Monday, June 16, 2008


After I stepped down there was a lot of talk about the Malaysian Government being more open. The foreign press gleefully reported that after I left UMNO, there would be even greater freedom in everything.

I would not be able to make a comparison between my “dictatorial regime” which a certain former judge described in his book as comparable to that of Idi Amin of Uganda with the present freely elected Government. But I would like to point out certain things that people and journalists seem to ignore, which seems to belie the impression of “openness”.

If people care to study the mainstream papers and all the Malaysian television stations, they may notice that until lately the reports were exclusively about the Government’s achievements in managing the economy, the stability of the country and the well-being of the people. The Gross Domestic Product Growth is high and all the different communities seem very happy with the Government.

At least four pages in the mainstream newspapers are devoted to the activities of the Prime Minister and his advice to the people on what they should do and how they should live. It is the same with the television stations.

Random interviews with members of the public show unfailing support and appreciation of all the policies of the Government and of the Prime Minister.

There are no reports of dissent or criticisms of the Government or the Prime Minister in particular. The spontaneous welcome of the people to his visits clearly showed the general love for the leader and support for him. The eagerness to shake his hand was touching.

Criticism if any came only from the alternative media, the Internet websites and the bloggers. This is only to be expected in an open society.

Then came a bombshell in the form of the disastrous General Election. The "popular" Government parties fared very badly indeed, losing five states, one federal territory and failing to get the usual two-thirds majority in the Federal Parliament.

How could a Government with such openness and popularity do so badly, be so obviously rejected by the people?

The answer is very strange. It is because there is really no openness. The policy of the Government was and is to shut things up very tightly, so tightly that people, especially the liberal western media failed to detect the lack of openness.

It began with the sacking of many of the editorial staff of the party-owned newspapers and their replacement with hand-picked journalists whose main qualification is their hatred of the previous Prime Minister.

Then there is the unofficial "supremo" who would phone editors, including those not owned by Government parties to tell them what to write and how to write.

The spin doctors would be busy spinning every report to make them look good for the Government.

It is the same with the electronic media. All the television stations are either owned by the Government or those close to the Government and understandably chose not to criticise the Government.

UMNO members at all levels were not allowed to be critical of the Government.

Mostly only those supportive of the Prime Minister would be allowed to attend the UMNO General Assembly. If they have to be bribed in order to extol the virtues of the leader then so be it.

A sense of fear has been instilled among UMNO supporters so that they would desist from voicing critical opinions of the Government even between themselves in case they would be reported and might lose something or might be deprived of some goodies.

Any forum that was not by the Government authorities or by the party where criticisms of the Government might be heard were out of bounds to party members. In particular if the speaker was the former Prime Minister UMNO members must stay away from them.

The Government was very successful in blacking out news or talks about its failures. So good was the spin that even the leaders of the Government believed in the doctored information that they had allowed to be circulated.

Everything seemed to go the Government way. Everything seemed under control. Such was the impression created by the censored news that Government leaders in particular the Prime Minister were convinced that in any election, at any time with any candidates the Government party would sweep clean and would romp to victory as in 2004.

But the results proved otherwise. Having muzzled the Press and the people, having doctored all information, the Government leaders fell into their own trap. They so believed in their doctored information that they failed completely to detect disaffection and the antagonism of the people including their traditional supporters over their lack of openness and the behaviour as well as the policies of the Government.

And so, unable to express their opposition openly, the traditional supporters of the Government parties voted for the opposition or deliberately spoilt their voting slips or simply refused to vote. The results of the March 2008 elections tell the whole story.

There is really no openness just as there is no transparency in this Government. You can deceive all of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you cannot deceive all the people all the time.


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Zulkiffle B. Mohd Kassim said...

Kami masih disampingmu,walaupun kami dibisukan oleh keadaan skg,sokong TUN

hariz said...

Akum Tun and a very good day

yeah its true that the media now have the most freedom in publishing the news and sometimes they even report things which are inaccurate.

And i wonder why lately there are more illegal rallies and those illegal talks held by particular parties? it seems like they are more bold to held all these illegal gatherings without any fear.

The situation now is different than those in your time. I wonder why the government didn't take a stern action against them. If the government did take actions then there shouldn't be or at least less of these illegal gatherings.

I miss those days when you were our beloved prime minister and one more thing tun, can u please tell us the real thing behind Lingam case? I do think something is a miss in that case. please tun, we malaysians do need a detail explanation because why out of a sudden anwar has the tape?

Hope you'll be in a good health and happy with your family amin.

Danial Iskandar said...

Askum Tun,

Selamat Hari Bapa!
Semoga sihat sentiasa.

Kepada blogger nickname 'TEXAS'(org melayu tp berlagak orang putih), sikap keterbukaan blog Tun telah terserlah dengan tersiarnya komen anda yang ibarat semut gigit gajah.

Tahniah buat anda 'Texas' kerana telah berjaya membutakan mata anda dan memekakkan telinga anda.

Semoga anda terus 'pekak' dan 'buta' selama-lamanya.

Ravi said...


I would challenge you to set up a public debate with the PM if you so strongly felt about your ideas as opposed to his. However, your sentiment of openness is very different to how you responded to it while in power. It's easy for you to state that you were more open and accepting of views in your years of leadership, but I think Malaysians at large were stifled of constructive mechanisms to voice their frustrations against your opinions as well of those in your cabinet.

As you closed off, you can't fool all of the people, all of the time so stop your hyprocrisy and misleads.


Mahenran said...

Good day to you Tun,

It is absolutely true on your posting about openness. Your last paragraph says it all. No body can hoodwink everyone. Its the Universal TRUTH.

Hope to hear more from you.

Jebon said...

salam tun..
masalah utama dlm UMNO sebenarnya adalah kerana mereka rasa sudah selamat dalam posisi yg mereka duduki..jadi mereka telah menjadi EGO dan BONGKAK..mana ada masa untuk mendengar rintihan rakyat jelata..mereka sebenarnya sudah lupa pejuangan asal UMNO yg ditubuhkan utk memperjuangkan bangsa melayu.kadang2 saya terperasan cina punya hal melayu gaduh,india punya hal melayu pun gaduh dan melayu punya hal cina dan india yang bergembira..saya berharap Tun dapat memainkan peranan yg lebih bagi menjamin kesejahteran pada masa skrg bukannya masa hadapan yang belum pasti

komotini said...

I did talk with you 13years ago in the mall in KL you were cheking supermarket prices, Turkish man I am & I did praise you & I told you what a brilliant Muslim leader you are & you are the role models for future potential young muslim leaders.
I am still here in Shah Alam.
Probably I should not make any comment only I like you to read it if possible and not to publish my comment if thats ok?
I believe for the sake of the Malay, Religeon & the Malaysia probably you should get enother party make appropriate reforms to rule the country againe if you don't most likely like in Fiji the minority person would become a Prime minister and brought down by the Fijian army 3 times.
Barisan has to be reformed or a new party of very able Malays is a must to protect to rule of malays & fair distrubution of wealth & protection of minorities has to be look after.
Othoman Empire in hystory is look after the non muslims is well documented.
Minorities has to respect the ruling Malays & should be greatfull that they live this rich country.
Bosnians has been murdered by Serbs becouse thet are a Muslims.
In Malaysia minorities having all the freedom and free to run the business so thats overlooked by minorities I believe.
I am a Turkish man borne in Greece I was a minority in Greece,we were told that we are a Greeks,can not mentioned a word Turk,no loans no freedom and we had been whatched very closly and most of the time we end up in police station.
You don't want to end up in police station thats for sure.
I hope you can respond me or have a cup of coffe with me I am sure it is worth having coffe with me if no time no problem.
God bless you & you know that you should be around for a long long time.Unfortunatly your retirement is not possible for the obvius reasons.
Halit Karaca E 7076634(Passport)

Ayozz said...

Nenda Tun,

Ni lah yg slalu saya dok cerita kat kedai kopi. Peliknya Pak Lah ni. Hari ni dia keluar arahan suruh jangan keluar cerita buruk pasal kerajaan. Cerita cuma yang baik2 aja.

Esok keluarlah berita yang bagus2. Yang peliknya, dia percaya bulat berita tu, dan seolah2 lupa apa arahan yang dia bagi semalam...

Baseball Citizen of Malaysia said...

Salaam Che Det,
I can't help but to agree with Sith Lord. What openness? Some of the reporters and editors now may know the meaning of truth, but somehow they still got many facts wrong or hidden. Long hours maybe? I'm putting this in simple plain english to let us understand without having to search for our old dictionaries. Everyone knows you're the number one fan and loyalist of the party. You'vebeen fighting to teach and educate the Malays to be competitive and successful in every possible aspect, but being Malays, we do what we do best: play old and be forgetful. Some of them don't actually forget, but they have some new toys to play with. Don't get me wrong here, I'm a Malay and that's the whole reason why I am terribly upset to see some Malay politicians behaving like small kids just for the sake of positions, yet at home they teach their kids to do the right thing, stand up and be truthful to themselves. Sad. Islam hadhari konon. I'm not saying you're an angel either Tun but after you left, I can't seem to see a good replacement that at least share the same vision. well maybe there are but not with balls big enough to execute it (i believe thats not profinity). Your son is being pressured to stop talking, yet they're promoting freedom of speech. Your other son who's doing an excellent job promoting the country and economy is being asked to step down just because he's not a party member...sick. They want people to talk, yet they choose who can talk...really sickening. Openness and freedom of speech?? Sometimes I ask myself why should I bother fighting for this race and country. For who? For what? The probable answer is for them...for those who stand to gain. The problem is,I don't see 'them' as being my children. So if it's not for my children and not for my race and not for my country, why should I bother helping and thinking about people who don't even think? I'm not afraid to tell that I voted for BN, there's no reason to hide. But if they fail to grow up within the next few years, neither umno nor the opposition will get my vote. Perhaps you're not healthy enough to make a comeback but I'm happy that at least you don't stop talking, because we share the same views (it saves me from having to set up my own blog, ha ha). Anyway, thanks for talking, get well and salaams to your family.

jenahak said...

Tun, bila nak dedahkan issue penjualan MV Agusta ni... Tak sabar rasanya nak tahu... harap2 Tun buat penyiasatan yang terperinci.... take your time...

Cikokui said...

Kepada yg bertanya sama ada pada zaman TUN, adakah keterbukaan media?

Anda sendiri sudah tau jawapannya. Satu senario yang paling mudah utk dijadikan contoh. sewaktu kuala lumpur kecoh dengan masalah Anwar, rusuhan di dataran merdeka dan sekitarnya, adakah berita2 itu di'BLACKOUT' kan oleh media? bukankah kita boleh melihat apa yang berlaku dikaca tv kita sendiri tanpa rasa malu dan takut, TUN tidak kisah kerana itu adalah hak rakyat utk tahu apa yang berlaku.

di zaman sekarang, segala yang diceritakan di TV semua adalah yang baik2 belaka. contoh semasa kenaikkan harga minyak baru2 ini,

untuk mendapat maklum balas yang positif iaitu maklum balas yang bersetuju dengan keputusan kerajaan, TV3 dengan tanpa rasa malu dan dengan cara memperbodohkan penonton menemuramah pengusaha kedai minyak dan Orang asing seperti rakyat Thai semata2 untuk mendengar kata2 pujian dari mereka.

Semestinya mereka2 ini memuji kerana kelebihan terletak di sebelah mereka.

Sandy said...

Dear Tun

Nowadays apart from The Sun, other paper I seldom read, except for social column.

Yes indeed out newspaper are bias. Just 1 simple Example: implementation of the ban for foreigner to pump petrol by the border. When it was implementated and how it was unimplemented whithin days, and how Johor decide to delayed the implementation. All the paper just published what the latest status YET NO paper actually published why it was implemented in such a hurry yet w/o proper guideline (which causes confusion among the station owners & travaller), I'm sure every rakyat would like to know what's happening. Anything published would have been deem shown an unorganised & un-cooporative governments departments.

Well... the government only allows to publish what makes them look good, thus make them 'think' they are better than others. Thus ignorant or shallow ministers would have thot they are still the best. What a joke on themselves.


azrulabdulaziz said...

Assalamualaikum TUN & fellow Bloggers...

The result of 2008 general election reveals everything that the BN fails to satisfy the needs of RAKYAT. I agreed with what is stated herein. In fact during the election time... we able to see advert that shows the previous PM and the success of Malaya/Malaysia due to BN yet the opposition was not given the opportunity to do the same.

Definatelys shows that the RAKYAT is dissatisfied with things that happen. Now that almost everything is going up the hill, we don't have to wait & see how much RAKYAT is unhappy with the present government. All stories/news reveal in the papers/media are all about good things is being done... but is it TRUE???

Though it is necessities to obtain news happened in the country BUT IS IT THE REAL TRUTH? We shall never know what is the truth...

There is no such things as "OPENNESS" unless what is told in the media, that's all. Still we still read the papers or watch the media because we need to obtain the current information so as not to be ignorant of anythings that happen.

To others, they may agree with what TUN has stated... some may not. All in all, everyone needs openness at least, so that they are able to ease the mental-suffering with what is happening in MALAYSIA. EVERYONE WANTS THE TRUTH ALL THOUGH THE TRUTH GIVEN IS NOT ENTIRELY TRUE...

Thank you TUN for today with regard to 'openness'. It is what the MALAYSIAN needs to ponder upon.


Izrul said...

Sepatutnya, media elektronik and bukan elektronik menyampaikan berita2 yg betul.. tapi nampak gayanye, sekarang mereka pulak yg jadik tukang ckp utk org politik.

Saya tidak sabar menantikan kejatuhan era paklah supaya pentadbiran baru nanti, memecat semua org yg bekerja dgn media kerana menjadik pembodek yg suka mencium bontot paklah.

Saya amat kecewa kerana perjuangan Tun utk mencapai Wawasan 2020 tidak akan kesampaian kerana paklah membuat wawasannye sendiri. Apekebenda punye bodoh la paklah nie?!

Saya membesar di era Tun, tapi nampak gayanye, akan menghabiskan sisa hidup saya tanpa dapat mengecapi wawasan Tun tercapai. Sial kau paklah!!!

zulkplyjohari's Blog said...

Honest to say, tak ada siapa yang layak memegang jawatan PM selepas Tun. Yang ada sekarang ini pun, tak boleh diharap langsung. Harap Tun boleh menjadi PM semula. Ni dengar cerita nak serah kuasa kat Najib... bila lagi tu.... Segerakan lagi. Ni nak tunggu negara dan UMNO binasa baru nak serah. Baik gadaikan saja negara kepada Si Bush...
Tension sungguh

nurul said...

Salam Tun,

Terima kasih saya ucapkan kpd Tun kerana memnyediakan blog utk rakyat memberi pandangan dan juga pendapat terhadap kepimpinan negara.
Umum telah ketahui media adalah salah satu saluran atau rujukan rakyat utk mengetahui keadaan semasa yang berlaku sama ada hal kebajikan atau keburukan. Tapi sayang media yang ada pada masa ini lebih banyak menyalurkan hal yng baik2 dan menyembunyikan keburukan. Sepatutnya media lebih tulus dalam menyalurkan maklumat terhadap rakyat lebih lg rakyat yg tggl di pendlmn...kasihan mereka hanya bergantung kepada informasi yg didengari tanpa mengetahui ianya benar atau pn salah. Kebanyakan media kini lebih menyalurkan hal2 berkaitan hiburan dan gosip..kadang2 menyampah bila mendengar slogan "kami sayang pak lah, kami sentiasa di belakang pak lah" yg pd pendapat saya seorg pemimpin yg kuat dan berani tidak memerlukan kata2 semangat yg seperti keanak-anakan melainkan ianya seorg pemimpin yg pengecut kerana bagi saya seseorg pemimpin itu perlu melindungi rakyatnya bukan rakyat melindungi pemimpin kalau begitu tak ada pemimpin pn takpe. Media takut untuk menyatakan pergolakan politik sekarang kerana risau akan kehilangan pendapatan tetapi bangga kehilangan maruah.
Saya rasa btl2 tertekan dengan keadaan ekonomi sekarang. PM kita hr ini menyuruh kita beubah tapi mcm mana kami rakyat nak berubah? kalau contoh utk negara tak berubah? Adakah kami rakyat disuruh berubah dari hidup bahagia kepada hidup sengsara?Tun..tlglah berikan idea untuk kami rakyat negara ini menjalankan agenda utk memperbetulkan keadaan negara yang semakin hancur. Saya tidak mahu kehilangan negara yang didirikan ats hsl titik peluh pemimpin yg terdahulu. Saya paham Tun tidak boleh menggerakkan sebarang tindakan disebabkan keadaan sekarang tetapi kami rakyat yg msh sygkn negara ini sanggup berkorban memperthankan maruah negara dan bangsa walaupun terpaksa berdebat dengan org atasan yang hanya memenuhkan perut yang sedia maju ke depan dengan pendapatan yang haram hasil penipuan terhadap rakyat.
Tun, saya sekarang ni malas dah nk mendengar berita mahupn tengok berita sebab semuanya tipu belaka. Kasihan saya melihat peniaga2 di malaysia terutamanya peniaga bumiputra yang tersangat susah nk cari makan mcm mana la dieorg nk melindungi keluarga dieorg sedangkan semua rezeki disekat olh manusia jahanam padahal tuhan memberi rezeki kepada setiap hamba ciptaanya. Disebabkan itulah banyak terjadinya kecurian kerana rakyat tidak mampu memiliki apa2 pn walaupn sebutir makanan. Zaman sekarang ini segala benda memerlukan duit. Saya sangat risau jika negara ini akan hancur dek kerana kesilapan pemerintah yg memerintah..
Tun, bantulah kami selamatkn MALAYSIA....

Shaxx said...

More and more people have gone for the alternative medias. Thank God for the internet. We are no longer stuck with news that sounds more like propagandas rather than anything else...

yong said...

Some says, if 40 persons or so mention about the same thing, it will materialised. least 4 millions of Malaysian citizens curse the PM and his administrations whenever they fill up the petrol....what can we say? Wait and see....So, you people up there, BE AFRAID....BE VERY AFRAID....

Sick of thisLAH!

Pok Kam said...

Asalamualaikum Tun,

Nice article and strike a true impression on how the public in general felt prior to the 12th GE.

However, if I am to be so bold to add such openness was also lacking during your time as PM.

However it was not that 'sugar coated' as to the type of openness practiced at present.

This is my view and good luck to you.

stop said...

agak membingungkan apabila melayu bercakaran sesama sendiri..siapakah yang hendak diadili?..apakah akhirnya semua ini?

The King said...

btol ngan paper sekarang lain sangat dari dlo..nampak sangat semua article yg mcm pakai template dari government sj..

you cant lie to everyone at all time..

tedlive said...

Hi Tun,

Another brilliant article. Yes, it's true that a lot of Malaysian don't believe news in the newspaper and the TV stations anymore. Since Pak Lah took over, there're too much 'glorifying' news about his leadership and the present government's achievement. But surprisingly there were lack of news and reports about Malaysian's suffering and hardship. For the past few years, cost of living continue to increase, yet there were lack of news about it. To make things worse, it was reported that our GDP experienced growth and inflation only 3%. How is it possible when Malaysians since the last few years have been cutting back expenses and force change our lifestyles. By the time, government advice Malaysian to change lifesytle, there're nothing more to change. We already changed it 2 years ago.

We can't live with RM3000 nett pay since the last 2 years. People is frustrated yet the government continue to says we are doing well, economic is well... There is no openness in the current government. Pakatan Rakyat knew this very well and you can see they are using the word 'transparency' most of time anyone of them make appearance on TV.

As a Malaysian, I am very much grateful that despite the rising cost of food, fuel and energy, we are still a very civilised people who try to use a diplomatic ways to solve it. No doubt there are street protest but it was held peacefully. I hope the government doesn't under estimate people power. If things get out of control, no one wins, everyone suffers.

Melati said...

Dear Tun, I am saddened by how my country has turned out.

In my resume, I sound like I've got it all figured out:"I am a university graduate with 5 years working experience; excellent English and Bahasa Malaysia; I am determined and have a solid drive to excel in everything that I do".

Unfortunately Tun, no matter how hard or smart I work, I am still a "poor urbanite". Salary scales have not been revised from time to time although living expenses have sky rocketed.

When I first started working in 2003, an executive's starting pay was about RM1600 (with degree). 5 years later (which is today), the salary scale is still the same! Funny thing is, when salary scales have stayed down, everything else has gone up! (including government salary scales).

Isn't there a way to ensure that our Malaysians serving in private sectors are paid FAIRLY? I think when salary scales stay the same, and cost of living (food, gas, property, FMCGs) goes up, it leads to many things ugly. Like increased inflation, increased crime rates, increased debts, increased stress and suicidal tendencies, increased divorce rates due to money problems and increased KIASUism when everyone puts money ahead of morals and principles.

A standard salary guide must be introduced or the educated Malaysian talents will all end up being cheap labour.

I can neither afford to live in this country, nor feel safe in it anymore.

zaki_77 said...

The present government is so incompetent and nepotistic that I would not be surprised to wake up one day and find that half the country has been usurped by its neighbours (like Batu Puteh!) - I am surprised that the media did not grill the legal team that Malaysia employed to win the case.

Save us Tun, we are sleep-walking into a national tragedy!

rosevsky said...

Salam Tun,

Bila Tun nak cerita pasal penyerahan kuasa oleh PL to Najib??

leman said...


