Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Criminalisation of War

When I was in Japan recently I had the opportunity to explain about Malaysia’s Non-Governmental Organisation’s campaign to make war a punishable crime.

The Japanese had been guilty of perpetrating brutalities during their Manchurian Incident and war against China and also during the Pacific War.

On the other hand they were the only people in the world to experience the first ever nuclear war, of having their citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reduced to ashes by atomic bombs, with the loss of 200,000 lives and thousands more struck down by radiation sickness later.

For the Japanese the realities of war and the killings have been fully understood from their experience. I believe they can be expected to support a campaign to make war a crime.

I spoke about the horrors of war to three separate groups i.e. the Nikkei Future of Asia Forum, breakfast meeting with the head of Nikkei and his senior staff and before a full audience at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Tokyo.

While in England in April I was invited by the Ramadhan Foundation to speak about the Criminalisation of War at the Imperial College in London.

An interesting incident was the attempt by Jewish students to stop me from speaking at the Imperial College because I am regarded as being anti-Semitic. The authorities were embarassed by this demand and almost decided to stop me.

I was waiting for them to do so. Then I could go there to see if they would stop me. If they did I would be able to say that there is no freedom of speech in England.

However, the authorities decided that only students from the Imperial College would be allowed to attend. Still the hall was full with standing room only.

At all these meetings I was able to explain why war should be regarded as a crime. I pointed out that it is ridiculous to regard murder as a crime punishable with the most extreme penalty yet the deliberate killings of thousands of people, mostly innocent men, women and children are regarded as proper and legal.

There is a contradiction here which does not fit in with human values in a civilised world.

Today trillions of dollars are being expended on the development and production of ever more lethal weapons of mass destruction. Poor countries are forced to buy these weapons by playing on their false sense of pride. They buy these expensive weapons so as not to be less well-equipped than their neighbours. Yet these weapons are often not used at all. Still they have to be upgraded or replaced with newer versions at tremendous cost.

Malaysia has been drawn into this game. We have bought two submarines costing over RM3 billion. When are we going to use them? Are we contemplating going to war with our neighbours? I can think of other ways of spending RM3 billion in Malaysia.

We need a defence force to preserve our independence. But do we have to be involved in an arms race? Only the suppliers of arms would benefit from an arms race.

War is not a solution for our foreign policy agenda. A stiff backbone is far more important. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have that.

The campaign against war and the criminalisation of war has gained momentum. This is going to be a long-drawn struggle. But it has to begin somewhere if we are going to achieve this radical change in the mindsets of people. God-willing insya’allah this struggle will eventually succeed.

Via this blog I would like to apeal to all Malaysians to support this campaign. We may feel safe from war now. But we must remember and think about all those people who now face the prospect of being bombed and rocketed, of having their heads and limbs torn from their bodies, of being killed. That they are non-combatants and have done no one any harm does not seem to matter to the warmongers. They will suffer all the same.

When war broke out in Europe in 1939 we in Malaysia thought we were safe. But we were not. In a world war we too will be subjected to attack. Our forces will not be able to do much.

We don’t foresee this happening to us. But it can happen if war is still regarded as a way to settle conflicts between nations.

That is why I believe that it is important to make war a crime and so to stop it from being the way to settle conflicts between nations.


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ASHAR said...


Apa yang TUN cakap ada kebenarnannya.

Kami dari angkatan lancang kuning nusantara sokong TUN 110%

salam Perantau


tuntuah said...

Tun yang dikasihi,

Sejuta TAHNIAH kerana tepat pukul 12.01 30HB Mei 2008. Blog Tun telah mencapai sejuta( 1,000,000 ) kunjungan yang pertama.

Tiada Blog di Malaysia yang sehebat Blog Tun...Cubalah jika orang lain rasa ada pengaruh seperti Tun..Waaima Anwar sendiri pun tak akan dapat sokongan dan capaian yang sebegini tinggi.


Anonymous said...

teruskan perjuangan Tun

Apanama said...

Congratulations Sir! You're officially a millionaire now.

ASHAR said...


Benar sekali TUN....

Siapa kah yang menghalalkan WAR ini sekarang....

Sudah tentu jawapannya YAHUDI dan SEKUTUNYA AMERIKA.

Mereka boleh melakukan apa yang mereka suka....demi kepentingan mereka sendiri....

Mereka ibarat Hakim Dunia....bebas mengatakan siapa salah atau tidak.

Kuasa mereka melebihi PBB. Lihat saja satu satu negara Arab di hancurkan. Semuanya kerna minyak.

Begitu jugalah perang(war) economi oleh mereka ini, sama peranan lain tindakan.

Sedar atau tidak Malaysia sering menjadi sasarannya. Kalau zaman TUN , kami percaya TUN mempertahankannya....Malangnya dengan zaman Pak Lah , semua sudah berubah....kita ibarat membuka pintu seluasnya untuk mereka masuk menjajah kita dengan perang economi mereka.

salam perantau
angkatan lancang kuning nusantara

ujana12a said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Semoga Allah terus memberi kekuatan pada Tun, insya Allah

Thanks for being you

tanahmelayukita said...

Thank you, Tun!

JoeDevil said...

Clearly, as some of your visitors have said, your 'voice' won't go unnoticed. As the matter of fact, more influential than before.

Teruskan Berjuang TUN! Kami akan terus menyokong TUN!!

Unknown said...

Human = war. This is always the same equation since centuries.

It will be very nice if we have everyone think like Tun.

Apanama said...

War is a crime and war-mongers are 1st class criminals who should be subjected to public hanging.
But Tun, what about those who are now embracing war-mongers and, through their actions, promoting ill-feelings against our nation?
As you rightly mentioned in your previous posting Sir, many fellow Muslim nations are now moving away from Malaysia due to their eroding trust in our leadership.
As a Malaysian I'm truly worried that welcoming war-mongers to invest on our soil could/would also invite unwanted 'anger and retaliation' from nations and organisations that have been against the US/British atrocities around the world.

May God Bless Malaysia.

Ulul Albab said...

Salam Tun,

Tahniah atas usaha cerdik Tun yang berterusan. Tahniah juga kerana tulisan ini mengesahkan bahawa Tun adalah pemimpin sejati dan terus ulung. Beza Tun dengan PM sekarang maaf kata 'macam langit dengan bumi'
Teruskanlah tulisan-tulisan baik Tun yang mana saya percaya ini tulisan ini juga sebagai sebahagian strategi Tun dalam membantu semua rakyat mendapat ganti PM yang kalau boleh sebaik Tun
Teruskan usaha mu wahai pang5 ku.



You really 1st class leader.

Nak dengar komen dari anti TUN di sini...apa mereka nak kata...

Hidup TUN..

salam perantau

angkatan lancang kuning nusantara
M.Amirul 12;45

chezai said...


Congatulations to as made its million hit list for only in a month time since it was launch...

TUn, keep on posting and we will keep on reading your writing..

Take care Dear..

NuaR said...


"I pointed out that it is ridiculous to regard murder as a crime punishable with the most extreme penalty yet the deliberate killings of thousands of people, mostly innocent men, women and children are regarded as proper and legal."

"That is why I believe that it is important to make war a crime and so to stop it from being the way to settle conflicts between nations."

What a tremendous thinking of u... yes.. i totally agreed that WAR is a crime, let us together on this... wt the Japanese...

Tuna said...

Salam Tun. Saya sokong kempen ini.

Pls let us know what else we can do.

boymungkal said...

Dear Tun,

It is fortunate that a man of your international standing is taking this matter up.As i am in full support of this movement, i can't help feeling helpless.

As you are aware, even within the USA, gun control cannot be achieved due to the powerful lobbying from the men behind these killing machines.

They never think for one iota that they are ever wrong,nor are they able to consider that they might do anything wrong in the future.Such is the arrogance of the superpower.Of course you know this already.

True to your never say die attitude, it has to start somewhere and it is indeed a worthy cause.

Now where do i sign?

tunku said...

salam tun,

what else to say tun, you had hit it right.
we are always with you tun.

Mohamad Adeli @ Auw said...

Salam... ingatlah wahai orang2 islam khususnya melayu... berhati-hatilah dengan syaitan yang menyamar sebagai ornag islam... Allah panjangkan usia TDM... salam

Is said...

JoeyLee, Indeed, he's like a father to us and to make it clear, I've been brought up by his system.Yet, he’s been predicting/keeping our country's fate as he has shown agression before.

Moga Allah lanjutkan usia Tun Dr.M and Tun Dr. H. Amin

Tun Jebat said...

correct correct correct

Hasbullah Pit said...

Kurang bersetujulah.

Saya mahu melihat Malaysia sebagai kuasa dunia dengan mempunyai senjata yang efisyen.

3 bilion untuk 2 kapal selam, baik digunakan untuk bina puluhan kapal perang kecil dan laju untuk jaga sempadan laut.

Negara kita mempunyai sempadan laut yang lebih banyak berbanding sempadan darat.

tapi kalau kita ada sukhoi, tapi pemimpin penakut pun tak guna juga.

trackers said...

Salam Tun..quite surprise that u can create 2 posting in single day with full of information (history,scientific,statistic data)which make me more envy ur intelligent mind(un mind not only think outside d box,but also beyond d box)

pakuwaja said...

TUN yang dihormati,
artikel yang cukup bermanafaat bagi manusia sejagat. Boleh dijadikan bahan perbincangan atau dalam forum

my-fikirr menulis said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Selamat kembali ke tanah air.

Maaf, tak berkesempatan menyambut negarawan yg saya sanjungi.

Apapun, semoga Allah swt mengurniakan kesihatan kpd Tun.

Sra said...

Salam Tun,

War as generally understood is a physical attack with the intention to destablise the country.

In the countext of the present governement, WAR against the desease in UMNO should be politically moved. The WAR should be explicitly defined and noted with the intention to eliminate leaders who are afraid to defend his own country and weak to even defend his own people. Leaders who succumb to the ideology of the WEST should be expelled. This is the real WAR that UMNO members are facing.

Srazali ARIPIN
Brisbane, Australia

Pok Kam said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

First of all, congratulation on your 1 million hits. I think that should go into the Malaysian Book Of Records.

Anyway back to the topic of your posting, yes I agree that we should make war a crime. Not all disputes or conflicts had to be settled by war. Diplomacy should be the priority to settle any disputes.

War shall only be the last resort if all avenues for diplomacy has been exhausted.

NFH said...

Salam Tun,

I support 'criminalisation of War' campaign.

I suggest we make and distribute stickers that says 'Bush is a war criminal' together with 'Pak Lah Undurlah" stickers throughout the country.

Congrats on your first million!

Muhammad said...

Dr Mahathir,

I also support you as always was

Congratulation, also hope we can change Malaysia's weak leader to a better, stronger and respectful leader (through an eye of friends and enemies) just like you as soon as possible insyaallah, amin ya rabbal alamin.

Thank you

izhamjaafar said...

Salam Tun,
Blog ini sahaja yang dapat saya melepaskan rindu pada Tun.Setiap hari saya menunggu buah fikiran dari Tun.
Tun mempunyai keupayaan untuk berbicara tentang apa sahaja yang menarik minat saya,nak harap Pak Lah HAMPEH..

Teruskan perjuangan Tun,Orang Seberang Perak sentiasa menyokong.

$oh@ said...

I totally agree with the idea of criminalisation of war. However, who will be incharge and how is it going to be enforced? Do we want another body with a few countries having power to veto a decision?

For centuries disagreements have been resolved by war. This tradition should be put to a stop, seeing that weapons are getting more and more destructive - neighbouring country might be affected if a nuclear bomb were to be used on a small country.

I missed the talk about war held at Imperial College, but was impressed by the talk given by you the week after. How do you reckon we should go about enforcing no-war law and punishing those who break this law?

Yeop lan said...

Belum ada lagi idea dan pemikiran yang sehebat Tun yang sentiasa jauh kehadapan yang mana suatu hari nanti kita akan sedar betapa realitynya apa yang di perkatakanya,contoh mudahnya Jambatan PP yg dulu disangkakan projek Gajah putih tapi sekarang dah tak muat...YBG Tun bior kan deme tu terjerit2 dari atas kereta lembu tu, lama kelamaan deme letih terus terpalit dengan taiknya...teman dah beransur ngikut rentak Tun,bior kita melawan untuk masa depan bangsa Melayu yang bermaruah.Allahuakbar

Nazirul Hazim A Khalim said...

Dear Tun Dr M,

U know, I seriously think this idea of criminalizing war of yours is absolutely ingenious.

So simple, yet so powerful.

You started the idea, now we have to work it out.

Tell us what we can do. Tell us, Tun.

spanker said...


I believe people are born with a specific task; it differs with every human being and their capabilities.

It is obvious that you have multiple abilities, also the wide coverage to spread your experience, wisdom and knowledge.

I grew up all my life, used to seeing your face being hung in a nice (sometimes faded) frames on the wall.

Please keep on fighting. Remove these dirts that make us stagnant.

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Mahathir,
After World War Two the Americans put several German and Japanese Military officers on trials for purposely commiting war atrocities.The famous Nuremburg trial?May I suggest that Tun get PakLah to get the OIC to press criminal charges against the Americans/British/Australian officers for war atrocities committed in Iraq.Wassalam

Ajin said...

War crimes, criminalize war in our world. As a student, i'm so disappointed about the management of our universities, they do not pay more attention to the current and urgent issues regarding student and the world; such as greenhouse, and war. I've experienced from one university at merbok, what i could says is that no current issues being concern in their management and administration. The most important activities for them is to support entertainment sector that has no benefit for the students

Nostradamus said...


You have written beautifully about war and how it is a crime. What do you say about people who instigate rascism, close an eye to corruption, slander others, pervert justice and do not respect even their own leaders and rulers?

Captain R said...

Dear Sir,

My highest regards to you sir, as an outstanding leader and a strong voice representing 3rd world countries.

The so called superpowers, "as we know "who", is the same group of people who instigate war and then claims to be the peacemakers.In that process they sell their weapons worth billions of dollars and finally they will invade the war torn country to bring peace to the world.

We are in the 21st century where we have the technology and the brains to sit and negotiate and find an amiciable solution to any problems. We are not living in the "babaric world" where we need to physically fight to survive. We dont want to experience war because its very brutal and unjust.

I was a sailor and i have seen glimpse of war and its magnitude. My ship was in persian gulf when Iraq invaded Kuwait back in 1991. I was a young cadet officer then and my ship was an oil tanker, the entire persian gulf was engulfed in smoke because they torched the oil rigs around kuwaiti waters. We couldnt see more than 10 feet and we were instructed by the US navy ships to paint all out portholes black so that we dont emit any lights in the night, fearing any fighter jets might bomb us. We navigate without even the navigation lights, total darkness and total silence and its very, very scarry.

We should avoid war at any cost because its not worth it, innocent people are being killed and they call it as "casulty of war".

If all the countries stop buying high tech military equipments, i thing we are moving in the right direction. Nowdays, military equipments are becoming like our personal computers, after 3 month it is outdated therefore to be on par with other countries, we buy the latest. When will this ever stop.

To avoid war, we need to stop buying or support this manufacturers of military equipments. We should set an example to the rest of the world by not indulging in this military warefare.


Capt. N.S.Ragu

Kersani Pertiwi said...

Tun Dad,

You are a hero true and true...

