Friday, May 30, 2008


Touching one million hits among bloggers seem to be something to be celebrated. I was told that most bloggers will congratulate each other when one of them hits the million mark, and call the one millionaire.

Some bloggers have described my achieving the million mark within a month of my first posting as something phenomenal; one even suggested that it may be a world record of sorts.

I do not know whether it is.

To me, what is more important is that I have managed to generate enough interest to get that kind of traffic in my blog.

It is quite an experience to be a blogger even though I am only a month-old.
Much as I saw the importance of cyberspace during my tenure as Prime Minister and hence my commitment to the setting up of Cyberjaya and pursuing the Multi-media Super Corridor (MSC), I did not envisage that I would one day be a blogger.

I note that now the government has recognised the importance of the blogs. It is proposing to have its own blog. But more importantly the mainstream media are now quoting from the blog and even dare to write on formerly forbidden subjects.

This is to be expected as many people no longer read the mainstream papers or watch television. The NST circulation has been reduced to an average of 135,000 daily including free and discounted copies for hotels, schools and airlines.

Unless there is instruction to spin news from certain quarters, the mainstream media might become irrelevant.


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vin_ann said...

Congras on Million views.

i never know got such thing. Tun are the 1st blogger i know who hit 1million.

2 million is coming.

Kucing Mafia said...

I'm joining first comment club !!!

Nice Job Tun.

Bobob IMC said...

Assalamualaikum Tun...

keep blogging...i salute you big boss...

Kai Wah said...

Tahniah Tun for being a millionaire within the short period of blogging!

emykina said...

Dear Tun,

I'am not a blogger but I really really love to the first to congratulate u. we met once during my convocation. since then, i've been one of your supporter. I am sure there's a lot of people out there that support you.

wishes u all the best and good health..

Bobob IMC said...

check this out Tun...

mrjefe said...

Well Tun, I suppose like you, there are many who have to learn to embrace change. The rules of engagement have changed and all credit to you for making the digital leap.

johnny said...

Congratulations Tun, We will always on your back to support you :)

csense said...


good day, i would like to find out where i can access video on your talk to OIC, world conference etc, as i found its educating and interesting to listen

your supporter

Unknown said...

Congrat tun...

Among the millions, i will always be one of your followers...
youre my idol.. thanks for your hardwork cause you deserve it..

anna said...

Tahniah TUN!!

the mainstream media might become irrelevant. :-)

love u TUN

jaga kesihatan TUN

nv said...

Congratulation Tun!

You are superb enough to blow off Pak Lah via internet. Your writing will be remembered even the time will come. Bravo Tun. Even im not your supporter in ideology of Party, but Im showing my full respect to you as you are the only one.

Amirul Haq

Reza said...


Amazing work. Enjoy reading your blogs.

All the best for the future. Hope to catch one of your talks in the near future.

Zaid@Zaidel said...

Tun...Tahniah sbb capai hit 1 juta.

moosia said...

Congratulations ... :)

faizazmi said...

Tahniah Tun!

Nadly said...

Yup...i'm agree with you...

Congratz...And may God bless you.

Nyna's Hus said...


Congratulations and please continue writing good and interesting topics! Peerjuangan Tun belum selesai!!

Nyna's Hus

Unknown said...

congrat Tun...see u back next month for the 2 million hits

mioraffandy said...

congrates tun.....ini adalah satu pencapaian yg amat baik bg new blogger mcm tun..apa apa pun saya skang menanti dengan penuh minat komen2 yang bernas dr tun setiap hari dan saya harap pak lah n the gang akan letak jawatan dlm UMNO...saya adalah pemuda yang lahir di zaman tun memerintah dan mmg berbeza sgt dgn sekarang..tidak berminat langsung dengan apa saja ucapan dr paklah dan agenda negara beliau itu.....

ASHAR said...


TUN punyai maksud tersendiri menyertai BLOG ini. Dan kami yakin merupakan platform terbaik untuk menegakkan kebenaran.

Salam perantau

angkatan langcang kuning

philcp said...

Dear Tun,

Congrats on entering this esteem club. Your thoughts and writing has always been a source of inspiration to us true Malaysians. Keep it up.

Rosli said...

Assalaamualaikum Tun,
Di harap Tun dan keluarga dalam keadaan sihat Walafiat

I would like to congratulate You of this phenomenal achivement, Im sure its a world record. Tun Mahathir boleh.

Kami sentiasa bersama Tun demi perjuangan yang murni
Terima kasih Tun

Boon Yew said...

Heartiest congratulations, Tun! You may possibly be the oldest millionaire blogger. You do us proud. Mahathir Boleh! Malaysia Boleh!

Nandre The Legend said...

tahniah dr. M...

itulah impak seorang leader yang betui.....

theescapism said...

Dear Tun,

I wish your blog is not only a blog, but your blog can be achieved as the 'hot' ice breaking and transition to your citizen+nation+world's mind and ACTION. Not only into politic arena, but in all great critical thinking to transform all your readers into 'something' great.

'Some' of us needed to be lashed out, so that we can 'really wake up'!

A month to celebrate and I wish another month to be truly enthusing!

syidi said...

voicing out your ideas via blogging really effective these days..

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Congrats on the super achievement of a million hits in less than a month. I never fail to read your writings and find great value in your thoughts and often presents me with another perspective to view things esp your thoughts and speeches about the horrors of war.
Keep on writing Dear Tun. There is much to learn from you. May God bless you and your loved ones with continued good health, joy and fulfillment in all your endeavours.

~Lady_D~ said...

Dear Tun..

for me, you are one of the great leader. your leadership was the most highest achievement for Malaysia, u bring thousand of changes and million of achievement.. it just people out there, i mean some of them tend to forget those kindness and sacrifice u brought to us and Malaysia... yeah.. you right, Melayu mudah lupa!

p.s.. keep on your good work by posting ur views and thoughts in this blog.. i would definitely visit your blog everyday..

Kitty's Bloggie said...

NST is boring, let's face it. the mainstream media sucks at its best thanks to its lacklustre content and most lean towards the government's favour! To rub it in, we all know what are the edited(cut) portions... back then, without the stupid office politics as the nst editors kept changing, nst was the best.
p/s: congrats on the million hits!!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah TDM.Ini blog yang paling mendapat perhatian walau baru berusia sebulan.
Ini juga menunjukkan betapa banyak rakyat biasa di luar sana yang mempunyai banyak pandangan samada baik dan buruk kepada pemerintah sekarang, juga kepada senario politik sekarang. Setiap pandangan itu tak seharusnya dipandang sepi oleh pihak tertentu. Saya berpendapat ada baiknya para pemimpin UMNO yang di atas sana tu menjenguk2 blog, tak kira la blog BN ke atau pembangkang...kerana kat situ banyak komen orang2 yang suka dan tak suka.....Bila la agaknya mereka ni nak sedar? Kapal dah nak karam!!


u"Much as I saw the importance of cyberspace during my tenure as Prime Minister and hence my commitment to the setting up of Cyberjaya and pursuing the Multi-media Super Corridor (MSC), I did not envisage that I would one day be a blogger."
Neither did I envisage that I would place your blog as my default home page.

Your wisdom has encouraged and enlightened me to be concerned of the future of this country and the world which I had irresponsibly neglect.


Unknown said...

Congrats Tun. As a Malaysian, I think its important if you could speak soon about ways and means in which we can use to counter the rising inflation, the mundane economy and the future of our foreign relations. Perhaps, you could also tell us why Anwar Ibrahim is someone who should never become PM. Please expose the hypocrisy of the man before Malaysians start seeing him as a viable alternative.

Mohd Hazreen Rashid said...

Syabas TUN.



Dengan hit counter ini, kami yakin suara TUN masih terus didengar oleh rakya Malaysia dan dunia, walaupun terus di sekat oleh pemimpin UMNO sekarang.

