Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Appointment of Judges

The Prime Minister has announced that judges would be chosen by a Commission specially set up for this purpose.

2. No details have been made public as to the way the Commission would work.

3. Would the Commission actually appoint the judges or would it only recommend the names for the PM to approve or would the Commission recommend directly to the Agong for him to exercise his prerogative? Or would the Agong require the approval of the Rulers Conference? Or would the Conference of Rulers be merely consulted as is done now? Or would they be able to reject the candidate, and ask for new candidates or name new candidates of their choice?

4. It would be interesting to know the full details of the procedures, above all with regard to the role of the PM.

5. The appointment of judges is provided for in the Constitution. If changes are to be made in any way, they must be considered as in breach of the Constitution.

6. To make the changes legal, the Constitution has to be changed.

7. As everyone knows changes in the Constitution can only be made if two-thirds of the members of Parliament in session agreed with the proposed changes.

8. The Government does not have the necessary two-thirds majority. By itself it will not be able to change the manner with which the judges are chosen. It can only do so if the opposition supports it by at least nine votes.

9. Is the Government proposing to work with the opposition on this issue, and so display its weakness? Will there be a quid pro quo, a bargain with the opposition? It would be interesting to see how the PM proposes to deal with this.


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Unknown said...

Semoga Allah terus memberkati akal dan fizikal Tun untuk terus menyumbang kepada negara.

Anonymous said...


Apa khabar Tun? Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki kepada Tun. Izinkan saya link this blog to my blog.


Conspiracy Theorist said...

Dear Tun Dr.Daddy,

Alhamdulillah you finally start your own blog which I think is high time due to the unanswered accusation and questions thrown to you. I believe you are still among the best leaders in the world. May you be healthy and strong in the coming months and years to rights the wrongs..

SAY NO TO NWO!! (New World Order)


p.s i'm honored to be among the earliest to post this comment, heheh..

Shahabudeen Jalil said...

Tahniah pada Chedet dengan blog yang baru ini. Harap2 lepas ini senang la sikit kami nak dapat update tentang pandangan Chedet pasal hal-hal politik negara nie. Selamat berblog kepada Tun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun, the idea comes from those who can only think 30 days ahead.... not 30 years ahead...

KZSO said...

YABhg Tun,

Tahniah and congratulation Tun! We really miss you... miss your intellectual, genius, wits, and of course your trademark sarcastic reply and comments (that smile and "apaa namaaa...")

A very big-big-big-big thank you for leading our beloved Tanah Melayu and all your deeds, sacrifies and contributions for our bangsa, agama dan tanahair. Only ALLAH SWT can repay all the things that you have done to us. We really owe you a lot Tun!

May ALLAH SWT bless you and Tun Hasmah with good health, prosperity and long life!

Thank you again Tun and we LOVE you!

drputera said...

at present it seems that the whatever comissions being announced still at the end of the day, the final say would be left to the PM.

In other word " Wayang Kulit"

Good to see U Blogging.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,
Congratulation on the creation of your own Blog.

I am of the opinion that the proposed changes is not comprehensive. The implication of it is not considered thoroughly. Aspects of interference and conflict of interest may surface and create bigger issues.

What should be done in my humble opinion is that the 'process' and 'criteria' in appointing the judges should be carried out rigorously and objectively by the PM himself who should seek advise (opinion) from various parties in the government. Thank you and take care.

Srazali Aripin
PhD Scholar
Brisbane Australia

eventscookingandalacarte said...

yahoo welcome tun

eventscookingandalacarte said...

welcome to blogsphere tun...looking forward for your ideas and commentary. As u can see nowadays malay politics is just shameful be it umno ,pas or mata biru. people are upset not because of the policy but the hypocritical leadership. islam hadhari no update also .

Apanama said...

Welcome Sir! We, Malaysian citizens, need you more than ever now to save our beloved nation from 'Ali Baba and his 4th floor thieves'.
May God Continue To Shower His Blessings On YOU & Family.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mahathir

What is wrong with working with opposition if that means we bring justice to this nation? In which way, it shows the Government's weakness. Everyone knows about the Government's weakness. Even a kindergarden student can count that ruling party has so much numbers and opposition has so much.

On the contrary, please admit that you were the main cause of destroying the judiciary. Because of you, now I am afraid to go to court even to claim back something that legally belongs to me because the opponent of me knows the right people at the judiciary.

alangtrio said...

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya hasrat kami untuk terus bersama dengan Ybhg TDM tercapai. Semuga Allah sentiasa memberi rahmat kepada Tun.

Tok Mila said...

I hope MT being the most popular blog will continue to post your articles. I will give you my attention, God Willing via your blog.

I have the total conviction that you have the rakyat's interest in my mind and I hope I'm right.

Your analysis on the PM's plans with the appointment of judges is timely and important. Pak Lah is not very smart at all and like always, has again shot his mouth without thinking.

Pak Che Det, how about commenting or giving your suggestions on how to make the Judiciary a truly independent arm, free from the grips of the Executive branch.

Tok Mila said...

Dear Pak CheDet,

Your thoughts on this issue is timely and important. Pak Lah is not very smart and he shoots his mouth every time.

What are your thoughts on separation of the Judiciary from the Executive branches?

Truly Malaysian said...

If the BN needs to cooperate with PR to push through constitutional amendments, that is certainly a sign that democracy is alive and well in this country of ours. It would also be within the intention of the founding fathers of our constitution, as they set the high hurdle of a 2/3 majority for changes to the fundamental constitution of our country in order to ensure that the government of the day could not abuse its majority in parliament. We, the citizens of Malaysia, have neglected the importance of this hurdle in the past to our detriment. Now we have redeemed ourselves.
It may be a sign of the weakness of BN, but it is a sign of the growing strength of democracy in our country.

Unknown said...

Dear MM

Working with the opposition does not mean showing ruling party's weakness. On the contrary, it demonstrates the maturity of the ruling party. To work with all elected representative of the rakyat irrespective of the political persuasions for the benefit of the rakyat and the nation is more important than party politics.

I am very disappointed that you being an elder stateman of the nation still think along party line rather than putting the interest of all Malaysians first.

Anonymous said...

Just to see whether I could post a comment, hard to believe that until now there's no comment on your blog, my dear ex-leader.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun

Congratulations to you and welcome to the sphere of weblogging.

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I had always wanted to send to you a photo taken by me when Raul Castro visited you at your residence, Seri Cahaya. I was with the delegation that came that day.

You can view this photo at:

I will be most happy to send to you the original if you would want the copy.

With warmest wishes and best regards.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

On your point No 9, why would cooperating with the Opposition imply a weakness on the part of the current administration? Why does the 'Opposition' always have to be equated with an enemy? Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

A. Asohan

Anonymous said...

Tun, I cannot understand how you can equate "working with the opposition" in order to reform the judiciary as a "display of weakness" on part of the government.

Shouldn't national interests prevail over partisan politics?

In any event, the issue of a quid pro quo with the opposition does not arise. The opposition has always called for measures to safeguard the independence of the judiciary.

In fact, the opposition should propose for the setting up of a Commission that makes direct recommendations to the Agong.

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir,

Congratulations for able to start blogging and interact with the citizens of the cybersphere, directly.

We would love to hear your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Asm Tun? Terima kasih kerana atas kesudian Tun mendakan webblog Tun sendiri. Sejak Tun di "BLOCK" oleh media arus perdana,saya seumpama hilang arah bagi mencari saluran saluran memperolehi atau membaca pemikiran Tun. Webblog Tun sangat dinanti nanti rakyat yang kehilangan halatuju pemikiran "wayforeward" diri dan bangsa. Oh yaa...Pak Lah Tun seumpama tak ada langsung pemikiran way foreward diri dan bangsa,apa lagi negara.

tokapi said...