Thank For Your Post, Openness doesn’t mean anything to people like me, all they thing is who can put money in their pocket, yes they are very happy now, just in a sudden they received RM 650.00 just for nothing. They don’t care, at least their burden been lighten .Yes its how to put more money in their pocket, so the government now to busy spending all upfront money from rakyat back to rakyat. It’s a Game, I hate this games.

noor faiza said...

Salam Tun dan pembaca sekelian,

Perlembagaan UMNO Fasal 9.12 ada menyatakan bahawa AHLI UMNO boleh melucutkan jawatan Presiden.

Ya benar! Ahli biasa boleh lucutkan jawatan Pak Lah.

Tak percaya lagi?

Sila layari blog Dr Novandri:

Saya pun masih keliru. Tapi itulah kenyataannya.

Sabar Tun, insyallah misi kita akan berjaya.

Pak Lah Undur!

alfyaj said...

Hi Isaaj

Thank you for your comment.

I quote from your entry...

"I appreciate what you have done for the country, but disappointed that despite all the harmony you have created, you are still playing racial cards for PERSONAL reasons."

So...may I ask if you have PERSONALLY participate and act to improve racial harmony for the past 22 years of your life?

May God Bless You too.

- hamba Allah, from across

leman said...


Thank For Your Post, Openness doesn’t mean anything to people like me, all they thing is who can put money in their pocket, yes they are very happy now, just in a sudden they received RM 650.00 just for nothing. They don’t care, at least their burden been lighten .Yes its how to put more money in their pocket, so the government now to busy spending all upfront money from rakyat back to rakyat. It’s a Game, I hate this games.

Bro Pet said...

Klass gitu Tun. Tun patut nye jadi Editor selepas bersara. Tun amat pakar dlm pelbagai bidang termasuk lah penulisan. Gua tabik sama lu...

irwansham said...

as citizen of this country, we are not a fool nor are we easily kick around. big brother must be kidding. we, malaysian are not an idiot.

shana said...

salam tun...
esok baru saya bagi komen, sbb hari ini first join tun punya blog

Anonymous said...

hidup Tun!!!!!

Heical said...

Ada yg sama ,ada yg tak sama.Bukan semua orang sama.Pemerintahan mengikut masing masing.Yang penting Keiklasan dan kejujuran serta niat yg baik bagi kemakmuran kepada rakyat.
Sifat kepimpinan Saidina Omar perlu ada pada pemimpin .Sifat pentingkan rakyat melebihi keperluanya menjadikan umat bercerita sepanjang zaman.Adakah pemimpin sepertinya diabad ini.DiMalaysia ada seorang sahaja .
Apa yg dilihat kebanyakannya mempergunakan rakyat untuk kepentingan politik mereka.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Ahli-ahli UMNO sepatutnya merasa malu menjadi manusia yang hidup seperti lembu kena cucuk hidung, mengikut sahaja apa yang disuruh oleh presidennya. Presiden suruh lari, mereka lari. Presiden suruh terjun, mereka terjun walaupun ke lubuk najis @ taik.

en said...

Tun, saya pinta Tun off sahaja komen2 yang tidak berkenaan dengan topik perbincangan seperti yang ingin menjadi yang pertama posting, yang ingin mengiklankan blog mereka, dan sebagainya. Ruang iklan blog lain sudahpun disediakan. Amat menjemukan membaca komen-komen yang terlalu banyak tetapi tiada kena mengena dengan topik.

Berkenaan dengan topik, pinta Tun kemukakan bukti mereka-mereka yang telah dipecat dari penerbitan mainstream seperti yang Tun dakwa. Saya pelajar jauh di Bintulu maka akhbar-akhbar ini menjadi penghubung ke Semenanjung dan saya sedar sejak Pak Lah menjadi PM, terlalu banyak media menyebarkan semata-mata tentang beliau.

Tidak perlu Tun siarkan komen saya. Buat semak sahaja.


SHAZ said...

More "openness" in the current the current government...hahahaha....

But, yes, i believe so.

I heard through the grapevine that Pak Lah and his half brother Patrick flew in the night to JKT sometime ago to meet up with some people there for couple of hours for one of their business ventures overseas.

He is too open until this sort of thing easily whispered to some ears.

nikdublin said...

Saya minta kalau boleh Tun selalu la menulis kerana blog Tun aje aje yang selalu jelas dan ada makna. Surat kabar tak guna semuanya.

Salam hormat.

MatPyan said...

Wahai rakyat malaysia sekalian terutama bangsa saya sendiri orang melayu. Tolonglah jangan nak mengungkitkan ketuanan melayu dan sentimen bangsa. We are malaysian and should try our best to avoid racist card. We don't want to play with any racial and we are not rasist. Cuba lihat balik ke asal keturunan kita, berapa ramai orang asli Malaysia???? Kebanyakkannya adalah pendatang dari Acheh, Siam, Tanah Jawa, Sumatera, Pelosok Tanah Arab, India dsb. So sedarlah sedikit diri tu supaya kita tidak diketertawakan oleh rakyat malaysia yang berlainan bangsa. Selagi kita memegang kad pengenalan biru, selagi itulah kita semua ni rakyat malaysia. Tak kira bangsa, keturunan dan fahaman, semuanya sama.

Pak Andak said...

Couldn't agree more with isaaj. Tun too were controling the media during your leadership. The differenc is you had more control of it, wiser and your calculator were more precise. You too laid the seed to make the new generation sees Government opposition as equivalent to pengkhianat negara pemecah perpaduan. You too discouraged voicing of opinion unless it's in parallel to yours.
It's during your time also that when I critisize the government, UMNO friends accused me of being PAS supporter. Why must I join PAS or PKR to criticize my own leader? Can't I do it as a rakyat? Well what was during your time continued during Pak Lah time. Even today as we read the comments in your blog, there are your loyal supporters who praises you to the sky, make you feel happy and ask you to return as our PM and feed you with information that all areas are your kawasan putih. Who started this budaya mengampu which have cost us a lot?
Tun, will you be denying that you were also controling the media or are you saying that now you wish the media can be independent and critize you as they wish even if you are PM again? No asking for evidence first and no more ISA under OSA when evidence is presented?

Maverick said...

Dear Tun & family mambers and also to all bloggers,

Saya menyokong pandangan Tun mengenai apa yg berlaku pada masa ini. Sememangnya orang2 DSAAB telah bersorak semasa "kemenangan" BN pada PRU12 baru2 ini walaupun kampung DSAAB telah tergadai. Dengan upset yg seperti itu pun DSAAB selaku PM dan Presiden UMNO menyatakan bahawa dia tidak tertekan dengan keputusan itu. HEEELLLLOOOOO!!! U've lost 5 state to ur opponent and u didn't have 2/3 of majority. If that didn't make u concern, then what it takes to let u know that people just have enough of you? Just think of it for a second... take two second la for u to realize that people want u to step down. Sebagai ketua, tidak kira apa yg berlaku samada baik ataupun sebaliknya ia adalah tanggungjawab ketua itu utk hadapinya. Kalau dilihat sekarang, segala permasalahan yg timbul tidak ditangani oleh DSAAB sendiri tetapi akan dihadapi oleh orang yg beliau lantik utk handle the situation. Why? Because he didn't know how to do it and how to face the game.

Memang benar sekiranya mereka berkata bahawa pada masa DSAAB ini, ketelusan dan kebebasan utk bercakap adalah lebih baik daripada zaman Tun menjadi PM. Memang kita bebas utk bersuara SEBAB tiada seorang daripada MEREKA INI MAHU MENDENGAR. Cakaplah sepuas hati, apa yg dapat kalau kita cakap dengan tunggul? Kalau yg bercakap tu dikalangan supporters mereka, maka cakap2 itu akan diambil kira. Dengan cara apa? Kalau cakap2 itu baik bagi mereka, maka diterima. Kalau cakap2 itu negatif bagi mereka, maka bersedialah utk dicaci, diumpat, dikritik dengan sinis dan the best part is diambil tindakan tatatertib oleh parti. Apa jadi dengan "orang2" yg tidak memihak pada DSAAB? Bukankah sudah nampak buktinya? Tapi bila KJ yg buat hal, dia buat dunno ja.

Kita bukanlah mahu memburukkan keadaan. Tetapi sebagai ketua, sekiranya kita ditegur oleh orang lain mengenai cara kita handle things is not quite up to standard then u should take it and try to make use of it to improve ur self. Bila kita dapat terima teguran orang yg kita rasa boleh membina kepada kita, apa salahnya utk membuat perubahan kearah yg positif. Just remember 1 thing, HUMAN WILL ALWAYS MAKE MISTAKE AND THAT IS OUR NATURE.

Kalau mereka mahu mendengar, dengarlah dari semua peringkat masyarakat. Kerana kerana masyarakat juga mereka boleh duduk dan mendapat kuasa. Kalau semua orang ada kuasa, then chaos will come. that's why we pick u to be our leader so u can lead us. But don't forget about us and only hear from people that around u that just wanna take advantage.

Kalau terpaksa menjadi JEBAT, maka Jebat akan memberontak semula supaya TUAH dapat membetulkan keadaan semula. Bangunlah dan berjuang demi utk AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA.

P/S: Tun, ur english is very good. But i really hope that u can manage to translate it to BM if it not a burden to u. I'm sorry.

en said...

Isaaj, I would like to comment a few things about your post. 1st, do not forget that AAB is never a product of Mahathir's hand. Do not forget how he has turned his back to his leader, Mahathir at that time to support his friends. He just happen to be the a person that Tun believed to be the right man to guide Malaysia. However I'm couldn't help but to curious what actually Mahathir think when he choses AAB. Muhyiddin would be weaker, but wiser. Najib would be stronger.

Secondly, during Mahathir tenure, the mainstream media always have news on the opposition. I read newspaper since I was 6, so I will know. Plus, you can see that anyone who can deliver the job for Malaysia, will be taken by Mahathir regardless of their support. Facts speak loudly with name such as AAB himself, Musa Hitam, Ku Li, Anwar Ibrahim (before we was taken to UMNO, he was a very, very strong opposition in the UiTM where my mom supports him, is no longer allowed under Pak Lah tenure.)

harakah and demonstration for example was never banned, just demonstration were controlled and banned ONLY if it causes danger. yes, Mahathir has done terrible mistake at the very end of a wonderful, wonderful 22 years as a PM, by naming Pak Lah as his successor, but he is doing his part now to repent that mistake. ANd what have you actually did for Malaysia?

I will never support Mahathir or anyone for that matter fully. They human and they make mistake. But to have so much hatred to one man who has taken singlehandedly so forward is very disturbing. No one loves Malaysia and Malays as much as Mahathir. even the so-called racist card is totally fine since it is just a call for Malays to rise and CHALLENGE others, not eliminate them. Again, what all of you guys that hate Mahathir so has did for Malaysia?


dabezaa646 said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

Semoga dalam keadaan sihat dan dirahmati Allah sekeluarga.amin


Pada anakanda media ni dr dulu lagi dah open.....mana ada sorok2 berita ? baik akhbar mahupun Tv.

Pas ada Harakah (untuk ahli shj)....
Kerajaan ada Tv dan Akhbar...kan sama tu..


TERUTAMANYA TV3...kalau dulu mufti dah kuar fakta kata HARAM..sekarang dah tukar jd perkampungan hadhari...kelakar..MENGHALALKAN YG HARAM.

Ini lah kerajaan PakBedolLah praktikan hari ini.



Lepas ni PakBedolLah dan anak pinak leh naik jet pribadi terus ke
Israel dan tukar kerakyatan...

Kerana agenda nya telah tercapai meletakan DSAI si talibarut YAHUDI ketempat teratas...menguburkan UMNO agenda utama.

Opsss lupa lak,PakBedolLah pun sama ler........TALIBARUT YAHUDI.

p/s : kalau lah NST diboikot....ada tak kemungkinan SEK SEK PONDOK PN AKAN DIBEKALKAN DGN PROGREM AKHBAR NST PERCUMA ??jap! kena buat bajet baru ni...jawab PakBedolLah.

Bukan apa...takut nanti NST bankrap.

Terima kasih Ayahanda kerna masih terus berjuang demi agama,bangsa dan negara.

p/s2 : Sedih bila tengok menteri2 gelak dan tertawa bila ayahanda deklemasikan sajak 'MELAYU MUDAH LUPA'


Anak arwah Ismail bin Isa
Caw Kubang Chenok R/P Kelantan.

zainal hisham said...

yang kalah, menadah tangan kepada ALLAH
yang lantang, dok kat parliment sampai petang
yang berani, turun berdemonstrasi
yang kaya, abih semua dibelinya
yang tinggal, melayu bodoh macam aku ambik sisa najis Pak Lah dan kroninya, memang aku ni sial.


nak lawan dan serang, aku melayu yang akhirnya sorang sorang.
nak komen, semua ingat aku melayu kuat komplen.
nak ambik pembangkang, toksah haraplah, serupa cam kerajaan sekarang.

memanglah aku melayu sial dan dayus.
bangsa lain tengok aku melayu senyum, sorak dan sokong.
aku melayu suka menikus.
cakap lebih dalam kosong.

ain@ayesha said...

Orang-Orang Yang Dibenci Allah?

Diriwayatkan oleh an-Nasa'I dari Abi Hurairah:

Ada empat jenis manusia yang amat dimurkai ALLAH, antaranya ialah :

Pemimpin yang zalim, tidak syak lagi bahawa kezaliman seorang raja atau pemimpin negara akan mendatangkan berbagai-bagai implikasi yang buruk kepada ketenteraman rakyat dan keselamatan negara. Walau bagaimanapun sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa kezaliman itu lambat laun akan mencetuskan reaksi-reaksi rakyat yang tajam dan pada akhirnya akan menumbangkan pemerintahannya.

Bill Teoh said...

I am a Malaysian naturalised Singaporean and I have been following the malaysian political scene all these years. I refer to your "Openness" article on Badawi. I want to laugh on reading it because I remember during your tenure of service as Malaysia's longest serving Prime Minister you had done all the things that you are now complaining about. Also you have a habit of comparing our Singaporean Malays each time you talk ask your Malays not to go the way of the Singapore Malays. What do you know about our Singapore Malays? Do you know that a lot of them are on equal footing with the other races in terms of em-ployment and wealth because they have to fight on merit. As an example in last year's PSLE exam a Malay girl came out tops nation-wide and even created a record in her total number of points even beating the record once held by a Chinese student. So why don't retire quietly and shut up. Thank you.

suara hati said...

Salam TUN dan keluarga.

Pada saya salah satu punca BN kalah pada PRU 12 yang lalu kerana media pedana,terutama NSTP.....

Pihak media menganggap rakyat masih bodoh dan terima apa saja yang disajikan....rakyat sekarang sudah kedepan dan tahu mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk....betul atau bohong atau mengampu...Saya sendiri sudah lama tak beli surat khabar kerana bagi saya sudah tiada nilai berita yang jujur didalamnya....terutama sejak ada sesetengah pemimpin melayu menghina dan biadap dengan TUN,,.,,macammana orang macam ini pun boleh dijadikan nilai berita dan dilatakan dalam laman utama pula tu,tetapi saya rasa ada pemimpin yang suka orang macam ini terutama yang terbuka biadap dengan TUN.....kita tengok pasal terbukalah hari ini,saya nak dengar dan tengok berita serta gambar dari TUN pun susah,,,,inilah dikatakan cakap tak serupa bikin...Teruskan TUN,Jumpa lagi.

usabukata said...


freemalay99 said...

Malaysians can share everything except their religions.

Perhaps only a minority knows that muslims not only cannot consume food that is non-halal but it has also to be cooked in a "halal" kitchen.

Being open means that one must be able to speak up one's mind with conviction however difficult or unpleasant it may be.

Herewith are excellent examples where our Malaysian leaders come from and all of them failed to appreciate openness:

..Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye said national unity was crucial to meeting the challenges of the present day.

"It's time we thought like Malaysians and as Bangsa Malaysia to work together to forge a united country and face future challenges as one.

"Global challenges like the fuel and food crisis are best tackled and handled together. In light of these challenges, it is inappropriate to start questioning each other's contributions and rights.

"It is more important to treat everyone as Malaysians, regardless of race, in order to contribute effectively to the country's development.

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn said: "Now is not the time to distinguish between Malays and non-Malays.

"We are first and foremost Malaysians and we (MCA) articulate our views as Malaysians."

"As MCA leaders, we are responsible for everyone and are constantly aware of the sensitivities of Malaysians and the multiracial context we live in,
" he said.

Not all Malaysians come from the same region or backgrounds.

These politicians are only interested in their political careers. What do they care about all Malaysians? BTW, there is no such people called "Malaysians" or "Singaporeans". These peoples are only citizens in their respective countries.

There are only Malays, Chinese, Indians peoples etc.. You are a Malaysians means that "you are a Malaysian citizen" or "holders of a Malaysian passport". That is all. Bangsa Malaysia does not exist.

The concept of a "people" means these persons share similar cuisines, language, customs/practices, although they need not share a common religion etc. For eg. Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs.

JLo said...

Salam Tun,

When we talk about openness,
that means everything or anything can spoken or touched on, even those realistic but sensitives issues.

The openness can only be appreciated when people come to realise the open & obvious facts and truths, and subsequently accept these facts, only then, changes can be made.

Openness in our country often met with rebutting remarks and warnings of not to disturb harmony & peacefulness of the country.

If the Government could adopt a "Reasonable Person" approach to deal with all situations, issues & cases of the country, the end results will be beneficial to all.

Reference to">Reasonable person

The reasonable man or reasonable person standard is an often used legal term that originated in the development of the common law. The "reasonable person" is a hypothetical individual who is intended to represent a sort of "average" citizen. The ability of this hypothetical individual to understand matters is consulted in the process of making decisions of law. The question, "How would a reasonable person act under the same or similar circumstances" performs a critical role in legal reasoning in areas such as negligence and contract law.


Anonymous said...

Wow Che Det - 2 million in 2 months!!!

cucu tok det said...

salam tok det,

apa kata tok det suruh ahli2 parlimen yang tok det percayai bangkitkan isu berkaitan 'pemimpin tu' dalam dewan rakyat..boleh kita dengar apa penjelasan dia..

* sebab 'best' sangat 'pemimpin tu' mungkin akan ada sekolah rendah/menengah jenis kebangsaan (bangladesh)..shortform SRJK (B)..

Happy grandFATHER'S day...

dimana kan ku cari ganti, serupa denganmu...

teruskan menulis..

from your grandson..

love u tok det

Cendanawangi said...

Dear Tun,
I was very happy with your “dictatorial regime” compared to the present "****** regime".

Thank you Tun.

marakarma said...










samilsuh said...

Ayahanda Tun,
My goose flesh stands when I had a talk with a Malaysian Indian who now resides and works in UK. He did a favour to me by exchanging my ringgit to pound at an amount I can afford to smile. He reckons and give high regards of you ayahanda, you're so special and inspires each and every Malaysian. He adores you of course you are a leader that pleases everybody's heart. Assuming that Tun is competing 9.97 second for the 100 metre event, alas the present one could only run a perhaps 15 second not to level of recognition. Please shower us with your advice and fatherly touch not just ooh I see, x pe, scomi berniaga kat luaq negara, Segambut tu kat mane, buta georafi agak nye

BaRt said...

salam TUN..

Tun u are great when talking about the past coz u are the leader before..

so sekarang ni adalah masa untuk kita semua berpakat@bersatu bg membentuk keadilan jgn sampai negara kita dijual@dijajah oleh parti-parti lain..

try this

Sanity said...

"There is really no openness just as there is no transparency in this Government."


And the media = most, if not all, are pro-government? no way.

And yes, how did the Govt. manage to lose when they're so open. Guess people just dont enjoy liberalism that much and prefer to stay conservative. I mean, imagine how many people would love to live in a "happy" world constructed by other "important" people, right?

Sorry, that was tinged with sarcasm. uncalled for sarcasm.

It just appeared to me that what you've done is just put what most people already know, and a few other stuff to back it up, into black and white. It doesnt seem like it will change anything. Nor will this comment change anything, so I guess I'll stop.

I think I've just succesfully wasted the Ex-PM of M'sia and my time. Couldnt resist leaving a mark on your blog I suppose =P I enjoy reading it, though I've no idea of the political going-ons of the nation, most of the time.

Have a good day


Ravi said...


when you write in such "innocence", it reminds me how much hyprocrisy and malice you have. In your 22 years, you never liked openness of press or dissent against your views - ask Tunku, you stopped publications he had about you. And now, while you're OPENLY writing about Pak Lah, I've not seen Pak Lah retort nor has he threatened to stop your incessant ramblings. So who is more open, you or Pak Lah?

If you so have to say something about this administration, why don't you ask Pak Lah to an open televised debate? If you so must "correct" the Government, why don't you allow for direct arguments with the powers that be?

I'd like to see you make constructive direct comments rather than hiding behind this thin veil of deceit of how much you think the current Govt is not open.

BTW, Pak Lah did not manipulate any ballots in the last elections. I can't say the same for the elections during your regime.


PJ said...

There is not even an iota of doubt that your regime had been autocratic! It has been well-established over the years during your rule.
Pak Lah's Administration has been tolerant, has given people more space, more freedom to express their views. Your Cabinet was full of "yes, Sir, you are right"! men.
You dictated everything to them!
Besides the achievements, the current PM also talks about the government's failings, foibles, excesses,etc. Such things were never heard of during your reign.
Why are you so envious of Pak Lah? He is doing fine. Let him govern, without your nagging. Your attacks against him have only nuisance value, nothing else. Please don't waste your time and energy on non-issues.

