Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ex-Gratia Payment

The Malaysian Government of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi recently decided to pay certain judges ex-Gratia Payments.

Clearly the Government felt contrite over what had happened to these judges many years ago, and felt a need to make amends, but not quite enough to apologise as was suggested by the de facto Minister of Justice, Dato Zaid Ibrahim.

In fact if newspaper reports are to be believed the Cabinet rejected the proposal by the new Law Minister. Nothing was decided about the ex-Gratia payment.

But a dinner was held by the Bar Council which rumours say was paid for by the Government during which the Prime Minister announced two things which must gladden the hearts of members of the Bar.

(Edisi Bahasa Melayu di bawah)

The announcement were;

1) A commission would appoint judges

2) Ex-Gratia payments would be paid to Tun Salleh Abbas and the six judges who tried to frustrate the work of the first tribunal.

I will not elaborate on the Tun Salleh case reserving this for the future. But in my blog, the question was asked whether the ex-Gratia payments constitute contempt of the Tribunal.

Not being a lawyer I cannot really say with certainty but I understand the rules and procedures which apply to the courts do not necessarily apply to the Tribunal. So they may not be in contempt.

But the fact remains that the payments imply that the Government does not quite agree with the decisions of the properly constituted Tribunals. Perhaps it is because the quality of mercy was not exercised. Perhaps it is because the judges suffered from financial losses because of the findings of the Tribunals.

I would like to clarify here, and I stand to be corrected of course, that on appeal by the Attorney-General, I agreed that all the judges be paid their full pensions.

Again if I am not mistaken Tun Salleh Abbas was entitled to and accordingly draws two pensions; one when he reached the age of fifty-five and another at the end of his term as Lord President following his dismissal.

It is possible that as a former State Councillor he also draws a pension.

The other judges were also paid their pensions and where they fulfilled the Malaysian pension scheme they too would receive two pensions.

Maybe I should mention here that I am not so fortunate since I was never paid any pension when I attained the age of 55. Instead I only received my pension when I stepped down in 2003, at the age of 78.

I mention this only for the purpose of comparison. I am not seeking any pension or ex-Gratia or whatever payment from the Government upon reaching the statutory age of 65.

It was reported in the newspapers today that as Petronas Adviser, I am paid RM15,000 a month, not by the Government but by Petronas. I would like to state that this income is taxable and a sum of RM4,500 is deducted monthly.

I also serve as Adviser for Proton, the Langkawi Island Development Authority (LADA) and the Tioman Island Development Authority. For these three entities, I do not receive any form of payment nor do I seek any. If it is felt that the Government can ill-afford the allowance I receive the Government can always stop paying. I will continue to serve even if I am paid nothing.


Bayaran ex-Gratia

Kerajaan Malaysia di bawah pentadbiran Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi baru-baru ini mengambil keputusan untuk membuat bayaran ex-gratia kepada beberapa orang hakim.

Jelas sekali kerajaan berasa bersalah terhadap apa yang berlaku kepada hakim-hakim ini dan merasakan perlu untuk menebus kesalahan itu, tetapi tidaklah sampai ke tahap meminta maaf seperti yang dicadangkan Menteri yang dipertanggungjawabkan ke atas hal-ehwal undang-undang Dato Zaid Ibrahim.

Jika laporan akhbar hendak dipercayai, Kabinet telah menolak cadangan Menteri Undang-Undang yang baru. Tiada keputusan yang debuat berkenaan bayaran ex-gratia.

Tetapi Majlis Peguam telah mengadakan satu acara makan malam yang menurut khabar angin, ianya dibiayai pihak Kerajaan, di mana Perdana Menteri telah mengumumkan dua perkara yang sudah tentu menggembirakan sebilangan ahli Majlis Peguam.

Pengumuman tersebut adalah;

1) Suruhanjaya untuk melantik hakim

2) Bayaran ex-Gratia kepada Tun Salleh Abbas dan enam hakim yang telah cuba menggagalkan tribunal yang pertama

Saya tidak akan huraikan kes Tun Salleh Abbas sehingga satu masa lain. Tetapi di dalam blog saya ini ada yang bertanyakan samada pembayaran ex-Gratia tersebut boleh dianggap sebagai menghina Tribunal.

Saya bukan peguam, jadi saya tidak boleh kata dengan muktamad samada ianya menghina atau tidak, tetapi saya juga faham bahawa undang-undang dan prosidur yang bersangkutan dengan mahkamah tidak semestinya boleh digunapakai oleh Tribunal. Jadi mungkin ianya tidak sampai ke tahap menghina.

Hakikatnya bayaran menunjukkan yang Kerajaan tidak begitu setuju dengan keputusan Tribunal, walaupun Tribunal tersebut ditubuhkan mengikut prosidur. Mungkin juga kerana faktor prihatin atau mungkin kerana hakim-hakim tersebut mengalami kerugian kewangan berikutan keputusan Tribunal.

Saya ingin nyatakan, dan jika saya bersalah maka saya perlu diperbetulkan, bahawa setelah mendengar rayuan Peguam Negara, saya bersetuju bahawa semua hakim-hakim tersebut dibayar pencen penuh.

Sekali lagi, jika tak silap saya, Tun Salleh Abbas berhak dan telahpun menerima dua pencen, satu setelah umurnya sampai ke tahap persaraan wajib (waktu itu) pada umur 55 dan satu lagi setelah tamat tempoh khidmatnya sebagai Ketua Hakim Negara setelah beliau dipecat.

Sebagai bekas Wakil rakyat juga beliau menerima pencen.

Hakim-hakim yang lain juga dibayar pencen mereka dan dimana mereka layak mengikut skim pencen Kerajaan Malaysia, mereka juga menerima dua pencen.

Mungkin saya patut sebut yang saya tidaklah bernasib baik seperti mereka kerana saya tidak mendapat pencen semasa mencapai umur 55 tahun. Sebaliknya, hanya menerima pencen setelah bersara pada tahun 2003 pada umur 78 tahun.

Saya sebutkan ini hanya sebagai perbandingan. Bukanlah saya hendak menuntut bayaran pencen, ex-Gratia ataupun apa jua bayaran daripada kerajaan bagi diri saya setelah mencapai tahap umur persaraan wajib pada 65-tahun.

Saya juga ingin menyebut bahawa di dalam laporan akhbar hari ini, sebagai penasihat Petronas saya dibayar RM15,000 sebulan, bukan oleh Kerajaan tetapi oleh Petronas. Saya ingin nyatakan yang pendapatan ini tidak seperti pencen, tidaklah bebas cukai dan sebanyak RM4,500 ditolak setiap bulan.

Sebagai Penasihat Proton, Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (LADA) and dan Lembaga Pembangunan Pulau Tioman saya tidak mendapat apa-apa bayaran, dan saya pun tidak menuntut apa-apa bayaran. Jika dirasakan yang Kerajaan ini tidak mampu untuk membayar elaun tersebut, maka Kerajaan bolehlah menghentikan bayaran. Saya akan tetap berkhidmat walaupun tidak dibayar apa-apa.


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Unknown said...

This is the right way. Now everyone knows what kind of person you are. Honest and ever willing to serve. After all if anyone is appointed as consultant, they must be paid. Who work for free ? Why must they expect you to toil for free ? You are helping to manage a billions Ringgit company. RM 15k is cheapo. Others would demand 10 times that plus bonus etc.

Unknown said...

BN dan PKR hari ni bukan ketahuan hala lagi. hahahahah. Lantak depa la che det oii. jangan layan sangat. buang karan

Freddie Kevin said...

You revelation on the pensions for those judges shows your compassion.All these comments and remorse on the part of the present government now on the Tun Salleh episode is nothing more than a diversion from the more critical issues that need answers from all BN supporters.

Admin said...

Assalamualaikum Arab pernah berkata..mereka buat business dengan Malaysia disebabkan oleh 3M iaitu Malaysia, Muslim dan Mahathir...sebagai rakyat yg sangat bangga dengan Tun, RM15K sebulan yg dibayar oleh Petronas tu tak berbaloi dengan jasa dan usaha Tun selama menjadi PM Malaysia...nak juga tahu berapa harga yg dibayar pada penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat.. Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim....

DER said...

really.. many not mention in the newspaper..

they only say u get paid of RM15k and then fullstop.

however, if u have done your work.. u deserve the pay or if they had promised u so.

Freddie Kevin said...

Your revelation on the pensions fr those judges shows your compassion.Comments,remorse,actions etc emanating from the present govt on the Tun Salleh episode is nothing more than a diversion. More critical issues that all true BN supporters want answers to stop the rot that led to the humiliating election results remains unanswered.

singgiek said...

i do agreed with you some of the points you have mention. however, i would like to add on one thing here that, nowadays, people only concern and focus too much on how much they can get, but neglect on how much efford have been push in. Or complain abt they have been underpay (perhaps they are), but never think about the self-capabilities.
Sad to hear, this is the fast and reality. and this always create a vicious circle.

tan's blog said...

hidup mahathir! is good just do it !the time u be the prime minister is very not like the "MR.anti rasuah" raise price oil and thing .I hope ur son can be the new government at next time !

malayamuda said...

Dear Tun,

Indeed your memory has not failed are able to re collect details and nitty gritty as far as 20 years ago........

what then happened at the Lingam Royal commission ?

Zakhir's Zoo said...


By convention of regular commercial pratices, even globally, you ought to be given a golden handshake to recognise the contributions and illustrious service that you have given for this tanahair as an office bearer.

The norm is that you be given at least last drawn salary and allowances, one month for every year of service.

That's RM 22,826.65 (PM's salary) + RM 14,907.20 (Minister's salary) + RM 6,508.59 (MP's salary), which comes about to RM 44, 242.44 per annum. For the 29 years you served as Minister of Education, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Industry, Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Finance, you should be given a RM 1.283 million in one bullet payment as "golden handshake", as practiced by many organisations in the world, in recognition of the illustrious service rendered.

If housing allowance, personal allowances and even entertainment allowances that typically top Malaysian public servants enjoy is factored in, the sum should be more.

'Melayu ini tak lupa'

Bunda said...

Dear Tun,

Like many, I admit that I have a love-hate relationship with you. There are many things to admire and respect you for, just as they are many things to despise you for.

This latest post by you is an admirable one. If what you say is true, that these judges have been paid their pensions all along, then the ex-gratia payments declared for them could be construed as a formal apology for other wrongs done to them in the past.

By the way, time to

mekyam said...

That's what I love most about you, dear Tun Doc - you just say it as it is.

It's so good to hear you add this clarification to that whole ex-gratia thing in your refreshing no frills way.

I'm sure the AAB government thought to embarrass you somehow with it as well as to draw the rakyat's attention away from their impotence after the routing suffered in GE12.

Can't say the whole strategy got that much mileage. Most people saw through the sham.

Shame on AAB and the Law Minister for using Tun Salleh and the other Ex-Justices as pawns in their pathetic game. It certainly wasn't the Ex-Justices "sufferings" they were trying to alleviate, it's their own discomfort. Hehehe!

rahsia said...

Spin whichever way you might, I found it hard to believe everything you said.

Ruzt said...

When i was studying, I read a book on Dr. Mahathir, I also read books on Daim Zainuddin and other successful personalities, just to get something useful from their experiences.

Maybe many of today's youngsters don't know that Dr Mahathir was once a true and honest doctor, who is willing to give medical consultant and medications for free in order to help the poor citizens in Alor Setar. It shows that he has the human factor that is no longer exist it the heart of today's leaders.

The willingness to help people for free! This is what that is lack in the heart of our leaders, sincerity in doing their job!

GGeranium said...

In case if anyone not sure what is Ex gratia. here's the definition:
"Ex gratia (sometimes ex-gratia) is Latin (lit. 'by favour') and is most often used in a legal context. When something has been done ex gratia, it has been done voluntarily, out of kindness or grace. In law, an ex gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognising any liability or legal obligation."

I would wonder if what is the main purpose behind this payment.

If it is to calm down the beast, I would say that our government is not strong enough.

If that is to acknowledge the damages has been made, is monetary form the best way to be?

This non-taxable gifts really a durian runtuh. I definitely would be ashamed of myself if I receive it!

Putera Melayu said...

kenapa perundangan islam zamna RasulAllah tidak diajdikan panduan?

Charlsen said...

Keep going Tun!!!

Anonymous said...

I will have to wait for your article on the Tun Salleh case before I can make any sense out of this one.

Even then, I would want to read the view of another's perspective. Younger generations like me have no knowledge on the Tun Salleh incident at all.

Unknown said...

Thank you sir. It is sad day indeed for the nation when you have to write about about your meager monthly compensation from Petronas. There is no shame to you sir. The shame belong to all of us.

All of us who took everything for ourselves and for no one else.

Shahabudeen Jalil said...

korang nie semua tak pergi sembahyang jumaat ke ??? aku bersangka baik korang kat overseas.. hehe.

gram.kong said...

Dear Tun,

If the judges are already receving pensions why should they be paid ex-gratia?

Why didn't the present government make known this fact so the public would know the truth?

It makes no sense to me.

Rashid Saharudin said...


great to see and hear your side of the story. This is because,

1. The ex-gratia payment issue depicts the present government as trying to help the dismissed judges(by yourself).
Whereas, based on Tun's input, you've approved the appeal by AG to give them full pensions although they were dismissed by Tribunal.

2. Today's mainstream media reports on the pension & allowance paid by Govt for being adviser to Petronas. This story gives the impression that Govt is wasting money to pay the amount for you as an Adviser. As Kamal mentioned, i believe the amount is small for the contribution that you're bringing in.

Again, Tun thanks for giving us the other side of the story so the public can evaluate the truth and make their own judgement.

Aizat Faiz said...


tun,macammana pula ya pendapat tun ttg kes mahkamah syariah benarkan kes khalwat? kemudian menteri berkaitan ckap tiada undang-undang diperingkat persekutuan dan negeri yg larang mualaf dr murtad.. ini ke Malaysia yg agama rasminya ISLAM? atau hanya pada nama? Mohon pendapat tun..


haram98 said...

Hi Tun Dr MM

We are talking about Malaysia Boleh. I rather think the purpose of payment is to gain support from the Bar's Team after the great loss the current ruling party have incurred. It's more of a business decision i suppose. If money can gain support why they dont.

This is the similar thing they did for not let you win the Kubang Pasu division.

What goes by comes by. The act that are doing will be paid by our upcoming generation later.

barry said...

But then I read that your sons got USD8b from the corrupt deals during your time as PM of Malaysia. If this is true, then I guess RM15k/month is not really alot of money.

BluesMan said...

Tun, jangan ambil hati dengan komen dia orang ni. RM15K ni kira murah jika dibandingkan dengan jasa Tun kepada Malaysia.

Mulut chapoi depa nih...

malayamuda said...

Dear Tun,

How come you were bashed at Hardtalk ? Most of the questions left you speechless or harping on " the west thinks they know best " mantra.

How come during your time the press was muzzled ? I nearly fell off my chair when you said the press is gloryfying AAB now.

I remember we used to get coloured pics of you practically everyday in the MSM when you were PM. And every story was about how great you were.

During your time we never heard of the contributions of Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein.

We need an open debate on many issues Dr Mahathir. And you better come prepared and not forget things easily aka Mahathir mudah lupa !

Abi Qalam said...


The Ex-Gratia payment is just a political efford to say sorry to those Honourable Judges. By the way, it's how our current YAB PM 'pulang paku buah keras' to YA Bhg Tun, everybody understood this. In fact, this is one by far soften the Lawyers Bar Councils tongue.

However, it's impossible for the goverment to admit that the Separation of Judiciary and Executive is well exercise in Malaysia, the truth is, the Rakyat longed for this matter to be realised. This is the real issues and cannot be tackle by just pouring 'The Cukup Makan Rakyat' tax moneys to 'The Honourable & Kaya Judges'.

Marco Van Basten said...

Dearest Tun,
Pls continue to do this. Dont let people to talk rubbish about u. I am getting sick of listening to that .. to this .. what ever.

mohfiz said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

It is unfortunate that the critical BN leaderS who are in power today,especially in UMNO, inspite of the 22 years having the opportunity to LEARN from and understand your LEADERSHIP that has given so MUCH for MALAYSIANS, ever forthcoming in putting and sustaining MALAYSIA on a PROGRESSIVE map, THEY obviously have FAILED you Tun.

The future of Malaysians are seemingly on a high stake roll, with BLANK dices at hand.

Tun, if only time could be rewinded back to Oct 2003...

U are A LEADER without comparison, even beyond Malaysian standards.

Small Talk said...

Dear Tun,
I wrote about the Ex Gratia payment in my blog on April 23, 2008 and upon reading your posting on the same subject matter today, I still cannot find any good reason why the Government made such an announcement.

messengers said...

Biaq la depa nak kata apa. Tapi Tun, resign saja dari Petronas. Bukan depa ambik advice Tun. Buang masa saja. Lebih baik Tun spend time buat amal sikit. Ada jugak faedahnya...
OK Tun, we love you!!!

The Ceramic Designer said...

my dearest, dearest tun..

my eyes swelled with tears whenever i read about you the past many years.. so many things you've done for this country, and so many times i've wished i could have met you in person or write to you to convey my gratefulness for your compassionate leadership the past 2-3 decades.. but words had always failed me.. emotions always took over and my tears would just stream down.. i wish i could just give you a very big hug!!

For the many good and wonderful things that you've done for this country, the least the present govt could have done is to give you the respect that you deserve as a former PM for 22yrs.. or at least the respect for an elderly person who could have been like their own father!!

i'm writing this with tears still streaming down and now feeling so sebak mengenangkan Tun could have been my own father being forgotten and disrespected publicly..

i'm writing this down even 'comment moderation has been enabled'.. whatever that means!! maybe whatever i've written would not be published at all!! but i don't care.. i just want my former beloved PM-father to know that i'm among those who will not forget all your jasa-jasa.. semoga ALLAH kurniakan kesihatan badan dan fikiran buat Tun dan keluarga, assalamualaikum!!

michaelooi said...

