Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Letter" to Prime Minister of Israel

1. There is a letter being circulated purporting to be from me when I was Prime Minister, to Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel congratulating him on his appointment and requesting for the “Clinton Fund”, for “the purpose of withstanding the onslaught of Islamic Fundamentalist in Malaysia”.

2. This letter is not from me or from my office. Firstly, the font used is not the same as the type in all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

3. The Malaysian Coat of Arms at the top is not similar to the one on all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

4. The address at the side of the Coat of Arms is not the same as on my official paper. Often no address is printed, only “Prime Minister Malaysia” on the top right-hand corner.

5. The contents of the letter is totally different from the one I sent to Ehud Barak. Unfortunately, the Government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi refuses permission to reproduce my letters to Israeli Prime Ministers condemning them for their oppression of the Palestinians. This action by the Abdullah Government will lend credence to the letter that is being circulated.

6. I deny categorically that the letter which is being circulated with annotation “Sumbangan kakitangan JPM untuk Rakyat Malaysia” originated from me. This is the kind of dirty tricks that my detractors have to resort to because they have found nothing to blacken my name with.


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linn said...

Thanks for your explanation Tun, I always trust that letter was not wrote by you.

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

A sign of desperation to discredit you, Tun, by whatever means. Very disgusting, indeed.

Deep said...

Dr M
How can they simply pass you official letters like that? It's against the law man. The government can't just give out such things to an ordinary member of the public.

You should know. You created this law. It's called the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

It's funny. What goes around, comes around. Some call it karma. It can be tough to handle. But other innocent Malaysians have been put thru A LOT worst things in the past

ibrahim yahaya said...

YABhg Tun,

Tindakan menyebarkan surat palsu ini tidak baik untuk TUN dan negara ini. Semoga TUN selalu memberitahu rakyat negara ini maklumat sebegini agar mereka tidak terperdaya dengan taktik kotor sesetengah pihak.

Yang amat merungsingkan jika pihak ini dipergunakan oleh anasir luar. Selamatkan orang Melayu, selamatkan negara ini. .

Anonymous said...

Dear Che Det,

Nobody will be able to confirm the authenticity of the 'letter' and it can be argued both way heavily with no ending in sight.

Perhaps what an investigation can do is to find out the source that released this 'letter'. We may or may not find out about the truth.

It will keep the newspaper busy for a few weeks. Not to mention that Pak Lah is already so occupied with issues relating to UMNO apart from finding time to deal with the country.

I would prefer more news regarding the development of Malaysia rather than reading news about UMNO.

Jules East said...

Good to know that! Just wonder why do you need to clarify this now?

teman said...

Salam Tun,

1. Teruskan perjuangan.
2. Alangkah baiknya kalau kami dapat membaca kedua-dua isi surat tersebut sebagai perbandingan.

ASHAR said...


This is serious matter..!!!

Who dera enough to do that..?

Just wild guess....Tingkat 4 people...?

You should tack action on this and make a police report...

Tun ...fight to the end as we rakyat know you are our true leader...

salam perantauan...

_ashar 11:20_

Khairulazd said...

Dearest Tun,

Thank you Tun for your explanations. Malaysian are prone to take everything as is, without investigate it first

Aishah Md Isa said...

Apa akan terjadi kpd Malaysia??
Nasib rakyatnya??


YB Tun yang disayangi,
Kenapa semua terjadi begitu kini..?
Doakan Tun jaga diri baik-baik.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Salam Tun,

Sedarlah wahai pemimpin UMNO, kamu semua sebenarnya telah menderhaka bukan hanya kepada Raja-Raja Melayu tetapi kamu juga telah menderhaka kepada Orang Melayu keseluruhannya dan rakyat Malaysia kesemuanya.

Dan kamu juga telah …… baca seterusnya di:

Rashid Saharudin said...


Really great to see the truth prevails. There are lots of irresponsible people out there who are "menangguk di air keruh", trying to tarnish Tun's image.

They do so many dirty tactics to destroy your credibility. All kinds of defamatory remarks coming from inside and outside of UMNO.

Tun, we(lots of silent majority are there) always be with you, we really appreciate all the contributions to the nation and society as a whole.

ASHAR said...


we rakyat Malaysia belive in you.

Why the Government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi refuses permission to reproduce TUN letters to Israeli Prime Ministers condemning them for their oppression of the Palestinians. and if the contents of the letter is totally different, for sure no action by the Pak Lah Government will lend credence to the letter that is being circulated.

Wake up Pak Lah, it true like you mentioned before Pak Lah buta hati dan pekak teliga..!!!!

It seem like they are planing something bad for you Tun.

Tun please exposed more....for the rakyat to know the truth of Pak Lah dan Khairy Jamaludin ( tingkat 4 people)

Rakyat will always with you,

salam perantau

ashar 11:34

Unknown said...

assalamualaikum tun...

don't worry... the letter is a very so called stoopid tactic to destroy you... i do not believe eve a word in that letter...

i wonder which one of your opponents who did this stoopid thing!... the goverment side kaaa... the pembangkang side kaa... hehehe

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Surely you must have kept copies of all official letters that you have sent to anyone during your tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

How is it this so?

From what I have heard, you have tabs on everyone who is someone in government?

Could you please clarify as to whether there is any truth to the matter?


Zainol Abideen a.k.a MAHAGURU58

Bumi Bertuah said...


Abdullah shall step down now! As a malaysian I really sad to what was happened. I have no respect to Pak Lah leadership. We have to do something to save our nation

Mikester said...

Dear Doctor,

Having left UMNO, I believe there will be no love for you within the camp. Yes, they can and will do everything in their power to discredit and paint an evil picture of you.

It is now ripe for you to release all information that you had collated in the years you were the PM and declare war against the detractors.

Weak leaders are not our main concern, it is greedy ones. I believe UMNO now suffers from major god complex and need to be exorcised of their delusions.

Fight doctor, with all your might!

Warmest regards,


Unknown said...

Terima Kasih YABhg Tun kerana menjelaskan...sememangnya berdasarkan pengalaman berurusan dengan Pejabat PM di zaman Tun, saya telah dapat meneka bahawa surat itu direka semata-mata...

Kini lebih jelas dengan penjelasan Tun..

Mr. Honneymoon said...

Kami tahu Tun. Puak2 yang cuba memburukan Tun tak putus2 memfitnah Tun...

Kami majoriti rakyat M'sia percaya kat Tun 100%

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum TDM ,

May Allah will always bless U and your family by bestowing you a good health and a sharp mind.
Back to your article, if that's the way that the present PM had to resort to tarnish your name, then clearly it's a dirty trick. Under Pak Lah , OIC is weaker and had been oppressed by the Israel.I think it was last year or is it before that when Palestine Foreign Minister of Hamas wanted to see PM in Kuala Lumpur,the Hamas leader wasn't able to do so because Pak Lah had 'kowtow'( what rumours said) to Bush order to not allow him to entertain their request . I believed if it was U , then the situation will be different.
Wassalam .

zainal mokhtar said...

Ask the present government to make public the letter in its original form so that we all can see for ourselves whether the letter is genuine or not.
There's a Malay saying that goes " you cannot hide a corpse with a tudung saji ". The smell will come through.
We can soon enough find out the rats behind all these.

bongeng said...


It is another cheap shot to ruin your reputation as an astounding Muslim leader.

Some civil servants inside PM's office are also opposition followers. They will also use the same tactic against Pak Lah later.

Sankai said...

hmm.. i still dont see the relevance of this.. hmm..

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun

I think this is a continous effort to paint black your image. We fully understand your firm stand against the Israel Gvmt. These tactics of theirs will backfire!

ajip said...


bagaimana pula pertuduhan ke atas tun membayar pelobi yahudi untuk bertemu george bush dan juga secret meeting dengan shimon peres yang membawa kepada kemasukan pasukan kriket israel ke malaysia ?

Yuk Lui Chuan said...

Dirty tricks have been used by BN for 52 years, it's funny that now they themselves try to blacken the name of their ex president pulak...simply bcoz of political fighting. Bear in mind, Tun is not a weak person!!

Mr. Honneymoon said...

Kami tahu bukan Tun hantar surat tu...!! Ini semua kerja puak2 yang sentiasa nak memburukan nama tun.

Kami percaya Tun 100%

Munirah said...


I just want to say that we(my family)will always support you.

dak ajih said...

Tun, Bongkar apa2 yang patut supaya rakyat tau apa yang sebenar Pak Dollah dan gengnya dah buat. Kami orang bandar boleh dapat sumber berita Tun. Tapi juga sebarkan pada orang2 kampong. Mereka mesti tau. Kami support Tun. (orang2 subang jaya).



Please dont equate UMNO with Malay & Islam, just like any other political parties in the world, it can come and go, so other political party like PKR also can protect the rights of Malays & Islam!!! UMNO may become irrelevant!!!

Anonymous said...

I know very well your principle TUN, you are the most respectable leader.
After being read the content of that letter, i know it is fake letter.

Thank for highlighting.

IZZO said...

Sekurang-kurang pembaca dapat mengetahui perkara tersebut dari Tun sendiri. Tapi ada lagi beberapa surat lain yang masih manjadi tanda tanya kesahihannya.

MafiaPG said...

Aaaahhhhh ! ! ! Mana dia keberanian orang melayu? Mana dia semangat orang melayu ? Mana dia sumpah orang melayu ? Kata-kata' Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia' bagai nak luput di telan zaman.

Takkan orang melayu tak sedar dan tak faham lagi . Sampaikan Tun sendiri telah tinggalkan UMNO untuk menyedarkan orang melayu bahawasanya selagi ada kepimpinan lemah sekarang ini nescaya UMNO dan MALAYSIA takkan ada kejayaan. Sepatutnya saat Tun menyatakan hasratnya meninggalkan UMNO , semua ahli UMNO yang faham dengan perjuangan TUN sebelum ini patut bangun dan sama-sama menyokong dan memberikan beliau semangat. Di usia beliau ini pun beliau masih punyai keberanian yang patut dicontohi. Apa lah anak - anak muda sekarang ini semuanya tak berani untuk meluahkan isi hati mereka. Yang hak tetap hak, yang benar tetap benar. Berkata benarlah walaupun ia pahit.

Seterusnya ke http//

CoFF33MilK said...

I support you no matter what had happened. It's really great that you reveal all out instead of being accused silently.

I Believe You!

呉 和豪 said...

Salam Tun
I definitely dont believe you are

that sily, please consider to be

Secretary general of United

Nation because I believe you can perform this job than Ban KIN BON

and Goggrey Anan. In my opinion

UN is for the interest of all especially the Third world.

Sincelely Your's

Gelombang Rakyat said...

I saw and read the letter that you, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mentioned in this post. I read it, a few days ago, at one other blog I visited. Then, I saw one commenter alerted you here. I praise the Lord, that you know and thus your post on it, to a point clarifying this matter for all of us. At the other blog, I left a comment, "the signature is not the same". Perhaps I was not observant enough of the cut n paste, a doing that is possible. However, that was my response then. I would like to thank you for approving earlier the, A Note From Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister Of Malaysia, I passed it through Abdul Zakaria Wahab, and this was published in our *Arabic Shopping and Tourism Directory*. Thanks a million, Sir.

Hartini O said...

salam tun,

the most important things is the truth will reveal by itself,when you were PM,there is not one but many who pray for you to fall,leave or even destroyed but Allah knows best the amount of sembahyang hajat they did to destroy you..tak menjadi pun..because you manusia yang walau nampak tegas, garang tapi tawaduk kepada Allah,dengan tindakan you membangunkan ugama,bangsa dan negara..nobody can deny that..

Israel is only nama yang dicipa Allah..dan Allah pun tak terima mereka ini kerana suka berjanji tetapi berbohong..baling batu sembunyi tangan..talam dua muka..dan sememangnya mereka ini di laknati Allah..menjahanamkan bumi palestin..dan palestin merempat di bumi sendiri..

DO WE WANT TO BE LIKE THAT..nauzubillahiminzaliq..

Tun...biarlah mereka nak buat apa pun..sekarang Allah bayar cash..tak payah tunggu2 lagi..


the only things I hope and pray..Allah still lindung this country and the many goods things will be destroy because of the devil hand..tak tau yang mana satu..

I pray for you always..wherever you are what ever you do..salam sayang to tun siti..


SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Satu idea yg bernas tapi bilangan yang hendak keluar hendaklah setakat mengurangkan marjoriti BN supaya sama dengan bilangan MP dari PR. Bila BN dah nyawa2 ikan mengkinlah PakLah yang tak tahu malu tu akan letak jawatan. Tapi melihatkan pd trendnya "I have work to do" yg mana yg sebenarnya "My family is not rich enough for me to retire", PakLah hanya akan berbuat demikian sekiranya BN dan UMNO jatuh sekali. Mungkinkah demontrasi aman mendesak PakLah meletakkan jawatan perlu dipertimbangkan tak taulah. Wassallam

Mr E.Man said...

