Friday, May 2, 2008

A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia

I would like to thank all visitors to for their kind words and for welcoming me to the blogosphere. To be honest, I was indeed surprised by the overwhelming response to my weblog.

To my critics and detractors I welcome your comments, but I would appreciate that responses be focussed on the issue that I blog. This is to allow a healthy debate and to gauge points of view which differ from my own.

I apologise that due to the overwhelming traffic, I may not be able to respond to all comments and queries as much as I would like to. I will be selective and respond to points repeatedly raised by commentators in relation to what I've posted.

I shall also not respond, unless absolutely necessary, to issues that have been raised and answered by me in other forums, especially those pertaining to unsubstantiated allegations.

With regards to my first posting on the appointment of judges, most commentators disagreed with my comment that when Government works with the opposition it is a sign of weakness, and that I consider the opposition as the enemy.

Politically, the opposition is the enemy. Being forced to work with the opposition is not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government.

A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to unwarranted challenges against its authority. Governments cannot please everybody. If a Government cannot be firm and is forced to flip-flop there will be a lack of confidence which does not augur well for the smooth implementation of policies or project. Some people might already have noticed this.

A Government with little need for opposition support would be better able to disregard the sniping that all Governments must face. It should however take note of opposition views and respond where necessary.

In today's context, the Federal Government is unable to initiate necessary changes to the constitution and would be held to ransom every time.

One of the most important things about a two-thirds majority is that there would be hardly any threat of defection. Today we hear of this threat everyday. The leadership of the Barisan Nasional is like a cat on hot bricks. And cats on hot bricks cannot achieve anything.

Previous Federal Governments had never failed to obtain the two-thirds majority. As a measure of strength, a two-thirds majority allows a Government to do everything on its own and be totally independent.

But perhaps the proposed request for opposition support is made with sincerity in the spirit of democracy.

The question is why now? Why not when the Government had 90 percent majority after the General Election of 2004? Changes to the way judges are picked could have been done after the 2004 resounding victory.

I have always been of the opinion that this country must have a strong and independent Federal Government which can then serve the country and people without fear or favour.

But I have been on record in advocating a strong opposition. This is to ensure the Government does not stray from the right path, or abuse its authority.

The combination of a strong (two-thirds majority) Government and an Opposition with the capacity and willingness to check abuses by the Government would serve Malaysia well.

As to the Government's latest proposal to set up a judicial commission, is it because it now thinks it is a good thing or is it a desperate attempt to win back the support it has lost?

As for my criticisms of the leaders of the present Government, I believe I have every right to do so. Retiring from the Government simply means giving up authority and power. It does not mean I must abdicate my role as a citizen. I have every right to be concerned over the flip-flopping mismanagement of this country and that of the party I helped to revive in 1987. The party does not belong to Dato Seri Abdullah alone. Nor is it meant to support him as leader even when he mishandled the elections and the country. The party does not belong to me either. It belongs to all its members. Presently the members are not permitted to be critical. They can merely say yes to what Dato Seri Abdullah says or does.

Since the opposition is also supporting Dato Seri Abdullah, if I do not criticise, then no one will. And without criticisms the Government and Dato Seri Abdullah can really go wrong.

(Reminder: I welcome criticisms and critical comments and I will publish them. However, I will not publish comments containing profanities and demeaning references to certain names. Anonymous postings will also not be published.)


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Smart Xs® said...

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UrbAnWiTch said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

As much as i wanted to comment ur previous entry, i was hoping i could in ur new one (especially be the first!). congratulations is due to you, although i agree with many that this blog is overdue.

my humble opinion : defeat is utmost important at times especially when unexpected because it wakes u up. but it is how u respond to ur defeat which is more crucial.. how are we responding?

TeckJung said...

Yes, a weak government is not good for multi-racial malaysia. But if a government is not competetive enough, the country wont' go too far in international stage.

Dragon said...
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jamal said...

I agree with your view......whats your view on party hopping Tun

Unknown said...

Dr M,

Yes, i agree. A weak government will not provide stability to the country especially now when the world is facing a problem in solving the increase of food prices. All this while, we are taking a low attitude towards production of food and instead try to push for the increase of industrial products.

Hajah Zainab bt Abdullah said...

tak nak komen tentang isu tu..
tapi just nak welcome Dr m to the bloggers' world..

James said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for bring us a weak BN which is the tailing/lagging repurcussions of your iron-first/law ignorant era.

And thank you for sacking/set-up/betray/wicked accusing of DSAI. Now Malaysia is blessed with a impending 2 party system.

Hey. you are the MAN!

wan said...

salam yabhg tun, terlebih dahulu tahniah atas kesungguhan ayanhanda untuk menyertai blog.

kami amat rindu dengan pandangan serta kritikan malah juga idea yang bernas.

selepas pilihanraya, ternyata umno hilang hala tuju. budaya menyalahkan orang lain memburukkan lagi keadaan.

pembangkang kelihatan kuat kerana kalangan pemimpin umno masih mengamal budaya dengki khianat.

ahli umno, orang melayu dan rakyat msia hilang kepercayaan kepada umno.

50 tahun diberi peluang untuk mentadbir negara telah disesia-siakan. jika pemimpin umno masih leka, 50 tahun akan datang umno menjadi kenangan.

kami amat mengharapkan ayahanda terus menjadi 'pm' - pengerak minda @ prime mover dalam menyedarkan kembali kalangan pemimpin umno yang masih membaca surat khabar lama.

salam dari anakanda wan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,
You're not suppose to be surprise by the overwhelming traffic to your blog. I know you will not be able to respond to all comments and queries but please consider to blog about Science and Mathematics in English as you was the decision maker. My children have no problems with it but I understand why most parents want to revert. An if it's really happen, then my children will have problems because they are already comfortable studying them in English.

badzli said...

alhamdulillah tun masih sihat dan masih kuat untuk menyatakan kebenaran dalam pemerintahan malaysia yang diambang kemerosotan angkara beberapa orang pemimpin yg bodoh...

Unknown said...

is this really your blog?? if that so, prove it... there are so many people trying to disguise like someone famous such as u... i don't mean to be rude but, as someone who respect dr. mahathir very much, yee who try to fool anyone with some crap , i cannot tolerate... provement is a must, that only he can do it...

Smart Xs® said...

Dear Tun Salam again,

I cannot be brave enough to critics the new government as Tun, As Tun’s blog I believe it is now possible for us to convey our message to correct people. There are too many wrong doings of 2004 cabinet and I believe this time the new government will be very careful on upcoming years, I have personal experiences since then most of the time too much pilih kasih granting of Peruntukan / Budget and gazetting special projects to so called especial priority people, When we submit any proposal to any relevant Kementerian / Ministry, most of the times they never read the full application letter (I said it due to, if they read the applications properly then they should call up the applicant for further explanations and possibilities to run the said project on priority basis) and what generally happens (Most of the time) is that they rejects the applications or even they accept it but peruntukan / budget granted too little to carry on such project. As I have personal experience on the said matters. When Tun was a Prime Minister, the things and interaction with government was too easy and less lobby, but now a days most of the time Minister is not available for meeting and minister’s down line interact with people and minister have to listen to his down line only, very seldom the applicant can able to meet minister personally (if have good connections with said minister’s cronies) :(

My Question: All the Good project must be done by Government ? is there any chances that private sector wanted to come with wild ideas (as Tun also use to have) and Government accept those ideas fairly ? why these ministers always have to rely on cronies and their down line only ? Please advice me how to go about if someone have a good national project to grow better economy and increase foriegn Exchange but cannot able to carry on such project as possible funds are not available from any source ?

I Hope Tun may reply my sincere request. Thank you. Shaikh Jamal [ Your True Admirer]

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun
I wrote an article re your blog on Now Public. Below is a copy of it:

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, today joins fellow bloggers in cyberspace at to publish his thoughts and comments.

In the preface of his weblog, he said:

'' This site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion. ''

In the northern state of Kedah where he was born, 'Che Det' is a very familiar name to those who know him since he was young. It is the pen name in many of his writings, articles and books.

Dr Mahathir, 82, was Malaysia fourth Prime Minister from July 1981 to 2003 when he stepped down and handed over to his successor, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

His eldest daughter, Marina Mahathir, is also a blogger ( and a journalist and has her own weekly column in a local daily.

The weblog starts with the article 'The Appointment of Judges' in which he questions the present Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi how these judges will be appointed.

This weblog would certainly draw many who are his admirers as well as his many detractors. The comments left behind by them will be most interesting to read.

Welcome to blogging, Sir !


Unknown said...

Dear Tun Dr. M,

Why this persistent fear of a strong opposition? Why shouldn't the rakyat given a choice like many industrialized nations where no single party has the absolute upper hand in any house? Doesn't democracy and freedom thrive under this condition? Democracy only thrives if 2 conditions are met, the freedom of choice for the people and freedom of the press are guaranteed. A strong opposition is vital for that. Tq

IPOH MALAY said...

Siapa mampu menahan rasional pemikiran manusia yang sebenarnya bergembira terhadap kebebasan 'mutlak'? Siapa pula pemimpin mereka yang prihatin tentang bahaya kebebasan 'hakiki' itu kepada mereka? Hanya Tun sahaja yang memikirkan masa depan bangsa dan negara. Lalu Tun membataskan kebebasan tersebut.

Kebebasan 'mutlak' ini bertitik tolak dengan keterujaan rakyat jelata mengatakan "hari ini.. rakyat berkuasa".. dan terjunjunglah konsep komunisme yang merupakan asas kepada gerakan sosialisme, ke atas pemikiran rakyat kita hari ini.

Hari ini, corak komunikasi, penyampaian agenda dan cara interaksi telah berubah. Namun ianya bukan merupakan platform untuk menghebahkan sesuatu yang menimbulkan prejudis secara terbuka. Akibatnya, rakyat tak mampu berfikir secara matang dan terus dihanyutkan oleh isu remeh yang melemahkan kerajaan yang memimpin.

Hasilnya seperti yang Tun maksudkan.. muncul sebuah kerajaan yang lemah dan berpotensi untuk hilang kawalan terhadap apa-apa potensi yang boleh mencerai beraikan hubungan kaum. Secara dasarnya, kerosakan ini berpunca dari kebebasan bersuara yang melampau.

Menyindir Tun berhubung kawalan kebebasan bersuara ketika Tun berkuasa adalah hasil pemikiran golongan yang tercipta untuk tunduk dan dicaturi tangan-tangan tersembunyi.

trueandfair said...


In the absence of a visonary leadership and the lack of second-third line leaders in UMNO, wouldn't the country be better served by a line of capable new leaders albeit in the Oppoition (in your point of view)?

Mediorce and bad leadership will surely harm the country in the larger context than for having BN/UMNO to be in power. I hope you may see the larger picture given that there are NO UMNO leaders that currently commands the rsepact and capacity to lead

Aizat Faiz said...

Assalamualaikum tun..

masih sy simpan lg gmbar sy didukung oleh tun pada tahun 1988.masa tu saya baru 3 tahun..

tun,teruskn perjuangan tun. ya, kerajaan yg lemah bukan hanya baik utk malaysia yg berbagai kaum, tp xkn ade kerajaan yg lemah yg akn diterima rakyat.

saya melihat apa yang berlaku sekarang ni kerana dominasi yang sudah terlalu lama dalam parlimen. nah, 8 mac menyedarkan golongan ini! baru sedar rakyat berhak untuk menghukum.

andai terus lagi dengan sikap berdolak dalih dan tidak yakin dan bijak membuat keputusan terhadap projek2 yang diumumkan sehingga projek yang berjuta-juta terpaksa dikaji semula, silap2 PRU 13 kita akn melihat satu lagi tsunami yang lagi besar.

Shawn Tan said...

Personally, regardless of issues with your person, I've always respected your ability to speak your mind every time. It's this very characteristic that I think is important to foster in Malaysia. In my opinion, you are probably a better check-n-balance to the government than the opposition, seeing that you were privy to all the deepest darkest secrets of government and have the necessary experience to back up your word.

So, welcome to the world of blogging and may you live long with good health. Did Marina encourage you to do this? Good for her if she did!

mn said...

A.kum YBhg Tun,

1. Tun why u so pround with English? Why not u write in bahasa Melayu.

2. No wonder UMNO weak now days because their Leader him self prefer English rather than Bahasa Melayu.

3. In America, Britain, Australia still got more jobless even they using English.

4. I hope your next topic is in Malay. Tun takan tak tahu ramai lagi orang-orang Melayu di Kota Star, Baling, Kuala Nerang dan Sik masih tak faham English.

5. Jadi minta Tun tulislah dalam Bahasa Melayu supaya mereka juga boleh baca dan faham apa yang Tun tulis.

Chulan said...

Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

Its awsome that you now have a blog. I have always admired your strong leadership, socio-political acumen, and your superb command of the English language. I hope that through this blog, many others will be inspired by you. Good luck in blogging. May God bless you.

Best wishes,

inahornaw said...

seeing that i m not that well-versed in the political scene, i m afraid i cud not comment much about it. but as i am an IT person, soon-to-be a teacher, i feel that i need to understand the current issues, including the political ones.

as a student in a teacher training college, for me it is very hard to express my views regarding the politics. it is seen as a taboo...

but i still remember vividly the latest public elections. as a kpli students, we were forced to attend one campaign after another (with the guise of them as being a formal events-meaning that it is compulasory for us to attend!). the forced events really put me off the government. sure, i am part of the govt servant, but does it give them the right to forced us to attend those stupid events? we are not robots to be directed like that!

i am not one who sides with the opposition-i m not a Pas or Keadilan member, nor am i an UMNO member.

however, i found that our political scene is very much lacking compared to our neighbours.

let's just compare ouselves to singapore, our nearest neigbour. their mp's are very educated, compared to ours. most of them have masters or phd. but malaysia? suffice to say that stupid leaders make up stupid national decisions.

i think i'd stopped myself here b4 someone thinks i have to be put under ISA.

finally, congrats to Dr M for entering the digital age. Welcome!

rainbow said...

Honourable Tun,

Great to read your blog and also allows fellow Malaysians to stay in touch with you. Definitely agree with you that a weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia.
I still remember the 1st time I met you in Langkawi many years ago. I walked up to you without observing protocol to greet you 'Good morning Mr Prime Minister... Can I have a photograph with you" and you kindly obliged. Later my husband asked for your autograph too.
I am one of those successful Malaysians who worked very hard as a production operator from 1974 and I do not qualify for the NEP. I retired in my mid forties as life has been indeed comfortable and the time to serve the less fortunate and make a difference in someone's life.
All these come about was because of the progress you have lead this country in peace and stability.
I am grateful for that Sir-Tun..