Assalamualaikum Tun!

Tahniah di atas kelahiran blog Tun sendiri... sudah lama saya menantikan kehadiran Tun untuk 'berblog secara rasmi'

Mudah-mudahan dengan kehadiran Tun berblog, akan menambahkan lagi pandangan-pandangan bernas dan pencambahan fikiran di kalangan anak muda..

Terima Kasih Tun!

Anonymous said...


It's good to see you blogging.

You've expressed personal opinions on a broad range of topics these last few years, and now you'll get to read what ordinary Malaysians think of them when they post their comments on this blog.

Whatever happens, keep on blogging.

It's not everyday that people get to hear what a former Prime Minister of Malaysia has to say about the country, although some might argue that that doesn't apply in your case because you talk too much ;-)

Best regards

Anonymous said...

As usual Tun, your thinking always beyond what other can comprehended. Yes, I agree that it would an interesting on how PM will handle this issue with the opposition party. And Tun, may Allah bless always upon you and your family

Anonymous said...

Mr Prime Minister:

It is sad a person of your stature would actually say that because the Govt. does not have the required 2/3 majority, it should not work with the opposition on important issues that might benefit the nation.

The cornerstone of democracy is the existence of a vibrant and meaningful opposition. The fact that both the Govt and the opposition can work together on this important issue means that both recognise the good of it for the rakyat.

It is also noteworthy that while there is mention of the proposed Commission, there is no mention of the state of the Judiciary. While I do not wholly share the common sentiments expressed of the 1988 Juducial crisis, it is a common perception that the Judiciary is mired with controversies and the proposed appointment of the Commission is very important.

I agree that the constitution of the Commission is also important. It should also be independent of the PM's decision or the PM should accept the appointment proposed by the Commission.

Now that the Commission has been proposed, believe me, the rakyat will never forgive either the Govt nor the opposition if either or both of them renegade on the promise to see it through in a way acceptable to the rakyat.This is not like the Police Commission. It goes beyond that.


Anonymous said...

Salam, Tun.
Apa khabar? Teruskan menulis Tun kerana saya tak pernah bosan untuk membaca tulisan-tulisan Tun.

penyoo said...

Tahniah Tun. Semoga perjuanganmu yang ikhlas sentiasa diberkartiNya.

Anonymous said...

Welcome and Selamat Datang to dunia maya Tun Dr M! Saya harap blog ini akan dapat memberi pandangan bernas dalam hal-hal semasa, dalam mahupun di luar negara. Dan jangan lupa, bukukan blog ini tiga bulan sekali untuk tatapan mereka yang tidak boleh melayari Internet!

Perjuangan belum selesai? hehe


sokong_kerajaan said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir... At last, the long awaited blog of yours is out... Thank you so much... We have missed you and your witty comments.

Da Real Deal said...

Sir, welcome to the world of blogging.

The system needn't be changed if the players in the current system are straight. I presume they are making these changes on the assumption that there is no independence in the judiciary.

The Prime Minister is also inferring that he, along with the judges who sit to propose cannot be trusted to do so with a lucid mind and a clear conscience.

While he concedes to the pressure from people who usually votes the other side, the PM remains silent on your call for a commission-like Presidential Council in UMNO.

In fact, we should just abolish the Supreme Council altogether and maintain a Presidential Council instead with fewer people but with greater influence and stature in UMNO. 40 useless people sitting in the Supreme Council is a waste of space and provides for false glamour.

I'm wondering now if the Judicial Commission will be set up in time before his departue in December.

orang kampong said...

Asm Tun,

Tahniah & terima kasih. Dgn adanya web blog Tun, rakyat berpeluang mengikuti pandangan serta teguran Tun secara langsung.
Semoga ALLAH swt sentiasa memberikan Tun kesihatan yang terbaik untuk Tun terus berkhidmat pada agama,bangsa dan negara.

Muzamir Hj Ismail said...

Asalamualaikum Tun,

Tahniah, dah berapa lama kami semua menunggu untuk tun adakan blog sendiri.

Raj Kumar S. said...

Hello Tun, wishing you and family good health and happiness!

Ahmad A Talib said...

Syabas and welcome to blogosphere Dr Mahathir! You realise that bloggers are referred to as gobloks? Enjoy blogging! One word of advice - you must update regularly and frequenly. Salams

Nilesh said...

Hi Tun.

I told my friend about your blog and some of them are too nervous to leave any comment. They've no clue what to say to an ex-PM. With this blog, you have become more... apanama... approachable.

Looking forward for your future posting :)

pizet said...

i'm impressed... welcome to blogger n i'm a big fan of dr mahathir

orang kampong said...

Asm Tun,

Dengan adanya web blog Tun ini,rakyat berpeluang memperolehi maklumat secara langsung dari Tun. Semoga AKLLAH swt sentiasa memberkati perjuangan Tun. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. M,

What's going on with Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. M,

If the revamp of the appointment system is good for the Rakyat, I believe the Oppositions would jump into it quicker than BN itself, so why are you so worried about the Government not getting enough support from the Opposition?

The only doubt you need to have is perhaps wether the Government is sincere in carrying out this good deed, or are they just saying it as matter of political rhetoric?

I for one do not think that anything great will be done and appointment of Zaki, the UMNO lawyer is just a good example of Government's conceeted effort to erode the judiciary independence.

TheSadArab said...

I am an Arab Muslim, probably your biggest fan. Malaysia has become my home for the last 13 years. You will always be a hero to many of us who are yearning to prove our ability as Muslims to contribute to the well-being of this world in a positive way.
Whenever I go back to the Middle East, the notion that I came from Malaysia with a business proposal, your name is mentioned with a smile and a wish that my world, the Arab world have few (clones) of you to lead it out of the mess we are in.
You are a hero there, more than in your country, not because you stood against Western double standards or of your outspokenness, but because you have been the mastermind of Malaysia development, growth and prosperity, something other Muslim leaders have failed to deliver for their countries for the last few hundred years.

May Allah bless you with good health, contentment and more wisdom for many years to come. So that we learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun Dr. M
You're the only Malaysian PM I admire so far!

Anonymous said...

Finally, you are in! Senang nak join your chorus.
Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

Congratulations for your new blog. I salute you for how you carried yourself on the recent Hard Talk interview despite offensives from host Sakur. Someone else in your place would have crumbled or at least stammered.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Welcome to the blogging world..

Semoga Allah panjangkan usia Tun..

east43street said...

Dear Tun,

I am so glad that you have finally started a blog. I agree that appointment of judges is a delicate matter. If anybody ever try to breach the constitution, rest assured it will be brought to the court.

Keep on throwing questions to whatever intentions by both government and opposition. Both parties most of the time forget that the country still has a constitution.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun!

Tahniah diatas pembukaan blog sebegini.. Kami berharap agar dapat mendengar pandangan Tun setiap kali isu semasa dan isu lampau yang cuba diputar belitkan oleh 'Budak Tingkat 4' dan juga 'Budak Tak Kerin Hingus' ..

Semoga Tun serta isteri dirahmati olehNya.

Julian Kok said...

Congratulations on starting a new blog and I wanted to say many many thank you for what you've done to our country. Thank you!

Kindly regards,

Billgates said...

Dear Tun,

Congratulation for setting this blog to share your knowledge with the rakyat.


pharmalogik said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers, TUN

Anim said...

We respect and love you still

Meng said...

Hi,i want to say hi to you Tun.

As I Was Saying... said...

Dear Tun Dr,

Good to know you have started to blog.

Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. M,

If the revamp of the appointment system is good for the Rakyat, I believe the Oppositions would jump into it quicker than BN itself, so why are you so worried about the Government not getting enough support from the Opposition?