If the government can splurge "berjuta-juta" ringgit to send someone up to space for sightseeing, then this shouldn't be something for anyone to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tun,

That dinner was hailed to be the turning point in redeeming the judiciary. But it was plainly an act of gaining support from a few MINORITY. It tickles me that Pak Lah was trying to gain support from the leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat and the Bar COuncil.

This is a clear case of missing the point. What he should have done was to gain support from the majority public. I do not see those opposition leaders attended had cross over to the Barisan Nasional because of this effort. It was a waste of time and more importantly, money.

He should tackle the issues of inflation, the rising cost of living of prices, blatant corruption among his family members and the deteriorating crime index first. Those are the main issues. If HUGE amount of money were spent to lessen the grievances of the MINORITY group, then WE the MAJORITY would really like to know how much was the ex-gratia payments made to those 5 top judges.

Thank you Tun for the revelation. May God bless you.

jenn v ariela said...

Dearest Tun with full respect,

just read your letters to The Sun just now, a good contribution to rakyat to speak out what is bottom from your heart. "Why BN and UMNO performed miserably" at least we have a clearer pictures about it rather than hearing rumours all these while. No wonder it makes rakyat mad all the times since year 2004 lead by AAB.
I would say we will not think you have betrayed Malaysia our beloved country for your the statements you have written instead of you are our true Hero.
A true Hero we have believe in you all these while. Hope your continuance of good work and sow of love for rakyat of Malaysia will have good harvest very soon.

Long live Tun and Best of Health Always. We hope to celebrate the day together with you and always looking forward that Mukhriz will be your successor one fine day.
May God Bless Tun & Family Best of Health Always!

For those who have not read the article please read it and balance your view towards what is BN & UMNO now.

BTW, your contributions towards our country Malaysia is more than what Petronas have paid you. It is not the matter of money paid but instead the full respect and appreciations that we should valued more.

All for new hope in the new goverment!

House PK III said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

No matter what people say about you, for me you are the greatest leader i have known. Whatever you do there is reason behind it. You have develop our beloved country very well. I love you as my father Tun, I will support you forever and please don't stop fighting for us. Hidup Tun. Semoga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki Tun sekeluarga.


Zainal Ariffin Ashari said...


Saya kira satu lagi trait sesebuah administration yang lemah ialah selalu dikelilingi orang yang gagal untuk memberi pandangan serta nasihat yang bernas, mixing with the wrong people lah gamaknya. Termasuklah seperti kes ini.


p/s Tindakan DS Nazri terhadap Tun memang rude, beliau harus memohon maaf dari hujung rambut sehngga hujung kaki.

overlook atau tidak mengkaji sebarang

eddy said...

Salam Hormat Tun, I think the right and fair way is to form another Royal Commisssion for a review of the Tribunal's decision/recommendation on the Tun Salleh Abbas matter. To be fair to the Tribunal members it could have made a difference if Tun Salleh had actually appeared to face the Tribunal in person to answer the charges against him.

In light of the pensions that was given to Tun Salleh and the other judges then I see no reason why any ex-gratia payment needed to be given to these judges.

As for the payment you received as Advisor to Petronas, that is spoon feed, Tun, compared to how much you have done to the nation of ours, so nobody else should question this matter it would make them sound dim.

No matter Tun, I think we Malaysians are more interested why the MP for Rembau was labeled as the richest unemployed by DAP's Lim Kit Siang in Parliament recently.

Tulang Besi said...

Dear Tun,
The usual politicking and ruckus,
that certain people will always make no matter what - with respect to the question raised regarding your payment as advisor.
RM15,000 btw is a descent sum or perhaps low, that could be paid to a person of your stature as an advisor to petronas.
I know of useless people of no worth, drawing salaries in excess of RM30,000 in certain private companies.

JaneWee said...

I think this is a good beginning.Now everyone can voice up their comments. I appreciate your contribution in building up Malaysia. But,It's seen like Malaysia need more people who are capable. Hope to read your new article soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahathir,

Friday, nice time for a joke ,cheer up.(source:Internet)

Politician Jokes

A bus load of politicians were driving down a country road when all of a sudden the bus ran off the road and crashed into a tree in an old farmer's field. The old farmer after seeing what happened went over to investigate. He then proceeded to dig a hole and bury the politicians.

A few days later, the local sheriff came out, saw the crashed bus, and then asked the old farmer, "Were they all dead?"

The old farmer replied, "Well, some of them said they weren't, but you know how them politicians lie."

BADD said...

Wahai Tun Dr Mahathir,

Hanya Jauhari Yang Mengenal Manikam

Ular Menyusur Akar Tidak Akan Hilang Bisanya

Yang Lemah, Tetap Lemah - Buatlah strategi apa pun, rakyat tetap tahu menilai.

Keep it up TDM.

I'm one of the millions of your admirer.

May Allah Bless You.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Pembayaran ex gratia itu pada saya menunjukkan satu tindakan yang kurang bijak daripada kerajaan pimpinan Pak Lah.Apa yang cuba dibuktikan di sini? Saya rasa, dan saya percaya yang Tun Salleh Abbas dan enam hakim lain tidaklah hidup merempat hinggakan kerajaan terpaksa pula membayar mereka. Benar kata Tun, mereka menerima lebih dari satu duit pencen. Bagaimana pula dengan rakyat Malaysia yang lain? Dengan gaji cuma RM 1300 ringgit sebulan hendak menyara isteri dan anak-anak ditengah kota Kuala Lumpur? Bukankah mereka juga perlu dibayar wang saguhati?

Kadangkala geli hati melihat gelagat kerajaan dan ahli politik, kata mereka tiada peruntukan, tetapi projek mega sudah diluluskan..

NFH said...

Salam buat Tun yang dikasihi,

Untuk pengetahuan Tun, ramai pengundi termasuk saya yang tidak langsung memikirkan isu kehakiman Tun Salleh ini semasa keluar mengundi di PRU12 tempohari.

Ramai pula pengundi muda yang tidak tahu menahu hal ini. Tiba-tiba sahaja isu ini menjadi panas dan dikatakan sebab kenapa ramai tolak BN. Kami sebenarnya tidak berminat nak tahu kerana ianya tidak menjejaskan kehidupan harian kami.

PM Abdullah bagaikan lupa punca sebenar rakyat menolaknya. Cuba lari dari masalah dengan menggembar-gembur cerita 'basi'

Maafkan saya Tun, tapi saya tak boleh terima cara kerajaan sekarang ini melayan Tun. Tun adalah maruah kami rakyat Malaysia yang kami banggakan.

Walaupun ada soalan-soalan seperti 'kenapa perlu bayar Tun?' dari pihak pembangkang, tolonglah mana-mana kementerian atau badan yang menjawabnya dahulu. Tidak perlulah Tun sahaja ditinggalkan untuk menjawabnya bagaikan tiada sesiapa lagi yang bersama Tun menegakkan kebenaran.

Harap Tun banyak bersabar dan tenang selalu. Saya gembira melihat Tun di TV1 tadi semasa solat Jumaat. Akhir kata Tun, selamat bertolak ke Jakarta dan selamat pulang.

footballer said...

sudah lah..pi buat roti le

Cash said...

Hard to say what is the ideal solution on the discussed matter as too much as been left unsaid and also hidden from the public eye. So how does one decide without enough information.

Just like the tv series X-files there are too many FILES locked away, to hide the truth.

Conspiracies and lies is the new MOTTO for many governments around the world and Mahathir you are no exception to this.

butterfly trade said...

apa yang penting adalah kestabilan negara baik dari segi ekonomi dan politik. tapi kini selepas PRU ke 12, segalanya seakan kabur, kuasa dan pengaruh politik dilihat semakin kelam begitu juga dengan suasana ekonomi. amat menyedihkan melihat pimpinan negara hari ini begitu lemah. harap TUN dan YB Mukhriz akan terus menyuarakan pandangan, kritikan dan komen yang membina demi kepentingan negara dan rakyat keseluruhan. kami menanti kelahiran seorang pemimpin seperti TUN yang dapat menjana pembangunan Malaysia. itulah harapan kami masyarakat kampung di malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I wish to point out that the Orang Asli, not the malays, are the original inhabitants of Malaysia. Most of the malay Malaysians came from Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia. They only migrated here much earlier than the Chinese and Indian Malaysians. It does not mean they deserve privileges or rights just because they were the pioneer immigrants.

It is true that there have been abuses under the name of malay special rights and it is the duty of the malays in particular, and all Malaysians in general, to stop it so that the rightful malays get their rights, and the non-malays get their rights as citizens of this country.

It is a sad thing to say, but I do believe the main thing that is holding back malays is not the Chinese or the Indians, but the malays themselves. That is why Badawi and Mahathir have been quoted as telling to throw away crutches and work hard to face the challenges of globalisation.

The malay and others of the same mind should learn to stand on their own feet rather than claim for special rights and privileges. The world is becoming globalised and if they don't change their attitude, they will only become beggars in their own country.

As for the malays who insist on hiding behind the veil of malay special rights - you have lost the respect of non-malays a long time ago.

We also suspect that the current situation will, unfortunately, get worse if no action is taken now. Why? Because our kids in school hardly mix with each other. They will grow up with little understanding of their fellow Malaysians, and with the suspicions that exist, it will be worse.

The truth of the matter is that polarisation in Malaysia is caused by the discriminatory practises of the government - especially after the NEP - rather than vernacular education.

The NEP is upheld for the rich and not the poor in Malaysia.

Whether we admit it or not, the problem is that the special rights and privileges given have now resulted in only a selected few malays getting richer and richer. The bulk of the malays, especially in the rural areas are not benefiting from the system.

Poor people are poor people, rich people are rich people - no matter which race they come from.

The poor in Malaysia must be served but I am sure all taxpayers feel that this should be done in a manner which is blind to age, ethnicity, gender and religion.

What is wrong with extending help to all deserving citizens based on merits and needs regardless of race?

The Malaysia problem is that rich do become richer. And because of the political system, the players are the same.

Out of control - this is all I can say about any type of enforcement and the level of corruption in Malaysia. No idea what Badawi has done in his four years in office but judging from the ground, I guess nothing much.

If you have ever heard of the simple saying, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime." you will realise that many non-malays have learned how to fish but the government is still handing out fishes to the malays. One day the fish will run out.

If you want to say discrimination is here in the US, yes, of course it is. Can you name a country where it doesn't happen? But let me tell you one thing - if you go looking for it, you will find it. But in Malaysia, you don't have to go look for it because it seeks you out, slaps you in your face every which way you turn, and is sanctioned by law!

Official figures have more than one million Chinese Malaysians emigrating over the past 25 years. Why did they emigrate? I am sure the government knows.

For most professionals, living abroad has its own ups and downs. But you get dignity, fair treatment and respect for your ability. You get a voice too. And ears to hear you.

Brain drain by the tank-loads is what we get. Every single year, Malaysia loses people who could potentially contribute to the country immensely.

So malay, you may keep your rights and perpetuate them. Such things are archaic. Who loses in the end? Your country, which should have been a first world one by today.

I sympathize with those that have benefited from the NEP, but the bad news is that the price he pays for his progress is much higher than what he pays for his benefit.

These special rights and privileges were once a necessity for them to move forward. Today, after many decades, they find themselves still standing in the same place.

It is a shame that our history has been constantly twisted so that our younger generation has no understanding of Malaysia's foundation and its true aspiration.

It is arguable that if not for the contributions of the Chinese and Indian Malaysians who helped in the development of this country tremendously, Malaysia would probably be in same category like Indonesia or the Philippines, if not worst.

To improve the malays lot, more have to be made to work in private companies where competition is real and what count is your ability. If special rights only help malays to become government servants, then all the more reason not to invoke special rights.

But of course, the present ruling elite drunken with wealth, will continue to fight this dream to ensure that Malaysia is kept divided so that BN can continue to rule.

Alternatively, Malaysians may begin to realise the dream of a new Malaysia.

The bitter truth is that the majority of this nation don't see the need to change things yet and until then, we can do little about it.

The bottom line with present day globalisation is this: compete on a level-playing field or you will lose. Plain and simple.

D_Dollah said...


No matter how you spin it. The truth is - its APOLOGY from the government.

27.7 Million Malaysian sees it differently from the Cabinet.

steelbos said...

Salam Tun,
Thankz kerana declare pasal elaun RM15K,LADA dll.This is what i want to know & harap Tun dapat ceritakan hal sebenar tentang tomahan2 yang banyak2 lagi.CONGRATS TUN

drputera said...

as i see it, tis is the way pak lah spent the "rakyat" monies.

as he used to spent out money by cancelling the "cynic" bride project and paid compensation amounting to hundred millions ringgit.

Unknown said... what i have mentioned before this, Pak Lah will not expose the truth about anything.As for the pensions received by the judges,i am sure it amounts to a very good substantial amount.Normally if someone is sacked from any post they are not entitle for any monetary benefit or pensions but in your case u actually gave them the benefit but have they ever thanked you for that?never..Now that you have exposed how much pension and from which source,i guess everybody actually know the true story behind all this.Pak Lah's proposal of the ex gratia payment is just a diversion from the current problem..HIMSELF!
My dear Tun M,
you should claim balik all the money the Government owed you in the form of ex gratia as well.They should calculate the pension you should have received when you reached 55 until the day you quit your post.Also they should alsopay you whatever gratuity times your years of service and that is the least the government can do to show gratitude to you.I know that monetary matters is of no relevance to you at this age now but that should be set as a precedent to all leaders that have contributed to the growth of the nation.The leaders yang tak perform should take a 70% pay cut and strip of all their allowance and the best way is to get them to resign.Prepare a resignation letter on the weak leader's behalf and have him sign it!haha
As for PETRONAS, shame on you!one of the reason why you prosper in the oil and gas industry was because of Tun M's effort taking Malaysia into the foreign market.Paying him just RM15k is a disgrace to such a big organization like yours.Come on Petronas!You could do better than that!jangan jadi Melayu Mudah Lupa!

tunku said...

salam tun,

as the most respectful stateman what is RM15000 a month compare to what you have done for this's chicken right you should get more.even shahrizat and hamid othman receiving 35-48k a month as advisors.
anyway what pak lah did was just to gain back popularity which he has almost zero at this point of time.

Unknown said...

..lupa nak cakap..your writings no amtter about what subject never fails to amaze kept me reading till the last word and still wanting for more..reading your writings and opinions are like eating kacang putih or that potato chip..once started to makan cannot stop sampai habis satu admiration to you is not confirned to your writings but also everytime you speak...on any subject!bukan nak bodek or beli jiwa tapi just ask are one of a kind ..never have i seen anyone that can make either reporters ke,opposition ke that are lost for words whenever you give your answers or opinion...KUDOS and keep on writing Tun..KALAU BOLEH ONE ARTICLE PER will always be my personal potato chip..hehehe

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,

I'm ignorant to politics but bold enough to admit it. Politics has never been my cup of tea, but Tun, your figure, your speech, your leadership, I can never forget. For a person as ignorant as I am, as impassive as I am towards politics, yet your leadership has touched me, has awakened me from my slumber. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve done nothing for the nation.

A graduate from UTP, I was there during your appointment as our chancellor, I was awed, inspired by your speech, asking us what we could do for the nation. I cannot remember the entire script but I remember the impact it had on me, and I had so looked forward to having you during my convocation last year (Aug 2007).

Unfortunately, Tun was restrained by your health conditions, Tun, the sighs of disappointment were apparent, especially mine, I had so long anticipated the day to stand before you, to look into your eyes and promise you I’ll do something for my nation, most of all, to listen to your ever motivating & inspiring speech. We pained and we prayed for Tun. Now, I am grateful for God had resumed you your health, maybe He foresees the necessity of Tun’s presence to once again save the nation from its downfall.

Tun, I seek your time if I may, to deliver us a speech (in your blog) you owe us last convocation, the batch of UTP graduates who entered the society without the most important certification from Tun yourself. Allow us to finally ‘graduate’ with your graduation lecture, allow these ignorant packs of youngsters a little more wisdom they may require down their paths. And may respectable leaders we so lack these days be birthed with your words.

Rosli said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Kami sekeluarga berharap Tun berserta keluarga berada dalam keadaan sihat Walafiat

Dahulu di bawah kepimpinan Tun, rakyat ternyata sangat beruntung dan bergembira, Tetapi sekarang ia sungguh suram dan tidak menentu.Banyak issue yang pelik pelik timbul sekelip mata. Perkara yang wajib kita ketengahkan saperti issue air dengan Singapura dan wajib kita tuntut di abaikan sama sekali. Tak tau lah kemana hala tuju kerajaan sekarang.Teruskan perjuangan murni mu Tun. Semoga di berkati Allah

Terina kasih Tun yang di sayangi.

Pak Malau said...

YABHG Tun, pemikir-pemikir Paklah hanya mengulagi taktik lama yang menjunamkan mereka pada pilihanraya lepas.Kritik Tun untuk naikkan Paklah. Semuanya salah Tun dahulu. Soalan kami, kalaulah Keadaan negara sudah terlalu teruk dan tidak mampu dibaiki lagi semasa diserahkan kepada Paklah, kenapa paklah terima tampuk kuasa?

Bagi kebanyakan rakyat, kami sudah tidak percaya lagi kepada media Media Prima. Setiap perkara buruk tentang Tun yang dipaparkan semesti ramuan berita separuh benar untuk memesongkan persepsi terhadap tun dan memperbaiki imej pakalh. Percayalah, setiap kali Tun diserang, setiap kali itu sokongan kepada paklah berkurang. Mereka hanya dapat menyeronokkan pengikut anwar ibrahim, yang sememangnya tidak pernah menyokong Tun dan juga paklah dari dulu lagi.

