pemikir sekarang terlalu 'tidak cerdik' untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian dgn masalah rakyat.

samurai melayu said...

The 'Shogun' who knows when to draw his Sword!

Some anakanda ' samurais' have knowingly or unknowingly gave views and comments which have alleviated Ayahanda's burden to answer the critics and detractors for intance, Sdr. Faiz al-kelantani posting on Jun 3,@ 4.30pm.and many more intellectually sound remarks and comments.
Keep them coming my brother Samurais!

May Almighty Allah swt Bless us All

john said...

Dear Readers,

I can't believe all these idol worshiping on the comments.Surely all of you can't be taking these articles as a matter of fact.

I've been following and observing Tun's career for many years.My most memorable ones are the UMNO general Assemblies.Almost everyone of them had Tun in tears,pleading and complaining about money politics.Begging for an end to money politics.

Money politics? What money politics?Who was committing them?Damn if anyone knew because he didn't name any names nor were anyone sacked or disciplined.

Tun, Though I doubt you were corrupt but during your watch,you tolerated corruption amongst your cronies and it trickled down to the most junior govt servants.Ask any man in the streets and they will tell you "what to do?We can't do anything."And so it becomes a way of life.

Tun.For a man of great talent,you were short in political will.You only wanted to survive the politics and you chose and used money and contracts to secure loyalty.

I know Malaysian politics are dirty and god knows how many knives are out there ready to fly the moment you have your back turned.

I shan't go on but you had your chances.Malaysia's fate and destiny is changing. We can't control certain things and we certainly don't know everything.

So Tun. Please allow Malaysia's destiny run it's course.It's a different course.Malaysian has grown more mature now. It's no longer a child.It's time to let go.

samurai melayu said...

Salam AYAHANDA RAKYAT yang penyabar

Permit me;
To 'Bexe' said,

Tun Mahathir do not owe the nation but people like you owe him for making this country a prosperous and peaceful nation under his 22yrs reign and you have benefitted, I believed.
You are either a shrewed and cunning man or another of the Lingampoops.
I thought the least you cud have known is OSA besides the infamous ISA.
Please pick up some reference books on the OSA from the National library or get one from the government's printers.

He has left us many legacies if you bother to find out.

anaklangkawi said...

I suggest its a waste of money & time setting up royal commisions after another..

dont worrylah TUN. the recent lingam case dont even scatch u a bid.. just a political set back to hold u down from your writings & speaking.. do what u do best..

I always Praise u'll be well & write more on wrongdoings & for nations good..

well .. nobody's perfect..

Iskandar said...

Dear Tun...

Sebenarnya lebih banyak Royal Com. perlu ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat perkara-perkara seperti :-

1)Kemana perginya wang penjimatan subsidi petrol yang dilaksanakan sebelum ini. Kerajaan kata untuk baiki pengangkutan awam tapi tak nampak apa pun....

2) Pembelian Bank Indonesia - ramai yang menyatakan menantu PM HaKhairi terlibat dalam menentukan harga pembelian...

3) Projek-projek kerajaan - ada syarikat-syarikat tertentu yang bersangkut paut dengan menantu PM HaKhairi terlibat sama...

Namun saya percaya menteri undang-undang yang pandai main wayang tu tak akan tubuhkan apa-apa untuk siasat sebab semua yang ada dalam kerajaan dan umno hari ni hanya pandai jadi pengampu untuk jaga periuk nasi sendiri.

jamaludin said...

Salam Tun,

Pak Lah dan geng dia hanya boleh mencari kelemahan (walaupun terkial-kial) orang lain untuk menutup kelemahan dia sendiri. Dia tak boleh debat point to point (macam Tun atau pemimpin yang sejati lain) tetapi hanya buat-buat tak tahu dan arahkan geng2 dia untuk cari kelemahan orang lain. Apabila dia stuck, dia buat orang lain kambing hitam. Apa punya pemimpin hadhari ni????

Zubli Zainordin said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I have confidence that you have within you the best solution for Malaysia in dealing with the world price increase of petrol and food shortage.

You know that this fear is not real, but man-made. Who amongst these men, you surely know.

Some of us Malaysians, we affirm that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has failed to deliver a solution, given this evil design of the global market force.

You know that we have send a clear message directly to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the recent General Election.

While having the Malaysian worst record in the outcome of the General Election, he is not leading toward the much needed solution to deal with this price increase.

Now we are seeing him merely doing an administrative role, rather than leading, thus he is passing the bulk to two of his ministers.