UMNO may treat you like dirt, but in our eyes you are the leader of leaders, the gem of gems.

Thank you for the inspiration and the lessons. With every blog post, you continue to teach us and guide us.

Congratulations on getting ONE MILLION HITS in less than a month.

Rakyat Malaysia tidak akan lupa jasa Tun selama lama nya.

Semoga Allah terus memelihara dan melindungi Tun dan Tun Siti Hasmah semoga dapat terus mendidik dan membimbing kami.


Su|tAnZ^ said...

Salamzz Tun,

Sye mengikuti blog tun ni dr awl lg... syabas tun.. 1mil in a month... sambutan yg hangat...
buah fikiran tun mmg byk kebenarannye.. membuka mata membuka minda... rasanya bukan golongan org lama sahaja yg menyokong tun.. golongan2 muda juga ramai yg mengekori dr jauh buah fikiran yg tun sampaikan...
untuk menubuhkan sebuah parti komponen baru adalah suatu perkara yg tak ptt sgt timbul ketika ini..
ini kerana akan bertambah satu lagi cabang parti untuk org melayu pilih maka makin pecahlah undi org melayu... kan kan kan??


ape kate selain membidas tun selitkan skali cara2 atau jalan untuk menentang arus dlm parti yg boleh dilaksanakan... selain menanti keputusan serta perancangan mse depan pak lah olehnye untuknye sendiri... zaman paklah patt wujud sblm zaman tun... bkn paklah tak bgs cuma ketika ini di era kini.. dia sudah tidak sesuai lagi...

-ahli br pemuda 19 selatan walaupun sudah hampir 20 thn duduk di 19 selatan....

malaysianlover said...

Salam terhormat Tun,
What you wrote does not reflect you as a Malaysian Leader.
It reflects you as a World Leader.

You are born to lead. My hat's off to you Sir...

bukit wang said...

Salam Tun,
Tun Dr.Mahathir memang pemimpin hebat negara..wahai rakyat malaysia,bersyukurlah kita mempunyai pemimpin hebat dunia.Bukan sahaja hebat di malaysia malah di Dunia.Tun pernah membuktikan suara malaysia lantang di peringkat antarabangsa..paklah berani kah??? kini suara malaysia makin lesu seperti mana lesunya PM sekarang.
Wahai kroni-kroni Anwar jgn bercakap pandai,cuba bandingkan jasa pemimpin kesayangan anda dengan Tun..bagai langit dengan bumi.
Tun perjuang Negara dan dunia Islam..Tahniah Tun Dr.Mahathir.
Harap Tun datang lagi ke Alor Star untuk memberi penerangan isu-isu semasa.kami sentiasa menanti Tun.kedah dan Tun tidak dapat dipisahkan walaupun paklah menyerahkan kedah kepada pembangkang..badan perhubungan UMNO kedah cuba lah sekali sekala dengar rintihan rakyat kedah walaupun anda tidak mahu mendengar rintihan ahli umno akar umbi..UMNO yang ramai ahlinya jika tidak boleh memerintah negeri apa gunanya..sia-sia.fikirkan..

manggis said...

Salam YBhg Tun

Umur saya jauh lebih muda daripada YBhg Tun tetapi saya dapat rasa apa yang YBhg Tun rasa sekarang. Walau pun usia saya jauh lebih muda daripada YBhg Tun,tetapi saya masih dapat merasai zaman keperitan ketika darurat akibat keganasan parti komunis malaya, kemudian diikuti dengan zaman konfrontasi dengan Indonesia serta pergaduhan kaum 13 May. Saya hanya mendengar cerita daripada ibu bapa kami tentang pengalaman pahit ketika dijajah tentera Jepun. Walaupun tidak melalui zaman itu tetapi kami tetap dapat merasakan sakitnya.

Minta dijauhi Allah agar perkara ini tidak akan berulang lagi.

Cukuplah apa yang orang-orang seperti kami lalui dan rasai. Apatah lagi pengalaman yang YBhg Tun lalui. Sewajarnyalah jika YBhg Tun memperjuangkan gagasan ini bukan sahaja di negara ini malah ke seluruh dunia. Kami tidak akan tenang jika anak cucu kami akan mengalami peristiwa seperti yang kami lalui dahulu. Cukuplah pengalaman kami dijadikan iktibar dan paeringatan.

Jangan diulangi pengalaman- pengalaman pahit kami dahulu.

Mari kita sokong beramai-ramai gagasan YBhg Tun ini.

Semoga Allah menyelamatkan kita semua dari malapetaka peperangan!!!

soleh solehah said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
I think, most people agree that war is a crime if without valid reason, but in reality the fear of having a war also could lead a state preparing itself to be involved in war.
On the other hand, the strong state could capitalised that fear for their own benefit, e.g to produce dan sell weapons to the weaks.
For instance, because of most nation especially the weaks one fear to be attacked by other state (most probably their own neighbour), then they have to find solution to be prepared and strong which lead them to buy weapon or eventually trapped in the arms race in the names of defence. In this case, to think solely that the war is a crime is not a choice anymore. But again, if everybody afraid of war and believe that it should and can be avoided, then the world could be a better place to live. Therefore, world needs the virtue of mankind and their pious and sincere thinking to avoid the war.
-Wasalam from

putrajaya said...

Remember ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality) ? I heard it is a Malaysian concept.. What's up with that? Is it on?

jenn v ariela said...


What is the use to purchase and get involve with so much war arms?

All we want is to use "WISDOM" to defence our country and our people and not by showing off force.

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Certainly count us in!

Many envy you. Many hopeful politicians wished to be like you and fly around the world giving speeches and duly respected till there is no standing room in an Imperial College lecture!

But if speaking for myself. Yes i like to be like you. Why not? It is great to speak out against the greatest crimes of all times.

But then, can i be like you? Can i still stand and speak at such an age? Can i still think and write at the same time? And at global level and audience?

Can I be brave to face the dangers and wrath of evil among humanity? Can I be truthful and responsible for 27 million people. Nay, can I be answerable to 1 billion muslims? Nay again, can I cry for all 6.5 billion humans?

Though your hits surpassed a million, your words are heard by a billion. Most importantly you touched an eternity of history.

May Allah allow your deeds, words and example lead further to make us mere Malaysians proud once more, ever more. AMIN.


Redhuan D. Oon

Anak Malaysia said...

TUN Che Det,

If you see two reptile snakes and a headed snake's human is speaking about creating a single national citizen i.e Bangsa Malaysia, are you going to trust the two reptiles or the human who you are going to get rid of the danger here ?

Recalled the late Mother Teresa quoted when she visited a richman villa, she said that human words from his/her tongue is more danger than the reptiles' split tongues because a human voices speak louder than action whereas the snakes are silent but will bite if provoke only.

Well uttered statement of one Bangsa Malaysia for Malaysia Boleh but hold no bars for a local politician who talks about rights, privileges, scholarships, meritocracy, NEP etc.

Mother Teresa last advised "Dont trust anyone but always trust GOD and One-Self mind is wiser" and spare the snakes lives and get rid of bad human.

What do you think about the late Mother Teresa choice of words ?

Recalled Lingam video clip , he said the clip looks like him and sound like him but it is not him. Now Tun said "UMNO bukan lagi UMNO". Then, rakyat jelata believed UMNO members should followed your right foot steps to quit UMNO because they are more confuse with your choice of words mentioned.

It is really a big "WAR" of words between TUN and Pak Lah kini yang tak masuk akal and mudah lupa agenda in current politic tsunami in Malaysia? Who will WIN the WAR of Words? Rakyat jelata is the Judge today.



abdulhalimishak said...

I salute for your brainy ideas, which humanity has yet to realise since times immemorial.

Any way, if we do not have the ingenuity to produce deadly weapons, lately we are endowed with the expertise to 'package' the purchase of weapons to the tune of 4 to 5 billion Ringgit.

I believe Tun has been endowed only to package development projects worth billion of Ringgit for the benefit of all Malaysians.

ajimsan said...

War is a crime. I'm with you Tun. Already link your writings in my blog. Never hear Pak Lah touch world issues like you do.

Congratulations on reaching the 1 million mark in 30 days... a record I think... a truely remarkable achievement.


kaum muda said...

semoga panjang umur Tun, kalau bole sampai anak saya besar nanti supaya mereka dapat melihat sendiri Tun sabagaimana kami yang hidup pada zaman Tun, tapi sayang sekarang asyik jumpa beruk tido kat jalan dengan binatang kebanggaan RM100 juta..

apa pendapat Tun kalau Tok Pah mengganti Pak Lah, latar belakang yang kuat di kalangan bakal pengundi dalam 4tahun akan datang dengan kesederhanaan berbanding pemimpin Ku LI yang tersorong-sorong, DSAI yang mimpi di siang hari, Wan Azizah yang gila glamer skrang, KJ si beruk tak ade otak, atau Muhyiddin boroi makan beras tu??

Unknown said...

Another amazing article from Tun. What a Glance. As war is said to be the last step action after diplomacy is considered to be failed, mother world should point their eyes on this Tun's view to look for some newer changes. There should be no other spending on military as we're burden with the food crisis now. Unintended expenses just make the things become worst.
Anyway, this post is right to come for 1 million visitors for this blog.
Hidup Tun.

izhamjaafar said...

Salam Tun,
Blog ini sahaja yang dapat saya melepaskan rindu pada Tun.Setiap hari saya menunggu buah fikiran dari Tun.
Tun mempunyai keupayaan untuk berbicara tentang apa sahaja yang menarik minat saya,nak harap Pak Lah HAMPEH..

Tun ni apa cerita Pak Lah kata Ezam masuk UMNO, MT UMNO tak halang,sehari lepas tu Muhyiddin kata MT kena mesyuarat dulu sebab Ezam pernah keluaq dari UMNO.

Teruskan perjuangan Tun,Orang Seberang Perak sentiasa menyokong.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Salam Tun.

So you've got more than a million hits eh! Not bad for an 84-year old blogger! Time to belanja tea and some nasi lemak bungkus..Keep it up!

Ayahanda Mie said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Saya dan adik saya Faiz amat merasa bertuah mempunyai seorang anak bangsa yang begitu patriotik dan ikhlas memperjuangkan AGAMA, BANGSA dan TANAHAIR yang tercinta ini. Kami telah membaca banyak teks-teks ucapan Tun serta buku MALAY DILEMMA yang mana kami fahami matlamat dan hala tuju Tun didalam perjuangan ini. Ingin kami sarankan disini kepada semua blogger agar dapat menyebarkan segala fakta yang Tun telah ilhamkan kepada kita semua demi mempertahankan maruah bangsa. Sebagai seorang anak bangsa yang tidak pernah lupa kepada asal-usulnya, Tun, telah banyak membawa perubahan minda terhadap orang melayu khususnya anak muda seperti kami. Walaupun Jepun pernah menyerang Tanah Melayu dahulu, namun, perkara positif yang dapat diambil dari sikap mereka telah membawa Tun untuk menerapkan nilai-nilai positif orang Jepun terhadap bangsa melayu. Kami telah banyak mengikuti ucapan-ucapan Tun dari dahulu hingga kini yang mana dengan lantangnya Tun telah menyuarakan tentang jenayah perang ini. Kami akan sentiasa menyokong dan akan turut membantu menyemarakkan lagi kempen jenayah perang ini secara elektronik mahupun media cetak. Saya mohon agar dapatlah kiranya Tun memasukkan koleksi segala teks ucapan Tun semasa Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia dimana-mana persidangan yang mana Tun sendiri menyampaikannya. Ini mungkin dapat membantu menyemarakkan lagi semangat nasionalisma kami terhadap negara yang kami cintai seperti mana Tun. Berilah kami ruang dan peluang menjadi seorang pejuang sebagaimana Tun berjuang walaupun tidaklah sehebat Tun. Perjuanganmu belum tamat. Malaysia dan orang melayu masih memerlukan seseorang seperti Tun untuk melaksanakan agenda bangsa.


hamtam said...

salam tun,
sy mmg kagum ngan tun.

sy mampu berkerja di india sekarang hasil idea tun membina KLIA.

KLIA tmpt pertama sy berkerja.
menimba byk pengalaman,dan hasilnya menjadi contoh kepada negara membangun seperti india untuk mengunakan kepakaran malaysia disini.

syabas tun.
jasa mu mmg x ternilai hebat nya.


redbox said...

Salam Tun,

as a young Malaysian professional, thank you so much for what you had done to us. Thank you Tun.We couldn't repay your kindness with any single thing, what just we could do is be a good quality young nation that could protect our beloved homeland from the bad outsiders.

Well, you are extremely genius on spreading the idea and handling the current situation in Japan(the nonsense jewish students). I take my hat off to you!

I hope as young malaysian, we could be the that 1000000 of Tun's legacy and follow the wisdom power of you.

Thanks a lot Tun, after such ages the Malaysian voice was not flaming in international arena but in just few days ago you did it again just like you did in the old days!What an extremely outstanding job!

AbnormalSuam said...

walaupun kita seboleh mungkin tidak mahu terlibat dalam peperangan, masalahnya peperangan sentiasa menjerat kita... dan tak kiralah sama ada peperangan itu berbentuk konvensional mahupun berbentuk batiniah...

manusia akan terus berperang apabila mereka melihat sesuatu yang 'menakutkan'. Sifat ingin membunuh itu terus bersanubari di jiwa manusia sehingga ke penghujung dunia.

dan seandainya berlaku, adakah kita sudah cukup bersedia atau sekadar mengangkat tangan dan melambaikan bendera putih? Apakah persediaan kita sudah cukup dengan hanya membeli dan menagih teknologi asing?

Anonymous said...

Salam buat Tun dan pembaca.

Hari ini kita menarik nafas lega dan seolah-olah bersorak lega setelah hampir 60 tahun dunia ini kerana kononnya dunia bebas dari cengkaman perang dunia yang meragut jutaan hidup insan tidak berdosa, tapi secara hakikatnya tidak.

Perlumbaan untuk memenuhkan kabinet simpanan negara dengan exocet, nuklear (seperti mana yang dibentangkan kepada dunia hari ini; Israel memiliki 150++ senjata nuklear) dan lain2 lagi sebenarnya menunjukkan hal yang sebaliknya berlaku.

Cuma ada satu sahaja rasional mengapa perkara ini berlaku, mudahnya, kerana ancaman berlaku saki baki perang dunia masih ada malah, PERANG DUNIA masih BERLAKU! Lihat Iraq, lihat Afrika, lihat saudara kita di Thailand dan Sulu.

Bukankah jika dilihat dab dinilai secara teliti skala dari segi perbelanjaan dan kemusnahan, ianya perang dunia?

Dan tentunya mengikuti perlumbaan dan perjuangan bangsa pemusnah ini tidak boleh menjadi amalan kita. Tentunya juga mengambil keuntungan sehingga 2 Billion US dari rakyat Iraq tidak sepatutnya dilakukan oleh pemimpin.

Ada kalanya Tun, perlu diakui benar, kita perlukan persenjataan hebat seperti scud dan kapal selam untuk perairan yang besar.

Ini adalah kerana "the best defense is to attack" (sometime!).

Tetapi bila difikirkan semula, apa gunanya kapal selam yang boleh dikesan serta merta bukan? Alah membeli, menang memakai. Itulah kata orang tua yang tak lapuk dek zaman.