Nimoiz T.Y said...

I think we must do it something to settle Malaysia problem

DYI said...

dear Tun, your views on present political situation is needed, so please comment and propose remedy for the good of the country......thanks

Pak Agenda said...

Tun Mahathir,

Terima kasih di atas jasa Tun membawa Malaysia hingga ke tahap yang sangat membanggakan. Saya ingat lagi semasa saya kecil di Melaka dapat berjabat tangan dengan Tun di Ayer Keroh.

Pandangan saya, sekarang pelbagai isu2 hangat yang melanda di dalam dan luar negara kita. Di dalam sudah tentu dengan kesan PRU12 baru2 ini dan juga kenyataan Karpal Singh terhadap Sultan Perak.

Bagi saya ada yang mengemudi perkara ini supaya isu2 yang boleh melibatkan perselisihan faham antara kaum itu berlaku dan seterusnya menimbulkan huru-hara. Malah di kalangan Melayu sendiri sudah banyak pecah belahnya. Saya tidak menganggap isu2 hangat ini tidak penting tapi saya ingin mengambil peluang komen di blog Tun untuk menyampaikan agenda saya iaitu penyatuan Melayu. Itu agenda sebenar kita Melayu sekarang yang perlu diberi fokus yang tinggi.

Tun berhak untuk memberi pendapat terhadap UMNO dan pentadbiran kerajaan sekarang kerana saya tahu Tun sayangkan UMNO.

Cuma apa yang saya kesalkan sekarang Melayu kita seperti hilang arah. Lena dibuai isu2 yang membuat mereka tidak nampak agenda sebenar.

Penyatuan Melayu disini bukan saya maksudkan juga untuk meminggirkan kaum lain. Saya hanya ingin Melayu kuat seperti juga bangsa2 lain. Melayu tidak meminggirkan kaum lain kerana sifat Melayu itu sendiri lemah lembut dan suka tolong menolong. Malah berkorban kepentingan demi memberi kaum lain keselesaan.

Diharap Tun boleh juga memberi pendapat mengenai kepentingan penyatuan Melayu pada masa kini kepada anak muda Melayu seperti saya yang risaukan keadaan bangsanya.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

mm.. rice price increased..
i thought paklah has move his direction towards the development of agriculture?
=.= reflecting a weak goverment.

ex gratia payment.
do they really need that much of money? wat a way of using the money. WASTED!

Oden said...

YBhg Tun,
Entah macam mana saya merasa sedih membaca tulisan Tun, khususnya berkenaan Tun tidak mendapat bayaran satu sen pun sebagai penasihat badan-badan lain selain Petronas. Alangkah baiknya sekira orang separti YB Zulkifli Noordin (PKR – Kulim Bandar Baru) yang menimbulkan isu tersebut -- malahan semua wakil rakyat -- mencontohi tauladan Tun agar berkhidmat untuk rakyat tanpa bayaran sebagai wakil rakyat. Kita tengok berapa ramai yang sanggup.

Bung Karno said...

YABhg Tun,

Saya terbaca dlm NST tadi, wakil PKR mempertikai pencen sbg bekas PM yang dibayar pada Tun.

Wakil PKR tu betul punya kayu....

kadir0607 said...


Saya adalah generasi yang lahir dan membesar pada era Tun. Saya ingin bertanya tentang isu Tun Salleh ini, cakap cakap kedai kopi berbunyi tindakan memberi ex gratia ini, secara tidak langsung membayangkan bahawa kerajaan bersetuju Tun telah tersilap dulu. Apakah ini benar? Pemahaman saya, mereka dipecat oleh sebuah tribunal. Dan jika permohonan maaf diperlukan, ia patut datang dari tribunal itu sendiri, dan bukannya kerajaan. (Betulkan saya jika saya salah, saya hanya lahir pada tahun 1982).

Akhir kata, saya sangat berharap Tun terus memberi buah fikiran yang bernas untuk kami generasi baru. Semoga Allah melanjutkan usia Tun.

Cak Kun Cak said...

Dear Tun,

It is very clear that this Government is trying very hard to spin the media to discredit you personally.

They tried the direct subversive method once and failed.Now they are trying the indirect method.They will fail again.

I personally did not see any reason to apologise to the judges, what more to give them ex gratia payments.

I am not a lawyer but are they saying that a Judge can do no wrong at all and cannot be judged? That seem somewhat weird if they want to talk about justice.

You have every right to compare their pensions to what you are given as a Government officer when you retired. And to think that they can discredit you with what Petronas is paying you...? Sigh..these people are really desperate and lame!

This Government, especially the current UMNO leaders (except a small few)should be ashamed of themselves.They do not show respect and further more they do not have the guts to speak the truth.

You are right to start your own blog. Everyone from you to Raja Petra should start to make this Government accountable for all the stupidity that they engaged into...thinking that power can make them invicible.

I respect you as the leader who changed Malaysia and that is giving credit where it is due despite your shortcomings.

It worries me to see UMNO leaders 'treating' you like this.It really give one this sick feeling in the stomach.

Smart Xs® said...

Dear Tun, What do you think about Raja Petra case ? please give your views as well on the latest Hot issue .. Thanks

tkchenry said...

Justice will speak. You are a man with great personalities. But sadly I have to concede that in politics, I would think otherwise.

Tan Ka Chuan

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir,
Whatever amount you are getting now from Petronas and any other bodies is PEANUTs compared to what level of prosperity you have brought to Malaysia.Your genius in creating a new working capital of Malaysia ie. Putrajaya and all those mega structures that amazes anyone all over the world like Twin Tower,KLIA,Penang Bridge..the list is awesome.I think Tun should reveal to us as to how Tun managed to get funds for all those mega structures?Then maybe PakLah and his Cabinet may learn how to go about doing things correctly.So far only Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin seems to do it correctly in launching farmers to a new era of tech-savvy farming techniques.
I am amazed at your kindness in granting full pensions to the sacked judges.Let us allow PakLah to "repair" the Judiciary and hope the Suruhanjaya will be able to satisfy the public and the judges and lawyers.What Tun did at that time is correct coz Tun followed procedures in setting up the Tribunal when the then Agong expressed his displeasure at the CJ's letter.Tun Salleh should have defended himself coz the tribunal did state that they might have reached another form of conclusion had Tun Salleh been in attendance.Anyway Tun,we are all humans with human power to forgive (as shown by Tun?when you granted the appeal by the AG?) so let's just leave all that behind and look at the bigger question(s) here-WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THE MALAYS IN MALAYSIA? ARE WE,UMNO,ABLE TO WIN BACK THE SUPPORT OF THE CHINESE AND INDIANS?IS PAKLAH AWARE OF THE DISQUIETS AMONGST US MALAYS?ARE THE MINISTERS OR MENTRI BESARs IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND WHY ARE OUR SULTANS VOICING OUT TOO FREQUENTLY?ARE WE THE MALAYS AND UMNO SHOWING SIGNS OF "DERHAKA" TO THE SULTANS?IS IT NOT HIGH TIME THAT PAKLAH DO SOMETHING LIKE TEACHING MBs ISTANA ETIQUETTES SO THAT WE DO NOT MAKE SULTANs ANGRY?
Personally Tun,I feel you should be the next PM AGAIN.Malaysia needs you TUN and iz bcoz this time under PakLah it seems Malaysia Tak Boleh!Wassalam

Divine love said...


Selamat berbahagia kepada Tun Dr Mahathir dan keluarga.

Saya ingin mengucap terima kasih atas keprihatinan Tun terhadap masalah negara walaupun Tun bukan lagi seorang pemacu negara ini.

Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Tun ke atas beberapa kontroversi dan isu-isu yang ditimbulkan sama ada oleh Tun sendiri mahupun kepimpinan BN dan Pakatan Rakyat.

Saya telah membaca dan menganalisis hasil tulisan Tun seperti "The Challenge" dan "Malay Dilemma". Saya berpendapat bahawa hasil tulisan Tun amat jelas dan mempunyai nilai tersendiri. Memang bernas sekali apa yang disampaikan oleh Tun.

Apa yang Tun tulis dan suarakan ada maksud disebaliknya. Tetapi bagi sesetengah pihak yang berkepentingan seperti yang ada pada masa kini, mereka hanya mahu menutup kesalahan mereka dn melabelkan Tun sebagai seorang yang bermasalah.

Masa yang akan menentukan kebenaran dan kebatilan. Saya berharap agar Tun terus bersuara demi kepentingan masyarakat umum dan untuk menjamin kesinambungan kuasa Melayu di Tanah Melayu.

abuzar said...

Dear Tun,

From day one you stepped down, I told everybody that I know that we've lost someone who really know how to lead the country for the future and NO ONE is as good even 30 per cent of you.

Further, when you passed the batton to AAB, I know that he will ruin he country. I know him quite well since 1977 when I was one of student leaders at MU and he was at the Kementerian Belia & Sukan.

My pray is he step down as soon as possible. The longer he stays, more damages will occur.

abuzar said...

From the day one you stepped down, I told everyone that I know that NO ONE will be abble to replace you, Tun. I know AAB quite well since 1977 when I was one of student leaders at the MU. He doesn't fit as a PM. I cried on the day you stepped down 'cos I know ONLY YOU can lead the country for the future. AAB is slightly better than my late father, orang kampung. He is not a thinker like you. He doesn't know what he talks.
I'm an UMNO committee member but honestly I didn't vote for the last 2 GEs. I'm fedup by the way UMNO being handle but I don't leave UMNO, hoping that someone will correct all the fatal errors. To me AAB should step down first.

Kun Mali said...

A'kum Tun...

Andainya Tun sendirilah yg membaca komen sy ini secara peribadi, ingin saya berkongsi sedikit pengalaman sy pertama kali FACE TO FACE dan bersalam dgn TUN....

Tun masih ingat tak lawatan terakhir Tun selaku PM ketika itu ke UiTM Shah Alam dalam tahun 2003 kalu tak silap saya demi meraikan sambutan KEMERDEKAAN MALAYSIA bersama para mahasiswa di stadium UiTM Shah Alam....

Sy ketika itu masih seorg mahasiswa... Apabila Tun sudah hampir memasuki kereta Waja hitam utk beredar, tiba2 sy menjerit memanggil nama Tun utk bersalam lagi sekali...dan Tun pun tersenyum melihat ke arah saya...merenung tergamam.... dan Tun pun menghulur tangan kepada saya... org terakhir yg Tun salam pada malam itu...I'm speechless.... Walau dihalang oleh bodyguard2 pada malam itu namun Tun masih memberi sentuhan terakhir kepada anak bangsanya yg sedang menimba ilmu ini...

Hati saya yg sebelum itu begitu curiga terhadap Tun sejak krisis Anwar dulu, tiba2 berubah... memikirkan Siapakah sebenarnya Tun ini... dan apakah yg telah diusahakannya sekian lama...

I begin to think and study what you've done before... and until now I believe that you're fighting for something that what we can call a Jihad... A modern Jihad through knowledges, economics and technologies... for the benefit of all subjects under your rule and for the world. I solute you Tun... as a Malay and also a Muslim... I'm proud for living in your era and witnessed you.... The man of our history!

Tun, may Allah always bless you..

Servant of God said...

Assalamualaikum Dear Tun,

At the risk of stating the obvious, the current Malaysian leadership is full of ingrates and opportunists. Furthermore, this disease is somehow beginning to spread to the PKR as well.

The news report today has left me seething with anger. I name Zulkifli Noordin (PKR MP for Kulim Bandar Baru) as the culprit who made me want to spit in his face. RM15k is a pittance compared to the knowledge and expertise one could get from you. What is this "this money is better spent on the poor" crap? I am very much one of the poor, thank you very much, and I am sad to say I have contributed precious little to this country. Help us, yes, but help us learn how to fish. If you spoonfeed a pauper, eight chances out of ten he's going to ask you "will I be seeing you tonight?" I for one am tired of people wanting something for nothing. Stop using us to gain political mileage!

And consider the fact that nobody in this world right now has a resume like yours, dear Tun. I am betting that the amount of knowledge that crosses your mind in afterthought on any issue would cripple the current PM. He'd have to take time off to recuperate, probably to Australia where he can visit one particular restaurant there. So, Zulkifli's statement that

"it was redundant to have the advisers as there was the Petronas board to advise the Prime Minister and ministers in the right portfolios to advise Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on matters relating to religion, and women and social development affairs" (the star)

stinks of so much poisoned wine. Dah laa haram, multiple toxicity pulak tu. What's the point of having a million so-called experts on a panel if none dare to say what the PM doesn't want to hear?

Back to the point. A million experts can have a million PhDs in their so-called fields, but nobody has your experience to know how things fit in real life. This is the value of Tun Dr Mahathir. Consultants guess and surmise, but you have been there, you know how to pull the strand of hair just so out of the flour. CEOs are paid more than you to play golf and pretend to be important.

It saddens me greatly, dear Tun, that the PKR are starting to show their true colours. I was hoping they would turn out to be "the thinking man's Opposition", but apparently they're opportunists as well.

Take care, with warmest regards,

Victor said...

If only Tun Mahatir is a professional soccer player, Man Utd would have paid you 100,000 pounds per what is this RM15K to shout about. If only PM position can be transferred similar to football players, you would have definitely become the most sought PM WANTED by all developing countries to become their PM.

F@ll@wMyBeaT said...


biar la pe org nk kata, Tun lakukan semo utk rakyat msia. Jasa Tun tidak dpt dinilai dgn wang ringgit.

Saya mempunyai sedikit permintaan, mengharapkan Tun dapat menyediakan koleksi-koleksi video ucapan Tun yang lepas dan akan datang.

mn said...

A.kum YBhg Tun,

1. Tun apa khabar hari ini..sihat ka?

2. PM ka..Kabinet ka..Ketua Hakim ka..Tribunal ka..Menteri Law ka...semuanya terletak dibawah kuasa TUHAN.

3. Jika hukum dan undang2 Tuhan u all boleh hina dinegara ini, maka semua yang sebut para(2) diatas juga boleh dihina. Semua salah.

Fingers of God said...

assalammualaikum Tun,diharap sihat walafiat hendaknya.terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tun kerana menyiarkan komen saya tempoh hari.
Saya amatlah terpesona mengenai keputusan kerajaan untuk membayar ex-gratia kepada Tun Salleh Abas serat beberapa hakim yang lainnya.ditambah pula percubaan yang amat popular oleh orang besar dalam kabinet untuk meminta maaf zahir dan batin kepada para hakim ini.jelaslah ini adalah percubaan untuk meraih populariti rakyat jelata.apakah sebenarnya yang bermain di dalam fikiran orang besar ini lantas kepala negara bermurah hati memberikan imbuhan ex-gratia sebegitu rupa.ini adalah jelas keputusan twist over yang hanya semata-mata untuk menyindir keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh Tun.ini seolah-olah juga mengajar Tun bahawa keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh Tun adalah salah sama sekali.
saya nenggesa kepada Tun agar menghuraikan kes dan situasi sebenar Tun Salleh Abas dengan segera.saya yakin dan percaya Tun tidak akan bercakap kosong mengenai sesuatu perkara lebih2 lagi rasional Tun memecat Tun Saleh Abas ketika itu.Tun smart dalam segala tindak tanduk.Tun juga berani mengeluarkan sesuatu perkara dengan yakin.
percayalah,tindakan popular yang telah dibuat oleh orang besar kabinet dan kepala negara dalam hal ini belum mampu menyamai gahnya Akademi Fantasia ataupun American Idol.

crazyEllysee said...

I have read the news about the ex-gratia payment today.
Most of the people now work and only chase for $ but not dream or with the true heart of wanting helping the publics or others.
There might be a small numbers of people who willing to distribute and be the one who work for the public and peace+happiness but not for money.
But recently, it is very obvious that alot of people stand up from their sits to act like a "hero" in the public. They are trying to make media as their advertizers.
Or perhaps using media as a helping too to tell the public how pity they are because of their "unfair" treatment ..
But, those people were once holding important positions and gaining of $ from the government, because of certain problems they been fired/treated by laws punishment...then they no longer receiving those past fortunate.

Tun.Chedet, well from what I know about you (articles, writings, blogings, biography and others). I think you are the one ..the person who willing work and giving services to the public by your full strengths without asking/aiming for $.

$, really a traumatic factors leading each others in this globe become hate and harsh. People willing to hurt, kill and break their love one heart just because of money. Money cant buy everything.
We cant bring those fortunate and money on the time we say "goodbye" on this land. We bring nothing to another stage of life (meet the god/heaven/maybe hell), so why should we compete hard for money?

there are alot of people who dont have enough foods to eat, no educations, no proper life enjoyments but only famine and starvation. It is very rare for rich people to help them. Most rich people always forget the people on the third world, how selfish they are!
they just about how to make more and more money for theirself and for no one.
If one is richer than another, others will get jealous.

Why people keep talk and problems on money?
yea, i know sometimes without money we can do somethings which we want. But, fighting for money doesnt bring peace!

Anyway, Tun I hope you are always staying healthy and happy there!
Im your forever supporter~!!!!

I hope I could have a chance to meet you. Having a respect handshake with you, since u are the one giving me alots of inspiration!
Thank you tun.:)

crazyEllysee said...

Oh yea, I have to added here. The newspaper didnt mention that the petronas company paid the salary of the consultant. It is good for us to be clear rather than illustrate and being giving wrong/undetail info from the newspaper.
Undetail information make lead us to misunderstanding. I hope those authories/newspaper author would be more specific on their writing rather than simply writing nonsense there.