One of them most recently indicated, "What can we do? This is a scale so global!", thus a government's invitation to all Malaysians to suffer together.

I remember you saying this to him: "Saya ucap tahniah kerana Dato dapat sekali lagi jadi Menteri. Jagalah harga barang baik-baik. Tak usahlah komen tentang diri saya."

But, he is one in a flock too, in Abdullah Ahmad Badawi chin-chai-marba cabinet, so they cannot come up with a solution while his leadership is weak.

He also asked government servants to suggest ideas to respective heads of department, thus sharing the blame.

Should Abdullah Ahmad Badawi continue to prefer being a Joker, sadly Malaysians will experience a live comedy on this issue so basic to us.

Please do tell us, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, do you know who do not even has petrol but can cause worldwide panic, by scoring huge sum of money by this increasing of the price of petrol, and some how crafting food shortage konon, at a global scale, and then plan for a bigger disaster perhaps beginning November 2008, to citizens of the world, and Malaysians too.

What Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his ministers concerned, is doing, surely is reactive.

In this situation, we now prefer a proactive leader.

An administrative Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not, and never will.

I understand Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, how Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has treated you, and how some who are connected to his camp wishes "to kick" you out from your present advisory roles, and never do a Malaysian think, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will spend a precious moment with you, asking, "Dulu Tun berjaya menangani krisis macam ini, kali ini macam mana kita nak buat?".

Sure, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi prefers to be nice, and soon some newspaper columnist shall kipasly write, "Punyalah bagus Pak Lah ni, sudi dia bertanya kepada seorang kerani, bagaimana cara terbaik menangani krisis yang melanda dunia dan negara kita yang tercinta ini".


Mozafar said...

Tahnia Tun.

Lets challenge the flip flop PM to open more Royal Commissions just like he opened many useless corridors. Then we rakyat can remember him as Bapa Koridor & Bapa Komisyen.

Maybe he can sleep forever when accorded this status.

orang kampong said...

Tun Yg DiKasihi;

Apa yang kerajaan Pak Lah Bodohwi lakukan selama ini,semenjak awal 2004 hanya bertujuan untuk " wipe out Tun's legacy in the country". Pak Lah dan konco konco beliau tahu bahawa Pak Lah tidak memiliki apa apa kelebihan,baik dari segi ilmu dan pemikiran. Kita tidak tidak pernah tahu bahawa Pak Lah seseorang yang rajin,banyak membaca. Dia bukan ahli fikir. Dia hanya berselindung disebalik nama Datuknya yang dikatakan ULAMAK,wallahhuaalam. Apabila diri sendiri tiada kemampuan,jalan terbaik dan mudah untuk menonjol diri ialah mencari,mendedah dan mengaibkan orang lain. Sebagai seorang PM tiada tokoh lain yang perlu disasarkan melainkan Mantan Perdana Menteri. Hari ini saya keliru dengan Pemimpin Umno, mantan Presiden yang mereka puja dulu diperlihatkan persis seorang musuh politik melebihi musuh politik tradisi Umno.Memang kita yakin Suruhanjaya Lingam bertujuan menghentam Tun,begitu juga rasuah EX Gratia kepada Hakim Hakim. Bayaran yang dilihat bersifat rasuah,jika diterima oleh bekas bekas Hakim bermakna mereka juga tiada intergriti.

Oh ya..Yun,kelebihan kebijaksanaan Pak Lah ialah semata mata menubuhkan SURUHANJAYA SIASATAN> Dia tidak ada keberanian mendakwa di Mahkamah kerana Mahkamah tertakluk kepada Criminal Procedure Code, Rule of High Court, Evidence Law dll yang sukar orang orangnya SPIN.

Kecuali kes seorang wanita Monggolia dibunuh dimana kita baca laporan saksi Polis yang merupakan Pegawai Polis sendiri belot (turned hostile) semasa memberi keterangan. Situasi ini agak pelik melainkan jika saksi yang turned hostile itu bukan dari kalangan Polis. Kita menunggu berita sama ada Pegawai yang dilaporkan didada akhbar sebagai turned hostile dlm memberi keterangan ada diambil apa apa tindakan.

pooh72 said...

Very much agreed with you tun,especially on point no.10 to 14.any royal commissions to be set up in the future should look into cases of alleged abuse and misconduct without bias.otherwise it would be a waste of tax payers money.


Hussin said...

Salam Tun yg dikasihi

They've been saying let's open the can of worms to expose Tun. But they never anticipate that the sleeping giant is yet to be awoken. And we know Tun is no sleeping giant, but a hard working giant who hardly sleeps and knows everything and anything. The enemy better watch out. Please right the wrong info. Take care Tun.