Sabar Tun,
Kita berani kerana benar. Pembohongan pasti akan terbongkar juga. Percayalah bahawa kami sentiasa menyokong Tun.

Masri@ayob@chori said...

salam all,
one thing that make us not to believe such rubbish.
Siapa yang keluarkan surat ini??bukankah ini semua adalah RAHSIA
kerajaan???....So..siapa yang pandai2 keluarkan dari peti simpanan kerajaan??..nilai2 kan lah sendiri

ys zue said...

Salam Tun,

What a joke came from Pak Lah & the Gang. Perhaps, Pak Lah could you come out with more realisitic tricks? Wake up and be a gentleman!

We believe Pak Lah fully aware of the "fitnah" sin. Need not to play hide and seek. Malaysian know what is going on!

anjang aki said...

i always believe in your leadership and i will always stand behind you. i'm sure you won't do anything as silly as that when you bear the Prime Minister title. Even without your explanation, the letter is ridiculous.

Cucu Mahsuri said...


Walau apapun Tuan Dolah nak tuduh Tun macam2 benda, kami tetap berdiri teguh dibelakang Tun. Zaman Tun tiada orang berani ungkit tentang hak & keistimewaan orang Melayu, tapi zaman Tuan Dolah siap orang pijak kepala. Apa ni? Baru sy tau presiden UMNO skrg ni lembik orangnya, talam dua muka & tak pandai ekonomi. dah orang tak suka,tunggu apa lagi. RESIGN LAH 'LAH'

sokong_kerajaan said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Thank you for the elaborate explanation. Would you give us some suggestions on how the government could do to help the people by decreasing the prices of petrol and goods that are exhorbitant now?

What would your advise for the government?

Thank you Tun.

Long Man said...

that's the problem with this government... they should attack politicians who are still active... not like you... anyway, your explanation is 100% accepted with thanks....

gwkolonel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AloQStaQ said...

TUN (Ayahanda kami rakyat Malaysia) yang tersayang,

Kami amat percaya Tun, dan kami tahu Tun tak terlibat dengan surat tersebut. Kini sudah mula kedengaran kembali penjilat-penjilat Pemimpin Besar mula mengutuk tindakan Tun demi menyerlahkan lagi muka mereka kepada Pemimpin Besar itu ... tak henti-henti mereka menyalak dan ingin "menggigit" Tun dengan pelbagai tohmahan.

Saya secara peribadi selepas bertemu secara langsung dan bersalaman dengan Tun kelmarin di AloQ StaQ waktu Tun nak bagi talk dalam majlis DPMK tu, saya amat sayu dan sedih bercampur baur kesian sangat dengan Tun sebagai Ayahanda tersayang KERANA Tun masih bersemangat untuk terus menyatakan kebenaran demi kebaikan kami dan generasi masadepan serta untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Terima Kasih Ayahandaku Tun Dr.M!

unicorn said...

salam tun,

saya dah terima emel yg kononnya dr tun m kepada ehud barak tu sebulan yg lalu..dan bersama emel tu adalah yg put footnote menghentam tun dan ada pula yg no komen tetapi tetap forward emel merapu itu.

kalau difikir secara logik lah, malaysia ni sengkek sangat ke sampai nak minta dr 'clinton fund' untuk kempen pilihanraya atau kempen apa2 pun..!?

emel itu dibuat 'copy' & 'paste' mengikut teknologi maya yg canggih oleh org yg berhati busuk atau berdendam dengan tun.

saya sedih bila melihat tokoh terbilang spt tun di hentam dan dihina terutama oleh generasi muda yg kononnya mahu perubahan. not knowing yr contributions to the country and bangsa adalah sgt besar.

mrk tidak melalui kesusahan spt mana generasi tun lalui dulu.

bercakap dlm tun pun ada yang biadap sekali. begitukah orang melayu kita bercakap dgn org yg lebih tua? apatah lagi tokoh gemilang yg tak dinafikan oleh ketua pembangkang sekalipun macam datuk nik aziz.!

apapun, Tun buat spt keluar dr UMNO untuk menekan pak lah supaya letak jawatan,adalah sgt berani dan menghibakan hati saya kerana UMNO lah pendokong martabat bangsa melayu namun saya rasa tun berbuat begitu atas sebab yg sama juga.

Tun, do whatever you think is right...u got nothing to lose..! well,i must say ,at yr age. fight until the end!

Wondering Mind said...

Dear Tun,

I have seen a copy of the letter about a month back. It is signed with "Hadiah kepada rakyat Malaysia daripada kakitangan JPM" at the bottom of the letter.

I have contacted the chap who passed it on to me. I remember telling him of the various discrepancies to the letter, as in the style of the letterhead, salutations (which you would always have it handwritten), the font style as well as the language of the letter.

I also pointed out to him that he should look at your letters compiled in "letters to world leaders" book which is available in the market, for reference to the style you normally draft.

On another note, while I regret you resigning from UMNO, I truly and deeply understand that you do it for your deep love for UMNO, the party, the Malays, its muslim objectives and the nation.

May Allah bless you always!

straycat's strut said...

Tun, I dont think the majority of us would believe that you wrote the letter in the first place.

The silent majority is still with you. We are not as stupid. We responded to your call in the last election. We did not make noise. We did not attend rallies. We watched. We learnt. We evaluated. We made decisions.

Our only regret is that our protest votes were read by Anwar as a support to him.

We are listening to you.

Unknown said...

Yang melakukan perkara ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan orang yang rasa tergugat dengan Tun kerana tidak mendapat habuan tertentu. Yang melakukan perkara ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan orang yang rasa tergugat kerana terlepas jawatan tertentu semasa zaman Tun dahulu. Yang melakukan perkara ini adalah orang yang rasa cemburu dan busuk hati atas kejayaan Tun membangunkan Malaysia.

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

These people think the rakyat is blind and they can buy everything.

Have they not learned anything from the last General Election?

Keep it up Tun.This act or theirs only shows how desperate they are to discredit you.

If you persevere for the rakyat, then God willing the rakyat will teach them an unforgettable lesson soon.

Having said that, maybe we should start circulating documents on the ECM Libra dealings ?

Asal Bahagia said...

Begitulah politik. Tiada yang jujur. Semuanya dilakukan demi mengangkat diri sendiri. Lebih baik fahaman komunis yang lebih menjaga rakyat sama-rata.

gwkolonel said...

Assalamualaikum TUN.

Semoga Tun sentiasa dirahmati dan diberkati Allah.

Saya ada menerima surat berkenaan melalui email dari seorang rakan. Surat itu bukan sahaja kecil tapi juga agak kabur.. saya terpaksa menggunakan magnifier untuk membaca.. dan yang nyata surat itu bukan benar dan lebih berupa fitnah dan tomahan untuk memburukkan nama TUN. Perkara yang sama berlaku dari dulu hingga sekarang.
Apa yang pasti tidak ada sesiapa yang percayakan kandungan surat tersebut.
dalam keadaan sekarang dengan kemudahan komputer dan teknologi, sesiapa sahaja boleh mereka, mengubah surat atau kandungan mengikut tahap kandungan busuk hati masing masing.
Saya berterima kasih kerana penjelasan TUN dan semoga penjelasan itu akan membuka pintu hati dan mata mereka yang masih terlalu bebal untuk menerima kebenaran.


V4Violet said...

As what I’ve read from the topic above, I can predict clearly, there is a group of lame wanted to let you down in dishonourable way or we can say in more specific, the conspiracies of the politics. But to make things clear, the “anonymous letter” should be proved with your (Tun Mahathir’s) original letter from what you (Tun Mahathir) had claimed before. I’m not a politician and I’m long way off from that road, but to be honest, this is more untidy attachment by those bunches of culprit. Erm.. ‘Nice’ trick to disgrace your (Tun Mahathir’s) capability as a former Malaysian Islamic Prime Minister. Well, for me, I’m really admired what you (Tun Mahathir) have done to our Malays society and successfully shown the entire world that, Malaysia as a good example for Islamic country. I know and really understandable, every leader need the power and authority, but make sure it’s done in a legal way. We have the laws, follow the order. You want to climb to top of the hill, you must start from downhill. Please take note, the first person to be asked in the Judgment Day, is a leader. No matter squad you lead, you are the first to be question.

To be truth, I’m not suit with the leadership of Pak Lah. Our economic grow slowly, and as the consequences Malaysian Ringgit closed in lower price. How do we live if these matters continuously occur? With the global crisis arise now, the prices of the oil and gas incredibly increased, the insufficient resources of routine food and now we open our eyes, from what happen in Myanmar with its Nargis and the earthquake in China, what will happen to us in the next couple of years? It’s not a joke, it’s the Allah wills to whom forgotten Him. Who knows? Peoples today already forget how to respect the elders.

UMNO for Malay but if distorted with individual purposes, somewhere it will soon collapsed. So, it’s not worth after the sacrifices of our Tun Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman for the Malays.

Nazri Hashim said...


Unknown said...

ala tun, tun ckp parti sekarang menjaga kepentingan peribadi & keluarga..tun dulu pun sama gak...paku dulang paku serpih.ngata org dia yg lebih..

Unknown said...

saya sokong tun keluar umno..idup tun..idup

Unknown said...

walaupon saya tidak pernah menyokong Tun.. tp bagi saya surat yg diedarkan utk menjatuhkan kredibiliti Tun nie nilainya terlalu murah... dan bagi mereka yg terus percaya akan surat ini adalah terlalu naif atau bendul... adalah tidak gentleman utk kita menjatuh lawan kita dgn cara yg terlalu hina seperti ini... nak lawan biar cara yg terhormat.. lawan atas padang yg sama rata.. taktik kotor cam nie tak main la...

akhirkata.... Salam Reformasi... Lawan tetap Lawan...

Awang Maya said...


Saya mahu Tun ulas mengenai cabaran saya terhadap DSAI agar menggesa DWA sebagai Ketua Pembangkang mengemukakan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap PM sekarang, AAB. itu kehendak rakyat sekarang. Awang percaya seluruh pelusuk rakyat sudah bosan dan semakin menyampah dengan kaedah kepimpinannya. Kami tak peduli dan tak nak ambil peduli pasal politiking yang Awang rasa amat memualkan yang sedang berlaku sekarang. Yang Awang dan rakyat mahu sekarang ialah turunkan kembali harga minyak, kerana itulah "HANTU" segala-galanya kepada peningkatan kos hidup yang membebani rakyat ketika ini. Pergi JAHANAM politiking, rakyat mahu kembali hidup seperti keadaan sebelum tahun 2004. UMNO, DAP, PKR..itu semua tak penting..kami orang kampung nak jugak keselesaan. Jangan asyik berpolitik nak memenuhi temolok masing-masing dengan menjadikan kami sebagai kuda tunggangan.

-Awang Maya-

MafiaPG said...

Salam to all Bloggers,

Today , I have a special request for all bloggers and the supporters of TUN DR. MAHATIHIR MOHAMAD . I would like to suggest that we organize a special meeting this weekend with TUN if TUN accept to disscus seriously what course of action, we ,as rakyat Malaysia( UMNO members ) and supporters of TUN must take to ensure the transition of power is triggered fast enough to deny any influence of time ,in softening the heart of rakyat especially the Malays. Because if we act slowly than the momentum of the issue will fade slowly and people will forget who is right and who is wrong.

So i would suggest Tun to create a team to monitor and organize an event this weekend and we can really share our expertise and energy to work on this issue.

Hidup Tun ! Hidup Melayu !
Perjuangan Kita Belum Selesai.

whitelily said...

Saya menyanjungi apa yang telah Tun lakukan kepada Malaysia. Saya amat berbangga mempunyai seorang ketua yang amat di sanjungi dan dikenali diseluruh dunia. Tapi malangnya masih ada orang yang sakit hati terhadap Tun. Saya juga rasa marah kepada orang2 yang di luar sana yang memanggil Tun dengan panggilan yang tidak sewajarnya. Untuk orang2 yang bercakap dan mengata Tun yang bukan-bukan tu, apakah yang telah anda telah berikan kepada negara?

whitelily said...

Saya telah baca buku Tun, mengenai surat2 yg telah Tun tulis kepada pemimpin dunia. Saya bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia semasa Tun menjadi PM. Kepada orang-orang di luar sana yang memanggil Tun dengan pelbagai gelaran yang tidak sepatutnya, sedarlah apakah yang telah anda sumbangkan untuk negera? Bolehkah anda lakukan sebagaimana Tun mengorbankan lebih dari separuh nyawanya kepada negara?

aswien said...