Marlene said...

Before i was born, you were already the leader of this country. Other than my own family, you are my idol and you inspired my life like no one else have ever done before. You have no idea how much i looked up to you and how i describe you to fellow foreigners and friends. I am so proud and thankful for what you've given to the country and i always tell everyone else, what Malaysia would be without Tun Dr Mahathir??? I get questions like who is your idol or if you could choose to meet with someone, dead or alive, who would it be...without a doubt it would be you. In my public speaking and debating speech when i was in high school, i always quote your speeches and wise words. There was once when Miri (my hometown) had national day celebration and you came to Miri, i missed it as i was in australia studying and i cried because i missed the chance to see you in person. If i could just have a chance to sit down and listen and share with all your thoughts, ideas and vision, i would feel soooo blessed. Anyway, thank you for all that you've done for us and i wish you happiness, health and love. Thank you soooo much!!!!

Marlene Lim of Sarawak

poor said...

Do you think about the bitterness brought by the high petrol price?

If we had not depend do much on private cars, the impact would not have been so severe.

But why do we have all these cars on the roads? Is it because of your national car policy?

When traffic congestion has killed the benifits of driving, then what is the point of using private cars, instead of taking buses?

Couldn't you see that petrol would become less and less 20 years ago?

So could it be called a stupid policy to make cars instead of developing mass transit transport?

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det Tun

Then there is the unofficial "supremo" who would phone editors, including those not owned by Government parties to tell them what to write and how to write.

Who is the bloody 'supremo', Tun?
Of course we need to ask if the pay commensurates with the job supremo is doing; and is this supremo doing a good job?
(so it was not Abdullah Ahamd Badawi's fault, it seems then)

Mr. K said...

Ayahanda Tun, Komen ini mungkin tersimpang jauh dari topik di atas.

apa yang saya nak cakapkan adalah mengenai rebat RM625.

Saya fikir semula rebat yang diberikan kepada pemilik kenderaan ini saling tak tumpah seperti memberi rasuah.

Paling hina ialah rasuah ini yang pada fikiran saya hanya untuk menutup sedikit kekalutan kerajaan 'glabah' Pak Lah yang berhadapan dengan kemarahan rakyat Malaysia.

Adakah patut RM625. Agaknya inilah nilai jiwa, bangsa rakyat Malaysia termasuklah pengundi yang mengundi kerajaan Pak Lah & Family.

Yes, Pak Lah dan seterunya akan berkata 'patutnya rakyat Malaysia menerima dengan hati terbuka kerana kerajaan perihatin' me i 'll say, prihatin my ass.

Cuba kira jika, RM625 di bahagi dengan 12 bulan dan dibahagi dengan 30 hari. Kalau dah macam ini penyudahnya baik jangan beri, buat sakit hati.

Pak Lah, sebetulnya anda telah memperkotak-katikkan rakyat anda sendiri. Sedarlah, wahai bangsa Malaysia yang kiter ni dah kena 'main'

Takkan mati rakyat Malaysia jika tak ambil wang tu. RM625 berapa lama boleh tahan pon jika kita bandingkan dengan serba serbi kos semuanya naik.

Kalau nak travel dengan famili sebagai contoh dengan menaiki kereta dari JB hingga ke KL, kalau tiada sekurang-kurangnya RM400 dalam tangan, jangan pergi, dok rumah sahaja.

RM625 just won't cut it. If the goverment decided to lower the toll rates, how low can they lower it?

Seingat saya, all this thing happen because kiter beria-ia nak membendung subsidi dari bocor kepada kenderaan asing. Namun perkara itu tidak dibendung, malah kenderaan asing still enjoy subsidi RM0.30. Bendung apa ni!!

Banyak cadangan dan idea sudah diberikan kepada pihak yang berkuasa salah satu yang pada saya paling berkesan adalah dengan mengenakan levi kemasukan kepada kenderaan asing. Contoh RM30 per entry.

Kenapa kiter tak boleh buat sedangkan hendak masuk ke Singapura pun kiter di kenakan bayaran SGD32 (RM65) per entry per day.

Jika kiter melaksanakan mekanisme berkenaan cuba bayangkan pendapatan yang boleh dijana untuk menampung tabungan subsidi kerajaan. A simple maths, takkan itu pon tak boleh nak kira.

Maybe org akan cakap...eleh cakap senang, cubalah buat. Well, if i have the power i'll definitely akan buat. I don't care apa org nak cakap as long kepentingan rakyat kiter jaga. Rakyat Singapura ini, depa semua tetap akan masuk ke Malaysia, walau apa caj pun kiter kenakan.

3 perkara yang membuat mereka tetap masuk ke Malaysia memandangkan matawang mereka besar berbanding ringgit.

1. makan murah
2. Banyak tempat berjalan
3. Test kereta berkuasa besar di highway Malaysia. Kalau takat di Singapura pamdu Porsche 50km sejam, baik bawak kancil atau proton.

Ini tidak, kerajaan Pak Lah nak bendung subsidi bocor hingga menyusahkan rakyat. Sometimes this people they think they are so great, they act like GOD, cannot be touch.

I'll felt so sad, cuz our politician semuanya penakut dan tunduk kepada Singapura. Serba-serbi tunduk dan ikut telunjuk Singapura.

Tun, some people are to ignorance to admit that they are already made a mistake, like Pak Lah.

Thanks You Ayahanda Tun,


RinG said...

openness? so, why should there be bloggers who are afraid to express their mind? because one had been arrested for posting at the very bad

Wan shamsudin said...

Tun yang dihurmati;

Kita semua sedia maklum akan SIAPA yang berkuasa keatas media. Mereka cakap media adalah bebas, akan tetapi bebas hanya dari mulut mereka saja.Media pun nak BODEK juga.

Jikalau UMNO/BN bolih dengan BANGGA akan kekalahan lima Negeri dan Wilayah Persekutuan pada PRU 12, jadi tidak jadi masaalah bagi mereka nak buat apa saja. Mereka tidak nampak lansung akan kesalahan dan kelemahan mereka. Mereka akan cari 'kosmetik' untuk dilihat cantik dan berseri. Percayalah, hanya luarannya sahaja.

Tengok sajalah tentang kata kata Tuan Presiden UMNO kita, katanya beliau akan bertanding dan akan mempertahankan kerusi Presidennya.Apakah beliau benar benar jujur ingin memberi kerusi PM kepada Najib??? Jika beliau ingin Najib menganti beliau maka beliau semestinya memberi laluan untuk Najib menjadi Presiden UMNO. Barulah bolih bincang menyerahan kerusi PM. KATUN juga beliau ini.

Jika Muhyiddin atau Ku Li bertanding Presiden UMNO dan Pak Lah kalah, apakah Najib bolih jadi PM?? Kenapa amat BODOH sangat beliau. Fomula mudah begini pun beliau tidak faham, apatah lagi nak memerintah Negara?

Wang Negara di tangannya, jadi beliau bolih beli apa dan SIAPA saja. Negeri mana pun bolih. MONEY TALKS.Itu lah saja kelebihannya.

Begitu juga dengan RASUAH. Kita rakyat amat tahu tentang Siapa Pemimpin dalam UMNO yang menerima RASUAH. Apakah ada tindakan keatas mereka? Tengok saja di Sabah.BPR kata no 'CASE'.Jikalau 'ikan bilis' tentu saja terpampang di muka depan akhbar. SAYA CADANGKAN ERTI DAN ISTILAH RASUAH MESTI DI TUKAR MAKNANYA OLIH KAMUS DEWAN.

'Rasuah ertinya menerima apa apa dengan maksud tertentu atau menggunakan kuasa dengan sesuatu maksud'untuk kepentingan peribadi atau diri sendiri.SERIBU, PULOHAN RIBU RINGGIT, itu rasuah namanya. JUTA, PULOHAN JUTA, RATUSAN JUTA RINGGIT, bukan rasuah.

Apakah memberi berbillion kepada Negeri takut 'KATAK KATAK' lompat, bukan rasuah namanya? Semoga di beri kesedaran kepada orang orang tertentu, dan Semoga kita, rakyat juga sedar akan mainan dan lakunan orang tertentu ini.

mattblacqkk said...

dalam hal ini ...pak lah menyambung warisan Tun dan memperkemaskan sedikit wawasan Tun....

Su|tAnZ^ said...


luahkan semua... ape yg terbuku tu luahkan... sambil2 tu kt pk2kan jalan untuk KEMBALIKAN MARUAH UMNO...




whackthembugger said...

PM surely is one person who has completely forgotten himself and his roots ever since he took over from Tun; he’s no Mr. Nice or Mr. Clean but arrogance, thick headed, vengeful person with his family interest in priority instead of the people. Worse he’s completely incompetent leaving the fate of the country in the hands of a 32 year old Oxford graduate and a bunch of yes men.

So his goons have to repeat doing the Spin job all over again, every day and night, 7 days a week hoping the people will believe the prejudice views while hiding the harsh realities. To be open, PM must be transparent but we know he’s so way off; so many issues remain unanswered or unresolved agitating the voters especially the Silent Majority.

But the people are not that stupid anymore, they can easily differentiate glass from diamond, clearly visible from the way PM consistently flip flop. That’s the reason PM’s spin machines are constantly overheating while uselessly burning away the future and fortunes of the country.

Take care Tun, we are always with you.

slyderrose said...

TDM, pada zaman siapa penerbitan Harakah dikurangkan dari 2 kali seminggu kepada 2 kali sebulan?.

Saya rasa TDM berehat sajalah tidak payah memikirkan pasal Pak Lah dan umno. Banyakkan amal dan ibadat.

ZBS said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

What you've written is something that I've noticed from the beginning of Abdullah Badawi regime. Basically, there was a total blackout of news on opposition parties activities.

Some of your critics have mentioned that what is happening now is nothing different from during your time as PM. What they fail to notice is that, during your time, activities by PAS and DAP did receive somekind of coverage and printed in the main stream media. Until the infamous date of March 8 2008, there was almost zero news about the oppositions in the mainstream media.

Anyway, as you mentioned, I agree with you that PM Abdullah and bis band of cabinets are confused between the facts and fictions spun by their 4th Floor "doctors".

I'm looking forward for your next article, especially the one involving some "threaten" judge.

Regards and Wassalam

Shah Alam

hans said...

tolong sampaikan salam saya pada Ashar Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara....
bagitahu saya nak pun peminat TDM juga...
hopefully boleh bertukar-tukar pandangan!!

Siarkan yer Tun comment saya nih

Anban M said...

Dear tun,

honestly ur posting makes me want to laugh.

what are you trying to point out? that today's newspaper is no different to your time at helm? that pot calling kettle black.

apa yang benar ialah BN bawah Mahathir dan BN bawah Badawi tiada bezanya. Cuma yang beza ialah Badawi agak malang kerana ada Blog dan internet openness yang tiada pada zaman Tun.

Anonymous said...

a dose of your own medicine, really, old man..time to discard to inferiority complex and dragging everyone to your mad dash for 'tuan-ship'.

Anonymous said...


Tun, saya ingin mengesahkan bahawa, dakwaan Tun yang Pak Lah tidak akan kalah pada pemilihan parti december nanti. Ini kerana ada bahagian di Pontian iaitu Benut telah mula melobi untuk mencalonkan Khairy sebagai Ketua Pemuda Malaysia. Perkara ini dapat disahkan benar kerana kawan saya memberitahu, bahawa abang beliau akan mencalonkan beliau sebagai ketua pemuda bahagian. Oleh itu beliau mesti mencalonkan Khairy. Beliau juga ada memberitahu ada peruntunkkan khas telah disediakan untuk process berkempen ini. Bagi saya ini merupakan sesuatu yang bentuk politik wang. Mereka boleh menghilangkan diri dan menyorok tangan selepas memberi sogokkan, oleh itu bukti susah untuk berikan. Walaubagaimana pun adalah betul mereka ini menggunakan wang.


Anak Jati Melayu

amantubillah said...

Salam buat Tun serta keluarga.

Kepada saudara ku
Jaim said>
danial lieberman said>
ashar said>

Tolong komen sat pasai apa yang diperkatakan oleh Texas said>
June 16 2008 2.24PM

To texas said>
Pasai apa blog hang tak dak profile……. " PROFILE NOT AVAILABLE "
Pengecut ….. Or…. NO EGG ke…. ???????????
sama macam nncckkll said jugak….. No EGG…..

Saya tak pandai sangat orang putih but I think you have to keep your mouth shut….. La….. bro…….


Why must we go said...

Well said Tun.. but perhaps you might not be fully aware of what your menteris were doing during your time ; i do feel that the current is government more open and lenient but i dont think being too lenient is good - tuntutan Suruhanjaya antara agama etc etc.. there should always be limit

samurai melayu said...

Ayahanda yang dikasihi,

'Openness' is very subjective.
Even in Islam there is what we called 'aurat'. We cant just go out in the open and 'opened' up
There are times when can opened up everything but must be confined to the comfort of the master bedroom otherwise some peoples will get all excited ( the elder generation shud remember the movie 'Sex and Life'...'openness'?
Therefore when we talked of 'openness' we have to asked ourselves these questions.
1. Is it to please the objectives of NGos championing human rights?
2. Is it to please the objectives of the policy makers to ensure power always?
3. Most importantly, is it to please the aspirations of the Leader for the rakyat?
As we are of a prural society, openness will never be pleasing to everybody thus when Ayahanda Rakyat socalled 'dictatorial' openness were enforced, he has only one objective and nothing more than to ensure his Vision 2020 is successfully implemented and that any party whether friend or foe who wish to divert the attention of the Rakyat with their 'openness' to destroy the very objectives of Vision 2020, his wrath awaits.
We said it “ We rather kill one to save the millions’
Enemies of the country saw the emergence of a nation which threatens their objective to police the world.
They were nearly successful with the currency crisis, not for the fearless small man named Mahathir Mohamad. Proven all the other nations in this region now has a foster parent in the form of the International Mother and Father (IMF) except Malaysia!
Their Congress tried to impose trade embargo due to our involvement in oil exploration in Sudan and even the visit of Bonda Siti Hasmah to Iraq on humanitarian grounds was made an issue in their Congress!
Have we forgotten?
Since there are critics out there still questioning the Malay rights, let us remind ourselves;
This land was known as Tanah MELAYU
The sultans are known as Raja MELAYU.
The Malays are born Muslim and the Head of the Islamic Affairs are the Raja Melayu!

Be thankful that the malays allowed the Tanah Melayu be changed to Malaysia to accomodate the migrant races for the sake of togetherness and to share the prosperity and harmony in this beautiful country.
Can we imagine calling oneself a Melayu indian or a melayu chinese?
One wonders if a malay in mainland china can proudly called oneself a China malay or Indian Malay in India. Would the malays be accorded 'openness' in those countries.?
And talking of fairness,
Is it fair for the USA to invade Iraq or elsewhere in the name of free democracy?
We wish to openly uttered .Fu..! (free us)to the ungrateful lot but something just could not be said openly. And we can guarantee that this blog will censor our post! The shud we claimed do not preached 'openness'??
#?*/@#.. the critics and detractors,

Telling them go and fly kites shud be ok, our Ayahanda Rakyat?

You will never walk alone in the open!

panglima hitam said...

salam tun,

tak taulah malas baca paper and televsion asyik nak cakap kahwin empat takda kerja lain depa ni tun..gatai sangat nak masuk paper..

we will wait bulan 12 we will see lah what happen

take care

absh said...

Dear Dr,

I just came back from a long holiday in the US. Over there, the Americans were busy with their presidential election campaign. Yes, they were very open about everything. But, whoever wins (Democrat or Republican) they really do not care, as neither party is race-based. Historically, both parties keep changing power between one and another.

In Malaysia, the scenario is totally different. Eventhough Barisan Nasional is a multiracial party, it is actually comprised of several individual race-based parties. And UMNO is the backbone of BN!

With the new leadership of UMNO headed by Pak Lah, it has gradually transformed itself to be 'open' about everything. Yes, it is good to be open, but to what extent and at what cost?

Are we not ashamed that UMNO and BN were defeated in 5 states and 1 Federal Territory?

Are we not ashamed that UMNO must now beg other non-Malay component parties to win over their support to the extent of UMNO having to sacrify our rights and traditions, as in the case of;
1. Scholarship quota for Malay children has been reduced to 55% and quota for other races have been increased to 45%?
2. Pemuda UMNO led by Hishamuddin Hussein had to apologise to non Malays over 'keris' issue?
3. Non Malay parties have the guts to ask UMNO to forego our Malay special rights which have been in the Constitutions since independence?

If this is the meaning of 'openness', we should be ashamed of it! The Malays will only hate UMNO for its indecisiveness, inaction and deviation from its true 'sumpah keramat' and fundamental objectives.

Do we think UMNO will survive for a very long time? I doubt it!

The current leadership of UMNO must change before it is too late. And the new leader must bring UMNO back to its original path, only then UMNO will become stronger again!

To you Dr, keep on fighting for the betterment of the Malays and Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

The bosses of the newspapers are the politicians as well or related to them. That is why the news are all lopsided. The front page has big headings and big photos of some politicians doing something great. Some newspaper have a bit of consideration shown to the other political parties. But the most they can make it is to the second page. Not so big headings. Not so much written. At times, the editors will put it at some small corner of the newspaper, thinking that nobody would be too bothered to read some small column which means something not great. The moral of this is please read the small, cornered, almost forgotten, piece of news.

As for the national television, either the stations are government owned or the bosses of the private stations have to have good relationship with the government. Once in a while, they do allow some criticism.

If everything is so good as reported, then why does one see the opposite in reality ? Heaven is not a place on Earth. But then again, Malaysia is democratic, is it not ?

Actually a blog means a personal journal. It can be about any subject. But in Malaysia, it is being politicized because most people using it, use it to tell the realities of life.
I remember some of the news which contained some of your speeches. Towards your retirement, you did warn against things in the internet. Then some websites were closed down. Some newspaper was also ordered to stop publication. There is a group calling themselves the cyber troopers reading every blog just to catch a blog that they think is national threat. Then the former information minister and the present information minister were not kind to the bloggers as well until to the extend of inserting a certain politician’s blog to be part of the RTM’s website.

The comments we give to what you have written in your blog is our interaction with you. Whether you were a Prime Minister then or now being retired, we still cannot come to you personally and say the things like what we have written in our comments to you. Not just you. We cannot just approach the King, any Sultan, the Chief Minister or whoever the Dato’ is to tell him or her what is in our hearts. Their bodyguards would restrain us from doing so.And not just these great people. Even when there is a problem and we need to approach some Pengarah, you think we can actually see and tell him personally our problem ? No ! We will have to go through the so called proper channels which always end with the wrong door. Being a medical doctor yourself, you will understand that a human being is not just a human being.

In some blogs, there is a mention of the boys in the fourth floor of Putrajaya; wherever that is. Their mission is to make sure the news they want us to hear is heard by us. Then, what about other news ? What about the things that we see for ourselves ?

How to prove that there is transparency, integrity, honesty, being ethical, being moral or being good, is through action. As long as there are people who make decisions without involving those who should be involved, then there is no transparency and all those stuff that goes with it.

You look good in the television the other day and sound strong.

Yunus said...


22 tahun in office dah memang buktikan yang Tun memang 'keras'.

Tapi sifat Tun yang 'keras' ni dah juga membuktikan ia menjurus kepada kestabilan. tak mcm sesetengah org tinggi yang lembik tu.

Dan harap Tun dapat terus explain and rationalize apa2 sahaja tuduhan terhadap Tun.Kami tak tahan nak dengar.

Syabas Tun.Teruskan perjuangan.Kami masih perlukan Tun. Kami sentiasa bersama Tun.

Kamrie said...

Bravo Dr.....
without u...UMNO is useless....:D

pakbelalang said...

Dear Tun,

Some people are so ignorant or misunderstood or refuse to accept the fact that whenever you talk about your own race or championing your own race it means you are racist.

If you are a Malay, particularly a Malay leader it is your responsibility that the voice of your community be heard loud and clear. Similarly, like other races , their leaders have the responsiblilty to ensure that their community have a share in the well being of their community.

That does not mean that you are playing with a racist card to make yourself popular as a leader. It is far from the truth.

Some people thought that we should not discuss at all based on racial line. That is too idealistic an idea which will never ever happen in a multi-racial country. Lets be practical and pragmatic about it.

To accuse a person as racist is rather too much to swallow. We must reflect ourselves and be honest whether we are totally not thinking of ourselves as Chinese first or Malay first then only Malaysian. If you do then you are indeed a hypocrite person, no doubt about it.

To be frank the non-Malays are still having mental block whenever the Malay leaders harping on issues affecting the well being of their community. Everytime we talk about our race they will always say that we are racist.

Come on, grow up for heaven's sake!!

Antimamak said...

Mana da openess?? jangan kata masa pemerintahan Tun, blog ini juga sencor banyak comment betulkah, saya rasa ramai orang telah menghentam Tun dalam article ini, sehingga kena filter sebelum publish!

Openess?? ini adalah sebuah cermin untuk Tun, mungkin idea openess ini hanya dikritik kuat selepas Tun di marginalised dan di sidelined.

Kalau lah betulnya openess , awal awal lagi Isa, OSA, akta percetakan , akta hasutan dimansuhkan pada ketika Tun jadi PM dulu.

Openess dapat diibaratkan sebagai mamak mencuriga penjual nasi lemak bungkus akibat jualan roti canai semakin jatuh.