PJ said...

You seem to be wallowing in self-pity; trying to seek publicity and popularity.. why not, Tun keep a low profile as most former PMs do in the world, and go down the memory lane, asking God's forgiveness for all your transgressions during your 22-year rule. Please realise that you are a now a spent-force- not a force to be reckoned with! As I had advised you before,please be at peace with yourself and also with others. That will certainly do good to you- your health, your mental faculties and your peace of mind. You seem to be troubled in mind at this point in time.Let the Almighty give you the peace of mind that you most require now.

D'man said...

The prerequisite of a Royal Commission is of course a Police Report. If you are very sure of such fraudulance activities why use them to blackmail Pak Lah? You should lodge several police reports, if you are sincere about it that is.

We blame Power as the culprit that corrupts people. Power is just a medium. But look at the people who are attracted to it, they are mostly corrupt. Corrupt people would like to be in Power as to hide their sense of inferiority/ bad childhood experience.

You have done well for the Nation, unimaginable. But only towards the later years somethings went wrong. Perhaps it is the association with Ting Pek King ( I am sorry for this.I notice that you have changed since you involved this man in Langkawi projects). But it is alright. Generally we are fine because of you.

Pak Lah is just facing a different phenomena, the revolutions of Human Minds. He is smply caught in a very messy web.Singapore will follow suit. Just a spillover!

Tok Mila said...

Brilliant piece! I hope RPK won't be upset with me if I said that he now has a blogger-mate whose writings is as engaging albeit `mild' in delivery but which leaves a stinging effect that would leave many to hang their heads in embarrassment.

God is Great and there is only one God and his apostle Muhammad SAW is his gift to mankind. Dr M, you are a gift to all Malaysians, whether or not they acknowledge it.

A.A Jack said...

Dear Tun

You have made it very clear of the situations before and the rakyat have spoken well in the last election. However the UMNO leadership still thinking just by potraying that he still get support from his UMNO members he will have the time to do "the right thing" how ever he failed to see that what rakyat are telling him is we have no confidence in him as PM. So step down...

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

Wednesday June 4, 2008
‘Prosecution failed to prove case’

KOTA BARU: The different versions by witnesses undermines the prosecution’s effort to prove beyond reasonable doubt that marine tycoon Datuk Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof was the person who sprayed a dangerous substance towards former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the latter’s visit here on June 28, 2006.

Submitting this after the close of the prosecution's case, defence counsel Zainal Abidin Mustaffa argued that this raised doubts as to whether it was indeed Nik Sapeia who had committed the act.

Zainal Abidin urged the court to take into consideration that nobody, including the four victims, had suffered injuries, except for momentary discomfort.

Nik Sapeia, a former state Umno treasurer and now PPP deputy president, was charged with spraying a dangerous substance at Dr Mahathir and three others – Pasir Mas MP Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali, the former premier’s physician Dr Mohd Nasir Muda and Suberi Sahidan – at the Sultan Ismail Petra airport in Pengkalan Chepa at about 11am.


Chet Det,
They could not find the spray can or was it too many finger prints or no finger prints at all?

What were your thoughts at that time, Dr Mahathir?

"violent people" was how you describe the perpetrator(s)

saifudin said...

Dear Tun,

You and I both know that there won't be such Royal Commisions to be set up to investigate the issues that you raised. "Talk is cheap". The talk about a transparent government is just a political gimmick. As per normal, it will just be swept under the carpet.

I would like to thank you for highlighting what is actually going on with this present administration.

But my dear Tun, please be careful as I am sure that you have made alot of enemies along the way.

Take care.

Larry said...

Come on Mahathir, you are in the sinking zone. Why all this crab popping out now?? What the hell did you do when Badawi was the DPM whikle this oil for food scandals was going on right under your eyes & nose. You created the corruption culture & it became a norm for all in power to continue the "legacy" you left behind.

I agree with you to set up various Royal Commissions and the top priorities should be the following:

How the hell did Mokhzani Mahathir became the 20th richest man in Malaysia???

How the hell did your ex-driver who became your nephew-in-law, Dato Rahmat of Yasmin Holdings turn to be an overnite millionaire???