The only doubt you need to have is perhaps wether the Government is sincere in carrying out this good deed, or are they just saying it as matter of political rhetoric?

I for one do not think that anything great will be done and appointment of Zaki, the UMNO lawyer is just a good example of Government's concerted effort to erode the judiciary independence.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
Lets hope that your new blog is the beginning of a work towards better harmony and peace in Malaysia. You have gone through so much in the making of Malaysia's Success. That makes you one of the very few who knows what is best for the country and people. Best regards..Wai Lam and Ai Wei

Anonymous said...

Fantastic ... semuga Allah terus bersama perjuang yang IKHLAS ... dari Bumi Melayu Lancang Kuning

Khee said...

You brought many developments to our country. I really admire your intellectual and your outspoken personality. Things that you quote though is rather sarcastic sometimes, but they are utterly true. How i wish you were still the PM of Malaysia. Though i am a "2nd citizen" (not Malay)of Malaysia, i fully support you.

Continue to speak up the truth.

fki said...

May god bless you and family.Your contribution towards the nationa will be highly remembered.

Anonymous said...

I salute you for being a visionary and fighting for the betterment of the country. Thanks for being my PM.

KS Cheah said...

Dear Tun,

Welcome to the blogging fraternity. May you and Toh Puan Dr Siti Hasmah continue to enjoy good health in the years to come.

Bergen said...

You're on my list of blog hop, sir.

Sweatyman said...

Dear Tun,

What too you so long to start this blog?! I am so happy to see you in the blogosphere (should have seen you in this realm long ago!)

Hope to see more of your solid write-ups here, and share your views and wisdom with the fellow Malaysians.

May God bless you forever.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

I'm proud for being Malaysian for having you as our Prime Minister for 22 over years. You have made Malaysia well known all over the world. Everytime when I was in overseas, when people asked me where do I came from - Malaysia, they never missed to mentioned Malaysia has a great Prime Minister in you, Sir and I'm proud of it. May Allah will grant you with long life and good health for you to contribute further for the well being of Malaysians. I must confessed to you sir, that you're my wonderful Idol.

Unknown said...

Congrats for the blog Dr.Che Det. Been waiting for this long time.

Finally I get to see how you think and use your case studies & war strategies in our daily life.

" Knowledge never dies " & " Think what you see and not what you want to see "

best regards
Brother Love

Anonymous said...

Selamat datang ke alam maya. Semoga Tun dapat membuka satu lg dimensi baru dlm kebebasan media di alam maya

keekeat said...

Congrats on joining the blogging world, where you can express your thoughts and opinions without the constraints of being censored. Looking forward to more comments from you.

Knights Templar said...

Welcome Sir ! The Moving Finger writes;
and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

Charlsen said...

Gembira Tun juga membuat blog macam ini utk kita komen, tapi ini blog adakah betul betul Tun yg tulis sendiri?


Tahnniah Tun.
Kita amat menghargai jasa baik Tun kerana, memang tidak dapat nafikan sama sekali Tun merupakan seorang pemimpin tersohor negara dan sukar dibandingkan sama sekali dengan mana - mana pihak.
Mungkin, perbezaan pendapat dalam isu - isu melibatkan politik telah menjadi satu jurang perbezaan antara pemimpin negara dengan Tun sendiri.Masing - masing mempunyai perbezaan pendapat dan juga pendapat masing - masing.Inilah dikatakan demokrasi bersuara.
Apa pun, kita berharap jangan ada pula pihak - pihak yang tertentu menyalahgunakan pendapat Tun untuk kepentingan politik mereka kerana kita tidak mahu lagi suasana "POLITIK AMBIL KESEMPATAN" ini digunakan untuk tujuan tertentu kerana kelantangan Tun memang ada makna yang tersirat dan tersurat tetapi, kami amat kecewa juga apabila melihat dengan keadaan poltik negara sekarang.UMNO sedang berbalah sesama sendiri.Dimanakah destinasi perjuangan kita? Bak kata Tun - Perjuangan Belum Selesai !


The Malaysia that we are living now is Tun Mahathir Brainchild.

sir, Please help to "heal" "your" BN. It needs your touch now. But in a gentle way please.

May god bless us sir.

Punithan Shan. MD

alioh said...

How I wish someone with your intelligence and strength of character is leading the country now rather than a lembik pak.

Anonymous said...

I saluted you, Tun, for sharing with us your great thoughts and feelings. It is true that the brief outline of proposed Malaysian Commission on Anti-Corruption has been splashed in the mainstream newspaper but the structure of proposed Judiciary Appointment Commisssion is still a little 'illusion' and it seems there is no foundation to establish one.

alioh said...

welcome to the blog world and we looking forward to hear what more u have to say

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the new born of this blog. Many things has happened in Malaysia. Although you have retired as a PM, it is always interesting to know about your thought towards the current economy and the future of the country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Salam sejahtera buat
Tun Dr Mahathir,

Semoga Tun senantiasa sihat untuk terus memberikan pandangan dan nasihat kepada pemimpin2 yang ada masa kini.

"It takes one hundred years to get one leader like you for Malaysia."

Syabas and semoga panjang umur.


alioh said...

Tun what do you think of the demand by the Christian that they have the right to use the word Allah in their publications? They say the Arabs has been using it but since when the Arabs is our role models? I think we shud take the context of how the malays using the term here, the societal context and not quoting the Arabs or follow thw Arabs example just because it's convenient for our argument. Next the Christians will say the Muslims and the Christians God is one of the same since we use the same term to refer to it. Yes God that created us is the same but shouldn't people have the rights to identify with their own God rather than be forced to accept that all Gods is the same. What do you think of PAS support of the Christians demand? Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be racist or anything but enough is enough. We Malays have to give and give and give until we got nothing more to give then only the non-malays will be satisfied.

Scrapperbaru said...

Dear Tun,

Sbg generasi saluran 3 kami mempunyai sedikit pandangan terhadap pembentukan kerajaan baru. Apa yang kami harapkan adalah kematangan ahli2 politik khasnya MPs dalam membincangkan, menterjemahkan dan melaksanakan isu-isu kepentingan nasional. Contoh yang amat ketara adalah perbalahan dalam Parlimen semalam yang mana terlalu ketara perbalahan isu-isu remeh dikalangan golongan yang menerajui NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA. Baik parti pembangkang mahupun pemerintah, masing2 sekadar mencari salah dan bukannya mencari penyelesaian terhadap isu yang jauh lebih utama demi peningkatan minda masyarakat tempatan.
Kami mengharapkan agar Yg Amt Brbhgia Tun dapat memberi komen bernas terhadap perkara ini. Terima kasih atas perhatian.

Anonymous said...

Nampaknya tahun ini seperti sudah menjadi tahun bagi para pemimpin dan ahli politik negara memulakan BLOG. Sememangnya ianya adalah suatu perkembangan yang amat menarik dan mudah-mudahan akan dapat menyumbang lebih banyak "Constructive Comments" instead of "Destructive Comments".

Sebelum ini saya hanya berpeluang membaca tulisan anak perempuan Tun (Marina) di blog beliau yang begitu bernas bukan sahaja untuk masyarakat Malaysia tetapi juga masyarakat antarabangsa.

Seperti yang diketahui ramai, Tun memang suka menulis. Namun, saya berharap agar Tun tidak terlalu sibuk sehingga mengabaikan kesihatan Tun.

Looking forward to see your new writing...

May God bless you in each and every moment of you daily life...

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Semoga diberkati selalu. We miss you. And we are worried about our beloved country.

amerhadiazmi said...


Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir, congrats for having a place for us to tell you what we think about you.