Saya percaya Tun akan lebih bersetuju jika Kementerian Pertahanan telah membuat pertimbangan yang tidak dipengaruhi kepentingan kroni dengan memperoleh sistem persenjataan yang lebih sesuai dan maju agar keperluan untuk membeli tidak akan menjadi masalah buat masa terdekat.

Biarkan profesional dan mereka yang arif tenang sistem shaja yang membuat penilaian dan bukan ahli politik, keluarga mahupun setiausaha menteri yang menentukan sistem persenjataan terbaik buat negara, rakyat dan bangsa kita.

Maaf kiranya pendapat saya ini bertentangan dengan pendapat Tun, semestinya juga, dalam urusan jual beli, tidak lari unsur helah baik dari segi pengeluar dan pembeli mahupun penganjur seperti LIMA dan DSA yang mana negara kita telah secara bangganya terima sejak zaman Tun sendiri.

Perang semestinya satu jenayah tetapi perlumbaan untuk memperoleh senjata terbaik bagi perlindungan rakyat bukan satu jenayah.

Coretan ini adalah luahan saya yang ikhlas. Saya tidak akan menyokong Tun membabi-buta seperti mana KEBANYAKAN pembaca Tun.

Buat Tun, diharapkan Tun akan bertanding secara bebas di PRU13.
Mari kita tumbangkan kerajaan penipu, pembelot bangsa!

Percayalah Tun, generasi saya yang membesar di era Tun menyokong tindakan Tun!



qualm.choke said...

dearest Tun,

I totally agree with you.
War does not solve anything.
It develops a chain of hatred and rage and this vicious cycle will eventually kills lots of innocent people.

So what can we do Tun, as a regular not-powerful citizen to show our support to this campaign? Tell us what should we do?

cotran said...

As much as we get the idea that war is implication of a crime. We should not oversee the possibility of interracial "war" or even more,the possibility of poor malays going against the rich ones. There exist a real threat to the harmony of our peace that needs to be addressed sooner. More suppression will only brew more problems for the near future.

gelagat niaga said...

Y.A.Bhg Tun,

I totally agree with you that war be made a crime and be stopped to settle conflicts. But how this is going to done involves a completely new topic altogether to be addressed.

One must understand that nowadays modern warfare is 'big business' in almost its literal sense. Modern warfare is a huge and humongous money-churning affair.

No one can deny that the sales of weapons trade worldwide is by far the biggest single industry (money wise) than any other industry - including the food industry! And who is going to curtail such humongous business? The United Nations? I doubt so.

Ironically, the big weapons manufacturers, weapons traders and weapons financiers have never ever been ‘participants’ in the battlefront or warfare! Thus, the big International Bankers, weapons manufacturers & traders and those war-mongering 'dealers' would rather be the huge profiteers in the ‘business of war’. Naturally, the common soldiers and of course the innocents civilians will always be the victims or 'collateral damage' in the business of war.

If one fails to understand that war involves financing, than one have failed to realise that money and material wealth is the major resource in promulgating war. These days, in some cases the International Bankers are the prime business concerns in 'assisting' in weapons financing but not in true nation building & development. And guess who control those huge International Bankers! So, which particular race or ethnic group that now controls the world’s coffers? Yes, we know who!

So if these people who controls the world’s money would want to make more money, then naturally they would have to instigate or ‘create’ more wars and conflicts between nations for the financing, manufacturing and trade of weapons, wouldn’t they?

As a parable, if a construction contractor is awarded a multi-million construction works to undertake, then the contractor would normally have to seek financial aid from the bankers or financial institutions to kick-off the awarded contract (i.e. - if no advance payment is involved). But before a construction contract can be awarded, naturally a project must be created by the one (owner or client) awarding the construction works.

Similarly, if a Third World Nation is ‘attacked’ by neighbouring nation (let’s say, supposedly instigated by some other big foreign powers), then naturally the nation under attack would have to seek foreign financing to procure weapons to defend its border and sovereignty. Thus in order to manufacture & trade weapons, a war must first be instigated or ‘created’! It is just a simple ‘creation’ of business opportunity!

In such a case, both of the Third World Nations will ultimately land in huge debt to foreign powers or financier in their war with each other. However, that is ‘good business’ for the big foreign powers and international bankers! When the common soldiers and civilians die in acts of war, then for those ‘business concerns’, these are mere ‘business process’ in doing business to create profit and wealth for those so called world’s ‘elites’.

Remember, the world's oldest trade (prostitution) involves human flesh be traded and be discarded as and when desired. Child prostitution, narcotics & drugs are huge ‘industry’ that sacrifices the human body & soul for the wealth of a handful of greedy and inhuman individuals as their ‘normal’ daily business dealings.

Is war any different from such ‘business’ dealings? With the exception that war involves an even greedier and inhuman individuals, i.e. – those corrupted, self & evil-serving Politicians!

mn said...

A.kum YBhg Tun,

1. Dunia tidak boleh elak dari 'Perang'(war). Hari ini perang terjadi kerana 3 faktor:

a. Mempertahankan wilayah atau negara sendiri.
b. Memperluaskan wilayah atau pengaruh negara tertentu.
c. Perang itu adalah 'Perniagaan'. Bukan sahaja 'Pertanian itu adalah perniagaan'.

2. Jika mengikut hukum Islam perang hanya dibenarkan untuk tujuan 'mempertahankan' Agama dan negara sendiri. Oleh itu kita boleh berperang jika agama kita dan negara kita diancam oleh mana-mana pihak luar.

3. Pembelian alat persenjataan hingga berbillion ringgit perlu kerana 2 faktor:

a. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.
b. 'Show of force'. Jika tidak orang kata kita 'Dayus'.


DeZemBer said...

War being war, has winner(s) and loser(s), objective and process, motive and consequences.

As you said, no one deserve to die especially in war. Even the winner will lose their soldiers and probably citizens. There's a chinese saying, ".. if we continue hating, when the war going to end?..."

To stop war, we have to stop hating, jealous, greedy and envy of others. We have to understand that we only live ONCE, and although we have to live to the fullest, WAR is not the fullest.

My 2 pence ;)

Choon Heng.

p/s: Tun, Pic with you when you are in London ;)

Unknown said...

Dearest Tun M,
You definitely are a WORLD LEADER. You have my support. Thanks.

ilmyinc said...

It is hard to read your article this time. Emotion, sympathy, tears are all around me.

Take those who initiate war to the war field and experience the feeling. Then only they can talk about war.

Sitting in fancy jet plane, luxury car, cozy residency must not be given even one chance to declare a war.

War is a crime and those initiate war is a world criminal!

ilmyinc said...

Dear Tun,

We need more thoughts and words of wisdom from you.

More article like this, more encouraging and a good reading/reference for future.

Lets utilize this weblog for the better future for us and the next, next, next generation.

ilmyinc said...

Dear Tun,

Congratulation, has reached 1,000,000 hits/page views today.

keep it up. Good job Tun.

AnakDEB said...

Salan TDM,
I always enjoy reading your blog.
(that's the reason you got more than 1mil hit in less than 1 month!)
Malaysia need a leader like your charisma so that we can move forward and be successful.
We need WORLD CLASS LEADER like you to lead this country.
"MALAYSIA BOLEH!!" sounds better than "Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang"
Teruskan Perjuangan Tun - Kami sentiasa menyokong Tun.


Fizisma said...

Salam TUN ,

Taniah diatas HIt yang mencapai 1 million , Saya tak dapat bayangkan kalau TUN seorang Bisness Man mesti kaya gila , Tapi Tun Dilahirkan untuk menjadi Pemimpin yang memimpin bukan pemimpin yang dipimpin , pening saya fikirkan orang yang seusia TUN masih utuh dan mempunyai ketajaman fikiran mungkin orang lain dah merapu macam orang tut.. tapi dia muda lagi dah dok merapu ... kena guna viagra .

Semoga Allah lanjutkan usia TUN untuk perjuangan ini .. tinggalkan Melayu yang mudah Lupa.




Tahniah kerana mencatatkan sejuta lawatan (1 million visits) ke weblog Tun dalam masa 29 hari.

Moga-moga Allah sentiasa memberkati perjuangan Tun.

Concerned Malaysian said...

Dear Tun,

This is the reason why many Malaysian are proud to be Malaysian. A leader that is not afraid to bring out issues even when it is against the big boys.

Please let us know what we can do to contribute to this.

Poh said...

Dear Tun,

The call to criminalise war is very noble and pertinent. But the road ahead is very bumpy. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere.



Unknown said...

Salam Tun
Alhamdulilah at last you publish an article that focus on anto-war campaigns.This show that you are really serious and determined man to bring peace to our world entirely.I would like to express my 100% on supporting this campaigns.
To show my comitment on bringing war as crime insyallah my first novel will be publish soon.This novel is about peace and prevailed the truth about middle east conflict.I will try my best to give one copy of this novel to Tun insyallah.
Last but not least I suggest Tun could write about your plan to make this campaigns real.As example launch world-tour campaigns to make people realise on the effect of war and the plan to bring those who commit@started the war to international court.

Regards from my family
Zharif Shafiq(pewaris kempimpinan Dr.M)

Jeff said...

At the moment, the only countries that will stir up wars are the islamic countries like Iran, and North Korea and Russia (for supporting islamic countries in the Middle East).

God bless the USA and Israel.

thesweetlittlecat said...


congrats on being a blog-millionaire.. im happy cuz there are so many supporters out there that will support u anytime n anywhere! Im glad u being u..
I totally agree of what u've wrote!
Keep on giving your ideas Tun..
So worry what will happen to Mukhriz soon... :(

Anywhere, take care of you health and May Allah bless you..

gondarz said...

manusia berperang sejak dari kita mula dicipta lagi. perang jenis apa yang kita kategorikan sebagai jenayah? jika kita berperang kerana agama? jika kita berperang kerana bangsa? atau sekadar untuk menentang keganasan? atau ada agenda yang nak diketengahkan melalui perang? Kalau boleh tun jelaskan perang sebagai jenayah mengikut pandangan tun

knitfreak-to-be said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

By the looks of it no leader in Malaysia can top the way you think. Agree criminilisation of wars needs to start now. Only the bold are brave enough can stand against the idea off mass killing like American did and Malaysian would be a fool to support such leader that is pro-American policy to begin with.

May Allah grant you health and sane mind to keep on contributing not only to Malaysians but the people of the world in total. Thanks!!!

Drudark said...

I Agree with you Tun. No War But Peace.

Azwan Othman said...

Salam Tun,

benar apa yang diperkatakan oleh Tun.Tapi bukankah sifat manusia itu sendiri suka bergaduh/berperang?

Tapi apakah yang menyebabkan manusia itu suka bergaduh/berperang?

Saya rasa peperangan itu subjektif.mungkin di pihak lain keperluan berperang adalah untuk mempertahankan diri dan di pihak lain pula berpendapat peperangan perlu untuk mencapai 'glory achievement'.Mungkin juga di satu pihak berpendapat peperangan perlu untuk 'survival' bangsa mereka.Masing-masing ada pandangan mereka sendiri tentang konsep peperangan itu sendiri.

Mungkin Tun boleh jelaskan definisi peperangan mengikut keadaan semasa yang boleh menyebabkan peperangan itu satu jenayah.

Apapun tahnia diucapkan atas sejuta kunjungan pertama untuk blog ini.

writer ann said...

kesetiaan kepada Tun tidak terbelah bahagi

Terima kasih Tun

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Saya menyokong pandangan dan prinsip Tun berkaitan dengan perkara ini. RM3 billion yang digunakan untuk membeli kapalselam berkenaan sememangnya boleh digunakan untuk banyak perkara yang lebih berfaedah.

Kita tidak perlu terikut-ikut dengan gelagat negara jiran yang sibuk membeli pelbagai senjata untuk berperang. Ianya satu pembaziran. Perlumbaan melengkapkan persenjataan dengan niat untuk menunjukkan kekuatan tidak akan ada hentinya.

Saya harap Tun akan terus menyuarakan pandangan bernas dan tepat seperti ini. Kita pernah dihormati kerana mempunyai kekuatan untuk menyampaikan mesej yang tepat serta keras seperti ini.

Satu masa dahulu....

iqrame said...


Kenapa tuhan menganugerah kepandaian/ kebijaksanaan kepada TUN.... Kenapa yang TAK FAHAM tu tak ada kepandaian macam TUN?

Saya... said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you on the horrors and destruction caused by wars.

I too dread the day it comes to our shores within the lifetime of my children and theirs. I hope it will never happen.

I agree that war is criminal. And most of the people/nations which currently espouse and perpetrate war ARE CRIMINALS.

But I do not agree that we should not spend on equipping ourselves and our defence forces with the latest and the best.

Only a nation that is strong economically and military-wise can protect its citizens and its honor. Human beings throughout history have always resorted to war for various reasons.

We NEED a strong, well equipped and well-trained military (however, I do not agree with our defense ministry's, (under Najib) seemingly ad-hoc and dubious purchases which seem to have no bearing on strengthening our forces but gravitating more towards alleged profiteering).

The rogue the US, the UK, Israel, with their total lack of regard for the sanctity of human life and property and the sovereignty of nations, will definitely NOT agree to the criminalization of war, because as we all know, which criminal sees his/her actions as wrong??

We must build up our strength and defences in all areas, in line with what is required of us as Muslims. How can we defend our honor, our nation our children or even give a good fight if we are weak?

Islam permits fighting in self-defense, in defense of our faith, and by those whose basic rights have been violated by others. There are STRICT RULES of combat, however, which include prohibitions against harming civilians (esp women, the old and children) and against destroying the environment and livestock, (unlike the barbaric methods currently employed by the ROGUE NATIONS IE: US and ISRAEL, who destroy a nation's people, economy, infrastructure and send nations back to the stone age)

From the Islamic view, injustices would rule over this world if good people were not prepared to fight for a righteous cause and the good of mankind.

Allah says in the Qur'an: "Permission (to defend) has been granted to those who are being fought against; that they have been oppressed. Verily, God has the power to help them. Those who were unjustly expelled from their homes for no other reason than their saying: 'God is our Lord.' If God were not to repel some human beings through others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the name of God is mentioned, would have certainly been destroyed. God will definably help those who will help Him. Verily, God is Immensely Strong, Mighty." (Qur'an 22:39-40)

War cannot be criminalised if it is allowed in Islam.

We cannot allow ourselves to be ill-equipped and weak in all aspects.

And war as always, should always, only be a LAST RESORT.

Tehsin Begum Mukhtar Ahmad

KotaStar said...

A stiff backbone . Indeed we need that badly and crucially. It cannot come by being too quiet and dreamy. Taniah Tun kerana membuka tajuk baru dan menceritakan program semasa di Jepun dan UK.

Unknown said...

posted by Dr. M. Dheenul Mustafa.

Dear Dr.M,

Criminalization of War!

I accept the fact deeply, But again who should Punish who ? The Country which has the HIGHEST ARMS are the ones who go into War, or INITIATE a war between other countries, Likely to use their OUTDATED WEAPONS, TEST THEIR NEW WEAPONS, SELL THEIR WEAPONS through their allies – JUST for MONEY, POWER or RELEGIOUS or ECONOMIC reasons (or) just to shift their local media from their local political / economical instability and insecurity.

I think Your claim and campaigning will serve HUMANITY better (May be not today but on the years to come).