Salam Tun,

Alhamdulillah Tun dapat menjelaskan status surat itu. Kami pelajar-pelajar luar negara telah banyak terdengar desas desus media barat yang tidak habis-habis memperlecehkan Kerajaan Malaysia sekarang. Pelbagai ketidak adilan dipamerkan oleh media ditempat kami merantau. Alangkah lebih malunya kami disini keran terpaksa menjawab soalan-soalan berbangkit yg ditujukan oleh rakan-rakan `Mat Saleh'. Ada kalanya xterjawab,kerana apa yang berlaku atau lebih manis dikatakan dilakukan oleh kerajaan Abdullah. Selain itu, banyak rakyat malysia yg merantau telah mula mengambil langkah untuk trus menetap di negara yg dipijak. Kerana tiada prograsis yg ditunjukkkan oleh Kerajaan Abdullah dlam ekonomi Malaysia sekrang. Tun selamatkan lah Malaysia. Kabinet2 hanya satu lakonan dan hanya bacul utk mengatakan sesuatu yg benar, dan hanya bersetuju apa yg xbenar.....

Dari Bumi K....

whitelily said...

Saya telah baca buku Tun, mengenai surat2 yg telah Tun tulis kepada pemimpin dunia. Saya bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia semasa Tun menjadi PM. Kepada orang-orang di luar sana yang memanggil Tun dengan pelbagai gelaran yang tidak sepatutnya, sedarlah apakah yang telah anda sumbangkan untuk negera? Bolehkah anda lakukan sebagaimana Tun mengorbankan lebih dari separuh nyawanya kepada negara?

Hairi Hashim said...

Tun yang saya kagumi adalah penentang zionis no 1 di dunia.. kelantangan Tun mengutuk zionis secara terang2an dipuji sendiri oleh Datuk Nik Aziz.. there's no such thing yg boleh jatuhkan Tun dengan isu palsu mcm ni..

Keangkuhan pemimpin Malaysia hari ini , yang bongkak dengan kuasa, yg bodoh sombong.. sama saja mcm Zionis... He's trying to be better than Tun, but actually he became the worst..

MalayJessyJames said...

Kawan-kawan semua...

Mari kita beramai-ramai hadiahkan Al-Fatihah kepada Tun Mahathir Muhammad.

Tujuan menghadiahkan Al-Fatihah ni ialah memohon kepada semoga Allah swt berikan dia kekuatan untuk terus berjuang dan serta dilindungi Allah swt sentiasa sehingga misi beliau berjaya.. Al-Fatihah...

~MataHatiJohor~ said...

YAB Tun,

Saya rasa hanya orang yang tidak berakal sahaja yang percaya akan surat yang sebegitu. Rekod perjuangan Tun selama ini di dalam menentang keganasan regim Israel diakui oleh semua bangsa di dunia.

Neraka sahaja tempat akhir orang yang sanggup membuat fitnah seperti ini.

Sayangkan Bangsa Mu.

Old Fart said...

Well, even if such a letter had been written, so what? What is the great big deal writing to a fellow Prime Minister of Israel anyway?

Unknown said...


to have you (hopefuly its you!)read this and approved it is already an honour!

Saya sentiasa sokong segala keputusan-keputusan dan action Tun yang orang anggap pelik dan tak masuk akal!(Penang Bridge pun nak tambah satu lagi ni)

Semoga tabah menghadapi cemuhan dan ancaman dari dalam mahupun luar selimut!

take good care of your health.

your big supporter

wailyamein said...

Sedikit masa sahaja lagi AAB juga akan dimalukan dunia....

Anonymous said...

dengan izin Tun,

here is the link of the false letter for the benefit of readers:

pencak_silat said...

We still love what my friends said in the blog paneh miang at

YSLim said...

Your blog had explained the reasoning of yours. Why are you afraid of your own words?

Why you need the government of today to waste their time and resource to your demand. But looking at most of all level of the public service since your time, they had been wasting time either it will be "saya kena check, belum siap, pergi minum teh, hilang, dll"

Why you need to use circumstances evidence to counter attack at the current administration that "by not following your demand they are the culprit".


myenvelope said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for your clarification.
We believe you.

Whoever created the fake letter must be someone with strong background support as this is a serious accusation.

Your contributions to this country is not forgotten. You have our support.

Citizens of malaysia

Zahari said...

I hope that this is not just another ploy to discredit Tun DrM.

I believed that this is not the work of your of any loyal member of your office.

Like the "Karma" goes, "What goes around comes around". So be it, for those people with ill intention, they will never win.

Tun Dr M, You'll Never Walk Alone!

Letting the time pass me by said...

Assalamualaikum Tun...

Terima kasih dengan penjelasan mengenai surat itu. Memang saya rasa sukar untuk mempercayai kandungan surat itu. Tidak logik langsung seorang PM yang mengutuk serta mengecam tindak tanduk yahudi tetiba tulis surat minta pertolongan yahudi.

Dalam dunia nie, yang saya tahu lantang mengkritik barat ialah Tun Mahathir.. Even dalam BBC Hardtalk baru-baru nie, Tun dengan berani mengecam barat ditengah-tengah kota London dalam rancangan TV mereka sendiri... Jadi Tun telah membuktikan bahawa Tun adalah seorang pejuang keamanan yang sejati...

Saya amat kagum dengan cara dan taktik perjuangan Tun yang penuh dengan idea-idea bernas...

Kita di Malaysia bertuah kerana dikurniakan Allah dengan suasana politik yang sihat...

Saya harap dengan cara blogging nie, Tun akan dapat meyampaikan lebih banyak maklumat dengan berkesan...

AbnormalSuam said...

surat ini dah beredar hampir 10 tahun dulu ketika era memuncak si 'pelakon oscar'.. dan penjelasan telah pun diberikan dan kemudian, surat ini hilang dari 'pasaran'...

ternyata ia muncul semula... antara pemalsuan yang dijelaskan ialah tandatangan dan panggilan penghormatan kepada Ehud Barak..

ternyata ramai dari kita yang tak membaca dan mengalami sindrom mudah lupa...

Unknown said...

tun.....thks for the explanation...where i bet the mainstream media wud twist & turn the facts to put u in the bad light esp now u r not part of umno......we as the normal rakyat has a lot of faith in u....take care of ur health

Arief75 said...


Jangan takut untuk kebenaran. selamatkan bangsa melayu yang kini semakin menampakkan keruntuhan. berjuanglah Tun selagi mampu dan kami gelombang pemuda akan tetap bersamamu.

eddy said...

Salam Hormat Tun, only an ingrate or imbicile could think of trying to smear your good name in this way. And they or he who allowed this letter to be circulated is an even greater idiot.

jamil said...

terima kasih atas penjelasan tun, pada awalnya saya memang yakin itu bukan dari tun. Sekarang ni laporan suruhanjaya belum sampai ketangan yang dipertuan agung pun dah sampai dulu ke meja media, apa nak hairan.

Born84 said...

Salam Tun,
sejak daripada Tun menyerahkan kuasa kepada Abdullah lagi, kami telah menjangka bahwa Abdullah akan menggunakan segala kedudukan yang ada untuk merosakkan nama baik Tun.
Rakyat Malaysia sentiasa tertunggu-tunggu apakah bentuk 'serangan' yang akan dilakukan oleh Abdullah ke atas Tun.
Akhirnya satu persatu Abdullah cuba mencoret nama Tun seboleh yang mungkin walaupun hanya dengan isu 'remeh' dan 'murahan'
Abdullah dengan sendiri 'membuka' segala tindakan kerajaan pimpinan Tun yang dianggap tidak popular oleh rakyat dengan harapan bahwa rakyat akan menjangka keburukan ke atas Tun dan 'Paklah is better'
Hakikatnya, ini adalah politik kampung yang murah dan 'tidak cerdik'. Malang sungguh negara mengangkat orang seperti ini sebagai PM.
Abdullah memandang rendah 'kebijaksanaan' rakyat Malaysia. Rakyat hanya akan membenci Abdullah jika dia terus memainkan isu zaman Tun.

Isu video VK Lingam, Suruhanjaya Hakim dan Surat ini merupakan perbuatan keji dan tak bertanggungkawab Abdullah sebagai PM yang terlebih 'pandai'

Abdullah hanya memalukan diri dan kerajaan pimpinannya kepada rakyat..

amaran rakyat ; Stop your story telling bedtime on Tun's past administration...cermin diri awak dan keluarga awak yang banyak membantu proksi Yahudi...Abdullah memalukan Malaysia so far...

ASHAR said...


Bermacam macam-ancaman yang Tun terima dari PKR dan UMNO sendiri....

Setidaknya hari ini saya berbangga dengan semangat PAS yang gentelmen dan telus ikhlas terhadap TUN DR MAHADIR.
: "KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Mei (Hrkh) - Dewan Pemuda PAS mengajak Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan ahli-ahli Umno yang sedar penyelewengan perjuangan mereka untuk membina kekuatan baru bangsa Melayu berasaskan Islam dengan menyertai PAS."
Menurut Ketuanya Salahuddin Ayub, " PAS memang semenjak dahulu berselisih pandangan dengan beliau tetapi bukan dalam soal dan ide-ide pembangunan sebaliknya desakan PAS untuk beliau menerima Islam sebagai asas pembangunan negara."

Disini membukti PAS, tidak menafikan soal dan ide pembangunan yang di terajui TUN dahulu.

Saya yakin dengan ketajaman fikiran TUN dalam masalah yang sedang di hadapi ini.

Kami sentiasa menunggu semua ucapan Tun dan action TUN dalam hal ini..

Salam perantauan
Sayang saya masih di Luar Negara..

_ashar 3:02_
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara.

Born84 said...

Kepimpinan Negara yang seperti ini hanya akan memudahkan tugas Yahudi dan Axis Israel menjajah politik negara...

Abdullah perlu berundur sebelum segalanya terlambat untuk umat Islam di Malaysia.

mek chabang4 said...

i believed you tun your ex-umno members try to play u out,for me u are the best malaysia prime minister.

tunku said...

after reading the letter, we knew it was not from you.only fools will believe it's from is a very cheap and dirty way to discredit you.

jenn v ariela said...

The most important question is..
1. Who expose the letter for publication? (Siapakah yang mengemukakan surat ini?) It is just the same question posted to Altantuya case (Who gave the order to execute?)

2. What is the reason to publish to letter now? (Untuk apakah makna dan matlamat mengemukakan surat tersebut pada masa kini?)

3. From where did the person get the letter and who is the witness? (Darimanakah surat itu diperolehi dan siapakah saksi tersebut?)

Tun must continue to fight to prove yourself clean from this letter. If the fraud made is being disclose then the boomerang will hit back to those who ought to be charge and jail in.

BTW, after watching news from TV3 yesterday, we feel that many MPs in UMNO who were once your faithful subordinates are betraying to you now. That is why we always said and believe that there are a lot of double faces in UMNO.

God will bless you for good health...always

Back2Basic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taminsari said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for the blog – most rational Malaysians who read the letter will know that it is a fake. I am proud of the fact that Malaysia is the only country in the region which does not recognise Israel – due to its oppression of the Palistanian people and not because they are Jews. Your tough and unwavering stance on apartheid is proof enough of your singlemindedness on the issue of oppression. Most Malaysians are influenced too much by CNN and BBC to see the truth of how evil Israel is.

Please Tun, do something about the present government – their economic policy is based on maintaining their popularity. They do not have the capacity or capability to think about the future. No contry can sustain the high levels of subsidy on oil – closer toRM50 billion a year!!! And recently spent about RM4 billion on purchase of rice stock – building up rice stock when the price of rice is the highest ever is sheer stupidity!!! By the way, the price of rice has dropped about 30% last week and yet we pay the highest price. With the level of income that we Malaysians have (rice purchase consist of only 6% of our income!!), we could survive this temporary price spike! Shame on us Malaysians who are still supporting the large price subsidy on petrol!!! We are not investing in the future. Can you imaging what RM60 billion can do if it were to be invested in the infrastructure, education, etc. You had taken tough economic stance in the past and the rakyat of course suffers but at the end we are all better off!!! The longer the government is in denial of global economic realities, the more difficult it will be in terms of bringing our contry to economic efficiency.

The idiotic solutions by PKoRupt (this is the proper name for the party as it corrupts the Malaysian by offering large amounts of money to the people if they are elected to power!) will set us back 50 years with their simplistic solutions, such as using Petronas money. By the way, those who are smittened by DSAI should know that when he was in power, his family is the most greedy and corrupt among the political families – willing even to sell the Malays.

I commend the Indonesian government which bravely announced a 30% increase in the price of fuel in that country and allow price rises in other areas. For the ordinary Indonesians, this will bring hardship but at least they have a future.

May Allah keeps you and your family in the best of health. Amin


Taminsari said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for the blog – most rational Malaysians who read the letter will know that it is a fake. I am proud of the fact that Malaysia is the only country in the region which does not recognise Israel – due to its oppression of the Palistanian people and not because they are Jews. Your tough and unwavering stance on apartheid is proof enough of your singlemindedness on the issue of oppression. Most Malaysians are influenced too much by CNN and BBC to see the truth of how evil Israel is.