Assalamualaikum Tun...
Lama saya tidak berkesempatan menghantar surat kepada ayahanda kerana bertanggungjawab di dalam sektor kerajaan yang terlibat sepenuhnya terhadap keselamatan negara. sampaikan salam buat saudara-saudar saya Mizhar dan Maizura. Sesungguhnya mereka amat bertuah dikurniakan seorang bapa seperti ayahanda TUN.. Izinkan saya melampirkan link blog saya untuk tatapan ayahanda TUN dan tetamu-tetamu di sini..
luangkan masa sejenak ayahanda untuk memberi sebarang komen yang membina untuk saya terus berusaha memperbaiki sebarang paparan dalam tulisan saya di masa hadapan.
Salam Hormat untuk Ibunda TUN DR SITI dan keluarga..
Salam hormat dan teruskan perjuangan...

DeZemBer said...

Dear Tun,

Interestingly, you are right. But I think you should know giving those judges additional payments is not the actual motive. It's to highlight some decision you've made which they think could be done away with.

Nevertheless as you always said, "to forget the pass is like to torture us in whatever things we do in the future...". My message to Pak Lah is to move on and live life gracefully. Same goes with you.

Choon Heng.

Nor Syazwani Azmee said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Saya dari Alor Star dan baru berumur 16 tahun. Apa-apa pun, dah lama saya admire Tun sebab ayah saya selalu cerita pasal Tun and politics. Dan sekarang, since UMNO pun dah tidak relevan, ayah saya lebih ke arah pembangkang. Dulu-dulu dia sokong UMNO sebab ada Tun. Tapi sekarang still sokong UMNO, tapi bukan Pak Lah. Saya sangat suka semua komen and article Tun. Walaupun pada zaman perintahan Tun boleh dikatakan agak diktator, tapi kesan baik dia berjangka panjang dan Tun sangat berpandangan jauh.. I really miss you.

Apa pendapat Tun tentang kes Karpal Singh. Mungkinkah ini salah satu mainan politik untuk nak mengalihkan isu rakyat marah pada PM? I am not so sure....

Unknown said...

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Tun, apa yang berlaku sekarang merupakan sebahagian daripada pelbagai usaha terancang think tank Tingkat 4 untuk merendahkan jasa dan pengorbanan Tun selama ini.

Mereka hanya berjaya mengabui mata segelintir insan, namun meraka gagal membutakan mata majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

Strategik mereka bersifat jangka masa pendek itupun dengan secuit sahaja mencapai sasaran. Tiap kali mereka cuba meletakkan Tun serendah-rendahnya dengan bantuan pembangkang, setiap kali itulah badai kemarahan rakyat memuncak dan menyemarakkan lagi kebencian rakyat kepada Pak Lah dan think tanknya itu.

Apa sangat imbuhan elaun RM15,000 dibandingkan dengan jasa, pengorbanan dan usaha Tun selama ini yg nyata begitu memanfaatkan jutaan anak Malaysia.

Hampir 5 tahun pemerintahan Pak Lah sebagai PM belum tentu mampu menandingi jasa, buah fikiran, pengorbanan dan usaha 1 tahun pertama perkhidmatan Tun sebagai PM.

Satu-satunya kejayaan Pak Lah, nilai projek mega yang dilancarkan dalam tempoh 4 tahun pertama beliau seakan melebihi projek mega Tun selama 22 tahun. Itu saja.

Namun ada perbezaan nyata, projek-projek pembangunan Tun selama tempoh 22 tahun telah menjadi dan membuahkan hasil untuk ekonomi negara dan rakyat, manakala Pak Lah dengan projek meganya hanya gah semasa perlancaran dan banyak yang ditangguh, tidak jadi atau kos meningkat kerana keputusan flip flopnya yg tidak menentu.

Tidak mengapa lah Tun, sementara mereka yang tidak mengenang budi itu terus bermain dengan perang saraf mereka yang sering gagal itu, Tun mesti teruskan perjuangan, komentar dan penerangan Tun berkaitan pelbagai isu melibatkan UMNO, BN dan Negara ini perlu diteruskan kerana dengan cara itu kita mampu mengurangkan kesan negatif perang saraf mereka, malah dimasa yang sama insyaAllah penerangan dan komen Tun itu mampu membuka mata sesetengah khalayak ramai yg keliru.

Pengunjung Setia Laman Pro Tun,,,

nine2five4 said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Saya rasa YB berkenaan cari publisiti je. Jgn layan sangat. But then you did the right thing in answering back. Otherwise people wouldn't know. Please continue writing. A person of a sharp mind like you is hard to come by.

Unknown said...

we need to hear more from you.. pls post more TDM. take care

whackthembugger said...

Dear Tun

A blatant abuse of the country’s resources, time and money is the only message apparent in the bringing up the more than 20 year old case of Tun Salleh Abas. I too fail to see the rationale in paying ex-gratia to those judges who have already received their full pensions except that there are those who only crave for a satisfaction in ‘beating’ Tun up while enhancing their foolish and ignorant appreciation of the specifics of the case.

For your invaluable and unchallenged services to the country, what Tun received is just “peanuts”. Pont is the present leadership doesn’t see that and will fail see that as long as Tun, in seeking for the betterment of the country and Rakyat, continues to be a danger to them.

Take your time Tun, your good health is priority, in continuing to selflessly address the shortfalls of the present weak leadership and to acknowledge us with the other side of the stories so that Tun’s statesmanship will remain unblemished.

Anak DEB said...

Dear Tun,

You are worth more than RM15K a month as Adviser to Petronas.

I still remember an incidence in Bangkok during the Malaysia-Thailand Business Council meeting after the economic crisis in the 90s. A businessman from Thailand stood up during the forum and asked the Malaysian delegation whether we can lend our PM,you, to be the PM of Thailand. Just imagine how proud we, the Malaysian delegation, were at that time. FYI, even one minister from Thailand fell off the stage after that....probably from the impact of listening that his countryman requesting Dr Mahathir to be the PM for Thailand...hehehe.

I believe Petronas is paying more than RM15K for their senior management. Apa yang depa nak kecoh kalau Tun dibayar RM15K sebulan. Negara lain berebut-rebut nak panggil Tun untuk mendengar dan belajar dari pemikiran Tun. Kita pulak tak nak belajar dari seorang tokoh besar yang datang dari negara kita sendiri.

Let us nominate Tun Dr Mahathir for Nobel Prize for Peace in recognition of his contribution to Bosnia, Palestine and the World.

Anak DEB

Anak DEB said...

Tun Dr Mahathir for Nobel Prize!

zarch said...

Assalammualaikum, hanya singgah sebentar untuk menyampaikan salam hormat, serta memohon doa untuk umat sekalian dari Tuan yang mulia.

Unknown said...

"Dr Mahathir Pemimpin Nadir"

MM Nov 1999.

simsimsim said...

Dear Chedet...
15K is just peanut as compared to thoes has taken MIL $$$ from some special deal.... I'm so sorry to know that u are getting such peanut , but others are getting " golden peanut " ....
Some people in this government simply not deserve to enjoy such golden peanute ... we shud give them ... banana skin to eat !! or may be " cili padi " ,,, since we are short of rice

Anonymous said...

This shows that Malaysia is running out of good candidate for the Prime Minister position. According to the Legand of "RAHMAN", there will be no more PM comes from UMNO after "N".

Anak Malaysia said...

My Dearest Tun,

I am shocked to learn about your revelation in respect of your advisory fee of RM15K received from Petronas (non-comparable to that of Multinational Companies) and dual pensions paid to our judges.

I am also sick of the fact that the present government apparently is trying to paint a bad picture of the previous government without realising the fact that most of the present ministers are actually part of the previous government. In other words they are telling us how bad they are in the past. They cannot dis-associate themselves from the previous government. Some said that they dare not voice out their opinions even though they disagreed with Tun's idea. This however only depicts that these ministers were unable to perform their roles & responsibilities entrusted to them and cannot even sell thier ideas. And I doubt that they - the present government can even sell their ideas and what more to promote Malaysia Inc now.... Tun , You are the best sale person Malaysia has ever had.

Allow me to share this with everyone. Below are 3 commonly asked questions posted by foreigners:
1. Where is Dr Mahathir?
2. What has happenned to Dr Mahathir as his voice is hardly heard now?
3. Who is the prime minister of Malaysia now?

Sad to say, Malaysia now is fading away from international scene. Malaysia does not have a gut to even lift a finger to be
a. different from the rest of the world,
b. vocal on global issues affecting the poors, 3rd world countries, criminal wars & etc.

Tun, Malaysians still need your guidance and I hope that you will continue to pen your thoughts.


Harun28 said...

Dear Tun

I just like to add , Government decision to give ex gratia payment set a precedent to any judge if they found guilty by tribunal , they can always make big noise of it and get a lump sum to shut up, and we as tax payer are paying for judge that had been found guilty by the tribunal. I dont understand how this make any sense to the goverment

On your alowance for being advicesory for petronas, the Government should feel ashame on telling the amount they pay to you after you have bring Malaysia from 3rd world country to a developing country and from petronas earning few bilion a year to almost touching 100 billion ringgit a year. The goverment should have given more in recognition of your contribution for 22 years, as Malaysian I am proud of your leadership and upbringing nation

putrajaya said...

Dear Che det,

I don't think 'ex-gratia payments' will effect the tribunal's humble opinion.

Anybody can see that the said apology is an admission of guilt 'in disguise'. It's just that, the "political liability" points to you Che dude...and that's because you stepped on the 'Big' man's toes! tak kan tak tau adat berpolitikke Dr.M dah 22 tahun?

You should have 'paid' yourself 'all available' compensation while you could. Who stopped you then? Like Bar Council.

Your sacrifice in terms of pension and 'other perks' payments ain't too cool to talk about you know. Why? I don't know...Maybe I feel like that because I'm jobless...? unlike you Tun? Anyway, its kind to the taxpayers. My old mother would feed you till you die because she respects you..its not the same for me man..

You have so much power man..its not like you absolutely neeeeed the money...

So, let them pay the money. Let Tun Abbas hit the grave happy. The decision of the tribunal stands even if Zaid stands on the head and says 'we're sorry'. You're getting 15K a do they consult you on anyway? I thought only what Big Bro says is ok with them. Anyway, since you don't need the money..can you like send me RM5K a month or something or let me be a consultant somewhere...I mean seriously ??

Maybe a job paying like 100k a month? even if 15 like you is ok.

Hey Tun, about sacking Tun Salleh father says, in politics all is fair..after all the shows gotta go on..can anyone say that they have not done any sin at their whole lives?? I don't think so also. what do you think?

So, did you do it? I mean..cummooon...did you really cause the constitutional crisis man? I know you won't you're cool man...

I'm also amused at Karpal's recent stunt about the to comment? You're the best person to write about this. I mean..does Karpal think he is the PM? and I heard that he can walk? is it true?

byee. pray hard. God bless u.

Wan Sherhan said...

Dear Tun,

I really respect you. I admire you since I was small and want to be someone like you. Very sad that people are accusing you blindly. God knows everything. I always support you. Without you we are nothing.Well I hope one day I can be someone like you Tun. Plz pray for me, I am now studying medicine in Egypt. Quite stressful that those who aren't with PAS is put aside by the comunity.

Unknown said...

Sadly, Malaysia has become an ungrateful nation... led also by an ungrateful current leader. He hides behind Islam, and a seemingly fake pious image. Even if it takes just one person to tell you that you are so loved and appreciated, then let me say just that. Please don't feel disheartened. There are many that love and are grateful for all that you have done and continue to do. The govt now seems to think that they are all-assuming and powerful. They are arrogant and speak as though they are separate entities from the rakyat whereas it us US that they should seve. I say the taxes and all other contributions i make pay their salary too. And i certainly think you are not getting enough back after everything that u have done.

Mehmad Khairul said...

salam tun..
berharap tun sihat wallafiat setelah pulang dari cuba..
cuma nak minta izin dari tun untuk copy bicara tun didalam blog untuk
dimasukkan didlm blog saya..Tujuan saya berbuat demikian adalah kerana untuk mengembangkan lagi idea2 tun


bestarimahatir said...

I strongly believe what Dr M is a righteous man earning a decent income. He should actually deserve more than that income. Again I would like to mention that lame duck PM still does not want to step down and currently barking on people who are not seditious and join the young crowd to make publicised remark on another person on seditious and frightening public without even considering the AG opinion. Well, Dr M, we still continue to support your blog and we will continue to brave enough to voice out that there is a very necessity to change that lame duck PM.

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

Dear Tun,
It is rather disgusting indeed for Zulkifli , the PKR Member of Parliament to highlight the logic of you getting an allowance of RM15,000 per month for being an advisor of Petronas. I believe without doubt that his real motive to mention this in Parliament is to embarrass and belittle your contribution, other than with an intention to make his presence felt in Parliament. As far as I am concerned, a person like Zukifli is suffering from inferiority complex. Having said that, I strongly feel that you deserve more than what you are being paid now, Tun and in actual fact you should be given tripple the amount as an advisor of a giant oil multi-national conglomerate like Petronas. I think Zukifli is too excited being a new MP and he just want to get cheap publicity and get as much exposure as possible from the media.
With regard to ex-gratia payment to the judges, I believe Pak Lah is so desperate trying to win the hearts of the oppositions and the legal fraternity, in order for him to rejuvenate his credibility which is already dented beyond repair. So with this kind of monetary incentive extended to the judges he must have thought that he could gain political mileage in his favour. However, he doesn’t realize that with such initiative the rakyat perceive as if the government is being held to ransom by the oppositions. So in the final analysis, we can simply deduce that how shallow the mentality of our Prime Minister is. What a pity!

jamil said...

assaalamualaikum tun, mudahan tun saya doakan setiasa sihat sejahtera. Sememangnnya orang bukan saja tak suka pada tun malah nak menjatuhkan airmuka tun dgn 1001 cara. 15k tu bukannya banyk kalau nak dibandingkan dgn exco exco yg tak mengyumbangkan apa apa pun. Kalau tun susah hati, mai la duduk dgn saya, pintu rumah saya sentiasa terbuka untuk tun, biaq pi depa nak kata apa pun

Loh said...

/// Ex-Gratia payments would be paid to Tun Salleh Abbas and the six judges who tried to frustrate the work of the first tribunal.///--TDM

It is a matter of interpretation. The six judges were concerned whether the tribunal was properly constituted.

///But the fact remains that the payments imply that the Government does not quite agree with the decisions of the properly constituted Tribunals. Perhaps it is because the quality of mercy was not exercised. Perhaps it is because the judges suffered from financial losses because of the findings of the Tribunals.///--TDM

Whether the tribunal was properly constituted remains a mystery because the six judges who knew the law were prevented from doing their job. The next-in-line to the position of Lord President then did what the former PM then wanted done, and to the former PM, it was certainly a properly constituted tribunal. The whole show was to make the sacking of the Lord President legal. The judges who fought to ensure justice lost their jobs in the process.

///I would like to clarify here, and I stand to be corrected of course, that on appeal by the Attorney-General, I agreed that all the judges be paid their full pensions.///--TDM

The judges were not TDM’s life threatening enemies. Only their insistence to uphold justice made their incumbency inconvenient for TDM. There was no need to deny them their pensions after having destroyed their career. Even animals kill only for food, or defense, and they do not kill unnecessarily.

Tun Salleh’s letter to the King presented an excuse for the Prime Minister to make representation to the King. According to report, the ‘sin’ Tun Salleh committed was to have said that he wrote the letter on behalf of all judges when his adversary claimed that he represented only 20 Judges. There was also report that the letter was taken as to have the potential in affect the close relationship between the King and TDM. The letter started the rot of the judicial system in the country.

Article 125 (3) of the constitution states (before amendment after 1987):
If the Prime Minister, or the Lord President after consulting the Prime Minister, represent to the Yang di–Petuan Agong that a judge of the Supreme Court ought to be removed on the ground of misbehaviour or of inability, from infirmity of body or mind, or any other course, properly to discharge the functions of his office, the Yang di-Petuan Agong shall appoint a tribunal in accordance to clause (4), and refer the representation to it; and may on the recommendation of the tribunal remove the judge from office.

Section 125(3) states that a judge of the Supreme Court might be removed, but not the Lord President. It was never in the wildest dream of the framers of constitution that a Lord President had been intended for the section, and that a Lord President could be sacked for writing a letter to the King in connection with his responsibility.

In the spirit of the above paragraph, writing a letter to the King cannot be classified as misbehaviour, whatever the contents of the letter relate. Indeed since the three branches of government are independent of each other, the head of each branch should use the good office of the King to help settle disputes. To manipulate from the contents of a letter for advantage as in the Salleh Abbas case is rule by law, rather than rule of law.

TDM have emphasized all the time that the Lord President was removed in accordance with the law. But has the law been consistently applied to all citizens, or selectively as desired. If writing a letter with questionable content can be considered misbehaviour amounting to inability to properly discharge the function of the office, how many government officers have been sacked for it over the past 50 years? None.

Tun Salleh Abbas was the only case, anywhere in the world, where the head of one of the three braches of government was sacked for writing a letter. Can that error as alleged be so detrimental to the functioning of the judicial branch of the government that the writer should be removed? But the law presents the loophole for the Prime Minister to remove the Lord President legally when there were excuses to do. Yes, the former Prime Minister removed the Lord President based on law, through the rule by law. Was he morally right in doing what he did? Has he ever wonder?

Rosli said...

Assalamualaikum Tun
Tun kami sangat sangat memerlukan Tun. Kembali lah semula sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia agar Rakyat dan negara dapat di selamatkan.
Terima kasih Tun

Selva said...

Tun, you are have practice blackmailing people to remain in power.

Mehmad Khairul said...

salam tun..
apa yang saya nampak disini segala permasalah yang di hadapi oleh kerajaan skrg ini telah pun sedikit sebanyak dpt dijawapan oleh tun..tapi yang hairannya kenapa mereka2 ni tak lantik tun sebagai penasihat didalam UMNO dan KERAJAAN.kadang2 mereka ni tak nampak bak kata pepatah beruk dihutan disusukan tapi anak dirumah mati kelaparan(sebab harga beras dah naik)

dcwm said...