Kerana keyakinan inilah, TUN sentiasa di cemburui .di dengki dan di fitnah oleh ramai musuh politik TUN baik dari dalam dan luar negara.

Salam perantau
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

IIEA said...

Remember I posted a comment to your first article in your blog? Heh...I said that your blog will be the most hit blog. :) With in a month your are already blog millionaire! Congratulation tok det!

JB said...

Tun, it's a feat itself to have so much hits in a month. It just shows how much of us are on the virtual world now.

Malaysia's internet community is growing by the day, but yet it seems our network praoviders don't seem to recognize this.

A millionaire champ you are.


Creatures Inspired said...

Irrelevant they are. Now, I do not read local newspaper anymore.

SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Saya amat berterima kasih dgn usaha Tun sebelum ini yg memperkenalkan internet melalui usaha2 Tun sebelum yg menggalakkan industri internet di Malaysia. Walau pun internet ini ada keburukannya, ia boleh dikurangkan dengan disiplin dan kawalan penggunaan yg baik.
Pada masa yg sama kebaikannya juga tidak boleh dinafikan dari segi memudahkan proses merekodkan dan carian maklumat.
Dan sekarang ini, dengan kemudahan internet rakyat jelata termasuk saya tidak akan bergantung sepenuhnya kepada media perdana yg kebanyakannya membawa berita sebelah pihak sahaja dan tidak mengupas sesuatu berita dengan baik dan telus. Dan melaluinya juga rakyat jelata dapat menyampaikan komen dan pandangan secara lebih meluas lagi. Terima kasih sekali lagi buat Tun. Wassalam.

Mr. Right said...

Memang rasanya 1 million visitor within one month adalah record baru dunia. Ramai yang nak tahu apa Che Det tulis. Since sekarang bukan lagi ahli mana-mana parti politik mungkin masa akan lebih lagi diberikan kepada blog ini.

Aku juga rasa tak salah kalau Tun keluarkan sedikit belanja dengan mencantikkan laman blog ini. Atau mungkin Tun nyatakan sahaja hasrat untuk mencantikkannya. Mesti ada pihak yang sanggup sponsor.

blink4blog said...

Congratulations Tun, beside greeting your achievement even as a newbie in the blogging world, one of the main reason why you got so much attention from cyberspace due to your status as ex-Prime Minister.

Nobody will care a normal person's blog as great as yours if they weren't as popular as you. LOLx

Anyway, congrats and hope to hear more from your blog.

Unknown said...



We will support you now and forever....

Keep up your good comments and critics......

All the best !!!!!

AZLAN said...

Salam.. TUN<
semoga sihat sejahtera hendaknya..Tahniah kerana menadapat sejuta pengunjung.Insya'Allah akan byk lagi.terima kasih atas penjelasan TUN,saya amat menghargainya..sekuang2nya TUN ada tempat yg tidak terbatas untuk memberi pandangan dan komen..saya akan sewntiasa mendapatkan maklumat dan khabar dari blog TUN.
terima kasih.

denz said...

Salam Tun,

Lepas ni pecahkan record dlm Youtube pulak!!

Anonymous said...

ayahanda tun..

mereka membutakan mata dan menulikan telinga untuk menghadapi realiti kebenaran yang jualan akhbar arus perdana sekarang ini sangat menurun sekali. dan berita di TV sudah releven lagi banyak agenda mengampu dan berita2 remeh temeh sangat membosankan.

teruskan perjuangan.....

Unidentified said...

Congratulations on your virtual achievement Tun!!~I will support ypu forever and Abdullah soon i believe will be kicked out from the reign!~

Rizwan said...

Well, people with your statue, certainly deserve a million, probably more visitor.

Get well tun. You are 84years old now, not many time left. The heart is willing, but the flesh do not.

I'm sad that i know in another 70years, before i die, there will be nobody like you...

I pray for you Tun Dr Mahathir, may Allah put you in the best place in Heaven. Amin....

Unknown said...


ini menunjukkan kami rakyat Malaysia sayang dan tak mahu kehilangan TUN


Salam Tun, media mainstream tidak mampu lagi menampung kehendak rakyat2 biasa yg sentiasa berfikir jauh dan dahagakan info2 yg telus, membaca tulisan di media mainstream ibarat 'lauk mu tak cukup masin' salam

Harmony said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,


We are with u, always! U have done more good things than bad. In 1981 after taking oath as PM, u said, Malaysia will focus on industralisation, so yes u did! In 1985, Proton Saga was one the road!!! Thats is not even 4 yrs.

But, Pak Lah after taking over as PM said, Malaysia will focus on Agriculture, but after 4 yrs plus, we still buy rice from Thailand. Malay needs to think!!! Do we still need Pak Lah as PM of Malaysia???

Cikgu Rahman said...

Tun..I know that you are an extraordinary person..You got the 'Book of Future'..Like you, our community discuss about the future..Congratulation Tun !!

junkopile said...

tun be careful, later somebody will report to BP??? coz u make million in 30days-luv u Tun

jack3072 said...

Salam Tun,

Congrats...I'm sure you'll hit 2 million by end of June..

Take good care of your health..we still need you..

SiR KinG TiGeR said...

YABhg Tun

I am new to the blog too. I started 1 month earlier than you. through my son, Adli who studied IT at UNITAR. But you are already "The Millionaire Club, I am still "The Million Hairs" Club though at 54, quite an archievement for me too !

Seriously, you had created the interest for the IT, multimedia, etc for Malaysians with your genius ideas to built Cyberjaya, even Bill Gates was impressed ! It may not be a profitable at this stage, but for the next generations it would be so useful.Now you are having the more or less "Mawi" craze with your new blog. So keep blogging !!

Mohd Zaki @ ZeQ
Kelana Jaya, Selangor

sue said...

Salam kepada yang dikasihi Tun;

Yes, you have many supports!!! even the younger generation!
If only older people at kampung can reach this will be even richer!!!

May Allah SWT give you ordinary strenght and good health!!

Zarina Shafian said...

Congratulation my dear Tuk Chedet :-)

Actually, im speechless... banyak sangat nak bercerita dengan tun... i really admire you and proud to beme one of the citizen yang merasa kemakmuran dibawah kepimpinan tun...

Terima Kasih Banyak2 tun... Jasamu akan tetap kami kenang... Bior lantakkan deme yang "Kacang lupa kan kulit" tu... kami rakyat semua kenang jasa tun...

tuntuah said...

Tun M yang ber AURA,

Tahniah...1st 1 million at 12.01am 30hb Mei 2008.

Tiada yang sebaik blog Tun di Malaysia...even DSAI...lebih-lebih lagi la Pak Laa.

Congras to the only one in Malaysia.

Unknown said...

Mungkin "blogging" adalah cara baru
untuk berkongsi pengalaman, pendapat dan memberi kritikan terhadap sesuatu.

Fortune Always said...

Tun, Congratulations !!
Besides some of your family members left the UMNO, who else left ? I do not see any in the news.

HeroTamil said...

Salam hormat salam sejahtera buat TUN serta keluarga,

NOW you,really, ARE a MILLIONAIRE.


Rudy said...

Dear Tun

Congrats for the achievement. You have always been my idol and keep up with the good work.

You are the best PM Malaysia ever had.


Unknown said...

lagi satu.!!
blogging menerusi internet
akan lebih
mendekatkan diri kepada
generasi muda seperti saya.
Kerana saya percaya,
rakyat-rakyat yang wujud di alam cyber adalah dari golongan remaja.
Kerana mereka lebih arif dalm bidang IT...

Joanne said...

Congrats Tun,

Stay good health, wishes from Singapore !!

Zarina Shafian said...

Salam, tun kalau tun kat depan pc la nie... tolong ler hantar email kat saya...

bagi salam pun tak apa hahahahahah

atleast i know that my tun dok baca komen2 kami nie....

take care tun.. kami satu keluarga sayang tun sangat2...

onezu said...