Please Tun, do something about the present government – their economic policy is based on maintaining their popularity. They do not have the capacity or capability to think about the future. No contry can sustain the high levels of subsidy on oil – closer toRM50 billion a year!!! And recently spent about RM4 billion on purchase of rice stock – building up rice stock when the price of rice is the highest ever is sheer stupidity!!! By the way, the price of rice has dropped about 30% last week and yet we pay the highest price. With the level of income that we Malaysians have (rice purchase consist of only 6% of our income!!), we could survive this temporary price spike! Shame on us Malaysians who are still supporting the large price subsidy on petrol!!! We are not investing in the future. Can you imaging what RM60 billion can do if it were to be invested in the infrastructure, education, etc. You had taken tough economic stance in the past and the rakyat of course suffers but at the end we are all better off!!! The longer the government is in denial of global economic realities, the more difficult it will be in terms of bringing our contry to economic efficiency.

The idiotic solutions by PKoRupt (this is the proper name for the party as it corrupts the Malaysian by offering large amounts of money to the people if they are elected to power!) will set us back 50 years with their simplistic solutions, such as using Petronas money. By the way, those who are smittened by DSAI should know that when he was in power, his family is the most greedy and corrupt among the political families – willing even to sell the Malays.

I commend the Indonesian government which bravely announced a 30% increase in the price of fuel in that country and allow price rises in other areas. For the ordinary Indonesians, this will bring hardship but at least they have a future.

May Allah keeps you and your family in the best of health. Amin


Lea Shmea said...

As'kum Tun,

This entry explains a lot. Thank u so much.

May Allah bless u always.

RinG said...

urghh, am i miss something here? what letter?

Abi Qalam said...

I do not know about others, for me, this letter is never bothered me. I genuinely believed that YAbhg Tun shall never reach out for help from Terrorist Country!

Hapi said...

Assalamualaikum, Tun

keputusan Tun, amat memeranjatkan saya dan saya pasti ramai juga yg berasa begitu.

saya dan keluarga kerap mengikuti perkembangan M'sia. Keluarga saya sering berpendapat bahawa M'sia adalah tempat org melayu, mengadu nasib. Dan bila kami melihat keadaan M'sia yg kini, kami berasa amat sedih.

Pada pandangan saya, jika tidak dikawal dan diperbaiki keadaan, org melayu di M'sia mungkin akan kehilangan hak istimewa. Maka terjadi la, melayu terpinggir di tempat sendiri.

Tun, maaf jika saya katakan. Ramai rakyat tidak menyedari segala usaha Tun selama ini. Tak usah la kita minta mereka menghargai masa yg telah Tun berikan pada negera....but can't they open their eyes, and look around them! M'sia, ada Proton. Msia ada minyak. M'sia ada KLCC. Msia ada apa yg negara jiran tidak miliki.

Tapi kenapa mereka menghina Tun? Kenapa mereka memperlakukan Tun seperti Tun berhutang dgn mereka? Mereka kata Tun zalim. Tahu kah mereka, apa itu zalim? Jika Tun zalim, mungkin dari dulu dah ada riots, tembak sana sini. Dan yg paling menyedihkan, sifat buruk ini juga dipamerkan oleh sebilangan menteri2 di M'sia. Dasar lalang...tiada peganggan....nama sahaja menteri, tapi berkelakuan seperti org yg tidak berpelajar dan tiada didikan ugama. Tidak reti menghormati. Saya tidak pernah terfikir org melayu yg terpelajar dan ternama boleh berkelakuan buruk sebegitu. Dulu, saya respect Rafidah Aziz, but now... she is a disappointment.

Tun, saya sedih sangat setiap kali membaca penghinaan yg dilempar oleh sebilangan rakyat. Saya harap Tun tabah.... sekiranya Tun hendak biarkan keadaan seadanya...saya tetap menyokong Tun. Mungkin inilah dia org melayu yg sebenarnye... harus dijajah... tidak kenal erti merdeka... tidak kenal erti budi bahasa ...

Saya pasti, ada pembaca yg Anti Tun sedang membaca comment2 dilaman ini. Buat mereka, sedar la diri, jangan tahu nak menghina. Muka tak tahu malu... mencemarkan nama melayu di mata dunia. Kalau benar Tun salah, pergi la, heret dia kepengadilan! BODOH! And for all menteri yg dok kat parlimen, pls behave! It is so embarrassing tgk perangai korang live and on Youtube.

HangNadim2020 said...

To TDM, keep on fighting. We still need yr quidance and wisdom. As anak Johor and a proud Msian, we are the SILENT MAJORITY. We are always with you TUN.

TO all Msian and especially UMNO JOHOR.

1) surat palsu -- tolong lah buat laporan polis.

2)What happened to UMNO Johor?? Senyap jek... Pls help expedite the transfer of power.

Mcm nak nangis mengenangkan nasib orang2 melayu, esp cucu-cucu kita di masa hadapan. tolonglah!!!


ASHAR said...

Hello All bloger,

"Deepak said...
Dr M
How can they simply pass you official letters like that? It's against the law man. The government can't just give out such things to an ordinary member of the public.

Posted on:May 21, 2008 11:15 AM"

Hai apa lah semua komen-komen you dalam blog ni sangat memesungkan...!!!!

Don't just go around the bush...stop it!!!

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara.

Ezad said...

assalammualaikum Tun...
Saya percaya yang Tun tidak berbuat demikian, masih tak celik lagi ke org2 Umno untuk bertindak mengubah minda dan corak pemerintahannya.Tetapi Tun akan terus memberikan pendapat ke atas pemimpin umno sekarang ini, supaya mereka tahu kebenarannya,jangan hanya mengikut sahaja walaupun sesuatu yang dibuat itu salah,jika kita dinamakan negara demokrasi...kenapa yang ade didalam tu tak bersuara.sebab takut hilang pangkat,hilang nama.Perjuangan umno mesti memperjuangkan hak agama, bangan dan negara...bukannya orang perseorangan.Saya berharap ade kebaikan yang akan timbul hasil daripada pegunduran Tun dalam umno.Sekurang - kurangnya mereka tahu kesannya...

Redhuan D. Oon said...

I am dedicating my morning blog Mengapa Barat Menjajah Melayu to you as you are the main inspiration for the spirit of my political thoughts.

About your topic above, it brings to my mind a question of "Has anyone ever hear any leader lately speaking out against the world powers?"

I do not really remember anyone in the hot seat, after you, having made a speech against the powers that be. Perhaps we are now too weak or too dependent on worldly forces fearing particularly for our frailing economy.

As for you Tun, i do succintly remember many of your speeches. Everytime you are on the air, I would be rooted devouring every word. Not due to admiration of the rhetoric or wordings...

But one has to stand back and awe at the audacity of a Malaysian, an Asian, a Muslim, a non-superpower Premier that dared to mount under feeble terms without fear or concern of personal safety and national risk of international backlash.

I know, because I met even Arabs who are proud of what you stood out for that they themselves are not articulative about. The world may not see another Mahathir again after this.

Redhuan D. Oon

Adnanlr said...

Quick glance over the purported letter enough for me to know it is a miserable hoax.

Anyone with an iota of grey matter between their ears will surely know that.

Can we move on to something more serious matter ?

Come on people, Lets not waste time discussing trivial matters.

soleh solehah said...

Memang saya dan kawan2 dah dijangka surat itu satu penipuan. Harap Tun banyak bersabar dengan fitnah itu. Dunia penuh tipu daya, boleh baca di

Unknown said...

Salam Tun
Sesuatu tindakan yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Perbuatan sebegini hanya merugikan, buatlah sesuatu yang boleh memberi manfaat kepada rakyat. Kenapa hendak menipu dan apa faedahnya?

YARAH said...

Dear All,
Please to read the story from TUN side, let's compare and understand which story is more carrying the weight. I believe that a person like TUN, speaks out of his mind openly on the US and Jews agenda will not able to sell his "iman".
Yes, some do called him a dictator, I prefer to say him as a "strict" person, like a father to son. It is a very difficult experience to describe, unless you are "true" father. A father that sacrifice his life to work and spend almost everything he earns, just to see his children to growth up in a good life, discpline and to provide the best things in this world for them.
But it is always happen to scholars, when they protest at first, they were thought as wrong and when they are not around the people will regret for not listening to them.
As I am only an ordinary person, let the truth reveal by itself, but I will not jump to conclusion without further understand the circumstances.

D_Dollah said...


Perkara ini memang sudah diduga. Budak Tingkat 4 akan terus membuat serangan ke atas Tun. Oleh sebab demikian, Tun hendaklah mengambil tindakan lebih awal dengan membawa mesej Tun ke jalanan. Biar rakyat menunjukkan ketidakpuasan hati di jalanan.

Lupakan yang 2500 orang yang menyokong mereka-mereka yang masih mabuk kuasa.

ASHAR said...

Asalamualaikum semua...

Perjuangan Tun dah jelas kepada Malaysia, UMNO dan Melayu khasnya.

Semua orang mengakuinya..PAS juga mengakuinya dunia juga mengakuinya..

Mana anak muda bangsa Malaysia lainnya....

kenapa membiarkan BAPA kita yang sudah lanjut usia memperjuangkan nasib kita lagi...

BAPA yang sudah di penghujung usia masih gagah semangat perjuanganya.....

Apakah bukti perjuangan kita demi agama ,bangsa dan Malayisa dalam hal ini..

Ayok lah kita bersama BAPA kita TUN..membuat perubahan.

akatan lancang kuning nusantara

Unknown said...

Susah betul dapat PM yang bodoh mcam sekarang nie. Dah la tak buat apa langsung.Mengkayakan keluarga sendiri, menglamorukan diri sendiri kononya buat tu dan ini.last2 come out wif islam hadhari where the result rambut anak, bini and menantu makin perang. ni la namanya islam hadhari.kalau sakit nak pi berubat kat oversea. Saya kagum dengan Tun sakit masuk local hospital IJN. Baru la rakyat confidence dgn hospital2 di malaysia nie. I salute u Tun. By the way saya tak percaya langsung bout surat tu. Dont worry. PakLah tu nakglamor sebab dia tak tau nak buat apa. My relative most come from kepala batas pun tak suka dia. MAS bankrap pun punca pak lah. adik ke abang dia supply mineral water RM5 sebotol. Mana la tak bankrap.
Pls buka mata Pak lah dah byk habiskan duit kerajaan pas tu tuduh mahathir plak.pak lah is afraid of his own shadow.
Mahathir saya berdoa semoga Allah pangjangkan usiamu Tun. and for Pak Lah get away of it pls step down. u dun love the country at all so selfish and destroying the country

JJ70 said...

I find that majority of you wrote something w/o actual fact or investigation. People like u cause confussion & conflicts.
Pls talk w/ sense. U make malaysia look damn stupid in the eyes of the world. People are laughing at us.
As for the letter, whether it's true or not, we can make a different out of it. But what done is done. Why still want to look back or maybe someone out there want us to live backward and outdated. If this let to be continue, we're letting them take advantages of us. THEN WE ARE ALL STUPID, BODOH MALAYSIAN.

TUN, I"m not sure whether u can hear me or not.

If u think u're not that, then, step down. Let those who says they are good. Time will proof it all.

Whether we malaysian is smart or not & what path we'll be chosing, sooner or later it will be seen.

As for those who falls for anwar tricks and stand aside him, let me tell u something.
YOU ARE KILLING MALAYSIA. NOT UMNO, MIC, MCA (BN). If u all that dump and full of vengence but got no brain, then u are causing the biggest earthquake of malaysia. and soon there will be no more MALAYSIA. THE ONLY ISLAMIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, WHERE U REALLY PRACTISE WHAT U BELIEVE FREELY (thou not all).

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Life is Improvisation by Tina Fey of 30 Rock

Salam Tun.

Unknown said...

Indeed many of us feeling uneasy and disappointed to what had been happening in Malaysia. Simply demoralising!

Without any single effort of you, the truth will reveal itself to clear your name. Really hope that you can return to Umno to put things upright again. Be strong and May God continue to give you endless strength, health and wisdom in such an affliction period to bring blessing to Malaysian.

chewchew said...


呉 和豪 said...

Dear Sir

Apart from the article on issues

published earlier.You should

explain to how PETRONAS being

transformed into one of the

sucessful company in the world

during your term. Discussing on

this is more productive and


I think you had made a right

decision to build Airport and

other infrastructures such as

North-South highways etc which are

important not only from economic

point of view but also from strategic point of view.

Come back to us for the benifits of all rakyat, for the unity and prosperity of our nation.

We are expecting good news
Sincerely Your's

Zygote said...

Salam Tun,

Ni dah kena buat laporan Polis, impersonating you up with malaise intention !!!

Unknown said...