Taxi Permits issued to certain individuals - Nazri's Syndrome

Approved Permits (APs) - Rafidah's Syndrome

Foreign Workers Permits - The late Megat Junid's Syndrome

Maika's catastrophic downfall - Samyvelloo's Syndrome

Berjaya Industries Shares - Ling Liong Sik's Syndrome

Deforestration in Sarawak - Taib's Syndrome

Smuggling of 1 million Aussie dollars in Brisbane - Ex-Selangor MB @ Muhamad Taib's Syndrome (Ripley's Believe It or Not..he is a full Minister now)

The Great Melaka Paedophille - Rahim Thamby Chik's Syndrome

These two-legged ceatures were all thief's & thugs who have gained ill-gotten wealth at the expense of the tax-payers blood & sweat.

The list of Syndrome's involving PM,DPM,Minister's & Deputies, BN MPs,etc....is just too long to list whereby the Royal Commisions will not be able to handle it..to the extend where we might require the felda settler's to sit on board.

Mahathir, the bottom line is that...the whole system sucks & stinks as long as the UMNO/BN is in power created none other than you yourself...& it should be eradicated once & for all. PERIOD!!!!

P/S. I expect this to be published..its freedom of view right!!

Azmi said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
.... and perhaps with such schemes of things, we should have a Royal Commission for the Recommendations to the Prime Minister on How to Run a Country, since he is incapable of running a supposedly one-man show!

wak Dojer said...


Nampak gayanya program "oil for food" susah nak "cari makan" lah macam ni. Harga petrol naik, kalih-kalih harga makanan dunia pun naik! alahai.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

We have to thank you Sdr Larry very mush for reminding us that there are alot of unfavorable 'syndromes' done and will continue to be done here in our Government and also in other more civilised nations. He is indeed right.

The culture of political crimes goes a long way back. We do have short memory. Sdr Larry will be most aware of this fact as there are very few men and women who can claim perfect memory and just. And is rare indeed to have the ability to look into and see the future.

Che det, I find it most wonderful and exiciting -almost god sent- that this Sdr Larry has made his strong stand based on the his clear understanding that all colossal evils and misfortunes befallen this nation were handiwork of the monster child UMNO/BN - UMNO(baru) to be more exact; and putting thing in their right and just perspectives.

To Sdr Larry and his comrade-in-arms - yes, as was made clear by an UMNO member: to those who wants to bring down UMNO - please give it a real good try. If once you do not succeed -try and try again!

I believe YABhg Tun Dr M is putting his life on the line to bring down the Prime Minister and the President of UMNO. I think he is most aware of the priorities and the danger inherent.

We would consider ourselves very fortunate if we could have the continuing active participation of Sdr Larry here in virtual life cyberspace and in real life meatspace to go about setting things right when we believe a wrong, a crime, an evil is being done, wouldn't we, Che Det?

Talk is cheap, isn't it, Sdr Larry and do you really think UMNO/BN are the only parliament of thieves culprits.

I think this Sdr Larry is one who is full of wisdom. What do you think, Che Det? or is he just another virtual hero as I am a virtual nonentity nonesuch? Do you think that Prebet Adam@Chow Kitt Adam was an one, Sdr Larry?

Warmest salaams to YABhgs Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, and family.

(yes, the comments get more hilarious)

jafry said...

Salam Tun,
I have left UMNO as what you have called for...no point of staying with this weak leadership of Badawi, anyway..
On Ryal Commission..I think All of them including Badawi shall be Decommission in the first place..there were so many Royal Commissions by Badawi but nothing in the end..
Semoga Tun berbahagia dan sejahtera selalu..

kaylillah2020 said...

Petikan Dari Surah Al-Israa'

80. Dan Katakanlah: "Ya Tuhan-ku, masukkanlah Aku secara masuk yang benar dan keluarkanlah (pula) Aku secara keluar yang benar dan berikanlah kepadaku dari sisi Engkau kekuasaan yang menolong.

81. Dan Katakanlah: "Yang benar Telah datang dan yang batil Telah lenyap". Sesungguhnya yang batil itu adalah sesuatu yang pasti lenyap.

Mika Angel-0 said...

YABhg Tun,

Carta Majlis Tertinggi UMNO

Can you help me draw up the new 'carta Majlis Tertinggi UMNO', please.

If you would allow to speak freely, I would like to know if we really do need a Majlis Presiden, Tun? It just does not make any sense having one.

The way I see it, when you can have your candidates sitting in the Majlis Tertinggi then you do not need a Majlis Presiden or, better still, have your choice of candidate who will be loyal to you or any of your representative as the Presiden. In my first draft carta YB Mukhriz is Ketua Pemuda.

Nevertheless, we do need to start somewhere and what better than drawing up our very own carta. Then, we work towards making it a reality, that is if we really want to make it come true.