Though I am a Buddhist I have been reading the Quran lately to understand the religion better. I also have a copy of the bible.
The opening chapter of 7 Verses - AL FATIHAH. The 7 verses are recited in every prayer and on many occasions. This prayer is for one's own spiritual education, consolation and confirmation. It leads one to the attribute of worship and acknowledgment (verse 5), prayer for guidance and a contemplation of what guidance means (verse 5-7). I copied the above paragraph from the Quran
It was indeed the Essence of the book and teaches the perfect prayer.
I really hope that the time will soon come that we do not talk about 'fighting or struggling for a particular race...What is there to fight and struggle really? if ‘ONE’ reads the Al-Fatihah with wisdom.
Why are some BN leaders still bitter over the GE results and threatened about rights of the Malay race taken away in the 5 PK states? How could that be taken away when the racial percentage of the Chinese, Indians and others were only a small (25% C) to very very small minority (10% Indians. others)?
Statistics will never fail in any assessment and the percentage of the other races will continue to decrease drastically over the next 5 - 10 years. The symbolic intent of why the Keris was waved is an unconscious act of the leader. What is the need to do so lies within the leader instead of making judgmental comments that non-Muslims fear the keris. So what is this fight, struggle and fear that the leader may be trying to say when the non-Muslims are small minority? If we don't look at one another NOW as fellow Malaysians - satu Bangsa when then? It has been 50+ years and we are still race based, what history does it speaks for this country?
Look at the Orang Asli whose land were being taken away over the years, their children deprived of education and good public health care when they are truly the Orang Asli of this country. Yet what happen to them? Life still goes on no matter how hard... who looks at them now? People are only interested in their land.
In terms of public health care the country does not even has Psychiatric wards for children in some if not most states of Malaysia. Children suffering from poor mental illness; depression, bipolar, anorexia and others are locked up with adults. Parents with children chronic ill are cramped up in public hospitals, sharing the same bed with the child.
Poor Mental health indicator of children is rising and the media reported 83,000 children dropped out from school yearly in May 1 2008, 300,000 children with poor mental health reported in Nov 2007. What will become of these children in the next 5 years and it is not surprising there are countless Mat Rempits in almost every state. What has the government done to help these lost children before they become full-fledged Mat Rempits, leading to more social ills in this country.
And we talk about going to SPACE... maybe again? Wanting to have North-South-East-West Corri doors!. Isn't that confusing?
I must grateful to you for initiating the National Service program which helped thousands of teenagers every year to learn about their own personal excellence and how to be good leaders and have teamwork. I was one of the pioneer trainers in Character Building program in 2004. It is my heartfelt wish that the current PM will include all the MPs in this program too. This will help them to see themselves clearer and be able to have good teamwork and leadership to lead the country and bring peace and harmony to each and every rakyat .
Sometime ago the PM said that Malaysia has "1st class facility but 3rd class mentality … is true not only in practising good toilet manners but also in most of the MPs character.
The fact that some of the MPS fought so hard in Parliament was not because of the live telecast but they really have unresolved issues within them. They are not fighting for the Rakyat but themselves – the EGO is hurt. *MPs can be ASSERTIVE, Firm and kind; no need to turn Parliament into a zoo.
I wonder whether you have seen on You tube the DAP theme song written by Tony Pua "Just Change for Malaysia". I reflected on the words of the song MANY TIMES. Is it true all these are happening in this beloved country that progressed with you for the past 20 years? What has become of it now?
It doesn't matter whether it is PK or BN government ruling most important the leaders have a clear conscience and maturity to lead. We do not want to have ‘longkang’ MPs…
I still HOPE with your leadership in some way or another this country will be a country that follow TRULY to the Islamic values as written on pg 19 no:20 Surah 1 -Al Fatihah in the QURAN.
I don't know why this fear of Islamic state. For those who do not understand please read the Quran especially some MCA MPs who keep on playing the old record of DAP fooling the Raayat and befriend PAS. So what has happened to Kelantan the last 10 years if Pas is so fearful?
Man is using Religion as a weapon to protect their own interest.
For those who are Buddhist please read the Buddha's teaching in depth:
What is there to Fight when there is so much to Love... Praise n Blame, Fame n Shame, Joy n Pain, Lost n Gain > they are all the nothing is permanent. Reflect on this deeply, the answers are within you.

Wish you well and happy always...

CP said...

I agree with you that a weak goverment is not good for multi-racial malaysia. However, I strongly believe that Malaysia needs a strong opposition party as well.

The current goverment should treated their defeats as a hefty lesson to learn. But I doubt. Where is the mega project promised to implement before the election? 2nd Penang Bridge is on hold, where is monorail project in Penang, and how about the KL-Singapore bullet train?

Is these are revenge from the current goverment to Malaysian who votes opposition party?

Sobri said...


dear tun,you were right about the weak government.i have a question that keep bugging me about your recent there any hope the current government can be strengthen and how?and allow me to link your blog from my blog.....your permission needed.if you notice some grammatical error,forgive english is bad,my malay worst.thank you

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear ex-PM

I don't wish to be pedantic, but in the interest of promoting better English perhaps you would care to correct the following errors in the preface to your blog:-

1. '..when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion' should read opinions.

2. Interested parties....are welcomed..' should read welcome.

3. 'Comment and feedbacks....welcomed'. Should read 'feedback...welcome'.

Other than that, welcome to the world of blogging and bloggers. We await with bated breath your comments and views on all matters, especially Malaysiana.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hello TDM,
There wasn't a weak government b4 since Malaysia's independant untill PRU-12. There is no check & balance all this while due to a strong government, and this may be the contributing factor towards a corrupt government which the opposition speculated and it seems true to me coz there are/were "signs". So as citizen i prefer a weak government or maybe PKR lead government?

TheTruth said...

Dear Tun

To me it's very simple :

I evaluate a leader by :

Having a checklist -

How many good things and how many 'bad' things (subject to oneself perspective)..

If the good ones prevail over 'bad' means to err is human and to me..You're in the Good Book


If the bad ones prevail over good means..the person is a BAD leader...

For me..You're the GOOD GUYS. I'm saying this because I analyze every single thing that you've done in the past and at present as the then Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The question of multi-racial is closely linked to multi-religion. Can there be unity?

The answer is YES and NO.

YES - if everyone started to look back 1-2 decades ago where Ah Chong, Ramasamy and Ahmad can be good friends with great respect to religion, race and customs.

NO - no one wanted to look into the 3rd party ideologies a.k.a. Zionisme (not the good JEWS) that you've brought up many least 'read between the lines)

Then, whenever there are talks about religion, they become racial and whenever there are talks about religion, they are likely to end up as a racial issue.

To aggravate matters further, we have very ritual-based 'ulama' not the 'way of life ulama' and this is really disgusting!

So, how would a weak government plays a role in 'destroying' the multi-racial unity?


a) by taking out the KERIS and challenging everyone,

b) by calling 'bad names' to the King/Sultanate - what a good role model!

c) by keep saying that Malays are no good,

d) by keep wondering why Chinese are better,

e) by keep indicating that Indians of lowest class (this is very bad!)

f) by keep talking the walk and not vice versa

g) by coming out with dumb policies that will destroy prosperity further.

Should I say more??

I must agree that YOU and YOU alone; one last call of duty; COME BACK and REPAIR Malaysia.

The one thing I hate most is to have to quarrel with my chinese and Indian friends or neighbours just because someone said 'there are policies'!

Where were we 1-2 decades back? Why is this happening to us? Why must we resort to anger? Why must we shed blood? Why must we be suspicious of one another? Why must we have the fanatic attitude?

Is this what religions taught us?

haram98 said...


As one of the Malaysian citizen who grew up with your administration before, the success that you made to Malaysia is self-explanatory. Criticizing is an effort to correct something wrong to become right. But now, its an offense. I left Malaysia to a neighboring country after 2004. The reason is simple, 'Not satisfied'. I want to come back provided always the climate change where i can be reassured my future in Malaysia is good as how its was before 2004.

May god bless you with all the health to keep on moving to help all of us.

RitchieLow said...

Dear Dr. Mahathir,

You do agree that most of the comments are "yes sir" posts.

Anyway, you had called for a "strong" opposition just before the GE12, how can they be strong if they don't garner the 1/3 representation and here you also want a "strong" BN with the 2/3 majority. An oxymoron isn't it ?

As to the last post you made, my comment could have been drowned in the many replies you get. My question was whether the incumbent head of state can just retrace your steps and go back to pre 1988 for us to have the 4 pillars of democracy so unique to us ?

Ydiana said...

Dear Tun

Welcome to blogger world! Malaysian, whether they realised it or not, are now deprived on an intellectual leadership we so missed. And that resulted in the defeat of Umno and BN. I personally feel ideally Umno and BN should be the leading party, but intellectually, we cannot tolerate what's is presently happening in the leadership.

May Allah help us all...

Yoptanjung said...

Saya cuma terkejut dgn Blog Tun yg baru ni. Bukan kah Tun telah mendahului, kalau tak silap saya, Tun telah ada blog sebelum ni.

Rasanya saya pernah melayari Blog Tun sebelum ini. Maaf kalau saya tersilap.


Cheapskate said...


I cannot agree with you more that a strong governance needs a two third majority in any parliament .But that is a thing of a past in a matured parliamentarian governance .India is a classical example.One can now say with certainty that now there could be no central government formed with a singular party who holds a two third majority in India's parliament .Whether for good or bad.

That is because of the vast diversity of India's politics and vested interest of regionalism .In a way we may assume the lack of two third majority in the parliament itself has been a blessing in disguise for India from the grip of extremism of certain religious right winger fanatics .On the other hand the present Indian PM is struggling to put through a nuclear deal signed with the US because of the very lack of his party's two third majority in the parliament.

I must admit it is a new phenomena for a country like Malaysia to deal with the matter of governance without a two third majority for a singular entity like BN.But there again,the very BN itself is not a singular party since it consists of other parties within its fold.Only the chain of command is structured to reflect its unity.

Therefore ,the right question would be can the party(s) in governance of Malaysia has the sophistication to deal with its partners whom it would be sharing power with.Since the way I look at it a singular party holding the seat of power in Malaysia ,where multi vested interests are involved ,is a thing of the past.

Draco said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for coming back, we need your leadership in guilding Malaysia to better path. We very do not want our current "Gov" and we are very very unhappy to our current Gov operate the country. Please come back and figh for our nation our people hope.


RON said...

Dear Tun,
I agree too well that a strong Opposition is a must to keep the Govt on its toe. Remember the 22 years of Tun's at the helm? There were no creditable Opposition voices although there were many vocal opposition bigwigs. Because of tose scenarios, Tun were able to lead the country to greater height, alas there were also the down side of racial polarisation which accumulated in the 'downfall'of the BN in the recent GE. Had there been a strong Opposition as it is now, racial polarisation would not have risen to such level, and our country would have been a better place for everybody a long time ago. Right now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and Malaysians have begun to support multi-racial parties. I think BN should dismantle the communal approach practised by the component parties and a real Two-Party system may be the beginning where a strong Opposition will always keep the Govt of the day in check.

By Amigo

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun..

Tanpa Majoriti 2/3 .. sesebuah kerajaan agak sukar hendak melaksanakan perancangan yang melibatkan perubahan perlembagaan atau apa-apa yang melibatkan meluluskan sesuatu pelan tindakan.. Ini menjurus ke arah ketidaktentuan halatuju sesebuah kerajaan.. dan ini membimbangkan rakyat kebanyakan yang melibatkan kepentingan umum..

Besar lah harapan.. agar Tun dapat meredakan kecelaruan kebanyakan ahli politik yang boleh merosakkan hubungan antara kaum yang sering dipaparkan dalam laman-laman web..

Dengan berteraskan Dasar Sosial Negara 2003.. Kita berharap masyarakat yang ideal yang berfikiran kondusif yang dapat membanding beza dan bertindak selaras dengan matlamat wawasan 2020.. Dan ini yang kita harapkan.. Semoga Tun dapat menyuburkan intipati falsafah yang Tun.. usahakan dalam wawasan 2020.. di dalam pemikiran masyarakat yang berbilang kaum dan khususnya ahli politik yang memeningkan kepala masyrakat umum..

Semoga Allah SWT memberi kekuatan kesihatan dan merahmati Tun..


Delacroix said...

Hello Sir,

I am supportive of your view that a weak government is not good for this country. In fact, a weak government is not good for any country at all.

However sir, a 2/3 majority in Parliament doesn't necessarily mean that the government is strong, in a sense that is good for the country.

It is true that a 2/3 will allow the Government to have full control over decisions like altering/amending the Federal Constitution but then there are higher chances of abusing that power.

I would rather settle for a balanced Parliament rather than a "one side heavy, one side light" as I believe it would be much more efficient since the opposition can moderate the actions of the ruling government.

A balanced Parliament to me, is much more desirable as the chances of power abuse is lower.

I am a person who thinks that the leaders of the country must be decided based on meritocracy. The leader must be able to serve the people well. That person must have the necessary knowledge and skills to lead. But meritocracy does kind of contradict democracy quite a bit unless we fully well know how good that person is.

But it is a fact that even if that single leader is the most knowledgeable and skillful person in the world, that person alone cannot manage the whole country that is the size of Malaysia. Thus, he must have efficient people working for him which is where the Cabinet comes along.

Sir's combination of having a 2/3's majority Government plus the minority of Opposition, in my opinion sorts of contradicts, or should I say, goes against the very idea of sir's which is having a strong opposition.

An Opposition which is the minority can try to moderate the Government but they have very little say and their moderation will have high chances of being ignored.

This is why you can see the current Government is trying to regain support of the people by moving on and further developing the country because they lost the majority and the Opposition is directly "behind their backs".

Another way of putting it will be "you won't treasure it until you lose it".

I hope that you are not offended by my opinions and if I did then I apologise. I apologise for my comment being too long as well.

Thank you.

kuthe2 said...

Dear Tun,

Ok, I agree with your views. We do have a weak government. Its because of the people governing it. BN is so weak and fragile now and is going to be destroyed soon. PR has got a lot of support. Like the films... Rebel with a cause.. Everybody likes that but it is not always the right way.

Malaysia is bless because we are multi- racial but alway.. always we know that this nation belongs to the Malay... Dont believe aarr.? Did you blogers read about it in the history book.. This was once called the Tanah Melayu or Malaya...?

Blogers... It has always been the Malays... Of course we all know that now the sort of Malays around is sooooo low... Sell everything for worldly items and power. But I assure everyone here that there are Malays that is commited to make sure the Malays are given the chance in this country and be given the respect. The Yg Dipertuan Agong is our simbol of that power. Please dont let them keep taking it away bit by bit... Lama2 cair melayu tinggai Malaysia. Of course we will share it but ikut laa cara dan adab melayu...

Melayu UMNO bangun lah... Kita betulkan perkara ini dengan bersatu dan mengubah nasib bangsa kita... Help Tun... Support reformasi UMNO.!

Zamri Mohamad said...

Mungkin Tun dapat berkongsi pendekatan dalam pengurusan konflik dalam kepimpinan negara, jenis isu yang selalu timbul antara ahli kabinet dan bagaimana atau apakah formula Tun gunakan dalam pengurusan konflik.

Ini selari dengan entri yang Tun tulis hari ini "A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia"

Apakah pada zaman Tun konflik tidak timbul sedangkan kita tahu tudak kurang banyak insiden berlaku. Kebanyakan berpandangan untuk mengukuhkan peranan sebagai PM, eliminating the enemy menjadi teras kepada pengurusan konflik bagi mengukuhkan kerajaan.

Apa komen Tun, mungkin ada langkah demi langkah Tuan lakukan bagi mengurus konflik dan memperkukuhkan kerajaan?

Terima Kasih


Seng Jea said...

Dear Tun Dr MM,

I do agree that a weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that a weak government is not good for any country at all. However, not gaining 2/3 majority is NOT a sign of a weak government. A weak government (like our present one), is one that is not able to withstand all the sabre-rattling made by the opposition. A weak government is one that is unsure of the level of support it gets from the rakyat. A weak government is one that is finicky in its decision (such as the parliament telecast).

I agree that a Government is unable to please everybody. But the reverse is also true. Aiming to please 51% of the people is already a colossal task, what more 66%. Hence if the Government is not pleasing 90% of people, no one should expect the same landslide victory of 2004. Neither should the ruling coalition hope to gain 66% of the votes through gerrymandering after pleasing just 51% of the people.

PS: Thanks for blogging! :-D Looking forward to reading your stuff everyday. Also, please do not limit your blog to political discourse, tell us abit about your post-PM life!

Valjam Boyd said...

assalammualaikum dear Tun,

welcome to blogging world.really looking forward to your coming posts. take care.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Chedet

A weak Government is not good for any country. Period.

There are many places such as Finland, Sweden and European countries where proportional representation works. No doubt these are advanced western economies.

So, the right % of majority that a M'sian Govt should have is somthing we are grappling with now. We will get it right, I believe, sooner, rather than later.

But, I am not convinced that a 2/3 majority is an absolute necessity for the convincing performance & functioning of any Govt.

The current situation means that the BN Govt will have to really convince the people that changes to the Constitution are absolutely necessary, and not planned as yet another means of stifling valid and sincere opposition.

For example, was it really necessary to extend the EC Chief's tenure by Constitutional amendmend when surely his assistant of 20 odd years would/should have been more than capable?

As to criticisms of AAB's Govt policies, I would be the first to say your right to do so is inalienable.

But, your open condemnation of AAB's leadership and flip-flopping on the choice of Najib as DPM/PM-in-waiting, reflects poorly on your own uncoerced Management decisions & style.