Terima kasih kerana Tun sudi beri penjelasan. Tanpa penjelasan ini sekalipun, saya tak akan percaya dengan mudah tentang perkara sebegini ada kaitan dengan Tun. Tun tidak pernah beri muka pada orang barat, apalagi Israel! Even my 94 years old grandpa knows that for sure!

Don't worry, Tun. You'll never loose our support!

unknown said...

Salam Tun,

Saya menerima penjelasan Tun mengenai isu surat tersebut tetapi tidak sepenuhnya yakin melainkan isi kandungan surat sebenar seperti Tun dakwa itu didedahkan juga.

Pendirian saya ini berkait rapat dengan satu isu lagi yang amat mengelirukan yang pernah Tun lakukan yang belum diberi penjelasan yang nyata. Isu tersebut ialah mengenai pengakuan Tun bahawa kos melobi untuk pertemuan Tun dengan George Bush sebanyak RM4.5 juta dibayar oleh pihak lain, bukan oleh kerajaan Malaysia.

Sebagai ketua kerajaan Malaysia, sepatutnya segala kos bagi urusan rasmi baik didalam mahu pun diluar negara mestilah ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan. Adalah tidak munasabah kerajaan Malaysia tidak mampu menanggung kos tersbut sehingga terpaksa menerima "sumbangan pihak asing."

Seperti Tun pernah nyatakan bahawa tindakan melobi untuk membolehkan seseorang menemui presiden Amerika Syarikat adalah suatu amalan normal di negara itu, maka penggunaan wang daripada dana kerajaan Malaysia adalah dibenarkan sepertimana bagi tujuan menampung kos penerbangan, penginapan, hospitaliti dan lain-lain.

Jadi adakah wajar Tun sebagai seorang Ketua Kerajaan Malaysia pada waktu itu membenarkan "satu dana asing" digunakan bagi satu missi rasmi negara?

Diharap Tun dapat memberikan penjelasan yang wajar terhadap isu ini.


Jeff Johari said...



Since you already have a blog.
Why not create a youtube page so that All Malaysian around the world can hear your words of wisdom for the best of ALL Malaysian. I believe by using youtube, nobody can ever interrupt what you want to say and people will believe your words better!! You can reach millions of people in an instance! Make it as informal as you can. Malaysian should never believe the mainstream media on political issues anymore!

Jim said...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad
can you answer my question ?

(1)why is it that you hate Israel?

(2) why did you let Abdullah badawi me your successor?

(3)why did you quited being the pm at the first place?

i hope that Tun will answer my question .

smile always

leman said...

Ydh, Tun

Kami rakyaat Malaysia sedang menikmati segala programe mega yang Tun laksanakan dulu, saya tak boleh bayangkan sekiranya kita tidak memiliki Petronas, apa akan jadi pada kita sekarang, Tun telah menyediakan kekayaan dan pelaburan untuk kita semua, segala projek meganya berbaloi, so jangan lah kita sekali kali (Menitis Air Mata) mencemuh beliau dan sesiapa yang sedang memburuk buruk kan tun itu sebenarnya adalah orang yang tidak pernah memberi kita apa-apa, Sabar Tun kami sentiasa menyokong tun walau apa pun terjadi, saya sanggup dan rela berkorban untuk TDM,kami sayang kan Kamu, dari anakanda leman.

whackthembugger said...

I need not see the details of such said letter because it is not of your character to write such request from Isreal against the interest of Islam anywhere. You had fought daringly and most significantly for the Palestinian cause and brought us Malaysians very close to the plight and sufferings of the Palestinian people. As a consequence, my wife and I had financially “adopted” each a Palestinian child for about 15 years; a humanity cause you helped set up with the late Alijah Gordon; it’s no logic you should write such nonsense to a PM of Isreal. You are not the least tainted by such fabricated letters but this much I know, a great number of the Silent Majority hates the PM ADMINISTRATION every time they mistreat you even the least bit.

The distribution of such fabrication could only be initiated by the infamous Prince of Darkness and his entourage of vampires that lurks at 4th Floor for whatever evil intended purposes, maybe to counter the existence of the genuine letter sent by our PM as the DPM then to lobby for his sister-in-law for a posting in a friendly country. While these traitors know nothing of respect, integrity, honor and statesmanship, the approval of such sickly acts must have the endorsement of the proud “bodoh sombong” incompetent local “King” Abdullah; the “king” must bear full accountability.

We have a real sick bunch of people at the helm of the Nation that need to be rid off pronto. So UMNO parliamentarians and assemblymen, act now before the same happens to you – save yourselves and the party by being independents for the time being.

May Allah bless you, Tun, in all your assiduous efforts for the betterment of your Race, Nation and Islam.

Azmany said...

With the advent of Internet and tools like Photoshop, forgery and rumour mongering is very easy to do.

At the end of the day, integrity will carry you through. This and your strong personal conviction are not questionable - at least by people who has the chance to personally know you.

Anonymous said...

So much words to say about what had happen to you, Tun. In young age, I tried to understand politics but now it’s getting more complicated and confuse with what is true and what is not. With all the explanations definitely help to ease the complications and misunderstood.

I agree with GOHHOEHOE, Tun should tell more about the successful stories of Petronas, economical wise and others, that will positively motivate us to be something good, wiser and better in the future.

Maria said...

even if the letter was written by Tun, takkan lah sesenang itu nak ditunjukkan pada public..ingat Malaysian bodoh ke..

Maria said...

dah terdesak sangat ke org2 Tingkat 4?

You Never Walk Alone said...

Dear Tun

I am a 40 years old Malaysian chinese. I admired you more than I admired those MCA leaders, In short you are my hero. Despite what other people said about you I always believed that as a leader you need to be firm in order to be kind. ISA,OSA and the publication act are just a few tools that you need to govern a multiracial country. I have not known other Malaysia prime ministers except you. When I was in overseas I am proud to tell all the white men that I am a Malaysian. Why? It is all because of you. Stay healthy and stay strong because the country still needs you. May god bless you.

PWN Consultants, Malaysia. said...



If by any chance you have read most of the comments posted by the people on this topic, this is an opportunity for you to do the right thing, to defend Tun from this odious slander. Thus you shall find that, if what people said about both of you is untrue, ALLAH will defend you in return.

You have the EVIDENCE on your lap,
And you have the CHOICE in your hands,

I beg you to at least bring ALLAH to mind and consider doing the right thing.

May ALLAH guides us all !!!

cutey said...

How dare ???? But hwevr it is, all d bezz tun..i know u do a rite....we alwyz trus u

ZuL said...



Semoga Allah memberikan keterangan kepada hati-hati yang sangat busuk dan kotor agar mereka kembali bertaubat serta takut akan neraka Allah.

Yang benar akan mendapat perlindungan Allah... Insya-Allah. Amiin.

baLdi MeraH said...

Tun x perlu jawab pon isu ni. Nampak sgt yang sebarkan tu pon ada 'mental disorder'

Unknown said...

I symphatised with you Tun. But then, I know Tun does not need anybody's symphaty. Cause you're a fighter. You're smarter than the rest. The world over know that. It's a fact. Keep on fighting Tun. I was with DSAI during university days doing some 'stupid' street demonstration. But I think if we were to help build our nation it has to be your way. I hope you're always in good health.

crazyEllysee said...

fortunately you have launched this blog, else...we wont the truth and those "MASKS" behind those people.

Tun, Im your forever supporters! GOOD luck for everything, I hope the authories can make some reply/talks about these matters rather than they keep picking up those nonsense old case on 1988.

In other hand, i also pray and wish there is a good PM for our country.
Tun do you think your son and muhyiddin can be a good PM?

Unknown said...

Assalammualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir

Surat tersebut pertama kali saya baca dalam forum selepas itu surat yang sama kali kedua saya jumpa dalam forum Surat yang dilampirkan dalam kedua-dua forum tersebut dipost oleh orang yang berbeza yang merupakan penyokong pas dan pkr.

Mulanya hampir terpengaruh saya dibuatnya. Bila dibaca penjelasan oleh ahli-ahli forum UMNO dalam sedikit demi sedikit keraguan saya hilang hinggalah keraguan itu hilang sepenuhnya apabila penjelasan paling kuat saya baca di forum

Berikut saya sertakan penjelasan oleh webmaster dalam forumnya itu.

Surat bohong yg di create oleh bebudak PAS dan keadilan tu dah tersebar sejak sebelum pilihanraya 1999 lagi.

Kalau tengok pada cara susunan ayat inggeris tu nampak sangat menipunya.. cuba bandingkan penulisan tersebut dgn tulisan Dr Mahathir dalam surat kepada pemimpin singapura, jauh beza gaya bahasanya...

then, cuba tengok di bahagian nama Tun,.. utk makluman semua, utk setiap surat yg ditulis oleh Tun, selepas tandatangan akan tertulis Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad bukannya Mahathir Mohamad.

satu lagi, sejak bila pula surat rasmi Dr. Mahathir ada perkataan CC ?...

dan sejak bila selepas nama Tun, ada noktah di penghujung nama ayah Tun?...

last skali, berkaitan surat tipu ini, semasa melawat pasir Mas kelantan beberapa bulan sebelum pilihanraya umum 1999, Dr Mahathir pernah menafikan kaitannya dengan surat ini malah turut mempersendakan orang yg menulis dan scan surat tu sendiri sebagai tak pandai mengeja namanya (1 M ditulis jadi 2 M pada nama ayahnya - tanpa ambil kira huruf M pertama dlm nama ayahnya).

nyata sekali surat tipu ini merupakan surat tipu versi yg ntah ke berapa, sebabnya edisi awal yg disebarkan sebelum pru 1999, isi dan bentuk kandungan sama, tapi nama ayah Dr Mahathir di eja secara salah, sepatutnya Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad tapi di eja sebagai Mahathir Mohammad, ada 2 M berdekatan di situ.

Maknanya surat tipu edisi terbaru ni, merupakan pembetulan kepada surat edisi tipu yg awal dulu tu selepas di ejek oleh Tun Mahathir sebelum ni...

kesimpulannya,... puak-puak liPAS dan Keldaian memang akal penipu dan pemfitnah, diorang fikir depa boleh menipu orang ramai, tapi sayang hanya golongan terencat akal saja yg depa boleh bohongi...

Penjelasan itu boleh dibaca di alamat ini

Pengunjung Setia Blog Pro Tun

FatherOfAdam said...

I just cant imagine how low some of these people from islamic party can go just to discredit you. Remember there was one fitnah in one of their ceramah saying that you watch porn film with ur grandchild . How stupid that may sound but some of these people from islamic party really put an effort to defend this fitnah. I think the guy who created this fitnah had already passed away. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

salam....ayahanda tun selamat malam

yes sepatutnya diletak dua2 surat supaya kami dapat buat perbandingan dan kalau boleh print the real letter... dalam dunia ini semua boleh kan.. ada bukti kami akan percaya... kerana dunia it ini semua boleh digodam

satu hal yang perlu kalau tidak bersalah ayahanda jangan takut dan gentar pasti ada barisan dibelakang ayahanda..

Unknown said...

YABhg Tun,
I have not seen the said letter but it is obviously a very cheap political attempt to further smear your name.
When are Malaysian politicians going to stop this kind of low and primitive political game?

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

Tun, Saya bukan penyokong Tun. tapi secara peribadi saya cukup kagum dengan Tun. Keberanian & Ketegasan Tun cukup membuat saya kagum dgn Tun. Tapi saya masih bukan penyokong Tun.

Sebagai rakyat malaysia saya ingin berterimakasih kepada Tun diatas apa yang telah Tun lakukan untuk kebaikan tanah air saya. apa yang tidak baik sama2 lah kita renung dan ubah nya.

Izam said...

Assalamualaikum Tun dan semua.
akhirnya penjelasan dari tun sendirik. Sekarang ni teknologi semakin cepat berkembang. even yg mcm ni cukup mudah untuk dibuat. selaku pereka grafik, adalah tidak mustahil utk mereka sesuatu yg mcm nih... cukup mudah.

chewchew said...

tokdet ape kabar.

ape citer pasal israel tu?
saya rsa, paul wolfowitz tgah folow up political condition kt malaysia skg ni. tmbah2 nma dia ada disebut ada kaitan dgn 'bakal pm' malaysia anwar ibrahim.

smbil surfing layan blog, sya cdg tokdet bgtau lagu2 yg bole bg inspirasi kt kami. bolela kami download melalui limewire. tokdet pn kene try software ni. mcm2 lagu bole download. bole cari lagu yg jd nostalgia kt tokdet.

sya suka dgr lagu
'rajawali terbang tinggi' oleh
m nasir. naik smangat saya.

putera_putra said...

tahniah tun..berani kerana benar takut kerana salah..
kebenaran akan datang pada satyu hari nanti..

Unknown said...

Tun Dr Mahathir,

I hope you will be given at least 100 days to correct all the mess that created by this sleepy man and ALSO SACK HIM OUT AND KJ!!!!!!