Openess juga di takrifkan sebagai roti canai yang salah guna
telur busuk, akibatnya bau enak roti canai telor menjadi busuk!


Inilah 'Openess' ala PM Abdullah Badawi, bercium dengan isteri dikhalayak ramai. So much for Islam Hadhari - civilization Islam.


yenshing said...

This generation is open enough. And the malays should be more open to not hold on to their special privileges just because it was said to show gratitude. It is not even a culture or a tradition to have special privileges. Why are you guys still stuck there.. as time goes by, things change, mindset change. The government have to move along with the new generation. Why still stuck with the same old thing? Can't they see if everyone are treated fairly then no one will question?

Anonymous said...



On behalf of educationist in Malaysia, I am sadly to announce that, most teachers and lecturers especially the Malays are not doing their job. Most of them forget about their role in bringing up the nation by educating our young generations. They spend of their time by having empty discussion (kedai kopi), the only main thing they discuss is about making money. Money there, money here, a few scenarios;


Especially in rural areas and villages, most teachers didn’t pickup their responsibilities as teachers at a highly spirit. Most of them just wait for salary at the end of the month. The headmasters and principals just want the school to look beautiful, winning pantun competition, wining sports, busy with camping (khema UPRS, PMR, SPM and solat hajat). All they know is to get short cut for success. They didn’t marks the student course works, home work thoroughly even the parents had to spend a lot for extra exercise work book.

Most of the teachers are busy with main kutu, kain batik, avon, multi level marketing, Tupperware and etc. There is no target from the head master to get more students to get straight A’s (5As). They just don’t bother about student’s performance. What they care is where is next meeting and at which hotel, when is next seminar and where and when is next family day and where and when they need to go for outstation. When is bonus, when is annual increment.

During my student days at USM, I used to see most of out campus teachers who did their PJJ were jollying themselves during the semester. I never saw them marking student home work like those Chinese out campus teachers did. They will mark their student’s home work with diligent, one by one, one after one. They will make it in buddle according to class. If they have free time they will continue to do so. But it is very different compare to our Malays teachers, just having a good time. The worse part is, they will pay the undergraduate to do their assignments. Even they will be charge about RM 600/assignment. So can you imagine the kind of teachers we have right now.

One of my friends, during student days was a drug addict. But now he is a teacher teaching chemistry.

Teachers in the rural not like those before where always work hard to change the student future (in the 60s, 70s and early 80s). Parents the orang kampung, they didn’t know how school works. The paid the fees every years. What teacher asked to buy they will give them money. With putting full hope that teachers will motivate and educate their children in other words (lepaskan anak kepada sekolah). Indeed we need the parents to play their role. But if you go to kampung2 we can count how many parents do care enough about their children home work and exam. So, teachers need to play their role. The head master need to play the big role. Need to make awareness to the teachers and need to have high target for student’s performance.


in kampung2, they like to teach their children abuse the laws. Most of them have their own motorbike, but no driving license, motorbike with no insurance and road tax. Vroom there…vromm here…willy there and willy here……. Hand phone and sms….another problems with the malays.


Lecturers in the university are lazy, too lazy enough to take care of the students. Busy2..busy with consultation…high expectation but less coaching practices to the students. Research2x2 but no big impact to the nation….conferences….just attending to presentation oral or poster…..just talking about the food serve by the hotel…the room conditions….the VCs, TNCs, Presidents (IPTS) and Deputy Presidents, the professors, the deans, the managements I can say that they are wasting our (government) money. Fly there, fly here with first and business class…claim here..claim there…..even (sepinggan mee) hotel they will claim…..tup….tup US…tup..tup…Europe…tup..tup…Australia…tup2 china, japan and etc….this is reality…..AND most of them are supporting opposition (PAS, KEADILAN and DAP)…very seldom to see them give good values to the students. Grant money…what there did, for what do they spend….lap tops, buy unnecessary things….and ask for commission from the suppliers….


Anak Jati Melayu

Modern Mariner said...


I was born in 1972, so when you became PM in 1981,i was 9 years old. But since you held that premiership for 22 years, i had the opportunity to understand your leadership style. Although some might say that you were a bit "strong n tough" when you're PM, but i guess that what made you so admirable now. We need strong character and decisive leader who understand what should be done and how..."preferably our way"... You have set a high standard, Tun. I guess it's hard for others to emulate your leadership. Nonetheless, I believed during your tenure as PM, you only block news that would create racial tension...otherwise, you still welcome constructive comments. Not block everything entirely.

Steady la Tun.

Azmany said...

I noticed that your article make no attempt to claim that the media was 'open' during your rule. It is a fact that the main-stream media was controlled by the ruling party and to my knowledge you never tried to say otherwise.

It seemed that you are cheesed off because the current leadership was lauded for making the media more open. However, in reality, the media is still controlled - when it involve bad-mouthing the PM or his decisions. Media is free to criticise previous administration but no bad word on current administration.

What was worse is that the current administration ended up believing its own hype - thus the result of PU12.

The media is a powerful tool. Same like a knife - it is a very useful in the hand of a good chef but is deadly in the hand of a psychotic killer. The question to be asked is that "Why do we let the psycho to hold the knife?".

Hajar said...

Dearest Tun,

Maaf Tun sebab saya nak komen tentang blogger di bawah yg KURANG AJAR:

To Bill Teoh: Mind your language. Remember FREEDOM OF SPEECH! And please show some RESPECT, because you are just a GUEST, and this is Tun M’s blog. Thanks.

May God bless Tun and family. Thank you Tun.

PWN Consultants, Malaysia. said...

Salam AyahTun,

I know that you have done so much, there are too many evidence and witnesses thereof to say otherwise, but there is something URGENT here and really need your help.

With the fast-rising inflation, poverty & crime rates will follow unless we act fast.

I am about to email to some World Leaders the Formula which I emailed you in 2005 (which UPM embarked on less than a year later but not very successful, maybe mostly, due to lack of entrepreneurship in academicians and lack of a good system to nurture & self-manage it).

As you may have noticed, the Formula, if properly nurtured, can be used towards pouring wealth to individuals, groups, organizations, governments & the world, thus, able to
significantly reduce, and eventually abolish incometax on the people in less than 2 decades, or even sooner.

After studying and re-studying it since year 2000, I have come to fully believe in it. Godwilling we will achieve it - A WORLD WITHOUT WAR AND POVERTY.

But to get a good momentum, we cannot start 'somewhere', we must try to start it 'everywhere'.

Below are some email of World Leaders that I am about to email to, whom I think still cared enough to at least study the formula & save the world. I am sure you must have many more Leaders in mind to share it with. So please feel free to spread it far and wide. Thank you, Sir.

Japan:, Germany:, Russia:, Malaysia:, cc:

Below is the site containing the formula:

Peace & Salam to all Leaders, (Leaders of the Self, Leaders of the People, Leaders of the World..)


We should not pass on a polluted 'earth' (physically or mentally) to our children.

In the site above, there is a formula, and the Formula works!

We just need to spread & pass it on to more world leaders, to more nations, to more people like you and me.

If you believe in charity and blessings, I think this is the utmost we can do for our children and the entire human race. Together, we will achieve it - A WORLD WITHOUT WAR & HUNGER. Thank you.

Salam Hazman Halid,

I once read testimonials about you and they made me think that you are among the best IT specialist of your time (many giant companies in the US praised your work; as in Please know that your country is very proud of you. But if you could come up with a good system for this Formula to be used globally, you will cease to be a specialist.. you will be a Legend. And Godwilling, we will save the world. Thank you.

May GOD guides us all, all the way.

Pease (Salam) to EVERYONE

ajak said...

There's an online petition requesting Pak Lah to resign.. Not sure whether it will work, but let's achieve 1 million signatures and put Pak Lah in The Millionaire Club! :P

jaromire said...

Dear Tun,
What you said were totally the truth and nothing but the truth.But 1st of all congrates for taking immediate action on the billions fixed deposit you have. Regarding the media, just now I've met with old friend who work as a freelancer TV3 crew. He was the 1st guy who interviewed you during when you resigned your post as Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Kelantan (not sure if I spell it right). Probably who might or not remember him. He told me that the best era of news was during your time as PM as most news were not controlled of filtered for the publics except for those that were a sensitive issue compare with DSAI (who always filter the news which can or which cannot to give himself a good image) and especially during Paklah. All base on issues. Keep up the good work, may Allah bless you and your family always.

samurai melayu said...

Salam Ayahanda Rakyat'


My 'openness' to 'ravi said'
Hello macan,
Where did you learn to speak English?
From MG Ramachandran(MGR, the infamous Indian movie hero, my idol also macan).
You think if your grandparents have stayed on in Tamil Naidu, you would have excelled in the english language and in your life?

Please lah macan, when I was young
my neighbours were 90% Indian families and my favourite dish is parpu curry(cooked with katrika), and had it not for the vison and wisdom of Tun Mahathir, I would still be eating parpu curry cos all businesses then were monopolised by the Chinese and thats why your kind and my kind 'sirr'(respected) them as Towkays.

Therefore young man, please be thankful that our Tun was there for 22 years to turn the malays and indians into towkays too. Now we cud hardly hear the term towkay addressed to the chinese. 'cerrek tet'(slang for correct or not), thamby
We believed an educated Indian like you have never tasted the 'Kudumbuk'curry.
Ayoyo, romba nella, thamby.

Please don't be offended, just to practise 'openness' as demanded by the thamby (ravi said).

Live and let's live as tolerant Malaysians!

Romba nandri, poi tu waren.

noriyati said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Selamat "Hari Bapa" setiap hari dan sepanjang tahun. Sy doakan kesihatan Tun yg berpanjangan agar dpt terus memantau keadaan dlm negara ini.

Sy sokong keterbukaan media krn sy ingin mengetahui kebenaran bukan penipuan. Tp sy tk sokong kebiadaban yg tidak kena pd tempatnya.

Kalau benar keadaan ekonomi semakin baik, kenapa sy merasa tidak selesa? Semakin hari, semakin rasa tertekan & bimbang.

Sy kira skrg ini makin ramai org menjadi mangsa kesempitan hidup. Antara contoh benar di hdpn mata sy sendiri. Anak buah sy berumur 18 bulan tidak dpt minum susu kerana ibubapanya tidak mampu lagi membeli susu utknya memandangkan peruntukan yg ada terpaksa digunakan utk mbeli beras, telor, tepong, gula, minyak masak dan sbgnya yg rata2nya semua telah naik harga.

Bila agaknya keadaan ini akan berubah?

Sy sudah meluat dgn keadaan skrg..

Cepat2lah Tun tubuhkan parti baru agar dpt lawan dgn BN skrg..

Setiap hari sy hanya buka laman Tun utk setiap waktu terluang sy. TV dan suratkhabar pun sy malas nk tgk kecuali utk hiburan semata2.

Tahniah Tun, bakal mnerima kunjungan yg ke 2,000,000
lantas mencatat sejarah dlm dunia bloggers.. boleh catat rekod dlm World Book Record kut..?

Sy akan promote kpd semua kenalan sy & pastikan lebih kerap meluangkan masa utk Tun..agar dpt mjadi pengunjung ke 2juta itu...

I love you Tun!! Suami sy pun tk marah bila dia baca posting sy ini. Heheheh.. Diapun Love You Tun!Hari2 dia tunggu bila Tun nk buat parti baru. Dia kt dia nk jadi org pertama jd ahli. Sy pun nk jadi org pertama. Tkdpt jd pertama pun tkpe.. tapi yg terawal mberi sokongan. Insyaallah..


wak Dojer said...

A very good day Mr. Ravi.

You attract Wak with your words...

"I would challenge you to set up a public debate with the PM..."
(june 16, 2008 : 4.46 PM)

As far as Wak concerns and as much as TDM claims (to those who follow TDM's programs shall acknowledge this fact), that he was being pressured by all means directly and/or indirectly, hence, you cast me a huge doubt that PM shall allow himself to attend any program in the presence of TDM.

Wak will much appreciate you, if you can arrange on behalf of PM indeeds, His Honorable PM himself will initiate such debate and Wak has had this strong feelings that TDM will utmost welcome such invitation. Can't hardly wait!

p/s: Wak nak tempah "seat" depan sekali!

kedah youngster said...


Sememangnya sekarang ini rakyat telah dihalang untuk mendengar tentang KESILAPAN DAN KESALAHAN yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan LAH BADAWI. Media massa seperti MEMBODEK kerajaan dengan menayangkan berita yang baik sahaja.

Saya masih ingat lagi 2 hari selepas PRU 12, TV3 menayangkan LAH BADAWI disambut oleh sekumpulan 'puteri umno' dengan sorakan 'KAMI SAYANG PAKLAH'. Tidakkah ini memualkan? mereka masih mahu menipu rakyat yang baru 2 hari melepaskan geram kepada LAH BADAWI.
Begitu juga dengan RTM yang mengiklankan website 'WARKAH UNTUK PM' pada pukul 11.00 malam. Sebaliknya mereka terus membohongi rakyat dengan menayangkan 'PROJEK ANGAN-ANGAN' Lah Badawi. Tidakkah ini menunjukkan sikap penakut kerajaan?

Apa yang paling mengecewakan saya ialah tiada lagi suara-suara Tun di media massa yang MEMBODEK Lah Badawi ini. Bukan Tun seorang, ramai lagi mangsa2 lain seperi MUKHRIZ dan SANUSI JUNID.

kaa2121 said...

Dearest Tun,

The Malays are now facing a new "Malay Dilemma". We are UMNO loyalist by tradition and have been voting for UMNO in all elections except, of course, the last GE. UMNO as a party is still relevant in its ideology/struggle. The leadership in UMNO is the main cause of discontent among the Malays like me. Being the only Malay nationalist party in this country, UMNO has failed miserably to champion (let alone defend) the Malay rights. So dear Tun, please guide us as to what we should do; should we continue supporting UMNO no matter what or should we go against UMNO through the opposition platform.

DatOk ZeQ said...


No matter what the world said about your "Dictatorial Regime", but it was the most effective way to control and gained respect from even Bush . If it was bad, Why it could last for 22 years without any troubles, before your handover to so called Mr Clean ? or Mr Looser !

So Tun, just create another history of "Dictator is Back", I shall be the first one to say "YES"
but Tun , when ?????


Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Kok Tin said...


Agreed with you and again would like to highlight, if the media companies are still owned by the main parties in Malaysia such as UMNO, MCA etc. I do not think there will be any transparency in Malaysia. I would hope that all media companies should be independently run.

In addition, the root cause recent lost of main party of Malaysia, is not just the transparency.

There are many root causes to it, e.g., crime, inflation, transparency, racism etc. and I would say, they are equally weighted to one another, and they are also correlated.

There is a lot more that the government has to do, to avoid the next loss.

prof said...

Dear Tun

I am really confident that you can rid of Dollah. I also confident that UMNO will regain rakyat confident if dollah step down. The sooner the better

boymungkal said...

To Offshore Representative,
Your entry on indoor farming and sacrifices for UMNO and BN was hilarious! Good fun, especially in this difficult times.Free entertainment can't be bad.
I accidentally watched the Pesta Hari Gawai speech on tv held in Kuching over the weekend.With due respect to our brothers in Sarawak,I honestly cannot remember a live telecast made in the past made by any PM on this festival.Why no similar speeches at open house for Chinese New Year,Deepavali,Christmas,Hanukah, etc,etc.I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures.Did anyone else realise also that during his speech, beloved PM AAB addressed Tan Sri Alfred Jabu as Ahmad Jabu?What a classic that was.

Dear Tun,apart from reading your blog, this is also the place where we can all 'let it all out'.Part of our sanity can be restored after reading and contributing.

Congratulations on achieving 2,000,000,most likely before Tuesday ends.Take care and God bless

tag said...

To Poh,

Media sekarang lagi teruk dari dulu kalau berbanding dgn masa Tun.

Dulu, kita masih selalu dapat baca dari paper di mana Tun dan kerajaannya(masa Tun menjadi PM) dicaci atau dituduh walaupun TV kurang. Tetapi sekarang betul-betul tutup (teruk).

Apa kita boleh buat???

Bobby said...

(scratchin head).....

tapi TUN .... last time u did the same thing. I like u TUN and I'm on your side. Tapi dulu pun Utusan Malaysia dan akhbar utama yang lain was chanting out your name only. Sama jee TUN.

And if I am a Prime Minister I would do the same thing.

TUN, you did the same thing. The only difference is you had intelligent things to say.

That's y i'm on your side.

nikdublin said...

Mahkamah dah memutuskan DSAI dapat mencabar keputusan mahkamah tentang pemecatan beliau. Boleh ke mahkamah buat macam tu? Apa yang kerajaan kita dapat dari perkara ni?

Salam hormat.

tag said...

to Poh,

Media sekarang lebih teruk daripada dulu masa Tun.

Dulu, kita masih boleh dapat baca dari paper selalu dimana tun dan kerajaannya(masa Tun jadi PM) dicaci dan dituduh tentang certain isu-isu walaupun TV kurang. Tapi, sekarang betul-betul tutup. I ingat Paklah's time akan lebih baik manakala lebih teruk. Tak sangka. V really cannot judge a book by its cover.

Orang Dapur said...

Salam Tun,

Maaf Tun saya keluar dari topik.

Dalam akhbar Utusan hari ni ada komen Tun tentang Iskandar Malaysia. Saya menyokong penuh komen dan pandangan Tun itu. Malah apa yang Tun jangkakan itu sekarang ini pun dah jadi kenyataan contohnya Pulau Batu Putih yang akhirnya jadi milik Singapura.

Terus terang saya nyatakan disini. Saya berasa terlalu cemas,takut takut apa yang Tun katakan itu menjadi kenyataan.

Yang pasti Tun adalah pemimpin yang nampak dan boleh menjangkakan apa yang akan berlaku pada masa akan datang. Bagaimanakah perasaan anak cucu kita nanti jika ianya benar benar terjadi? Yang pasti mereka meyumpah kita. KENAPALAH PAKBODOHLAH itu tak boleh berfikir macam ayahnda Tun???

Tun, saya berharap sangat agar besok Tun dapat menjadikan ISKANDAR MALAYSIA sebagi topik utama.

Terimakasih Tun. Moga Allah panjangkan umur dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik. AMIN

Takeshi Andrew said...

Hi Tun,

I've created my own blog to support you!!! Lets roll out the tank!

Everyone lets do blogging and forward!!

mekyam said...

Touche, Ayahnda Tun!

The proof of the pudding, as the proverb says, is in the eating.

Every Malaysian (at home and abroad), whether they choose to admit it or lie to themselves because they hate your guts, can see and feel the difference between your time and now.

The most marked difference between this administration and yours is, dear Ayahnda Tun, that SENSE OF SECURITY we felt. It's the feeling that regardless of political ups and downs, the country was not in the hands of incompetents helplessly heading for God knows where.

Now everyday we are holding our collective breaths in anticipation of bad tidings and possibly, disaster.

The way I see it, this nasty and ridiculous administration, ever since receiving the rein from you, instead of dicharging its responsibilities and being mindful of where it's taking the country has been too busy trying to destroy everything you've done (all because of BUSUK HATI, I'd wager).

What we are seeing now are their panic reactions to situations they could have prepared themselves and the country if they had been paying attention, coupled with an ugly stubbornness to persist in their malevolence towards you regardless of what happened to the country in the process.

With the kind obstinacy only perverse idiots can muster, they refuse to let the helm of the country go to more capable and steadier hands.

God help us all!

Orang Dapur said...


Teruskan berjuang.....KAMI SENTIASA DIBELAKANG TUN. HIDUP TUN!!!!!!!.

KBuzz said...

Salam Tun,
Nothing is open, nothing is total freedom... just from where we look at it.
Every gov has its way to control.
But I do believe and support you, for us to speak the truth freely.
And hope all of us not only criticize others but also look at our own shadow at the back.
BTW, let's march towards your 2nd billions in less than 2 month. First here to congrat you.

johnny cheah said...

Tun M, do your very best to get that Guy OUT. Lots of people are suffering. Only brainless people will increase price of fuel to that extent. Even if you are out of the government, millions of Malaysian are by your side on your mission to dethrone that useless man

1/2 BOILED EGG said...

Q: “How could a Government with such openness and popularity do so badly, be so obviously rejected by the people?”

A: President Clinton once said ". . . an informed citizenry is essential to the democratic process and . . . the more the American people know about their Government the better they will be governed. Openness in Government is essential to accountability ….” Well, this may be one of the reasons why BN was almost rejected by the people (for NO OPENNESS) in the March 8 general election.

//The answer is very strange. It is because there is really no openness. The policy of the Government was and is to shut things up very tightly, so tightly that people, especially the liberal western media failed to detect the lack of openness.// Well, openness is a kind of ethic itself – it expresses a value placed on transparency and inclusiveness in the collective conduct of certain business or organizational affairs.

In more ways than we often realize, information is becoming the lifeblood of our society. Information has immeasurable value and it can be used to one person's advantage or another's cost.

Information is power and people get the power from the information they have got via the Internet websites and the bloggers, as you have rightly said in your blog.

Dear Tun, certainly there are always people who will be doubtful of what government is doing. I hope that people appreciate the efforts that this blog of yours is making to make sure the public is informed.

Your openness in blogging is greatly appreciated but please endeavour to foster harmony and unity among the races of Malaysia. Try not to be a champion for only one race. All Malaysians will have high regards and respects for you if you care for all the races – one nation, one nationality = Bangsa Malaysia.

Azhar85 said...

Assalamualaikum Tun...