Better you pay the role of Elderly Statesman than that of Agent Provacateur! Perhaps you should take a leaf out of someone's book, like Jimmy Carter's?

Unknown said...

As'kum Tun,

Apa yang Tun katakan amat benar sekali. Apabila ini berlaku, akan terjadilah pelbagai pihak meminta yang bukan-bukan, mengungkit apa yang telah termaktub dan yang paling ditakuti cuba berkuasa secara dominan....apalah nasib kita bila ini semua terjadi....

Mungkin ini masa yang sesuai untuk saya mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Tun kerana pada zaman Tun memerintah, apa pun yang terjadi, saya masih boleh melanjutkan pelajaran, mempunyai pekerjaan yang baik. Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas jasa-jasa Tun dan kepimpinan terdahulu yang lain.


zaidonn said...

assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Tun, kerajaan yang lemah tidak akan dapat melaksanakan dasarnya dengan baik. Kerjasama dengan pembangkang pula akan lebih menghuru-harakan keadaan. Tetapi tidak ramai orang dapat melihat isu ini dengan lebih mendalam kebanyakkannya hanya mempertikaikan tentang nilai hak dan demokrasi. Tanpa memahami bahawa percaturan politik Malaysia adalah sangat berbeza dengan politik di luar negara.

Bersetujukah Tun jika mengaitkan keadaan sekarang ini dengan keadaan kaum melayu yang tidak kukuh dan kuat.

Saya melihat pihak pembangkang sekarang cuba menarik benang dalam tepung. Mereka mahu menangguk di air keruh. Ahli UMNO sepatutnya telah memulakan langkah, kali ini kita bukan berpolitik untuk jadi ketua tapi kembali kepada asas iaitu untuk mengekalkan 'status quo' dan ketuanan Melayu di Malaysia.

Orang-orang Melayu sangat memerlukan kuasa politik memandangkan kita tidak mempunyai kedudukan ekonomi yang kukuh.

Ahli-ahli UMNO harus telah merangka strategi jangka panjang dan pendek untuk memastikan 5 tahun dari sekarang BN menguasai 2/3 daripada parlimen Malaysia. Dengan cara ini kita akan dapat mengekalkan hak majoriti kerajaan dalam perlaksaan dasar, dan maka tidak akan timbul lagi idea bodoh supaya kerajaan berkerjasama dengan pembangkang.

Bukan tidak demokrasi tetapi niat pembangkang adalah amat diragui, dan mungkin boleh mengorak ke arah kehancuran UMNO dan BN.

berharap Tun akan memberi komen untuk pendapat saya.

terima kasih.

Unknown said...

assalammualaikum tun.

1.Kelahiran blog tun tepat pada masanya ketika rakyat dahaga akan maklumat mengenai pelbagai perkara.
Rakyat mahu baca pendapat bijak pandai, pemimpin-pemimpin besar negara secara live, yang bermaksud tidak melalui suntingan di dada-dada akhbar. Ia bagi memudahkan rakyat membaca isi hati dan pemikiran penulis blog.

2. Pada saya, jasa tun cukup banyak pada negara. Antara yang tidak dapat dilupakan ialah ketika negara diserang penyangak mata wang.
Tanpa kebijaksanaan tun, mungkin Malaysia belum lagi sebebas
seperti sekarang.

3.Saya menanti untuk membaca pemikiran tun yang kritis dengan idea-idea yang banyak dan segar dalam berdepan dengan isu-isu besar.

4. Saya percaya kerajaan yang lemah bukan sahaja tidak baik untuk rakyat pelbagai kaum seperti Malaysia tetapi juga untuk masa
depan negara. Pada saya, kita mahu PM yang cukup kuat, berani, bijak dan berwawasan untuk berdepan dengan isu global dan domestik.
Kalau kita mempunyai kerajaan yang kuat tetapi PM yang lemah, itu sama seperti mempunyai kerajaan yang lemah.
Buktinya semasa negara dihimpit masalah kegawatan ekonomi. Pada saya disebabkan PM yang kreatif dan berani mengambil langkah luar biasa, Malaysia terselamat daripada malapetaka. Bayangkan kalau PM lemah tentulah tidak akan berani mengambil langkah seumpama itu walaupun disyorkan oleh barisan kabinetnya yang kuat. Kalau PM lemah dan barisan kabinet juga lemah, alamat tunggu masa negara akan ditekan oleh pihak-pihak luar atau dirosakkan oleh anasir dalaman.

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Tahniah Che Det. It is indeed an honour and pleasure to be here.

To be a strong government requires a capable leader. It is not an easy science. You have the quality, did your best, built a great country and your successor just need to follow through.

Now Pak Lah has nothing much to hang on to.

Your constant advice can make the difference.

Redhuan D. Oon

Nilesh said...

hello Tun.

i think it is good that the current government is denied 2/3. there must always be check and balance. yes, having 2/3 will make things easier - especially in decision making, but as you and I've notice - the credibility of current BN has lost. The decision that they make today will be different from the announcement they make the following day. too much of... apanama... flip-flop

moreover, today's generation - the Gen X have access to the internet and keeping themselves up-to-date with the happenings. they (and we) no longer believes in the news controlled by the government.

yes i agree, Pak Lah is not firm enough. you managed to kept everyone and everything under control when you were the PM. obviously pak lah is failing at it, miserably. you have set the standard so high, i doubt any future PM will be able to come close anywhere near that.

after losing 5 states, the BN government is going into "punishing" mode. they are punishing those 5 states with stopping all the goodies promises made pre-election including development that can generate revenue not only to those states but the nation as whole. Is this right move? Shouldn't they be making effort to win back those states instead of punishing them?

When they won the 2004 election with 92% majority - they become too powerful and very arrogant! and now, we the rakyat has decided to "teach" them a lesson.

if the government has the rakyat's best interest at heart - i don't see why it is difficult to collaborate with other parties for the best of the nation?

Freak On A Leash said...

Dear Tun,

You are a legend.

Look forward to reading brilliant articles on your blog.

Once again, thanks for the memories.

Syahir said...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang kepada YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir. Saya setuju 100% dengan pendapat Tun berkenaan dengan kerajaan yang lemah tidak dapat mengawal masyarakat berbilang kaum. Teruskan perjuangan dan saya bersamamu!

-Syahir USJ 2

Nazz Abdul Aziz said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya adalah antara peminat Tun yang sejati. Saya tahu Tun sangat mengambil berat terhadap kesejahteraan rakyat dan negara. Kisah Tun dengan YBM Tengku Razaleigh juga Dato Seri Anwar (DSAI)sudah menjadi LEGENDA. Terpulanglah kepada generasi seterusnya untuk menghakimi sebagaimana kita menghakimi tokoh Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat.

Saya sangat marah kepada Tun pada awal tuduhan Tun terhadap DSAI (tuduhan liwat). Saya turut mengikuti seruan reformasi di seluruh negara. Akhirnya setelah saya semakin matang, saya fikir ada benarnya apa yang Tun lakukan terhadap DSAI. Tuduhan DSAI meliwat beberapa orang itu sebenarnya bagi saya adalah satu 'kiasan' terhadap apa yang telah DSAI lakukan terhadap negara. DSAI sebenarnya telah meliwat negara. Rancangannya untuk meminjam dari Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF) adalah kisah liwat yang sebenarnya. Jika tidak dengan kebijaksanaan Tun, Malaysia pasti sudah tergadai.

Saya yakin, apa yang Tun lakukan terhadap Pak Lah, adalah atas dasar bijaksana. Saya dapati, dengan kenyataan-kenyataan yang Tun keluarkan kebelakangan ini, memberi kelebihan kepada Pak Lah untuk mengenalpasti antara kawan dan lawannya di dalam politik membawa Malaysia ke arah cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang.

Tahniah dari saya, peminat Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Mata Melihat Telinga Mendegar said...


I guess only you can sum things up in one blog post. Do I agree with you? Of course.

For many years now, since your days in the office, Malaysia government has been known as Malaysia Inc. As an organic, dynamic and progressive organisation, much like a Fortune 500 company. And just like any great company, there's a ubber class CEO running it. Malaysian Inc was at its height when it was under your command.

If Malaysia is a listed company, I would be buying its stocks like mad when it was under your helm. But now, I have to admit, I would be selling its stocks faster than I can spell 'sell' simply because I am not confident that the current CEO of Malaysia Inc can manouver the company and my investment in the company, out of this trial and turbulence times.

Well, maybe one might say that my judgement is purely sentimental, but most of the stock markets are driven by sentiments. And it is especially true with politics.

A weak CEO may be able to manage the management (cabinets) but will not be able to command its board (parliament) and will only bring harm to the shareholder (all of us) at large.

Admin said...

Finally, one of the greatest leader in the world has spoken and this time in his own blog.

Congratulation Tun.

As a true leader, a walking library and a great thinker, your blog makes me even amazed of your stamina and capabilities. One thing for sure, your are truely a very dynamic leader.

I wonder how many 80+ year old man will keep up with the latest trend and be very good in it.

Your blog will surely create a new meaning of free communication in this cyber world.

It's not that cyber world was not interesting and stimulating before this but your effort, charisma and stamina at the age of 82 has put shame to us, a younger generation who are suppose to eat, drink and sleep with computers!

But, luckily I already have my own blog so I don't feel that bad! :-)

The younger generation should perceive your iniative as a motivation to use internet as a tool to voice out your opinion intelligently and wisely like yourself.

At the same time, the younger generation should be able to offer reasonable but percise solution to all the issues discussed.

What happen now is that there are so many vocal voices by the internet users but they have forgotten one important element in the tradition of giving respectable and intellectual opinion which is solution.

Yes, many of us are able to criticize, condemn and finding others fault but at the same time we are actually lacking in giving constructive and intellectual solution to the topic discussed.

This shouldn't happen because the young generation are very well equipped with knowledge. With the knowledge learned, we can think wisely and analyze intellectually.

In your book 'The Challenge', you have written, "Words are meant for communication, but too often they are used for miscommunication leading to confusion and chaos. To find the realities behind these illusions, distortions and misinterpretations is a challenge facing the modern world in general and the Malay community of Malaysia in particular."

You have pointed it well, that the malays especially the younger ones are facing lots of obstacles in this modern world.

Miscommunication or missuse of communication tools should be avoided. The younger generation should be able to be a great thinker and continue to be one.

Unknown said...

I do agree with Tun regarding the need to become a strong government in a multi-racial nation, 2/3 of majority must be obtained. And please do remember that Barisan Nasional is a combination of several multi-racial parties.The term "democarcy" is too general even in all religion there are no absolute freedom. Rules, regulations, laws are meant to be a mechanism to control people if not there will be chaos. As for the matters of "Ketuanan Melayu", it is a concern as the economic level for bumiputeras have not reached the level that we wanted for. Remember, this is not only meant for malays but all bumiputras such as Iban, Kadazan, Dayak and others.Let say, PM is a headmaster, and rakyat are the students, can you imagine what will happen to that school if all students have the freedom of democracy?. For me, the current opposition parties are more to vengeance rather to built the nation to a better country. Why?.. All those exposure like Chua's sex video, V K Linggam videos, Hindrafs and others (I do hope that the kid kidnapping got nothing to do with politics) were motivated to bring down the government. As for the case of Hindraf, where do they get the notion that they are being abused and to summon the British of that faults?. Is that a rational thinking or there is someone/something to push their thinking to that direction?. Something is not right here. A throughly overhaul is needed in Barisan Nasional and especially in UMNO. For those who are in politics for money should be sack while those with true spirit of nationalist should be brought foward to lead. And regarding V K Linggam, Tun, I know that V K Linggam is all talk only. Why? He was working in the same building at Menara Shahzan Insas.
Keep on blogging Tun.

Dan-yel said...

Good evening Tun Dr Mahathir, I bid you good healt.

In Malaysian historical context, losing two-third majority is indeed a sign of weakness. But it's not necessarily weak in governance. That's where the importance of bipartisanship comes in. I believe in the long run, a government with two-third majority is effectively a tyranny by majoritarianism. Instead of the authority of a single ruling party being challenged, why don't we aim to preserve the whole institution of Parliament itself? I see the gain of 82 seats by the Opposition as reflective of the diverse Malaysia, not just racially-diverse, but in many ways i.e. culturally, religiously, political ideologies, social standings etc. In my opinion, at one point the BN government were trusted with the two-third majority on the trust of development. With our country has gone so far, albeit the increasing economic strain and a crisis looming ahead, there's much more that matters to us as Malaysians, responsible governance, the WHOLE body of government.

You see Tun, the ownership of the government does not lie in the winning party alone. It is the leader who could command the support of the majority of these elected representatives, regardless of party affiliation is what will determine a strong government. A government who could effectively reach a deal with the group that holds it to ransom, well the Rakyat will judge like what happened to the Clinton administration following Newt Gingrich attempt to block out federal funding.

I believe that one's loyalty to the country must override party's loyalty. A political party in a democracy are supposed to be a loose convenient movement of the MPs, because the concept of Parliament itself is supposed to be representative of the people, not the party. In fact, the so-called political tsunami should not be interpreted as the loss of Umno's inheritance, for it can never be, but the reclamation of the people's power, it enhances the strength of opposition as government-in-waiting.

As for the threats, I believe it's the culture. Politicians must realise the platform on which they were elected into Parliament, and must not switch for political convenience, not to mention it's a dangerous precedent for future governments.

LifeJacket said...

Dear Tun, in light of the recent thoroughly embarassing debacle at the first parliamentary session of the season, I believe your statement would make a lot of sense. What is your take on the monkey antics of the MPs(senior ones no less) in their desperate attempts to compete for air time (maybe they think they're on a Reality TV show). What a waste of taxpayers' money. What irresponsible immature totally horrific acts. Where is the sanctity of the Parliament, if the MPs themselves are acting worse than rowdy kids. I am ashamed, deeply ashamed of these people that I've entrusted my vote to. Please give them a good bashing. Please.

buddhamind said...

An honest, effective, fair are good for future malaysian
A racial politics is not good for future malaysian.

Rach V said...

Dear Tun,

Keep it up.. Do take care of your health while replying for the comments..


AllCreatedEqual said...

And when you have a strong government like when you were in power, you took away all the liberties that the RAKYAT has. You destroyed the JUDICIARY. You destroyed any check and balance. You are the source of the probelms today. You are the source of PM Abdullah's problems. You DESTROYED EVERYTHING, TUN. It is time you just retire.

eksp said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera dan terus menyumbang pandangan dan kritikan kepada kerajaan hari ini.

Seperti yang Tun perkatakan, sememangnya kerajaan yang lemah tidak mampu membawa negara dan rakyat ke puncak kemajuan. Daripada persidangan parlimen yang pertama lagi kita dapat lihat bagaimana pihak pembangkang semakin menyerlah dan menunjukkan belang mereka. Tambahan pula siaran dibuat secara langsung, maka pasti dan pasti mereka akan cuba menunjukkan lagak mereka sebagai perwira rakyat.. dan sandiwara ini akan disaksikan oleh jutaan rakyat, dan mereka akan mengatakan; "inilah wira2 kami"

Terlalu banyak perkara yang menjadi sebab mengapa Kerajaan BN di bawah pimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi yang menyebabkan ketidakpuashatian rakyat semakin bergema. Tidak nampak hasil apa pun dari pimpinan beliau melainkan Islam Hadhari, yang tidak nampak ke mana pun perkembangannya, sedangkan berbilion peruntukan habis untuk mempromosikannya tanpa pulangan, termasuk taman tamadun Islam Hadhari di Terengganu itu.

Walau bagaimana pun, saya rasa belum terlambat untuk saya ucapkan kepada Tun, selamat datang ke dunia blogger.

Dan harapan saya, agar anak Tun, Datuk Mukhriz dapat ruang dan berjaya di dalam politik, dan membawa aspirasi Tun dan rakyat Malaysia untuk direalisasikan.

Walaupun saya sekadar 'ikan bilis', azam saya juga sehebat orang lain


russtzevin said...

Dear Mr. M,

You have always been the backbone of the country and we would love to hear from you more about our country`s condition form time to time from your point of view without filterings. We liked to hear it out loud with your own words.

petestop said...

Better have a balanced Govt and Opposition of almost equal strength.