Despite the developments(precisely building hard concretes) you brought to malaysia is fairly appreciatable, yet, in term of media freedom, judiciary independence, corruption rates, you are nowhere better than your successor, you are only smarter than him that you know how to hide the problems.

Anyway, it's a right move for you to criticize the government. Just please don't add in your personal emotion.

BUT, the thing that I can't agree with you, is you've been trying to arrange the next PM.

Nyna's Hus said...

Dear Tun,


Maybe at 82, some will probably think you are too old for this and you should spend more time enjoying your old days with grandchildren etc, but for you I guess age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!

Teruskan Tun, the game is still on! Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing!

All the best and many are looking forward to, hopefully, constructive and open minded discussion.

Nyna's Hus,
Copenhagen, Denmark

gram.kong said...

Dear Tun,

Welcome to the world of blogging.Hope to learn more from your experience and wisdom.

May I have your permission to link your blog to mine.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah Tun bangsa melayu masih memerlukan pandangan2 kritis Tun.Wlu byk jugak kaki2 ampu,harap2 Tun teruskan teguran demi memperkasa bangsa kita.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I absolutely love to read your writings.. and now i have more.... double yay!!

kaiti said...

Salam! Tun
Welcome to Blogger World!

Terima kasih atas pejuangan mu kepada negara dan bangsa!

menguba suasana Politik Malaysia!keranamu!

Anonymous said...

Salam! Tun
Welcome to Blogger World!

Terima kasih atas pejuangan mu kepada negara dan bangsa!

menguba suasana Politik Malaysia!keranamu!

Unknown said...

Tahniah Tun,

One pertinent question thats bothering me regarding the announcement by PM Abdullah Badawi that all the judges including Tun Salleh Abas will be paid ex gratia for offences that they have committed,is that act not a contempt of court ? your comments please !

Thanks and Salam Hormat,

Major(R)Hj.Anuar Abdul Hamid

madhopper said...

Dear Tun,
Welcome to the blog world.
I do like the way of yours to rule Malaysia but please don't close bloger's comments even its a bad comment but not rude on you.
We know you are not "sleeping".

Anonymous said...

Tun, you are great... we still need you and your comment on a lot of issue.
Your view and comment are much more further compare us.
Pls continue given out your comment in order to inprove the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tun,

How the Commission actually appoint the judges or if it would only recommend the names for the PM to approve or otherwise is still better to have Lingam s/o Vincent to select and get your rubber stamp as approval?

I think in whatever small way our country is heading for a better direction than the 22 dark years under Tun.

Anonymous said...

Finally, I have been waiting for the day you start your own blog! Tun, personally you are one of a kind and you are a person I admire for your contributions to Malaysia and yr efforts around the world during yr tenure as PM and for always saying it as it is!


dr.ku said...

Salam Sejahtera Tun,

Tak tersangka dan amat bergembira mendapati Tun ber"blog". Saya amat menghormati and gemar mendengar keberanian Tun berucap dan berhujah terhadap topik, negara Msia tersendiri ataupun isu negara barat. Akan tetapi, sikap keberanian Tun kebelangkaan ini amat membimbangkan saya, kerana pada masa gawat dan dengan kerajaan yg seakan goyah ini mungkin akan merugikan rakyat secara amnya dan negara secara khususnys.

Dr. Ku

Malaysian Truly Asian said...


You're the best!!

Keep on rocking.

Anonymous said...

morning Sir,

i'm Lim,now studying in Moscow medical school under JPA schorlarship..

before the country send me to study overseas,i never felt so terhutang budi to Malaysia..

i watched how u speak in public and i really admire your wit and steadiness..

i'm going to be a doctor, not a polician like you did.. but i really hope tat i'll have a portion of your spirit and semangat..

maybe in your next public speaking you can include this message to malaysian people..

people of Malaysia should think not what the country can do for them, instead, they should think wat they can do for the country..

and Malaysians should stop tearing each other down and start lifting the country up..

eddy said...

Salam Hormat Tun, just dropping in to say welcome and how excited I am that you are actually blogging. The first book you wrote that I read was the Malay Dilemma and I have been reading many of your books and speeches ever since, it has influenced much of my perception and thinking. I pray that you will be in the best of health so that you would complete your memoirs and continue to strongly contribute towards a strong and vibrant Malaysia.

Many of us greatly missed you since your retirement and whatever speeches or interviews that you give since then is a special occasion in itself. Your self confidence and the language in your speech is awe inspiring, just wished that your predecessor had only 1/3 of your abilities, Malaysia would not be in a muddle right now.

In a bid to reenergise his waning premiership Pak Lah is embarking on half baked reforms like how the judges are supposed to be nominated which does not lead to anything fruitful much like his forgotten sloganeering campaigns like Cemerlang,Terbilang and what nots.

The truth of the matter is and I agree with you Tun is that Pak Lah need to go now so that UMNO and BN can regroup to face the next PRU13.Pak Lah is a weak leader, just look at the ruckus in parliament yesterday,it would never have happened under your watch Tun. TQ.

Anonymous said...

Syabas, Tun
Pandangan,pengalaman dan kritikan Tun terhadap dasar kerajaan
Persekutuan/Negeri yang tidak menguntungkan rakyat masih diperlukan oleh negara.
Terima Kasih.

Walski69 said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Tun!

While I must admit that I don't always agree with your points of view, I do think they are always worth a read, usually well articulated, and thought provoking.

I look forward to reading more in time to come, God willing...

Bahtar Mujid said...

Ybg Tun,
Laman web yang ditunggu. Mudahan mudahan Ybg Tun akan menegur dan memberi bimbingan yang sawajarnya...pada scenario politik tanah air

yiemega said...

Kehadapan Ayahnda Tun Dr. Mahathir,

tahniah kerana kini telah mempunyai blog sendiri...Terima kasih kerana memberi nasihat kepada kami berhubung kedudukan DS Abdullah....

Saya menyokong pandangan Ayahnda 100%

Sudikah Ayahnda letak link blog saya kat blog ayahda?

saya telah pun letak link ke blog Ayahnda di blog saya.

Akhir kata terima kasih di atas jasa-jasamu selama 22 tahun budimu tak termampu saya balas.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to you sir in launching your own blog.
wish you will be able to contribute for this beautiful country till your last breath because the country does not have a price for your contribution neither do we all Malaysians

calvin said...

Dear Tun,

It is a very much welcomed move to see Tun to start your own weblog and it will provide a platform for all of us to hear your opinions first hand. This is more so for people like me who is currently studying in oversea to get a deeper thoughts from your perspectives.

I am looking forward for your postings from now on and may God bless you always.


Benedict Lim said...

Dear Dr. M

Support u forever!


Dato' Azaran Abd Kadir said...

Akum wrt.

Moga Tun berada didalam keberkahan disamping keluarga tercinta.

Saya bersyukur akhirnya rakyat Malaysia dapat berinteraksi terus kepada Tun. Alhamdulillah.

BUT Please take care of your heart. Its sad when you sound pain.

Moga Allah berkati segala usaha dulu dan seterusnya oleh Tun untuk kami rakyat Malaysia Semua dan memberikan kesejahteraan dunia dan akhirat terhadap Tun Sekeluarga.