I am sure no one else would care or would want to care with this carta we draw up. After all, you are no more an UMNO member and I am just an ahli biasa. Maybe they would even laugh at us which is good since laughter is the best medicine.

And to make the game - let us look at it way - more interesting, you could furnish me the your list and I give you my comment. We can then compare notes. I hope we can have a initial draft carta and work on it until we can have a final carta. Of course, it would be very nice to have the final carta before this December. A note of reminder: Be careful of what you wish; it may come true.

Terima kasih and warmest salaams to you, YABhg Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and family.

JinGGo84 said...

akum Tun,

Tentang kenaikan minyak, adakah kerajaan ada suatu cara yang boleh mengimbangkan perbelanjaan bagi seluruh pengguna di Malaysia?

Contohnya, harga minyak yg mahal di sesetengah negara barat diseimbangkan oleh harga kenderaan yg mampu dimiliki oleh rakyat negara tersebut. Cukai tahunannya mungkin agak tinggi bagi sebuah kenderaan yg mampu dimiliki, namun perbelanjaan bulanan untuk membiayai kenderaan tersebut tidak membebankan rakyat. Contohnya saya mempunyai rakan yang pernah tinggal di US, dia pernah membeli Kereta Honda Prelude pada harga USD 2000, amat murah, namun cukai jalan mungkin agak tinggi. tapi tidak membebankan memandangkan cukai jalan hanya akan dibayar setahun sekali sahaja dan pengguna masih sempat mengumpul wang untuk bayaran tersebut berbanding minyak yang perlu dibeli setiap hari untuk menggerakkan kenderaan tersebut. Kereta sudah tentu tak perlu risau tentang bayarannya memandangkan harganya sudah pon dibayar sepenuhnya. di Malaysia, Honda Prelude mungkin mencecah 30K-40K bagi model terpakai.

Tidak seperti di Malaysia, saya x rasa harga kenderaan terlalu murah untuk dimiliki oleh pengguna disini. dan pengguna menjadi bingung dengan harga minyak yang melambung. jika nak pakai kereta Savvy mungkin agak mahal, kalau pakai saga karburator, x tahan dengan enjin yg tidak effisien minyak, nk pakai honda mungkin kena ader gaji 3K, atau beli 2nd hand, nak pakai kelisa maybe kecik sgt. semua ini perlu diambil kire memandangkan rakyat kite bukan semua senang dan terlalu byk jenis lapisan masyarakat.

Jadi, adakah perkara seperti itu atau lain2 perkara bole di praktikkan di Malaysia? adakah ianya mungkin untuk menurunkan harga kenderaan kepada pengguna? jika tidak, mengapa kita tak bole praktik kannya di malaysia? adakah disebabkan oleh AFTA yang saya sendiri kurang faham tentangnya? jika ada, apakah Tun rasa sesuatu bole dilakukan dan di praktikkan di Malaysia?

-ingin berkongsi pendapat-:)

din77 said...

tun... anda seorang yang berfikiran suci, bernas... saya seperti juga diri anda bersuara lantang untuk menegur setiap kesalahan , niat kita jujur, siapa mahu melihat orang lain jatuh ? seorang guru akan cuba megajar murid nya untuk terus bangun, begitu juga dengan ayah saya mengajkar terus mendidik sehingga saya faham dan punyai jati diri, alhamdullilah keluarga saya tidak bergantung pada subsibi, kami mampu untuk berdikari, saya juga menyahut seruan tun untuk menguasai 3 bahasa , saya berjaya . anda adalah guru yang hebat.

lord musan said...

i totally agree with you Tun on investigation should be conducted on pak lah, his SIL and all the cabinet members.pak lah now is trying his very best to smear your name but he has got no solid evidence but is BPR were to actually investigate on Pak Lah..they dont have to go far to find his wrong doings..even his SIL..JUST GO INVESTIGATE ON ECM LIBRA CASE!I HOPE THEY ARE READING THESE!kata nak be fair and transparent..pergilah siasat!

londang said...

Salam Tun,

Semoga Allah melanjutkan usia Tun dan menyihatkan badan Tun supaya sentiasa gagah menghadiri banyak kes yang akan dihadapkan terhadap Tun. Kami tidak sabar menunggu saat ini dan penjelasan2 yang akan Tun berikan.

londang said...

Salam Tun,

Semoga Allah memberikan peluang kepada Tun untuk bertaubat dan meminta maaf kepada semua mangsa2 yang tertindas akibat perbuatan Tun pada masa dulu. Tun perlu ingat bahawa Tun juga adalah manusia biasa yang biasanya melakukan kesalahan.

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