Tahniah tun...ini semua atas visi dan usaha Tun yang membuatkan rakyat Malaysia rakyat celik IT...

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun :)

Congrat :) this is actually a signal that 1 MILLION of malaysian is viewing your blog..1 MILLION of malaysian is support you TUN!..And im sure there will be more of them will come!

Gambateh! :)

Terongpipit said...

Assalamualaikum YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir,

Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada Tun kerana mencapai carta terbaik blogger iaitu satu juta 'hit' dalam masa 30 hari.
Inilah kewibawaan Tun!! Saperti pepatah Melayu kalau asal benih yang baik jatuh kelaut menjadi pulau.
Saya berharap Tun dapat meneruskan blog ini dengan mencana isu-isu 'outside the box' dimana diluar jangkauan pengganti Tun untuk mengutarakannya.
Biarkan mereka terus cemburu dengan kewibawaan Tun.
Biarkan mereka terus terjun dengan labu-labu mereka.... insya'allah labu-labu mereka takkan bertahan lama.

Terong Pipit

Taminsari said...

Dear Tun,

Congratulations are in order!! It is not about reaching the million hits that is important but achieving this in a short period of time - thus you know that a broad spectrum of Malaysians (mostly) read your blogs. Yes, you are responsible for bringing the digital age to Malaysia - your multimdia super corridor, Cyberjaya, your huge allocations for IT, tax incentives, your refusal to censor the internet (this in itself speaks volume of your commitment to free speech!!!). Well done, Tun!. What I missed most are the mega projects which define our country - although heavily criticized at first, these mega projects are the pride of the country now (see the numerous tourist at Putrajaya!!!)and looking at these projects now, we had it a bargain price!!! Can you imagine if these projects are started now - it would cost several times more - as an example Penang Bridge cost a "mere" RM780 million - the second bridge will cost at least 10 times more now - yet nobody is complaining about the need for the second bridge!!!! Wish we have forward/visionary thinkers as our leader, and I fear that we do not have one.


Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

A million is a huge number.I never expected any less from THE DR M. I won a bet actually! My confidence is vindicated.

Anyway, your thoughts are clear and logical despite it is arguable from different perspective.

In contrast the Government is vague, unsure and sometimes plain stupid.

Therefore it is only expected that your blog will generate a lot of interest.The rakyat are more discerning in terms of their thinking.

As for the mainstream media, especially the NST..they just have to remember that the rakyat is not easily fooled.

The fact that they thought they can fool the readers and rakyat is really a sign of pure arrogance.

A few journalist are trying very hard to put DS Abdullah on the pedestal...Joceline Tan, Wong Chun Wai to name just two...but again, readers are not as naive as they think.

Congrats Tun!!...I do hope you did break the world record !!..

Marc said...

Wow congrats . . .

NuaR said...


just for your info, there is a blog about Ezam statement and police report while he is out of UMNO. Click here

By the way, im raelly interested in this...

How do you want to defend yourself on this???

Limster said...

Dear Tun

Congratulations on your landmark achievement. I have to say that I owe you a lot for having the foresight to create the MSC. While it may have evolved into something that has not really lived up to its hype, nevertheless, my life have been changed by the idea. I'm now fully immersed in the IT sector because of it (not an IT grad mind you). All the best

Zarina Shafian said...

Rasa2nya... berita hari ni sentuh tak yang our CheDet's Blog cecah 1M hihihih.....

::sklc:: said...

I believe in your opinions! Keep blogging and may your voice be heard!

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

Raja Petra once wrote that 'they' tried to hack his blog. Im not sure if it can be done though.

Anyway, if 'they' ever try that on your blog - do let us know.We can still protest on the streets!

Im not being paranoid, but these desperate people can do really dumb things due to their paranoia and denials.

Taminsari said...

Dear Tun,

Jamil here again (your No: 1 fan - although others may say the same!).

For your information, there are a lot of kampung IT centres manned by volunteers and I know that they are reading your blogs. So why not have a bilingual blog. With the translation software available, translating your blog will not be a problem - I know that you are a keen user of technology - so give the translation software (which are free from the internet!) a go. But you still have to edit the translated version.


Salam and keep well and safe - we still need you.


k said...

"Many Congrats, Tun!"

Mohamad Hafidz said...


I will always salute & admire you for having this vision when you were in power before, during those times when people were still in the dark about the use of the Internet.

Tun, without a doubt you are our hero eventhough some Malays who are in power now may seem to think otherwise.

I believe that you are a 'think ahead' person and maybe right now you're miles away ahead of most of us in your thinking.

Unfortunately, as you already know your successor seems to be taking 2steps behind every time he takes 1 step forward.

Now without even thinking he is allowing those 'demons' who had slandered & betrayed UMNO and it's leaders before this, to return to the party and they are welcomed with an open arm.

I am sure seeing this is hurting you most.

Dear Tun, desperate needs call for desperate measures. Some say if you can't beat them join them. I don't think this is your style but your successor is doing exactly this.

As an ordinary UMNO member, I support Dato' Mukhriz's call for a referendum to find out whether your successor has the kind of support he thinks he has & I am sure he would be shocked to find out just how many of us, ordinary members out there really support him.

Anyway Tun congratulations to you and to this bloG for hitting the Seven Figure.

May you & Tun Dr. CT Hasmah be blessed by Allah SWT with good health and long life.

Best wishes,


Turf said...

I love to read current issues on politics but hate to know the truth sometimes. I strongly believe there're still many of 'me' out there do always read and follow on the latest issues pertaining to our lovely country.

I've met Tun few months back with Tun's wife. My biggest regret in my life is that i didn't manage to come to you, shake your hand and take a photo with you - and say THANK YOU for bringing Malaysia to where we are right now. You've done a great job to all Malaysians! To repent on my regrets, i would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Tun & Tun's wife on all of your wonderful works. Your great contribution to Malaysia is not wasted at all as millions of citizen who are like myself, do truly appreciate you!

Yours Truly,

ml said...

Dear Tun,
Congrats... good job done. I enjoy reading your blogs and looking forward for more in the future.

thinking_knight said...

Congratulations Tun. Guess it was pretty much expected...was only a matter of time before you would be officially announced as the club member. Love reading your thoughts Tun. I have made your blog my default page now, so everytime i log on and click on my browser, i will get to see what's new from you. Keep it up. More and more please.

cikgurahim said...



Ide-ide Tun sangat bernas.

Penulisan Tun lancar dan menggerakkan minda untuk berfikir.

Teruskan menulis.

Antara pahala yang berterusan kita akan terima apabila kita meninggal nanti ialah ilmu yang kita sampaikan kepada orang lain.


misha said...

congrats Tun.. you have done a great job in developing msia.. im only 19 years old and even i can see how much you have done.. ppl who oppose you should open their eyes and be thankful rather than criticizing you.. thank you Tun for what you've done to our country.. we couldnt have gotten a better leader..

kuchalana said...

Tahniah Tun..

Keep rock on...

HangNadim2020 said...


yes.. it is phenomenal!! Congrats.. Keep on writing...

And yes, I think most of us are quite fed-up with the mainstream media. They only shows either distorted news or the opinion of the 'loud-minority'.

asr said...

With all the respect, Congratulations Tun. So far, i must admit, that Tun's blog is the best blog i have ever visited. Congratulations again for becoming a millionaires.

Farahusain said...

Congratulation on hitting the 1 million view. Keep on writting Tun & take care of your health! I'll alawys be your fan..

ajiman said...

dear tun

u have archive 1 million hits in such a short period. that is great news for u and us..

we need more great post from u tun, im waiting to see what action are they goin to take towards your son, we are with you and your son


Unknown said...