From your first blog until now...i saw the past 12th GE result seem to be your agenda to picture your hatred to the current goverment.

Tun, maybe because of his mistake make you never forgive Pak Lah anymore after what have happen to our 12th GE.

But, you must remember Tun, Pak Lah is not the only one to be blame in the 12th GE. You know why?Because citizen also need to be blamed. Citizen nowdays has change. Change to meet the criteria of the peoples who will meet their doomed when the judgement day is set and about to come. Wallahualam...

Sekian Tun, Wassalam...

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

I agree with u again Tun.. The 'game' is so obvious in the newspaper and other media..

As long as they keep on publishing the "snow white and cinderella story" where the ending will be "and they live happily ever after", I dont think it is worth it to buy newspaper like Utusan anymore (im sorry for the founder of Utusan and those ppl who bring up Utusan long time ago... today, Utusan is no more for us).. Just go through from the website will be enough... Im not going to waste my money and waste my energy to bring this newspaper..

And for TV3, when Malaysians are so angry and uneasy with the government decision to increase the price of petrol, you can showed to us in BU how happy and thankful the foreigners with government decision to unban the car from neighbouring country to get petrol from Malaysia... Ermm.. Clever...

Mr Karam Singh Walia, pernah dengar tk peribahasa ni?

"Anak kera di hutan disusukan, anak sendiri di rumah dibiar kelaparan..." kalau silap, tolong betulkan...

Anyway, for others who condemn Tun.. Nahh! ur comments approved wei...

Anuar_83 said...

Masing2 pnya kelemahan di dalam pentadbirannya..

Itu yg sy nampak, tetapi di zaman pemerintahan Pak Lah dan Tun sendiri terdapat perbezaan yg ketara dari caranya segala wang kerajaan dibelanjakan.

Sy merasakan yg projek2 pmbangunan yg dirancang dan dilaksanakan bnyk yg menonjolkan nama Malaysia di dunia.

Tgk sahaja sprt KLCC, penganjuran perlumbaan F1, Putrajaya sendiri, dan bermacam lg pmbangunan utk rakyat yg memanfaatkan rakyat serta meningkatkan imej negara di mata penduduk dunia yg lain.

Syabas atas usaha dan kepimpinan Yg Brbahagia Tun di dalam memimpin dan memperkenalkan Malaysia di kalangan negara2 dunia yg lain.

jaim said...

Salam YABhg Tun

Ramai yang menuduh Tun melakukan perkara yang sama semasa pemerintahan Tun.

Mungkin ada benarnya dan mungkin tidak. Jika benar Tun ada melakukannya, tetapi saya melihat dari kaca mata yang berbeza.

1. Tindakan Tun mengawal media adalah bertujuan mewujudkan keamanan dan harmoni antara kaum agar Tun dapat memberi tumpuan kepada kerja dan pembangunan negara.

2. Sekatan-sekatan yang Tun lakukan adalah bertujuan mengawal sesetengah rakyat yang mirip kurang akal, yang menggunakan rusuhan sebagi satu-satunya jalan mencapai matlmat. Dan jika ada yang menentang pun, mereka ini adalah tergolong daripada orang orang yan punya masalah dengan Tun, orang-orang yang sentiasa tidak puas hati dengan apa sahaja yang Tun lakuka especially puank pembangkang.

Jadi apa pun sekatan yang hendak dilakukan, tetapi hendaklah dengan tujuan yang murni dan niat membangun dan membantu.

Dan buktinya sifat "kuku besi" itu Tun berjaya melahirkan rakyat yang berjiwa besar, yang berani meneroka perkara-perkara baharu.

noriyati said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Sy belum p pejabat pos claim rebate minyak tu. Sebab sy rasa mcm dperbodohkan ..

Bukannya sy sombong, tp.. tkmau dperbodohkan..

Itulah.. macamana nk cakap..? Sy tk pandai nk tulis sebaik mcm Tun.

So far,semua posting2 Tun yg sy dh bc , sy setuju dgn Tun & kebyknnya sy telah belajar memahami serta mempelajari sesuatu.

Agaknya Tun sajelah yg benar2 faham apa yg terbuku di hati sy ini..dan cara nk meluahkan.

Kalau Tun tulis satu memorandum atau petisyen tntg semua ini, nanti sy akan turunkan tandatangan tanda sokongan sy, siap dgn no kp dan alamat rumah...


Antimamak said...

Memang tidak menafikan kerajaan sekarang lebih lembik dan sering kali membuat keputusan yang mengejutkan rakyat. Tetapi berkenaan dengan openness, ia adalah fomula Tun yang dirancangkan, malah mereka hanya mengubahsuaikan cara penyampaian sahaja.

Dengan adanya acuan maka terhasilnya bentuk bentuk ciplak, bayang bayang Tun sendiri bila membincangkan openness ( freedom of expression) yang disandai oleh Tun sendiri.

disini saya dapat simpulkan bila mamak ajak anak cucunya memakai sarung sambil kunyah pinang berdekad lama. maka budaya ini akan berkekalan, jadi warisan Tun juga demikian rupa, hari ini, bayang bayangan Tun dalam prinsip `openness' ditayangkan semula, jadi warisan tun kepada parti Umno.

Kepincaangan politik Umno pada hari ini, juga adalah hasil dari revolusi mental parti tersebut, dimana kekalahan PRU12, dapat mencerminkan keadaan Umno senantiasa kelam kabut, Ini adalah gejala perubahan, keadaan ini dapat dibaratkan mamak menggunakan daun pisang kerana ingin jimat demi jangan beli pingan, memang kaedah ini dapat imej dan indentiti sendiri, tetapi tidak mudah diterima oleh golongan kesemua orang.

Openness yang dibincang panjang lebar oleh Tun semata mata ingin menikam pihak kerajaan yang mementingkan diri. Jadi ia disimpulkan mamak meghidangkan roti canai dengan dhall char dijadikan sebagai makanan tengahari untuk tetamu, mestilah tetamu akan memikir mamak itu naik gila atau nyanyuk?? Kemungkinan tetamu akan fikir, roti canai itu mempunyai racun arsenic akan membunuh seseorang.

Secara ringkasnya openness mestilah digunakan pada masa yang bersesuain, begitu juga waktu pemerintahan Tun tidak berap amenitik beratkan openness kemngkinan ia akan meracuni diri.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Dear Tun Dr.M,

Thnx for sharing ur view in d blog, heheh..wat can I say..ur blog is now bcoming blogcaholic,..neway Tun Dr.Daddy M, keep on blogging and may God bless ur in gud health and mind...(",)


"Civil disobedience, that’s not our problem. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem."
~ Howard Zinn

"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change."
~ Malcolm X

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."
~ Abraham Lincoln

It is a government of the people by the people for the people no longer; it is a government of corporations by corporations for corporations.
~ Rutherford B. Hayes

ian bluebird said...

Agak menghairankan sepanjang Tun memerintah banyak betul suratkhabar and majalah luar etc. Times, Economists, WSJ & dll, yg selalu kritik & kutuk habis-habisan stail Tun mentadbir negara. Tapi zaman Pak Lah sgt kurang, setakat ni saya tak jumpa lagilah yg kutuk Pak Lah sedap-sedap.

That's is weird, giving the behaviour of foreign press. Either Pak Lah is too good or too bad, or the foreign press find him boring. Answer no 2 & 3 are correct. For the rakyat, it is evidence that he is too bad. To the foreign press, he is no news.

Hawk Tan said...

Pening, pening, pening........

In actual fact, saya dah letih dengan racist issues.

Where do I begin?
Dah tak tahu nak komen dah. Mati akal.

I can’t really understand, why every time you spoke about issues related to races, all hell broke out and blown out of proportion.

Kiri, kanan, depan, belakang, entah mana lagi kena hentam.

I, as a simple human being would understand your statement easily,
You are the leaders of Malays; obviously you love your own races more and would love to see your own races to be successful human being and not a bunch of failures.
It is like: Seorang ayah akan lebih menyayangi anak kandung mereka sendiri daripada anak orang lain, tetapi dia juga menyayangi yang lain. So Tun loves the Malay more than other races in Malaysia…apa salahnya.
Verdict: Good and kind hearted human.

During your tenure as the PM, some of your actions might look like a dictator to some people. But hey, what will happen if you did not bother to take action during the time???
Yang merana rakyat, Negara kucar kacir dan mungkin disebabkan rusuhan, sesetengah orang mungkin kehilangan orang kesayangan mereka. Sedih sungguh.
Is this what the politician wants!!!!

Who is responsible???
I say irresponsible leaders and peoples who do not foresee the circumstances of their action and words. Racial is a very sensitive issues. As leaders and citizens we should not let the issue blow out of proportion and instead calm it down.

Come on; don’t tell me you don’t champion your own race. POLITIC!!!

Why must kecoh kecoh dekat akhbar???

**Even I have to agree with blogger Pak Belalang comment. I think there are other races that have the same wave length as me.

No wonder I am not into politic and party less (tiada party)
Cuma birthday party saja.

I just want to live in a peaceful country and see our future generations live happily and peacefully together.


Sari Nande said...

Dearet Tun, Salamun alaikum,

In 1977, having acquired substantial shares in The Star, a Penang-based newspaper, Abdul Rahman became the newspaper's Chairman. His columns, "Looking Back" and "As I See It", were critical of the government, and in 1987 Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad banned the newspaper. This led to a split in UMNO, with Abdul Rahman and another former Prime Minister, Tun Hussein Onn, setting up a new party called UMNO Malaysia, but its registration was quashed by Mahathir Mohamad, who set up his own UMNO Baru ("New UMNO"). Abdul Rahman later supported Semangat 46, a splinter group of UMNO led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He campaigned actively for the latter in the General election of 1990, but was already in very poor health. The well-educated, visionary Tunku could barely contain his contempt for Mahathir's brash nationalism (i.e. Ketuanan Melayu) that went totally against the Rukun Negara and brought about serious racial segregation. He was a pillar of staunch opposition until his death in 1990. (From Wikipedia.)

Not going to delve in the above. Just to point out the similarities of the two great personalities in voicing out their mind without fear or favour. Making use of the media accessible during their period effectively. I had the opportunity of being one of the editors of Tunku’s book. Like The Tunku, I hope Tun Mahadhir will continue writing. Please be with us. I know that your blog is being read by many including those who refused to admit the truth and don’t have the guts to comment for fear and favour. What’s important they got the message.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

Bravo lordmusan!

Kiwi... Kau ni... Dah nama dia pun 'texas' tentulah bukan orang Malaysia.

Tun, take care.

zari02 said...

YBhg Tun,

Kenapa kita nak sangat kebebasan media kalau terbukti kebebasan media boleh memecah belahkan kita?

Bukankah "keterbatasan" media yg menyebabkan kita berjaya dan maju berbanding negara2 lain di ASEAN dari semenjak kita merdeka lagi?

Apa guna kita memberi kebebasan kepada media kalau kita sendiri tidak sanggup menjawap segala persoalan yang berbangkit?

Apa guna kita memberi kebebasan kepada kaum lain bersuara kalau kita tidak sanggup mendengar apalagi memberi sebahagian hak kita kepada mereka!

Saya rasa lebih baik dikekalkan status quo sebelum zaman PM sekarang kerana formula itu telah terbukti negara kita aman, maju dan makmur.

UMNOKU SYG said...

Akum Tun...

Saya sedih dengan cara PM meminpin negara yg sekaligus mengheret UMNO kpd kehancuran tempias kebodohan 2 serangga perosak dlm umno iaitu PM dan Menantunya kesygannya. PM perlu letak jawatan

Kpd anggota Umno yg sygkan bangsanya menduduki kerusi parlimen dan dun mestilah keluar parti dan menjadi calon bebas sbg tanda protes!!mengikut jejak tun kerana pada pendapat sya ini merupakan satu tekanan besar kpd pemerintahan skrg. Bagi saya ini bukanlah satu pengkianatan kepada parti akan tetapi pengorbanan dalam memulihkan parti...seperti yg telah dilakukan oleh tun..

wahai ahli umno sedarlah sampai bila kita nak jadi hang tuah yg ikut telunjuk saja..kadang2 itu kita patut jd hang jebat dlm parti..

Saya doakan agar terbuka pintu hati diorg untuk berbuat demikian...kebalian wadah perjuangan Umno yg dulu..yg skrg tiada hala tuju yg jelas...

Atila Ismeth said...

Dear TunM,

I agree with you. In fact if I were to be PM, I would do the same thing. Its "smart" management of openess. Its all political tactics worldwide, I am sure you understand.

Yup...sure you are rite...
is started off with Kallimullah,
then after PakLah becum PM, it became Dato Kallimullah.

FlyingSquirrel said...

Dear Tun,
Well done on the topic, just keep it up. If the government have any sincerity on "openness", it should first banning all political parties owning news papers, just look at the
American, the people there are totally control by the media which until Bush can invade Iraq for his Oil Baron friends and for himself, don't forget he worked in the oil business. Maybe our PM will not lead us to war, but we are taken blindly to the wrong direction economically, and short changed by all these so call Bumi quota, Bumi might have 30% shares, but maybe less then 2% Bumi are holding all these 30%. All the talk about defending Bumi are actually defending their own interest.

Zashnain said...

It seems the govt is only interested to hike up their propaganda and increasing their witchhunt towards those they consider dangerous to their political careers and periuk nasi.

The govt chooses to control the press, however I think it is the press that must bear some responsibility in this white-washing. After all, the press/media have a choice and presently they choose to side with the govt.

jenniferz said...

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zaki_77 said...

vijayandra; you said "any corrupt oppressive government will be toppled by the rakyat". Well Tun Mahathir was NOT toppled by the rakyat but gracefully stepped down after transforming Malaysia into an Asian tiger during his 22 year tenure.

He stepped down with his head held high and with the rakyat applauding his achievements! He can walk on the streets freely without fear or favour from the public. UMNO never tasted such depth of defeat as has Pak Lah and his nepotistic incompetence!

Nepotism is not 100% because as long as you put the most competent people in positions of responsibility and who can deliver results, it will benefit the rakyat (take Singapore as an example). It is only when you abuse your power and cause the economy and social cohesion to falter that you should be taken to task.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Tun Dr. Mahathir and our current prime minister. Nothing is perfect honestly.

In term of "openness", while Dr. Mahathir, our former prime minister was running the country, we were of course faced with good economical prospects. And I do thank him for all of it. Our current prime minister however choose to run the country in a different matter. In terms of being more "open", well, i can say that he is being open. It is normal for the government to hide some of their doings, but Mr. Mahathir, I bet you did the same thing while you were in power as well. You just did it better. And the man who went against you well, you threw him into prison.

But as a Malaysian , I do wish that this matter be put to rest. You are a good man. Please cut our prime minister some slack, not everybody is like you.


kulaan said...

Apa perasan Tun tentang kes ini...

Anwar Dapat Lampu Hijau Cabar Kesahihan Pemecatannya
PUTRAJAYA, 16 Jun (Bernama) -- Mahkamah Persekutuan di sini hari ini memberikan lampu hijau kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk mencabar kesahihan dari segi perlembagaan, pemecatannya daripada jawatan Kabinet hampir 10 tahun lalu, oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Panel tiga anggota itu yang diketuai Hakim Besar Sabah dan Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, sebulat suara membenarkan Anwar merayu kepada Mahkamah Persekutuan terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi, bahawa pemecatannya sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan adalah sah pelaksanaannya dari segi undang-undang oleh Tun Dr Mahathir.

Berikutan keputusan itu, Mahkamah Persekutuan akan menentukan dua persoalan undang-undang -- sama ada pemecatan Anwar tidak mengikut perlembagaan, dan sama ada Tun Dr Mahathir boleh memecat timbalannya tanpa terlebih dahulu menasihatkan Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

kulaan said...

A'kum ...

Saya dah boring ngan blog Tun ini kerana setiap persoalan tidak dijawap pun....

siapakah kambing hitam dalamg blog Tun yang menyeliakan .Nampak gaya bahawa blog ini hanya satu cerita dogeng bagi kami yang mengharap penjelasan????????

nikdublin said...

Saya rasa sudah tentu Tun baca comment dibawah ni. Saya terbaca petikan ini dari blog Lim Kit Siang.

# Anak Malaysia Says:
June 13th, 2008 (4 days ago) at 21: 59.06

Dear All Brothers & Sisters of Islam and Non Islam Malaysians, Friends and Readers,

I came to Malaysia as a PR citizen for past 10 years and love the sunny, rainy and multi-color people of Malaysia.

I noted the petrol and diesel fuel prices increased are slower than the other prices increased of their related and non-related fuel goods like foods, groceries, electricity and services in Malaysia. To prove me right here, I kept the shopping receipts for groceries and foods from Tesco and Carrefour for past 1st quarter in 2008 and I shopped the same goods, groceries and items in both hype markets on 9 June 2008 after the announcement of the fuel price hike of 40%. I was shocked and almost fainted when I found out the bills have inflated almost additional 25% to 30% for groceries and foods in this 2nd quarter in 2008.

I seldom drive nowadays but to take slow LRT and fast cycling daily for my retirement days and part-time fuel consultancy works at KLCC since I am staying nearby affluent/high class area. I sincerely believed that Malaysians are suffering more in groceries, foods, electricity, transportation etc prices hike are KILLING them but NOT THE FUEL hike caused the spread of BIG FIRE from fuel hike in a great inflation in Malaysia.

Hope you will agree with me that your beloved kind government is giving a peanut refund of RM625 or RM150 to the people today. However, the main issue is the huge decline in REAL VALUE OF MONEY - RINGGIT IS VALUELESS and huge bubble INFLATION in most basic necessities of foods and groceries are essential goods for human survival.



Now read below….. Need those in know of the basic economics of crude, fuel etc to comment.
WHAT IS NEVER MENTIONED IN Mainstream Media like NST/TheStar/ Utusan/BH are these facts.

Malaysian Per-Capita Income USD 5000 versus Singaporean Per-Capita Income USD 25000

Further The Star made a comparison of prices in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia .
For Thailand it is quoted at RM3.90/liter, however are they aware that in Thailand new cars are cheaper than Malaysia by RM10,000? They pay only one life time for their driving license? No renewal fee after that? Also that goes for road tax as well? And do TheStar also aware that you can drive all the way from Hadtyai to Bangkok on a six lane highway without paying any Tolls?

Whereas here in Malaysia you have to pay yearly renewal for road tax , driving license and TOLLS, TOLLS, TOLLS!!!

For Singapore how can you quote RM 5.20 ? Please quote in Singapore Dollars because they are earning in Sing Dollars. You might as well say Europeans are paying RM10/liter. RM5.20/liter = Sing $ 2.20/liter, still cheaper than Malaysia in view of fact that Singapore is not a crude oil exporter. Are you saying that you fill up petrol in Singapore by paying Ringgit?

In economy, dollar to dollar must be compared as apple to apple. Not comparing like durian in M’sia is much cheaper than durian in Japan!! Of course-lah, Japan is not durian producer!!! Comparing Malaysian durian with Thailand durian make more sense!!

For Indonesia we might say is cheaper there at RM2.07/liter after 30% increase price but compare that to their level of income are in billions ! Their populations are almost hundreds time more than Malaysians and fifth largest population in the world. If Indonesia government subsidized their populations will go BANKRUPT over night as claimed by our beloved government Malaysia Boleh!

Now, let us compare the price with OIL PRODUCING countries among the top 20 world fuel producers:-

UAE RM1.19/litre
Eygpt RM1.03/litre
Bahrain RM0.87/litre
Qatar RM0.68/litre
Kuwait RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
Nigeria RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
Venezuela RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre

RM 2.70!!! Individual perspective: BELIEVE IT OR NOT?
As of last month a Toyota Vios would ’cause a damage’ of about RM 89,000.
In the international market, a Toyota Vios is about USD 19,000
USD 19,000 = RM 62,700 (using the indicative rates of USD 1 = RM 3.30)
That makes Malaysian Vios owners pay an extra RM 26,300.

This RM 26,300 should be cost of operations, profit and tax because the transportation costs have been factored in to the USD 19,000.

RM 26,300/ RM625 petrol rebate per year translates to a Vios being used for 42 years.

I do understand that the RM 625 is a rebate given by the GOOD Government, but it also means that one has to use the Vios for 42 years just to make back the amount paid in taxes for the usage of a foreign car. Would anyone use any kind of car for that long?

Now with these numbers in front of us, does the subsidy sound like a subsidy or does it sound like a penalty or an INSULT to the people mentality in mathematics and science ? This just seems to be a heavy increment in our daily cost of living as we are not only charged with high car taxes but also with a drastic increase in fuel price created a BIG “FIRE” spreading instantly towards huge inflation of prices of other goods and services like rice, foods, groceries, transportation, electricity, etc.

With all the numbers listed out, I urge all Malaysians to join in analyzing the situation further.

We know the international rates are above the USD 130/barrel. We understand the fact that the fuel prices are increasing worldwide and we also know that major scientist are still contradicting on why this phenomenon is happening. Some blame Bush and his cronies/plunders around the world and some blame climate change and there are others which say petroleum ‘wells’ are getting scarce.

Again we go back to numbers to be straight fwd

1 barrel = 159 liters x RM2.70/liter = RM 429 or USD 134

On 1 hand, we are paying the full cost of 1 barrel of crude oil with RM2.70 per liter but on the other hand the crude oil only produces 46% of fuel.

Malaysia sells crude oil per barrel at USD130 buys back Fuel per barrel at USD134.
And not forgetting, every barrel of fuel is produced with 2 barrels of crude oil.