This way keeps them on the edge and working for the Rakyat, instead of working for themselves, because they will know the Rakyat is breathing down their neck.

As such, the Rakyat demands freedom of information and full live telecast of the going ons in Parliament. Needless to say, a Media that is not subject to political pressure and thus the really poor quality of journalism, is a must for a functioning democracy.

Only then will the Rakyat able to decided correctly, who will be their representative in Govt or Opposition.

Let the powers rest with the Rakyat and never again be concentrated in certain circles who works in mysterious ways and only for their own benefits.

akupunyahal said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

At last you have your own blog.. so I will be your frequent visitor...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if a weak government is good for Malaysia or not. We must realize the political reality: the new government is at its weakest point. If it does not perform well then it may get even weaker. This is the people's choice, all must accept it. We want good government, we do not care if it is weak or strong. Your argument is just trying to serve your own purpose. Of course, Singapore uses the same argument over and over again.

DeZemBer said...

Well said Tun. If you are not at the same side, you are not at my side. That's it. It's not just politics, it's just life. Although I used to hate "your" government then, but never I knew that it could get even worst. To you I wish you could voice out what you think is right and to the current govt I hope, they just listen to what WE, the Rakyat really wants.

Choon Heng (

KZSO said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir, our beloved leader and stateman!

Yep... a weak government is not good for a multi-racial Malaysia. Especially when the leaders are weak and 'not clever' (cannot say stupid or will be flashed with the 'blue book..hehehehe)

True enough when the leader i.e the current PM who is seem and seen not a good leader by looking and analysing on the substance and points of his reply and speeches; his appearance and thinking etc.

With a weak leader, how can he gain the rakyat's support. Ok, he is not that good but at least he has capable ministers to back him up but sadly to say when the leader is weak and cannot control his ministers, chaos and havoc is pertinent! more so with a bunch of hp6 ministers under him!

The rakyat has tolerated 2 years of this bumbling and weak leader(s) and have shown it in the ballot box but sad to see that the leader(s) still seen and seem not accepting and understand what the rakyat wants and aspires.

Does he want to wait to be toppled and be the 1st UMNO president or PM of Malaysia to be toppled?

Well, Tun , you've done lots of firsts during your time but the firsts that you have done are mostly for the good of our bangsa, agama dan tanah air kita.

But our current PM wants to be the first in not a good and nice things to happen or befallen to him but if he still do not want to listens and understand the rakyat's signal (be it umno members or bn members).. the sad and pitiful day will happen...!

The opposition is not strong but the current government is seen and seem weak; so the opposition is taking the opportunity to whack the hp6 government!

Agree with you that we need a strong 2/3 government and a good opposition but not whatwe are having right now. Both government and opposition are weak, 'not pandai' and opportunist!

so Tun, keep on the good works and may ALLAH bless you and Tun Hasmah with good health, properity and happiness always.

Keep on with the outstanding and great works Tun!

KC Goh(吳繼宗) said...

Although you are not in the government, you still have your influence and that is another type of power. I rather you use your influence to promote business, commerce, and industry which will be more benefitial to the country.


Dr M,

well said. A weak government will surely bring down Malaysia.

What they should b doing now dr? Changing the leadership will cause more damage to UMNO and BN.

Is there any other better way where dr can play a role on making BN more relevent?

Dr. Isharudin Md Isa said...

Assalamualaikum Tun;

First of all I am very happy and very much appreciated if Tun have a time to read my message. I really admire you as a leader not only in our domestic political arena but also in the international stage. For your info Tun, I am from Kedah and Kubang Pasu where I believe this place is very close to your heart. At this time I will not express any opinions regarding our achievement in previous election. But I have one story, during the election in Malaysia, I was in Perth to be exact in UWA which is very nice place near the Swan River. This is for you Tun, after finished Friday prayer at musalla in UWA, one of the middle east student, just came over to me and we chat to know each other, knowing each other, but come to my surprise, when he noticed that I was from Malaysia, suddenly he said "so you must be Mahathir man". Everybody throughout the world know you very well and admire you so much. They said that you are truly a muslim leader. You have step down for 5 years but people outside Malaysia still admire you as an example and true leader. Unfortunate they did not know who is the PM of Malaysia now. I hope we can have another "Mahathir" in the near future to become our good leader especially in the current political scenario. I hope my opinion will not make any people feel uneasy and I hope Tun could understand what is my message and it is sincere from me with no political influence. While you were a PM for 22 years,what I can say that "Tun gagal untuk mencari pengganti PM yang sesuai, dan Tun juga gagal membentuk generasi pemimpin pelapis untuk menggantikan Tun dan juga pemimpin dlm UMNO sendiri". This what happen now. Pak lah is not duplicating yourself and he as for now, from previous election result, showed very bad achievement in UMNO history and BN as well.Pak lah is not a good successor as PM after you pass the baton to him. From my point of view, you should responsible to groom and to appoint a good leader after you. When this happened in previous election, even though its will reflect 100% to Pak Lah himself as PM, but the influence from you still significant to make rakyat think and compare with you.Tun, you have magnificent and remarkable track record as PM and people all over the world admire and respect you very much, they call you as a hero for developing countries and Islamic countries. Your mind and your thinking, your ideas is 20 years ahead, but I feel sad because you fail to find a good successor as PM for Malaysia. May be you think during your time as PM you can do whatever you wish and decide, but if you cannot share your vision to your colleagues and it will end up with nothing that can be benefited for the rest. I hope Tun, you will have the way on how to sort this things out soonest possible. I love Malaysia, I love our achievements in economic stability and growth performances during your time as PM, but what happen now is really beyond everybody expectations. Please Tun do something for future generation. Thank you.

Maya Ayam said...

that's true Tun...A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia..and it's also not good for our economic..Your son in his program organized by Sekretariat Melayu Muda said that if the government still not do or make any changes before this December..then our economic will become worst than before...I'm really worried about that...

zainol karim said...

Dear beloved Tun, our present gov is weak!!pls do something Tun. Our generation will suffer if our country is administered by weak gov. tq

Unknown said...

Dear Tun

A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia, how about a strong government that has over two-thirds majority in the Parliament? History told us that this is not always the case: even with a next to 90% majority, was the Government good for multi-racial Malaysia in the last four years?

With the Opposition just managed to breach through the one-third representation in the Parliament in 50 years, I think we have problems with weak Opposition, not weak Government. They are not only weak in terms of representation but also weak in governing experience. The Opposition did not have much opportunity to gain experience in the local and state governments until we gave them the chance in March 2008.

While we are not satisfied by the present Government, we are also not certain if the Opposition will have the necessary experience to form a good government, and will the present Government perform satisfactory when they become opposition.

I think it is the time to return the power to vote for the local government to the people; to formalise the roles of shadow cabinet; and to give freedom to the media and the people before things get worse. We need both the Government and Opposition to be strong, regardless which political parties they are.

mob1900 said...

This present Gov is not weak, for it is still rule by the same people that 'made this strong'(or so it seems back then).

Let's look at it strength:
- It uses ISA/OSA/SB to clamp down on 'voices'
- It still mismanages funds and spend it on white-elephant projects instead of vital projects for the nation.
- It still ignores 'voices' of the people and suppress media(by having political cronies controling its stakes in MSM)
- It is still non-transparent and being ambigous within their processes and red-tapes.
- Discrimination is widely practised and encouraged within the civil service.
- etc

From what I've seen, its 'Strength' is very much alive and well. When a Gov is weak, you, Sir and I will not be taking into blogging.

Unknown said...

Dear Yg Berbahgia Tun,
I totally agree with you. We need a strong government to manage the country. Our current government is weak because of weak leadership. But, sad to say some people refuse to admit this fact.

Harap Tun teruskan perjuangan dgn ikhlas kerana ramai rakyat (akar umbi) Malaysia yang setuju dengan pandangan dan kritikan yg Tun berikan selama ini. Saya yakin Tun mengkritik ke arah kebaikan.

Good luck and may God bless Tun and family. Thank you.

dragonfly said...

Dear Tun,

The rakyat had suffered economically and socially since 2004 due to the incompetency of BN. Can you blame the rakyat for choosing a stronger Opposition and taking a chance into the unknown? Of late, PR state governments were able to uncover series of questionable dealings of past BN state governments especially lining their own pockets at the expense of the rakyat. These despicable dealings were always denied by past state government....missing files, documents shredded, transfer of rakyat's money...after the tsunami on March-8. Even today, the BN government is victiming the rakyat in the 5 PR states who are tax payers as well. Are you saying 50% of the rakyat made the wrong decision on March-8?


Salam Tun, saya amat gembira sekali bila dapat tahu yg tu dah ada blog sendiri, ramai ketua melayu yg berkuasa sekarang amat lembik dan slow utk membaca pemikiran rakyat kebanyakan, harap dgn adanya blog tun ini saya harap pandangan2 rakyat kebanyakan seperti saya dapat dibaca oleh tun, moga2 tun sentiasa hendaknya , Amin

Ma Ma Fu Fu said...

Dear Tun, a weak government working with a responsible "Opposition" - would this work. If these two parties can work together, I hope Malaysia can progress. I am not in Malaysia currently - thus unable to follow politics back home.

Adam Smith said...

A very good day to you Tun.It is my pleasure to drop a line here in your blog.I hope this blog will be a good place for discussion of some issues that we faced nowadays in our country.May God bless you with a good health so that you can continue giving us guidance and support.Thank you Tun.

[dominic jk]

Ivan D Great said...

Keep the good works up...LONG LIVE TUN...You know what? even a lay man like us able to chat with you and hopefully you r listening.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Ybhg Ayahanda Tun

Tahniah kerana menyertai bersama dengan kami golongan yang membesar dengan panduan dan jasa Tun sebagai Pemimpin Nombor Satu Malaysia. Tun telah menjadikan kami bersemangat untuk memajukan diri.

Mengenai isu a weak gov is not good for multi-racial malaysia, saya sangat2 bersetuju. Negara ini harus dibentuk mengikut acuan tersendiri. Acuan Malaysia adalah unik. Demokrasi yang terlalu terbuka hanya akan mengundang lebih banyak masalah. Kita sayangkan negara ini. Malangnya pemimpin kita hari ini tidak bijaksana. Suka tidur.. lewat hadir ke sesuatu majlis. Saya mempunyai pengalaman menunggu berjam2 untuk PL hadir. Betapa membuang masa. Malaysia dan Melayu akan terkebelakang semula jika pemimpin seperti ini meneruskan tampuk pemerintahnya. Rakyat Malaysia telah memberikan isyarat.. kenapa dia (PL) masih berdegil?

Ayahanda Tun,
Teruskan bersuara demi memajukan umat Melayu kita. Kami sentiasa berada dibelakang Tun. Kami doakan Tun dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik oleh Allah SWT. Amin.

Ex-SU MPP Pro Aspirasi UUM 99/2000
Hutan Kampong, A/Star.

Imran Yusuf said...

Assalamu'alaikum Y Bhg Tun,

I was too focussed to say welcome to you, so much so that I did not bother to comment on the issue of your 1st post, sir. I am sure many of the other bloggers were in similar predicament.
Furthermore we do not have too many ex-Premiers turned bloggers.

Wassalam dan terima kasih.

jenkazama said...

Assallamuallaikum Tun.
Its really great to talk to U direct in this
cyber world. Im a product of ur witty thinking, to be speciffic
I was born in 1984. To be nice speaking it was Ur great times.
So most of the kids who were born in that year were mould by Ur ideas,
Vision 2020 and
many more.

Those days I just managed to catch U speaking on TV yet now Im
speaking in written form directly to 2.
I agree with the heading that U posted.

When it comes to this field, I think the current government
should refer to Piagam Madinah.
The Arabs were barbaric creatures yet they were being united by this Piagam in those days.

We cannt put cucumbers,durian and the eggs in one busket, deliver them to the market
with 150KM/H on the
tarless road and expecting them to be delivered in a perfect condition.

SKKua said...

On one hand, you said a strong government is imperative to run a nation, one the other hand, you said you are advocating a strong opposition. You are contradictive, don't you?

Maharaja Sern said...

Yeah Tun!
I truly agree with u on this issue...
It is nothing personal to go against the Pakatan Rakyat for the Government when divulging into issues in Malaysia.
While people said if the size of Opposition is big then it is good for the country...Yes i agreed with it..
But when it comes to "political-reasoning", a Government must have strong mandate to run the show and not have to co-operate with another side of the Dewan Rakyat as like what u pointed out, it showed that the Government is weak and need to rely on Opposition to pass any motion in the Parliament.
Needless to say that the current Government is weak and fragile. Anytime and anyday, it can be toppled with just 30 defectors.
Pak Lah should not be easily contented of just obtaining simple majority in the General Election. 2/3 is the guarantee for any coalition that wish to rule Malaysia. It does not have to be 90% like in 2004 because 90% proved to be disastrous for BN as Pak Lah sememangnya dibuai mimpi indah for the next four years. That so-called 'sweet dreams' is indeed disastrous for BN. I still think the mandate of between 75-80% during Tun's time as PM for 5 elections (1982, 1986, 1990, 1995 and 1999) is sufficient enough for any coalition. At least check and balance is there. Honestly i support BN but then what happened between the 11th and 12th General Election made me wanna vomit blood because of the inept and arrogance of Pak Lah and UMNO..Sorry for my thoughts on UMNO's arrogance for the past 4 years but then this Election is the best lesson for UMNO not to bully and think that without them, Malaysians will suffer because Malaysians are Malaysians. They can vote you out if you try to make fool out of them. Moreover, there is a lot of leaders inside UMNO with extermist and racist thinkings such as Hishammuddin, Najib and Ali Rustam. Not to forget those kaki ampu like Muhammad Muhammad Taib. It is an act of belittling other component parties' leaders when UMNO let its branch leaders, state liasion leaders and Youth Chief to criticize Presidents of MCA, MIC and Gerakan. It seems like UMNO cannot take criticisms even from its own colleagues. You dun bully ur "brother" in the same "family" just because u hold the most seats in the coalition.
One point has to be precisely highlighted here is that the number of seats that UMNO won in Elections are not because of genuine contest as they always take the lion share and safe seats while left those strong anti-establishment seats to MCA, MIC and Gerakan to take on the Pakatan Rakyat. If UMNO is really good and confident of itself, it should have go to contest in black seats such as Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat, PJ Utara, PJ Selatan and any of KL seats where Chinese formed the majority.

Nevertheless, Tun, this is not to discredit UMNO and BN because i support BN. But this Election served a good lesoon to them.

As you pointed out in this post, Malaysia indeed needs a strong government and not a government that has to worry each day on defections issue. It does not matter BN or PR but a strong government is the ideal set-up for country's development....

By the way Tun, i really hope i can meet you face-to-face because u r my idol! hehe.....

allen ng said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you that A weak Government is not good for Multi-racial malaysia but a corrupt one is far more worst than that.

Francis Lui said...

Dear Tun Mahathir,

As a businessman, I am not seeing any light in Malaysia economy as compared to many neigbouring countries. We need a two parties system to have a better check and balance and prevent further uncontrollable corruption in Malaysia society. We need a clean government and a government with vision to bring our country forward. I believe a strong opposition is vital to ensure our country can move forward and grow. TQ.

SKKua said...

On one hand, you said a strong government is imperative to run a nation. On the other hand, you said you advocate a strong opposition. Don't you think it is contradictory?

Malaysia is shaping up for 2-parties system....

Ruis Jugah said...

Tabi Tun

"A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia"

While I am tempted to agree absolutely with this statement, I can't help but to think selfishly from a minority bumiputra point of view. I believe Tun know who the minority bumiputras are. In our desperation a weak government might offer some opportunities to change our fates. Take for instance, after the retirement of Tan Sri Leo Moggie from the federal cabinet in 2004, there wasn't any full Iban minister. In 2008 - the so called weak government gives us one full Iban minister. We need changes not status quo!

Cash said...

Malaysia was never a multi racial country, no doubt it has different races but the government only help and uphold the rights of the majority. Syabas to you Tun as it was you that created that inbalance. There will never be a multi racial malaysia so long as the leaders do not see everyone equally, which again is next to never.