Tun, congrat. Keep it up and march towards billionaires.
Also, can Tun give some words about subsidies? We like to hear your thought about it.
We all know give it will cause problem; do not give also problem.
what is your choose to do, if you are again the PM, and with no worried on any fairness issue?

Amylia said...

Salam Tun...

Masakan sebulan dah hit 1 Mil... saya sorang jaa 2-3 kali sehari bkk blog Tun...tgk kot2 ada posting baru. Keep up the good work Tun!!!

p/s: Dun forget to take care of your health. My prayer always be with you

-Anak Jati Perak-

ckin said...

Salam Ayahanda Tun,

Semalam(29/5/08) pukul 10.22 pagi saya posted a comment and lihat 970k visitors, terdetik dihati saya " it will be reached untill 1 million SOON"...tetapi tak sangka secepat ini.

Tahniah Ayahanda Tun!!!!

Penah terdetik,if all the visitors vote for you for PM, u can win!! ;-)




Semalam saya sudah meramalkan hit TUN akan mencecah 1,000,000 dalam pukul 11;30 ke 12;00, ternyata tepat.

Syabas TUN.

Hit average TUN;

1 minit = 30 to 40 pengunjung.
60 minit= 2000 pengunjung
24 jam = 40,000 pengunjung

Hit TUN tertinggi pada hari hari TUN undur dari UMNO,

24 jam = 83,000 pengunjung.

Satu yang luarbiasa...

Syabas TUN

Teruskan usaha murni TUN

Salm perantau
Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

boymungkal said...

Dear Tun,

I am not surprised. The magic number merely reaffirms your stature, well respected by friends and foe.Congratulations, none the less.

What needs to be done now, in my opinion, is to materialise some of your initiatives and thoughts.Just say the word, dear Tun,and i am sure you will be inundated with another million volunteers, F.O.C.

It is also refreshing that you are starting to blog away from UMNO and politics. Many here are genuinely interested to make this country a better place to live in.

Although we all have our opinion on many things,we are always looking forward for your next gem.

2 million this time next month?

Detguaq said...

Eh eh....

Tun! Tun! Saya orang yang keberapa eh???

Dok ghalit tulis pasai Tun N Mikhriz dlm blog saya, dok tak dok dah cecah 1 juta hit!!!!


Boleh masuk Malaysia book record ke? atau lagi hebat World Guiness Book of Record?


Norhafidz said...

Congrats Tun on a million views! :)

Taminsari said...

Dearest Tun,

One reason for the huge success of your blog site is that you write the blogs yourself - no ghost writers, spokespersons, etc. I am familiar with your writing style and the statement by one of the ministers who stated that you did not write the blog your self is false.

One measure of success of your blogs is not only the number of hits, but the numerous comments received - an average of one per minute!!! Impressive!! Being a speed reader, I know that you at least peruse these comments.

Again, keep well and I always pray to Allah for your health and well being. You have always been a faithful and devoted servant to Him.


PS: My third comment in 15 minutes. Sorry!

oyster said...


You may not know all of us. There will be no Prime Minister like u after this as if in the hundred years to come. I do not know who should i support.

I respect u as I respect myself.


Detguaq said...

Ya ya..... aku pengunjung yang ke 1,031,603....

pakbelalang said...

Congratulations, Tun,

You don't need to spin your story to improve circulation of your "news" items like the NST which is struggling to sell 135,000copies a day. What a shame !! A government link media which has been in existence for 100 years struggling painfully everyday to have its circulation boosted by keeping on spinning,spinning and spinning with all kinds of HP6 stories which have no credibility.

I just can't imagine if you let your blog open to advertisers, I am sure your advertising revenue will be more than what NST can generate.

Keep it up, Tun. You have done a very good deed, indeed.

Now I want to register as a member of your "MILLIONAIRE CLUB". kah,kah,kah !!!

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,smoga Allah sentiasa melindungi Tun daripada anasir luar yang ingin menjatuhkan Tun.Amin..

zainal mokhtar said...

A million congratulations, Tun.That's a million more than Dollah Badawi, and not just because he has no blog.
Come to think of it, I don't think he knows how to blog.
Or anything.
A few friends question me about your continuing criticism of D.B. and I said that if I,as a citizen, have a lot to say about him, you, Tun, have now a million more reasons to speak out.
D.B. is incapable of bowing out gracefully, so it wouldn't be fair to leave him to his own devices. So keep on blogging, Tun.

boyanis sos cili said...

i salute you yb tun.. teruskan menulis..saye akan kembali dengan sokongan untuk tun

L_J said...

Dear Tun,

Many congratulations indeed. It is, though, not very surprising to me, such is your profile and such are the times!

However, are you employing your blog for the greater good of Malaysia or to its detriment? I fear – from reading your comments and the responses of your supporters (by and large racial supremacist Malays) – you are stirring up dangerous racial feelings (as you once did prior to 1969) among your already racially charged up supporters which might ignite into something horrible, which will be a loss to the country and all its people (including the Malays).

Please, for everyone’s sake, moderate your tone and ask your supporters to be careful with their words.


Anonymous said...

Lepas nie akan ada orang buat duit pulak la dengan blog-blog Tun. Bukukan semua posting-posting Tun dan jual. Tapi tak kisah lah, yang penting pandangan,pendapat dan teguran Tun dapat disebarkan kepada orang yang tak sempat membaca di dunia siber.

waksedan said...


tahniah sekali lagi, tak kiralah saya no. berapa.

semoga sehat selalu!!!

Anonymous said...


You are noble man and great leader, there is no reason your blog cannot hit 1-mil within a month. Hope to see 2-mil by end of Jun.


jenn v ariela said...

That is always how special you are Tun!

You have always did what is relevant and necessary because you are far sighted.

I would say I am also part of your millionaire contributor and as a glad one too..:)

alizan said...

congratzz Tun...

semoga Tun sihat sokmo hendaknyee...

azlishukri said...

tahniah, satu pencapaian yang baik dan mengagumkan..

azlishukri said...

Kejayaan yang Tun capai ini sebenarnya sebahagian kecil daripada begitu banyak sokongan kepada Tun di luar sana..

Unknown said...

Tahniah Tun. Saya yakin jika Pak Lah buat blog mesti tak laku punya!!!

azlishukri said...

Saya berharap Tun terus sihat dan mampu memberi pandangan yang berharga kepada anak muda seperti saya..

aishah yunos said...

Tun yang saya hormati,

Slm,semoga Tun akan terus memberi nukilan berguna untuk anak bangsa..

Ramai di luar sana yang menyayangi Tun...

Bukan semua Melayu mudah lupa akan apa yang telah Tun lakukan untuk nagara ini...

Saya percaya nama Tun akan terpahat sebagai salah seorang tokoh nagara yang disegani di Dunia..

Saya dan ramai lagi berdiri dibelakang Tun..

Kami insan2 yang tidak pernah dan tidak akan melupakan jasa dan bakti yang Tun telah curahkan..

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tun!

You continue to take the road less travelled and people will only know your good intentions after a long while...because your thoughts are much ahead of the norm!

You have indeed shown yourself as a leader with vision far beyond the leaders of today!

We salute you for the many breakthroughs you have acheived in your 22 years of ruling Malaysia. I must admit its a record which is hard to match...let alone surpass it!

Take care, and may you enjoy good health and long life!


Hafiz said...

congratulations Tun. It is certainly an impressive achievement. Keep on blogging and I'm sure 2 million mark will be reached soon :)

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun

My 1st commnent in your blog is;

Tidak ada yang dapat mengubah kepimpinan UMNO yang diterajui oleh pemimpin yang berkepala batu dan mempunyai agenda sendiri kecuali dengan kekalahan BN di pilihanraya akan datang.