ASHAR said...


Kami ammat bangga dengan cara menjelaskan pendirian dan kebenaran, :

Dr Mahadir mempertahan kan orang melayu ,orang islam dan demokrasi
Ini lah contoh Leadership yang kita mahu, tak lembik macam Pak Lah……

Dr Mahadir cakap pasal pru12 di bbc

Nik Aziz kagumi Dr Mahadir

Salam perantau

_ashar 8:32_
Angkatan Lancang Kuning_

BuRnLeiCesTeR said...

ASkum Tun yg disayangi...
Please take care of yourself.. They have used dirty tricks to put you down..Malaysians still need you..
Tun, teruskan perjuangan!!! I am very sure truth and win are always on your side..
May Allah always bless you..

seal said...

Salam YBhg Tun, memang begitulah nasib manusia. Bila kita sihat, kuat, berkuasa; apa yang di kata dan sebut semuanya akur. Bila kita sudah tiada apa, orang yang kita 'hand-pick' pun boleh pangkah kita balik. Saya percaya dan menyokong kuat pendirian YBhg Tun. Masakan YAB MB Kelantan, Dato' Haji Nik Abdul Aziz sendiri tabik Tun atas pendirian YBhg Tun terhadap rejim Israel yang zalim. Saya juga tabik YBhg Tun. Wasalam

Azhar85 said...


Dear Tun,

Don't worry Tun, i'm always support you...Love you as a great leader Tun...Wassalam...

SUASA said...

Yng Berhomat TUN

Saye sekeluarga memohon pada tuhan agar melanjutkan usia dan dirahmati Allah sentiasa. Keberanian kelantangn perjuangan TUN amat dihargai, kerna tiada orang lain yang mempunyai karismatik, berkualiti sebagai pemimpin yang begitu genuis. Saya sokong tindakan ia adalah membela nasib orang melayu dan umat islam yang semakin menghilang. Kepada orang melayu agar diingatkan memperjuangkan bangsa demi generasi akan datang.. semangat perkauman melayu perlu kuat bagi survival untuk generasi akan datang.

nib said...

Apa-apalah YB Tun, kalau orang dah tak suka macam-macam cara boleh dilakukan. Tuduhan, fitnah, konspirasi dll.... yang penting YB Tun punyai ramai penyokong di luar sana.

Unknown said...


Saya sentiasa menyanjungi, menghormati dan sentiasa berterima kasih kepada Tun di atas segala jasa2 Tun terhadap kami, rakyat Malaysia selama.

Sayangnya, sesetengah manusia lupa terhadap segala jasa Tun. Mereka buta dan juga pekak.

When I was in Indonesia and Thailand, the people there always talk about you with respect. Even the taxi drivers complimenting you.

I really hope that Pak Lah and his son-in-law would step down. They are the disgrace to Malaysia.

There will never be any GREAT LEADER like you.

We will always support you, TUN!!!!
May ALLAH bless you and your family.

Zainal Ariffin Ashari said...

U tetap lantang walaupun berada di luar UMNO, walk the walk and talk the talk. Bimbingan u amat dihargai, terima kasih.
Sungguh pun demikian, di harap Tun tidak akan melakukan kesilapan lagi dengan tidak mendidik pengganti yang sama tajam, hebat, kritikal serta muslim yang baik. Insyallah.
Mak saya kata kita orang bawah macamana nak selesaikan masalah orang di atas. Saya percaya kita semua boleh menyumbang apa2 pun demi kebaikan semua orang, walaupun sedikit.
Saya rasa kalau PM sekarang tidak mahu mendengar nasihat u pun at least, suggest a solution, Malangnya takde. Dato Nakhaie memperkatakan perkara yang sama malam tadi.

kakitidur said...

This is a shamelese act for a shamelese individual. Tun you always speak of the 4th floor boys. You should hightlight their names to all Malaysian so we can know whose the persons behind Pak Lah running Malaysia to the ground. I heard that they are all pro Singapore and that's why all projects in Malaysia always sided with Singapore interest. That is why I want you to hightlight more on this for Malaysian hate traitors of this land more than anythings. Tun why Pak Lah is buying properties outside of Malaysia? Is he has no confident in MALAYSIA? In her stability? Think about that.

ilmyinc said...

send us 1001 letters or 1001 stories or 1001 issues, the fact always be fact. no one can change it...

Live with the fact and die with dignity

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,
It is good that you explain this scary matter. However, sadly and regretfully, a few of the extremists are from Malaysia, as reported by the news.

Just me,

Reza aljunaid Post said...

Sah lagi sahih...memang faktor AAK (Abdullah, Anwar dan Khairy) ini sangat merbahaya. Surat palsu untuk memburukkan Tun Mahathir hanya sebab mereka ini terlalu sayang kepada Anwar.

Mereka dan kroni-kroni mereka akan buat semua perkara yang akan menyebabkan rakyat benci kepada Tun Mahathir.

Apabila Tun isytihar keluar dari UMNO, lihat dan dengar ulasan-ulasan mereka. Menjijikkan. Macam mereka paling hebat dalam dunia ini.

Dengar apa kata Musa Hitam, Hishamuddin,Nazri,Mat Taib antaranya...menjijikkan..

Tun hanya keluar dari UMNO, bukannya keluar dari Islam.

Tapi ulasan-ulasan penjilat Abdullah macam orang sudah terkeluar dari Islam....

UMNO kini sudah semakin sesat dan hilang nilai-nilai Islam dalam diri...

Adab budaya Melayu dan Islam dalam UMNO zaman AAB hancur dan yang peliknya dihancurkan oleh orang yang ada ijazah sarjana muda pengajian Islam...

Elok rasanya disarankan ditubuhkan UMNO baru yang lain supaya dapat bersihkan UMNO dari para penjilat buntut Abdullah, Khairy dan Anwar yang sangat busuk, berkudis dan berkurap.

Kalau zaman Tun dulu saya bangga jadi ahli UMNO...kini...semakin pudar...

UMNO kini telah menjadi penjilat zionis, penjilat Singapura, penjilat Israel, penjilat Amerika...

Jangan biarkan Tun menangis sendirian angkara penjilat zionis, penjilat Israel,penjilat Amerika,penjilat Singapura.

Penjilat-penjilat UMNO ini bersekongkol dengan zionis,Israel,Yahudi,Amerika,Singapura untuk menjatuhkan air muka Mujaddid Islam UMNO abad ke 21 Tun Mahathir yang dikenali oleh musuh umat Islam kerana kelantangannya membela nasib umat Islam seluruh dunia dengan mengkritik kezaliman Yahudi dan Amerika di Palestin, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Cepatlah sedar wahai bangsaku ... jangan biarkan ketua penjilat dan penjilat-penjilat Yahudi, Israel, Amerika,Singapura ini daripada menguasai UMNO ...

kitkat said...


If this things can happen to TUN , what if this also can happen to normal lay person like us? Where is justice?

FARAHana said...

Dear Tun,

They will do anything and everything to discredit you.

Just be careful, Tun.

Cheapskate said...

Dear Tun,

I came across a copy of the said letter while surfing.One look and I dismissed it as a fake.Why?.The contents are simply incredible.As if a Prime Minister would put such matters in black and white incriminating himself.Such letter insults one's intelligence.

I am amazed at the lack of creativity of the person(s) who spin this letter.Obviously he or she is an amateur.

Pentilium5 said...


Mohon letak page counter in this blog. I am sure it will cross 1 million hits in less than 3 months.


Zulk said...

Hey Orang Tua... Cukup la... Denial... Umur bonus tuhan bagi tu gunakan lah...

Violetblush said...

Wow! Bizzare what desperation can do to a man.U associated with Israel Tun? C'mon !!!

Apa pun , menyampah betul saya lihat muka surat depan akhbar2 tempatan 22 mei 2008- Yb-yb kaki ampu- balik kawasan cakap lain- di Parlimen mengampu.Double face betul :(

halimah said...

Tun - please don't fall into the trap they're consciously or unconsciously setting up for you!

Don't play their game of digging up the past and lining up the skeletons in the PM's cupboard!

Don't Tun - don't play tit-for-tat please!

Stand above this current obsession with analysing things in retrospect, because anyone can do that and come up with some analysis-however trivial!

As the then Prime Minister you had your powers and your prerogatives to do what you and your advisers thought were best for the country at that point in time!

And you did so well for our beloved country!

Some of the matters were heavy security ones - local and international; some were private and highly confidential; some were secret and espionage!

As long as your conscience is clear, have no doubts that your ITHAKA is the most beautiful one meant for you:


Admin said...

Dulu time Tun masih Perdana Menteri aku selalu bangganya menyebut nama Malaysia dan nama Tun jika ada orang bertanya. Orang tak tanya pun aku bangga menyebutnya juga. Itulah yang aku suka sangat time Tun masih Perdana Menteri. Sekarang ni.. adeh..kekadang aku mengelak atau memesongkan topik perbualan untuk mengelak dari menyebut nama Malaysia dan Perdana Menterinya. Malu lah.. Sekurang-kurangnya kita sebagai rakyat ada hak untuk merasa malu jika pemimpin tak ada umph!

Fuzzy A! said...

Malaysian Government smear campaign has always been not detailed ever since I could remember them, even under you, Doc M.

I mean, how incompetent can one be if one tries to show that YOU, the person who has been branded as anti-semitic by the world media, who has been showing unwavering support for the Palestinians, who has been condemning and refusing to recognize the state of Israel since your vice started to matter, are supporting Israeli PMs? At least make it to Bush la. It's still believable if it's to Bush. My little brother could lie better.

But you know what's the sadder thing? The majority of Malays will believe anything they read if there's the word Israel or Yahudi in it and/or believe anything buta tuli.

Kun Mali said...

Siapalah yg 'bijak' buat surat tu agaknya ye....

Memalukan sungguh cuba nak fitnah Tun yg sememangnya terkenal membantai Israel-barat selama ini...

let talk said...

Dear Tun,

Thank for the explantion, i always support Tun because Tun is a great leader for us

katak_78 said...

Tun..sebagai generasi muda.saya makin takut dgn keadaan Malaysia skarang...takut.....

ayampiru said...

Tun yang dikasihi,

Saya nak beri sedikit cadangan.
Mungkin agak drastik.

Sekarang ni kat blog ada
menayangkan video DSAI sentuh sikit hal ISLAM di Malaysia.

Klau difahamkan, DSAI ada pertalian dengan pertubuhan tajaan Amerika.

Lagi hebat.
Lagi gagah.
Lagi perkasa.


Pertubuhan apa tuh?

Carl Gershman
Madeleine Albright

Siapa depa nie?

Apa itu muslim moderate?
Perlu ke muslim moderate?

Rujukan: Buku Online
Tajuk: " Building Moderate Muslim

Kalau Tun cuba melawan surat PALSU berkaitan beliau dengan ISRAEL,

Kenapa DSAI ada pertalian dgn pertubuhan2 itu.

Nak tengok vid DSAI dgn pertubuhan2 itu.

Tun, cadangan saya. Perlu tak kita buat suruhanjaya?

Check kebenaran DSAI dapat tajaan pertubuhan2 itu.

Buktikan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

kuliangga_signal said...


Tun adalah seorang pemimpin yang hebat, bijak , berani, sombong dan angkuh..

Saya harap akan lahir lagi seorang pemimpin seperti tun pada masa akan datang..

Hidup TDM!!

sarah said...

Salam tun,

Terlebih dahulu, saya pohon semuga tun dipanjangkan umur dan sihat selalu, insyallah. Adakalanya, kita terlupa, bahawa manusia adalah kejadian tuhan yg sempurna dan diberi pilihan untuk memilih jalan dan hala tuju masing-masing samada baik atau buruk.

Baik dari pilihan tun utk keluar dari umno dan berlakunya perkara yg akan mengaibkan tun, adalah sebenarnya bergantung kepada apa tujuan dan hala tuju yg sebenarnya,

Kes lingam,jambatan yg tidak diteruskan dan lain - lain yg mungkin akan dibongkar dan akan berlarutan perlu dikaji dan dilihat kemana hala tujunya yg sebenar.

Pengundi yg mengundi sudah tentunya generasi muda telah mula menguasai, mula menyaksikan perkara dan sengketa diantara pihak yg tertentu yg tidak berpuashati dengan tun sejak tun melepaskan jawatan sehingga kini, telah mengakibatkan keputusan pengundi mengambil jalan tidak puashati dengan memberi undi protes, kerana pengundi sekrg mungkin tidak seperti dulu, generasi yg ada boleh menilai dengan baik dan menjadi hairan mengapa pemimpin seperti tun, tidak diendahkan suaranya malahan diminta utk menutup mulut walhal mereka tahu 22 tahun tun memerintah terbukti rakyat malaysia dan barisan parti komponen begitu kuat dan meyakinkan rakyat ditambahkan lagi pengukuhan ekonomi negara, dibawah kepimpinan tun.