Maharaja Sern said...

ohya Tun..
just now i saw Lim Kit Siang in Coffee Bean, Ipoh...hehe....
i told my father about it and he said that guy should be in kopitiam with the rakyats not only during campaign period but also all the time and not enjoying the coffee in air-conditioned coffee shop..haha...

my father was once a student in a school in Kedah where your father was the headmaster there in the 1950s-1960s. my father had a high level of respect on your father, Tun.

i like your blog...
keep up the good work Tun....
you are the best....
for your critics and detractors, we just let them voice out their opinions because it is their rights. whether we accept it or not is another matter...let them be..haha...i will always support u, Tun......

crazyEllysee said...

Sir, you are right.
Its doesnt mean u hand over the chair of PM to Abdullah you should be quiet.
In other hand, You got the rights for commenting him and the Malaysia's community as well. Since you are the one bringing malaysia up.
Some people want you to be quiet, because they cant and dont want to face the fact(the truth behind the faulty).
As what I say before.
It is good to have some feedback and comments from others rather than you/him/her dont/doesnt know anything.:)
From the mistakes, we correct
From the fault, we change
From the comments, we improve...
Do you agree? :)

Sir, without you I dont think Malaysia would have what its own today. You really the father of Modern Malaysia.

there is no power or energnetic forces voice in Malaysia.
Eventhough there are some opposive voices/comments' voices from people; but non-of them effective and straight forward like the words from you.

You always looking for the logic and best ways and giving out good comments+ideas to modenized Malaysia. I can also feel that,you want Malaysia to retain its peace and develope.

Wish you all the best sir. I hope you are healthy always there. Dont be too tired and emotionally effected by those trauma. Your healths are more important. I dont feel like to lost a good leader like you; dont feel like to lost a straight speaker senior like you:)

Rinz said...

Hidup Mahathir.....

Saya tetap sokong Dr Mahathir DULU.. KINI... dan SELAMANYA.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,
How you define a weak or strong government & good for Multi-racial? If the current government too weak for multi-racial, I strongly feel same will happen if opposition leader over take our country which I hope will never happen. I really hope UMNO can come back very strong as soon as possible & if major changes are necessary, I would support it.

Last but not least Tun, I will always miss your firm action, precious words & intelligent idea which you showed during your era.

Unknown said...

Tun Dr Mahathir,

As a non-bumiputera citizen in Malaysia, I always recognise you as one of the greatest leader for Malaysia. You developed Proton, LRT, KTM, KLCC, KLIA, KL Tower, etc and transforming Malaysia to become fast developing country. What has really impressed me that, you chosen to do your heart operation in Malaysia rather than overseas unlike Badawi sent her wife to overseas, Who's money is that?? ALL IS RAKYAT MONEY.

It is clearly that this new PM cancelled all your project and developed on his "bocor" and "failed" project, which is really big failure for Malaysia. Up until now, there is no new project that really can be seen except Badawi New Jet that costs RM790,000.

The reason why BN always get 2/3 majority under your leadership because you understand what is the existing problem issue and what you said is solid which never failed us down. For your information, our whole family never voted for opposition before during your leadership.

It is also my understanding that since your retiring, all the BN MPs think their "god" and making circus movie in the Parliament rather than patiently listen to the opposition idea.

I am very disappointed with the current PM, not only he failed us but he is talking the same issue that he will take priority that he promised us during 2004. Meanwhile, he love to sleep and buying jets/house from overseas.

You have the rights to criticise what is wrong and what is right because you were the leader for over 22 years in UMNO or BN because without you, the current PM or the leaders does not exists.

Finally, I understand your frustration from saving your "baby" but make sure you take care your health as well. Always love you, Tun.


Sandrin said...

Selamat sejahtera. Tun. Saya sebagai seorang cina yang telah memilih parti pembangkang pada pilihanraya yang lalu. Ini disebabkan oleh Kerajaan sekarang yang amat ego.. kata-kata Nazri, Khairil,sammy vellu amat menyingung perasaan rakyat malaysia.. Adalah tidak wajib seorang pemimpin yang selalu tidur pada mesyuarat.. Jikalau Tun dapat menjadi balik PM .. Saya akan sokong balik BN..Terima Kasih.

sifu_tanpanama said...

Alhamdulillah,akhirnya terbuka hati TUN buat blog seperti pemimpin kita yang lain.
Kami bumiputra masih lagi mengharap idea idea bernas TUN untuk memajukan bumiputra supaya dapat bersaing lebih tinggi dari bangsa lain dan sekaligus kitadapat memengang kembali tampok ekonomi dari di kuasai oleh bangsa lain.Moga Tun dapat memberi kami bumiputra idea idea yg dapat meningkatkan martabat kami sebagai bumiputra di Malaysia.

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24 jam sehari dan Tujuh Hari Seminggu
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CJ said...

Dear sir,

This implies that the opposite, a strong government, will be good for the nation. Certainly so for stability but one that is strong in all areas of governance. Strong in planning skills, management, financial expertise, justice, equality, economic affairs, business acumen, people skills, transparency. I can go on and on but you get the picture. We certainly want a strong government but not one that only know how to rule with an iron rod while enriching themselves and neglecting the people's needs.

Zulfazlan Jumrah said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Dulu, saya pernah meraikan pengunduran Tun daripada jawatan Perdana MEnteri. Tapi apabila melihat keadaan politik negara kini, saya sejujurnya mengakui bahawa saya amat merindui pemikiran, idea serta keupayaan Tun yang pada saya adalah PErdana Menteri terbaik yang pernah dilahirkan oleh Malaysia.

Saya melihat kerajaan pada hari ini sebagai satu kerajaan yang terumbang-ambing, seperti perahu yang berolengan di atas lautan yang maha luas. Saya rasa, rakyat memerlukan seorang nakhoda yang bijak seperti Tun untuk terus melayari bahtera ini sehingga ke destinasi yang pasti.

Selamat datang ke dunia bloggers. Cuma, saya mencadangkan agar blog ini dibuat dalam dwi-bahasa (Melayu dan Inggeris) agar ia boleh ditatapi oleh semua lapisan masyarakat.

VeeW said...

Dear Tun,

Your achievements in bringing progress to Malaysia is much admired and deserves to be lauded. However, I do not agree with your view that a government that works with the opposition is weak.

It is about time that the Opposition parties gain a stronghold in the political scene in Malaysia to keep Barison Nasional/the government in check. BN has been taking the privileges accorded to them as the main political party for granted for long enough and this is the best time and way to wake them up from their slumber and their constant mode of patting themselves on their own backs.

A government who chooses not to listen to their citizens' grumblings in the background anymore is not an effective government. By default, this is already a clear cut case of a weak government to begin with. If the government's main concern is to crush its opposition parties, Malaysia is clearly not a democratic country anymore and leaning towards an autocratic one/pure simple dictatorship by one party; which is not something desirable in a country of multiple races.

With the addition of stronger detractors and different viewpoints on how to govern the country, hopefully the government will try harder to do what's right for their citizens.

Reducing corruption amongst the politicians should be something the Opposition party should focus on now that the citizens are entrusting them with this responsibility of revamping the archaic political situation in Malaysia. A third world country like Malaysia will not progress much if the politicians entrusted to this important tasks only care about their own well-beings and that of their relatives/close friends.

Malaysia is a country comprised of multiple races. Don't try to monopolize everything in the country based on racial background. Be fair to everyone and rewards should be given based on a merit system. Those who work hard deserves to be rewarded and those who didn't deserves to be left behind.

Do something about the high crime rate in this country. It's mind-boggling to read about the high rate of crime happening in this country and even worse is that nothing is being done about it.

Progress cannot and will not happen to a country with a corrupted government and has a high crime rate. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

This is simple matter of listening to what the citizens of this country wants. All I can say is that a BN that keeps on wanting to go down its own self-constructed destructive path will eventually be digging its own grave in the long run. Stop their self-serving ways and go back to doing what's expected of them being leaders in the country. The higher educated Malaysians of today get, the more cognizant we'll get of the problems we see in the current government and the more restless and unhappy we'll get.

A concerned citizen.

楚留香 said...

I am proud that you are a man who has put our beloved country on the world map with your witty comments and sometimes your tough stance.

I'm proud to say that everywhere I go people look up to me when I tell them I'm a Malaysian. Compared to our present PM who is not as tough as you if he has then we will not have been in this situation. Pls do not be too hard on him with your comments, I think he needs time to pick himself up and prove to us he can do it.

What do you think DR M?

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
Congratulations on your Blog and welcome to cyberspace! Along with many others, I think it's great that it is indeed yourself blogging. What is also amazing is that you post a lot of comments many of which disagree with you, which different from other UMNO leaders who blog only to publish agreeable comments. It still takes you as the ex-PM to lead the way.

The loss of 2/3 majority indeed makes for a weaker Govt. However, in my humble opinion, it is a necessary growth period. It can be positive in the long run if, and only if, the BN and particularly UMNO can begin to cleanse itself from old traits and behaviours like money politics. Money politics is the ugliest cancer in UMNO and Malaysia today because it erodes democracy. Unfortunately, even after March 8th, it is still apparently alive and well at the local level. It seems that the lack of 2/3 majority is not jolting enough leaders to the critical state UMNO is in.

Gee said...

Dear Tun,

Happy to read your opinion direct from your blog.
All the best wishes.


Miss Jannah said...

assalamualaikum tun,

you don't have to be surprised with the overwhelming response by other bloggers. we still need to hear something from you.
personally, i adore your idea, your work, your determination that leads to the betterment in Malaysia.
I admire you a lot! and even when people condem you, i stand up for you by listing all the goodness that you have bring to Malaysia
I love you, and yes, I still want you to be PM.

Have a lovely weekend and good health

waslm from far, brisbane, AU

UMNO Cawangan Bukit Ampang said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.... Kami mendoakan agar Tun sihat dan dapat melaksanakan tugas harian Tun dengan baik. Untuk pengetahuan Tun,Inilah kali pertama kami dapat berinteraksi secara langsung dengan Tun... Kami berbesar hati dengan adanya blog ini... jika tidak keberatan visitlah kami di

Semoga kita dapat memperingati melayu yang mudah lupa ini...

wan said...

Can't agree more with u, tun, about the need to have a strong federal government. As of what is happening now, we can see that the govn is being more and more defensive, and the opposition is getting more and more arrogant.

By the way Tun, it is sooo good to have you here. I used to feel very safe and secure under your administration, knowing that you just knew what to do if things went wrong.

Now being with you in this blog, I start to have that old feeling coming back again.

Please stay, Tun. We need you, maybe more than ever.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr,

Every national day when I listen to your speech, I felt very sad.

Just on one thing, you kept saying that I have to be grateful for given a citizenship and so on and so on.

I am born a Malaysian, Die a Malaysian. You yearly speech during national make me very very sad.

Shiok Guy

-unkn0wn93- said...

dear tun, i actually admire u at first but after u resigned from being the prime minister u seem to comment a lot on our present prime minister, abdullah bin ahmad badawi. all i hav to say is juz MYOB becoz it will make OUR country look bad.plz let him do his way to bring malaysia to a bright future.

Natasha said...

you have been my idol since i was a kid. just dropping by to inform that i'm tagging you in my blog list... you're the best!

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

salam hormat,

TUN, hidupkan semula roh TUN...

insya allah, Mukhriz akan meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai dan kini perlu lebih penyelesaian...

sampaikan salam kepada keluarga TUN tersayang...

Old Fart said...

You said "In today's context, the Federal Government is unable to initiate necessary changes to the constitution and would be held to ransom every time."

Obviously you assume that all the changes that were made when BN had its two-thirds majority were good ones and beneficial to the people and necessary. Well, sir, I am sure I won't need to throw a stone that far to hit three people who will say otherwise. Our constitution in its 50 years of existence has seen almost 20 times or more changes than the American constitution has over the 200 over years of its existence.

In any case, if indeed necessary, why should there be a problem with gaining the support of the "oppostion"? Obviously your concern here is contradictory in that you suggest "necessary changes" and yet you seem to fear that the "opposition" may deem it otherwise. Surely if necessary, there should be no problem isn't it? In that sense , can you tell me sir, how necessary was the last constituional amendmend? Or was it just convenient?

Obviously, you assume that anything the UMNO led government wishes to do they ought to be able to. Nothing less than subservient component parties can do as partners of UMNO in BN.

Your postulations and positions are made under certain assumptions. These assumptions are unfortunately never stated when you make your position statements.

I do believe it is about time you set out your assumptions not just about the nation, its people, the Malays, the constitution, the royalty, the government, parliament, opposition and so on.
Otherwise everything you say might just seem to be a little too final, like as if it were the last word on the subject.

I have for sometime felt that you and the rest of the UMNO leadership operates on certain unsavoury assumptions which you never want to be confronted with. I cannot explain how else some very silly statements and positions can be maintained and sustained.

And just in case you think I am one of those who are and will always be very critical of you, I have to say no to that. Indeed for the 1999 General Elections, if you had then been following the debates in the Freeanwar website or even Malaysiakini at the time, I was advocating for the denial of the two-thirds majority at that time while you were still Prime Minister as, I believed, if this country was going to have any structural changes of that order, I would rather that you were helming the ship. This experiment is unfortunately coming a little too late when we have the captain sleeping on the job.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun, there are a few items that I will need to point out here in regards to your latest post:
- In regards to the need for a strong government (which you had specified as 2/3 majority) as well as the need for a strong opposition, so what exactly are the ratios that you are looking at here?
- In regards to the opposition being the enemy, I would like to remind you that this is only true when viewed from the limited scope of the parties or coalition that forms the government. Furthermore, if you are to expand the scope to the country overall, you will find that such is no longer the case. Having said that, I'm rather dissapointed that you are still having the view of political coalition before country
- It is not exact accurate that a government with 2/3 majority will be able to prevent crossovers, as regardless of what the split is, crossovers will always happen when there are disagreements.

Pinkwatch said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Semoga sentiasa sihat dan dilindungi Allah selalu.

Sungguh seronok dapat membaca dan respond terus dengan Tun dalam blog ini. Akan sentiasa menunggu update dari Tun.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

A Rascalian Title
(a weak gov'mun ain't good for nobody, det)

In what way is there a weak government in Malaysia today? What are the attributes of a weak government in Malaysia that is an incurable failure being a perfectly weak government, Che Det?

Albeit, twinned to the mind and heart with a Abdullah Government, where is this nation of ours heading in the near future or is a caring society a loss cause in a 2020 unvisioned, Che Det?


ChatteringMing said...

I am amused that Dr M is blogging but not entirely surprised as you have never shied from new things or being different! Congratulations!

Shahabudeen Jalil said...

Agreed with Tun, jika goverment tak kuat macam hari ini, golongan minoriti akan buat macam-macam tuntutan baru. Antaranya seperti tuntutan-tuntutan dari pemimpin Sabah supaya ada autonomi politik dan juga tuntutan lain daripada bangsa-bangsa lain juga termasuklah orang Melayu.

Keadaan ini seperti mengugut pemimpin yang ada, jika pemimpin ini tak buat, mereka akan bertukar arah atau sokong pembangkang dan semua pemimpin yg ada ini akan jadi pembangkang.

Jadi memang sangat tinggi keperluan untuk adanya kerajaan yang kuat dengan sekurang-kurangnya 2/3 majoriti di Parlimen. Tetapi kerajaan ini perlulah kerajaan yang prihatin dan baik. Bukan macam kerajaan Pak Lah sekarang ini.

zainal mokhtar said...

A weak government is not good for anyone, Tun. Just look at Italy - 63 governments in 50 years !
What makes a government strong is the people running it. If government leaders are committed to the noble ideas they sold to the electorate, the people can tolerate some degree of autocracy as long as they see it as a necessary evil for the sake of the general good.But if you wilt and waver, say one thing and do another,if you favour family members,if you don't explain murky deals, and worst, if you listen to bad advice,then just prepare yourself for a kick in the back.

Introduction said...