1 barrel crude oil = produce 46% fuel (or half of crude oil), therefore
2 barrel crude oil = approximately 1 barrel fuel
In other words, each time we sell 2 barrels of crude oil, equivalently we will buy back 1 barrel of fuel.

Malaysia sell 2 barrel crude oil @ USD 130/barrel = USD 260 = RM 858
then, Malaysia will buy back fuel @ USD 134/barrel = RM 442/barrel
Thus, Malaysia earn net extra USD 126 = RM 416 for each 2 barrel of crude sold/exported versus imported 1 barrel of fuel!!!
(USD 260-134 = USD 126 = RM416)

So where this extra USD 126/barrel income is channeled to by Malaysian government……..used up millions for the top ANGKASAWAN ROCKET MALAYSIA whereas its own poor students and teachers in Sabah and Sawarak have to sit on the floors and eat Maggie instant mee duly subsidized by their owned Wealthy government ?????????

Another analysis:

1 barrel crude oil = 159 liters.
46-47% of a barrel of crude oil = fuel that we use in our vehicles.
46% of 159 = 73.14 liters.
@ RM 2.70/liter x 73.14 liter = RM197.48 of fuel per barrel of crude oil. This is only 46% of the barrel, mind you. Using RM 3.30 = USD 1, we get that a barrel of crude oil produces USD 59.84 worth of petrol fuel (46% of 1barrel).
USD 59.84 of USD 130/barrel turns out to be 46% of a barrel as well.

Another 54% = bitumen, kerosene, and natural gases and so many more.
And this makes a balance of USD 70.16 that has not been accounted for.

So this is where I got curious. Where is the subsidy if we are paying 46% of the price of a barrel of crude oil when the production of petrol/barrel of crude oil is still only 46%?

In actual fact, we still pay for this as they are charged in the forms of fuel surcharge by airlines and road taxes for the building of road (because they use the tar/bitumen) and many more excuse charging us but let us just leave all that out of our calculations.

Which stupid economist equates rebates for rich or poor with the cc of the vehicles? An average office clerk may own a second hand 1300cc proton Iswara costing $7,000 (rebate = $625) while the honorable MP/Tun/TanSri/Dato’s children can own a fleet of 10 new cars of BMW, Audi and Volvo all less than 2000cc costing $2 millions and get a total rebate of $625 x 10 = $6,250! Wow what kind of economists we are keeping in Malaysia…wonder which PHD certificate that they bought from………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misleading concept of Subsidy:-

The word “subsidy” has been brandished by our beloved good hearted government as if it has so generously helped the POOR people here and in doing so incurred losses. This simple example will help to explain the fallacy:


Syed Abu is a fisherman. He sells a fish to you at $10 which is below the market value of $15. Let’s assume that he caught the fish from the abundance of the sea at little or no cost. Syed Abu claims that since the market value of the fish is $15 and he sold you the fish for $10, he had subsidized you $5 and therefore made a loss of $5.


Did Syed Abu actually make a profit of $10 or loss of $5 which he claimed is the subsidy?


Syed Abu makes a profit of $10 which is the difference of the selling price ($10) minus the cost price ($0 since the fish was caught from the abundance of the sea). There is no subsidy as claimed by Syed Abu.





Al-Sheikh Ahmeed Al-Malmudi Fuad
(Retired) Senior Fuel Engineer & Analyst
PR Malaysian - from Middle East Arab Largest Fuel Producer Country

Anonymous said...

Salam Dr M,
Isu rakyat dah mual ngan suratkhabar ni memang dah lama...cuma kita terpaksa beli suratkhabar juga sebab nak baca berita sukan dan tentang english premier league.Jadinya jangan risau sangat kalau takutkan rakyat terpedaya dengan apa yang ditulis dan direka dalam akhbar arus perdana, kerana kami tahu bahawa cuma results atau scores yang ditulis dalam berita sukan atau sports aje yang betul-betul sahih dan benar.Yang lainya...cuma dibaca untuk brush-up our english.

ASHAR said...



Kami amat bangga dengan cara TUN menjelaskan pendirian dan kebenaran, Lihat saja kesetian TUN disini:

Dr Mahadir mempertahan kan orang melayu ,orang islam dan demokrasi negara
Ini lah contoh Leadership yang kita mahu, tak lah lembik macam Pak Lah……

Tepat jam 5;59 pagi ni: 2,000 000 hit.

TAHNIAH LAGI.....17 HARI HIT 1 JUTA KEDUA.( 48 hari 2,000 000 hit)

Bukti TUN masih ramai peminat…

Saya TABIK..Syabas , bravo……Teruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai.

Salam perantau dan HAPPY FATHER'S DAY buat AYAHANDA TDM.

_ashar 6:00am_
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara


bongeng said...


I just want to be the first to congratulate you for reaching 2 million hits!

Amazing: 1 million hits in 29 days and another million in much shorter time.

Your blog is now THE blog to read.

Keep on blogging!

ASHAR said...



Kami amat bangga dengan cara TUN menjelaskan pendirian dan kebenaran, Lihat saja kesetian TUN disini:

Dr Mahadir mempertahan kan orang melayu ,orang islam dan demokrasi negara
Ini lah contoh Leadership yang kita mahu, tak lah lembik macam Pak Lah……

Tepat jam 5;59 pagi ni: 2,000 000 hit.

TAHNIAH LAGI.....17 HARI HIT 1 JUTA KEDUA.( 48 hari 2,000 000 hit)

Bukti TUN masih ramai peminat…

Saya TABIK..Syabas , bravo……Teruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai.

Salam perantau dan HAPPY FATHER'S DAY buat AYAHANDA TDM.

_ashar 6:00am_
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara


PL said...

TV3 news at 8pm used to be my favourite...not anymore. It made me puke especially pre-election days with all the lies. RTM is no better. I recalled on RTM1 11pm berita dunia on June-9, 2008 when they held a SMS poll. The question was "Patutkah Israel dihapuskan dari peta dunia?" which I find very distasteful and unprofessional. The person that allowed this poll is no different from Ahmed Nijat. Maybe this is the type of openness promoted by BN controlled media. Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinian bombers are know as "pengganas"; human sucide bomers killing innoccent lives are known as "pejuang". Though I don't agree with Israel, such stereotyping by RTM/TV3 is totally uncalled for.

PJ said...

Your views on some issues (non-issues?) may have generated some response (not fantastic anyway!) from your hard core supporters, particularly the younger generation. But they don't know much about you, Tun M!
They are blindly supporting you. We feel sorry for these misguided ones! May the Almighty bring dome sense into them!

PJ said...

Mediocre minds like you will never understand Tun M's excesses, foibles, failings,etc. May God bless you, nandu (in another local language!)

ixora said...

Salams Tun
Thanks for the information given about what went on in our government. Perhaps the government now can reflect objectively on what is written and take necessary actions to rectify the wrongdoings. From what I can see, the government now thinks too much of themselves and not of the rakyat. They forget that it is the rakyat who put them there in the first place and it is the rakyat who can remove them from their position.
By the way, congrats on the 2billion hits. Way to go Tun!!!

tanahmelayukita said...

Dear Tun, May Allah swt bless you.

Anonymous said...

Semuga Tun sihat sentiasa dan teruskan usaha untuk menyalamat kan bangsa Melayu. Hanya Allah akan membalas jasa Tun.

Doa dari kami sekeluarga

Amar Makruf

che-mie said...

Tahniah Tun
Hits dah cecah 2 juta.

Berani ke RTM jemput Tun untuk rancangan blog di TV1?

hehehe shah berry tak kan berani

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Salam Tun,

Tahniah. Already 2 million hits in less than 2 months. Keep on blogging.

Zul said...

sebenarnya perkara ini terjadi sejak dari dulu lagi. mungkin tun tidak sedar kerana tun sendiri yang berada di atas. inilah perangai umno. tun dapat lihat sendiri bila tun berada di luar. pemikiran rakyat disekat dan mata hati dibutakan oleh media-media kerajaan. memang tun seorang yang berwawasan tinggi tetapi segala buah fikiran tun tidak terlaksana sepenuhnya dek kerana penangan umno dari dulu sampai sekarang atau mungkin selamanya. melayu tidak mudah lupa. umno yang mudah lupa.

yang ikhlas,

gwkolonel said...


Blog kini mencecah tarikan pengunjung sehingga 2 juta dalam masa 2 bulan purata 1 juta setiap bulan. BRAVO

mariam said...

Assalamualaikum Y.A.Bhg. Tun

Setahu saya, pada zaman sebelum Pak Lah, memang ada sekatan akhbar, tetapi umumnya demi menjaga kesejahteraan rakyat dan negara. Rasanya editor juga ditaklimat dengan tujuan mereka peka tentang tanggungjawab sosial mereka sebagai pengamal media yang sama-sama menjaga kepentingan negara lebih daripada kepentingan individu.

Tetapi sekarang ni, editor terpaksa akur pada arahan daripada pihak-pihak tertentu demi menjaga kepentingan individu. Dan, arahan ni dilakukan hingga menjejas kebebasan akhbar dari perspektif pengamal media.

Mungkin di pihak pembaca dan masyarakat umum, kita tidak sedar kehadiran tangan-tangan ghaib yang membuat arahan. Mungkin Pak Lah pun tak sedar ramai yang cuba lindungi dia daripada pengkritik.

Saya rasa masa zaman Tun pun ada juga pegawai yang macam ni, yang akan buat apa saja demi menjaga hati bos. Kalau tak, tak mungkin TKC buka satu kelas aliran sastera semasa anak tun belajar di sana, dan kelas tu ditutup selepas dia habis SPM.

Yang berbeza mungkin, anak-anak Tun sayang dan hormat Tun, dan saya yakinn tidak akan melakukan sesuatu yang boleh merosakkan nama baik Tun. Saya perhatikan anak menantu Pak Lah guna kedudukan dia terang-terangan untuk keuntungan sendiri.

Umpamanya, rasmikan butik hingga PM terpaksa batalkan majlis rasmi yang patut dihadiri; hadir majlis hiburan dengan anak hingga sanggup tuang majlis rasmi yang lebih penting; biarkan anak bertunggu tangga di pejabat PM, untuk apa, dia saja yang tahu; benarkan menantu uruskan hal negara dengan kawan-kawannya budak hingusan yang dangkal tentang perjuangan bangsa; membiarkan rahsia negara diurus individu yang digaji oleh syarikat swasta (melanggar peraturan JPA, dll).

Pak Lah memang seorang bapa yang baik, tapi kami sebagai rakyat tidak memerlukan father figure sebagai PM. Apa yang kami perlukan ialah seorang pengurus yang bijak, dan seorang pemimpin yang adil.

Malaysia ni bukan hak kerabat Badawi saja, Malaysia ni bumi yang Allah pinjamkan kepada kita dan pemimpinnya khalifah yang diamanahkan untuk menjaga sebaik mungkin milik Allah.

Buat apa nak kumpul harta banyak-banyak? Bukannya boleh bawa mati pun...

sya said...

salam Tun...
blog Tun telah pn mencecah 2juta pengunjung...
tahniah Tun...

Tun...jika kita lihat di zaman Tun, F1 sgt di gilai...
bahkan jumlah pengunjung dan jg penonton adlh tinggi...
tp di zaman PakLah..ianya tidak sehebat mana...
sy melihat ini sebagai satu kerugian...
F1 dpt menjana ekonomi...bkn sekadar dr segi kutipan tiket, pemandu teksi, malah penjual air pn bole dpt untung...
ini lah yg kita rugi skng...
bila mana projek2 besar tidak diteruskan...negara rugi, rakyat pn tidak mendapat manfaatnya..

maaf Tun, la lari dr tajuk... :)

lin said...





Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Tahniah kepada hit 2 Juta. Ramai penyokong dan pengkritik membaca blog Tun.


Keterbukaan AAB masih dalam prinsip di atas namun dia hanya memaparkan kisah2 indah kerajaan pimpinannya sahaja.

Padahal kerajaan AAB sekarang amat tidak stabil seperti zaman TUN dahulu dan inilah yang cuba disembunyikan oleh AAB kepada pihak2 luar dan rakyat yang bergantung kepada media massa sepenuhnya.

rossi said...

Dear Tun,

Despite people questioning your "openess" during your tenure as PM, I do believe the "openess" was better than what it is now.

To Billy Teoh,

I hope you don't represent the rest of Singaporean for your display of rudeness. You don't talk in such a manner to a man that have done so much to Malaysia. Perhaps, you are the one that should shut up! must have alot of sh???t in your brain.

abdulhalimishak said...

As Tun was about to pen 'openness' in Malaysia in his blog, the UMNO supremo KJ voiced out that it's time that Petronas opens its books to the public.

Hardly a day after the supremo's suggestion, Minister of Finance 2 rushed though and echoed that the goverment is ready to release Petronas's books to the public.

What a shame. This is done with the ulterior motive for the public to scrutinise Tun's lavish projects financed by the national oil company, and probably other abuses by Tun funded by the national oil company.

Bravo Pak Dolah who would happily say, see how transparent the goverment of today, and also I'm the prime minister who does not abuse the national oil company.

Fuzzy A! said...

Sorry to be blunt, but there's not much difference between now and during your reign as PM. Although, I have to admit, during those days, it was more... I don't want to say justified because I don't think anything can justify the lack of freedom of speech.

Well, at least, back then half of the stuff printed had an inkling of truth. Your standing-against-the-world attitude was really something for us to be proud of. And you really did some great and essential improvements to our country.

Nowadays, stupidity covers the papers from cover to cover. So, it's worse than your time.

But then again, you DID suppress our rights to speech, though.

nurnadia said...

Salam Tun,

It has been my husband's and my longtime wish to be able to meet up with you personally one day.. but even if the opportunity never arises, we feel that we've 'met' you through this blog :)

Do you think that Pak Lah himself has instructed for all these to be done or is it due to the ill-advices of the Level 4 thugs that he's fallen into this trap where he cannot back track anymore? He cannot undo what he's done for fear of shame?

I agree with "daniel leiberman's" comments that the high level politicking happening in the administration will run the country into ruins..

I also agree with "pengaturcara" who says that there seems to be more freedom in the media but that's not necessarily a good thing.. i truly understand your methods where it may be seen dictatorial but they are necessary measures to ensure that there isnt chaos.. freedom is not without limits.. look at how it is now, Malay rights are being openly challenged by all walks of life. Org melayu pulak tak sedar diri (Golongan ke 4 dlm artikel "Masa Depan UMNO")inginkan hak kesamarataan kaum... kalau tak tau sejarah, inilah akibatnya..

I subscribe to the principle that "one may have to be cruel in order to be kind.."

Semoga Tun dikurniakan kesihatan yang sejahtera dan dpt meneruskan usaha untuk menyelamatkan negara dan bangsa tercinta.. insyaAllah

Osman said...

Salam TUN...

Wah dah 2 juta hits! Ini menunjukkan blog Tun adalah blog yang paling popular di Malaysia. Saya tengok blog Dato Seri Anwar kurang mendapat tempat walaupun agak canggih sedikit. Setiap posting, cuma ada sekitar 100 komen secara purata berbanding posting Tun yang sering mendapat komen 500 ke atas.

Tahniah, Masyarakat Malaysia sekarang memang bijak

all.about.minyak said...





Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

not only the openness, but also wisdom and daring -for example in the recent petrol hike.

To my own imagination, Malaysian economists once again bold enough to follow the unthinkable (re)new idea such as once they had came up with; the successful ringgit pegging measurement back in 1997 – 1998.

We are truly disappointed!

Secure said...

Salam Tun,

Pada era Tun, kita kongsi kesenangan dan kesusahan.. Zaman Pak Lah, Kita kongsi kesusahan dan kesusahan...

Terima Kasih Tun.

kaptenbersara said...

Ybhg. Tun.

Terima kasih. Saya doakan semoga Tun sentiasa sihat dan segar untuk terus menulis.


Tamingsari said...

Dear Tun,

Let me just say that the Malaysian Public are more educated then before and we know what is propaganda and what is real news. Example in the NST sometime last week...Najib says he feels for the people's hardships reported in Petaling Jaya..turn the next page and the guy is in London shaking hands with British PM Gordon that is propaganda. So we are not as stupid as the government thinks.

Real news is when Turkey made a come back to beat Czech republic (3-2) in Euro 2008.

Real news is when Tun Dr. Mahathir makes a come back.

Wassalam Tun

A Voice said...


Your blog hit 2,000,0000. Thats like a month and half after its launch and 16 days after the first million.

IF this blog turns into another portal, NST akan tutup kedai.


bermudagirl said...

Dear Tun,

Allow me to counter one of your commentor's comment.

To Pak Andak, i respect your opinion. Tun supporters like me are not blind and stupid. We don't worshiped him nor we are obsessed with him.But what we have is respect for his principles and his belief. Where else can we convey this same sentiments other than this blog. All compliments given to Tun is out of sincerity
(nothing for us to gain),its different from what the local media gave to Pak Lah which is misleading. Lastly to those people like Pak Andak, please respect our judgement towards Tun Dr Mahathir.
Thank you.

orangmelayu said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Tahniah sebab dah capai 2juta pengunjung dalam masa sebulan setengah! Blog Tun sentiasa menjadi pilihan kami di sini. Semoga Tun diberi kesihatan dan umur yang panjang oleh Allah swt agar dapat terus menulis untuk generasi muda seperti kami yang masih mentah dalam isu-isu politik tanahair.

mohd said...

Assalamualaikum TUN,

Saya telah menghadiri 2 forum TUN di Hotel Cyrstal Crown Pj pada 31 May 2008 dan juga di Teluk Intan pada 14 Jun 2008 baru-baru ini.

1) Di kedua-dua forum berkenaan saya tidak berkesempatan untuk berdialaog kerana pihak penganjur menghadkan soalan untuk dikemukakan kepada TUN.

2) Apa yang nak dibangkit di sini adalah masa dan jumlah soalan untuk sessi dialog terlalu singkat menyebabkan banyak persoalan dan cadangan nak diusulkan tidak dapat disampaikan.

3) Dalam ucapan TUN pun ada menyatakan supaya mendengar rintihan dan keluhan di akar umbi supaya pemimpin sedar apa yang berlaku di bawah sana. Tetapi kenapa di forum berkenaan pihak penganjur seakan-akan menafikan hak-hak kami di akar umbi untuk bersuara bagi memulihkan UMNO yang sedang nazak ketika ini. Seolah-olah kami ini tidak mempunyai peranan sebagai yang hadir secara sukarela dari jauh untuk memberi sokongan padu kepada usaha TUN selama ini.

4) Jika ini berterusan berlaku nescaya UMNO akan bertambah parah...apa yang kami harap diforum berkenaan menjadi medan permulaan untuk memulihkan UMNO seolah-olah menjadi tidak kesampaian jika sikap penganjur bertindak demikian.

5) Saya harap TUN jika mahu menerima memberi ucapan di mana-mana forum yang dianjurkan oleh mana-mana pihak supaya memebri ruang yang secukupnya untuk kami yang berada di akar umbi meluahkan apa yang tersirat selama ini dan juga boleh menbangkit cadangan-cadangan bagi memulihkan UMNO yang sedang parah ketika ini. Saya harap TUN boleh memberi syarat begini kepada pihak penganjur di mana TUN berucap dalam tempoh yang singkat tetapi memberi ruang yang lebih kepada sesi dialog dan mengusulkan cadangan.

Matt said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Buat pl, adakah anda ketahui mengapa rakyat palestin bertindak begitu? Adakah berjuang untuk memerdekakan tanah air sendiri bersalah dan dikenali sebagai pengganas?
Bagaimana perasaan anda jika anda diusir dari rumah anda dan apabila anda menuntut balik sipenyerang mengatakan rumah tersebut terletak diatas tanah datuk nenek kami yang terpaksa berpindah beribu-ribu tahun dahulu?
Pengganas Israel yang memulakan pengeboman terhadap rakyat Palestin sebelum terbentuknya negara Israel sebelum 1948. Ketahuilah sejarah wahai pl.
Adakah undang2 rimba hendak digunakan disini? Kerana israel kuat, gagah dan USA dibelakang mereka maka mereka boleh melakukan apa saja terhadap rakyat palestin tanpa merasa bersalah.

p/s - Saya sengaja menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia dengan harapan sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia anda boleh memahami tulisan saya didalam bahasa Malaysia.

jamallyna said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

U'r absolutely right,there's no transparent even translucent in the current news concerning on the goverment policy.

To pengaturcara,nowadays people tend to voice out haphazardly about racial matters or any sensitive issues due to the ruling government is very weak.

Take care of your health, Tun. Wassalam...

Aldila said...

Assalammualaikum Tun

Saya nie bukan arif dlm hal2 politic. Tapi kadang not every openness tu bagus.

Kuasa2 luar mmg gemar memberi comment. Lebih2 lagi kalau dorang rasa sesebuah negara tu "too controlling". But kalau control itu mengarah ke makmuran negara. Saya tak rasa ada salah nya.

Yg penting negara aman & maju mengikut peredaran zaman yg serba canggih.


joehenry said...

Tun, I have no doubt that the government themselves are so spinned by their doctors that they still believed that they are great victors of the election and most likely than not they are still basking in the spinned praises and spinned joyous mood of the victory celebration.

P/s Tun, I think you ought to leave the judges alone. don't frighten them anymore. They are so scared of you that they do not have good sleep, they are easily disturbed by the neighbour's renovation works, they are afraid that you may skin and eat them alive like Idi Amin.

hhkopub said...

betul tu..tapi sebelum ni pun, media diberi kebebasan ke? sebelum pemerintahan pak lah..