Sir, indeed much light has been shed on this issue. Not even I am aware of such things. Hope this improves the current governments efforts to make amendments in all areas and follow in your footsteps. It's critical for all areas of expanding growth and power.

mekyam said...

Dearest Tun Doc,

As someone who knows very little about the so-called "judicial crisis of 1988" and prefers to form my own opinion rather than accept something just because it's repeated often enough, I have made it a point to find out as much as I can about this event in order to make sense of the accusation that you were responsible for weakening the Judiciary.

As expected, there is more than two sides to the story and those who second-guessed your decision(s) at the time would do well to ponder how they themselves would have acted, bearing in mind all the variables that had to taken into consideration then.

May I offer your readers the link to this blog of JebatMustDie.

I have found JMD's collation and analysis of the events that culminated in the Tribunal decision quite comprehensive, unbiased and well-researched. Perhaps other readers might too.

The very best wishes to your and the gracious and lovely Mrs. Tun Doc's happiness and well-being always and deepest condolences on the recent passing of a young member of your family.

PreMerdeka said...

Even a "blind" man knows how great you are. Unfortunately many Malaysians/Malays (out of self interest or ignorance) hate you and they allow themselves to be influenced by those in BN or oppositions who are hungry for power and popularity.

You have done many good things for Malaysians and Malays. My friends all over the world told me how lucky Malaysians are to have you as a PM for 22 years. You are a true leader, very visionary and a strong fighter. May be most politicians would like to silence you but Malaysians and especially Malays still need guidance from you.

I do not think Malaysia will ever get another leader like you in next 100 years.

herlina said...

A'kum Tun dia orang tu semua kurang ajar ibarat anak tak mengenang jasa org tua.
What is RM15k nak bandingkan Tun punya kebolehan. You deserve RM150k a month or more not RM15k but you still go for RM15k juz bcoz you do it for the country ape tak malu ka mereka siarkan kat akbar. "BODOH" memalukan negara.
Hakim2 tu semua cukup lah dah dibayar pencen berape byk kita boleh makan berape lama kita nak hidup.
Ini lah dia kalau pemerintah tak bijak lain disuruh lain dibuat bangunlah jangan tidur lagi cergas sikit kalau asik mcm gini aje tak selesai2 mcm mana nak cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang.
Dulu org yang Tun sayang dia kata nak reformasi tapi sekarang apa jadi dia jugak buat porak peranda, sekarang macam macam dia nak beri pada bangsa lain kononnya kerajaan tak adil, apa dia cakap, cuba Tun keluarkan fakta tentang kedudukan sebenar. Dulu waktu dia sama2 ngan Tun dia cakap lain sekarang dia cakap lain lak, sekarang baru saya kenal sape dia sebenarnya talam dua muka dia bukan lah pejuang negara seperti Tun tetapi dia ada agenda peribadi sendiri.
Sekarang baru saya faham apa jua yg Tun lakukan ada lah demi kestabilan negara dan untuk negara.
Semuga jasa yg pernah Tun taburkan pada bangsa dan negara akan dibalas oleh Allah. Insyallah...SELAMAT TUN

PreMerdeka said...

Even a "blind" man knows how great you are. Unfortunately many Malaysians/Malays (out of self interest or ignorance) hate you and they allow themselves to be influenced by those in BN or oppositions who are hungry for power and popularity.

You have done many good things for Malaysians and Malays. My friends all over the world told me how lucky Malaysians are to have you as a PM for 22 years. You are a true leader, very visionary and a strong fighter. May be most politicians would like to silence you but Malaysians and especially Malays still need guidance from you.

I do not think Malaysia will ever get another leader like you in next 100 years.

Atui Dtabasan said...

Tun yang dikasihi,

Kes Tun Salleh timbulnya beragenda, begitu juga berkenaan bayaran petronas terhadap Tun, tentu juga beragenda. Kalau kes Tun Salleh tidak dapat merosakkan hubungan rakyat dengan Tun, apa juga pasal 15k, malah Tun lebih layak mendapatkan bayaran ex-gratia.

Begitulah tindakan politik yang lemah, amat mudah untuk dibaca. Kerajaan tidak menyerang pembangkang habis-habisan sebaliknya menyerang Tun secara halus dan kadang-kadang kasar. Yang hairan pembangkang juga tidak menyerang PM habis-habisan tetapi lebih suka menyerang Tun.

Ana ingat satu kesimpulan menarik boleh dibuat disini dan hubungannya dengan PRU12. Pertama, kehilangan banyak kerusi BN pada pilihanraya tersebut adalah disebabkan simpati rakyat kepada Tun. Mereka tidak mengundi BN sebagai protes tetapi tidak juga mengundi pembangkang. Kedua, kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat(PR) banyak dibantu oleh rasa rindu rakyat terhadap Tun dan kelemahan kerajaan sedia ada dan ketiga, PR mengakui hal ini, dapat kita lihat melalui tindakan mereka dengan lebih banyak menyerang Tun berbanding PM. Mereka tidak mahu Tun yang mendapat kredit atas kemenangan mereka itu. Ini tidak baik kepada strategi politik PR.

suara hati said...

Semoga TUN dilimpahi kesihatan dari yang Maha ESA.

Pada padangan saya,isu kehakiman sengaja dimainkan oleh pihak kepimpinan sekarang bertujuan untuk mengalih tumpuan rakyat(ahli UMNO)tentang PUNCA UTAMA kekalahan BN(UMNO)pada PRU12 yang lalu.pada pandangan saya punca utama kekalahan ialah:
1.kepimpinan yang tidak menyakinkan rakyat.
2.mendahulukan keluarga(Kroni),baru setengah tahun jagung dalam UMNO,dah jadi pemimpin besar.3.rakyat menyampah dan meluat dengan pemimpin yang kaki ampu,bodek,penakut,sayang perut,berkepertingan,takut hilang pojek,cakap biadap,yes boss,pak turut,tak kenang jasa dan banyak lagi(tak larat nak tulis)
4.PERHINAAN kepada TUN.(yang paling saya marah).

Bagi saya,jasa TUN tak boleh dinilaikan dengan wang ringgit.RM 15k pun nak dihebohkan,macam TUN seorang sahaja dibayar dalam negara kita ini,bayaran ini pun bukan dari kerajaan.Saya rasakan sekiranya satu DANA ditubuhkan untuk TUN,paling sikit pun RM 50k sebulan rakyat akan menyumbang.

TUN,teruskan perjuanganmu,orang seperti saya tetap menyokong.... jumpa lagi. LAMA TAK DENGAR KJ BERCAKAP SELEPAS PRU12 ataupun beliau juga susah nak keluar dalam media arus pedana seperti TUN.

Anak Malaysia said...

Dearest Tun,

The ex-gratia payments for former judges dimissed by the law are excellent in view of their past good deeds in serving the Rakyat.

Some politicians used the ex-gratia issue as part of their political sandiwara or "apa namaa"...ways to kutuk or tarnish TUN image and reputation directly and indirectly. TIDAK BAIK !

Well, forget it! Past is past. Malaysians and Pakatan Rakyat are looking forward for better governance and helping the Rakyat but the ruling government is looking backward on past issues. Rakyat wonder why the "political tsunami" is still in their minds which the politicians "tak dapat lupa" kept apologising on their past actions to seek forgiveness from the Rakyat.NO Point to cry over spilt milk.

However, the Rakyat hope that the ruling government should be more concerned about the current slow economy, rising prices and inflation, food shortages like rice, cooking oil, flour etc, unemployment, rising cost of living etc.

Let all Malaysians irrespective of their races, religions and political ideologies work together as a Malaysian team to look into the more pertinent issues as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, they still "tak dapat lupa-lupa" the tsunami tragedi till today and keep on finding scapegoats to be blamed. Rakyat support your latest article on "WHY BN AND UMNO performed miserably" as publised in the SUN paper on 9 May 2008. A well written message but TUN "mudah lupa" to talk about "KKN" in your analysis article. KKN means "Korupsi, Kroni and Nepotism" created by past and present unfaithful leaders are also the main reasons that the RAKYAT are marginalised and victimised by them.

TUN, no need to talk too much or write more since all your FREE talks and words written were ended in deaf ears and closed both eyes leaders. This is because the Rakyat felt your advisory fee RM15K per month as an Adviser to Petronas is an insult to a former PM pensioner as compared with the triple fees of RM35K p.m. or more for two former BN pensioners are getting now.
It is indeed "sudah lupa" Tun contributions toward the development of Malaysia in past 23 years as compared with the contributions of the other two pensioners.

Well..cut the story short. We hope our present govnerment should focus on economy issues, implementing the Super corridor projects, boosting more investors and tourists, work hand in hand with Pakatan Rakyat for the benefits of Rakyat interests instead of self interest politician.

Rakyat is damn sad and angry to see and listen voices from august Parliament sittings on cries of bloggers' issues, police reports on Karpal's rights to speak on legal issue and unpleasant bad remarks from BN MPs on criticism on "OKU" - Orang Kurang Upaya...kurang baik or biadab and also Six Million Dollar MP issue. All such issues are irrelevant to the Rakyat.
Rakyat issues are "Bread and Butter" are main problems to be addressed by BN and Pakatan Rakyat governments today.

Last but not least, all elected MPs - Jangan LUPA tanggung jawab anda sebagai Wakil Rakyat is to serve Rakyat. No more circus of BIG FOOT and BIG MONKEY in Parliament. BE SERIOUS in your duties as MPs. Jangan MUDAH LUPA. Rakyat is the KETUANAN and MP is the Servant.



Mohd Radzian said...

Salam Tun,

Initially I had unfavourable opinion when I know that you became the adviser of Petronas.

However, after I learned about your contribution to the success of Petronas, I think Tun deserved the pay and the job. Today Petronas earned a revenue of multibillion USD.

I do think that the spot on question by MP Zulkifli Nordin intend to embarras the government of the day, as such , it paints a scenario, that, when government officer can earn up to half a million a year, the government of the day seen to be less caring towards the inflation which is suffered by the rakyat.

To get a clue about this , I refer to an event, a few days ago, when MTUC held an assembly near Parliament to demand a minimum wage of RM 900. And NST played the issue without/with realising that it will indirectly look bad at the government or the current Prime Minister.

Moreso, I do note the psychological manner that was undertaken by MP Zul, that is to attack yourself and those seen to be related to you. By doing so, the PM of the day may feel unperturbed by the event. In addition, it has succesfully provoked yourself against the PM and his action.

The MP achieved his two-pronged short-term objectives - that are (1) to lower the image of the BN government and (2) to provoke a fight between yourself and Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi. And. starkingly, the MP himself remained unseen within this crisis.

If this strategy is replicated continuously for the next 5 years, I do think that he will achieve his medium term objective, that is to replace the government of the day.

In the IT era, law of the jungle where the strong preys on the weak is render useless but law of information manipulation/ dissemination and psychology will determine "who" preys on "who".

BADD said...

Tetiba Aku rasa sayu bila baca semua komen di atas. Aku takda apa-apa kepentingan lansung dengan politik malah apatah lagi dengan TDM. Tapi Aku tak tau sejak daripada zaman student,sejak Aku menelaah "Malay Delima", mengamati setiapa ucapan sehingga kini hati kecil Aku (intuition)sering berkata bahawa TDM adalah anugerah Allah kepada Rakyat M'sia. Aku percaya cuma golongan yang berkepentingan sahaja yang amat marah dan tidak bersetuju dengan beliau. Sebab pengamatan terhadap komen-komen di atas serta imbasan persekitaran terhadap perbualan2 di warung, stesen bas, pejabat malah di ruang cyber ini jelas membuktikan bahawa RAKYAT MARHAIN seperti Aku amat menghormati dan mengagumi dan menyayangi TDM. Dan RAKYAT MARHAIN seperti Aku dan lain-lain berdasarkan occasion yg Aku nyatakan tadi turut amat tidak selesa dengan keadaan kepimpinan sekarang. Kita tahu dalam keadaan sekarang TDM tak mengharap apa-apa lagi. Pada usia 83 tahun, apa lagi yang dia nak...tetapi Aku percaya jauh di lubuk hati dia ada sesuatu yang hendak dia peringatkan kepada kita RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang dia jaga selama 22 tahun.Oleh itu, Aku harap semua RAKYAT MALAYSIA, terus mendoakan akan kesejahteraan TDM.

Joshua Cheah said...

Tun,it is of great joy to know that you serve this nation with truthfulness, in which you do not seek any payment in return.

Your posts have really given me much knowledge about what is really going on in our government and country politics. I really appreciate your knowledge shared.

Hope your sincerity to serve will continue benefiting those under your supervision, and especially this great nation.

God bless Tun.

kgtunku said...

Dear Tun,

Considering your great contribution to the nation, RM15,000 a month is so pathetic. I felt tears in my eyes reading about it. Tapi, ta pe ya Tun, asalkan berkat. May Allah bless you and the family

The present day govt still is not getting its act right.

zubirarrahman said...

Teruskan perjuangan Tun dalam memberi komen keatas pentadbiran kerajaan sekarang selepas era Tun. Sesuatu yg baik utk semua rakyat Malaysia patut diteruskan. Sudah nampak bentuk penjajahan baru ke atas Malaysia sekarang. Penjajahan ekonomi. Apa reaksi Yg.BGH. tun.

Unknown said...

duit bukan segalanya..
hrp2 rasuah dpt dihapuskan

Joshua Cheah said...

Tun, can you write about what you think of Khairy Jamaluddin? I've heard of many news about him, but can't seem to know whether they are rumours or true.

You might not know the true story behind him, but at least write about what you think of Khairy Jamaluddin would you? i am sure everybody would love to read that too.

Thanks Tun!

Azhar85 said...


Dear Tun,

I hope Tun are in a good condition with your family always. Tun, as a youngster, maybe i didn't know the late 20 years issue about Tun and the appointed judges as they speak in the news nowdays. But i sense something did not right after our current goverment bringing up back the late 20 years issue to the publicy just to take back the supports of the Malaysian that they think didn't vote for them in the current PRU12 is because of that matter. I keep thinking Tun, why Malaysian should be bother about judges and etc. Majority of Malaysian doesn't care about judges or etc. Majority of Malaysian now care about ethnicism, oil prices,road tols,raw material prices and food prices. IMO, changing the judges structures and the system will not change anything.Maybe it will prove something new in the judiacry system but it will not change the hearts of the majority Malaysian here. I think the purpose of the ex-gratia or whatever they do to the judges is just an act to take back the supports from the majority Malaysian but the source of the problem in the current PRU12 did not end there. They must think how to control and manage our ethnicism,food,tols,raw material and oil prices in a smart way as they want to win back the election in 4 years or so. If anybody here blame me as NATO(No Action, Talk Only), i can said i'm sorry because i'm not the YB Parliament Members or etc. I'm just an ordinary citizen like all of you. Citizen can give their vote to the Parliament members,but it's up to them to do their jobs well. As for Tun, i'm very sad to hear Tun only get RM15K from the Petronas because Tun deserve more than that, compared to the services that Tun give to the Malaysian country. I also salute Tun for giving us an honest opinion about yourself. Lastly Tun,i still never give up hope to think that Malaysian will make to the "Vision 2020" in the future. All the best to you Tun, "Wassalam..."

che mat said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir,

Saya rasa rm 15,000 tu sikit sangat untuk dibandingkan dengan ketajaman dan ketepatan buah fikiran Tun. Patutnya ditambah lagi. Saya pasti Tun jadi penasihat bukannya hanya goyang kaki. Kalau goyang kaki dapat rm 15,000 memang la tak patut.

Kenapa la isu sebegini pun nak dibangkitkan? Nak jadi pembangkang, bangkang lah isu yang benar-benar serius. Isu remeh sebegini buat apa nak dibangkitkan.

Orang bekerja, memang lah patut dibayar gajinya. Cuba kita tak bayar gaji YB sekalian? Semuanya kerja free saja. Melenting tak agaknya?

mOEha Aziz said...

Salam Tun,

moga sentiasa sihat dan berbahagia. masih terasa bangga saat melagukan beberapa lagu buat Tun berdua di PERKIM semasa meraikan pernikahan mualaf satu masa dahulu.

Saya membesar dengan gagasan gagasan yang dipelopori Tun. apa yang penting ialah, soal bagaimana menangani krisis kenaikan harga minyak dan makanan global. soal ex-gratia ini sepatutnya tidak wujud. seperti kata Tun,mereka telah menerima lebih dari satu pencen. dan mereka bukanlah orang cacat yang hanya menerima gaji maksimum RM600.

apa yang penting bagi saya secara peribadi; perpaduan melayu. kita makin goyah. tak kisah la apa lambang yang dipuja orang orang melayu, yang penting harus bersatu biar saling tak setuju.

teruslah dengan catatan yang bernas. kami perlu idea idea dari segenap lapis masyarakat untuk dicerna bagi membantu tanah ini!

Unknown said... pernah bsalaman dgn Tun ketika sy berumur 16 tahun smasa Perhimpunan Patriotik Pemimpin Pelajar Sek Menengah Ipoh sy bersalaman dgn Tun umpama bersalaman dgn seluruh penduduk Malaysia, umpama bersalaman dgn seluruh penduduk negara Islam, dan umpama bersalaman dgn seluruh pejuang Melayu -Teruskan kebenaran-

Unknown said...

mao give ex-gratia payment... first also need to give to tun la~~

ni macam nak show off je siapa baik dengan goverment.. siapa dapat habuan... hello~~ we (rakyat) are observing all the time and we believe our eyes. =)

mm.. i hope those ppl who read especially those goverment ppl... do read carefully and this is the truly sound of rakyat!

if not mistaken, paklah did a website where ppl can post their opinion and suggestion.. well.. nobody knows what's the content of it. unlike here...

paklah... if u are reading... please do some amendment on your act. =)

Unknown said...