Selagi BN terus memerintah selagi itu pemimpin anak beranak, pemimpin tak tahu malu, pemimpin ada keris tapi tak tahu bersilat, pemimpin mencarut dan mengarut masih tetap bertahan sambil mengaut kekayaan sebanyak mungkin.

Hanya kekalahan BN sahaja yang boleh menyedarkan ahli-ahli UMNO yang sedang mamai dengan dendangan kemenangan yang tak seberapa dan terlalu rapuh.

Hanya dengan kekalahan BN saja yang boleh mencetus revolusi di dalam parti BN dan ahli-ahli UMNO yang baru tersedar dan tersedak akan bertindak pantas mengevolusikan dari pemimpin-pemimpin yang tak boleh pakai kepada pemimpin yang benar benar berjiwa rakyat.

Kenapa kita perlu takut pada kekalahan. tentera Rasululullah juga pernah tewas dalam Perang Uhun, namun menang semula dalam perang yang berikutnya. Tentera Umar juga pernah tewas tika menggempur tentera Romawi namun menang kembali dalam pertempuran berikutnya.

Oleh itu saya doakan agar BN kalah di pilihanraya akan datang. Mungkin saya dianggap x setia, malah mungkin dianggap sebagai penderhaka, namun kerana 'derhaka' Jebat, Hang Tuah dapat keluar dari persembunyiannya. Kalau Jebat tidak derhaka, pasti Tuah akan terus menjadi orang perlarian didalam Melaka.


diXon said...

Thank you for all that you've done to Malaysia for the past years. I really appreciate everything you've done. THANK YOU!

YJ said...

Tun Dr.M,

I support you for your sacrificied, create a blogger and share with us your idea and experience is a great idea. I have a blogger also, but not like Tun is truely for sharing. Mine one is for commercial and sharing purpose.

Nice Job. A billion and whole Malaysian will see your blogger soon.

Tun, do you like soccer? Euro 2008 is in europe, why we don't have a Asian 2008?

Check this out!

Thanks! Sincerely from YuanJye

Unknown said...

Taniah Tun,

Walau apa pun mereka bilang,One million Views itu adalah satu percapaian, Siapa kata sekarang Tun tak "revelant" lagi..Ha..ha.

Wan Ray said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
I am your visitor # 1,032,884 and I have been an ardent follower to your blog site.

Congratulation Tun for joining the millionaire club.


wils0nlai said...

Congrats Tun,

You're a now celebrity in the Malaysian Cyberspace.

Honestly, I no longer read from the newspapers because what they reported wasn't 100% true.

I'd rather read blogs where people actually had an encounter with the incident and blogged about it.

Not professional but at least it's honest reporting.

RUUMS, KL said...

Dear Tun,

Congrats on your Million Views in your Blog! Wishing you great Health and Longevity...

azmaaan said...

aslmkm tun,

respect tun la, tak pernah senang duduk dgn politik tanahair, bawa la berehat tun, renung2kan apa yg salah tun buat dan lebih sedap byinya muhasabah diri sbb tak pernag dgr tun terima kesalahan n jgn la sampai ambang maut baru nak muhasabah


shahrul said...

Syabas Tun!

Depa semua dok tunggu Tun tembak lagi nih kat Pak Lah... geng kami semua dok tunggu saja....

min yee said...

Congratulations Tun!

Disappointed to miss your autography session at KLCC yesterday. Hope to meet you one day soon.

Take care.

killua said...

Dear Tun,
Congratulation on the million hits.

i would like to say thank you for all the things that u have done for us.we are very proud of u.

take care and may god bless Tun and family.

Unknown said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

Congratulations to you for clocking the one million mark within a span of less than 30 days.

Actually, I'm always on the lookout for new postings in your blogs.

Congratulations once again.

Ruzies said...

Congats. My family are behind you always. Keep up the fantastic job. I believe love is the answer to world peace.All religious teachings preach love thy neighbour.So lots of love from my family to you and your family.

NFH said...

Salam Tun the greatest leader of modern era,

Now u know how powerful u are even without any post in hand. Congratulation Tun.

Still remember how the ungrateful Shahrir Samad told reporter that u are not relevant anymore.

Wonder who will remember him after his retirement which might be soon following the non-stop increasing in food prices.

Ok Tun, lets go for 10 million hits ok.

BTW,I support 'criminalisation of war' campaign 100%.

Long live Father of IT !!

9w2YYB said...

Tahniah Tun....Sememangnya dari dulu lagi (semasa Tun menjadi PM), saya kemaruk mengikuti perkembangan terutamanya ucapan Tun. Saya lebih senang mendengar ucapan Tun yang tertib, penuh keyakinan dan tidak berdolak-dalih. Teruskan luahan hati Tun sebagai pengubat rindu kami.
-Hanya insan biasa yang menumpang di bumi Allah.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun, yg saya hormati.

1.apabila blog ini mencecah angka sejuta dalam jangkamasa yg singkat, menyebabkan ramai orang awam akan tertanya2 dan masuk/hits untuk melihat dan membaca blog ini. jika bukan sekarang untuk tun mendedahkan segala kepincangan kepimpinan sekarang maka ia amat merugikan.

2.setelah apa yg telah dilakukan oleh beberapa kerat ahli umno yg menghalang dari mendengar, hadir dan bercakap dengan tun, berblog lebih berkesan sebab satu malaysia boleh membacanya. rakyat malaysia sudah lama cerdik dan tahu menilai.

jika cara berblog juga dihalang,
entahla saya pun tak tau nak komen.

Mordecai Kucai said...


Itulah kelebihan tuhan beri. Kalau kita pintar sekali pun tapi tidak ada daya penarik. Mungkin terperosok di universiti atau makmal.

Kata P. Ramlee handsome tiada tapi MANIS ada.

Itu kelebihan Tun. Mungkin orang lain yang tidak di lahirkan sebegitu perlu lah menambahnya dengan memakai susuk agaknya.

Ada orang di lahirkan menjadi pengikut. Ada yang di lahirkan menjadi pemimpin.

Tahniah sekali lagi pada Tun.

Gelombang Rakyat said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, LOL!!! You remind me of a grandpa who planted a seed of the best mango on a wide piece of land. The plant grows and emerging fruits of much delight. These fruits are being enjoyed by many - family, friends, fan, followers, and passers-by too. One day, the grandpa kait one and tasted it. Sedap sungguh. Yes, the joy of having a million worth of fruits. Just because, one can actually know how many seeds there are in an orange, but only The God knows how many oranges there are in a seed. Thus, you are a visionary with respect to your commitment to the setting up of Cyberjaya and pursuing the Multi-media Super Corridor (MSC). We and I are purely too thankful, you are a friend now a blogger who is enjoying the benefits of your own good deeds. I met and I know ministers who are supposed to be a leader by example. I find it funny for one who can officiate the opening of a library for example, or a Book Expo, yet he himself is not a reader, his is only a point in the statistics of the populace who reads a page or less within a year. One who cannot read is the same as one who can, but do not. Illiterate. In this era, I know many ministers who are not in this bloggosphere. Some even did not post a comment yet at your blog, much to their urging to do so, simply because they cannot find what to fill in at the WORD VERIFICATION box! If they type in their UMNO ID, assuming she or he is still a member, the comment did not go. Penin dia, sebab dia Computer Illiterate. I shall confess, it is an honor to be in this The Millionaire Club, you are. Well the reason some of us elder bloggers are not celebrating yet, just maybe perhaps probably because of the visitor counter widget we are using not registering what you now mention as traffic (wink!). Any way, I for one tak segan pun, sharing the joy that you please Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, enjoy this. Salute!

Andrew said...


Me and my family respect you the most. We want to congratulate you on hitting the 1million mark.

As you can see, you still have the ability to make history.

Amar.k.s said...

Salam Tun,

Tahniah atas pencapaian satu juta 'viewer' untuk blog Tun ni.