I mean name 1 Prime Minister / President in the World who has the _____ to face the real fact and say YES to your statement PUBLICLY, but they do, only when they or their countries face the reality.

But there are ways, “WHEN THERE IS A VISION THERE IS A WAY” and more than all, when the Vision is created in the mind of Dr.Mahathir, it’s so impactful and Attainable, if put into proper CONTINUOUS ACTION, avoiding political – geographical – religious differences.

By the by, Dr.M. if your POINT is clear, then why are we still talking on it? We’ll use the Power of this Information & Technological Age.

My dedicated Idea:

1) We can create a vision statement ( highlighting the Benefits & Purpose)
2) We can create a online Survey Form for Individual’s to take part
3) We can use the power of our Bloggers, Online Marketeers who are interested in the community to get this NEWS to atleast 1 Billion people all over the world.
4) All the above would make the lifes of our NGO’s to have a say during their international discussions.
5) By the by, since this is an international campaign, you should ask people to post it in English. Or else International people wont understand the continuity of messages.
6) And Why are you calling only Malaysians, Am not a Malaysian but am so passionate. Am sure there are millions of people internationally who say yes to your vision.

We’ll focus on the how’s, and this campaign would fire by itself creating a “WAR FREE WORLD”, and one more vision of Mahathir ATTAINED.

About the writer: The writer is Dr. M. Dheenul Mustafa, whose vision is “ Empowering People, Business, Technology and Community through Information and Technology”. His contact email :


Lets change the phrase “War on Terrorism” to “Talk on Terrorism” to get “Solutions for Terrorism” .

by Dr. M. Dheenul Mustafa Ph.D.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun.

I really get inspired by what you have posted.

Keep inspiring your nation through your intelligence!

May Allah bless you and your family.

Festive Hampers said...

Dear Tun

Assalamualaikum and moga Allah panjangkan usa Tun.

Before I leave my comment, I would like to thank you for doing such a good job in bringing Malaysia to a world standard. I was one of the 70's babies who still remembers the different of how it was in the 70s and leaving in the new decade.

Going to war now is seen as a tool of righteous in many countries and can come in many forms. After reading the books by the Professor of Law at Yale, Amy Chua, has leave quite a strong notion that war can happen in my beloved country. Definitely I, will support your noble cause.
Again, I pray for your success and moga Allah sentiasa lindungi Tun dari hasad dengki maklukNYA.

Kiasi Malaysian said...

I am always against war in any circumstances. God created life with a purpose and certainly it is not to kill others, including animals and trees.

But till today, I am sad to read on newspaper and magazines on war happening all around the world.

Things can be resolved in many ways, and brutality is not an answer to anything.

We salute you, Tun!

gwkolonel said...

Assalamualaikum TUN yang disayangi

Ada kebenaran dalam ucapan TUN itu.
Hanya yang celik mata dan hati mampu menilai kebenaran yang telah dan bakal terjadi.

Dan juga tahniah kerana blog TUN telah mencapai 1juta hits.
TUN sekarang tersenarai dalam golongan "JUTAWAN sokongan".

Yang pasti TUN masih cerdas, cergas dan tak lelah seperti orang yang lebih muda.. apa namaaa macam PM sekarang!

Jutaan tahniah

puteribelait said...

Congratulations Tun on getting one million visitors in less than one month!!!

Jutaan terima kasih Tun kerana terus berjuang dan kami semua akan terus menyokong Tun.

Dian said...

Dear Tun,

I was one of those who planned to make the trip down to London to hear you speak on the subject of my interest. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. I must say that the move by Imperial College was rather weird. Here in my university, we have had various speakers delivering speeches on the most contentious issues.

Nonetheless, I commend your effort to criminalise war and I'm sure that the Japanese will rally with this effort. They should be in the best position to understand this effort - as you pointed out, they have been in such situations before. Plus, I believe it is part of their 1946 Constitution to renounce war and promote peace and pacifism.

And RM3 billion for submarines? Goes to show how diligent the government is in terms of resource allocation. And as you've rightly pointed out again - we're threading behind the paths to war set by the perpatrators, and for what reason I cannot understand.


far8 said...

As'kum Tun Dr. Mahathir,

I pray to Allah :

1.0. For you and your family well being.
2.0. Your wisdom for the well being of all malaysian.

My wish :

1.0. To have the mind and thinking like you but with my own way doing what's best for me and people around me.


rahsia said...

Because of AUKU, you might not be able to speak in our universities. I don't know your position on this. I just want to ask : do you want Malaysian students to have independent thinking like you or be easily swayed by un-common sense argument?

Do you want people who says they support 100%, 110% la, love you forever la etc etc? These people do not have critical thinking & most Malaysians have become that way.

With AUKU, ISA, OSA, seditious act & other acts, Malaysian are silenced.

There're many students in local universities that do not achieve the required 80% attendance (myself included) under AUKU. Why we still got our degrees (lousy one at that)?

Yet, when they are being patriotic, they are being kicked out by political appointed pin head deans.

I had hoped that you're not allowed to speak in too many places so that you understand the feeling when your voice is being suppressed. Felt like a pariah huh? In your own political party & in your own country.

Will you even approved my this comment?

p/s: Please tone down your racist rhetoric.

Mordecai Kucai said...


Saya berminat untuk membandingkan kapal selam dan Bas Rapid.

Najib adalah orang yang sama dalam kedua dua keputusan.

Semalam Najib memberi kenyataan bahawa subsidi untuk bas Rapid akan di tarik balik. Bererti tambang bas akan naik.

Saya masih ingat lagi bila Abdullah memotong subsidi minyak dengan alasan untuk memperbaiki pengangkutan awam. Tentu lah tujuannya untuk semua orang menggunakan keenderaan awam. Arah ini jika di teruskan akan menjimatkan penggunaan petrol bagi pihak pengguna, mengurangkan kesesakan dan juga membantu mengurangkan pencemaran udara yang semakin menekan.

Lain pula alasan najib semalam. Malu juga membaca alasan dari timbalan perdana menteri yang menunjukkan kelemahan akal dan memalukan rakyat Malaysia.

Antara alasannya ialah kerana ada juga orang yang mampu atau kaya menaiki bas. Kalau alasan yang sama di gunakan, tentu la ada orang kaya yang membeli petrol subsidi juga. Masalah juga kalau jadikaya.

Perkara ini tidak menjurus kearah mengutakama keenderaaan awam seperti tujuan sebelum ini. Malu juga kalau ada kad subsidi untuk orang miskin naik bas.

Alasan lain ialah syarikat bas lain tidak dapat bersaing sihat. Mana lebih utama samada syarikat bas atau rakyat? Adakah kerajaan ingin membantu gulungan kapitalis lebih dari rakyat? Adakah itu tujuan kerajaan di pilih?

Kemanakah akan di bawah hasil pemotongan subsidi minyak itu setelah harga minyak turun?

Adakah hal Rapid ini berkaitan Rapid Pulau Pinang yang di bawah kerajaan pembangkang.

Kerajaan pemabangkang telah menjalankan tugas mereka buat masa ini dengan baik. Adakah kita masih lagi dengan permainan bodoh yang emosional.

Rakyat Pulau Pinang juga rakyat Malaysia yang akan menentukan kerajaan bila tiba nanti.

Heran sungguh sejak akhir akhir ini pemimpin kita mengeluarkan kenyataan kenyataan yang pelik, lemah dan tidak berkaitan dengan kemajuan dunia kini.

Agaknya letih memikirkan masalah parti, berebut jawatan dan apakah Anwar berjaya merampas kerajaan sehingga urusan harian terbengkalai.

ekod said...


We miss your insight speeches

Peace, no war.

alifstyle said...

Seratus markah untuk Tun!

kolme K.A.K.A said...

Salam Tun...

I have always been your admirer, in your writtings, speeches, ideas and most pertinent is your firm principles regardless other people think and react.

We all support you including your resignation from UMNO and in this issue, war is a great crime.

Keep on motivating us Tun as you are a true and outstanding leader for this decade...

Gelombang Rakyat said...

Total global peace, is our aspiration and through this medium of communication we can now begin to inspire the world leaders and all people around, within, and throughout the globe of this beauty in our total life, without war because war is a crime. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you now have a supporter, and I know more have, are, and shall support you in this move of noble purpose, although at the other lead, a stiff backbone we do not see one. Islam, a Muslim, and the way of life ordained by The God, since Adam, Salam is Peace. I remember in Malaysia, we were looking for an answer when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Some even support this move just because there are verses in the Holy Book that were understood as supporting war. Even until now a video clip cum a short film, fitna, is but a misunderstanding of The God's commandment, which is peace. I wrote an article published in Berita Harian, that the message of Islam is peace. The totality of verses particularly on wars, contain a wisdom, that is, "you shall attack them, only when they do attack you first". This means that the verses, which are commandments on war, is actually for believers to enjoy and enjoin peace, because the wisdom is that they do not initiate any war, and in order to safeguard this individuals who are in total following each commandment to the letter, The God allows them to go to war, yes, when an other, another or others attack them first. That is why, I know you shall agree with me, in Malaysia we have a Ministry of Defense (Kementerian Pertahanan) much to an agreement with the God's commandment pertaining to war. With a back bone supporting the brain of a right thinking individual leader, we can like you have suggested be a nation producing our own bullets and aptly protective machines up to a point we are in defense position, yes a preparation when we are being attack by others first. However, any amount, for example, 3 billion, is way too much, to build what might actually cost a fraction, whilst the large portion that is an extra for example be allocated for commissions. I am truly glad, that you are promoting peace and forwarding war as a crime in Japan. This is pertinent, because at the other point on the continuum, George W Bush, has been championing "let's attack other nation even before they attack us". I told some friends in America who now belief in the orchestration of 9-11, and the destructive moves in Iraq and elsewhere, that please dare George W Bush to champion the same domestically. The beauty of, war is a crime, an individual who initiate war to cause destruction to huwman life and properties and more, shall be tried in an international court of justice. The world shall be in total peace, when all world leaders who share George W Bush motive of loving war, be tried in this international court of justice. Ultimately, we citizens of the world can life in order and harmony globally on Earth. This is an international profit, a wholeness of benefits, for all citizens of the world. If war is not a crime, and a veto power can override a body of united nations, then all that is said can only help flourish a small group of individuals who manufacture, market and sell arms and weaponry, particularly those who have had the experience in sparking wars since World War I. This group; the promoters of legalizing wars, can even go so low as to shout a name calling and accusing the promoters of total peace as anti-semitic for example. Yes, war is a crime. Let's go for it, and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, please lead on this one...

vijeyan said...

A good article for the first time in your blog.
Prevent war whatenver the motive is including for purpose of religion.

SangSetia said...

Salam Tun,
Artikel Tun ada kebenarannya. Cuma di sini saya ingin bangkitkan usaha PakLah sekarang ini yg jelas cuba mengurangkan keistemewaan orang Melayu dan yg terbaru menaikkan jumlah bukan bumiputra yg akan menerima biasiswa dari 10% kepada 45%. Usaha ini pada pandangan saya bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan dan perlu diambil tindakan sebelum terlambat.
Berkenaan dengan tindakan Ezam, jelas hasrat beliau yg bersedia utk bertanding jawatan Ketua Pemuda jelas merupakan satu perancangan KJ untuk menggugat peluang Mukhriz. KJ sedar beliau hanya boleh bertahan setakat Naib KP sahaja dan pada masa yang sama tidak mahu berketuakan Mukhriz. Jadi saya cadangkan supaya Mukhriz mendapatkan satu gandingan yg kuat yg boleh bertanding jawatan Naib KP supaya KJ boleh dilenyapkan langsung dari kepimpinan pemuda. Jelas perancangan ini telah mendapat sokongan PakLah apabla kemasukan Ezam diberikan sambutan dan publisiti meluas dan Ezam diberikan tempat dalam arus media perdana sekarang ini. Wassalam.


Tun ,

I sokong you to make war as a crime.Bila berperang orang yang tak berdosa yang banyak mati dan cedera seumur hidup.Macam Bush buat kat Iraq , dia hanya bencikan Saddam , tapi rakyat yang merana .

You know more than me .

Congratulations kerana kunjungan ke blog Tun mececah lebih dari 1 juta ,walaupun baru .

choki said...

Dear Tun,

I am Indonesian who always admire the way you see the world and islam.

No other leader in this world that will match your style of leadership and commitment on building the character of the nation with very objective yet simple way.

I think you should be the senior advisor to the UN and let America think that they are not the only nation that can speak good English.

May Allah always give you the strength and healty life so all asian young generation can learn how the great leader should be from you...Amien

Humble Indonesian.

amir3333 said...



Sheikh AL Zarafee said...

Assalam mualaikum Tun ,

Teruskan menulis , saya adalah salah seorang pengikut setia tulisan Tun . Terlalu banyak Idea Idea besar dan wawasan yang tersirat . Hairan saya kenapa ianya tidak datang daripada pemimpin kini yang sedang memegang kuasa .

Saya merindui ucapan ucapan bertenaga dari Tun yang boleh mengalihkan gunung...

Tahniah Tun ...

amir3333 said...



Unknown said...

support anti war,支持... i wonder if most country army been send to help those suffer from earthquake or others disaster, there will be more people saved n survive... izit better send them to take life? just a thought...

neNekz said...


Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir yang dikasehi.

Diringi doa dihari Jumaat yang mulia ini semoga Allah panjangkan usia Tun dan sehatkan jasmani dan rohani Tun juga diberkati kehidupan Tun dunia dan akhirat.

Ya Allah inilah orangnya yang benar-benar PERWIRA Bangsa dan Agama. BERANI KERANA KEBENARAN.


Old Fart said...

You want to criminalise war and at the same time it was during your time as PM that the submarines were ordered and bought. Of course we all mostly know that the purchase provided the necessary excuse for someone to also make a RM500 million commission. I think the latter provided the greater motivation and incentive than whatever deterrant the submarines are supposed to provide.

Sir, if you want to work to criminalise war than the starting point should be an assumption that there will be no war that you will wage and you must have the confidence taht none will be waged against you.

Such an assumption will mean the disposal of most of our arms and defence forces as they will not be needed to support those assumptions.

The problem with you championing this criminalising war is the contradiction that at the same time you operated under the assumption that war could be waged against you. No doubt, other than the submarine, there is not much in the nation's artilery that could capture a termite mound.

However, I also cannot ignore the fact that most of the artilery seem to be for the purpose of subduing your own citizens. Water canons and a lot of the other artilery serve a greater purpose in containing the ambitions of internal revolutionaries wannabes who might otherwise be tempted to over-throw ala the French Revolution or of more recent times, the Iranian Revolution maybe.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum TUN,

TUN,adakah TUN berhasrat untuk membuka parti baru?Jika ini saje dapat meyelamatkan keadaan,semestinya ramai akan menyokong TUN.Pembangkang hanya tabur janji,tapi ape pun x buat.Hanya menyalahkan org lain je.

HangNadim2020 said...


Selain berjihad secara mental, kita juga diharuskan untuk berjihad secara fizikal. Peperangan juga di'harus'kan sekiranya perlu, untuk mempertahankan agama, bangsa etc. Tetapi peperangan tidak perlu mengorbankan orang2 awam, biarlah professional (pegawai tentera) sahaja yang terlibat. Tetapi di akhir zaman ini, peperangan telah juga mengorbankan orang2 awam, mencederakan orang2 awam.... Di zaman Rasulullah pun ada peperangan, tetapi peperangan tidak melibatkan orang2 awam, malah jauh dari kediaman orang2 awam....