Paul said...

dear Dr M
welcome to the blogger world

many allegations are made against you, but nobody has come with any solid proof.

during your term in office, the
kopi shop politics called you 10% PM....?..i do not know why, but just like sheep i followed the masses.

the decline in judiciary is attributed to you. now i have some doubts as there are some skeletons
in tun saleh closet, that nobody knew about.

there are many things both big and small that we are angry with you, because it affected our personal lives....but than again collateral damage would be acceptable, for the good of the nation.

i myself call you a tyrant, but don't get me wrong, i mean this in a goodway, because sometimes if you are not one, you could not have archived what malaysia is today..that much i appreciate you.

then in anwar's case, i do not know
the complete story, because being a commoner we are not privileged to the information. but what ever it was, i must say you did a good thing, meaning that, because of what anwar went through, it has i believe changed him for the better.
if not, he would have gone on to PM after you and noting would have changed in BN.....same old corruption,cronyism,ect....
so bcause of those events 10yrs ago , we now have the Pakatan rakyat..which i believe should be good for malaysian politics for check and balances.

in away you played a very important role in changing the climate of malaysian politics as seen today.

so how can i be angry with you? may not be what you wanted, but events played out such that the change in malaysia today, is good for all malaysians...and you should take some credit for this.

all about food said...

Congrates Tun and welcome to world of bloggers. My concern is Malaysia is loosing our personality as a "well respected country". Another concern is the direction of the leaders in Malaysia, the corruptions,Cronyism and being greedy. can't we have a true leaders without having all those bad qualities. can't malaysia leaders today work for rakyat sincerely and truthfully without gaving any back end agenda

Anonymous said...

Dear YABhg Tun Mahathir,


Teruskan perjuangan Tun and I believe millions of Malaysians are behind you. We still need you Tun to bring our country back to its glory.
I wish you and Tun Hasmah great health and looking forward to reading all your brilliant thoughts and opinions.

Thank You and All The Best!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.M,
First of all,thanks alot for your great leadership.You're one of the leaders i admire.
i would ask something,maybe its personel;
why you're proud of being a Malay rather than an Indian?

no hard feeling pls.thank you.


Haris Awang said...

Keep it up, Tun. I also have some photos of your old house in Jalan Kilang Ais, Alor Setar. See:

akatsukiotoko said...

Good Evening, Tun,

Welcome to the blogsphere.
You had always been my idol of Malaysia. Your good name was always mentioned no matter where i go. When we talk about our country, your name will always be mentioned.

We still need your guidance to lead the country even though you had retired from the politics. I wish your thoughts and your words could once again change our country again. God bless Tun.

Again, I still loved my homeland through my heart even though i am away from my beloved homeland.

Thank you very much.

Tokyo, Japan.

Anonymous said...

Tun Che Det,

Aiyoh, I thought blogging was just for us lallang by the filthy drains! I don't think you have the time to read and filter the hundreds of comments that come your way. You must have assistants to do this job. I don't think this Blogger Blog programme can handle the volume of traffic that Tun will attract in another few days. I thought Blogger was just for people like me walking the streets with T-shirt and shorts hoping to make a few US$ through Adsense!

Welcome to blogosphere, Tun!

Anonymous said...

When I read the Star online newspaper this morning ... I shouted big "Wow!!" to my wife! I couldn't believe Dr M is blogging. Well done Sir!

Keep going and hoping you will giving more constructive comments and ideas to counter all the dilemma happen in Malaysia.

As a citizen of Malaysia, I do hope that more transparency disclose from current goverment to the public. Malaysia is a mature developing country and should making more progressive move toward in order to achieve as develop country by 2020.

Cheers from UK!

Mat Salo said...

Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

Rocky summed it right: The blogosphere will never be the same again.

In the space of a few months the Malaysian 'blogosphere' has changed completely. Not too long ago a young brash upstart, notoriously known by his acronyms - has likened bloggers to monkeys. Eventually he too has turned to blogs. And now we have our own most respected elder statesman joining the fray...

Welcome Tun and we look forward to your thoughts and more often not there will probably be disagreements. Please forgive us because in all probability we have never had the liberty to see the 'big picture', often missing the woods for the trees, so to speak. The important thing is to share your views and get a healthy debate going.

It's about time, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Tun Che Det,

Aiyoh, I thought blogging was just for us lallang by the filthy drains! I don't think you have the time to read and filter the hundreds of comments that come your way. You must have assistants to do this job. I don't think this Blogger Blog programme can handle the volume of traffic that Tun will attract in another few days. I thought Blogger was just for people like me walking the streets with T-shirt and shorts hoping to make a few US$ through Adsense!

Welcome to blogosphere, Tun!

Anonymous said...

Assalammaulaikum Sir.
Thank you for having this blog. I am sure there are many others, who like me, have been waiting all these while for you to have a blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you very much for your vast contributions to the nation and the world.

Teruskan perjuangan demi kebenaran.

Thanks again.

my life said...

i waived to your wife from the t-box the other day, and she waived back!!

please blog often, although I don't agree with you on everything, but I respect your opinion and wish for the same things for our country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for starting this initiative, i'm a malaysian currently based & living in scotland & really appreciate this direct method of approach and correspondence with you. Albeit all the negative things hordes of people have to say about you, you are truly the father of development and modernization for our country, your wisdom and foresight is unmatched. Keep it up DR M, keep all these new age primadona politicians in check and balance. God bless you with a long life and good health. This country always has and always will need you.
Syabas Tun

Unknown said...

Very warm welcome to the digital world Tun Dr M, where many untold stories unveiled and has awaken many Malaysians.

Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan sihat sihat belaka.

PS: I'm looking forward to your lecturing in London

my life said...

i waived to your wife from the t-box the other day, and she waived back!!

please blog often, although I don't agree with you on everything, but I respect your opinion and wish for the same things for our country.

HangLekir said...

Assalammualaikum wmt, Tun,

Tahniah dan syabas saya ucapkan kpd Tun kerana sudi membuka bloq sendiri. Saya sangat menantikannya sebelum ini. Dengan adanya bloq ini saya rasa dekat dgn Tun.

Semoga Allah swt lanjutkan usia Tun dan sentiasa merahmatkan Tun dgn kesejahteraan. Sesungguhnya tiada rahmat Allah yg lebih besar dan bermakna selain dari SEJAHTERA.

Selamat berjuang demi membela kesejahteraan umat Melayu/Islam di Malaysia, khususnya orang Melayu dalam UMNO yg terbabas arah perjuangan politiknya gara-gara pengganti yg Tun amanahkan itu tak laksanakan tugas dan amanah bangsa, agama dan negara.


Azzah 'Izzat' AR said...

Salam Tun,

selamat datang ke blogosphere!

saya dah bookmark blog Tun dan mohon izin link drp blog saya..

perjuangan takkan selesai, Tun..

semoga sihat, tabah dan diredhai Allah SWT.. salam pada Tun Hasmah..

bayi said...

Salam, Tun.

Your presence in the blogsphere is long overdue. Welcome.

I love reading your books. And it's a pleasure, I am sure, to hear you share your thoughts in this blog.

I truly consider visitng your blog as one of the pleasures I have.

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum tun
semoga sihat selalu..saya ni peminat tun sejak darjah satu lagi..

srenmaloh said...

Assalamulaikum Tun,
I am so glad/ happy that you start your own blog. This show that you have advanced another milestone in your historic premier leadership. As a Sarawakian, it have been a long time for me to figure out one of the channel to get communicate with you. More to say am just an ordinary human that come from one of the remote areas in Sarawak (Marudi, Baram).
Dear Tun, you have insipred me to be the one of Malaysian that loved this country. Like other Malaysian, the current scenario of Malaysia politic has press another bell for us, youngster to be more cautious and serious in together developing our country. We've realise who the mence among our society. Thank you very much Tun. Wish you a good health and blessed by Allah. Sarawakian love you!

zaitgha said...


Thank you for blogging...reading yours will be the first thing for me when browsing the net from tomorrow onwards....

lokety said...