Seperti yang lain-lain, saya juga sudah jadikan blog Tun ni sebagai 'default home page'. Sesuatu yang mesti dilawati setiap kali online.

Apa yang saya perhatikan, bukan sahaja MSM yang bekurangan pembacanya. Blog-blog 'panas' yang lain juga menerima tempias yang sama sejak Tun memulakan blog ni.

Tahniah dan terus menulis Tun. Untuk kami yang sentiasa merindukan kehadirian pemimpin yang bervisi dan berdedikasi seperti Tun ni.

Selamat sejahtera dan tahniah sekali lagi dari saya.

mCrossings said...

May the blog force be with you....

the force is strong with you...

tepung-gomak said...

bila nak masuk pas? =P

xde poto2/gamba2 ke kat blog tun ni?...kitorg rindu kat Tun...semoga kita semua berjaya..
-kita sudah tiada masa--

foongpc said...

Congratulations on hitting 1 million! Keep it up!

Dr.Jones said...

Congratulations! You never failed to amaze us. Keep it up sir!

absh said...

Dear Dr,

I hope you won't be so excited about achieving the one million mark. As a former UMNO President you should set higher target. I suggest a target of 10 million visitors within the next 2 months. Only then I will congratulate you!

We'll see how much you achieve by end of July 2008. I would like to see all Malaysians that have access to internet to read your website. Only then they will be able to understand why you want Pak Lah to resign immediately.

Nowadays, not many Malays and Malaysians want to read mainstream newpapers anymore.

Firstly, these papers are owned by the political parties in the ruling government. So the news are considered bias.

Secondly, the editors will write based on their personal opinion which is always against the public opinion. Therefore, the news becomes no more interesting.

Thirdly, these newpapers always publish comments and pictures of current leaders who are no longer liked by the rakyat, like Pak Lah, Najib, Nazri, Rafidah, Johari, Shabery and Hishamudin.

Furthermore, they also published stories on leaders who have never been tested as 'wakil rakyat', like Zaid and Mat Taib. What a boring news!!!

So the rakyat will definitely look for the alternatives. Fortunately, internet came into being at the right time.

Yes, rakyat can now look forward to see news and stories that really represent their views and minds. They can access to issues that close to their hearts even though they are formerly forbidden subjects.

As a result, rakyat can now be able to make better judgement when it comes to choosing the right leaders to represent them.

UMNO leaders, especially Pak Lah, must therefore wake up from their sleep, stay alert to the needs of UMNO members and the rakyat for they can be thrown out by the people's power in the coming general election.

To you Dr, keep on fighting for the betterment of the Malays and Malaysia.


Dr Az said...

You r the best Prime Minister

. said...

cayalah Tun!

myrayza said...

Bla.. bla.. bla...

nasrul said...

Congratulations for having 1 million hits only with honest and decent writing of yours, Tun.

There are lots of way to reach 1 million hits in cyberspace (illegally) in short amount of time, but your achievement is a proof that this blog is a center of attention now.

Since you have experience by yourself the influence of Internet, why not expanding your campaign throughout other means of cyberspace? YouTube clips, maybe?

I believe lots of things could be changed and controlled by the power of IT, since it is a body that has neither boundary nor form.

How about the Criminalization of Wars that you touch the other day? It is a powerful subject, and could be made even more powerful if brought by person with influence, such as yourself.

I hope it can help to stop the crazy killing by U.S and Israel, even by a bit.

Lastly, be careful of someone disguising as you in the cyberspace. Please keep your password carefully, or change it periodically. Just to be safe.

Best regards,
One of IT Technician in KL.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a rather large discrepancy between views and profile views.

In any case, Tun, many people are very annoyed with you. This could be because of your rather crude take on many issues. Just because one is impatient, it doesn't give one a right to be crude, offensive and downright rude. Of course, you have a right to express your views. But you are certainly not winning friends and influencing people.

I know you will say that you don't care. In that case, why bother?



You are now the PRIME MINISTER OF THE BLOGGERS.......the cybre government.

Keep on going Tun,going,going.

Tell more what is in your mind to us.One day it will turn into a UNIVERSITY OF BLOGGERS.

Tun Sri said...


Congratulations on being a millionaire, a great achievement indeed for a new blogger.

Interesting to know the number of unique visitors to your blog, as it will also indicate the diverse nature of your audience.

Some of your critics were saying that your sworn supporters have been visiting your blog at least 100 times a day, and that keeps your hits high!

But I believe that people read your blogs because of they like the contents of your postings. The postings are either informative, provocative or explanatory.

Keep on blogging, Sir!

Tenang said...

Dari zaman kanak-kanak hingga sekarang, saya masih percaya Tun adalah antara pemimpin yang terbaik. Yang penting saya sentiasa mengikuti komen dan pandangan Tun yang mana sentiasa mempunyai isi pati yang boleh difikirkan bersama.

Tulang Besi said...

Congratulations Tun.
Write and write.
We are more than eager to just read every word you speak.
I think it might perhaps be more, cos as for me I have subscribed to your RSS feeds, So I get all your latest posts in my feed reader.
I dunno if the website counter counts the feeds too.

With this just a request..
I hope you employ a professional translator, to translate to and from from BM to English and Eng to BM, for every post you write.
There are thousands of your readers who are international, expats in Malaysia and others.

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Since you are a month old and I am about 8 yrs since becoming the webmaster of a large bank and then webmaster to a national singing artiste let me offer you some insight into websphere.

1) There are no border nor state in cyberspace. By right you can say anything and invite anyone you do not like to fly kites.

2) Thus we can form our own community and own government. Just like me here in ADempiere of which i am its dictator, you can also be one judging by your majestic numbers. In fact we can just vote you to be cyberspace first world leader. Thus you do not have to feel amiss that you cannot obtain an Agong status in your own country.

3) However since you initiated the MSC you also brought about cyberlaws which can put any of us liable for defaming or spreading spam on the web. Thus do be careful cause you are quite well known with regards to your whereabouts.

4) Please use :) which means you are fine, do not worry. Use this :( if you really feel hurt with someone else.

5) Wow! What do you know, we are nearing the end of our crash course. You can now do all those short forms that you heard a lot about such as IMHO = In my humble opinion, which always makes people feel you are respecting them. There are also others such as WTF, RTFM, and ROFL but that is for another class.

*Ahem* can you just give me a boost by mentioning my name? I still need 730,000 hits. :)

Redhuan D. Oon

straycat's strut said...


I am a Melayu, a Malaysian, a Muslim and we had been left without a leader since you stepped down.

Reading your writing is like going home to someone you could turn to. It wakes you up, it saddens, it scares you, it makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Just like the good old days...

Stay awhile, okay...

Anak Malaysia said...






TUN KEEPS WRITING ! demi kekuatan IMAM.

TUN next millions are coming when rakyat jelata continue to support TUN and Opposition Pakatan Rakyta.

Long Man said...

congrats tun,

some of the leader may become more scared to you... they may buy thicker diapers as well....

it shows that even you may not in power anymore, but you still have great influence... great influence too may put you back in power....

i admire you a lot... congrats again... god bless you...

leading said...


Fantastic! We know that the fact that you still have the huge majority support from the Malaysians.

Silent is golden, AAB is doing the right thing.

Fireroll said...

tahniah kepada Tun kerana menjadi milionnaire dalam masa kurang sebulan.

memang hebat.

Tun letak beberapa picture yang menarik tentang diri semasa Tun.
mungkin lepas ni kadar pelawat sehari makin bertambah.

sultanmuzaffar said...

1 million is nothing, what is more important to get the messages to the people all over malaysia even in the kampung.

Unknown said...

Congrat Tun!

Mainstream Media? dah lama tak baca lah Tun! Semua kaki spin!

ilmyinc said...

congratulation and keep up the good work Tun, which you always do.

a name with reputation will gain the popularity.

a name with reputation and brilliant will not only gain popularity but respect.