Tun, teruskan berjuang, sesungguhnya perjuangan TUN untuk agama dan bangsa inipun adalah jihad juga.

denz said...


Tun tahu ke tak Youtube tu apa? hehehe

i miss your "apa nama..." hehehe


I totally agree with you. However, as a young, female citizen of Malaysia, what can I actually do to support this noble endeavour of yours?I'm not a politician so just by saying "I'll back you up on this" or that "I'll be with you every step of the way" will not be enough. There must be something that people like me can do to support the campaign.Please let us know. It might surprise the world how powerful a congregation of normal citizens like me can do if we pull it together....

Thanks and May Allah Bless You.

whitelily said...

Dari apa yang saya baca dari teks ucapan dan buku-buku tulisan Tun, ia melambangkan keperibadian diri Tun yang sebenar. Saya bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia. Tak kiralah Tun dari keturunan mana, yang penting Tun telah membawa rakyat ke satu tahap yang paling tinggi. Tahniah Tun. Kami bersama-sama Tun.

redzuank said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Peperangan akan tercetus bermula dengan perang ekonomi. Penguasaan minyak dari barat, penjajahan tanah dari Israel. Kalau dikaji dari WWI (World War 1) & WWII (World War 2), Persengketaan diwujudkan oleh kaum Yahudi. Sehingga sekarang mereka masih melibatkan pihak barat bersengketa di Asia.

Pada pendapat saya Asia perlu bersatu dari segi ekonomi contohnya mewujudkan matawang Asia seperti mana Euro yang digunapakai oleh Kesatuan Eropah. Adalah penting untuk Asia bersatu terutama Russia, German, Iran, China, Korea dan Jepun untuk mewujudkan paksi Asia yang tidak tunduk pada kekuasaan Barat yang semakin menunjukkan kerakusan mereka.

Bukan untuk mewujudkan peperangan tetapi untuk mewujudkan kesejahteraan serantau.

Saya cadangkan Tun berdialog dengan pemimpin2 dari negara2 yang saya sebutkan di atas untuk melaksanakan kerjasama serantau yang boleh mewujudkan kekuatan dan kestabilan serantau.

Sila beri pandangan sekiranya cadangan saya tidak munasabah.

Terima Kasih.

Unknown said...

Dear Good Sir,

I agree with you on this note.

Almost everyone agree that war is a crime to humanity itself.

It is ideal that we should have a united tribunal to try and convict warmongers and war seeking culprits. Unfortunately, the current model is bureaucratic and slow.

For instance, it is obvious that George W. Bush is guilty of invading Iraq, but he will never be tried in this lifetime.

On another note, the arms race will never cease until the whole world can find a way to suppress the human/male instinct that force IS might.

A good example is the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons(NPT). Even then, there are countries that did not participate in the treaty. And if another country decides to build them, who will oversee that? The North Korea and Iran situations have supplied us with instances of slow solutions, from the UN and the major countries.

I think, it is our duty as human beings to criminalize war. There are no excuses to a war.

No excuses, what-so-ever. Pre-emptive strike. Or whatever reason there might be.

I would think that to criminalize war, on the highest level, is a really difficult task. But it is not impossible. It would take a lot of convincing and results would not appear instantly.

Also, UN has to be made respectable and strong again (How to do that, is another story). Only with a strong united international body, war criminals can be put on trial. There should be no limits on the UN's authority to put people on trial. If George W. Bush is impeached because of the war in Iraq by USA's own people, the UN has the authority to put George W. Bush on trial because war, is an international crime.

Again, I'm idealistic. It's really difficult to officially criminalize war, but I still think that it's not impossible.

We've always had wars since the dawn of time. We've begun to understand that war is never glorious. It takes it's toll on everybody, physically and mentally. At the end of the day, nobody really wins in a war.

Gnu said...


I support this campaign! Other than this, I think the government has a better way to spend the rakyat's money than sending tourist into space. Note that by sending one of us Malaysian to space yield no benefit (technology transfer..etc) at all except sheer glamour.

Tun Teja said...

Askum ayahanda Tun..
Dalam newspaper arini kuar cite, lagi 7 orang pemimpin kanan PKR masuk UMNO. eemmmmmm...ape motifnya nie? cam musykil jer tindak tanduk diorang nie...orang2 UMNO lak heboh hebahkan berita ni...nak tunjuk UMNO ni masih di tahap relevan & mampu menarik ramai manusia. namun dimata jutaan rakyat msia kini..selepas tiada suara garang DR. M, UMNO dah tiada jati diri melayu lg..yg ada hanya manusia yg gila kuasa kat dalam sana tu. geram tul!!! ketawa laa pak lah selagi boleh ketawa, hidupnya amat bahagia skg nie...dgn kuasa yg mutlak, isteri yg baru...dia tak perlu wat apa2 utk mptahankan tanah airnya spt mana Tun lakukan.msia skg dah jadi negara yg tak relevan utk hidup..tiada kdamaian, yg kaya makin kaya, harga barang mahal, makanan mahal...sapa nak tingaal kat sini? tapi kita tak boleh ke mana2..ini tanah air kita, negara kita..yg perlu diusir adalah pak lah dan konco2nya. pembangkang mmg dari dulu tak boleh pakai.menjahanamkan lg negara ada lar. Tun buatlah apa yg patut..rakyat msia sentiasa bsama Tun. May Allah bless u!!!!

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you that war is a crime. Only a psychopath would disregard this fact. War results in collateral damages, casualties to the contending armies and more disheartening death and injuries to innocent civilians. The Divine Decree has declared that war that leads to the crime of murder is unacceptable to mankind as stated in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32 “ If someone kills another-unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth it is as if he had murdered all mankind”.

shaz said...

Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

To purchased weapons and war equipments in my humble opinion is just a matter of showing-off to the neighbouring country.
Without these showing- off parade, the neighbouring country probably will think that it is going to be easy to step on one’s tail. On whether it will be taken to use or not is another matter.

Indeed, having a firm and charismatic premier is far more important than having top-notch war equipments; nevertheless, we need some sort of defence subject in order to preserve our independence.

No doubt there would always be one or two party that is benefiting from any situation; be it civil war, economic war, land war, clan war and right up to internal affairs war.

It must be taken into consideration that some countries or groups or even an individual will not hesitate to show off and shout about their weapons or equipments in order to mellow down the other party.
It should be known too, that there are countries, groups, or people who will not subscribe or being put alongside these showing-off rack.

In my opinion, we do not have to join in the showing-off crowd in order to make known our strenght. With effort taken to restore the country so it will be blessed with a better and firmer backbone, having its policies along the ideal route and the foremost important matter; receiving people’s belief; we definitely will achieve our goal in combating any unwanted situations.
Although it might be a long struggle but at least someone has put a start to it. The hardest is always the change of mindset, especially for those who refused to accept that good changes would not be harmful to themselves and their country.

In addition, I am very sure by looking at your blog hit; I would like to assume that you are being well supported; in any of your campaign.

tedlive said...

I wish for NO WAR too. But it's unlikel to happen. Human being never change, never learn from past mistakes.

Tun, I never fail to visit your blog or read all your articles. Your influence is very very strong to Malaysian. I used the word Malaysian because only your blog receive multi-racial support and united we stand. When we put our comment, we never think of race or religion. Just us, as a Malaysian.

Keep it up and take care of your health. You should get someone to to compile and back-up all your articles and comments into a book or achive it online for our future children. You are the greatest leader in Malaysia.

MU 1881 said...

I have only one word to say..
creme de la creme

crower said...

Much of today's instability around the world can be accredited to the US. The US, hiding behind its "world police" regime and for democracy have infiltrated either directly or indirectly in countries which they deem to be of a strategic importance either as a threat or to serve a purpose for the US.

This is definitely true for the Middle East countries. The US led forces which invaded Iraq and Afganistan under the pre text of pre-emptive measures to fight terrorism and weapons of mass destruction have not only fail to find such weapons, but indirectly have weaken these countries. By doing so, the US can freely manipulate the vast oil resources in these countries for their own use.

The US led invasion of these countries have only succeeded in one thing :- the spawning of more anti US militant groups. The spawn is only natural as the world could no longer tolerate the hyprocasy of the US in dealing with world issues. The US invaded these countries without any concrete proof (which the US confessed that their intelligence were wrong in dealing with the presence weapons of mass destruction)while at the same time they turned a blind eye to the daily criminal acts of the Israel regime towards the Palestinians.

Please take your time to surf the following link :-
and see the extent of the Jewish influence in the US administration especially its stand towards the Muslim countries. It is interesting to note that this "non-profit organisation" is strongly backed by Paul Wolfowitz, a Jew and the former Dept. Sec. of Defense who is also a good friend of Anwar Ibrahim. Refer to this website :

The US (under the influence of the Jews) are now slowly expanding their influence in many ways and since the end of the Cold War Era, it has identified that a the new front of war to be fought are against the Muslim countries. Hence, their influence are inflittrated in many ways, mostly under the pretext of "democracy" and "human rights". These influences are inserted in the political scenario within the Muslim countries with a view to create chaos and ultimately to contribute the fall of the Muslim government only to be replaced with a puppet government.

Myron Fagan wrote :- "The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy agents of the Illuminati would stir up between political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism, Israel, will destroy each other while, at the same time, the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion - physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. The stage will then be set to put the one world government into operation."

I pray that this will not happen.

Amylia said...

Assalammualaikum tun,

First of all congratulation for a million visit :) . Tgk la betapa ramainya peminat Tun. (including ur rivals...kalo x minat, tak visit laa kan? hihih...)

Well, this post really shows that Pak Lah tak setanding Tun.Macam langit ngan bumi.It really shows that you are the 1st class leader.

Im always be with you Tun!

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Clearly you are one the in million or might we say one in a life time. As other countries are racing to improve their defenses weapons, Tun ask us to support for Criminalization against wars. I'll bet Paklah didn't even think it about neither. During my freshman, I've learned one interesting subject,"The American History 1857 till present", one fact that I've stumbled upon was the US are heavily depended on wars. Their steel industry improved by wars, their economy too improved by selling jet fighters, guns and other weapons such to Isreals, Arabs and other countries. It won't be surprising looking back at war in Iraq, Afghanistan and now on Iran dan North Korea.These wars are more like a marketing strategy for the US. And human life is nothing more like a experimental subject.Now, with the economic turmoil in the US, we'll be seeing new wars soon. I'm fully support your effort on Criminalize War. Wassalam

sue said...

Salam untuk yg dikasihi Tun,

I have been reading our blog since the lauch. Every morning before i start my work, almosy everyday.

Born 33 years ago; i was under your wings and having experience studying oversea under our system.

I never been more grateful.

I always support you.

I respect and salute you.

I also LOVE to read whatever you write. Your writing always open the eyes, heart & mind.

When i small, i was dreaming to meet you.

BUT, i never felt all those towards our current PM, DPM, Muhayiddin Yassin nor Anwar Ibrahim, (Khairy???..never ever!).

If they are able to write like you, speak up like you and act brave internationally like you, then, i only will be able to to START to respect them, may be?.

May ALLAH S.W.T blessed you and your family.

I hope Mukhriz can give a new hope to us (for me to support UMNO again).

Me and my family will respect and love you.

Panglima Naning said...

Tun yg disanjungi

Tahniah Tun kerana mencapai 1 million hits

Teruskan perjuangan mu Tun kami disisi Tun bagi mengerakan jentera gagasan Tun bagi melumpuhkan kepimpinan Pak Lah bagi membolehkan UMNO diselamatkan dari pemimpin berkepentingan sesama sendiri...

Blog Tun memberi sinar bagi kami golongan yang diam dan meluat melihat sandiwara Paklah dan kuncu - kuncunya.....

Teruskan wawasan mu Tun kami gembira mendapat pandangan bernas dan tiupan semangat mu nanti akan menaikan semarak perjuangan kita yg telah lama longlai....

salam perjuangan

wanwanwan said...

Yang dihormati Tun

Your article make so much sense. Logical thought. And not only you're a gifted leader, you're a gifted writer too.

One reader from "The Star" newspaper known as Grateful Malaysia wrote recently, and he claimed that Allah sent you to us and no one should dare to compare you with anyone in term of your contributions to the rakyat. There'll be no replacement, not now and not in a million years. I fully agree with him. Under your leadership, Malaysia has achieved so much.

My family & I has also gained so much from your good governance policy. We are now living well with business turnover never dreamed before. For this prosperity, we are grateful not only to god, but to you too. You've quoted many times, that Malaysian should share the economic cake that is growing and not fighting over a shrinking pie.

Yes, I am now very worried about Mukhriz position in UMNO. Looks like Pak Lah cronies is trying to get him out.

Tun, we are with you.

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you that war is a crime. Only a psychopath would disregard this fact. War results in collateral damages, casualties to the contending armies and more disheartening death and injuries to innocent civilians. The Divine Decree has declared that war that leads to the crime of murder is unacceptable to mankind as stated in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32 “ If someone kills another-unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth it is as if he had murdered all mankind”.

rosni said...

Menjadi kewajipan saya buka blog Tun tiap-tiap hari. Tahniah Tun..teruskan usaha.

Seperti yg Tun katakan di sini, saya amat sokong. Buat apalah membazir duit beli kapal selam..sampai 3billion..Risau saya masa depan Malaysia.
Moga Tun dipanjangkan usia..

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Another political challenge is to understand why countries go to war and for what reasons.

Why did Germany and Japan enter into WWII? They were opposing superpower immperialism at that time from what was conceived by a bankrolled masonic controlled west.

That was what Hitler tried to oppose in a most hideous way which is to ethnically cleanse of the Jews and thsu created the Holocaust.

Japan also see the same happening in Asia put forth its Asia Raya plan to free our region from colonial masters.

However you cannot use terror to fight imperialism. It generate so much destruction and unwarranted sufferings that the people misunderstood Japan and revolted by forming the MPAJA in Malaya.

What we see today is the same situation during pre-war days. Superpowers pushing their cheap goods via WTO and sugar-coated poison down the throats of weak nations. They treat us all as their marketplace.

When these nations try to come up they are not allowed to play by the same rules. They canno have nuclear arms. They cannot even have an army too big. They must not friend with those they do not like.

This is what you Tun has described before as neo-colonialism. I still have not looked up the meaning of such a long word just like 'recalcitrant' but i like you and so many others here are impatient when it comes to injustice and shoving down people's throats.

Like many here, I and my family shall sign up as members of your "The Criminalisation of War" NGO.

At the same time, we as muslims know that Islam means Peace and war was never its intent. There was only self defence in Islam and no harming of even trees allowed in conflict.

But today muslims have used the excuse that they been oppressed to create terror and as revenge. Such middle eastern archaic revenge and honour killings was banned by Islam. But been their long and deep-rooted culture, their habits do not change.

But Islam cleary forbid such acts as Allah has promised that He shall judge wrongdoers and its not our ultimate task.

Our temporal time on earth is to always others to Islam and Peace. That is why i agree when you call yourself a fundamentalist of Islam.

On that, all muslims must stand with you too.

Allah Bless you and your family and those who perish in wars.

(Pls do get your kind office to keep my email in case there is any program for such purpose -

Redhuan D. Oon

ro said...