Saya tak tahu pulak yang Tun Salleh tu dah dapat 2 pencen. Perkara-perkara macam ni lah kerajaan BN kena beritahu supaya hal-hal macam ni tak di putar belitkan oleh oleh Anwar dan geng dia tu.

Unknown said...

first time i heard that there's ppl who can get salary without working( i mean in goverment)... this is just like i got daily pocket money from my dad when i was still a child..

are those ppl same like a child, get money from the gov(papa) while lying on bed? haha...

Unknown said...

more ppl are trying to stopping u to say more hidden things. they are slowly revealing themselve indirectly. =)

anyway, i hope tun won't faced the same issue like raja petra. =)

dun giva damn on them...
keep on it, go go go!!! =)

Tun4life said...

sometimes i wonder how a malaysian can even have the heart to talk bad about you. My heart goes to yuo sir.

khalifah said...

Kalau saya tak keluar modal... saya tak ambil untung atau berkongsi kerugian...

Sebagai pekerja.. jika tiada produktiviti... saya tak minta gaji..

Tapi saya pernah bekerja tanpa gaji... di MALAYSIA

Anis Ahmad Abdul Rahman said...

Ayahanda Tun,

Maybe you are too busy to read my posting here so I will make it short. I was one of the benficiary of NEP and Look East Policy, studied in Japan and came back worked for petronas for 12 years. I was so proud of you as my PM but once the current PM took over, things have turned from bad to worse and I have decided to migrate to Middle East for better living and schooling for my children..but my heart still belong to Malaysia and I will certainly come back..Thank god we have Internet nowadays so we can easily access all the news and do something on cyber space for the betterment of Malaysia. I also decided to leave Petronas and work oversea so that someone who deserve job can take over and I can earn petrodollar from Middle East..I hope my intention is not wrong..

Please visit my blog at if you had time to read my personal views on latest Malaysian political happenings.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

Without Malice
(looking for directions ex-gratia)

What do the certain frustrated judges think about the ex-Gratia Payments of which nothing was decided about it that is promised by the Malaysian Government of Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

Who came up with the idea in the first place? I think it was a terrific idea, don't you agree? Do we need to ask the lawyers? What do then certain unfrustrated judges think? And what would the future frustrated dismissed judges think?

Why did you listened to the appeal of the AG?; and only then consented that pensions be given these dismissed judges of which now the Government does not quite agree with the decisions of the properly constituted Tribunals? Amazing don't you think, that the AG could be implied as lacking the quality of mercy?

Do you think we could say: Take it with go cheers when there is little is in common and ad idem?

Do you think intent lead the act or the act shapes the intent?

By the way, Che Det, where is Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi heading and where do you think we are heading and where we should actually be heading - as one UMNO ahli to another - and what do you actually do to at Petronas?

Salaams, then.

ilmyinc said...

"Dig up the past, all you get is dirty." Minority Report (2002)

it is ok to make mistake but do not wait until ages to make a correction. it shows nothing more then how stupid you are.

A Voice said...

If the judges have been fairly compensated, what is the purpose of the ex-gratia payment? Will that only mean apology? Although denied and rejected by the cabinet, the message by the PM speech, media and Bar Council President speech indicate toward so.

If the cabinet had rejected it, are Pak Lah and Zaid Ibrahim acting in ultra vires manner? My source indicate that few Ministers were surprise by this action by Pak Lah and Zaid. I for sure remember Nazri rejected the intention to reopen the Salleh Abas case last year.

What is then the legitimacy to do so? Was there an investigating committee or enquiry commission or any formation of a legitimate entity to look into the past matter? From this perspective, Pak Lah acted in his typical non thorough and playing to the gallery manner.

Wasn't the Tribunal formed at the request of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his Majesty acted on the advise of the Tribunal finding? Is this action considered a contempt of court for insulting the decision of the Agong?

The decision to carryout order was discussed and agree at the Cabinet level. Those present include Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib, Muhyiddin, etc. Why are the accusation only directed at you?

It is popularly said that Salleh Abas was dismissed because you were not please with his decision to involve all the 9 Supreme/Federal court judges in the UMNO case.

But I fail to understand. None of the charges against Salleh Abas involve the UMNO case. (Read my posting Salleh Abas: The fact to the matter that has a Malaysiakini letter listing the charges.)

I was informed by one former S46 activist that it was Pak Lah who orchestrated the proceeding against UMNO and hosted the first meeting at his then Bangsar home.

It seems throughout the proceeding Salleh Abas was arrogant and refuse to cooperate.

I would appreciate your comment and explanation of my postings on the Tun Salleh apology but no apology dinner. My gut feeling says that there is more than meet the eyes.

It is another cheap shot to sway the public opinion to the past to preserve Pak Lah as PM and UMNO President. In this case, to something irrelevent in the present context way way more than a 20 year ago.

It seems the opposition is just to happy to cooperate with Pak Lah's boys for it will help to see the immediate demise of UMNO by PRU13.

Anonymous said...










jumbeaux said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Resam orang Melayu, kita tak suka ungkit mengungkit cerita lama. Dah 20 tahun. Lagipun kes-kes kehakiman ni bukannya kita ambil kisah sangat. Hidup tak susah (macam zaman Tun dulu), cukup makan pakai keluarga pun dah kira alhamdullilah.

Saya rasa perkara ini Pak Lah tak faham. Politik dan PR beliau mirip Barat dan Anwar. Kemungkinan atas nasihat orang2 muda bijak pandai (tanpa 'wisdom') yang ada di sekeliling beliau.

Negara semakin hari semakin porak peranda dengan Sultan, ketuanan Melayu dan hinggakan Allah kini dicabar. Isu2 remeh macam ni pulak yang jadi tumpuan.

p/s - saya tidak pernah aktif berpolitik tetapi sekarang saya amat risau masa depan dan untung nasib orang Melayu di tanahair sendiri. Saya doakan kita diberikan kekuatan.

Anonymous said...

Salam buat Tun,
Pada pandngan saya tidak ramai yang bersetuju jika wang rakyat itu (tax) dibayar untuk hakim-hakim itu. Keputusan pembayaran e gratia ini pada saya hanya dilakukan oleh pentadbiran yang pengecut.

Chung Chui Kin said...


As a Sabahan, I still felt the pain over the bomb and riot during the changed of government from Berjaya to PBS in 1985, and now West Malaysian also facing the the same problem or opportunity as four states had changed government and may be in the future for Federal government.

As a Sabahan, I am not afraid of changing of government as we faced them many times but the justice will always be remembered as the cases of the dropped of judges.

May be Tun can give Sabahan a justice over the issues since your are not in the post of PM

Akar Umbi said...

YABhg Tun

Ketika zaman remaja, saya tertunggu-tunggu kehadiran Tun yang berwibawa untuk mengambilalih kepimpinan negara. Setelah dewasa saya membaca 'Malay Dilemma' untuk memahami apa yang terkandung didalamnya. Ternyata beberapa perkara yang Tun lakukan dalam pentadbiran adalah mengikut acuan dari apa yang telah tercatat dalam buku tersebut.

Saya tak kisah apa yang orang labelkan kepada Tun, tetapi hakikatnya adalah untuk mengangkat martabat bangsa.

Terbukti Tun telah mendahului dua dekad dari pemikiran pemimpin-pemimpin di zaman Tun.

Kini, toleh kanan dan toleh kiri dikalangan pemimpin senior tidak seorang pun yang saya tunggu lagi........

mednaha said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Untuk apakah sebenarnya tujuan pembayaran ex gratia ini?

Ia tidak difahami oleh kebanyakan rakyat biasa seperti saya ini.

Kenapa duit kami rakyat mesti dibayar kepada beberapa orang ini?

Penjelasan terperinci daripada kerajaan DITUNTUT...!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun

Biar apa pun orang kata,biar la mereka berkata-kata.U rawk sir..saya lahir dalam era tun,dalam penubuhan proton yang pertama,bersekolah dalam era tun.
Saya duduk berjiran dengan singapura.Mereka gerun dengan tindakan tun.So pada saya,belia masa kini,u rawks...Bout ur allowence,kalau perkhidmatan diberikan amat berpatutan,tun memang layak mendapat elaun tersebut.yang penting,Halal sumber rezekinya

simsimsim said...

Hi All ,

I found this comment in one of article posted in RPK's blog , the blog shown a photo of Mr Najib ( DPM ) ,,,, his is wearing RM 500,000 value of watch !!! , Tun , most of time , I saw u are using RM 1-2 ‘s pen and sometime wearing plastic’s watch… look’s like Casio… Good that u make a U turn ,,, Najib is definitely not a good candidates , with waste $$ project in London… controversy sub-marine deal…
// quote //
If I am not mistaken it's a A. lange eh Sohne, flyback datagraph. List Price 500,000 rm in Sincere
// unquote //
Dear Che det …. Your 15K need to take 33 months , tak makan , tak minum just to buy the watch !!!

herlina said...

A'kum Tun saya ingin memberikan cadangan pada Tun saya minta maaf jika Tun ingat saya cuba untuk tunjuk ajar pada Tun ini cuma cadangan saja.
Saya fikir ia lebih baik jika Tun dapat muatkan video clip video clip ucapan Tun yg dulu mahu pun yg sekarang untuk kita rakyat malaysia dapat informasi lebih tepat. Mungkin ucapan Tun tidak disyiarkan jadi saya mengcadangkan alternative ini untuk kita rakyat malaysia memdapat satu lagi media alternative yg terus menerus dari Tun.
Semoga apa yg Tun lakukan jadi inspirasi bagi generasi muda kita untuk berfikir seperti Tun... W'salam.

Pak.Me said...

Asalamualaikum Tun and family ..

Mojoriti rakyat M'sia tetap bersama Tun.Kami bangga niat suci Tun dalam memertabatkan orang-orang melayu dan masih bertanggungjawab menjaga keamanan Negara walaupun sudah lama bersara menjadi PM .Walaupun sesetengah pemimpim kerajaan ini (termasuk PM sekarang) memandang negetive setiap terguran dari Tun.Ex-gratia membazirkan duit rakyat ..tambahan dalam situasi hari ini tidak sepatutnya pembaziran itu berlaku semata-mata untuk menutup sesuatu isu.Syabas Tun kami tetap bersama Tun...

miss_iQ said...

dear Tun,

i'm really proud of u!

greetings from your own state,

miss_iQ said...

dear Tun,

i'm really proud of you!
you are the one and only..

masa pilihan raya dulu, saya harap sangat dapat jumpa Tun.. masa Tun berkempen untuk Dato' Mukhriz di kodiang..

greetings from Alor Star, Kedah..
your own state..

Kamarul said...

Dearest Tun,

RM15k je Tun? Tak patut... memang tak patut... tak patut sangat-sangat... tersangat tak patut...

After listening to "Perjuangan Belum Selesai" video, I'm sure that you were, are and always will be the most honest and true fighter of Malaysia..

Sincerely, I shed tears listening to it.. To those who have not listened to TDM reciting the poem, please do so.. I'm sure you will not be able to control your emotion..

How I wish Tun is immortal...

Wishing you and Tun Siti Hasmah, good health and panjang umur..

Jaga kesihatan Tun.. May Allah bless you..

NurAkagi said...

Zakhir's Zoo said...

By convention of regular commercial pratices, even globally, you ought to be given a golden handshake to recognise the contributions and illustrious service that you have given for this tanahair as an office bearer.

The norm is that you be given at least last drawn salary and allowances, one month for every year of service.

That's RM 22,826.65 (PM's salary) + RM 14,907.20 (Minister's salary) + RM 6,508.59 (MP's salary), which comes about to RM 44, 242.44 per annum. For the 29 years you served as Minister of Education, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Industry, Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Finance, you should be given a RM 1.283 million in one bullet payment as "golden handshake", as practiced by many organisations in the world, in recognition of the illustrious service rendered.

If housing allowance, personal allowances and even entertainment allowances that typically top Malaysian public servants enjoy is factored in, the sum should be more.

'Melayu ini tak lupa'

PM maa.. What a prob with that.. ?If u want to have it.. U try ur best la to be PM.. yahaha..

1.2M compare what he ald serve to Malaysia.. come on la beb..

Anw TDM,

Always be the one who support u..

Nak sgt kerajaan sekarang di pimpim org macam tun..

Bukan kerajaan skang teruk sgt.. tapi dah meluat tengok ketidakupayaan mereka mentadbir negara...

May Allah bless u TDM..

yiemega said...

Ayahnda Tun,

saya bersetuju dengan pandangan ayahnda Tun mengenai bayaran Elaun yang diberikan kepada Ayahnda Tun daripada Petronas itu saya yakin ayahnda Tun Berkhidmat Ikhlas Kerana Rakyat Bukan Kerana wang.

CJ said...

So sorry Tun sir. I just got into the loop and from what I read, all seems fine to me. Good for you that you still can offer advice and get paid for some of it while also freely giving it to others. Carry on the good fight and count on my support.

Megat Azimin said...

Kerajaan dh terlalu bnyk bayar pampasan, ganti rugi, bail out dll. sy rasa kita perlu kawal pengeluaran wang sebegini.

sjankan said...

Betul ke apa yang Tun cakap? org politik ini pandai. Apa lagi Tun penah memerintah 22 tahun. Biarlah rakyat tahu bahawa menurut perlembagaan nasihat Perdana Menteri harus diikuti dan dipatuhi oleh YDPA. Kedua tribunal yang didirikan itu takan YDPA membentuk tanpa campurtangan Perdana Menteri? Dan orang yang mempengerusikan Tribunal tu adalah Hakim NO 2 ketika itu. Dimana sekiranya Tun Salleh Abas dipecat automatic dia jadi No 1 ..dan itulah yang telah berlaku pun.

zindig said...

YABhg Tun,
Tahniah kerana mewujudkan blog ini. Daptlah kami meluahkan rasa hati kami untuk dibaca oleh rakyat Malaysia.

ACP Yusof

novice101 said...

Tun, is what you are saying correct? All this happened a long time ago, sure you got your facts right. At the Lingam's tapes inquiry your memory failed you miserably. We felt miserable for you when we see you suffered greatly in trying to recalled the events for the Commission. We thought you had an attack of dementia. Good to see you are well now.

K_rAm said...

In your article,you mentioned about "Clearly the Government felt contrite over what had happened to these judges many years ago, and felt a need to make amends, but not quite enough to apologise as was suggested by the de facto Minister of Justice, Dato Zaid Ibrahim".Tun,I think you must have forgotten something.You are the one who should feel contrite for what happened to those judges,especially Tun Salleh Abbas for what you had done to them.There's no need for me to elaborate on the event which led to the dismissal of Tun Salleh Abbas as Lord President because I think you are more well-versed than me on that.In fact,it shouldn't be the current government to make an apology to Tun Salleh Abbas.On the other hand,the apology must be made by a particular individual so that it is more sincere and direct.Tun,who do you think that particular individual should be??And personally,Ex-gratia payments is not the only way to make up for those judges.What they need is an apology,Tun!!An open public apology!!!That is the best way to retrieve their dignity,Tun!!And I am quite dubious to hear that you will continue to serve even you are paid nothing.

I love one saying from the Malays:

Sudah salah,
Mengakulah salah;
Sudah kalah,
Biarlah mengalah.

encong said...

Dari mula saya mengetahui bahwa Tun seorang pemimpin yang ikhlas dan jujor. Tun telah memberikan penjelasan yang lengkap dimana tidak seorang rakyat atau masyarakat dunia yang tahu duduk perkara yang benar.

Amat sukar untuk mendapatkan seorang pemimpin seperti Tun. Segala perjuangannya adalah untuk bangsa, negara dan tanahair.

Teruskan usaha yang sangat murni itu Tun dan kita sebarang rakyat Malaysia dan umat Melayu Segajat hendaklah mendoakan kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun.

Hidup Tun Hidup Melayu. Sihat Tun tidak orang Melayu menjadi layu.


Anonymous said...


adakah tun dah lupa tindakan pak lah adalah untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat kembali berkaitan dgn soal2 kehakiman yg skrg rakyat dh muak dgn campur tangan tun dlm kuasa kehakiman dulu?

adakah tun dah lupa pak lah mewarisi beban yg diamanahkan oleh tun? warisan tun hanya dpt dicarry on kalau pak lah bersikap autocratic mcm tun dulu

soal suruhanjaya melantik hakim2 cadangan saya ialah suruhanjaya dianggotai oleh pm dgn ketua pembangkang dan dicalon kpd majlis raja2 utk diperkenan oleh ydp agong. ini lebih adil dan bebas dari zaman tun dulu

hitam kata tun, hitam lah...putih kata tun, putih lah

jgn sampai tindakan tun dulu dan skrg akan menjadi 'faktor2 terkuburnya umno' di samping faktor pak lah dgn kj

*tun tahu gaji pekerja2 petronas adalah paling rendah di antara syarikat2 o&g ?


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera Tun.

Terimakasih dan tahniah diucapkan atas kewujudan blog ini.
Saya berdoa ke hadrat Allah s.w.t. agar Tun sentiasa sihat supaya boleh terus melontar idea yang bernas demi sebuah kebenaran.

Saya ingin berkongsi dengan Tun bahawa cadangan penubuhan Suruhanjaya Kehakiman sekalipun tiada keperluannya, apatah lagi membayar pampasan atau 'ex-gratia' kepada semua hakim yang telah dipecat menerusi prosedur yang sah lebih 20 tahun yang lampau.

Apakah dengan hanya merujuk kepada inquiry kes video klip V.K. Linggam, kerajaan sekarang benar-benar pasti bahawa Institusi Kehakiman benar-benar telah tercemar? Apakah ada pihak-pihak tertentu yang sengaja mengatakan bahawa Institusi Kehakiman ini telah terjejas dan berjaya pula mempengaruhi kerajaan sekarang agar menerima pendapat mereka?