Mr Zam, Emzeti IT said...

HEBAT..itu jer saya boleh katakan.
Sebenarnya ramai lagi orang tak tahu, tambah lg kalau semua kakitangan kerajaan yg ada capaian internet dgn mudah tahu, maka akan lebih meletup. Kalau warga Malaysia di oversea tahu mungkin lg jauh meriah.
Peminat, penyokong, pembangkang, pemerhati politik, ahli ekonomi, ahli sejarah, ahli fikir, semua ada di sini. Para guru, pensyarah, doktor, penuntut IPTA, pelajar sekolah pun turut sama.
Tahniah atas sambutan jutawan!

Ahmad Amzar said...

In his book "The World Is Flat",Thomas Friedman mentioned that one of the "flatteners" of the world is uploading,of which blogging is part of it.Thanks to your vision of developing the IT sector in the late 90's,a lot of Malaysians in this "ever-flattening" world,especially those who're born during your era,will become restless if we can't go online even for a single day :)

Keep on blogging Tun,and omedetou gozaimasu(congratulations) for passing the 1 million mark.

Unknown said...

You're simply amazing thus it comes as no suprise that ur blog
has been hit wit a million..n trust us Tun..the number would only be increasing..My support to you and we love you Tun!There's no one like you in Malaysia...

Megat Terawis said...

Congrats Tun! By the way..I assume you remember my dad Megat Mahmud Ismail from Saudi Arabian Airlines. He passed away in 2006.

When I was a kid,I met you once or twice whenever he went up to have a short chat with you during the Quran reading competition at Stadium Merdeka. Must have been in the late 70's or early 80's.

Nontheless, as much as I appreciate your contribution to this nation..I, like many others loathe the shortcomings that came with your definition of development.

All the best.

Take care.

SJK said...

Tahniah kepada Tun,
Selamat Berjuang...

mn said...

A.kum YBhg Tun,

1. Boleh la Tun get 1 Million because Tun ex-PM.

2. If I ex-PM, I'm sure atleast I can get 2 million.

3. Tak ada hadiah ker Tun? Hadiah tidak rasmi..'keluar UMNO'

Unknown said...

Congrates Che Det. Bet you will beat me in another 15 days and Rocky in 1.5 months.

I remembered your critics said you are the richest PM during your time but I am proud to see that you soon will be the richest bloggers of all time (blog hits of cause)

mahyuddin said...

way togo Tun....ur like wine, the older the better...rite?

theescapism said...

"Blogger azmaaan said...

aslmkm tun,

respect tun la, tak pernah senang duduk dgn politik tanahair, bawa la berehat tun, renung2kan apa yg salah tun buat dan lebih sedap byinya muhasabah diri sbb tak pernag dgr tun terima kesalahan n jgn la sampai ambang maut baru nak muhasabah


Salam Azmaaan - Shame on you to say such a thing, everybody on earth should 'muhasabah diri' in any time of manners, 'maut tak kenal umur'-that's between each of you and the HIGHEST about we start 'muhasabah' with our ownselves, and let Tun decide his own 'muhasabah'..

Ibn Umar pula diriwayatkan berkata

إحرث لدنياك كأنك تعيش أبدا واعمل لآخرتك كـأنك تموت غدا

Ertinya : "Bercucuk tanamlah ( berusahalah) untuk duniamu seolah kamu akan hidup selamanya, dan beramallah untuk akhiratmu seolah kamu akan menemui maut keesokan harinya" (Al-Jami' Li Ahkam Al-Quran, 13/314)

'My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group. There is much less competition.- Indira Gandhi'

Anonymous said...

teruskan usaha, tun..
keep blogging..
we love you.

crazyidiot said...

The press has always made money from your TV appearences and speaches. With you using your own blog, not only will it resolve communication gap with the rakyat, it will also enable everyone to be more aware of what your views are and that your views are not twisted and turned by the media.

Tersurat dan Tersirat said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir,

firstly i would like to congrats you on the one million marks within 30 days. It is a hell of achievements.

Tun, u have been an inspiration to all of us. Believe me u are hero for all Malaysian regardless of Umno, Pas, Dap, Keadilan.. every Malaysian deep inside are so proud and admire you. i can assure you Pak lah and KJ also feel the same way too.hehehe

But Tun,

what is happening today?

My personal opinion. things that happening now can be done in differents ways and method. After all the most important for all of us is to see changes for a better Malaysia. I beleive if your approach can be more smooth and proper and using the platform as umno member and former PM will be a better way.

it's not what we say and how we say it.. the most important is the change for a better country.

I know a lot of people supported you to attack the current administration openly. But does things change ? does we all get what we want ?

u know how's things works in UMNO- after all u are the president of Umno for 22 years. U know how to get things done.. so i still believe that you have a better method to approach all the dissatisfactions. What's most important is the result and change for our beloved country...!

Tun, I have trust and faith for you . U will always be our Hero.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tun.

Take care yea. =)

preencess said...

Asalammualaikum wrmth wbkt.

Congratulation Sir..

Blogs that have hits at 1 million within a month are huge accomplishment. It shows how popular your words and comments to many Sir .
I would love to do my own blog years ago, to share and show what life is like hands on for charity worker,yet,its not easy to find the time to do so as we are always moving about,attending to matters and time is just time,it doesnt matter anymore if its day or nite,it is just time on the field. :)

My salam and love to you Sir and Tun Hasmah....

AxedAdvisor said...

Tahniah TUN,

It would be more interesting, perhaps could attract more readers if TUN could add some sort of poll into your blog.

abdulhalimishak said...

Tun sows the seed for Malaysians to venture into cyberspace.

It's Tun who saw the immenient timing which opens the chapters for Malaysian bloggers to really propel into cyberspace.

It's Tun again who opens up Malaysians as cybermind--ie in cyberspace every one can have a voice.

Above all, Tun has made history by showing that media companies soon are about to cease in monopolising the truth.

Browsing throgh the postings, it's indeed heartening to see that bloggers have been competing to post their responses round the clock, let it be in the wee hours of the morning.

It must be reckoned that Tun, although in his eighties still carries his magic touch. Believe it or not, this time around Tun can harness anything at the TOUCH OF HIS FINGERTIPS!

jjueco said...

Dear Tun,

Congratulation and keep blogging.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun...

Apa kata Tun buka company, meniaga best-best punya, boleh saya / kami semua kerja dengan Tun..


Ryene said...

Congratulations Tun! Keep on blogging and take care.

Pemuda Pelapis said...






Syahir said...


Tahniah kerana kini sudah mencapai 1.04 juta hit! Sudah tentu ia seperti mencapai world record!

Saya cadangkan kalau boleh Tun promote kan blog ini ke negeri Jepun, sebab orang Jepun semua kenal Tun dan tahu Tun banyak berjasa kepada Malaysia dan dunia.

Syabas Tun!

Hidup Tun Dr. Mahathir!


SpartanMind101 said...

Dear Tun

I must say, this is indeed interesting. well congratulations! Lets hope you website will be used effective as we can now speak to you directly and you can read our comments from within our hearts. small voices which was once never heard for decades. Let this be a constructive platform for all.

Not bad at all. i supposed you still "have-it" irrespective whether you are "in or out" of UMNO, whether you are a PM or Ex-PM.

mohammed jack said...

Tun Tahniah Tahniah

Mula2 Tun rancang MSC aje saya dah sebarkan kepada rakan2 yang MSC adalah projek pembela ummah (Rakyat Malaysia). Syabas Syabas semua dah celik IT skarang.

Tun ada visi jauh rakyat selamat saperti payung dah sedia tunggu hujan turun je.

Pearls said...

Again... You did it!!! You are amazing! Hehehehe... you are numero uno!

Happy blogging Tun!

Mac said...