A'kum Tun,

Teruskan perjuangan...

Wakil Yusoff Abd. Rahman (Kota Bharu)

baniADAM said...

Salam Tun, apa kata forumer2 di dalam blogosphere ni cari idea camna nak berkempen bagi pihak Tun utk merealisasikannya. Tun dah buat banyak utk kita, apakata kita sedikit sebanyak membantu Tun pulak. CRIMINALIZATION OF WAR. Terima Kasih Tun.

ps: sejuta... WOW!!!

Mr Zam, Emzeti IT said...

Tahniah Tun,

Blog dah lebih satu juta pengunjung..
Jutaan lg peminat/ pemyokong sebenarnya di luar sana. Ramai lg tak tahu. Kalau dibuat iklan besar-besaran, pasti lg ramai pengunjung.

azlishukri said...

memang ada kebenarannya Tun cakapkan ini, saya setuju

azlishukri said...

ramai yang tidak tahu sebenarnya maksud yang Tun kata..

azlishukri said...

Peperangan merupakan kata yang sepatutnya menjadi taboo kepada sesiapa yang mencintai keamanan. peperangan untuk menegakkan yang hak memang dituntut..

azlishukri said...

semoga kempen menentang peperangan ala-As ini akan terus diperjuangkan oleh Tun

azlishukri said...

Hakikatnya, saya percaya bahawa jika seseorang pemimpin sesebuah negara itu kuat dan kukuh.. peperangan mampu dielakkan. yang menjadi masalah ialah apabila ada pemimpin yang lemah..dan mudah diperkotak-katik..

Kamarul said...


Congratulations to you for being a "millionaire" in just one month.

Can you please clarify on the article/letter, being posted in Malaysiakini, written by Neil Khor, regarding Pulau Batu Putih issue. You can directly go to

Tun, what do you think about Muhyiddin Yassin becoming the PM and Zahid Hamidi becoming the DPM?

How to curb the inflation and what can we, the malaysians (people and government), do to further curb the price hike of fuel and food?

Please also give some comment on "Ezam rejoining UMNO". The way i see, DSAI did not comment much about this, neither did DSAAB (openly accepted EZAM. Something going on between the two? However I agree with Muhyiddin comment on this rejoining.

Appreciate if you can give your thoughts on these few issues. If your clarifications are inappropriate to be posted in the blog, hope that you IT assistant can provide the answers to my personal email (am I dreaming? hehehe).

Anyway, as Rakyat Kubang Pasu (Jitra in particular), saya sokong Tun 200%.

P/s: Mana pi Tun Daim? Lama sengap....

alpijat said...


war is crime and those people should be punish. not just the whole world will suffer economically and enviromentally too.
i love mother nature it gave me peace and serenity.
peace no war

Reza aljunaid Post said...

Salam Tun,

"The Criminalisation of War" sepertimana buah pandangan Tun itu mengingatkan saya kepada perjuangan Tun menentang perang Amerika di Iraq yang penuh dengan penipuan Amerika terhadap dunia.

Walaupun Amerika menipu dunia tapi hairannya, dunia masih ingin juga mengikut telunjuk Amerika. Amerika sepatutnya didakwa kerana "Jenayah Perang" mereka ke atas Iraq.

Malangnya ada juga negara Islam yang turut menyokong penipuan dan jenayah Amerika ke atas Iraq.

Hari ini, Malaysia di bawah kepimpinan Abdullah Ahmad badawi dilihat lebih PRO AMERIKA. Segala pembohongan dan keganasan Amerika ke atas negara Islam dipersetujui jika ditafsirkan oleh Abdullah.

Sepanjang Abdullah menerajui OIC nasib umat Islam tidak terbela. Yahudi Israel semakin mengganas.Ingatkan Abdullah lebih hebat dari Tun Mahathir sebaliknya tak sangka ... Abdullah bagaikan TIN KOSONG dan TIKUS BAIKI LABU....

Ya Tun, saya sokong supaya dunia melalui PBB mana-mana negara yang mulakan peperangan dan kalau berperang habis orang awam, tempat suci dimusnah,perang cara ini hendaklah dikategorikan sebagai "JENAYAH PERANG".

Kalau nak harap Abdullah Badawi cakap benda ini jauh panggang dari api..apa yang beliau tahu...nothing..nonsense...

Ada orang berpendapat..buat apa lawan Amerika..sia-sia sahaja..

Memang benar. Tapi sebagai khalifah Allah..umat Islam mesti berani berkata benar...ini tuntutan agama...

Niat kita bukan untuk kejahatan tetapi untuk kebaikan seluruh umat manusia..seluruh alam ini..tak kira dia itu bangsa apa..

Ini yang saya nampak Tun nak perjuangkan dalam "The Criminalisation of War"...


Majlis Disiplin UMNO nak menghukum Zaid,Mukhriz dan Tajudin kerana membawa imej buruk kepada UMNO. Mereka bertikam lidah.

Saya sokong Datuk Mukhriz dan Datuk Tajudin...mereka bercakap benar dan ada hujah dan bukti...

Zaid wajar kedudukannya dalam kerajaan kerana beliau adalah bekas ahli UMNO yang dipecat kerana salah laku rasuah ...

Apa UMNO masih nak orang rasuah ke..???

Memanglah Abdullah ini tak boleh dipercayai...selagi beliau ada..UMNO akan mendapat bala ...

Harap Datuk Seri Abdullah sedar dan kembalikan maruah UMNO yang dah dihilangkannya itu....kerana beliau salahgunakan kuasa yang Tun Mahathir beri padanya dulu..jangan lantik orang macam Zaid..bahayakan UMNO...

Mustaqim Abdul Rahman said...

war is a crime.....but we must of many way islam develop is by war.....and that is in different century and diff time...diff ppl....everything is diff back could PAS call themselves true islam fighter by hold islam in rasullulah s.a.w time....would PAS ppl walk from madinah to mekah??my reminder is for those who blind what is islam.... islam is not PAS....

TUN is not only melayu or malaysia leader...he just simply born to be.....we all support you and the fight against war must be fight by everyone.....

however, war and violence is very malaysia we dont have war but we have violence.....nowadays malaysian can kill other human beings just because of car parking,small missunderstanding, traffic accident and many other small things.....

we must have value in our heart.....-in this terms i shall call all races to have because malays a.k.a bangsa berbudi bahasa is must more violence when they are in a road....simply say...war is NOT a way of solving problem so do violence or fight(bergaduh).....

sokongisa said...

patut disokong, perlu disokong dan mesti disokong.

ramai orang kata macam tu tapi apa yang mereka boleh buat dan sanggup buat. cakap semua orang boleh cakap. dr M cakap dia buat. dia cakap berhenti umno dia buat.

sebagai permulaan, satu kempen kesedaran anti peperangan mesti diadakan dan dilancarkan. bukan atas nama politik tetapi atas nama kepentingan manusia sejagat.

Rahman said...

Assalamualaikum Tun. I (and I believe many others share the same notion) will definitely support your campaign to making war a punishable crime. You are right, to spend billions of dollars for arm racing is a ridiculously phobic act as they are turning this world to a more dangerous place to live. Those money could be well spent for food production, helping poor nations, and many other technological advances, such as for the development of alternative portable power sources other than oil, which would make this world a better place to live. Let us know how we can (not just rendering our support to the campaign, but to also) contribute to the movement.

Long Man said...

thanks for your piece of mind... wonder why our current pm can't even think about this... you're so smart... i admire you... i fully support this campaign.... teruskan perjuangan tun...

sarah said...

Salam tun,

Saya setuju , tun.

Sebagai ahli umno, ikhlas saya masuk bukan hanya utk perjuangankan nasib org melayu, tetapi islam sejagat, supaya peperangan dihentikan dan kita pulau mereka yg turut bersama membekal senjata semata-mata utk memusnahkan orang islam didunia.

Saya menonton "kite runner", peperangan keatas org islam dan melihat nasib wanita dan kanak-kanak saya merasa insaf dengan apa yg kita ada dimalaysia.

Istilah perjuangan, sukar dinyatakan, hanya mereka yg benar faham akan istilah perjuangan dapat menghayatinya.

Melihat akan tindakan yg akan dikenakan keatas mukriz dan datuk tajudin, adakah itu jadi jalan penyelesaian, zaid ibrahim, dia menegakkan hak dia, mukriz dan tajudin bersuara sebagai suara kami diluar, saya tak nampak nak jatuhkan sesiapa sekiranya kita tiada agenda atau niat yg lain kepada sesiapa, sekiranya pandangan diambil secara positif, pertandingan dibuat secara berhemah, keputusan mengatasi segalanya, maka dimanakah istilah perjuangan sekiranya tak dpt bersuara.

Awal penglibatan saya dlm umno, saya bersuara, mereka tuduh saya org keadilan, sekrg kita bersuara, kita pula dianggap jadi musuh, bersuara utk kebaikan bukan utk kemusnahan.

Middle rock, air surut baru nampak, air pasang dia pun hilang, apa dah jadi, serupa macam takdelah.

Selepas ini, apa pula yg hilang, kalau kita takde pemimpin yg berani bersuara, kita hilang segalanya.

Maka, dlm umno kita bersuara utk kebaikan saya tak nampak apa salahnya.

Saya rasa, umno perlu perubahan...


saarah hj.ali bashah

Redhuan D. Oon said...

We are also spending billions on War machines such as Sukhoi (i still am not sure if it is a submarine or aeroplane).

Pakistan for instance went all the way and got themselves an atom bomb. Iran just mention atomic research and US and Israel slams it as evil, together with North Korea who is using its nuclear arsenal as bargaining chips.

Can we also join the club and try our hand at the bargain? What bargain? We already lost so much in just that Sukhoi above.

Even if we do get the ultimate atom bomb, can we even think about using it? USA, Russia and the veto powers have been keeping thousands of such warheads as part of pure detente policy. US alone spent USD5.5 trillion to keep up the nuclear oneupmanship.

We certainly do not have USD1 trillion even to keep anything up. We can't even keep a small stupid white rock from that tiny kiasu state in SEA.

It is better not to dream that our Sukhoi can scare some white rock back. It is better to save those billions on better education and high pay for attracting the best minds to the teaching profession.

Redhuan D. Oon

aishah yunos said...

Tun yang saya hormati,

Slm..tahniah atas pencapaian 1,000,000 kunjungan ke blog Tun,ini membuktikan ramai diluar sane,masih menhormati dan menyayangi Tun.

Sekarang ini,setiap pagi saya akan datang awal ke office umtuk membaca nukilan Tun yang banyak memberi saya ilmu.

Setiap kali membaca nukilan Tun,saya menjadi lebih kagum dengan Tun dan cemburu dengan kebijaksanaan Tun.

Saya kagumi Tun dulu,kini dan selamanya...

May Allah give you Good health always..

Rizee said...

Dear Tun,
I think we should also unite all the Muslims countries and make our voice heard. It is so sad to see in the news everyday that we are even fighting with our brothers. And yes, your idea of involving other countries to support this campaign is also crucial. Hope to hear more from you, Tun..
All the best..

wak Dojer said...

Salam kepada Tun dan pengunjung.

Bila Tun bersuara, sama ada semasa memegang jawatan ataupun tidak, tetap sama. Jarang berlaku "cakap tidak serupa bikin".

Bila Tun bersuara, tanpa memperdulikan kesan-kesan berakibat dari kata-katanya, tetap dipegang teguh.

Bila Tun bersuara, walaupun berlaku insiden "diasingkan" atau "sabotaj" atau "tekanan" oleh "pihak-pihak yang terasa" dari konteks kata-kata Tun tersebut, tetap sama dan tidak diubah pendiriannya.

Yang penting, apa pun kesan ke atas suara lantang Tun, Tun telah mempersiapkan dirinya mahupun Negaranya dari sebarang kemungkinan oleh "pihak-pihak yang tidak senang" dengan suara Tun tersebut.


Bukan hendak memuji, atau membodek atau kipas apa yang patut.. sebabnya secara peribadi Wak tak dapat apa-apa pun dari Tun (melainkan nikmat tidak langsung semasa Tun menjadi PM, i.e. kemajuan, pendidikan atau suasana ekonomi yang agak baik). Tapi hakikatnya, Wak terpaksa "salute" Tun dengan kredibiliti, karisma dan yang utama prinsip utuh yang ditunjukkan apabila Tun bersuara.

p/s: Wak masih tercari-cari "duplicate" Tun dengan pemimpin-pemimpin yang ada, tapi teropong punya teropong masih gelap tak nampak apa. alahai...

sokong_kerajaan said...


I totally agree with you Tun. I had been wondering why Perdana Peace Foundation didn't organise its Peace Conference this year as well because I am sure a lot of people had been looking forward to it.

I hope that Perdana Peace Conference will be held next year.

Hataf said...

Salam YAB Tun,

Tahniah diatas perncapaian blog Tun yg keSEJUTA, satu rekod pastinya. Ini menjadi bukti bahawa perjuangan Tun mendapat sokongan walaupun ada yg menafikannya. Terusakn perjuangan Tun, kami senantiasa bersama.

Hataf 11:30pagi

Mika Angel-0 said...

Che Det,

Slap Me on The Other Cheek
(anytime you want as much as you desire, luv)

Wa bismillah.

Should we define war only as the one act of military aggression of one nation towards another due to any instigation?

What would be the penalty then for those who intiated such a war?

What would be the compensation to the nation that will have had suffered humiliating delibitation losses but were the one upon which war was justly imposed on them?

Is it technically right and a step in the right direction when apparently the Americans are not to be tried for their global military 'policing ' goodwill in an international court.

Who will be the judge and where do we draw the line afterwhich war is a crime in this poetically just world; and who decides which nation are legal and rightful nation?

Do you think this concept of making war a crime would hamper the spirit of self defense?

What would happen if the Arabs finally decided to go to war against Israel?

Silly it may sound but your posting do remind me of the Isrealites of the old and the king of the jeuws and that my recourse is only to the Alpha and the Omega - Lord of the Worlds and Muhammad is his messenger: Isa can wait and may as well think him dead.

Thank you, Che Det for the chance to look at the other side of the coin and the oppoutunity to admire the reflection of the thought of a great mind.

Wasalaam to Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah

Born84 said...

Salam Tun,

Your writings never fail to serve benefits to Malaysian and the world.

Hoping that these campaign will always in eyes of all people as it expose the 'hidden agenda of new world order' and its disadvantages to the world.

Act of war as a solution in the sign of desperation by the Americans and the Israel friends.

Thanks Tun...

Cak Kun Cak said...

YAB Tun,

As always your comments and insights are concise and to the point.

What is more imporatant is that you decided to use all these abilities for the good of the nation and the human race.

Having said that, I think your ideas need more leverage to bring it to the higher level and platform. Possibly we can do this at the global level - rather than expect our present Government of Malaysia to carry this torch.

A good example is how the west mobilise the Global Warming movement. Documentary similar to the "The Inconvenient Truth" and " The 11th Hour" can be Malaysian produced - directed by Yasmin Ahmad maybe?

Finally, congrats Tun!! you are a millionaire in the blogosphere...

I am campaigning personally to all that I know to read your blogs. I want my friends, acquaintances and colleagues to read your ideas and comments. Whether they agree or not with your thoughts or ideas is another story. It is much better than reading analysis in the 'yes-man' mainstream media.