Apa yang berlaku sekarang sebenarnya adalah disebabkan kerajaan berada di dalam keadaan yang lemah setelah gagal mengekalkan keputusan majoriti 2/3 pada PRU ke-12 yang lepas. Barisan Menteri Kabinet yang ada sekarang juga adalah ibarat seperti Barisan Kabinet Tunggang Langgang (BKTL). Semua mereka seolah-olah baru belajar dan tidak tahu dari mana hendak bermula dalam menangani isu yang melanda sekarang seperti isu kenaikkan harga barangan keperluan, isu harga beras, isu penghinaan institusi diraja, isu pekerja oleh CUEPACS dan MTUC dan banyak lagi. Kerajaan sekarang telah mula menunjukkan tanda-tanda mudah tunduk kepada sesuatu desakan tanpa berupaya berfikir dan menilai sebelum bertindakbalas terhadap desakan tersebut.

Kerajaan sekarang juga terlalu memandang jauh ke belakang. Apakah ruginya jika sebuah tribunal yang telah dbentuk melalui prosedur yang sah lebih 20 tahun lalu, memecat 6 orang hakim. Jika itulah kebenarannya, sebagai rakyat yang menghormati undang-undang, kita perlu terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Apakah negara rugi dengan pemecatan 6 orang hakim berkenaan. Apakah kerajaan sekarang berpendapat bahawa khidmat hakim-hakim berkenaan masih perlu diteruskan walaupun mereka didapati melakukan kesalahan salah laku oleh tribunal? Kita masih ada ramai lagi hakim yang sesuai dan cara pemilihan atau perlantikan hakim secara lazim perlu diteruskan. Hakim juga manusia biasa. Tiada sebarang mekanisme yang 100 peratus berkesan dalam menentukan seseorang hakim tersebut bebas dari salahlaku. Allah maha mengetahui...


Cheapskate said...

This post is in response to what Loh said,

//Loh said...But the law presents the loophole for the Prime Minister to remove the Lord President legally when there were excuses to do. Yes, the former Prime Minister removed the Lord President based on law, through the rule by law. Was he morally right in doing what he did? Has he ever wonder??//-Loh.

I am no legal eagle.Some says the law itself is described as an ass.Yes,TDM could have an ulterior motive to have the said Lord President out of his way.That indeed was the public perception than.But your very self admit that everything henceforth was conducted above board.Right royally-legally that is.But that is not the issue TDM has raised in his article.TDM said-

"But the fact remains that the payments imply that the Government does not quite agree with the decisions of the properly constituted Tribunals. Perhaps it is because the quality of mercy was not exercised. Perhaps it is because the judges suffered from financial losses because of the findings of the Tribunals.I would like to clarify here, and I stand to be corrected of course, that on appeal by the Attorney-General, I agreed that all the judges be paid their full pensions.Again if I am not mistaken Tun Salleh Abbas was entitled to and accordingly draws two pensions; one when he reached the age of fifty-five and another at the end of his term as Lord President following his dismissal.It is possible that as a former State Councillor he also draws a pension."-TDM

In short,the thrust of TDM's argument as I understand is-

()that there could be a public misconception that TDM could have caused financial losses to the said judges and this ex gratia payments addresses that.
()that whether if the present government disagrees with the findings or the decisions of a properly constituted Tribunal.

Thus I fail to fathom your arguments.Your call.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Dr. M
May I ask what being an adviser entails?
You have complained previously of the lack of consultation with Protons' new management.
I am an ex Lotus employee trying to get a project of the ground. Google: Motorsports University Malaysia.
Maybe you could view my slideshare:
I have been to the Petronas towers and sent you Cd's before. However, I have never received any feedback.
As you are the adviser to both Petronas and Proton, you are in a unique position to give a balanced and educated view on the possible implementation of the project
Please understand that I am not a politician, just someone with a vision.
Thanks for opening this blog, and allowing me to contact you.
John Mansfield

Unknown said...

I am very interested to read that you are the adviser to both Petronas and Proton.

I have sent you my proposal for a Motorsport University Malaysia.

As the proposal names both Proton and Petronas as possible participants you are uniquely qualified to advise both parties!

I am in contact with Lotus upper Management who are supportive, but not as yet pro active.

I am happy you are wealthy enough not to require payment for your services!

You are a very fortunate man.

I hope you enjoy the presentation.

John Mansfield

Born84 said...

asalamualikum Tun...
I am very proud of being a Malay together with you.

No further comments on your article so far. They were the 'voice of your fellow Malaysians'. That what makes you a special Malay till this moments.

May Allah lengthern your life with full strength and bless you in wherever you are and whatever you do...

Sata Saalimun @1974 said...

salam Tun...
Sbg rakyat Malaysia yg peka bin prihatin,sy sedih apabila Tun bersara....
kenaikan petrol dan barang2 semakin menjadi-jadi,kes jenayah semakin meningkat,pengangguran semakin bertambah...
sy merindui hidup di zaman Tun di mana mudah mencari rezeki dan harga barang-barang masih terkawal dan mampu beli....
Sekarang org miskin bertambah miskin dan tertekan.
Teruskan memberi idea bernas dan kritikan tajam untuk memajukan bangsa,agama dan negara...
Pedulikan 'dumb n dumber' yg suka memperlekehkan Tun....
Tun telah berjaya mengubah negara yg miskin n papa menjadi negara membangun dan aman damai....
Kini segalanya tinggal kenangan.....

Unknown said...

Mahathir the Twister, you can really twist things any which way.
But i must say you are damn good at it.

Born84 said...

asalamualikum Tun...
I am very proud of being a Malay together with you.

No further comments on your article so far. They were the 'voice of your fellow Malaysians'. That what makes you a special Malay till this moments.

May Allah lengthern your life with full strength and bless you in wherever you are and whatever you do...

Det Cargo & Trading Services said...

Salam Tun;

I grow up during your era of premiership. I am truly anak NEP. I was raised by NEP. I was educated abroad by NEP. I must thank you for your vision and passion in helping the malays. But I never met you. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.


Thank you for your vision. We are where we are because of your leadership. No matter what others may think of you, I personally must THANK YOU.

May Allah bless you. As far as I am concern we still need you.

Unknown said...

tun memang yang dihormati dan berjasa banyak kepada malaysia. saya tak faham mengapa ada banyak allegation terhadap tun. tanpa u, tiada pembangunan malaysia hari in i.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tun,

Excellence is an attitude. Attitude to serve, worth millions than anything in the whole wide universe. No question about it.

Thanks for being there for Malaysian. God bless!

boymungkal said...

Dear Tun,
Obviously and consistently,a clear lack of direction towards forward thinking, once again prevails in the action involving the ex-gratia payment.What is the point of all this? As posted by a few on this issue, most of the public is not that interested with this issue.Is it too much to ask for basic needs such as lower food prices,reduced toll rates etc to be looked into? What benefit is it to the public that a meeting is held between the government and the law fraternity,anyway? I do not necessarily feel that these people, who claim to be knowledgeable about our manmade law, are all honest humanbeings themselves.I can vouch by personal experience how crooked lawyers are.In my case, my own lawyers brokering deals with the lawyers representing my foe, but that is another story.As far as judges are concerned, they are also humanbeings and are prone to making decisions/judgements that might be laced with emotions.So who is to say that what they decide is always right? Who judges the judges? My two cents worth, by the way.I would like to share what i saw on television some time ago,at the photograhy session during the last OIC meeting during which our current PM holds chair; he was desperately trying to get the attention of all delegates to get organised around him for the group photograph,i believe.He was completely ignored.During your time,everyone and everything would push shoulder to shoulder to hear what you had to say about anything!With great strength comes great responsibility.In the case of our country,leaders who wants to take responsibility must, first of all, have great strength.Otherwise, wither our beloved nation.

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

Yang berbahagia Tun,
Setelah Tun memberikan penjelasan berkaitan dengan kisah sebenar apa yang berlaku berkaitan dengan kedudukan hakim-hakim yang telah dipecat dahulu, maka kini saya meragui tentang kewajaran pihak kerajaan pimpinan Pak Lah yang lemah menghulurkan pembayaran ex-gratia. Adakah tujuannya semata-mata untuk mendapatkan semula popularitinya yang sudah pun hampir hancur berkecai? Adakah keputusan yang dibuatnya diterima bulat-bulat dari Menteri Undang-Undang yang baru, tanpa persetujuan kabinet? Pada pandangan saya Pak Lah memang kurang arif tentang perkara ini dan demi untuk hendak menaikan darjatnya semula secepat mungkin beliau terima sahaja idea yang datang mengolek didepannya tanpa menilai apakah kesan tindakan yang dibuatnya itu sama ada boleh memudharatkan kewibawaan kerajaan yang dipimpinnya.Inilah kesannya jika pemimpin seperti Pak Lah yang lemah pemikirannya,tidak dapat menggerakkan otaknya kapada sesuatu perkara yang memerlukan kecergasan minda yang kental. Memang wajarlah kita boleh takrifkan kerajaan bawah pimpinan Pak Lah sekarang sebagai kerajaan haprak,HP6 yang kredibilitinya "GROUND ZERO". Tidak boleh disangkalkan lagi jika keputusan yang dibuat oleh Pak Lah hanya berdasarkan untuk "memohon" kenaikan taraf "sijilnya" dari Kelas F kapada Kelas A, maka Pak Lah akan terus gagal memimpin negara ini.Adalah lebeh baik jika Pak Lah undur diri dengan secara terhormat SECEPAT MUNGKIN, supaya beliau tidak dianggap oleh rakyat sebagai"passenger" sahaja.Masa kini tidak boleh dinafikan apabila ada saja "private gathering" dimana-mana sahaja semua orang sudah merasai kegelisahan mereka tentang kedudukan Pak Lah. Rata-rata mengatakan Pak Lah tidak berkemampuan memimpin negara dengan berkesan. Suara lantang ini memang sudah didengar oleh Pak Lah, mungkin siang dan malam, tapi beliau masih lagi hendak mencuba nasib dirinya ! Kesian!! Kesian!! Kesian!!

Lee & Lee said...

I just want to say that it is not too late for anyone to change its ways. Even if he has to experience defeat for him to realise his mistakes.

PM Abdullah's ex-gratia payment might be construed as a political ploy to win support. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Only time will tell

Unknown said...

Lagi satu yang Tun DrM duk buat Free of Charge adalah duk hentam Gomen. Saya tak boleh bayang apakah 'bala' yang Gomen sudah bawa kepada rakyat kalau tak ada kekenduran dalam tindakan ***** Gomen akibat dari 'serangan' oleh Tun DrM selama Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi Memanda Perdana Menteri.
Kalau Tun DrM nak dibayar, berapa banyak tu?
Apa kes la duk sibuk pasal RM15,000. Gaji manager Petronas yang mungkin hari-hari pi kerja duk kempen Pas pun lebih banyak dari tu.

Unknown said...

Greetings Tun,

I greatly hope that Tun is able to read my comment because I wish to draw your attention to an issue i raised at the end of this comment.

In my opinion, the government's stand to pay ex-gratia compensation now is nothing more than a move to win back the confidence of the public. The recent elections is now causing a lot of knee-jerk reactions for example the move to make all assets of cabinet ministers to be viewed publicly and the firing of Rafidah Aziz (which in my view is nothing short of an escape-goat move). I am more of a teleological person, it does not matter if the government is now doing this to win the hearts of the public, or to push back after being shoved in the recent elections. Motive pales in comparison to the outcome; it does not matter how the government wishes its actions to be interpreted, as long as they are making positive acts forward. I believe that these 'damage control' measures can be seen in all levels of BN, from our PM making bold decisions such as the judiciary commission, to UMNO youth leader apologizing for the "keris incident'. It is funny to observe 'typical' reactions, some stand by our PM making a 'strong-front', some start making preparations in case the "great-Titanic-BN" sinks (how some press make public statements declaring how the press is not willingly unethical, but are unethical due to government restrictions.

In response to Tun's view of how a 'weak' government is not good for Malaysia, I obviously cannot rebut the statement. However, i do not believe that losing a 2/3 parliamentary majority is to be equated to 'weakness'. If that is so, that means that constitutions in the UK, US etc are all weak from the day they were born. I understand why Tun believes that an unchallenged government party is important, reasons such as to be able to execute decisive decisions and also supported by the idiom "too many cooks spoil the broth". But I am unable to support the motion of having one big ruling party to go unchallenged, for it means that i have to place ALL my faith that the ruling party will not falter. I can recite textbook arguments for and against an unchallenged party, but so can anyone else. It all comes down to personal views, and i believe in a ruling party NOT having a 2/3 majority in parliament. Its not so much as to "challenge the party" but to subject the party to opposition if needed. I believe "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" is not without base. Who will guard the guards? I am prepared to stand corrected when I make my next statement. I believe that Tun feels that having a "strong" government with more than 2/3 majority is the only solution, because it worked for you. I am persuaded to think that Tun believes much has been achieved in your era because you were able to act swiftly and strongly. I am not a shoe polisher. I will say, "good job and thank you" for Tun's management, but I am not prepared to place all my eggs into an unchallenged party. These are my two cents. But now, I have something which i wish Tun will bring up.

National Service (NS). I read and hear often of TRAGIC incidents such as participants losing their lives, being raped and being hospitalized. Allow me to express myself, HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?! NS is not some rehab or care for the weak or ill centre, it has perfectly healthy participants in their youth - who dies. I was in NS last year and I feel that i should be given a certificate for just making it out alive. Sure, there are many pros for having NS, a better generation, stronger community, a flawless government component to boost economic activity, etc etc. The idea of NS is flawless - the execution is pathetic. "Girl raped in NS" and still, it seems that the government rather focus on 'freedom of press' and their keris. I can rant on more, but I rather make my point: will Tun please try to draw some attention to this?

Respecting your work,

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
At least with the ex-gratia payment, the current government is starting to correct the mistakes of the past.
And who was it that clamped down on the independence of the judiciary in the first place?
That would be your legacy.

ard_kedah said...

Assalamualaikum Tun.

Manusia kena tipu selalu. Kita jangan lihat pada pakaian semata-mata macam mana Tun Salleh. Kalau lah dia orang beriman, saya rasa dia tak akan terima duit gratia tu. apa yang dia dapat tu dah lebih mencukupi. bila dia ambil, maka dia pentingkan dirinya. Dia merasakan dirnya cukup penting dan dia merasakan dia perlu ambil duit itu. bermakna, dia bukan berjiwa rakyat dan tidak memikirkan rakyat. Yang dia penting, apa yang dia patut dapat dan duit itu haknya. Tak heranlah kenapa dia masuk PAS. Dia belajar cara PAS dan itu sahaja lah fahamam Islam dia. Apa yang perlu di agungkan sangat dengan Tun Salleh ni? Hebat kah dia? Apakah perlu di ambil wang rakyat untuk membayar kepada dia? Dan bila Tun Salleh senyum menerima, bermakna dia merasakan dirinya mempunyai hak ke atas apa yang akan di berikan kepadanya dan merasakan dia perlu kepada duit itu sedangkan itu duit rakyat. Saya tidak heran ini berlaku kerana daripada insiden ini saya tahu siapa Tun Salleh sebenarnya.

Ayahanda Tun, he is nothing compares to you and we will get to see this in Mahsyar nanti. Believe me. I am not saying this like Mufti Perlis and others that is merely based on reading books and making assumptions. Islam bukan setakat baca buku dan kemudian pilih mana yang sesuai. Islam sebenarnya adalah bagaimana kita menggunakan akal yang sempurna. Sebab itu lah sampai sekarang PAS sibuk dengan hudud dan isu janggut. Kalau lah umat Islam masih percaya yang nabi kita berkahwin sehingga 13, jangan lah nak berbincang isu hudud dan janggut. Kenapa umat Islam tak mahu menggunakan akal memikirkan apakah benar nabi kita berkahwin sampai 13? Ini lah antara perbedaan Islam PAS dan Islam yang sebenarnya. Tak heran lah saya kalau oang macam Tun Salleh ni masuk PAS dan sanggup menerima dan bergembira kononya dia telah menang dan patut menerima duit yang Pak Lah nak beri. Nampak juga kebodohan Pak Lah menghabiskan duit rakyat dalam nak menunjukkan yang kerajaannya prihatin dan inginkan keadilan. Patutlah umat Islam di tempelak olih MCA baru-baru ini bila Pa Lah buka ruang yang orang bukan islam yang ingin masuk islam kena minta izin ibu bapa mereka dan MCA pula sokong dan menambah, jika nak murtad kembali pun di bolehkan. Padan muka Pak Lah yang tidak ada kebibawaan lagi. Ini adalah bala Islam Hadhari yang di bawanya. Suatu penambahan kepada Islam yang sedia ada.

Bourne said...

Dearest Tun,

Well said for those ungratefull Malaysian. Wish you still have the desire to leads Malaysia from shamble again. Maybe for a short while. Correstional measure perhaps....

deepinside said...

harap tun dapat beri jawapan kpd mereka yang tak faham isu minyak dalam link berikut.

tidak dapat dinafikan,kelemahan kerajaan bn dalam menjawab isu2 yang berkait rapat dgn rakyat memberi kesan buruk.berdasarkan kajian saya,jumlah pengeluaran minyak kita kecil.

terima kasih kerana menjayakan Malaysia!

ayampiru said...

TDM yg dihormati selalu,

Moga ALLAH besarkan ganjaran rahmat dan pahala.

Sedikit pertanyaan.

Benar tak kalau saya kata MELAYU akan hilang dari muka bumi MALAYSIA dgn sikap kita yang mudah lupa, mudah leka, mudah puashati malahan segala-galanya mudah dalam masa 30 tahun lagi?

Saya tertarik nak berkongsi bacaan nukilan Kim Quek (KQ) "Ke Mana, Malaysia?"

Ada 2 bahagian.

Suka saya berbincang
Bhgian 2(Menderam di Fajar Baru).