Anonymous said...

salam tun.
first of all i want to say that you are one of the most respectful leaders of the 21st century. thnak you for your contribution to malaysia.

on this issue i belive that the current goverment is too open in terms of giving speech. especially when this minister against that minister. when the quarrel, they make the government looks bad. the PM shoul have control that.

Tun, i invite you to my blog..currently we are discussing about hak istimewa bumiputera. i would love to have a few of your brilliant ideas on this issue. after all, you are one of the living malay Ultra leader..

PJ said...

Tun M is like a ghetto/gutter politician, attempting to incite racial hatred and violence.
His recent Teluk Intan speech is proof of this.
This is unbecoming of a former PM; it's real shame; it's obnoxious; it's disgusting. Tun M shoule emulate the example of fomer American and British leaders who maintain a low profile after retirement. he is not leading by example. The younger generation needs leaders who are decent- who do not play the race card to pander or play to the gallery. Tun M seems to me to be a bundle of contradictions- it may be because he is fast losing his mental faculties! May the Almighty drive some sense into him and give him peace that passeth all understanding in the twilight of his life.Amen.

pakbelalang said...

To PJ,

How bodoh stupid you are saying that the young are being misguided and blindly support Tun M.

The young are not as "blind, deaf and mute" as you are. We are more knowledgeable and can differentiate the quality of leaders and their deeds. We have better access to a lot of information nowadays and much more intelligent than you are. This is very true when I analyse your comments. ALL RUBBISH and there is no substance at all.

All I can deduce from your writing is that you are just an impressionist trying to project your intellectuality but only "half-baked", as far as I am concerned. If I were Tun I would not even bother to post your comments in the blog. There is no quality at all to consider your comments as having any intellectual contents. Pure haprak and HP6 !!
Shame on you. I suggest it saves your effort by refraining sending your comments to Tun. I doubt readers are appreciative of your rubbish comments.It lowers Tun's intelligence reading them and a waste of his precious time. Why not you make your comments in other blogs so as to help Tun not to spoil his blog with RUBBISH comments. Your comments do not carry any weight to treat as intellectual discourse.

Anyway, you should be thankful to Tun for his openness to post your comments no matter how rubbish the contents of your comments.

Matt said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalaamu’alaikum Tun,

Walaupun Tun berkemunkinan besar tidak akan kembali kedalam arena politik tetapi kami amat berterimakasih kepada Tun kerana sudi berkongsi pengalaman diweblog ini.
Jika ditakdirkan Allah SWT segala usaha Tun tidak berakhir dengan kejatuhan kerajaan Pak Lah tetapi kami sebahagian dari rakyat Malaysia telah mengetahui apa yang sebenarnya berlaku disebalik tabir pemerintahan Pak Lah.
Semoga ibadah Tun ini akan membawa tuah kepada rakyat Malaysia dimasa akan datang terutama di PRU 13.
Insya'allah kami sebahagian dari rakyat Malaysia akan cuba sedaya upaya menjatuhkan pemerintahan Pak Lah secara aman di PRU13 demi masa depan keturunan kami kelak. Amin!
Semoga Tun dan keluarga dianugerah Allah hidayah dan taufik semasa menjalani kehidupan mendatang.


Zhuhainie said...

i really dun undrstnd..y there are to many things to be concealed while in fact we as the rakyat have the right to know the truth? the mainstream seems like been 'berpihak' to the current govt and concealing evrtyhing while the alternative's sometime were full of allegation rather than the fact. at the end, no more trust in the media itself but rumours..

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det Tun

Kenapa kata 2010 terlalu lambat untuk memulihkan UMNO?

Ku Li will be Presiden and Muhyiddin as no.2 - Mukhriz will peter out; but he will have tried his best - if that is any consolation, Tun.

Warmest salaams to you , Dr Siti Hasmah and family.

aza said...

Assalamualaikum Tun..
Tahniah sebab blog ni dah lebih DUA JUTA PENGUNJUNG!!

Dear Texas..
Obviously u are not Malaysian. And even if u were Malaysian, i dont have my respect for u for using other state’s name as your nickname.
A true Malaysian act like a Malaysian. Use Malaysian names. For whatever purpose u talk about MY ex-PM, atleast he knew what he did are FOR MALAYSIAN’s sake.

My point is, U want him to shut up because ALL u able SEE is he retired from his job. But he will never retire from being a MALAYSIAN. And as Malaysian, he has his right to say whatever wrongdoings happen in this country. He would be irresponsible if he were to just let anything bad happen to this country.

So i suggest u take care of your country first..especially in Texas. Let Malaysian handle Malaysia,ok :)

shah9 said...

Karpal Singh: The politician
Posted by Super Admin
Saturday, 14 June 2008
I refer to the police report lodged by Karpal Singh the DAP, Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor (NST/The Star-12th June 2008) pertaining to the malicious, outrageous and derogatory allegation made by Ian chin, the High Court Judge, Sibu against Tun Dr. Mahathir when sitting on the bench (NST/The Star- 11th June 2008) .

2. Karpal Singh is not only a politician but also a senior practising lawyer. I am also a senior practising lawyer but the only difference is I am not a politician.

3. Karpal is very quick in making the police report against Tun Dr. Mahathir and I can understand the reasons as he had very difficult times and a running battle in the opposition with Tun Dr. Mahathir the previous prime minister and the president of UMNO for the past twenty two years or so. Therefore he will attempt to take every blow if he can against Tun Dr. Mahathir and hope to succeed.

4. Karpal Singh has always advocated the rule of law and justice. What I can’t understand is as a senior practising lawyer advocating the rule of law and justice he is absolutely turning a blind eye when he clearly knows that Justice Ian Chin has blatantly abused his powers in using the bench to make malicious, derogatory and outrageous remarks against Tun Dr. Mahathir under a cloak of judicial immunity ‘’ in anticipation’’ of objections from counsels for both parties prior to the hearing of an election petition when there was no such objections forthcoming and stepped into the political arena or displayed a political agenda.

5. The rule of law and justice does not begin by a judge using the bench to make malicious, derogatory or outrageous remarks to anybody whosoever. Had Ian Chin made such malicious, outrageous or derogatory remarks against Karpal Singh I am sure he would have forthwith called on the present prime minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to initiate a judicial tribunal to be set up to try Ian Chin for misconduct or to bring this matter up in parliament to impeach him (I’m sure he is able to obtain the two-thirds majority he requires in parliament as the opposition is now strong). Recently, he made a threat to file a motion to bring Justice Datuk Mohamed Apandi Bin Ali, High Court Judge, Kuala Lumpur to parliament allegedly for a reprimand made against Karpal’s law firm (NST, 18th April 2008) claiming that he can get the two-thirds majority to do so.

6. Why is Karpal Singh turning a blind eye for such a serious act of misconduct by Ian Chin which will not only bring disrepute to judges, the judiciary as a whole in the eyes of the public and the world? (Other judges have also made outrageous and disparaging remarks against another judge when sitting on the bench in the recent past). Is this going to be the trend? It is apparent that the rule of law and justice advocated by Karpal Singh is at his own whims and fancies and to create a bad precedent by judges.

7. Karpal Singh is capitalising on the spiralling turbulent judicial crisis which is actually happening now caused by various factions and the inherent weakness of the present government of Abdullah Badawi which is obviously to his benefit.

Mohd Yacob Karim
Non-partisan lawyer

shah9 said...

Justice Ian Chin: Guilty of Misconduct
Posted by Super Admin
Thursday, 12 June 2008
I refer to the allegations by Ian Chin, High Court Judge, Sibu, Sarawak reported by New Straits Times (11th June 2008) with the headline ‘’Dr M threatened judges…’’ and ‘’Judges Boot Camp’’ The Star (11th June 2008).

2. Ian Chin is reported to be sitting on the bench last Monday to hear an election petition filed by Wong Hus She the defeated DAP candidate for Sarikei parliamentary seat and the Barisan Nasional candidate Ding Kuong Hing who won the said seat by 51 votes.

3. It is quoted that before the start of the proceedings whilst sitting on the bench, Ian Chin ‘’anticipated a motion for his recusal, Chin took the step to disclose what the parties and counsel may not be aware of but which they may later complain that I should have disclosed’’. Both sides did not object to Ian Chin to recuse as the presiding judge.

4. Instead of proceeding to hear the petition, Ian Chin used his position sitting as a High Court Judge on the bench, to make malicious, disparaging and outrageous allegations against the former prime minister that ‘’ Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad threatened to punish the judiciary in 1997 for decisions he disliked. He referred to two cases he had presided over in February 1997- a libel suit and an election petition – the decision with which the then Prime Minister was apparently displeased’’.

5. Ian Chin is also quoted to have said that Dr. Mahathir at the judges conference about a month later ‘’had to issue a thinly veiled threat to member judges by referring to the tribunal that was set up before’’.

6. Is this the functions and duties of a judge to make malicious, disparaging and outrageous remarks against the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad or anybody else for that matter and hide behind the cloak of judicial immunity instead of commencing to hear the election petition proper fixed for the day.

7. I have been taught, trained and made to believe as a practising lawyer that judges have to exercise prudence, patience, decorum and not to be seen to make malicious, derogatory and disparaging remarks when sitting on the bench. This constitutes a blatant act of misconduct by Ian Chin. Sitting as a judge on the bench, Ian Chin is clearly seen not to be impartial and displayed his biasness and prejudice by making such remarks from the bench.

8. Since Ian Chin ‘’anticipated’’ a motion for his recuse it is apparent that he knew from the start that there was a great feeling on his part of biasness, prejudice and partiality within himself in hearing the election petition and therefore should have automatically recused himself from hearing the petition.

9. Instead, he chose to abrasively and boldly make the malicious, derogatory and disparaging allegations from the bench when there was no indication of the counsel for both the parties to make objections. It is very obvious that the remarks made, were made deliberately and with malice aforethought, laced with cowardice when he said of the former PM- ‘’now, though no longer the prime minister and so no longer able to carry out his threat to remove judges which should therefore, dispel any fear which any judge may have of him……’’.

10. Ian Chin has not only shown bias, prejudice and partiality as a judge sitting on the bench but has also thrown himself into the political arena or has a political agenda when he declared that ‘he had twice stood unsuccessfully for election as a BN candidate in the 1980s in one of which he lost to the DAP’’ and ‘’the petitioner in this case may also have similar view with regard to my defeat by a candidate standing on the ticket of the party to which he belongs’’.

11. Ian Chin’s malicious, disparaging remarks against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad clearly stems from his frustration and disappointment in not being promoted. This is clearly spelt out when he said ‘’ and it may cross someone’s mind that I may have an axe to grind against the party concerned or any member thereof’’ and as a blatant excuse to use and distinguish two cases- M.G.G. Pillai (1995) and Raveychandran v Lai Su Chon anors (1997) as well as setting aside the ‘’victory of BN’s Mong Dagang in the 1996 state polls in the Bukit Begunan seat’’. Ian Chin is also quoted to have said that ‘’Dr Mahathir had expressed unhappiness over the decision. After he was done with issuing that threat, he then proceeded to express his view that people should pay heavily for libel. He managed to get a single response from a Court of Appeal judge who asked whether he would be happy with a sum of RM1 million as damages for libel.’’-this was supposed to have been said at a judge’s conference. Furthermore Ian Chin is reported to have said that ‘’ He approved of it and he later made known his satisfaction by promoting this judge (since deceased) to the Federal Court over many others who were senior to him when a vacancy arose.’’ Thus, due to his frustration for not being promoted, Ian Chin has completely exaggerated, debase and thrown aspersions of incredibility not only against himself but other fellow judges and the whole of the judiciary in particular in the eyes of the public.

12. A sitting judge is quoted to have said that ‘’ There were about 70 judges at the meeting but I think the majority of us, including Chin, were not influenced by what Dr Mahathir said. I feel Chin took the opportunity to speak from the Bench because he thought Dr. Mahathir was responsible for blocking his promotion.’’ It is apparent that Ian Chin is under delusion and facing a mirage in making such disparaging, derogatory and outrageous allegations against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Even Tun Dzaiddin has said that he ‘’ does not recall what was said at the 1997 judges conference and this was echoed by Tan Sri Lamin Yunus and in particular Datuk Shaik Daud Mohd Ismail who said that ‘’It is a real shock. I do remember the (then) prime minister conveying the message about damages in defamation suits but not of any threats of removing judges via a tribunal.’’ A serving judge was also reported to have said that ‘’but I think the majority of senior judges felt that Chin’s ruling on the case was legally flawed.’’

13. Also, the previous presidents and the new president, Ambiga Sreenevasan along with certain members of the Bar Council since the removal of Tun Salleh Abbas for misconduct in 1988 has never agreed with or seen eye to eye with the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and therefore their senses are clouded and the statement made is provocative to create turbulence within the judiciary which ultimately will lead to more serious judicial crisis.

14. The Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi cannot for all intents and purposes remain silent or close an eye but must take the necessary steps to initiate and set up a judicial tribunal to try Ian Chin for the act of misconduct and not encourage such serious incidences by judges sitting on the bench in the future.

Mohd Yacob Karim
Non-partisan lawyer

lord musan said...

salam Tun, 2million hits in the shortest time.just imagine the support you are having now even if you take 90% whom is pro you.congrats again and again and again.its a record i think.if you actually charge for every comment at RM1.00 u will be RM2 million richer now..hehehe!
prove that you are a one a million leader on planet earth!



Tun, kenapa dulu Tun pilih Paklah jadi PM?
Tengok lah apa dah jadi?
Pak lah tu bodoh lah, dia tak tau nak control ekonomi dan tak tau nak membela orang Melayu kita.
Bila dia jadi PM, habis semua barang naik, indekx jenayah naik dan macam macam yang naik, darah pun naik juga
Yang turun, Respect rakyat pada dia
Minta tolong pada Tun agar lantik Dr Khir Toyo jadi PM pulak. Dato Seri Khir Toyo lebih bijak daripada paklah, dia seorang doktor dan asal dari kampung serta terbukti menguruskan Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Wasalam 012 685 4096

Thank you

Bryan Lee said...

I would like to thank you, sir, for attending the MPYO concert this May at DFP in KLCC. Your presence gave us a timely boost for the concert. Terima Kasih!

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

The Malaysian government has urged Malaysian citizens to have fist class mentality in accordance to the first class standard of facilities provided by the government. Yes, Malaysians are now moving towards the first class mentality by ignoring third class news provided by certain medias. God Willingly the majority of the rakyat pick the right mass media to enlighten themselves and may we be reminded of the following verse of the Quran which stated “O ye who believe! if a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done” (Surah Al-Hujurat, verse 6).

wak Dojer said...

Hi Mr. Bill Teoh and a very good-morning.

A very sincere congratulation to the Malay girl whom achieved flying-colors in her PLSE examination. There you go girl!
(ref: Mr. Bill Teoh's June 16, 2008 6.59 PM)

p/s: an undertaking from Mr. Bill Teoh to vote for a "Malay man" becoming First Singapore's Prime Minister will shut Wak's mouth in total.

p/s again: Wak rela mengalah dengan anak Wak untuk tukar channel 611 (astro ceria) dari tonton RTM atau TV3 setiap jam 8pm.

Wanderer said...

Pak Lah just following your footstep. You should be proud to have your anak didik pass with flying colour.I sincerely believe all the mess, chaos,and deseases within the govt and UMNO deep rooted from you. What a pity.

Dakjaat said...

Saya nak tahu, apa yang sudah terjadi dengan landasan yang terbengkalai di Putrajaya? Dikatakan landasan itu di bina utk menghubungkan komuter dari pusatnya melalui putrajaya. Kemudahan seperti ini mmg amat diperlukan sebab putrajaya ke Kuala Lumpur adalah satu jarak yang amat jauh. Jikalau benar landasan itu di bina utk tujuan tersebut, kenapa menghentikannya? Kenapa tidak meneruskan sahaja projek itu? Apakah landasan terbengkalai itu hanya menjadi hiasan besi buruk di Putrajaya? Jika di lihat dari segi pembinaannya, sudah pasti kita kata 'Mahal' kosnya tapi. Kalau ada sesiapa yang tahu mengenai hal ini, sile ceritakan kepada saya ... =) thanks!

afiz said...

memang betul apa yang di tulis oleh Tun, terutama sekali berita jam 8. Apa yang di siarkan semuanya yang menyokong dan takde yang membangkang. Boleh percaya ke? Rakyat Malaysia tak bodoh.

Saya sokong Tun.


Zarina said...

Dear Tun,
Your words are all true. Nowadays I do not read the papers nor do I listen to the news on TV. Unlike those days when you were around, a speech by the PM was something everyone waited to listen to, these days a speech by the PM is good reason to change the channel.

Heical said...

June 16, 2008 6:08 PM.
Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato' Hussein Al-Haj was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, ruling from 1970 to 1976.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Perdana Menteri Malaysia (1981 - 2003)

16 Jun 2008

PER: Cadangan Supaya Kita Bersama Kembalikan Kuasa Masyarakat Malaysia Menterjemahkan Keputusan PRU 13 Pada 31 Ogos 2008 Untuk Mengubah Teori R.A.H.M.A.N. Kepada Teori R.A.H.M.A.T.

Perincian cadangan ini adalah seperti berikut:

01. Satu majlis ilmu diadakan di Kuala Lumpur dalam masa terdekat supaya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, dan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, berucap dengan tajuk, “Pemimpin Sebenar Malaysia Untuk Masyarakat Malaysia”, Sabtu, 10:00 Pagi Hingga 2:00 Petang.

02. Pengerusi Majlis ialah Ruhanie Ahmad.

03. Satu naskah Surat Masyarakat Malaysia disediakan oleh penganjur, supaya individu yang hadir dapat menyalin, kemudian masing-masing menandatanganinya supaya dapat disampaikan ke bawah DMMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong selaku Ketua Negara yang melantik Perdana Menteri yang baru, yakni yang keenam untuk Malaysia.

04. Surat ini tertibnya sebagai satu usaha murni bertepatan dengan perlembagaan negara, tiada berunsur demostrasi, bersesuaian dengan budaya Malaysia, dan dijangkakan efektif untuk mencapai hajat kita masyarakat Malaysia.

05. Usaha ini adalah penting kerana Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berdolak-dalik perihal tarikh peralihan kepemimpinan dan perpindahan kuasa Presiden UMNO, Pengerusi Barisan Nasional, dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

06. Mohd Najib Abdul Razak pula yang diharapkan bertindak sepatutnya berdasarkan keputusan PRU 12, telah mengutamakan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi melebihi dirinya, pengiktirafan ketuanya yang lalu, pengikutnya, penyokongnya, partinya, gabungan komponen barisannya, negerinya, negaranya, dan rakyat seluruhnya.

07. Dengan demikian tokoh yang berani bersuara untuk bertanding berhadapan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di pemilihan perhimpunan umum UMNO, setakat ini ialah Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Berseorangan, belum menentukan keberhasilan niatnya setelah sedar dan terpanggil untuk menawar khidmat sebagai Presiden UMNO dan seterusnya Perdana Menteri yang keenam.

08. Ada rahmat disebalik kepemimpinan Malaysia yang bermula dengan seorang Tunku, dan fasa ini dilengkapkan pula dengan seorang Tengku. Lantaran, kuasa masyarakat mengubah, dengan izin Allah, seandainya begitu, teori R.A.H.M.A.N. kepada teori R.A.H.M.A.T.

09. Majlis ilmu ini juga sebulat suara melantik Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad selaku Pengerusi, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah selaku Timbalan Pengerusi, dan Muhyiddin Yassin selaku Ketua.

10. Seterusnya melantik Mukhriz Mahathir, dan Muhammad Khir Toyo, selaku Timbalan Ketua I dan Timbalan Ketua II.

11. Turut dilantik ialah Sanusi Junid selaku Setiausaha Agong.

12. Beberapa individu di kalangan lain-lain tokoh, turut melengkapi pasukan ini.

Serta, mengenalpasti pemimpin baru yang berwibawa dari kalangan parti komponen Barisan Nasional untuk turut hadir dan menganggotai satu Pelan Induk Malaysia Maju Menjelang 2020. Diharapkan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sudi memberi kesegaran kepada Wawasan 2020, bersesuaian dengan konteks masyarakat dan negara Malaysia terkini.

13. Surat berkenaan dan Pelan Induk Malaysia Maju ini disampaikan ke bawah perkenan DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, dan salinan kepada Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu, dan para pemimpin pelbagai organisasi di Malaysia, supaya di hari Merdeka, 31 Ogos 2008, seorang Perdana Menteri baru dan Timbalannya dilantik, dan atas semangat merdeka, ini menjadi kenyataan.

14. 31 Ogos 2008 adalah tarikh yang bermakna demi memerdekakan rakyat dan negara Malaysia, daripada terus menjadi malang, kecundang, dan lintang pukang. Tarikh ini juga mendahului tarikh yang mula menampakkan signifikan dalam sejarah kepemimpinan Malaysia, yakni 16 September 2008, dan 20 Disember 2008.

15. Bermula sekarang, sebagai permulaan, blog CheDet ini yang bakal mencecah 2 Juta pengunjungan, diangkat menjadi platform untuk ahli masyarakat Malaysia memberikan maklum-balas kepada satu sekretariat yang segera dibentuk.

16. Pemikir, bijak pandai dan penggerak Badan Bukan Kerajaan serta individu yang tidak dapat bersuara melalui media utama, diajak bersama untuk turut menjayakan usaha murni ini, suatu Agenda Nasional.