Thank god for Blogs! If we have left it to UMNO to benefit from gaining from your experiences...just imagine? sigh..

With that ...GO ON TUN!!

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you that war is a crime. Only a psychopath would disregard this fact. War results in collateral damages, casualties to the contending armies and more disheartening death and injuries to innocent civilians. The Divine Decree has declared that war that leads to the crime of murder is unacceptable to mankind as stated in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32 “ If someone kills another-unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth it is as if he had murdered all mankind”.

Unknown said...


Saya rasa Tun tidak sepatutnya terlalu tertumpu dengan yahudi zionist tu saja tanpa mengetahui siapa di atas zionis2 tu semua!!! Zionist tu semua sudah di jerut leher mereka semua oleh pihak-pihak Jesuits Vatican melalui badut2 Knights of Malta(kawan Tun tu Mandela memang seorang Knights of Malta,stay away from him!!!) mereka seperti King Juan Carlos of Spain tu, beliau ni lah yg sebenarnya yg memantau perkembangan di Middle East!!this guy will do anything for the Pope and the General of the Society of Jesus(Jesuits)!!

Quran pun dah cakap tentang Yahudi dan Nasrani, mengapa kita umat islam masih terlalu tertumpu kepada yahudi saja!! yahudi israel tu majoritinya bukan yahudi pun,mereka ni sebenarnya kaum Khazar dari khazaria yg menganut agama yahudi!!itu je, sistem education mereka tu la yg jadikan rakyat2 mereka jadi zionist!! yg untungnya dalam permainan anti-semitik ni ialah Nasrani aka. Vatican Jesuits!!!

so from now on Tun we also have to blamed the Jesuits as well...baru lah ia seiring dengan Al-Quran dan Hadith... Tun ialah versi Fidel Castro Asia, blunt and outspoken..kebanyakan pemimpin2 lantang dunia akan berjumpa dengan Pope termasuk Tun sendiri, bagi researcher seperti saya..ia cukup untuk melambangkan sesuatu!!

saya harap Tun keluarlah dari pakatan2 jahat ni semua, Tun tau apa yg akan berlaku kepada negara kita ni di masa depan, this one i'm 100% sure!! Kra Canal conflict,India(paham2 la Tun 10th Kingdom agenda tu..) etc.

Bercakap tentang perang dunia ni, tu di America sana mereka sudah masuk era weather machine tu, mereka da ada HAARP mereka, earthquake di china tu salah satu
dari effect machine ni, it's all because of Nicholas Tesla research!!! seorang wartawan Australia Joe Vialls dipercayai diracun kerana coverage beliau tentang Tsunami Asia tu yg disebabkan oleh weather machine ciptaan barat tu...Di akhir zaman ni akan kerap berlaku gempa bumi hasil tangan kotor manusia sendiri!!!

PJ said...

Not only war, every evil in society must be criminalised!
Corruption, abuse of power, authoritarian rule, embezzlement of public funds, cronyism, nepotism, favouritism, playing the race card, instigating people to overthrow elected government and leadership, arbitrary arrests and detention, award of huge contracts to buddies, siblings, children and cronies,brokering and fixing judicial appointments, defaming popularly elected leaders -- all these are abhorrent and abominable deeds. Those guilty of such offences must be punished and punished forthwith - regardless of their position or status in life.

petunjuk said...

Dear Tun,

I agree with you that war is a crime. Only a psychopath would disregard this fact. War results in collateral damages, casualties to the contending armies and more disheartening death and injuries to innocent civilians. The Divine Decree has declared that war that leads to the crime of murder is unacceptable to mankind as stated in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32 “ If someone kills another-unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth it is as if he had murdered all mankind”.

wak Dojer said...

Minta maaf minta ampun. Bukan hendak menyemak atau menyebok apatah lagi hendak cari publisiti murahan dengan menghantar banyak-banyak komen dalam ruangan ini.

Cuma Wak rasa tak lengkap diri ini kalau tidak menyampaikan ucapan "jutaan tahniah" kepada Tun kerana laman blog yang Tun wujudkan mencecah angka 1 juta tidak sampai sebulan diwujudkan.

Tahniah juga kepada Tun kerana berjaya membuka mata "pemimpin-pemimpin sedia ada" dengan memberi ruang kepada komen-komen dari rakyat marhain atau ahli-ahli biasa mana-mana parti politik yang relevan. Almaklumlah, kami ni banyak sembang kedai-kopi, mananya sampai ke mata @ telinga pemimpin-pemimpin besar. Kalau sampai pun nanti diaorang kata "aaaah... cakap-cakap kedai-kopi mana boleh pakai". Tak apa...kami tak marah, tapi masa pilihanraya kami tunjuk aja.

puteraiblis said...


segala perjuangan TUN tetap dihargai dan saya sokong segala tindakan TUN.

wawasan 2020,
tiada TUN,
tiada makna..

Meraga Beris said...

Dear Ayahanda Tun,


There are so many comments posted and I feel kind of irrelevant to add another. Somehow I feel obliged to put some words for someone who has being so omnipresent in the lives of so many Malaysians.
Thank you for all the good deeds that you have done for the people and especially the dignity and pride you have instilled in us as Malaysians.
On the subject of the day, may God be pleased with you for all that you have done defending oppressed communities either by giving them voice or by any other means during your administration.
Human as you are, and in the position that you were, there might have been many wrong doings as well. May God forgive you.
Many have criticized you in the past and also in the present, myself included. From my part, any wrong words spoken about you, I sincerely felt that I have said in the context of differences in opinion over some of your actions I perceived as wrong. Many among us, we looked at you so highly, we sometimes forgot that you were also human. And since we were from the outside looking in, we were not in the position to know all the reasons you had in taking your actions. You are the Ayahanda, and it’s not for the father to apologise even if a father can also commit errors to his children. Thus, I beg your forgiveness for all the wrong actions and all the wrong words that I, personally, might have wrongly inflicted to your person.

You have been a brave statesman for us, a true leader and a great architect for the nation. In my views, you have done much more than enough.
You might feel that you left the country in the wrong hands, if that was so, it could not be because of you. People who deceive will always deceive, to no matter who. All the people who kissed your hands and praised you up to the 7th heaven when you held power but now they spit on you with venomous words, they are mere ingrates, they are not worthy of your time. But for so many of us, who had differences with you because of our love for our people and our country, we still need lessons from you, and our children will need your lessons too. In my humble opinion, your gift of writing should be the best corrective measure. Please Tun, please continue whatever biography or memoirs you intended to finish but somehow on hold because of the current circumstances.

May God bless you and give you His Mercy…wassalam

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun, glad to see the shift in focus on this article of yours. No point clinching on party's matter when there are greater issue out there that needs our attention. For the party, just let nature take it's course.

Tun, your words are needed to broaden the mind of your readers. Please continue to write as long as your health permits, you know we are visiting your blog everyday in search for knowledge and wisdom.


playsmart783 said...


What I could say is I really love your smile. Nothing at your position could forbid you from getting your listeners to get a clear picture of where're you heading and bringing the facts straight. You're a good leader with high integrity. You'll have all our support and love.

Lastly, thank you Tun for reading.

the COUNTRY boy!!! said...

i think you the best blogger in malaysia....

i think u should join when you were in the government it self.

anywaY it is good you to join us..

congrates because you have the most visitors in amonth..
and it shows that people still accepting your idea and they think you are still relavent...

so keep updating your blog.....


unicorn said...

Bloggers like antimamak,ravi,putrajaya,wilson to name a few... semua buta & busuk hati !

may Allah bless our beloved Tun mahathir..!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Saya bersetuju sekali lagi dengan Tun.

Pada pendapat saya, inilah permainan yahudi dan sekutunya. Industri pertahanan dan persenjataan serta perkhidmatan sokongan yang bernilai lebih trillion dollar adalah industri utama Amerika. Jika tiada peperangan negara itu boleh muflis kerana ketiadaan perniagaan.

Oleh yang demikian, untuk mewujudkan peluang-peluang untuk menjual senjata yang telah dikeluarkan, peperangan diwujudkan dan ini akan berterusan.

USMC sebagaimana yang kita lihat adalah tentera-tentera yang diswastakan. Arab Saudi berhutang dengan AS kerana mereka membantu negara Arab tersebut. Sebagai balasan mereka memperolehi minyak sebagai bayaran begitu negara-negara Arab yang lain.

Apabila negara-negara miskin berperang, mereka ini tidak akan campur tangan kerana tiada peluang perniagaan disini. Walaubagaimanapun, bukan peluang perniagaan sahaja yang dicari, tetapi kuasa untuk mengawal negara-negara kaya supaya mereka ini tidak akan muflis dan dapat mengawal harga minyak.

Jadi negara-negara lain melihat satu keperluan untuk tunduk kepada kuasa AS ini. Begitu juga negara-negara pengeluar senjata yang lain seperti Russia, Perancis, Britain dan sebagainya. Jika tiada peperangan, mereka akan muflis. Mereka telah mengeluarkan perbelanjaan yang amat besar dalam industri ini. Tiada peperangan tiada perniagaan. Tiada perniagaan mereka akan muflis. Apabila muflis, mereka tiada kuasa untuk mengawal.

Oleh yang demikian, peperangan tidak akan dapat dihentikan kerana inilah perniagaan mereka.

Oleh yang demikian, kita seharusnya melihat ke hadapan, perang dunia telah berlaku 2 kali, ketakutan ini menyebabkan negara-negara lain berlumba-lumba untuk melengkapkan persenjataan mereka. Tetapi mereka masih mengawal teknologi persenjataan ini kerana mereka yang mengeluarkannya jadi walau apa peperangan yang berlaku sekalipun, mereka masih berkuasa mengawalnya.

Kita tidak boleh mengeluarkan atau membina sendiri senjata-senjata berat ini kerana mereka khuatir mereka tidak dapat mengawal teknologi ini. Walaupun negara-negara Arab kaya raya namun begitu sehingga kini mereka tidak dapat mengeluarkan teknologi peperangan kerana AS mengawal segala-galanya dan mereka masih berhutang dengan AS.

Begitu bijak yahudi dan sekutunya mengawal dunia ini. Kenapa kita tidak begitu? Umat Islam sepatutnya mengawal dunia dari kehancuran kerana agama Islam agama yang benar. Dunia ini milik Allah SWT.

Apa yang pasti, musuh-musuh Islam ini sentiasa mengkaji Al-quran, mencari kelemahan-kelemahan umat Islam, melakukan peperangan psikologi, membawa masuk teknologi dan mewujudkan stigma yang boleh merosakkan pemikiran ummah. Ini semua permainan mereka ini kerana menurut mereka, Islam agama yang benar dan jika umat Islam sedar dan bersatu padu, mereka akan menuju kehancuran. Tetapi malangnya umat Islam hanya tahu mengaji dan tidak ada satu Istitut untuk mengkaji Al-quran serta mencari kelemahan mereka, kita akan terus melihat kekuatan mereka dan akhirnya mereka akan terus kuat kita akan terus lemah.

Selain persenjataan, mereka juga mengawal ideologi pemimpin-pemimpin negara supaya lebih berpihak kepada mereka, mereka akan mencari pemimpin-pemimpin yang lemah untuk mentadbir negara. Hanya seorang setakat ini yang mempunyai keberanian bersuara mengutuk yahudi. Beliaulah pemimpin terulung iaitu Tun Dr Mahathir. Terima kasih Tun.

Azmany said...

Frankly, though I agree with the concept - in reality, I suspect that this is the law of nature. Can we stop the unsuspecting deer against the lurking tigers? However, as human beings given the power of thinking, yes we should take the necessary steps to prevent murders, genocide and wars from happening.

Having said that, the deer evolved to develop superior hearing and agility to counter the threat of the powerful tigers.In our context, Malaysia cannot match the superpowers but we need to develop our own defense. I wonder whether our current leaders have the necessary plan to achieve this. After all, we are engaged in a war of sorts, economic war at least.

Unknown said...


I am 100% supportive of criminalizing war. It brings no benefit except sorrow and pain.

Too bad that even Malaysia is now joining the arms race.

When will man learn his lesson.

Sir, please press on. We are with you.

Pearls said...


You are so correct. Yah.. I wonder myself why in God's name did we have to buy submarines and did you hear about the helicopters that couldnt or wouldnt fly??

MY GOD!!! We bought three or was it five of that at dont know how many millions and it cannot fly!!! Sigh..perhaps this amount of money can be spent erradicating poverty in Malaysia, contributing to worthy campaigns such as yours or simply kept as reserved for some emergencies? This goes to show the government we have today is simply hopeless and useless... how to have backbone??

As for war.. well, I am 100% with you on this. SAY NO TO WAR!!

Mohd Hazreen Rashid said...

Salam wrt.

Tun DR Mahathir,

I am a student currently reading medicine and you are a figure I always look up to, though I know I could never be even half as good.
I read all of your books and they never failed to amaze me of how brilliant and thoughtful and far-sighted you are.

Semoga Allah lanjutkan usia dan diberikan kekuatan serta ditunjukkan jalan yang lurus untuk terus berjuang.

Ramai di belakangmu.

ocho-onda said...

Tun,firstly,welcome to blogsphere! Being a Malaysian diaspora, this is my only link to what is happening in beloved Malaysia.
I agree with you totally that all wars are crimes against humanity. It is sad that humans do not learn from their past mistakes
The world has changed but the bad habits of humans have not. The strong will keep on bullying the weak.
It is indeed a dangerous time we are living in when the strongest nation in the world thinks that it can continue being the policeman,telling the rest of the world what and what not to do,invade and rape any country of its resources at will, with impunity.....
I hope that your comment on "The Criminalisation of War" will have a strong influence on the mindsets of the current leaders of our own home front, ruling or opposing.
I hope they can unite their differences and work on a common ground and lead by example to the rakyat, that they act with the interest of the country at heart and not just their own self interests....
God Bless and Good Heath to you.

Gary Tan

foodislove said...

well said tun. war can never be justified and it's a crime against humanity for those who condone war.

dIb said...

kenapa komen ini masih ingin dipenuhi oleh pengipas2 yang sememang sedia wujud selama ini? dimana idea2 kritikal saudara-saudari sekalian. mmg artikel tun bertepatan dan mempunyai mesej ttp ini tidak boleh menghalang kita dari menjadi kritikal dalam membantu memberi feedback yg berguna kepada tun dalam perjuangannya. sudah la tu tun pon dah letih di junjung... jangan jadi pak angguk.

Yusuf Hakeemi said...

War crimes are "violations of the laws or customs of war", including but not limited to "murder, the ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents of an occupied territory to slave labor camps", "the murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war", the killing of hostages, "the wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages, and any devastation not justified by military necessity" [1]

War crimes such as perfidy have existed for many centuries as customary law between civilised countries, Many of these customary laws were clarified in the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. The modern concept of war crime was further developed under the auspices of the Nuremberg Trials based on the definition in the London Charter that was published on August 8, 1945. Along with war crimes the charter also defined crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, which are often committed during wars and in concert with war crimes, but are different offenses under international law.