Thank for joining the voices and power of the Internet, Dr M. I encourage you to continue to speak up for the common good of Malaysia.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Yes, mahathir, may you be strong and live long. Long enough to see what went wrong. You did do right. But you did much wrong when you manipulated the judiciary. You played with the lives of the rakyat.

matlap said...

assalamualaikum tun
nampak gaya dok sehat elok lagi no!!
boleh tak cerita mai sikit Tun dok makan vitamin apa...
semoga panjang umor dan hidup penuh dengan amalan kebaikan...

Unknown said...


welcome to blog world

kas said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Alhamdullilah,dengan adanya blog ini menjadikan kita rakyat Malaysia lebih dekat dgn Tun mengutarakan idea2 yg bernas dan proactive.
Saya menyokong benar sekiranya Tun masih dapat memberi pendapat kepada suasana politik sekarang,kenapa dia orang di atas sana begitu angkuh sehingga menolak Tun.
Tun mesti turunkan Ilmu secukupnya kepada ahli perlapis yang akan menguruskan politik Malaysia.
Saya mintak kepada sesiapa yang masih berkuasa dengarlah pandapat Tun demi perjuangan demi Agama Allah dan Bangsa Melayu

Zoomer said...

Selamat datang Tun,
It's an honour for being able to leave some comments on your first ever post in your own long awaited blog. Semoga Tun berupaya meneruskan segala usaha Tun selama ini untuk memaju dan mendewasakan Malaysia dengan idea dan pemikiran yang bernas dan brilliant. Nampaknya perjuangan Tun tidah pernah berakhir... Selamat berjaya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir

Congratulations on the launching of your Blog...

I have a request to make of you(if you do allow me)

my request is that you reveal why tun salleh abas the former lord justice was dismissed.they are only telling he was dismissed but no reason was given to why it was/had to be done.

From your track record you only make decission or advise the agong if you have a good reason for it.can you please reveal this 'mystery'?


Nagara said...

Masya'Allah! Ni perkembangan yang baguih jugak. Bolehlah masuk All-Blog supaya selamat daripada ISA. Tapi, kalaulah kena juga, zikirlah sampai depa lepaskan dua tahun kemudian. Dulu Che Det sendiri pun buat begitu juga kan? Aduih!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

Thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

berjuang untuk iman dan islam....
buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih...
banyak berdoa supaya menjadi umat yang bertaqwa...
berjihad untuk akhirat...
bukan untuk dunia....
aman makmur hidup bahagia....

ibrahim yahaya said...


Semoga ALLAH SWT memanjangkan umur Tun untuk menegur individu Melayu yang menyeleweng dan menderhaka kepada bangsa, agama dan negara.

Saya amat tertarik dengan sikap rendah diri TUN dan kesungguhan berterusan untuk mempelajari Al-Quran termasuk menggunakan teknologi bagi memudahkan pencarian maklumat dalam kitab suci umat Islam.

Saya diberitahu oleh seorang ustadz yang "terasa malu" kerana TUN sendiri yang mengejut beliau untuk bangun mengimamkan sembahyang Subuh. Saya diberitahu oleh seorang ustadz bahawa TUN mahu mengambil sendiri batu untuk melontar sedangkan beliau sudah menyediakannya. Saya diberitahu oleh tokoh korporat, TUN mengarahkan harga 4WD ditawarkan pada harga yang mampu dibeli oleh orang Melayu kerana sedih melihat ramai orang Melayu "terbunuh" dalam kemalangan kerana menaiki van dan tidak mampu membeli 4WD.

Jika mereka mengetahui "luar dan dalam" mengenai TUN, sudah pasti mereka tidak tergamak untuk menghina atau memperlekehkan TUN. Jika mereka tahu bagaimana TUN membela seorang pemimpin kesayangan TUN, barulah mereka tahu bahawa perkataan "zalim dan fitnah" itu amat jauh daripada peribadi TUN.

Apa pun, manusia tetap manusia. Yang baik datangnya dari ALLAH SWT.

nwar said...

Salam pak Tun,

Much long overdue blog i must say! Wishing you good health and happiness.

zarul said...

Welcome to the world of blogs Tun! Keep on writing your thoughts and ideas...

Anonymous said...

tahniah dan selamat datang ke blogosphere...

Syaheema Hamidon said...

salam TUN...

terima kasih atas segala jasa dan sumbangan Tun kepada negara selama ini...

Dato' Azaran Abd Kadir said...

Akum wrt

Alhamdulillah syukur kerana akhirnya Rakyat Malaysia dapat terus berinteraksi dengan Tun syukur. But please take good care of your heart COS its sad to hear you in "PAIN". Moga Allah swt berkati usaha Tun baik dari dulu hingga seterusnya dan memberikan keberkahan dan kesejahteraan pada Tun sekeluarga.

Salam and tq

Anonymous said...

Selamat datang ke dunia blogger..
Semoga blog ini dibaca oleh TUn agar ianya tidak menjadi blog sawang seperti blog2 lain kerana blog ini akan mewakili Tun.. Pembaca akan menganggap apa yang ditulis memang datang dari Tun sendiri.. Jadi harapan saya agar Tun mesti mengetahui apa yang ditulis di blog ini.... Semoga blog ini akan lebih telus dari blog lain..

raveendran nair said...

Welcome to cyberworld, TDM.


Hi Chedet,

Being a newbie in blogging you got to learn fast and catch up with new and latest technologies.

Welcome to blogging!!!

Even the former PM of Malaysia have to jump to blogging..... that's Malaysia, Free Malaysia!!!

As long as Pak Lah helms BN, BN will face slow death, drastic changes are needed failing which UMNO and BN will cease to exist.

A new world order is in the making and Malaysia will be part of it. Time is running short, I don't see anyone capable of saving BN in the horizon.

Happy surfing Chedet.

Anonymous said...

kabare tun,
selamat datang ke era blog.bloglah dengan bijaksana dan jangan tersalah langkah dengan mengambil blog ali rustam sebagai iktibar.


Anonymous said...

semoga tun sehat dan teruskan perjuangan tun

U r my idol said...

Dear Tun , we love your voice, p/s continue voice out your views,u are the best.

The Lost Soul said...

Tun ...welcome to the cyber world...its great that you have start blogging ...can read more on your views...i dont trust thestar and tv3...its better to get the news and views directly from you ...

moon said...

salam tun. welcome to world of blogging. i'm ur fan since young. really admire how u lead our country. good luck tun! may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,
First i would express my deepest congulation to your new blog.

After 8 of March,Its seems that our PM still has not come to his sense and not knowing what is wrong with his leadership after you handed power to him since 2004.I agreed with your thoughts that the people voted the opposition not because we agree or believe the opposition.Its because after our new PM came into power these few years.We did not see any progess in the country.Also it seems that he did not know what the people really wants for him and his goverment.What he really knows is what his "family"wants.I must say that your words to BN is really what the people wants from him.

Lastly,I would like you to know that we really miss you and very proud to have you as our PM.It was you that made all Malaysian proud of.We really owe you alot.

May God gives all his blessing to you and Tun Hasmah with good health.Thank you again!!!

othman said...

Dear Tun,

Saya dan keluarga mendoakan semuga Tun dan keluaraga dilimpahi rahmat dari ALLAH. Semoga Tun sentiasa sehat dan dipanjangkan umur.

Kami terhutang budi kepada Tun sebagai pemimpin teulung negara.

Menulis dalam blog Tun seolah2 kami sedang berbicara dengan Tun.

Salam dari kami sekeluarga.

A Hamid's East of the West said...

Salam Tun,
Semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati Tun & isteri serta keluarga. Dugaan2 yang besar2 yang Allah swt turun adalah untuk orang2 yang dikasihi. Saya menyakini Tun orang yang dikasihi. Teruskanlah perjuangan untuk anakcucu demi agama, bangsa & tanahair.


JungleBlogger said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Tun. You have done a lot to Malaysia - including your decision not to censor the net.