Sebagai rakyat biasa dan generasi muda, kita melihat dan menilai dan kita pemberi kata putus bukan lagi seperti dulu, kita hanya akan mengikut apa yg ada.

Tetapi ini tidak bermaksud, saya tidak menghormati pemimpin yg ada kerana benci atau tidak suka, bukan begitu, kita mahukan perubahan dan yg terbaik dan " we want a leader, true leader " dan PM DSAAB adalah seorg yg baik dan saya akui tetapi, sekali lagi " we want a leader " itu jawapannya.

"A true leader delegate.. tapi kita taknak diktator.

Maksud diktator menurut istilah.

In modern usage, the term "dictator" is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly. Dictatorships are often characterized by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures; single-party state, cult of personality, etc.


Maka perbuatan mengaibkan org adalah suatu perbuatan yg dilarang oleh ugama, mengadu domba, memfitnah sekiranya mereka ini benar org yg berugama.

Sebab itulah, adanya kata-kata, Hormatilah org yg lebih tua daripada kamu. Adakalanya, apabila kita tidak menghormati org yang lebih tua, mereka akan cepat tersentuh dan sensitif, tetapi jgn lupa kita juga akan melaluinya, apa agaknya perasaan kita apabila pd suatu hari nanti kita pula yg akan melaluinya, oleh yg demikian berpada-padalah. Ini bukan isu "mahathirisme" atau isu " duri dalam daging " ini isu hormati org yg lebih tua, adakah susah sgt atau kita akan sentiasa muda dan kita akan sampai bila-bila menjawat jawatan yg ada, semua ini tidak kekal.

Jadilah pemimpin yg penuh kesedaran.

Tetapi, saya menyokong prinsip Mukriz, berjuang dalam umno, hanya itu shj jalannya, kerana kita mahukan perubahan yg terbaik.

Saya sudahi dengan ribuan maaf, atas komen saya.

saarah hj ali bashah


alan_azlan said...

Hidup TUN!!.... semoga perjuangan Tun ini diredhai olehNya

alan_azlan said...

hidup TUN!!!

Null said...

thanks for explanation..
hope u can visit my blog and give comment on my opinion.

kersani said...

Saya pun tidak percaya dengan surat tersebut pertama kali membacanya dan jika Pak Lah di pihak yang benar dengan begitu mudah beliau boleh menghapuskan taraf OSA surat tersebut dan boleh kita melihat surat sebenar bersama.

Saya ingin Tun memberi penjelasan juga berkenaan dakwaan Hishamuddin Rais dalam blog Malaysia Today yang menyebut surat permohonan Tun ke King Edward College di Singapura Tun memasukkan nama sebagai Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty. Beliau juga mendakwa borang ini ada dalam simpanan Ku Li.

bukanrakyatmalaysia said...

Orang yang tidak buat, pasti dapat melihat perjuangan Tun untuk agama, bangsa dan negara. Orang yang tidak pekak, pasti dapat mendengar hujah Tun untuk perjuangan agama,bangsa dan negara. Untuk kita semua ada mata lihat, ada telinga dengar dan ada otak fikir.

ASHAR said...

"Letter" to all UMNO members who support TUN,

Petisyen Di Cedok Dari Laman

Atas permintaan dan cadangan ramai berikut ialah draf petisyen yang akan diedarkan kepada Ahli UMNO secara online dan bercetak. Sebarang cadangan dan pertanyaan boleh hubungi atau para pentadir laman ini. Dicadangan juga petisyen ini hanya terbuka kepada Ahli UMNO. Nama sebenar dan nombor keahlian serta nombor telefon akan diperlukan bagi membolehkan petisyen ini dianggap sah dan relevan. (Tidak perlu tulis butiran di dalam komen ini kerana ia hanya diperlukan setelah dilancarakn secara rasmi,)


Keputusan Pilihan raya umum 2008 menyaksikan Barisan Nasional menerima kekalahan teruk. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah BN menerima kekalahan begitu besar iaitu hilang lima buah negeri dan hilang majoriti 2/3 di Parlimen.

Kekalahan ini sungguhpun mempunyai 1001 sebab, namun sebab-sebab utama jelas menjurus kepada kelemahan kepimpinan dan dasar Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Seperti kata Perdana Menteri Keempat Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, “Sekiranya kemenangan besar 2004 diuar-uarkan sebagai kemenangan Abdullah, maka Abdullah juga harus bertanggungjawab dalam kekalahan ini.”

Menurut kaji selidik laman web penyokong UMNO, antara punca utama kekalahan Barisan Nasional akibat secara langsung daripada Abdullah. 10 sebab utama ialah:

1. Kegagalan melaksanakan ekonomi secara makro bagi kesejahteraan masyarakat. Tiada hala tuju jelas ekonomi negara kecuali slogan dan Dalam tempoh empat tahun kepimpinan Abdullah telah berlaku:

a. Kenaikan harga petrol yang terlalu tinggi
b. Kenaikan tol yang sangat drastik,
c. Kenaikan kadar faedah asas (BLR),
d. kenaikan kos sara hidup - elektrik, cukai pintu dan air.
e. Kenaikan harga barang

2. Dasar Luar yang mengelirukan dan pro-Singapura seperti:

a. Mengakui Tambak Johor sebagai hak bersama Malaysia-Singapura tanpa kira sempadan, tanpa mendapat keputusan Mahkamah Antarabangsa.
b. Membatalkan pembinaan jambatan bengkok kerana ugutan Singapura
c. Masih gagal menyelesaikan isu harga air mentah ke Singapura
d. Gagal memimpin OIC

3. Promosi Islam Hadhari yang keterlaluan: a. Membimbangkan masyarakat bukan Islam.
b. Tidak diterima oleh sebahagian besar orang Islam di Malaysia kerana dianggap mengelirukan dan memberi imej tidak baik kepada Islam sebelum munculnya istilah Hadhari ini di Malaysia.

4. Pentadbiran negara yang tunggang langgang:

a. Tindakan menghantar Menteri ke negara China bagi memohon maaf atas isu ketuk ketampi bogel dalam lokap tanpa menyiasat terlebih dahulu identiti wanita terbabit.

b. membenarkan "media bashing" terhadap pasukan polis, cuba mewujudkan badan pemantau polis (IPCMC) tetapi menarik balik. Moral pasukan polis amat lemah sehingga menyebabkan Polis sudah kurang berkesan dan kadar jenayah kian bertambah tanpa penyelesaian.

c. Keputusan berubah-ubah dalam kes Jambatan Bengkok, Landasan Keretapi Berkembar, Jambatan Pulau Pinang Kedua menyebabkan negara kerugian berbilion ringgit

d. Kenyataan-kenyataan biadap dan tidak bertanggungjawab Abdullah seperti “I dont Know, i’m not involve” dalam kes ECM Libra dan memanggil pengkritik beliau sebagai Iblis.

e. Banyak menubuhkan suruhanjaya tanpa mengambil langkah sewajarnya menyebabkan suruhanjaya sendiri sudah menjadi lawak jenaka.

f. Pertelingkahan dan pertikaian antara Menteri sudah menjadi lumrah sehingga kabinet menjadi bahan jenaka masyarakat umum.

5. Pentadbiran yang kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap Perdana Menteri Keempat Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad menyebabkan ramai penyokong UMNO dan rakyat Malaysia berketurunan cina tidak berpuas hati dan melalukan undi protes.

6. Isu korupsi dan kronisme yang melampau dalam kes ECM Libra, Scomi dan Myteam menyebabkan hilang kepercayaan.

7. Memecah-belahkan UMNO

a. Membenarkan mereka yang dipersoal kesetiaan terhadap UMNO dan negara menguasai media yang UMNO mempeunyai kepentingan telah menimbulkan keadaan tidak senang dalam UMNO.

b. Menggugurkan Ketua Bahagian dalam persempadanan semula kawasan pilihan raya lalu memberi isyarat jelas Abdullah tidak menghormati hak demokrasi parti.

c. Keputusan yang berbeza dalam isu politik wang antara Ahmad Zaki Zahid (Pembantu Khas Perdana Menteri) dengan Zaid Ibrahim yang menang tanpa bertanding mencerminkan penyalahgunaan Majlis Disiplin UMNO. Ahmad Zaki hanya diberi amaran kerana terbabit politik wang dalam pertandingan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Putrajaya. Manakala Zaid Ibrahim digantung atas dakwaan politik wang sungguhpun tidak terbabit dalam sebarang pertandingan. Zaid menang tanpa bertanding Ketua UMNO Kota Bharu.

d. Tidak mengendahkan persepsi umum bahawa Khairy Jamaluddin begitu berkuasa dalam UMNO dan kerajaan

e. Tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan ke atas penyokong-penyokongnya seperti Datuk Kamarulzaman (TV3) dan Datuk Kalimullah (NSTP) menggunakan media mereka untuk menghentam pemimpin UMNO yang dilihat boleh memberi cabaran kepada Khairy Jamaluddin.

f. Hanya menurunkan peruntukan dan projek kepada kontraktor kelas F setelah menghadapi kritikan keras Tun Dr. Mahathir dan khuatir akan berlaku kritikan keras dalam perhimpunan agung UMNO. Rasuah terangan-terangan dengan mengumumkan peruntukan RM 3 juta setiap bahagian sehingga menjejaskan imej UMNO.

g. Kempen keterlaluan untuk mengalahkan Tun Dr. Mahathir dalam pemilihan perwakilan UMNO Kubang Pasu 2006 menyebabkan ramai ahli UMNO “berjauh hati.”

h. Membiarkan Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad yang tidak dipilih secara demokrasi dalam UMNO memporak- perandakan UMNO Perlis menjelang pilihan raya umum 2008.

8. Gagal mengawal isu Hindraf sehingga menjadi begitu besar dan MIC hilang sokongan orang India.

9. Tidak mempunyai strategi yang jelas apabila menerima kekalahan dalam pilihan raya umum 2008. Kata-kata seperti itu “pilihan rakyat”, “rakyat sudah buat keputusan, kita terima” bukanlah cerminan pemimpin yang mampu bangun memimpin BN untuk menang semula.

10. Akhir sekali, wajah kepimpinan Abdullah sudah ditolak oleh kaum Cina dan India serta tidak lagi disenangi oleh sebahagian besar orang Melayu dan UMNO. Isu ini bukan isu perebutan kepimpinan atau pertukaran pemimpin, tetapi ia merupakan isu dasar dan polisi Abdullah yang ditolak rakyat.

Justeru UMNO dan Barisan Nasional memerlukan kepimpinan baru bagi memberi nafas baru menjelang pilihan raya akan datang. Lebih penting, negara Malaysia memerlukan polis dan dasar baru yang lebih segar dan berwibawa bagi menjamin kemakmuran kepada rakyat.

Sehubungan itu, kami sebagai ahli-ahli UMNO dibawah dengan ini memohon agar:

1. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meletak jawatan secara sukarela sebagai Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO.


2. Sekiranya, Datuk Seri Abdullah dan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO berpendapat Presiden parti masih mendapat sokongan ahli UMNO, maka sewajarnya, satu Perhimpunan Agung Khas UMNO dipanggil dan satu undi sulit mengenai kedudukan Presiden UMNO diadakan.

Sekian, terima kasih.


siamangagap said...

yang menulis dan mengedarnya tidak cerdik. kerana surat mudah dibuat perbandingan. kalau surat itu pula tulin, pastinya yang edarkannya israel atau sahabatnya! satu muslihat yang kurang mengena!

Prince Cappuccino said...

To Che det

For me i'm not trust what they are doing to condemn you.Well i'm still support you as the great PM before.


cmchung said...

Dear Tun,
As you know PM is just a tool for the Almighty God. He brings leader up and down. Can you guarantee victory in PRU 12 if you still a PM? Almighty God is at work and in control. Do the will of God while you still a PM, for now you can pray to God for the changes you want, rather then put your hope in men.
Just look at the twin tower at US, twin tower represented American pride, after being torn down it will humble American. Just as what happen to Malaysia political twin tower being torn down to humble Malaysian, Do you think this is the will of God?
Go back to the basic (Righteousness and justice to all creatures in World) or else God will do it His ways.
When we humble ourselves, God mercies will upon us, you will be much happier and satisfied at all course and you being SAVE, Peace to you.
Praise the LORD.

aizzul said...

Salam Tun M,

Saya amat berterima kasih dan menghargai jasa2 dan usaha Tun untuk membangunkan Malaysia secara keseluruhannya. Mengenai isu surat tersebut, memang tidak masuk akal sama sekali, dan ramai rakyat Malaysia tahu yang itu adalah helah murahan yang diada2kan untuk memburukkan nama Tun. Hanya orang yang buta hati dan tidak mengenang jasa yang sanggup berbuat demikian.

Tun M, teruskan lah usaha untuk menegur dan memperbaiki kepimpinan yang lemah. Kami sentiasa memberikan sokongan kepada Tun.

cmchung said...