Dear Tun,

Congrats!! I slept better at nights during your tenure. Somehow I felt safe that you are at the helm charting our course in the annals of history. I knew that when we all woke up from our slumber each day, it would be business as usual.Thanks to you.

Malaysians generally are behind you. Well if they are not, then they should be! Right now, under the current climate, the silent majority are those firm believers in your vision and aspirations. But perhaps we should not be silent no more.

Tun, much was made of the judicial crisis and the anwar (who?) issue. One thing I realized is that you have never come ouright to defend your actions. You should Tun, as silence (not the elegant one) is often seen not in terms of confidentiality and decorum but as an admission.

The current climate seems to be that any allegations against you are accepted in toto without the need for proof. This is by the very same bunch of hypocrites who required all sorts of evidence when anything is said against anwar. While proof is a necessary ingredient to substantiate a claim, it seems to be lost when the claim is made only against you.

I for one would be crushed if all your hard work went down the drain come September when you know who, plans to hijack democracy by staging a coup of sorts.Then again maybe I expected too much from those kind of leaders.I cant believe that the current PM could let all this happen under his watch. Then again, he revived many dead and buried politician within his party.You know those who you used to kiss your hand.

All that said, we are not posting these comments in an idol worshipping frenzy, but in a calculated sane and rational analyzation of what went on in this country that we call ours.

I am proud to be a Malaysian. I was supremely proud to be a Malaysian when you were the CEO.

Thank you Tun.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Do you know why you can easily get 1 million hits within a month? The answer is because we all believe and love you so much. We all really miss you as our Prime Minister. Susah nak cari pengganti Tun. Kami rindu pada idea dan pandangan Tun. Kami rindu pada pentadbiran Tun. I wonder why did you resign too early as a Prime Minister sedangkan majoriti rakyat Malaysia masih memerlukan Tun. Kami semua sayangkan Tun sebab kami tahu apa yang Tun lakukan ikhlas dari hati Tun sendiri untuk kepentingan rakyat dan bukan untuk kepentingan Tun dan keluarga Tun. Kami tak mampu membalas jasa Tun. Harapan kami hanya Allah yang akan memberikan kesejahteraan kepada Tun di dunia dan di akhirat. Amin.

Obefiend Weiland said...

1 million? meh! i bet you can touch one billion in 6 months

keep it up. you are by far the best blogger in the universe!

mie said...

congratulation Tun,

i hope that u are in a good condition, and hoping that our nation will be in peace. (",)

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,


I think Tun blog made history by hitting over 1m in a month,what attract such hugh visitors?why other blog can't attract blogger constantly?I guess today Malaysian
have changed,by putting internet blog as alternatif media,Malaysian now awaken by press are spinned not potrait actual current affair and issues,after the PR -12,public had wake up finding how 5 state lost to opposition,what happen to BN?for those who dont love politic
drove in find they indeed realised something must have very wrong to BN goverment for last few years,
all piont to 1 man - ABB,before that PR - 12 was Khairy,when Anwar PR keep roaming victory support from public,which claiming 30 MP from BN,and compared with BN only need 8,with UMNO today,the can buy the 8 easily with millions,why not work out? Ok,if you look into UMNO today,by study it seat won from 80%are kampung area,which lesser density of educated bumiputera,in Kg area,life of villager live far exposed less current issue with it.
then look into how Kg politic play in UMNO,most ketua bahagian use money to run it ketua cawangan keep
fooling the kg folks development,perjuangan melayu,bangsa negara,noting more in there by giving money for votes,they do not had strong knowledge of chosing a better candidate,all is plan by UMNO pusat,ABB the presiden,which he put,they voted as follow blind order,not wisely,no wisdom,just blind vote to BN logo name,ABB.
While PR set different approach,PR sell rakyat voice,corruption,press freedom,transparent gorvernance,is more on rakyat power,no money or projects,2 opposite approach BN and PR,when internet come in play,general all will go for PR as it sell today Malaysia want,a efficient gorverment and leadership.BN sell what is 20-40 back,nothing new to offer for malaysian neeed immediate urgent changes. what my point saying BN MP won on easy ground,PR MP won on hard struggle,this different definate make drastic impact for rakyat choice,into 5 state,PR MP sure put the best to proof how they better,while BN still sleep quarrel among themself,left rakyat
more awaken lead judging BN less favour,what lead to fact is UMNO indeed old fashion party,by re play
money politic which Tun had stop it
before,ABB misread the danger of money politic keep weaken UMNO silent for urgent changes,In reality,BN leadership under ABB had not match with PR by Anwar,
even ABB think he had the no 140 over 80 MP,think again,the 140 are form with soft mentality KONTRAK hired players over 80 are hardcore diehard freelance high spirit few soft players got knock out.he less just run and surrender,that how UMNO lead by ABB
like sick Lame Duck wait Anwar move in for the kill.UMNO must reform or die,is no longer RELEVANT
today under ABB.


Dear Tun,
I am simply happy and elated.
We need you, the people you to save the country.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr.M,

Congratulation to u!

Malaysia Boleh!!!

K. Arapan said...

Congratulations & best wishes. Do keep us informed about the latest news updates and issues. TQ

joohean said...

Tun, congratulations to you. I am very sure even the hatchetman who has never been kind to the bloggers finds it an awefully huge achievement.

bro brotherhood, said...

Dear Tun Dr.Daddy,
Congratulation and have done it again. a 1 million visitors within a month is phenomenal..hopefully its a record of sort, heheh..wat can i say..(",) again may Allah bless you and your family with health and longevity. May your quest to dethroned Pak Lah materialized as soon as possible. May the Force be with you Tun Dr.Daddy the Blogger...



Ainul Farina said...

Congratulations Tun!

When I first saw this blog, I was surprise that the former PM has actually joined the blogger community. Since then, I have been visiting this blog everyday to read your latest posts an leave my piece of thoughts whenever I had time. My comments are nothing, but at least it shows that I have read and mostly understood every single thing that you've been trying to say. This is where your voice is heard. This is also where people around the world can directly 'speak' their minds to you. As for me, I'm perhaps too young to fully understand the political world, but I'd like you to enlighten us all in your writings.

Keep it up, Tun! You're doing it well.

Brisbane, Australia

Ulul Albab said...

Tahniah Tun. Kehadiran blog Tun telah membuatkan saya makin percaya kepada blog-blog terpilih.
Saya yakin bahawa antara pengunjung blog Tun adalah pemimpin dan pembesar negara kita. Yang tak pandai berinternet pun difahamkan dah mula belajar.
Pok Loh lawat blog ni tak???
Macam mana pun semoga usaha murni Tun untuk memulihkan UMNO dan negara kita tercapai dengan seberapa segera. Salam

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
How nice to get the 1mio marks. congrat n keep us posted on your opinion.....

Rawa putra said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Wah boleh tahan jugak Tun jadi bloger!. Tahniah dari saya

Bagi saya orang macam Tun ni adalah satu dalam sejuta. Memang susah nak cari penganti macam Tun.

Saya juga cukup hairan mengapa pemimpin dalam Umno sekarang ni menghentam Tun sesuka hati. Diorang seolah lupa jasa yang telah Tun taburkan pada Agama, Bangsa & negara Malaysia.

Tun, teruskan usaha menulis di dalam blog ini..Biar apa pun mereka menghina Tun, kami tetap menyokong Tun..

Kun Mali said...


It seem that Tun's blog really kick some @ss hehehe....

Mainstream medias sucks nowdays... no doubt... all they always say is 'YES SIR'!

Habub said...


Please consider giving speech to Malaysian communities here in Melbourne. You too have supporters here.


huey mei said...

Tun, are superb

15M4 said...

Yg Bhg Tun..

1,000,000 salute for 1,000,000 hits worldwide...

This is the most interesting info that bloggers wants..

May Allah Bless you..

"The Truth is Out There"

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