A lot of bad things have been said about you as if you've contributed nothing at all during the 20 years leading the country!

If not for Tun, I'd have not been blogging and making a living online today. You make Malaysians believe they can. "MALAYSIA BOLEH".

God bless you Tun.

From Bintulu. Sarawak

dhiyamirza said...

salam sejahtera Tun,

Pemimpin seperti hanya ada satu dan tidak akan ada pengganti yang lain. saya ucapkan terima kasih yang ketakterhinggaan kepada Tun kerana telah menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang berdaulat di persada dunia. Terima kasih..

Anak Bumi Bertuah Malaysia

IPOH MALAY said...

Selamat Datang di ucapkan kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad alam blogsphere. Hari ini, 1 Mei 2008, Ayah Tun secara rasminya melancarkan blog melalui publisiti akhbar Utusan Malaysia. Kehadiran Ayah Tun ke blogsphere amat di nanti-nantikan oleh segenap lapisan blogger yang sepemikiran dan mempunyai pandangan sealiran dengan Ayah Tun, kehadiran Atah Tun ke blogsphere merupakan pelengkap jentera pemikiran yang menuju ke arah cita-cita Ayah Tun. Selamat Datang Ayah Tun!

We welcomes our all time intelectual leader, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad that officially being a members of the blogsphere community on the very dramatic May 1st 2008. Publicize by Utusan Online, it was the moment that long waited by bloggers that sharing the same thoughts with you, sir, and that never failed to loose faith supporting you alone without you leading us. The machine is now working perfectly. Welcome Ayah Tun.


Unknown said...

askum Tun/ayahanda

pertama sekali tahniah kepada Tun kerana dengan adanya blog ini dapatla kami dari pelapis warisan negara dekat dengan Tun dan juga ingin meminta pendapat dari Tun.

sejak Tun melepas jawatan pada 2003,pelbagai masalah yang dihadapi oleh kami ,golongan pelajar IPT mengenai dunia MSC yang semakin hilang keberkesannya ..
dan kini 2008,cyberjaya masih dah mencecah usia lebih dari 10tahun..tapi apa yang kita lihat..arus pembangunan semakin suram dan hilang dari pandangan masyarakat ..status MSC kini tidak tertumpu kawasan segitiga tapi boleh bertapak di mana mana,kesan nya pelajar IT sukar untuk mendapat pekerjaan di peringkat global sekiranya ia berterusan.harap Tun dapat membantu kami di cyberjaya
..sudah 4 tahun di cyberjaya tetapi semakin hari semakin suram..ibarat padang jarak padang tekukur..

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun,

Satu wadah yang amat kami semua tunggu dari Tun...sesungguhnya Tun telah membentuk keperibadian kami rakyat Malaysia yang mahukan kebaikan kepada negara..bukan macam pentadbiran sekarang ni...

Teruskan menyuntik kami dengan idea dan semangat...hanya Allah yang mampu membalas jasa Tun kepada Malaysia dan rakyatnya...

Anonymous said...

Of all the comments left on this blog, none of them are replied by the author.

Anonymous said...

I really do not know what to say but this is just amazing..thankyou Tun.

halim said...

at least pak lah did apoint a comission for choosing or apointing the judges.. not like in your era where judges were apointed by gambling tycoon and drunk lawyers..

Kim Chow said...

Dear Tun Che Det

Sir, you absolutely amaze me! With so many people (largely anonymous) still screaming and spewing obscenities at you in cyberspace, you still dare to start a blog.

I feel ashamed that I did not have your kind of courage. I used to have this fear that people would use my blog to bash me up or whack somebody else. And, if they can’t bash me up in my blog, they will whack me in their blogs.

Welcome to blogosphere!

Ummu Salamah said...

Salam..Tun Mahathir..
Hope u will enjoy blogging!
May I link yours?
Please have a look at my blog..
Ilal Liqa'

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikuim TUn,

I am very glad that I can post something in your blog...macam dapat cakap sendiri dengan Tun lah...sebenarnya i have always wanted to meet you and Tun Hasmah since I started working and voting in the 80's...but never got the chance...
semoga Tun dipanjangkan umur & murah rezeki selalu. You did not fail the people (esp. Malays) It is the people who failed to carry out your vision and it is your political subordinates who have failed us all...

Anonymous said...

Salam..Tun.Saya adalah salah seorang rakyat Malaysia yang amat menyanjung kepimpinan Tun. Semasa era pemerintahan Tun, saya menyokong setiap tindakan Tun. sehinggalah kehari ini.

Sughu said...

Dear Sir,

Malaysia needs a leader like you now which I think is critical to reinvent Umno and Barisan Nasional as a whole.

If the current situation is allowed to go on without any drastic makeover of Barisan ( specfically Umno , MCA , MIC , Gerakan) , I dare say Barisan will go to the dumps before the next election if not sooner.

I have not witness any reinvention of the parties ideology , approach ,actions etc except squabbling about old and stale issues and politics.

Some in Barisan have woken up especially YB Datuk Ong Ka Ting.

I am a Malaysian first and my root is Indian the same way Americans identify themselves and I am damn proud to be a Malaysian.

But my wife , infant son and I are classified as Non-Bumiputra. My one month old son will grow as a non-bumiputra even though he is the son of this soil.

Its time to treat all citizens equal under eye of the law and amend the constitution.It was something that needed to be done 50 years ago for peace but now something need to be done another 50 years of peace and progress

May God bless you and wife

Concerned Father of a new born baby

lupo said...

Assalamualaikuim TUn,

I am very glad that I can post something in your blog...macam dapat cakap sendiri dengan Tun lah...sebenarnya i have always wanted to meet you and Tun Hasmah since I started working and voting in the 80's...but never got the chance...
semoga Tun dipanjangkan umur & murah rezeki selalu. You did not fail the people (esp. Malays) It is the people who failed to carry out your vision and it is your political subordinates who have failed us all...

Anonymous said...

arap mung tulis baik2 chedet..welcome Tun !!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mahathir

Tahniah. Webblog Tun sangat dinanti nanti rakyat yang kehilangan halatuju pemikiran politik semasa

josh said...

Congrats Tun,

glad to see you blogging.SAve malaysia from the weak man. I do not know what he & his team have achieve till todate. New leadership needed for Malaysia.
May God bless you with good health & wisdom.

Umno Garang said...

Tahniah Tun..Semoga panjang umoq dan berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera selalu untuk berjuang demi kebaikan agama, bangsa dan negara. Terima Kasih yang tak terhingga atas segala jasa Tun terhadap negara..Semoga Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik Tun selama ni kepada negara

Danielle_Corleone said...

Salam Tun! saya nak bertanya, kenapa zaman Tun tiada Cadangan-cadangan untuk membebaskan Badan Kehakiman dari campurtangan pihak-pihak tertentu, dan saya nak minta Tun komen isu VK Lingam.

Anonymous said...

Hidup TUN!

dalam politik saya tak pernah mengata tun.

alhamdullilah tindakan say betul sebab tun tak pernah buat kesilapan besar.

Saya rasa apa yang tun buat baik untuk negara dari dulu dan sekarang.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir.

Selamat datang ke Dunia Blogger. Semoga hanya idea yang baik dan jujur sahaja yang Tun 'blogkan'.

Semoga kekalutan seperti yang kerap berlaku dalam BN dan UMNO dapat dihentikan.

Banyak kekalutan UMNO yang perlu Tun usaha untuk selesaikan seperti terpapar disini:

shahnir hizal said...

Pak Lah - Mahathir's choice. A tradegic choice. So, you wanna decide again?

Unknown said...