Dear Tun,
As you know PM is just a tool for the Almighty God. He brings leader up and down. Can you guarantee victory in PRU 12 if you still a PM? Almighty God is at work and in control. Do the will of God while you still a PM, for now you can pray to God for the changes you want, rather then put your hope in men.
Just look at the twin tower at US, twin tower represented American pride, after being torn down it will humble American. Just as what happen to Malaysia political twin tower being torn down to humble Malaysian, Do you think this is the will of God?
Go back to the basic (Righteousness and justice to all creatures in World) or else God will do it His ways.
When we humble ourselves, God mercies will upon us, you will be much happier and satisfied at all course and you being SAVE, Peace to you.
Praise the LORD.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun yg dihormati & disayangi,

Terima kasih kerana menjawab panggilan sayadlm komen yg lepas utk menjelaskan isu surat "cut-and-paste" ini. Saya dan keluarga sebenarnya memang tak percaya, tapi mahu dgr dari penerangan dari Tun sendiri. Terima kasih Tun.

Untuk pengetahuan rakan2, satu lagi yg saya tak percaya ialah fail SULIT yg di"shred" sebaik sahaja PR mengambil alih Selangor. Ada ke mungkin kertas2 fail di"shred" tapi satu kertas dgn perkataan "SULIT" jelas terletak molek atas "shredded" kertas2 tadi. Nampak sangat di letak utk "berlakon"...

Saya setuju dgn komen straycat's strut (May 21, 2008 12:29 PM):-

"The silent majority is still with you. We are not as stupid. We responded to your call in the last election. We did not make noise. We did not attend rallies. We watched. We learnt. We evaluated. We made decisions.
Our only regret is that our protest votes were read by Anwar as a support to him.
We are listening to you."

Ya, saya protes kepimpinan P.Lah yg meminggirkan agama. bangsa dan tanahair, dgn cara TIDAK MENGUNDI, tapi malangnya si Anwar yg perasan nikmatnya...

Ada seseorag komen memohon mengadakan "visitor counter" - sila lihat di bawah sekali, selepas semua2 komen. Skrg ni dah lebih 640,000 pelawat! Tahniah Tun.

Wassalam. Moga Allah beri Tun kesejahteraan dunia dan akhirat.

anaklangkawi said...


We will never believe such act to discredit u. I suggest u log a police report for this alligation..

Its either PKR team or Paklah's team doing that.. That normal for those who seek in power..

We will stand by you all along..

ASHAR said...




Tun, Buktikan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia sekali lagi...


-ashar- 1;48
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

tehpeng999 said...

Serve you right. Whatever you do to others will be done to you.

SHAM_AB said...

Dearest YgBerbahagia Tun,

I have not read or seen the said letter...nonetheless I always knew and respect your stands on ISRAEL , IRAQ war and PALESTINIAN issues...all the while you are a vocal opponent of ISRAEL/USA policy.

Even if I read the letter , I would not believe it is from you...

You are known on your committment and firmness on issues....I don't think that you will make a different stand on ISRAEL now...

If this is aploy to discredit is sad that those so call leader we have now acted in such manner.





coalminecanary said...

haih, so hard to believe u lah tun. even if so u have your arguments regarding the fake letter, i think u purposedly made the letter 'unoriginal' just so that, if this problem arises, and it has arised, you can deny all the allegations due to the many errors contained in this letter. btw, this letter had been circulated since 1999, why now? hmmm...

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

For your info sir, the Zionist Israel is actually powerless!!!i think you know about this better right? the real power is actually the Illuminati family headed by the Society of Jesus(jesuits)aka Vatican.

I'm quite confident you know who's in charge for the Knights of Malta in the middle east which is none other than King Juan Carlos of Spain or also known in the middle east as "the king of jerusalem",this is the man we muslim's should blame for all the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in the middle east!!the real jews as appeared numerously in the Quran and hadith was not exclusively referred to the jews(Khazars from Khazaria to be exact) in israel, they also looked like the arabs physically!!some say the Aristocrats and Royalties in Arab was the real jews.

this guy works with his boss the late Fr. Andrew Bertie(former Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta, they all work for the Vatican dajjals!!! they dare not to upset the General of the Society of Jesus currently Fr Adolpho Nicholas which has vast experience living in Asia!!their main target was Asia currently!! please Tun, stay away from this evil forces, stay away from people like Mandela(knights of malta),Fidel Castro and etc!! Our Independence was fully arranged by the Crown Agents of London which is superior than the Queen of England herself!! please Tun, stay away from these Jesuits puppet...

i'm sorry to say this sir, but i think you sir,Anwar,Pak Lah,Najib,KJ,DAP,PAS and etc are working for the evil dajjals of the Vatican whether you realized it or not!! what a Jesuit Theatre!! now the Jesuits have their new breed of leaders like Hugo Chavez(natural successor for the aging Fidel Castro),Ahmadinejad and probably Obama and Senator Mccain!!please stop this evil illuminati eugenics plan!!

Remember the Jesuits Melaka invasion?? the same era with the 1st Jesuits General Fr Ignatius Loyola of Spain....

manggis said...

Walaupun tak pernah baca , tapi aku tak pernah percaya itu surat YBhg Tun buat.

Aku pun suka buat fitnah. Ini fitnah aku.

Perkara pertama yang Pak Lah nak tunjuk belang dan test YB YB UMNO Johor ialah dengan memberhentikan projek Jambatan Bengkok.

1. Pak Lah nak tunjuk garang yang dia boleh over ruled projek TDM.(sebab tak ada untung pada Pak Lah, KJ and konco-konconya)

2. Nak test pengampu-pengampu, balaci-balaci dan baruah UMNO dari Johor. Ternyata Pak Lah berjaya membuktikan bahawa ramai pengampu disekelilingnya di Johor. Lulus

Dua eksperimen ini mula membuatkan Pak Lah besar kepala, sebab dia tahu lepas ini ramai lagi pengampu2 dan barua barua UMNO akan sokong walau apa pun dia buat. Memang betul pun . Bodoh bodoh Pak Lah ni tapi dia tahu kelemahan pemimpin pemimpin UMNO.

Pas tu dia planned nak buat jambatan mega kat Penang. Agak-agak sapa yang benefit?

Tersurat adalah rakyat!
Tersirat ..???k???J?????Ga???????

Tup-Tup DAP memerintah Penang

Tak boleh jadi, baik Pak Lah tangguh dulu. Bukan sebab pembangkang perintah Penang

Antara yang malang adalah rakan china aku, sebab? dia dapat projek tambak tanah, habis hancur, kerja-kerja semua kena stop.

Tu lah, nak aniaya orang, sekarang sendiri kena balasannya.

Aku dengar cakap kedai kopi, kos bayar gantirugi sebab tak jadi buat Jambatan bengkok hampir sama dengan kos untuk meneruskan projek. Kalau betullah cerita ini, punyalah bodoh Pak Lah ni.

HonestMalaysian said...

Dr M,

Please for once ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for your actions instead of making excuses!

I don't think that someone would take all the time to create such a letter with all the necessary details....C'mon Dr. M., for once please be honest and accept responsibility instead of being a hypocrite.

Ades said...

Why Palestine has been forgotten by the Muslim Ummah? Everyone is busy with their own livings. Muslims! Remember, there is no different countries in the eyes of Allah! In the eyes of Allah, all Muslims (countries) are One Nation! It is you and me who have created countries and drawn up the borders, and issued Visas. But for Allah, we are all one nation.

Therefore, suffering of one of the Muslim countries within the Ummah, is the failure of the rest of the Muslim Countries.

Unknown said...

Tun, komen sikit tuduhan Hishamuddin Rais kata Tun jumpa Shimon Peres di Paris untuk runding kedatangan pasukan Kriket Israel ke Malaysia.

Mr Final said...


tidak sangka sejahat ini perbuatan mereka..

Semoga Tun sentiasa dalam jagaanNya.

Tun, majoriti rakyat Malaysia yang telah dibentuk oleh Tun selama 22 tahun, mungkin tidak sebaik seperti harapan Tun.. tapi berusaha kearah itu dan sememangnya kami mmg sudah celik Tun walaupun diluar sana sentiasa kabur, kami generasi yang baru ini.. tidak buta dan tidak tuli, mungkin nampak seperti belum matang tapi kami memahami dan bila tiba masa kami akan beraksi.

Semoga Tun dirahmati Allah. Tun tidak keseorangan, Kami sentiasa bersama Tun demi agama bangsa dan negara tercinta.

ASHAR said...


Kami amat bangga dengan cara TUN menjelaskan pendirian dan kebenaran :

Dr Mahadir mempertahankan orang melayu ,orang islam dan demokrasi.
Ini lah contoh Leadership yang kita mahu, tak lembik macam Pak Lah……

PENDEDAHAN TERBARU BULAN INI>>>>>>>> P A N A S ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saya TABIK...ini mungkin tindakan Perisikan Malaysia. Syabas .

Salam perantau

_ashar 5:50_
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara
Kepulauan Melayu


Assalamualaikum, Ybhg, Tun.

Pertama sekali kami mendoakan semoga Alah mengampuni Tun di atas kesalahan yang lalu, sememangnya politik Malaysia memerlukan seseorang yang 'Kejam' seperti Tun.

Kami Persatuan Belia Waja Watan melafaskan ikrar kesetiaan Pada Negara dan Bangsa ini, Bahawa perjuangan ini ( Warisan ) akan diteruskan:

Nasib kita genggam
dengan tangan sendiri dan segala kudrat kurniaan
kita jalin kekuatan sulaman kasih bangsa
kita didihkan dia dengan tradisi semangat juang
maruah bangsa kita julang ke mercu alam
kita bangunkan suatu tamadun cinta damai
di sini kita ajar anak-anak kita erti sayang
di sini kita tawarkan dunia menaja kemanusiaan
dan bukan alat peperangan
dunia belajar erti merdeka sejati
mempelajari dan menerima segala perbezaan
merdeka menafsir hidup tanpa paksaan kuasa

Di sini kita yakin segalanya boleh
Di sini kita yakin segalanya boleh
Itulah erti kemerdekaan

TUN 2000

Di atas Kalimah Lailahaillalah Muhamadan Rasululah -- Kami melangkah Gagah.


Sirru alabarakatlah, Teruskan perjuangan Tun di atas keberkatan dari Allah.

Mohamad Safwan Bin Jamal said...

Thank for your explanation Tun, I always appreciate your kindness.. Rasululah s.a.w bersabda : "Kamu semua begitu bercita-cita terhadap jawatan kepimpinan, ianya akan menjadi penyesalan pada hari kiamat. Ianya sesuatu nikmat permulaanya tapi keburukan pada akhirnya` (Riwayat Al-Bukhari) sy tujukan kpd semua menteri-menteri yg mentadbir negara kita pada hari ini..

Mohamad Safwan Bin Jamal said...

Thanks for your explanation Tun,I always appreciate your sincerity..Rasulullah s..a.w pernah bersabda :`Kamu semua begitu bercita- cita terhadap jawatan kepimpinan, ianya akan menjadi penyesalan pd hari kiamat. Ianya sesuatu nikmat pd permulaanya tapi keburukan pd akhirnya. (Riwayat Al-Bukhari).. Tun Dr Mahathir seorang pejuang bangsa dan menepati ciri2 idealisma perjuangan..

joohean said...

Tun, keep up the good work. Malaysia still needs someone like you to lead us.

Bryan Lai said...

Tun, so you say you are framed. Remember Ops Lalang and all those people who were shoved into detention without trial who also claimed they were framed? At least you still have the power and freedom (i.e. not in concentration camp) to write in a blog to complain about it. Think of those who did not even have their day in court.

akmar said...

YAB Tun,

Thank you so much for the explanation....

We will always support you....

Kevin said...

Whenever one is unable to prove your guilt, he will cower behind the mask of corrupted so-called Just government.

I trust you. The Real Prime Minister and savior of Malaysia...

Word is weapons. said...

Dear Tun,

TUN,i think tun better watch out because they will find other way to stab on you.Hope the truth will reveal cause the bad person will never can always bad but good persons will always remember.I think Tun should find the way to reveal the truth.TQ

Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

Tun, do you have any idea who is the person behind this?

mohsein shariff said...

Salam Tun,

I have seen the letter. To my surprise, it could have convinced us (the rakyat); who are mostly naive on government official letter writing procedure. Thank you for clearing up the matter on this issue which would be a vital point to get you down.

However, I noticed some discrepancy on the letter esp. the word UMNO being used in your conversation to so called “Ehud Barak”. How can you write a letter to the PM of Israel only to talk about UMNO (a party which he himself might not even know). That hardly explains that something fishy is happening behind the so called letter.

I think in order for the rakyat to realise about your writings, it is best to get your book,"Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders” and study how you express yourself in world issues.

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