17. Ini adalah penting kita laksanakan bermula sekarang kerana, bahawa:

A. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi seorang yang baik, namun sebagai pemimpin dan kepemimpinannya dia berkemampuan membawa rakyat dan negara Malaysia ke arah kehancuran, dan kemusnahan.

Tindakan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan kerajaannya, telah jelas membuat keputusan untuk menghimpit dan membebankan masyarakat Malaysia, menaikkan harga petrol dan diesel dan rentetan kenaikan harga barangan lain, yang boleh melumpuhkan majoriti rakyat miskin, kurang upaya, dan sederhana. Kelak, boleh menghasilkan kacau-bilau gologan minoriti mewah di Malaysia.

Di bawah pentadbiran Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, tidak ada yang jelas kelihatan sebagai suatu Agenda Nasional, dan kini kita ngeri melihat Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menabur RM 1 Billion di sana dan di sini, sekadar untuk senyapkan kebisingan pemimpin negeri. Sedangkan wang tersebut boleh dimanfaatkan lebih lagi dalam Agenda Nasional menyeluruh, untuk kemajuan masyarakat dan negara Malaysia.

Apa yang telah diutamakan ialah bahawa Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cuba mengukuhkan dan meneruskan idamannya untuk tidak meletak jawatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Pengerusi Barisan Nasional, dan Presiden UMNO. Nampak bahawa dia beridaman untuk terus memimpin lebih lama daripada tarikh sepatutnya yakni 9 Mac 2008.

Dengan sistem kuota, peluang untuk orang lain memenangi dan menewaskannya dalam pemilihan di perhimpunan umum UMNO, Disember 2008 ini, tiada.

B. Mujurlah ada tokoh yang akan mencabarnya bertanding merebut jawatan tersebut. T yakni Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, untuk barangkali seandainya begitu, melengkapi R.A.H.M.A.T.

C. Para pemimpin UMNO yang sedar, banyak kelemahan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, tetapi tidak dapat bersuara dalam Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, dan pasukan Pengurusan Tertinggi UMNO, sebagaimana yang kita telah lihat terjadi dalam pemukiman di Shah Alam, Selangor, baru-baru ini. Suara ini hendaklah didengari semula dan satu saluran disediakan demi memanfaatkan seluruh ahli UMNO dan individu yang mahu kembali kepada UMNO setelah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tidak ada lagi di kerusi Presiden UMNO.

D. Sebahagian masyarakat Malaysia kecewa dengan menteri kabinet Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang kini hanya meneruskan dan melakukan kerja rasmi, dan tidak menumpukan kepada apa yang lebih utama yakni kemajuan rakyat dan kemakmoran negara Malaysia secara sistematik, sepadu, saksama, dan seluruh, melalui satu Agenda Nasional.

Sementara itu, masing-masing banyak menghabiskan masa dan tenaga menghentam tokoh yang telah banyak berjasa kepada negara, dengan melakukan perbuatan yang reaktif, terhadap tokoh ini, anak-anaknya, dan sahabatnya, dan mereka tiada menjurus ke arah perdamaian atau mendamaikan.

Mereka mengambil kesempatan untuk mempastikan kerjaya masing-masing terus menjamin pendapatan lumayan dengan potongan hanya 10 peratus elaun keraian, dan nikmat di pucuk pimpinan kementerian tanpa ada rasa peduli terhadap penderitaan sebenar masyarakat Malaysia.

Perbuatan bersetuju setelah menaikkan harga minyak petrol dan diesel dengan serta-merta dan drastik, untuk tujuan yang tidak munasabah adalah sesuatu yang susah untuk dimaafkan, kerana menghimpit ramai orang di kalangan orang ramai dengan penderitaan dan kesengsaraan, kecuali seorang yang telah mula menaiki kenderaan awam, baki yang lain tidak akan merasa terkesan.

E. Keselesaan dan kebaikan Perikatan dan kemudian Barisan Nasional menunjukkan gambaran tidak berpanjangan, lalu hendaklah ada usaha menyatupadukan semua komponen Barisan Nasional supaya terus berkhidmat untuk Malaysia Maju menjelang 2020. Setiap parti komponen Barisan Nasional perlulah mengakui bahawa sekadar kerajaan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengurus belanja kewangan negara, belum menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah para pengundi di kawasan masing-masing. Kita perlukan satu Agenda Nasional yang diusahakan bersama di atas semangat asal pembentukannya.

F. Membuka peluang kepada generasi muda Malaysia khususnya para blogger untuk sama-sama menyertai usaha nasional ini. Lantaran kebijaksanaan, kelulusan akademik, pengalaman melalui pendidikan, kepandaian, kepakaran, kemahiran, masa, dan tenaga boleh digembelingkan bermula sekarang.

Satu Link Love kini dibuka di A Total Blog, untuk pendaftaran nama, alamat GMail atau Email, dan URL blog, di mana setiap blogger boleh menawarkan peranan. Khususnya individu yang bersetuju dan menyokong serta ingin membalas jasa Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada kita semua.

Inilah masanya.

Daftar ini kelak akan dikemaskini dan diserahkan kepada sekretariat yang bakal dibentuk kelak, terutama blog utama yang telahpun menggerakkan pemikiran Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad selama ini.

Ini adalah draf cadangan sahaja, sesiapa juga dibenarnya untuk memperbaikinya dan menokok-tambah, mengedit dan seumpamanya, kerana usaha ini adalah usaha kita bersama.

Pun begitu semua usaha ini akan hanya menjadi lebih bermakna, dan lebih bererti apabila Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sekali lagi berkhidmat sebagai pemimpin dan menerajui Agenda Nasional ini, demi masyarakat dan negara Malaysia.

Sekian, didahului dengan ucapan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih.

Zubli Zainordin
Sains dan Seni Jaya Diri Malaysia

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Prime Minister of Malaysia
(1981 - 2003)

16th June 2008

RE: A Proposal So That Together We Return The Power Of Malaysians Translating The Result Of The Next Malaysian 13th General Election
On 31st Of August 2008 To Change The Theory Of R.A.H.M.A.N. To The Theory Of R.A.H.M.A.T.

Details of this proposal are as follows:

01. A special talk organized in Kuala Lumpur soonest possible so that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, speak on the topic, “A True Malaysian Leader For Malaysians”, Saturday, 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM.

02. Chairman of Ceremony is Ruhanie Ahmad.

03. A letter is prepared by the organizer, so that individuals attending this talk can get a copy, that each willingly place a signature, to be collectively forwarded to the DMMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong as the Head Of the Country to appoint a new that is the sixth Prime Minister for Malaysia.

04. This letter is a noble effort in accordance to the country's constitution, without any street like demonstration, in tune with our Malaysian culture, and expectedly effective in achieving our desire, as Malaysians.

05. This effort is important because Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has preferred to be indecisive in relations to the specific date for the transition of leadership and the transfer of power of UMNO President, Barisan Nasional Chairman, and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

06. Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is hoped to act accordingly upon the result of the Malaysian 12th General Election, but has given top priority to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi more than himself, his former leader's endorsement, his followers, his supporters, his party, his coalition, his state, his country, and the whole Malaysians.

07. Therefore an honorable individual who is brave enough to voice out to contest face-to-face with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the coming election during the UMNO General Assembly, thus far is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Alone, does not guarantee his intention, after his realization and a calling to offer his services to become the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

08. There is a blessing in the leadership of Malaysia that begins with a Tunku, and at this phase fulfilled with a Tengku. Thus, the Malaysian power, by the will of The God, if so shall change the Theory of R.A.H.M.A.N. to that the Theory of R.A.H.M.A.T.

09. This talk also shall unanimously appoint Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the Chairman, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as the Deputy Chairman, and Muhyiddin Yassin as the Chief.

10. Next, the appointment of Mukhriz Mahathir, and Muhammad Khir Toyo, as the Deputy Chief I, and Deputy Chief II.

11. Also appointed is Sanusi Junid as the Honorable Secretary.

12. Other individuals amongst honorable people will complete this team.

In addition, credible new leaders from amongst the component parties of Barisan Nasional will be identified to attend and be a member to a Master Plan For A Progressive Malaysia Toward 2020. It is our hope that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is willing to refresh the Vision 2020, to suit the context of the contemporary Malaysians and Malaysia.

13. The letter together with this Master Plan will be handed over to the DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, and copies to the Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu, and leaders of various organizations in Malaysia, so that on the Independence Day, 31st August 2008, a new Prime Minister and his Deputy will be appointed, and in the spirit of Merdeka, this will be a reality.

14. 31st August 2008 is a date that is meaningful and in order to free the Malaysians and restore freedom to Malaysia, and not buried in being unfortunate, failure, and disarray. This date also shall be earlier than two other dates emerging to be significant in the history of leadership in Malaysia, that are, 16 September 2008, and 20 Disember 2008.

15. Beginning now, as a start, this CheDet blog which shall reached 2 million hits by visitors, uplifted to be a platform for Malaysians to place feedbacks to a Secretariat that shall be established.

16. Thinkers, intellectuals and activists of Non-Governmental Organizations, and also individuals who have been deprived from voicing out will be invited to march forward toward the success of this noble effort, a National Agenda.

17. This is important to be implemented beginning now, because:

A. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a nice man, however as a leader and his leadership, he has the potential to bring the Malaysians and Malaysia toward destruction, and devastation.

The actions by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his government, has clearly made decisions to burden and press hardship to Malaysians, by unnecessarily increasing the prices of petrol and diesel and thus spark a chain reaction to increasing prices of other goods, products and services, that could impact the collapse of the majority of Malaysians amongst the poor, the unfortunate, and the middle income group. In the near future, this can burst into chaos even to include the minority of Malaysians amongst the affluence.

Under the administration of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, we have not seen a clear National Agenda, and at present it is gory to see Abdullah Ahmad Badawi showering RM 1 Billion here and there, with the purpose seen as to silence noisy state government leaders. This amount of money actually can benefit more when a total National Agenda launched to help Malaysians and Malaysia's progress.

What seems to be Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's priority is trying to strengthen and proceed to continue his desire not to step down instead remain as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Chairman of Barisan Nasional, and the President of UMNO. It is clear that he desires to continue leading more than the date he should have stepped down on March 9th 2008.

With the quota system, the chances of an other individual to win and defeat him in the election during the UMNO General Assembly, December 2008, is none.

B. We are glad that an honorable man will challenge him to contest for the post. T that is, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, to perhaps complete this phase, so known as the Theory of R.A.H.M.A.T.

C. UMNO leaders who have realized, the many weaknesses of Abdulah Ahmad Badawi, but cannot voice out in the UMNO Supreme Council or UMNO Top Management Team, as clearly seen during the pemukiman at Shah Alam, Selangor, recently. This voices must be heard again and a channel is here being provided to benefit all UMNO members and individuals who prefer to return to the embrace of UMNO after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is no longer sitting on the Chair of UMNO President.

D. A part of Malaysians are frustrated with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Cabinet Ministers who are doing daily official work, and do not concentrate to what is more important that is the progress of Malaysians, and the proliferation of Malaysia in abundance, through a systematic, integrated, fair, and holistic National Agenda.

Meanwhile, each minister is spending time and energy to hit and criticize previous statesman who have contributed hugely to this nation, and they hit with such reactive behaviors and doings against him directly, his sons, and his friend. We do not see any move toward peace and peacefulness.

They take advantage to ensure sustainability of the own career and earn lucrative income with as little as 10 per cent cut of the entertainment allowance recently, and enjoy leadership at the peak of their individual ministry without any care toward the hardship that Malaysians are really facing now.

The groveling to agree after the increase of the price of petrol and diesel which are sudden and drastic, for the purpose beyond acceptance is one that cannot be easily forgiven, because they press many people with hardship and sufferings, except one who recently chose to ride a public transport to office, while the remainder will never really experience such a difficulty.

E. The wisdom and goodness of Perikatan and then Barisan Nasional is showing a picture that is not for long, thus there is a need for an effort to unite all component parties of Barisan Nasional so that these continue to serve for the progress of Malaysia toward 2020. Each component party of Barisan Nasional must acknowledge that the manner that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his government managing the country's finance, will not solve various issues facing the voters in each of th respective areas. We need a National Agenda that we work together for, in the spirit of its original formation.

F. Opening an avenue for the younger generation, especially bloggers to be involved and participate in this national effort. Thus, with wisdom, academic qualification, experience through education, smartness, expertise, skills, time and energy can be harnessed beginning now.

A Link Love is now open at this, A Total Blog, for registration of name, GMail or Email address, and blog URL, in which each blogger can offer a role. Especially individuals who agree, support, and prefer to return the deeds of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to us all.

This is the time.

This registration, later, will be updated to be handed over to the Secretariat that shall be established, especially the main blog that has already and continue to promote the thinking of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad all this while.

This is only a draft, those who are keen and interested are allowed to improve, add or subtract, edit, so on and so forth, because this is ours, and our effort together.

Even so all efforts can only be more meaningful when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once again contribute his service to lead this National Agenda, for Malaysians and Malaysia.

That is all for now with the best wishes of thanking you.

Zubli Zainordin
The Art and Science Of Total Success, Malaysia

Lanrj said...

Salam Sejahtera.

Seperti kawan-kawan yang sentiasa melayari column ini, saya ingin uncapkan "Tahniah" pada Tun atas pencapaian angka 2 juta. Walaupun 2atau 3 hari terlambat mengikuti column ini atas urusan lain tapi saya tetap percaya column ini yang terbaik untuk memberi pandangan dan pendapat dari berbagai lapisan masyarakat ttg. kepimpinan masakini, ekonomi, sosial dan sebagainya.

Tahniah Tun!

Anak Melaka.

Pulau Sibu said...

more than 2000000

boymungkal said...

Sorry TDM, but this is for our 'friendly' friend BILLY TEOH.

Why on earth would you want to participate on issues concerning "openness" for? Singapore is probably the only place where opposition is strictly for show only. What, 1 or 2 ? How many were made bankrupt,how many in jail?

I guess you still miss this country, which is probably why you had to get into TDM's blog site. Any criticism towards LKY then? Open your mouth there about him and you know where your sorry b_tt will end, right?

Good thing our doors are always open to allow for ungrateful people like you to exit.Stay there.

PS. We are still open for your remarks, William Teoh.Don't worry, we wont make you go bankrupt or send you to jail.Can i send some chewing gum to you?Oh, sorry, you can't eat chewing gum there.Over here, we can. In fact, many hooligans from your island are driving on our open roads,even as you are reading this.

Sorry for this mini outburst, TDM.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in your openness at this blog, and I respect you for this, may I have the privilege of counting the number of times, I am here, your blog is like a home to me, I feel total peace, and a learning center, I gather information in knowing the truth of what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen.

Openness, is a funny word, one can easily laugh, as one relates to the manner of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet Ministers, administering in spending, within this country.

I have read a list, at various blogs, what he said, and then deny or changed later, several times, often.

I first sense it, beginning with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said, "There is no such as a gentleman's agreement".

Surely I trust you.

But after that as for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I begin to suspect, and most of which I found the answer as true.

I respect Ministers who when the Boss is wrong, she or he says it is wrong.

When the Boss is right, she or he says it is right.

Each can agree to disagree.

However, when the Boss keeps on speaking not the truth, it shall be difficult for him to substantiate, and what more difikilities for his cabinet ministers to justify a wet string, dry.

That is why there have been contradictions. And we shall see more of these.

At Husin Lempoyang's blog, there is a suggestion to lump sum one huge criticism in one night, knowing that there shall be many contradictions daily and nightly in the near future of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration.

That is why, I sense you see no openness, such as a kind of cover ups only an Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can.

I can quote examples:

01. Pemukiman Shah Alam Selangor.

02. Terengganu Wang Ehsan.

03. Transition of Leadership.

04. More than these...

Apart from closeness, by some of the media, yet a sharp observer can always see a lie as a lie, and the truth shall prevail.

"Saya berasa simpati dengan penderitaan rakyat"

Yes, he goes places by plane, and us public transport of low quality services, bicycle and walking.

I am also seeing now individuals appearing in forum, to a telling all is good, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is projected a good and strong leader.

All these individuals from that expert level right to the top of this government leadership has almost finally lost touch with the nadi of the masses.

Some of us are observing any fatso soon in this government, as my friends and I, continue to grow skinnier by the day toward this month.

Antimamak said...

Setiap article tun, pusing habis pun berbau racist, sering menganggapkan rakyat berketurunan Indian, China sebagai dalang dalam PRU 12 kerana menyokong parti pembangkang , ceramah Tun di Teluk Anson pendatang asing ( zaman pre mrdeka) Adakah Tun berhasrat membakar bakarkan rakyat melakukan rusuhan ??

Berhati hati lah Tun, sudah berumur 83, mestilah kuat beribadat, sembahyang dan sebagainya, Tuhan mengkurniakan Tun berumur panjang semata mata ingin melihat Tun melakukan lebih banyak jasa kepada Malaysia, bukanlah membarak barakkan kebencian keatas golongan melayu supaya mengujudkan sikap pekauman!! Rakyat Malaysia cintakan keamanan, bertoleransi antara satu sama lain, usah lah menyemarakan isu sensitive perkauman.

Opnness apa?? setiap article yang panjang dihuraikan kesemuaannya anti kerajaan! tidak kira betul atau salah, bagi Tun semuanya adalah salah semata mata. Adakah kerana Pak Lah telah memansuhkan projek Tun dan patut menerima hukuman Tun??

- You go straight, don't belok belok .

Kita faham, Tun semakin memainkan perasaan melayu khasnya selepas kekalahan PRU12, Tun ingin lihat rakyat berdaarah ditepi jalan akibat rusuhan kaum... Ini adalah dosa besar namanya!.

Saya mengencam keji ke atas tindakan Tun yang begitu zalim dan tidak menulis article berbau perkauman tanpa menghasilkan apa apa perikatan dalam kaum masing masing, Tun sanggup melihat perpaduan rakyat bertempuh darah di Malaysia?? aatau ingin melihat rusuhan bangsa di Malaysia berlaku sekali lagi?

Rakyat semakin cerdik dan pandai bertimbang rasa. Rakyat Malaysia cinta keamanan dan perpaduan, tetapi matlamat Tun hanya kepentingan diri serta membarak barakkan Melayu memencii kaum lain !!

Kesimpulannya, apabila gerai mamak ditepi jalan terbakar, maka mamak dengan hati busuk meyiram minyak petrol ke astas kedai cina, kedai india...sehingga mambakar seluruh kampong !

samurai melayu said...

Jasa mu dihargai.


Sempena 'HARI BAPA' kami ungkapkan kembali puisi ini bagi tatapan anakanda rakyat khasnya anakanda2 yang masih berada dirumah besar keramat UMNO. Renung2 dan kenang2kanlah titik2 sejarah perjuangan bersama Ayahanda Tun!


May 13 1969 ia bermula
meredah banjaran pemisah
mengalir debu dan lahar
diantara darah dan nanah
meresap dicecairan bumi bangsa
kekayaan pusaka bangsa dimiliki semua

Nafsu haiwan menguasai jiwa raga
denyut nadi hasat dengki
Merah membahang menyala
Slogan melayu berdilema
merangsang perjuangan bangsa

Bangun tegak berdiri
meroboh mencanai
walau mulanya keringat dan airmata
perit pedih rintihan

Dalam penentu belum penghujung
mengorak langkah mengatur cara
meniti permatang penentu juang
kini bangsamu mula mengangkat muka
tiada ejekan kata hina

Tapi sampai detik bila berthahan lama
dasar ekonomi baru pandang ketimur
Wawasan 2020 bukan titik penyudah
bagi generasi mendatang ia bermula

Melayu tidak hilang didunia bukan dendangan tetapi landasan perjuangan

Demikian suratan Ilmu Allah
bangsa melayu melangkah megah
menjulang panji panji bumi bertuah
anak watan pusaka bangsa

Namamu mekar segar
seperti mawar dititis embun pagi
manis dikata
hilangmu ku cari
pergimu ku nanti
pulangmu ku tunggu

Kau layak menerima anugerah
Rimbun pelindung untuk semua
AYAHANDA RAKYAT, tutur penghargaan bangsa
BONDA RAKYAT, pada isteri tercinta

Demikian keluhan rindu
dari rakyat bangsa mu
yang punya perasaan
darah daging tulang dan urat saraf
yang menjunjung falsafah perjuangan
bangsa mu, melayu
selagi ia bergelar melayu

Salam kasih kami
AYAHANDA Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Salam kasih kami
BONDA Dr Siti Hasmah

Kelip-kelip, kg. kuantan

samurai melayu said...


Hello 'antimamak'
Itu hari 'antimamak' sudah sah kena kasi(hentam). Kita bloggers semua ingat sudah tidak boleh membiak baka tak sihat lagi tapi masih dibiar melepaskan kata2 tidak sihat diblog ini. Rasanya prinsip yang mengamal 'openness'
Waka punya kapla batu besar jugak ada duduk.

Pls God 'rest' this troubled soul!

PJ said...

My dear Pakbelalang,
The most apt and appropriate pseudonym for you is "Lalang."
Your uncivlised use of words like "stupid", "bodoh" etc is manifestation of your intellectual poverty, your bad upbringing.. your outburst is biadab.. mengapa panas baran ini, saudara?
You are not educated enough or knowledgeable to talk about the intellectual prowess of other people, you clown -loony ! Mind your own business, don't be a pain in the ....! (supply the right word, buddy!)

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