Hello Fiq Life baca paper pasal Blog Tun, Hurmmm terus bukak sbb tak sabar dengar pandangan Tun... apa pown korang masuklah blog fiq.. ewahhh promosi plak aklu kat sini..

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr. Mahathir,

Firstly, good to hear that you have finally joined the blogging world, a new dawn for Malaysia.

I would like to seek your comments regarding the case of Altantuya and where Najib, Rosmah standing is in regards with the case ?

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,semoga Tun dikurniakan umur yang panjang, kesihatan yang baik dan berkekalan..dan sentiasa u been the BEST..SIFU...baru Tun tegur cikit..dah begegar semua...tq Tun..skg br rakyat tau..sapa Mr.Clean yang sebenar...skrg baru menyesal..alangkah indahnya..n baiknya kalau Tun masih memimpin negara ini..yahudi pon takut kat Tun....may Allah bless u tun..

Watan Marhaen said...

Once you said the alternative media as irrelevant and rubbish but today you seem to have eaten the humble pie and today you have also befriended the alternative media like the MalaysiaToday.

We still remember how you treat your opponents very well. We'll never forget that and finally God is great since you are no longer the PM!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

I believe you made a blunder when you chose Pak Lah and going to make another one by lobbying for Najib.

In short, you need to correct the mistakes done earlier and you know for a fact that Anwar is far better off than these two clowns.

Be a gentleman and admit your mistakes. You were misled by other ministers who were envious of Anwar's relationship with you.

Anonymous said...

saya dan Keluarga sangat sayangkan TUN....Semoga TUN di panjangkan usia dan di berkati Allah S.W.T dalam perjuangan yang belum selesai.

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

Dear Tun M,
I think it is stupidity of the first order on the part of Pak Lah's government to entertain the demand from the opposition to reform the judiciary. Only a weak government will have no choice but to succumb to such pressure. What a pity!!
There is nothing wrong with the judiciary system. Why the need to reform?
I just wonder if you would agree with me that the present judiciary system is intact and there is nothing wrong with it, except maybe the choice of people running the system could be haprak and HP6.

Edyes said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Pertama sekali saya ucapkan tahniah kepada Tun kerana telah menjadi salah saorang daripada bloggers.

kedua, jika berpeluang, saya ingin mendengar penjelasan Tun di blog mengenai

"Siapakah yang paling layak menjadi PM selepas Paklah"

saya sebagai rakyat biasa tidak nampak siapa di antara Orang2 UMNO yang layak menjadi PM selepas Paklah.

adakah ianya Najib Tun Razak ? atau Muhyiddin Yassin ? atau ada peluangkah si Ali Rustam?

saya tidak nampak...

mungkin yang saya nampak cuma bekas 'acting prime minister'.

edyes said...

Assalamualaikum ...YBH Tun
Dari saat Tun meletakan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri "JIWA DAN HATI SAYA KOSONG" kerana memikirkan nasib dan masa depan negara tercinta tanpa tampuk pemerintahan Tun..semoga Tun dapat memberi cetusan idea sumbangan serta pandangan untuk rakyat yang sentiasa mendoakan kebahgiaan dan kesihatan Tun.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,
Terima kasih kerana membuka blog. Bukan senang nak baca atau dengar pandangan, pendapat, kritikan atu nasihat Tun sekarang. Dengan adanya blog sendiri, tentulah lebih mudah bagi Tun menyampaikan apa yang terasa ingin disampaikan dan bagi kami pun satu peluang untuk terus bersama Tun.
Saya pun baru belajar berblog. Jadi selepas ini tulisan-tulisan Tun akan saya jadikan sebagai sebahagian dari kandungan blog saya. Jika Tun menulis dalam bahasa inggeris, saya akan terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Malaysia untuk saya kongsikan di blog saya yang menggunaan bahasa Malaysia sepenuhnya.
Terima kasih Tun kerana menjadi pemimpin yang baik serta sangat berjasa kepada bangsa, agama dan negara selama 22 tahun.

Saya... said...

Salam Tun,

Welcome to the's the one can bear to be left out...heh heh...even TUN...

Kuden said...

Saya SAYANG kan TUN ...Semoga TUN di panjangkan usia dan di beri kesihatan yang baik oleh Allah S.W.T dalam meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai

Anonymous said...

Hardly believe this is Dr Mahathir. Gimme prove then i could believe

Anonymous said...

Askm.Tahniah kerana lahirnya blog Tun yang ditunggu selama ini.saya berdoa agar Tun sentiasa sehat dan dapat melahirkan pandangan dan nasihat yang berguna untuk negara dan bangsa.Perjuangan Tun belum selesai selagi hayat dikandung badan saya harap Tun terus berjuang demi menegakkan kebenaran.Semoga Tun dipanjangkan umur dan sentiasa dirahmati ALLAH.

HarlymYeo said...

Tahniah atas kewujudan blog ini Tun! Pandangan Tun sentiasa saya hormati dan hargai. Ini barulah betul2 telus dan terus. Tak lah macam sesetengah laman hanya membuka ruang untuk rakyat menghantar warkah tapi tak interaktif langsung. Barangkali atas sebab keselamatan kot. Whatever it is, you are the best Tun! Keep on blogging!


Dear Tun,

Welcome to the blogsphere!

It has been long overdue... You are the promoter of ICT. It is only natural that you be a part of its phenomenal growth!

As for the amendment of the constitution to accommodate the commission, I believe this is one amendment that will get the backing of the Pakatan Rakyat.

My reasons are:

1. The judiciary has been a favourite subject of the opposition.

2. The appointment of judges has always been a point of contention among opposition politicians.

3. Supporting Abdullah on this issue is therefore a natural choice for the opposition.

4. It is to the opposition's benefit to have Abdullah as the PM and Umno President. This will enhance the position of the opposition and their chances of toppling the BN in the next GE.

5. Has it not been obvious to all of us that some opposition leaders have resorted to attacking anybody who attacks the PM.

6. The opposition wants Abdullah to continue as PM as this is good for them. So they will definitely support any move to amend the constitution to accomodate the setting up of the commission.

Thank you and best of luck.

p/s I heard you have gone back to horseback riding. Enjoy!

Detguaq said...

Salam TDM,

Even I'm a bit late, it is better than never.

Frankly, I cried n the mid of my reading all comments from bloggers. Can never stopped my tears from fallig\ng on my cheeks.

Why I'm crying? Coz majority of us truly need your lead n ideas as well as attention to the nation.

Why Allah give us this challenge ot our beloved country? Only He know the right answer.

Anyway we are feel so greatfull to be involved in your blogged where negative and positive reactions will pour into the same bowl.

aliya said...

Congratulations Sir! One of the great things about blogging is that you get immediate response from your readers. Do continue to be bold in your comments and actions. And please reply to our comments either here or in your next post :)
May Allah bless you and your family

IPOH MALAY said...

Semoga Tun terus merungkai kekusutan yang dihasilkan oleh benang-benang tersembunyi yang semakin merosakkan.

Semoga Tun memberi jawapan kepada beberapa persoalan yang dinantikan.

Semoga Tun mengetuai kami dengan rumusan pemikiran.

Semoga Tun memenuhi harapan kami menentang rejim ketempangan.

Semoga Tun melihat perubahan yang kami perlukan.

Semoga Tun aman ke akhir zaman.

Unknown said...

sebelum tun mempertikaikan sistem perlantikan hakim negara yg telah dibuat atau di umumkan (yg mana saya fikir satu langkah positive)
apakah perlu kita kekalkan sistem yg ada sekarang yg amat rapuh dan di pergunakan oleh pihak2 tertentu. berkenaan dgn penglibatan pihak pembangkang juga saya fikirkan adalah adil yg mana prinsip demokrasi di amalkan.

salam hormat

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