Dr M, I am a Singaporean and I must say I have always regarded one as one of the ablest leaders in Asia and without doubt, a vocal one indeed. Admittedly, you did play a major role in Malaysia's rapid progress during your tenure, especially during the economic crisis in the late 90s. Pak Lah was chosen by you to take over the helm from you and if he falters, it reflects on you too. Rightly, you should be advising or guiding him on the side as your continous onslaughts will only worsen the situation and strengten the opposition. A strong government in my humblest opinion means shutting the opposition away. You should work alongside the current government to ward off the opposition and not otherwise.

G_kakau said...

Hi're a great leader. I have been thinking to meet you since you're in power as a PM until now in order i'll be able to see closely my admired leader...Hope time will permit me someday...go ahead Tun...your efforts toward developing our nation and country is very much appreciated by most of malaysian despite you're no longer in power.Hope it won't deprieve you of contributing your valuable ideas and critisms as nobody else is seen to be able to make such a things.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia with her multi racial population will benefit most if the government place importance of racial unity and put effort to create a united Malaysia. During Tun's administration, Tun had the 2/3 majority and Tun had a strong government but there was no strong unity among the rakyat.

The rakyat do not require a too powerful and strong government to govern this country, the rakyat wants a government who can govern fair, just and transparent and can unite the rakyat, instead of segregate them based on races and based on that Tun, you failed.

Unknown said...


I agreed with you, "A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to unwarranted challenges against its authority. Governments cannot please everybody. If a Government cannot be firm and is forced to flip-flop there will be a lack of confidence which does not augur well for the smooth implementation of policies or project. Some people might already have noticed this."

Everyday we saw that PM Abdullah Badawi is making statement that even his own ministers doesn't agree on. And it seemed that he had lost control of his cabinet minister, whereas some cabinet minister making statement contrary to the government policy.

Abdullah should resign now as the perception of the Rakyat that he is a weak PM. A weak PM will not have the confidence of the people. The longer Abdullah holding on to the PM post, it would be a formidable task for whoever taking over from him to bring back Malaysia's glory as it is during Tun's era - a Malaysia a country that is respected around the world.

Unknown said...

A couple of points:

1. You choose the title "A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia". Are you implying that it is because we are multi-racial that we need strong governments? Are you saying that (more or less) homogenous societies (such as Japan) can live with weak governments? There are many people who will disagree with this point because they argue that in 50 years of independence Malaysians are sufficiently mature to make appropriate judgments and not be colored by racial considerations and therefore are able to accept weaker governments who are held to account by a robust opposition. This statement is considered insulting to the maturity of Malaysians in general, as if the people cannot be trusted to decide.

2. Your theory that it is OK to have strong governments with 2/3 majority but robust opposition does not hold water. It is the purpose of ruling parties (especially UMNO) to weaken political opposition, therefore a strong government would make every effort to weaken the opposition. As your premiership has proven, despite having a comfortable 2/3 majority, it was too insecure to allow much freedom of speech, resorting to unjust laws like ISA, OSA, Printing Presses Act and politically motivated initiatives like unbalanced coverage in the government-controlled media (TV and newspaper) to restrain the opposition and to ensure its voices were not heard. Your practice leaves much to be desired of your theory. If you were really confident that your 2/3 majority is proof of your attractiveness to the people then why not give a free reign to the judiciary to act as an unbiased independent arbitrator of justice. Why not allow the free competition of ideas if you truly believe your ideas to be superior?

orangrawa said...

Dear Tun,

Agree sesangat....

Btw, mintak permission to link ur blog to mine ya?

Janet W. Dhaliwal said...

Greetings Dr. M

It's a pleasure to know that you are Blogging. I have always admired your capabilities and boldness. You are one of the leaders that I admired and still do.

J. Sonja Dhaliwal

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

My dear godfather Tun,
I think a weak government would not be able to get the due respect from the opposition. In this case, the BN government has lost the respect from the opposition as well as the rakyat. Respect is to be earned and Pak Lah's BN government is now struggling to win back the respect. I don't think Pak Lah has the mental capacity to gain the respect from the people for the next five years. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for him to just step down and let others to lead the government. From what I see now Pak Lah is really in a weak position and looks like he is rather confuse how to tackle issues of the day. To test a person's quality of leadership is to see how creative he manages crises. I am of the opinion that Pak Lah is being subtly "bullied" by the opposition by letting him feel good and just waiting to strike hard at the right time until the BN government's credibility is seriously dented and fall like Humpty Dumpty. It is a matter of time!!

Unknown said...

Dear TDM,

In my opinion, although a simple majority government is weak and not good for multi-racial Malaysia, but it is indeed a government that we need at least for now. Malaysians have spoken and sent a message to Barisan Nasional that they have not done much for the benefit of the people since landslide victory in 2004. If BN fail to take prompt action, they can forget about winning in the next General Election.

There will be a period of instability in our country due to this weak government and we will not witness a dynamic leadership. It is sad. Such is life.

coldeye said...

As a Malaysian, I am proud of you and respect you for being fearless and vocal in raising injustice issues created by the super powers of the west. Though I agree with you that to ensure stability of the country, the government must be strongly supported by its citizens, but I also believe that a 'strong' government if not 'checked' could be plagued by cronyism, corruption, and abuse of power, esp by the 'little napoleons' in the government machinery when implementing government policies.
Malaysians would remember you as 'heros' of the nation for generations if you could help rectify such weakness at this crucial time to save our country.

dayanganita said...

Dear Tun,

I felt that the goverment was turning weak when:
1. UMNO was starting to talk craps about Malays being the Tuan when meritocracy was not upheld and Malay ministers were openly allowed to make racist remarks.
2. The "bridge project" was abandoned when perhaps the best thing to do if one didn't have the funding was to slow down the process rather than stopping.. Surely they must have been advised about the penalties for scrapping the project..? If we can't even keep a project, how are we to continue other plans for Vision 2020?
3. Issues related to muslim converts were not taken seriously. Where is our tolerance and our sensitiveness towards our fellow malaysians..??
and many more..

I think what makes you different is that we have seen how abled you were when tackling the battles during your years as our PM and how consistent you are now.

If I may add that most leaders plan only for their "election term" but not you. You planned so that we reap the fruits when you are likely not around anymore.

Thank you Tun, for shaping the way I think.

Comic Maniak said...

Asslamualaikum Ayahanda Tun.. Keep on expressing your valueble thoughts.. espsecially during this critical UMNO political crisis.. i will always support you!!

hidup Tun Mahathir!!
hidup Ketuanan Melayu!!

bayi said...

"A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to unwarranted challenges against its authority. Governments cannot please everybody."

How true! However, a strong government should also not abuse its vested authority. When it does, then what has just happened is the natural consequence. I am all for a strong and clean government that offers equal treatment to all. This is the platform I envision for a prosperous Malaysia.

Unknown said...

A weak govt is not good. That's true. But a poor or lousy govt is even worse.So between weak and poor we chose weak.The same govt had been ruling for too long and too comfortable that it was carried away by complacency and self profiteering. It had been too disappointing for too long.So it's time to change in this ERA OF CHANGE.
I think the change is perfect and graceful-denying its two third majority FIRST without toppling it. If it improve we still go for it. Else, you know lah.
If you are weak but hard working, we still like you.

Nabil said...

Asalamualaikum Tun,
Saya cuma nak bagi idea, alangkah baiknya jika Tun buat satu profile di 'myspace' seperti Obama, beliau pun menggunakan myspace. Mungkin ramai yang akan add Tun di dalam Myspace.
Terima Kasih.

Tok Mila said...

The whole nation is upset with the current Government, that's already very obvious. I've always thought that the current Government is weak, way before the 12th General Elections.

Mid last year, my friend who is pro-BN asked me via SMS whether I would vote BN if elections were to happen the next day -- because he is a dear friend, I told him the truth i.e. that I would not vote BN. He asked me why? I simply said because the Government/BN is weak.

Tun, the Government is weak and have been weak since you left office. It is because the Government is weak that BN lost the 2/3 majority.

The water is already under the bridge, what next?

Your open criticism of Pak Lah and his administration has not triggered any changes on the part of UMNO/BN. What next?

You are now a citizen like us but you seem to fighting to uphold UMNO's existence. Is there no other solution other than `reviving' UMNO to its past glory?

What are the options available for us, Tun? Take off your UMNO member hat, is that possible? Can you address issues truly as a citizen?

Sincerely yours
Tok Mila

ARD said...

Saya sangat berbangga dengan Tun M. Tambah lagi apabila dapat mengikuti wawancara Tun M dengan Stephen Sackur di BBC HardTalk.

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mencadangkan kepada Tun M untuk menghuraikan lebih lanjut tentang jawapan Tun kepada Stephen Sackur. Masa yang diberi kepada Tun agak terhad dan soalan begitu banyak, bertalu-talu sekadar mencuba untuk memalukan Tun, tapi Tun telah menjawab dan mengkritik dengan baik dan berhemah. Saya rasa tentu ramai yang ingin membaca huraian Tun itu dalam blog CHEDET yang tiada batas waktu dan ruang.

Salam hormat

Unknown said...

awat blog ni tak dak bahasa melayu

Unknown said...

A weak govt is not good. That's true. But a poor or lousy govt is even worse.So between weak and poor we chose weak.The same govt had been ruling for too long and too comfortable that it was carried away by complacency and self profiteering. It had been too disappointing for too long.So it's time to change in this ERA OF CHANGE.
I think the change is perfect and graceful-denying its two third majority FIRST without toppling it. If it improve we still go for it. Else, you know lah.
If you are weak but hard working, we still like you.

Anonymous said...

sir.. u have take a great move with this blog...
for sure we can understand you more..

all the best :)

Kun Mali said...

A weak govt is an absolute THREAT to our nation! Jangan kita terpedaya dgn slogan "Kuasa Rakyat" yg sejak dulu lagi dilaung2-kan oleh pihak2 yg menunggang sistem demokrasi demi menyuarakan KEBEBASAN individualistik mereka. Cuba selami dari apa itu demokrasi dan dari siapa/mana ia berasal. Jangan terus taksub dgn KEBEBASAN yg ditafsir golongan2 tertentu, cuma lihat apa kesan Kuasa Rakyat di Indonesia yg kononnya telah mengalami REFORMASI... Is they any better than before?

Fikirlah bahawa dalam sistem pentadbiran negara Islam yg berasaskan Khalifah pun, demokrasi tetap ada tapi dalam linkungan Islam, bukan semata2 atas dasar KEBEBASAN hakiki. Islam mengajar kita erti hak dan Islam juga membawa ORDER. Hak dan ORDER ini penting agak sistem umat akan tersusun dan mantap. Dalam mana2 sistem pun tetap seseorg pemerintah itu takkan dapat memuaskan hati semua pihak, pasti berlaku collateral damage selagi yg memerintah itu bukan Nabi, tidak maksum serta tiada Divine Intervention/Guidance. Akuilah bahawa kehadiran seseorg pemimpin itu tidak lah sempurna tetapi usaha mereka untuk berbuat yg terbaik mengikut PRIORITY serta cabaran semasa perlulah disanjung tinggi. Buan mudah untuk berlaku adil kerana mustahil pemimpin itu dapat memuaskan hati semua pihak lebih2 lagi dalam konteks kenegaraan Malaysia yg multi-racial ini.

Perlu diingat bahawa New World Order ciptaan anasir2 gelap termasuk dari Zionist ini akan tetap memusuhi mana2 pentadbiran yg mantap dari kerajaan majoriti Islam. Perlulah kita mempunyai pemimpin yg bukan sahaja tegas, malah bijak, lantang serta CUNNING demi survival pemerintahan serta kedaulatan negara dari ancaman anasir2 luar yg tak pernah jemu mahu menundukkan maruah negara dunia ketiga ini.

G_kakau said...

Dear tun,

I have thinking for a long time to get acquantance with you personally eversince you're a PM. Daily hectic activities had deprieving me of fulfilling all my dreams. Nevertheless, you had taken advantage in a breakthrough in IT by building a brige in meeting and connecting those who are dreaming to meet and listen to your original thoughts more conveniently....keep on your efforts in building, developing & producing a great nation and country as well. Only a great leader can do it.

kaiser said...

dear my honourable tun....i would like to know your judgement on the new world order that effect the world food crisis at the the prophecy is near?

yywoon said...

No one is perfect even a great leader also not perfect.

For me, I still respect Tun is the great leader for our country, Malaysia.

Our current government now not only weak but also not unity. Failure in manage the country, never listen and ignore the feedback, comments and suggestion from the people of Malaysian. This is basic setback for the country.

Look at current situation, I believe we Malaysian cannot move forward for the better day.

To overcome this, new government must set up now no matter from BN or Opposition. I believe Malaysian People only want the country grow stronger and better. Share the same rights and benefits of the country.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Tun Mahathir,

Congratulations and welcome to the blogworld. You have been one very tough act for anyone to follow. There were times when I did not fully agree with your decisions but overall you have been my role model.
I have always been intrigued by how do you find time to read (lots of books to boot) despite your busy schedule. I too admire your capacity to continously upgrade your self and continually learn. When the term "lifelong learning" is mentioned I always see your face and certainly use you as the role model to my students. Hope you don't mind me using /selling (orang Penang cakap jual nama) you to my students.
Hope and pray that you will be blessed with good health.
I think it should be "A weak leader is not good for Malaysia".
To be a good leader you need knowledge and the wit to continously stay above everything!

Muhammad Poker said...

Dearest Tun Mahathir,

We have been waiting too long for someone to really put this thought seriously, not to compare the current administration to yours but overall we see a very weak premier with no passion to lead the nation.
I believe in strong leadership. I remember during Tunku's era, he would not be pushed by the British, or Lee Kwan Yew.
Not to praise you, but your decision in 1998 economic turmoil turns out to be the right choice. People may hate you during those days but I can assure you that most of them are glad on your decision.
I am waiting to see some of our young leaders who would come out of the closet and really be a leader. A strong leader.

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves”

gampalas said...

salam sejethera tun... di sini sy ingin memberitahu tun dan mengingatkan tun atas kesilapan yang sedang tun lakukan... sepatutnya dlm keadaan politik negara sedang gawat... sepatutnya tun datang untuk memberi bantuan dan bukannya sekadar mencaci dan memberi komen.. sedarkah tun bahawa keadaan politik malaysia sedang dalam dalam kegawatan... apa yang saya nampak dan dengar tentang hujah tun.. sebenarnya tun sedang dlm proses untuk menyokong pembangkang..tetapi malangnya tun terlalu kasihan kerana pembangkang menolak tun..tahu kah apa yang akan terjadi sekiranya pembangkang akan mengambil alih pemerintahan negara? tahu kah tun kelebihan dan kebaikan UMNO kepada orang melayu? dan apa yang saya sedang lihat tun sedang dlm proses membelakangkan orang melayu..Umno la satu-satunya parti yang membela nasib melayu.. kenapa dan mengapa kah tun asyik membidas sistem pemerintahan badawi dan mengapakah tun tidak memberi bantuan...kalau tidak mahu terlibat dengan politik lagi jangan cakap besar lagi... sekiranya wujud kerajaan campuran atau pemerintahan akan beralih arah kepada pembangkang... orang melayu akan terletak di bawah bangsa2 yang lain.. mungkin tun masi ingat akan kejadian yang menimpa pemimpin2 sabah 1 ketika dahulu, dimana sebuah kapal yang memuatkan pemimpin-pemimpin negeri sabah seperti Donald stephen, peter majunting dan selebihnya... kalau la mereka tdk pergi dengan seperti itu, munkin suda banyak pelapis dari negeri sabah akan berdiridan bukanya seperti sekarang ini di mana sesiapa pemimpin dari negeri sabah yang mahu berdiri untuk memperjuangkan negeri sabah akan di tahan oleh ISA.. 1 badan keselamatan yang di wujudkan oleh tun kerana takut dengan penetangan... kedudukan sabah tidak akan di cabuli, seperti apa yang suda tun lakukan... harta kekayaan negeri sabah di gunakan untuk memajukan semenanjung malaysia tetapi orang semanjung ini mengangap sabah masih terlalu mundur... ini semua ada kesilapan yang di lakukan oleh kerajaan pusat yang dipimpin oleh tun sendiridahulu... apa yang saya ingin sampaikan di sini adalh untuk menyuruh tun utk berehat dan jangan campur tangan dengan masalah kerajaan pada masa sekarang kalau tidak mahu berjuang lagi....