2.0 Kronologi:

2.1 Seimbas Lalu:

Kapitalisme kroni Mahathir yg

2.2 Artikel (No.1-81), antaranya:

11-Dilema Tionghua dalam
pilihanraya akan datang.

29-Hak orang Melayu:Kemana Hala

67-Politik Perkauman ala-Msia.

79-Menyingkap Kebenaran "Hak
Istimewa" Melayu.

Apa pendapat TDM dan orang lain.

>>>Dipetik benar dari nukilan KQ.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,

Semalam 10.05.08 bertempat di Ballroom Hotel Legend ada satu pertemuan yang dikenali Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama PM Abdullah Badawi dangan Ketua Ketua Cawangan dari 8 Bahagian dalam negeri Kedah telah diadakan.

Selesai ucapan PM,juruacara membenarkan ketua ketua cawangan mengemukakan soalan kepada PM,hanya seorang bagi setiap Bahagian. Yang pertama berucap ialah Ketua Cawangan Kulim High Tech,banyak soalan soalan panas cepu mas dilontarkan kepada Pak Lah dan Pak Lah tidak dapat menjawab dengan baik dan jelas.

Saya berpeluang berucap mewakili Bahagian Merbok, antara beberapa isu yang saya sentuh dan soal Pak Lah ialah tentang bayaran EX-GRATIA kepada hakim hakim yang didapati bersalah dan dipecat.Saya menyatakan yang Pak Lah telah melakukan kesilapan yang amat besar apabila pertama membenarkan kerajaan membayar majlis makan malam Bar Council dan kedua mengumumkan Kerajaan akan membayar pampasan kepada Hakim hakim,perbuatan Pak Lah menyalahi undang undang dan ianya adalah satu penghinaan kepada mahkamah .

Semasa menggulung dan memberi jawapan kepada semua soalan soalan, Pak Lah tidak menyentuh langsung isu pembayaran EX-GRATIA,bukan itu sahaja malah jawapan yang diberikan adalah kabur dan tidak jelas.

Saya perpendapat isu ini tidak boleh dibiarkan begitu sahaja satu bantahan resmi hendaklah dibuat terhadap PAK lAH dan kerajaan agar ianya jangan jadi satu precedent.

Unknown said...

I think most of you all here sudah terlebih pulak pujian saudara semua kepada Tun ni, Tun ni tahu apa yang akan berlaku di negara kita ni sudah lama dan dia dah prepare kan M'sia ni untuk apa yg berlaku hari ni,....Pak Lah dibiarkan berkuasa supaya Opposition party dapat take over kerajaan di negara kita, tu la party lambang dajjal...makna nya organisasi dajjal sudah bertapak di negara kita, cuma kuasa belum dapat sepenuhnya!! think about it...

Tun M ni seperti Fidel Castro,Nelson Mandela dan sekarang Hugo Chavez dan Ahmadinejad!!blunt and outspoken,tapi ini semua hanya gimmick!!they all aboard in a same boat...semuanya badut2 jesuits Vatican samaada Tun sedar atau tak sedar.Illuminati tu semua diketuai oleh Jesuits dan beberapa keluarga illuminati yang telah bersarang di dunia ni sejak beribu-ribu tahun!!!

KLCC pun sebenarnya lambang Knights of Malta kalau dilihat dari udara!!
Tun M sepatutnya tidak bersekongkol dengan badut2 malta ni semua, just look at his circle of friends di luar negara,smells like Jesuits & Knights of Malta!!!remember his meeting with the pope???itu dah cukup untuk melambangkan sesuatu bagi yg tahu dan berfikir!!!...semua perkara2 baru yg berlaku di negara kita ni bukannya coincidence, it's well prepared!!! geng2 New World Order ni semua harus ditentang, tu Vatican tu nak kan One World Religion, so macam2 la tactic mereka nak kafirkan umat islam kita..orang barat dah mula sedar tentang ni semua, orang di negara kita masih lalai dengan politicking dan fitnah-memfitnah!!!

Please Tun M, free yourself from this evil Jesuits and the satanic Illuminati plan!!!Tolong suruh juga Anwar tu taubat, ni dia dah terang-terang dah bersekongkol dengan pihak2 Jesuits di Georgetown University tu yg terkenal sebagai University Jesuits,pernah duduk dalam satu forum pulak tu dengan Emma "Rothschild" di UK few years ago bercakap tentang ekonomi dan religion di sebuah university elite disana!!!

kalau kita mati kita akan disoal oleh Allah s.w.t. ,tolong lah warning kan ahli2 UMNO tu semua tentang ni semua, kalau betul lah plan2 geng2 illuminati ni semua berjalan dengan lancar untuk 2012 ni, berapa juta atau billion yg akan mati!!!don't forget plan NWO tu seperti 10th kingdom tu!!!ni ada kaitan dengan utara semenanjung tu di masa depan,Kra Canal tu berptensi menjadi satu conflict dan juga negara India yg akan menghantui generasi masa depan kita!!!!ingat lah you all cuma merancang tapi jangan lupa tentang Allah yg Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Berkuasa...

Dear Tun,

May Allah leads you to the true path...Amin

amen said...

LOVE TUN and WIFE, Non in Malaysia in position on comparing notes with you. You was, were and going tu be the best..LOVE YOU and Thks for ASB which make many of malays of what they are today......budi mu dikenang

anakMalaysia said...

Dear Tun

Looking at current situation, PAKLAH is trying to divert the attention for his failures.

While he is trying to please one party (BAR Council) with the "Ex-Gratia payment", other parties and individual are trying to push him further!!!

Why lawyers think they are the privilege stock? What about other profession? Just because they wear BLACK?

Try running the country for a change!!!

I felt sorry for PAKLAH..Look what he has done now!..Other races have no respect to the MALAYS!! (The Rulers included) Where is our dignity?

Ruis Jugah said...

Yg Bhg Tun,

It's great to read your side of the story on the ex-gratia thingy - which has been source of contentions by many people. Some of my friends are down right disgusted by the need to have the special dinner where the ex-gratias were announced; which many think merely politically motivated and a waste of tax payer money.

I can't help but noticed many stunts that had been tried in the attempt to either embarass or to silent Tun from being a credible critics to the present government. Eg. of such stunts include:

i. Your failure to become an UMNO delegate from Kubang Pasu. Who in the right mind would believe that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed could not even get enough votes to become a party delegate - truly unbelievable;

ii. And now the ex-gratia thing;

iii. And the newspaper report of your allowance by Petronas; I mean what the hidden intention if not just to embarass Tun - but fortunately it backfires, instead of embarrassment, Tun gains sympathies and public support as ever.

I like Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin statement on today paper when he said "I cannot underestimate the thinking power of the former prime minister" when asked to comment on the threat of potential change of government.

Whatever the bad things your detractors had said, Tun is still the best PM of Malaysia, & the envies of many developing countries. My only selfish regret is that Tun could have done better to help to improve the livelihoods of the natives of Sabah and Sarawak rather than helping the rich get richer.

Wishing Tun the best of health.

Born84 said...

Asalamualaikum Tun,
isu pembayaran ex-gratia dan isu suruhanjaya kehakiman saya lihat hanyalah salah satu daripada perkara remeh yang 'dilayan' oleh pihak kerajaan ketika ini.

Kerajaan seolah-olah terlalu 'takut' kehilangan kepercayaan rakyat jika tidak melayan perkara-perkara remeh. Ini sebagai tanda dan bukti kepada dakwaan Tun bahawa kerajaan sekarang amat lemah adalah benar.
Hakikatnya, kerajaan gagal memandang isu yang lebih besar dalam mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat, iaitu mengubah dan merombak barisan kepimpinan yang sedia ada.
UMNO dan kerajaan hari ini masih menafikan apa yang sebenarnya diinginkan oleh rakyat Malaysia dan mesej mereka pada pilihanraya ke-12 yang lalu.

Kerajaan harus yakin bahwa jika perubahan pada pucuk pimpinan tertinggi dilakukan,hampir 80 peratus kepercayaan rakyat terhadap mereka akan berjaya diperolehi.
Saya sentiasa berdoa agar Allah swt sentiasa memberi kekuatan dan kesihatan kepada Tun untuk terus berjuang demi rakyat dan negara..

orang kampong said...

YA Bhg Tun;
Bayaran X Gratia oleh Kerajaan pimpinan Abdullah jelas menunjuk betapa korapnya Kerajaan hari ini. Saya tidak nampak apa kewajaran bayaran ini dibuat melainkan dengan tujuan "ambil hati" dengan harapan semua pihak termasuk Majlis Peguam tidak lagi bising bising dan menyokong Kerajaan Bn pimpinan Abdullah. Jadi bayaran X Gratia ini adalah untuk meraih sokongan.Pada pandangan mata dan akal fikiran saya yang kerdil ini,bayaran ini sama seperti suapan rasuah supaya menyokong Kerajaan pimpinan Abdullah. Inilah rasuah yang paling besar sekali, dilakukan secara terbuka dan lebih buruk lagi ia dilakukan oleh pihak Eksekutif kepada Judisiari,yaa Judisiari yang lantang menentang rasuah dan Eksekutif yang ingin membenteras rasuah dikalangannya. Mengajar anak berjalan betul..itulah Kerajaan BN hari ini Tun.

Wel^Beiolman said...

Tun Mahathir, he's still the greatest leader Malaysia ever had apart from Tun A.Rahman, himself as our Father of Independent which was at a different era and i'd like to believe that Tun Mahathir would do the same if he were at the same situation. By far, he has done it by making Malaysia able to compete with other developed countries in the world i.e Japan.

I never really care what people have said about you as I have my own principle which some I took then learned from you.

I'd like to ask the readers and viewers as I may and may not know what I've got during Tun's reign of 22 years as PM. I love and felt grateful for Malaysia to have you as our PM and will always be. My main method would only be,

1. List down what have (has) you(Malaysia) gain/got/improved/amended/enhanced/archieved for the 3 decades when Tun was a PM.

2. List down what have(has) you (Malaysia) lost/ruined/failed/accomplished for the 3 decades when Tun was a PM.

I understood that some people rather and prefer to think that although Malaysia has archived so many things during your tenure, there were thinks went bad or worst which I believe inevitable (you can not get whatever you want in life and you can not make all the people around you to like you). I am utterly disgusted by their remarks when some making it a big deal of you being a "Pelupa". To these people, can you give a guaranty of not being a "Pelupa" when you successfully hit the same age as Tun? It is a mere and simple question which none can do or perform well when they reach that age. Another simple question, will you condemn your father when he criticizes your life after what he has done and contributed to your well fine life?

Sorry if I have made bad remarks and approach but these are facts that can not be tainted and ruined. We're lucky to have Tun that is still in a good condition and still willing to offer his support and advices. Its like a pay back time of all his great doing.

Regards to your RM15k, love what you're doing and have fun with what you've earned. I know that money isn't the matter to Tun anymore and I believe he himself does not really care much of it. It's not a big deal what so ever. I think what Tun is trying to do was, to make a clarification to some people who thought that he is being paid well amount of being an Advisor to these big corp but sadly he is not. I'd do the same think if I were him.

Well..that's that and go with your words Tun. You encourage us and you're a very courages person to be admired.

Regards - crazyfinger

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

I understand if the government is giving you all those posts in order to compensate you for your previous services. However, I would feel more appreciative if the govt gives cash ExGratia instead of giving you those posts.
As an ex oilman, I feel that you are not eligible to be adviser to Petronas even if you are providing it for free. As for Proton, you know they do not need your services and they see you as an irritant rather than advisor.
I believe it is in yours and the country's interest for you to resign rather than offer your services for free as both posts do not justify your presence even for free.

BULLog said...

Apa yang sibuk sangat tetang isu kehakiman selepas pilihan raya ini? Isu yang meleret-leret yang tidak mendatangkan faedah kepada rakyat biasa macam kami ini.Apa yang saya tahu 5 negeri jatuh kepada PR.Sebelum pilihan raya apa yang saya dengar Gemilang Terbilang dan last -last terkangkang.Isu yang besar sekarang ialah harga makanan yang mahal disebabkan rakyat asing terlampau ramai hingga berjuta-juta untuk makan di Malaysia ni.Pemimpin sekarang naikkan gaji kakitangan kerajaan,lepas itu naikkan harga minyak lepas itu semua barang pun naik.Kesannya menyebabkan rakyat gelisah dan menyokong PR.Tun ada memberi nasihat,teguran dan berjumpa dengan pemimpin sekarang tetapi buat de'saja.Saya sarankan pemimpin sekarang Ambik Pencen kerana lemah dan tidak cekap

David Chin said...

I think that it is really unfair for people to expect you to work for free. You have my deepest respect for doing it.

Anonymous said...

This is just a simple gesture with no meat attached.

el isman said...

Salam TDM
Selamat Hari Ibu kepada semua umat dunia.Bahasa melambangkan bangsa.Yang kurik itu kendi yang merah itu saga.Yang baik itu budi yang indah itu bahasa.
Syukur Alhamdullilah

blackdin said...

Whatever you have done, I know it’s for the country. Look at us now; we can be proud of our self. We used to be envious over our neighbors, but not now, we have what they have and more. So it is pointless to comment, unless you have ruined the country and not improved it. I believe you only question those who fail, not those who succeed. I would like to question Badawi, well I hope he'll start his own blog soon. :)

salmiahsalim said...

Salam Tun,

Banyak perkara yang saya dengar berkenaan dengan Tun. Tapi saya sentiasa percaya dan tahu bahawa apa yang Tun lakukan selama ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan hanyalah untuk rakyat Malaysia.

Sedih rasanya melihat keadaan Malaysia hari ini. Ada yang berlakon semata-mata untuk kepentingan diri sendiri dan ada juga yang ingin membalas dendam semata-mata.

Saya bimbang kerana tak tahu apa yang akan berlaku pada Malaysia sekiranya keadaan terus berterusan seperti skarang. Saya mempunyai anak dan boleh kah anak saya menikmati kehidupan yang aman damai seperti Malaysia pada satu masa dahulu iaitu sewaktu pemerintahan Tun.

Saya amat merayu kepada Tun agar, Tun dapat melakukan sesuatu yang boleh mengembalikan Malaysia seperti satu masa dahulu.

Tun, Saya dan ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia akan sentiasa menyokong Tun dan bersedia menjadi tulang belakang Tun setiap masa.

Semoga Allah memberkati Tun selalu dan semoga Malaysia dapat kembali seperti dahulu.....AMIN

STMB said...

Dear Tun,
I would like to seek your view in the recent incidents between Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents and Grand Saga. Until now, the Federal Goverment still do not care and dont give a shit. In fact, FRU and police we brought in to manhandle the crowd. Is there something going on that is allowing Grand Saga to be a big bully? Are there kick backs involved? Please help enlighten our us. Thank you and regards.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,
There is one television show which is simply call “ Money Matters “.

Some people are wealthy, live comfortably and with their minds at ease because their inner selves are intact.

Some people acquired much money, live comfortably but for the rest of their lives, they have to live with unpleasant memories.

"Money isn't everything. It's just most everything", sayeth a certain quote.

My colleagues and I earn a four figure salary. People always say that it is big money. But because of barang-barang naik harga, this so called big money becomes small money. In one typical day, I spend around 3 plus ringgit for nasi campur and 1 ringgit plus for kopi ais. Multiply this by the number of working days per month and that is how some of the money is spent. I remember back to the times when you were Prime Minister. I am thankful that there were bonuses. There are still bonuses now but not as frequent. Sacrifices have to be made in return for a rank. No claims for overtime. As you know, we are just orang-orang biasa. We work in a very chaotic, multi standard and paperfull system. If it is not for the additional allowances, I would still be bicycling to work like many professionals do in Europe. I am glad that there is a further extension of two years after the present retirement age. If you can be a Prime Minister until your late 70’s, I see no reason why the others cannot work until that age too.

Just me,

Abg Mie said...






antubiul said...

Tun Salleh Abas is,were,was and still am a politician, that why he used politics to seek justice rather than the law, even though he was once a Chief Judge. If he and other judges has no confidence in Malaysian way of justices, therefore all those verdict passed by them in Malaysian court should be nullified since the verdict derived form judges who latter commented 'there no justices in Malaysia'.
By the way, Lingam tape is a hoax and Tun should not be call as a witness. What Lingam case got to do with Tun? He the PM and he has the right to hear any suggestion from anyone, even from a 'crook' but at the end he's the ONE who made decision base on his judgement. What the fuss all about. Lingam tape is merely a scam an an act to justify the claims made by opposition and Bar council.They have authenticated Lingam house but have they authenciated Lingam voice and Fairuz? The are many talents out there who can imitate voices and dont forget about technologies out there. If the tribunal made a decission without hearing the full version or even heard from the original recording than there no justice being done here except it it made base on political judgement.

antubiul said...

Malaya Muda,
There nothing happen at Lingam inquiry. You see from my opinion, in the first place they should not call Tun to the inquiry. The constituiton states that the PM has the right in appointing the chief Judges. In fact there should not even be an inquiry. Anyone out there can talk like what 'Lingam' conversation. 'Lingam' is not alone. Go to kedai kopi , they are many who will talk like what transpired there its merely cakap cakap kosong. Tun know the truth. Maybe Tun wanted to politely inform the tribunal that they should not call him as a witness neither there should be a tribunal by merely say 'I lupa'. They should let the police cotinue thier investigation if any law broken. The reality is how to proves that Lingam managed to persuade Tun in apointing the Judges. If you made a decission on some matters, and I suspect you have been persuaded by someone, can I proved it?. Even if its true, but you have the right to made that decission. Lingam has not breach the law, he may breach the 'ethic' for not being proffesional in front of his client. This is merely kow tow or bowing to the opposition and Bar council political demands rather than real justices.

ajiman said...

TUN , ur the man...keep on writing ,l cant wait to see your son in the cabinet :D

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