Article 22 of the Hague IV ("Laws of War: Laws and Customs of War on Land (Hague IV); October 18, 1907") states that "The right of belligerents to adopt means of injuring the enemy is not unlimited" and over the last century many other treaties have introduced positive laws that place constraints on belligerents (see International treaties on the laws of war). Some of the provisions, such as those in the Hague conventions are considered to be part of customary international law, and are binding on all,[2] Others are only binding on individuals if the belligerent power to which they belong is a party to the treaty which introduced the constraint.
War crimes includes violations of established protections of the laws of war, but also include failures to adhere to norms of procedure and rules of battle, such as attacking those displaying a flag of truce, or using that same flag as a ruse of war to mount an attack. Attacking enemy troops while they are being deployed by way of a parachute is not a war crime. However, Protocol I, Article 42 of the Geneva Conventions explicitly forbids attacking parachutists who eject from damaged airplanes, and surrendering parachutists once landed. [3]. War crimes include such acts as mistreatment of prisoners of war or civilians. War crimes are sometimes part of instances of mass murder and genocide though these crimes are more broadly covered under international humanitarian law described as crimes against humanity.

War crimes are significant in international humanitarian law because it is an area where international tribunals such as the Nuremberg Trials and Tokyo trials have been convened. Recent examples are the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, which were established by the UN Security Council acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

Under the Nuremberg Principles, war crimes are different from crimes against peace which is planning, preparing, initiating, or waging a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements, or assurances

Unknown said...

Dear TUN,
yes, I agreed. War is not the only war to solve the conflict between nation. War is only the way that those developed country used to reach their goals or motive trying to get what they want from other nation.
Anyway, until today, actual guns or weapon war is something we can see is big issues but there are other big "war" as well. Eg. economic war, politic war & etc.
From the past election, we noticed that DAP, PKR or PAS got more campaign funds than alot of BN candidate. This never happen for past few election as I know. This is something that we should worry about too. Who is the person provided the funds? Why are they provided the funds to them? Will there be any "terms & condition" if the opposition take control of our country?
Personally I don't know what those people want from our country. I believed those people don't want small things. So, question is, what they want from us? Anyone got any idea?

Redhuan D. Oon said...

You said in your post above,

"War is not a solution for our foreign policy agenda. A stiff backbone is far more important."

Indeed. To have that backbone means a healthy body, meaning a strong well distributed economy under a decisive and capable leadership.

It will also mean that we allow our other institutions to flourish unabated such as our NGOS irrespective of their inclination and agenda.

China was foremost by having the first ancient Mandarin academic culture even before Europe did, but it was quickly taken over because Europe allowed soft institutions and guilds to flourish without centrist control.

Your 'privatisation' drive has created brilliantly that effect. It has instilled ravenous but healthy greed among the masses to strive for the stars. You created a distinct intellectually afluent middle class in the process.

However that healthy body still need that stiff backbone. I know, I know. You meant Umno. I am only one vote. Can't do much.

But if you stand for the coming next elections under a formal banner, we will stand with you as that backbone. That is more effective. :-)

Redhuan D. Oon


Assalamualaikum Tun.

Saya sokong Tun, bebaskan dunia daripada kesengsaraan peperangan. Tapi kalau kita n aktivis anti-perang saja yg kempen, pihak yg suka berperang buat-buat tak nampak aje, xberkesan gak Tun. Tetap juga berlaku peperangan. Negara US pun, rakyat diorang pun ramai kempen anti perang, tapi Bush masih tak layan jer.

Satu saja kebaikan kempen ini, negara2 yg belum terlibat, besar kemungkinan tidak akan melibatkan diri dgn peperangan. Nasihat yg berterusan perlu supaya jangan diorang terlibat langsung dengan kempen peperangan yg melanggar prinsip hak asasi manusia, umpama perang anjuran / sokongan US pro-Zionis ni.

Daripada segi perlumbaan senjata, sy juga tak bersetuju. Saya hanya bersetuju kalau melengkapkan negara dgn pertahanan yg ampuh. Xsemestinya dgn hanya senjata yg canggih2. Senjata yg biasa tapi mampu pertahankan negara adalah lebih baik. Jangan hanya sekadar menunjuk2. Jiran2 negara pasti rase tak selesa & keliru kalau negara suka berbelanja untuk pertahanan tapi tanpa tujuan yg jelas.

2 buah kapal selam tu saya rasa ok, sbb saya rasa wujud keperluannya dalam pertahanan maritim negara. Yg sy tak setuju hanya jika pembelian tu mempunyai agenda lain dan untuk memenuhi kocek pemimpin tertentu.

Apepun, kita mendoakan agar kempen yg dijalankan dapat menyedarkan mereka @ sekurang2nya membuatkan mereka berfikir berpuluh2 kali untuk melaksanakan peperangan. Bantahan yg ramai pasti dapat melambatkan peperangan, wp akhirnya terjadi jua. Ok juga untuk pihak lawan membuat persediaan.

Admin said...

Salam Tun,
Saya menyokong penuh kempen anti peperangan ini. Saya juga pasti kempen ini akan disokong masyarakat sejagat yang cintakan keamanan.
"Perjuangan Belum Selesai"

Semoga Tun sihat selalu.

anak Kedah

ChongYee said...

Dear Sir, I SUPPORT the campaign, to spread the UN-necessity of war!! No point killing and being killed!! Everyone should know (perhaps knew) and should understood (hold it strongly)!!

However, there is always WHAT IF.. what if some groups (like terrorists) don't understand? What if war happen? Sir, In the end, you may prevent the war on inter-nation conflicts (hopefully) but Sir, you might not stop terrorism!!

Therefore, our nation should also concern about development of defense system (not for WAR), to be able to protect ourselves at least or help poorer countries (if we manage to). And, it would be better we establish our own defending tools and systems by ourselves (Malaysian), instead of importing..

Another thing, even though Sir isn't PM anymore, and may not have authority power as much as before, but I would URGE that Sir and current PM work together! You are tough but current PM might not weak, he just different strategy (firmness within softness). Combination of Sir and PM create synergy force for Malaysia!!!

Sir, your campaign is Malaysia campaign, is ours campaign and is the world campaign! Sound HUGE, huh.. I wish to read more on the GROWTH of our nation in all local and international newspapers and TV news, instead of err.. POLITICS

Hey all Malaysians work together, not PM or Dr M only, nor Dr M fans or PM supporters only, nor UMNO, MCA or MIC only.. not BN or opposition parties only.. others?? Malaysia isn't that SMALL!!??

So, Best equation =
(PM + Dr M + UMNO + MCA + MIC + BN + opposition parties + citizens)!!!


alvin lee said...

xHi Tun

A blog from you that is free from any attacks against Pak Lah.

Actually, you have already made your stand on Pak Lah very clear. The whole of Malaysia knows about it. The trouble is if you continue to attack him, I am afraid that eventually your actions may do more harm than good to the country.

I believe all the UMNO members have already taken note of your points raised so far. So let them now decide on Pak Lah's fate. If they still want him, so be it.

I therefore hope that you can stop this "war" before it ruins the country.

funnymayhem said...

What about war waged in the name of religions? The Crusades, the war waged to spread Islam? I Just want to hear some explainations.

Unknown said...

Nothing has changed in thousands of years except the players. Easy to criminalize war but what do you do with a country that starts a war? You declare war on him ? Then does that make you guilty ?

This problem has been debated and discussed for centuries with no solutions ..

The money, time and resources spent on war could solve many of mankind's problems ..

Dr. M .. it is easy to criticize.

Unknown said...

Pasal beli senjata ni Tun, saya setujulah kalau negara beli. Kalau harga RM3juta untuk kapal selam ke apa ke ok jugak. Asalkan duit tu betol-betol untuk kapal selam. Jangan pulak harga kapal selam RM2 juta, kos beli RM3 juta..RM1juta tu masuk kocek apa entah...itu yang kita tak mahu.
Takde senjata takkan kita nak pakai tangan lawan orang pakai mesin gan. Apa pun Tun, saya setuju dengan crminalisation of war especially the war mongers.

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Good day Tun Doctor

The resources we used to set up

Philanharmony is part of effort
to promote peace and

harmony among countries,the

resources we used to send our
astraunault to space is to raise the morale of Third world,the sum used is insignificant compared to money spend by others on warefare race.
音楽は美しいもの だが戦争は悪魔だ.
何の罪も無い子供達を殺ろした侵略者は,最悪な罪を犯した.そして侵略者のImperialismaを支える人は 最低な奴隷だ.

amen said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

Off course war is bad but if war is forced upon Malaysia, do we wait and allow bombs to rain on Malaysian soil without retaliation?

Its tough to be nice...tougher still to be tolerant to those who constantly provoke us!

Have a nice day!

Rosnah said...

YAB Tun,

Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Tun mengenai jenayah peperangan ini. Manusia di dunia ini telah terlalu gila dan terpengaruh dengan kehebatan senjata canggih.

Sebenarnya saya tertunggu-tunggu komen Tun tentang isu terhebat hari ini. Iaitu peristiwa kemasukan Ezam ke dalam UMNO. Semalam Pak Lah begitu bermegah dan bergembira sekali dengan kemasukan Ezam. Semalam juga Ketua Pemuda telah menjawab sendiri ke tiga-tiga soalahnya yang ditujukan kepada Ezam. Ialah bos dah terima, tak kanlah dia kata tidak boleh pula. Nanti dituduh tak setia kepada Presiden pula.
Soalnya hebat sangat ke Ezam tu. Pada pandangan saya, taklah hebat kemana. Tapi baru masuk UMNO balik, dah pula menyatakan hasrat bertanding Ketua Pemuda. Kesian pada ahli-ahli Pemuda yang sudah selama ini setia kepada Pemuda. Yang nampak hebat hanya Ezam seorang.
Saya nampak macam ada pakatan saja. Ezam yang pernah memaki hamun UMNO dulu, hari ini diterima dgn tangan terbuka. Tapi Dato Mukriz yang memang banyak bekerja untuk Pemuda dan Parti, akan dihadapkan kepada Jawatankuasa Tatatertib Parti. Teruknya Pak Lah ni. Nampak macam orang baik-baik, tapi hatinya lebih busuk dari hati Yahudi.

Tun selamatkanlah kami rakyat Malaysia.

Kentoi said...

YABhg Tun,

Firstly many congratulations for achieving / receiving 1 Million visitors to your blog in less than a month! It shows that you still have a lot of followers.....

I truly support your idea of Criminalisation of War.... I know you have made tremendous effort to champion this idea, wish to share what was reported by early last year for one of your programme:-

15:30 MECCA TIME, 12:30 GMT"

George Bush and Tony Blair are war criminals worse than Saddam Hussein, Mahathir Mohamad, the former Malaysian prime minister has said.

He said the US president and the British prime minister had more Iraqi blood on their hands than had Saddam and that Bush should face the same "sham" justice that had been meted out to the former Iraqi leader.

Speaking on Monday Mahathir, 81, who led Malaysia for 22 years, said Bush "should resign straight away and be tried by the same kangaroo court".

Branding Blair a war criminal for backing the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with thousands of British troops, Mahathir said that he was also "a culprit".
"He is as much a war criminal as he accuses Saddam of being a war criminal," he said. "The number of people he kills or causes to be killed is very many more than the number of people that Saddam caused to be killed."
Saddam, who was executed nine days ago, was accused of killing thousands of Shias and Kurds in massacres inside Iraq, as well as starting an eight-year war with Iran that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
Mahathir’s comments came as he announced plans for a peace conference to create an international movement to criminalise war.
He said the conference in Malaysia next month was being held not only because of the current global situation but also to express his disgust at the cruelty of wars in general.

"War should be made a crime," he said. "Those who actively promote war should be punished as criminals."

Semoga perjuangan Tun akan terus mendapat sokongan, SALAM.

RWS said...

"We have bought two submarines costing over RM3 billion. When are we going to use them? Are we contemplating going to war with our neighbours? I can think of other ways of spending RM3 billion in Malaysia."

Use the submarines to catch all the illegal immigrants from the Philippines moving toward Sabah shore.

Malaysia Digest

Mikester said...

Dear Doctor,

I have read and fully support your stand on the Criminalization of War. I also agree that our present government is chanelling the rakyat's money the wrong way in buying the big planes and bigger guns for no apparent reason. But sir, the guy who is making these purchases and making more on commissions is the guy you want for PM.
I'm amazed that you present such clear ideas to the world on critical issues but come home and become such a racist, homophobic fear-monger.

Whatever it is, doctor. In this view, I am with you 100%

God bless,


mob1900 said...

You're at 'War' with you-know-who, so do we 'criminalise' both you & Pak Lah, Tun?

The price are the same, this country will be your battlebround, we, the rakyat will be the casualties or collateral damages as brothers fight against sister and fathers, and did you even blink on those thoughts?

I don't think so.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun.As far as i can recall,you had been fighting this cause of making war a crime almost 20 over years.Many international forum and (if i'm not mistaken)even in United Nation .You had talk dan had discussion with almost all the so call "big power" and the"world policeman" baout making as a crime.Your recent visit to Japan and Britain just showed your 'steel commitment' in making war as a crime.If as many more world class leaders can follow your foot step in making war as a crime maybe it will happen sooner.

PJ said...

Bloggers like Unicorn should desist from condemning other bloggers for their candid and open views. Let's learn to respect others' views, no matter what these are!
Tun Mahathir's weblog is meant for every Malaysian to air his or her views without fear or favour on any issue raised in this weblog. Don't be emotional or illogical. Let others give their views freely. That is what democracy is all about, Unicorn!

The Eugenist said...


Tun, this comment may sounds awkward, as it doesn’t reflect any relevancy to the topic discussed in your article.

However, I wish to express my feeling of disappointment with the way your bodyguard treated me.

If I may recall, the incident took place after Friday prayers at the National Mosque today (30 May 2008). I was walking closely to you and was in a midst of an informal discussion when suddenly one of your bodyguards came and pushed me away from you.


I am no stranger to you, as I have met you numerous times in your office and was a guest at your house last year (I visited you with Kassim Ahmad) and it was an insult for me to be treated that way by your bodyguard.

I know it may not be your fault but I believe the bodyguard should be aware and must know how to respect people.


I also believe that he was merely doing his job (I protecting you and ensuring your safety is in control) but to be rude to people is also another thing.


I hope that you are aware about it and could brief them on how to treat people nicely.

Forgive me if this comment may hurt your feelings but I did feel a bit sad about how I’ve been treated today.



perwira said...

Siapa jua menentang Yahudi bermaana menentang America. Oleh itu 2 negara ini lah punca peperangan hari ini. Kita semua hendaklah berusaha menentang mereka ini.

Celarence said...

Dr Mahathir
Please help solve the Bandar Mahkota Cheras issue..its been going on for far too long...Must we wait for deaths to occur before a solution is found?

Johanna Omar said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

No to war? I am so with you...


faizmokhtar said...










Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...

Dear Tun Mahathir,

I read your post with great interest and share your sentiment. As you would have noted, a coalition of civil society bodies are engaged in efforts aimed at persuading the Malaysian Government to accede to the Rome Statute and to accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

I have not fully understood the reasoning of the Malaysian government for not acceding to the Rome Statute, even at the time you were the Prime Minister. Going by your reasoning, this is something that should have been done. I was hoping you could explain why we did not accede to the treaty when you were the Prime Minister and whether you think this is something the government should do at this juncture.

Please forgive me if I have asked a question on an issue on which you had previously made your position known.

Let me also state that it is a good thing to have you blogging and for you to be accessible to us.

Kind regards,
Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

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