BlueMoon said...


Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

I humbly disagree with your comments. Cooperation with an opposition party is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of maturity.

Malaysians must also ask themselves why we do not have strong leaders in our political system, is it because upcoming, competent and strong leaders have been seen as a threat to the ruling leaders in the past? Have they been discarded over the decades rather that being fostered for their future roles as leaders? If so, are we to blame the current government or the one that has been in power during that time.

Is it now that the pot is calling the kettle black?

Before we plan for the future, let us correct the mistakes of the past, otherwise it will haunt us forever.


princessren said...

Dear Sir. Thank you for evrything that you have done for the country. My goal is to shake your hand during Raya this year :)

shah99 said...

askum...tun saya mgucapkan tahniah di atas pembuka web ini dan akan memudahkan saya dan rakyat utk mambuat pertanyaan tentang isu politik dan mendapatkan pandangan tun dlm isu barbangkit tersebut...sesungguh pandangan tun amat berharga...tun saya ingin mengetahui mengenai krisis kehakiman 1988 yang mendakwa tun telah mengawal kehakiman negara??dan telah memecat ketua hakim dan hakim yang lain dan ada juga mendakwa tun telah menghalang kebebasan bersuara hakim...dan pada baru2 ini pak lah telah menubuhkan suruhanjaya bagi perlantikan hakim,ini talah menunjukkan seolah-olah tun telah menyebabkan badan kehakiman tidak bebas pada masa pemerintahan tun..pak lah berkata ini akan memudahkan perlantikan hakim dgn adanya suruhanjaya tersebut dan pak lah juga telah menggunakan duit keraajan untuk membayar pampasan pada hakim-hakim tersebut..ini juga telah menunjukkan pak lah lebih bijak dalm menyelesaikan krisis yg membelenggu kerajaan pada masa dahulu..namun saya ingin sangat mengetahui pandangan tun pada isu ini...dan berharap sangat tun akan membalas terhadap komen saya..saya sebagai generasi muda ingin tahu berkenaan isu tersebut...terima kasih tun atas jasa tun pada negara malaysia...tun adalah tokoh kegemaran saya...hidup tun...=>shah99 (putera umno).....

Udo Majau said...

As'kum Tun,

Terimaksaih kerna Tun membuka ruang utk saya menerima buah fikiran Tun yg kini amat terhad dan telah dianaktirikan. Tahniah Tun.

Anonymous said...

I believe in a two party system. Both side form by multi racial. Racial politics led Malaysia well in the first 50 years. It is time we move on and face globalisation as a united Malaysia. 2/3 majority role shall not be significant if both parties leaders (in a 2 party sys) have great visions, political maturity and sincere heart to lift Malaysia to the next level. Collaboration between 2 equally strong rival parties of the day is then possible and may serve the Rakyat better.

lanaibeach said...

Dear Tun Dr M,

We can’t have good leaders all the time
In the country road to progress there is bound to have hiccups
Many people just can’t get it over as yet
This is the change; it must be coming soon

Even Roman Empire collapsed
After centuries of ruling
The power got into their heads
Likewise here we see the BN government
Power corrupts greed destroys the soul

Now we have a no directional government
Cracking up with wind of whip
Suddenly you find the leaders run
Where is the fire? Tell me where it is!

Brewing slogans and statements
It carries no merits in the people’s minds
It just drops out breathless in the corridors
The wind just blowing it away

Leaders must have visions
Slogans with wills to implement
Somehow it just falls quickly
Like falling rain drifting away

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dear Tun!

i didnt get to welcome you earlier in your first ever posting so i'm gonna do it here; welcome sir! when i met you for the first time in my life about a month ago i decided to blog about it. actually more to brag about it as i've got my hand wrapped around your waist! i was the envy of all my family and friends. for the record i was the only guy on wheelchair attended the political forum @singgahsana last month. meeting you was the only reason i went, and nothing political. my apology for this has nothing to do with this latest posting of yours but i'm just excited to have you around in the cyberworld. i love you, sir. my family loves you. you'll forever remain our PM!

WilsonC said...

Hi Tun,

Congrats on adapting to new technologies. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the news as we started our blogs on the same day.

To combat comments that do not focus on the issue, I think it would be a good idea to set up a separate page for well wishers. I see a lot of the Malaysian community who simply want express their admiration. It is easy to implement but of course if you really want to facilitate discussion, I guess it would be best you invest in a more professional blogging platform as opposed to Blogger.

Good luck!

Zhi-Hui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tkchenry said...


How could you possibly imply that working with the Government is a sign of weakness and that the opposition is the enemy? If those politicians cant even work together in the government to bring good to the people, how do you expect all the races to work together to build a harmonised multi-racial Malaysia? surely your argument contradicts.

I hope in your response you could explain more clearly how could working with the opposition possibly be bad for multi-racial malaysians if everyone of us have a say. No offence to point out that your post only discussed about government and politics rather than the people.

Tan Ka Chuan

hl said...

This is a dated statement. Multi-racial Malaysia is not problematic unless we assume our people are ignorant. And if our people are still ignorant after 50 years of independence we have the education ministry to blame.

If a government has see the opposition, who is elected by the people, as a threat to the nation's stability then it really has to think whether it has done something wrong to generate such a reaction from its people.

A strong governement breeds corruption and hides the corrupt activies from its people. A strong government pushes its own agenda without regards to its people. A strong government augments the rich-poor divide by enriching its cronies. A strong government is an inefficient and ineffective government that smothers the voices of its people. A strong government is least likely to be a democratic government.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
It is great to view your blog. It encourages me to particpate.

My comment is that apart from having the combination of a strong Government and an effective Opposition, a strong and fair Judiciary would also help in checking abuses by the Government, Opposition and Citizens. This will serve Malaysia very well.

Angy said...

It is true that the government will be forced to work with the opposition to make some decisions. It is quite inconvenient for the government to be expecting the support of opposition in certain issues. But we must not forget that this is the way of democracy and it actually makes the ruling party think well before they implement any thing. if seen in a political aspect, of course it is good if the government has a unquestionable majority. But if a party gets such majority, then there will be no difference between dictatorship and democracy. If the opposition thinks the government is doing some wrong thing, then it automatically becomes their duty to stop it. If the ruling party have full majority then that dismiss the purpose of opposition.

Zhi-Hui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vb said...

I'm greatly honored that I can born in this multi-ethnic country-Malaysia.

I'm a chinese,but I love to eat nasi lemak;I love to eat Roti Canai too.

middlelip said...

Dear Dr M...

You wrote & I quote :
"But I have been on record in advocating a strong opposition. This is to ensure the Government does not stray from the right path, or abuse its authority.

The combination of a strong (two-thirds majority) Government and an Opposition with the capacity and willingness to check abuses by the Government would serve Malaysia well."

Now, one wonders how a 2/3 majority Govt can ever have an Opposition with the capacity to chk abuses by the Govt?
As is now, a Govt with less than 2/3 majority would NOT be able to abuse its authority cos the Opposition now holds the "Check" key!
In the past, the Govt, due2 its overwhelming 2/3 majority had become over-arrogant & abusive of its powers! Thus the results of PRU12...

A FACT for all the rakyat to see! End of the Rakyat being forced to swallow all that's been rammed down their throats!

HouseWatch said...


1. How do you define a Weak Government?
2. How do you compare Multi-racial with that of Europe, America or even China?
3. Will a Weak Government be good if only for a Single Race? Like our big neighbor?

anwar said...

Tun M,
Will you still cry for UMNO now on live stage as what you did for a few UMNO AGMs when you were the PM? I think all the UMNO strongman and strongwoman were hipocrates as they "ampu" and "bodek" you , kissed and licked your hand when you were the PM. Now all of them dumped you like human shit which is immediately flushed down the toilet bowl. The same will happen to our present PM and the future PMs as long as hipocrites are still alive in UMNO. It is not so evident in the other party political parties compared to hipocrites in UMNO. Do you agree? Anyway you should be resting and playing with your grandchildren then getting involved in the current political scenario.

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd,Selamat blogging Tun.Regards your article on Weak Malaysian Gov't I like to point out the following:-
1.PakLah came to office with a broom and vacuum cleaner.To clean up corruption.Use the broom he did good job initially but tired lah coz busy travel here and there for twice a month do what?maybe tell leaders he is PM Malaysia and they think you Tun still PM.PakLah got title as PM Foreign Affairs while KJ is PM Malaysia.Vaccum cleaner for what?
2.Did KJ vacuumed all Gov't funds and all Gov't projects and all State Projects and thus your DEB from 1970 to 2003 crumbled down?.Did KJ take the share for UMNO while Pactrick Lim take for MIC and MCA(he looks Indian but name is Chinese)-these are allegations against Pak lah's government that was not addressed correctly by KJ and his boys and made it looked like the country is run by Pak Lah and his family.I believe in giving KJ a chance to explain and clear things up so that Pak Lah can run the country smoothly but then iz too late ok?(cost us the election)
3.Getting Opposition to side with BN to change Constitution means payback to Opposition by say abolish ISA?How about IG-Police appointed by Suhakam or another Commission?ACA Director and his team how to appoint?Attorney-General appointment?Pretty soon the PM also voted in by Dewan Rakyat 1st Parlimentary meeting?Ministers to make up new Federal-controlled agencies to handle Fed funds in Opposition states in an agreed ratio complete with MOU ok?(but KJ make sure to stay away coz he and Pactrick Lim must explain Trengganu Wang Ehsan?-please do press them to do so Tun,in other words give them a big chance to defend themselves)
4.May 13 is near and I hope the Police and Army are on the alert.Chinese and Indians walking too tall now.Young Malays are inclined to Pakatan Rakyat.A weak PM or PakLah who depends on NST boss to spin good tales about him or who tells others to shut-up and let PakLah run the country(UMNO to shut up?No more EGMs?)-that is a sign of a weak gov't who has disturbed the racial understanding that has bind us Malaysians together since 1970.
5.I strongly suggest that Pak lah set up a new THINK-TANK headed by Tun Mahathir and you Tun get all your money-wizards and start to repair this country's economy and resolve all the pressing issues.I suggest Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah sit down and telecast live and Pak Lah to listen to Tun's comments and criticisms and Tun's IDEAS so that BN and UMNO and Malaysia are back on track.Wassalam.Taurus Sitara-Mr Abu Hanifa bin Abul Nasir,JB.

FFhanah said...


i agree unequivocally with your title and i think most of us would agree on that. its good to know that the public can reach you through blogging.
hope to have good discussions in chedet.


RaJiV-NaMbiar said...

Its with utmost pleasure that i make it a point daily to visit your blog just to see if there is an entry from you Tun.I believe its something we Malaysians miss most...your thoughts,vision and advice.I also believe 'certain' quarters have forgotten you and what you have done for this country Tun.I am flabbergasted as to the degree of hypocrisy we have around us these days.When you are 'boss' they salute you,and when you leave they forget you.Not only do they forget you,but they also criticize you and say that you should never do the same to them.I understand that this is politics,but i cant believe that it is happening to you Tun.Not after 22 years leading this country.You don't deserve this Tun.Its a sad state Tun.Everyday i read the newspapers and everything i read has been constructed in such a way that i am made to hear only what the government wants me and my family to listen.I am sad and at times angry that 'certain' people who claim to represent us can make it to parliament.I only have one thing to say to you Tun,by all means say whatever you have to say about anything concerning this country Tun.We love and miss you.To whoever that said that you should not criticize them,they have forgotten thats its the job of the father to do 'that' even long after the children are able to look after themselves.He is the link between them.

Do take care of yourself Tun,we need you for as many years to come as possible


u are my biggest biggest idol.. and i consider myself as lucky that i have met and salam u once, im 24 yrs old. A fashion student at uitm, and also a contributor for nst.. and i just have to say, i love you and i thank u for everything u have made malaysia became.. its soo sad that now, paklah has taken over, he had lost all the hard efforts that u have built for the nation.. i truly wish u were still the P.M... and as for anwar Ibrahim, i think he's retarded and sells his own bangsa to benefit frm it... my blog is about shopping, but hopely u have time to stop by... thank u tun, and i think u have done a superb job for malaysia. people that cant see that, are obviously blind... THANK U SOO MUCH and I truly loved you as a pm...

Cikgu Din Sakura said...


Very much agree with you, a strong gomen with 2-3rd majority plus a vocal opposition. But then, some perceived it differently, seeing Tun as the strongest of them all, even stronger than the gomen itself. Your men dare not speak against you. You created "yes" men. They have to please you everytime they met you, so that you would not take action against their mischievous ways, like the former MITI minister.

Dear Tun, you surely have done a lot for the malays. But you could have done it a lot better with proper supervision. A lot of abuses, from the party leaders down to the gomen officers responsible, reduced the effectiveness of your visions. You are responsible for breeding the current malay elites that are arrogant and big spendrifts. The situation is so helplessly displayed throughout the nation up until the polling day making the rakyat vote for the opposition.

I doubt very UMNO can be rejuvenated. The damage is severe. A lot of malays have lost confidence in UMNO. UMNO have betrayed them.

海豚妹 said...

Dear Tun

Yes, a weak government will not provide stability to the country. But I slso don't think that an ego government can take care of their residents. A strong government can be build up by ruling and oppositon party.

Beside that, if oppositon spoken. We need to consider why they will say so. But not like Tun opinion, just react to some. If just choose what need to be heard, why don't we just have ruling party? There is no space for opposition party.

Remember, citizens doesn't care which party form up the government, as long as that party can do things and take care of the citizens.

Anyway, happy to see Tun open a blog and welcoming people to leave down comment. There is only few politicians rely debate openly.

Thank you.

thePaw said...

Yes, we do need a strong government. A government who can make decisions which benefits the citizen.

I believe a government without a 2/3 majority can still form a strong country.

I can't see why the Consitution needs to be constantly amended, except for the better. If the Opposition are there to oppose, then it means that the citizens wouldn't want any amendments to be made for the 'fun' of it.

Since you started this blog, perhaps Tun, you too realise that you want a room to speak? So does the citizens.

Wish you the best of health!

Stef said...

Welcome Dear Tun! :)

Thomas Chan said...

Dear Tun,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you for taking this bold initiative of going to the blogsphere.

I have to concur that a strong government with a balanced opposition is necessary for the country to develop well into the future. During your reign, you were often being criticised by your detractors as authoritative and corrupt. Despite that, no one can deny the fact that you did bring great development and progress to the country.

However, having said, does that mean the Rakyat must continue to ensure BN remain in power indefinitely? I have to concur with an earlier posting that Malaysia’s democratic system has yet to mature to a level seen in developed countries like US, UK or even Australia ; whereby change in government is not uncommon and there is freedom of press to criticize government policies and exposing corrupt practice if necessary without any interference from authorities.

Since independence, Malaysians have to put up with corrupt practice and rampant abuse of power by continuing supporting BN as the country’s opposition parties were in no better position to run the country. Unlike the West, Malaysians never really have had a better alternative until now.

It would definitely be good if we have a healthier democratic political system whereby live debates similar to US Presidential debates is held. Also, while I was in the UK in 1997 during which time Tony Blair was going against PM John Major, the mainstream media which is the TV and papers list down the strengths and weaknesses of each party and what they really stand for; issues like which party might impose high taxes or for the integration of the EU are highlighted. In that way, voters in the UK, particularly the fence sitters, would be able make a more informed decision when it comes to election.

Having mentioned all these points, when would the Rakyat able to see this coming through? The Malaysian today has changed. Every Malaysian is for development and progress but we would no longer tolerate corrupt practice and abuse of power anymore.


ah k said...

Dear Tun, To me, the answer does not lie just in having a strong government. In politics, as in life, balance is important. We also need a strong opposition to provide the check and balance. We must aknowledge the imperfections of human nature. Without check and balance, we can never get it right. Even with check and balance, we can only hope to do better, never perfect. Personally, I hope to see our country evolving into a two-party system like what we see in the States or UK.With the recent election results, there are some indications we may be moving in that direction. Your comments pls, Tun.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking most of the advance states are lead by opposition party. Some of the big projects might terminate by federal government. So wawasan 2020 is it still on track?

fei mow said...

salam sejahtera Tun,

kritikan Tun terhadap kerajaan skarang memang bernas dan membina, tetapi diharap Tun boleh menyelitkan sedikit mengenai isu permasalahan penduduk sabah dan sarawak. harus diingat bahwa tanpa sokongan padu rakyat dari borneo, mustahil BN mendapat majoriti utk tubuhkan kerajaan. rakyat sabah hanya mahukan kemudahan asas yg berkualiti, cukai dikurangkan(kelapa sawit), kemiskinan dan PTI(dimana kerajaan pusat berhasrat memberi status PR) dan autonomi politik. diharap Tun dapat menyalurkan keluhan penduduk sabah dan menyedarkan kerajaan pusat bahwa mereka kini bukan lagi kebal macam dahulu.

Moneystocks said...

sir, i am an Indian Citizen and have been to your country during your leadership of Malaysia. the divide between the local malay and indian's were visible then.but it was handled very diplomatically by your able minister datta fact i was able to meet him at his residence to wish him on his i find that the divide is causing a ethnic riot like situation.we indians love your country and would not like any problems to surface there. i think the present leadership is unable to take any measures to build confidence in the minds of the ethnic population.i hope and pray that Malaysia will continue to be a multi racial country that respects all religions.the main proble has been the demolision of temples for infrastructure expansions.please allot an alternate site to relocate these temples. Hindus and Muslims are brothers. i am am devotee of Shridi Sai Baba. Sri Ramnavami is celebrated as per Hindu customs and as well as Musilim('Urus') customs without any problem.Sri Shridi Sai Baba was a Fakir , but is still oved by all irrespective of caste and let us not allow any division of any country based on religion/ethnicity. We Indians will love you to take charge of Malaysia.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

If you want to hear only nice things and you monitor the comments, allow only those that suit your ears, then it is no use to have s blog sir! Sweet dreams.

vijeyan said...

Dear Tun, I very much apreciate your views. However there are I differ from Tun.
I believe in Malaysia no government should be allowed two third majority.

Due to the 2/3 majority the UMNO become very arrogant.

Tun, yourself had carried out projects that were not beneficial to the rakyats like the second bridge to Singapore, then the "jambatan indah" even though nothing wrong with the present causeway.

Tun, I believe yourself had used the 2/3 majority to amend the constitution, to protect yourself.

As for economic growth, strong government alone cannot guarantee growth. Commited and honest leaders
are neccesary and well develop human resourse in necessary.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tun yang dikasihi,

Saya sebagai rakyat cuma tak merestui cara pemimpin sekarang menjadi 'kurang ajar' kepada pemimpin terdahulu seperti Tun.

Tapi biarlah kami ambil sikap mereka ini sebagai pengajaran supaya boleh kami 'perlakukan' mereka pula besok, seperti mereka perlakukan Tun.

Pepatah ada mengatakan 'guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari' kan Tun. Dan kami dah tunjukkan di peti undi!

Salam sayang dan hormat buat Tun M dan Tun SH. Kami sekeluarga terlalu menyanjungi Tun.

Anonymous said...

Tun Che Det,

Thank you for your generosity to entertain even negative comments. It's fantastic to be able to communicate (altho one way only) with a Giant like you. I shall make myself important by continuing to post comments in your blog. Heh! Heh!

Unknown said...

"But I have been on record in advocating a strong opposition. This is to ensure the Government does not stray from the right path, or abuse its authority."

In my humble opinion, you don't have a leg to stand on, making such a bald statement like that.

IIEA said...

Dear tokdet, alhamdulillah kerana tokdet dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki. tokdet is the greatest leader still:)Saya doakan tokdet panjang umur dan berada dalam kesihatan yang baik. congratulationss on your new blog. this blog will be the fastest the most read blog! marina had started blog earlier. it was one of top rated blog. the blog that must be read. your blog will be boom! :)
insya allah. Saya doakan kebahagian tokdet dunia dan akhirat. insya allah. ikhlas dari saya, intan

sawisekilo said...

Welcome again Tun,

I suppose in a democratic country, there is a freedom of speech. but there is no freedom after speech here.
Totally a big yes to 'Who would dare to criticised the govt. openly?'..

h.a.k.i.m said...

kenapa baru sekarang Tun mencipta blog sendiri?! adusss.. alangkah baiknya jika semua ini berlaku sejak 2004 lagi. tidaklah kami mendapat berita2 yg diputarbelitkan oleh media2 yg membenci Tun. tapi apa2pun, lebih baik mula skrg daripada tidak langsung! syabas Tun!!

Tun, walaupun masih ramai kat luar sana yg masih membenci Tun dan pelbagai cerita yg tak sedap mengenai Tun, saya tetap berpegang dgn apa yg sy percaya. Percaya dengan apa yg Tun lakukan selama ini hanyalah untuk menaikkan semangat dan maruah melayu yang sentiasa meLayu...

sy sangat2 sedih dgn apa yg berlaku skrg. semoga kepimpinan UMNO skrg sedar dgn apa yg mereka telah lakukan... amin.

utk Tun, teruskan menulis. sy tetap akan menjadi pengunjung setia blog ini.

Justin Choo said...

Tun Che Det,

Sorry if this is repeated. I'm a newbee in this and don't know how to fill in the blanks.

Thank you Tun for allowing even negative comments. It is very generous of you. I shall keep on posting my comments (altho only one way) to feel important "communicating" with such a Giant amongst men!

irisofgod said...

Dear Tun,

The Government has made themselves weakened due to their own arrogance before the election and for taking the 2004 election results for granted. It's not the rakyat is supportive towards the Opposition but they are just angry with the Government. Looking at the current situation, would you want to consider coming back as an MP as we need an MP who talk sense and not hurling "big foot" or "big monkey " in the Parliament. You may think that it;s too old for you to comeback, however, there is no age restriction to become an MP in Malaysian Parliament as long as the MP is sane. Please consider for the rakyat's sake. You do not need your son to vacate his post for you as you may stand in any by election in Sabah or Sarawak if any Barisan's MP is to hop to the Opposition.

ezra dregen said...

OMG..Tun Dr. Mahathir...

wow, God knows how much i salute u. u made me proud to be Malay & Malaysian. also certainly shaping my brain and nu way of thinking for most of us (generation who was born during u as PM).

anyway i wont say a comment on that posting coz everything was spill loud and clear by the others. pro & contra and bla bla.

However i love to see u comment on transparency issues, lim guan eng as CM and pakatan Rakyat.

kumaran said...

Tun Dr.Mahatir

What you mean by weak government? If you said that if the government working with opposition, that government is a weak government. I totally disagree with you because the opposition also the people representatives. So, we also must take consider their voice not deny it. If we deny it, its means that we also deny the citizens rights because the opposition is people representatives. If the the government working together with the opposition it will be function as check and balance and redundant in our political system

Unknown said...


I agree with the statement made by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad that the Malaysian Constitution and related Acts has to be amended pertaining to the proposed judicial reforms as announced by Abdullah Badawi at the recent Bar Council dinner. Since the Barisan Nasional government has failed to attain the two-thirds majority, the government will not only have to work with the opposition parties but also to toe the line on the wants of the opposition which would obviously in all respects be to the benefit of the opposition. In particular and in all probability the removal of the powers of the Prime Minster and the Rulers Council in either forwarding the names or in the appointment of judges. Is this what the Prime Minster wants?

Secondly, the former Lord President, Tun Salleh Abbas and the other Federal Court judges went through a judicial process for their misconduct in a judicial tribunal. A decision was made by the panel of judges of the tribunal. The decision has never been set aside or reviewed up-to-date. Therefore the Prime Minister is stating that the removed Lord President and Federal court judges are supreme, over and above the laws of the country. Such an act by the Prime Minister not only creates a bad precedent but is also an illegal act in sidestepping and not complying with the law.

Non-partisan lawyer
Mohd Yacob Karim

SNap Turtle SKy said...

Dear Tun,

I just want to highlight that you are totally right on this with regards to Malaysia. Looking at the first parliament session this week shows how matured our elected representatives are. I received my education abroad for 6 years. Staying in a foreign country gives me the advantage of comparing the governance system between Malaysia and the UK. Malaysia is almost too similar with the UK since Malaysia used to be under the rule of the British. As such we adopt many goverment system from them. The truth is that in the UK, no matter how weak is the ruling government is, some concession has to be gathered from the opposition. A good example is how Mr. Blair has to gather support from the Torries with regards to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

This is the kind of situation that Pak Lah has to adapt to following the last general election. The question is now how much support he can get? Especially from the opposition party and not to mention those opposing from within his ruling coalition. In a true democratic system, the opposition serves as a check and balance mechanism. However, the opposition party in Malaysia are those who are looking for the killer blow each time they resides and speak in the parliament with an "I told you so mentality". With such mindset, we can never have a civilised dicussion carried out in the lower house. And that is what we see happening in the parliament. I am just amazed at some comments received from the public with regard to the conducts of MPs. Truth is that this has been happening since youtube was around and the opposition published the happenings in the parliament. A good example is that atap bocor equals to women bocor each month. As such, passing a motion which requires support through the Malaysian parliament is hard if not imposible. That is why your article titled "A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia" is true to its core.

As such, I think the government should focus on the key issues at hand and not to work hard to save their a**. These questions below addresses my concern:

I have just a small request from you Tun, I am really worried with the prices increasing all around the world. From the information you have, do you think Malaysia can sit through this one unscathed. PETRONAS is subsidising a lot and we cannot depend on them just alone to help Malaysia get through this one. PETRONAS also needs to expand its business and the O&G sector is Capex intensive. What do you think the government should do?

Another one is that not to pinpoint Pak Lah's mistakes or such, but I think the goverment should forsee this happening the last six months and took measures then rather scattering on firefighting mode right now. What do you think was the main fault of the goverment of Malaysia in not forseeing this. Should there be a special body who monitors all this? What would examples for individual Malaysians to contribute to help the Goverment?


bloggers said...


>>TUn saya cadangkan TUn letak web counter la... nanti senang nak tengok berapa ramai yang dah melawat blog ni..

>> TUn, jom kita buat COUNTDOWN TO 2020<<

>>saya rasa, bila pak lah naik saja, dia terlupa pasal wawasan 2020 ni... dia asyik sebut Islam Hadhari la konon...

>> maklum saja la, orang melayu ni mudah lupa....

>> Bukannya lama pun, cuma tinggal lebih kurang 4000 hari saja...

>> cuba tun pikiaq tengok, macam mana la malaysia ni nak maju?
ekonomi tak berapa bagus, kerajaan pun lemah, ramai sangai orang dok bangkang...

>> kalau tun tak buat COUNTDOWN TO 2020, nanti saya takut orang melayu akan lupa...

>> lepas tu, pesan la dekat depa supaya berusaha bersungguh sungguh..

>>orang melayu di kampung2 rata-rata masih lagi miskin....

>> macam mana saya tau tun?
---saya tau la sebab bapa saya tanam padi, tapi duit nak beli beras pun tak berapa nak cukup... kena pi hutang kat kedai...

>> kalau boleh naik kan sikit harga padi ni,,, kami cukup tertekan dengan keaadan sekarang... harga serba serbi mahal....

>> pak lah kata ekonomi bagus... tapi kami tak dapat rasa apa-apa pun...

>> kalau tak mau naik harga padi pun,, buat la sesuatu supaya petani/pesawah ni ada tabungan...
carumkan diaorang dalamm kwsp...
masa depa nak jual padi tu, potong siap2 masuk dalam kwsp..

>> tak pun, kerajaan bayar kwsp untuk depa...

>> macam ni baru la orang nak sokong UMNO... ( kononya UMNO pembela RakyaT)


>>>>>> P/S; TUN, JANGAN LUPA noo BUAT COUNTDOWN TO 2020: nanti depa terlupa<<<<

Garrett said... glad to be able to share your thoughts and opinions through your blog. May you keep blogging for many years to come!

Unknown said...


I agree with you. I Have seen so many discriminations made by the weak government to tear the unity among the multi-racial citizen. Temple has been destroyed and the use of "Allah" was questioned and so much more. Good to see you have blog and indeed we need more independent media and noe The New Strait Time as you always mention.

You are welcome to visir the aborigine's blog at

Tea said...

How are we called ourselves Truely Malaysian if there is still Bumi and Non-Bumi status in our country?
We graded our citizenship by religions, races, and by political parties too.

CpXVI said...

"A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia."

Well said straight to the point as always.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

change management perlu dibuat bg pertahan negara kita.isu sekarang ini siapa yg mampu pertahankannya..if perjuangan since dari dulu telah dibuat..namun kini adalah tugas kita untuk pertahankan..ayuh Melayu..lihat saja sekeliling kita..'orang lain' hampir mengambil hak kita di malaysia

ichi_ban said...


There is a saying:-
"No matter it is a black cat or a white Cat,
if it can catch rat, then it is a good cat."

So in Malaysia, a multi-racial society, we should have this type of concept. No matter he is a Chinese or an Indian or others, if he is good, then he should be given the same opportunity as the Malay, to go further.

What is your comment on this, Tun?

B3WOK said...

I am strongly agree with you Tun. A weak leader will ruin our country. I think Abdullah should step down asap. My view is, Abdullah cant be a leader but he is able if someone give him a duty just like he done before as a deputy PM..Frankly, we already lost respect to Abdullah..Please save our country Tun..Please..

Jefri said...

How I miss the time TUN was still the PM. Public security, inflation, racial tolerence and government were still stable then. I believed that most of us would not have voted for the opposition if you still the PM. The current government direction and management is very weak.

wiseguy said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

I'm glad that you have started blogging, and I look forward to hearing your viewpoints on issues that are important and have significance on the lives of all Malaysian.

Welcome aboard Tun.

novice101 said...

lizTDMM : "Being forced to work with the opposition is not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government."

In the course of governing, surely there are issues and areas which are good and right for the people, could the govt. not work together with the opposition in these areas and issues, Where does the weakness of the govt. come in? In fact the synergy that arises out of such cooperation would greatly benefit the people.

TDMM : "A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia."

Nor is a weak opposition good for a multi-racial Malaysia. It greatly benefits a democratic system if the ruling party and the opposition are of fairly equal strength. Such an opposition can then provide a formidable alternative - it can then play the role of the opposition effectively, providing the necessary checks and balances. A strong opposition is good for the nation as it offers a real choice to the people. The public, then would not be hold to ransom by the ruling party. A strong opposition also offers stability to the nation, as there is an alternative party that can form the govt., if the ruling party is thrown out due to some unforseen circumstances. These are the valid reasons why a country like ours need a strong opposition.

TDMM : "If a Government cannot be firm and is forced to flip-flop there will be a lack of confidence which does not augur well for the smooth implementation of policies or project."

Whether a govt. is firm or is indecisive, rests not so much on whether it has the two-third majority. It depends more on whether the qualities and capabilities of the leaders of the ruling party possess.

TDMM : "A Government with little need for opposition support would be better able to disregard the sniping that all Governments must face. It should however take note of opposition views and respond where necessary."

This is more rhetorics than reality, as we had witnessed in the past. What were often disregarded were not only the sniping but also the expressed wishes of the people.

TDMM : "In today's context, the Federal Government is unable to initiate necessary changes to the constitution and would be held to ransom every time."

The flaw here is that the august document, the Constitution, is being treated as an insignificant piece of paper. It has never been accorded with the due respect it deserves. It has been altered and amended so many times at the whims and fancies of the previous Federal governments. Since it was drawn up by the founding fathers of the nation, this august document has been amended more than 740 times. A strong opposition (where the ruling party is denied the two-third majority) is a deterent to such abuse. If the changes are good for the people, a govt. would not need a two-tird majority to get them pass as laws, as the opposition MPs would thrown their support for the passages for such laws.

TDMM : "Previous Federal Governments had never failed to obtain the two-thirds majority.

Your previous govts. had never failed to obtain the two-third majority is a fact. It goes to show what control you had and what a master strategist you were.

TDMM : "As a measure of strength, a two-thirds majority allows a Government to do everything on its own and be totally independent."

This is exactly what frightens the people - it could lend itself to abuse. This can be bear out by history.

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