Friday, June 13, 2008


Bank Account

1. Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore.

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name.

3. UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him.

4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family.

6. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.

Oil Price and Bus Fares

1. Every time the Government increase oil price, the bus companies would be told not to increase fares.

2. I do not like to see passengers having to pay more. But how do bus companies make profit or even survive if increases in cost are not compensated by increases in fare.

3. I can understand if the Government requests the bus companies not to increase fares too much. But there must be some increase.

4. Perhaps the Minister does not understand that businesses are not charitable organisations. If the Government cannot be charitable by absorbing the cost, why should businesses be asked to absorb the cost in order to make the Government look good.

Government to cut down cost

1. As one of the measures to reduce the effect of the increase the price of oil Government will reduce spending.

2. Since salaries and operation cost cannot be reduced, development cost would have to be curtailed.

3. When Government projects are stopped a whole lot of people will lose their income. This include the contractors, the sub-contractors, the suppliers, the transport companies and of course the workers. But even the nasi lemak sellers would lose their income and the workers would have no money to eat at the stalls.

4. Actually this was what happened when the Government decided not to go ahead with the so-called mega projects. With this idea about reducing Government spending the people who had suffered would suffer even more.


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Unknown said...

Keep up the good work!!

-Muhamad Aminullah Abd Razak-

Rizman said...

hidup Tun. Terus kan perjuagan yg belum selesai.

rizal hashim said...

Orang kita, Tun, suka baling batu sembunyi tangan!

muhammad said...

tun..we are waiting more from u....

penang said...

Tun, I believed you and I strongly support you all the way, if only I can be next to you and fight with you!

chezai said...


Why cant they understand the term business and charity???

Because they are too dumb and stoopid to find the meaning of the words....

Use the wikipedia la wei!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

selamat malam tun
semoga tun di kurniakan kesihatan yang baik .
idea dan pandangan dari tun banyak membuka minda masyarakat ketika ni .

blogger said...

bravo...keep post your ideas and defends yourself from your enemies..hope you always in good health

haxi said...

i couldn't agree more!

raaisma said...

When bloggers are given too much freedom, they like to abuse it. Writing lies are as easy as saying it, but they are scared to reveal themselves.

Bak kata pepatah, "berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah".

wisdom67 said...

The present Govt need to send them to primary school ...coz they do not how to spent for people but for their but

Tok Mila said...

Thank God, you've decided to comment on this issue, Tun. I never doubted you and I am so, so glad you spoke about this. If the National Bank of Israel does make public the accounts, please be kind Tun as to pass some of the money to me. I'm broke cos we live in an area where the public transport is bad and my four children needs to go to school.

ASHAR said...


Memang mereka ingin menjatuhkan nama TUN, ini di buat oleh DSAI( ANUAR PENGKHIANAT BANGSA). Mereka tak berani untuk menunjukkan diri...kalau benar dedahkan saja. Ini hanya satu umpanan palsu agar orang yang tak tahu akan marah dan tomah TUN.

Tun di pihak yang benar...kebenaran akan keluar nanti

salam perantau


ladahitam said...

Salam Tun.

Fitnah banyak sangat sebab tu orang Melayu tak maju. Senang sgt percaya apa orang kata tanpa usul periksa. Selagi ada mentaliti begitu, susah le nak ke mana-mana

SiR KinG TiGeR said...


The Government now is short sighted. But where's the saved money now gone to? There are so many villages, urban areas just neeed small bridges just been neclected,

1.4 billion ? some gone to buy JEAN-ne !!! No batek, No nyonya kebaya anymore !

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

P>S Please give me the honour to be the 1st???

profit said...

Salam Bahagia TUN,

The guy who gave the info on u having so much money must be a clown.
But I do not understand the second statement about Abdullah!!.
I'm waiting for ur comment on the issue of the stupid judge remarks about u.Plse do enlightened us.
Do take care of ur health and salam to Ibu Hasmah

eyezune said...

Congrats Tun,,

Satu kenyataan "self-defense" yg amat tepat..bagi makhluk2 yg suke mnimbulkan fitnah & dakwaan tnpa usul dan periksa,,mereka patut dihukum..manusia jenis mcm ni lah " duri dlm daging" yg sebenar..

keep on moving TUN!!!!

z i z o u said...

salam Tun!

skali tgok info tu, mmg sah fake!
and d rakyat wont blive all that nonsense Tun!

Take care ya!!

irfandina said...


I totally agree with you...i think the present government really don't know how to handle the current economic situation...

so...what is the best solution for us Tun???we were cought in between..seems that we're heading to the wrong direction...

but...what option do we have???

any suggestion Tun???

sabar said...

Budaya fitnah makin menjadi-jadi dalam masyarakat kita dan malangnya mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan ISLAM dan keadilan sendiri bergelumang dengan dosa suka menabur fitnah

byetzhourha said...

Assalamualaikum Dr M
Been reading ur blog regularly to get a different point of view on various issues..anyway i still admire you.. keep on writing..

Unknown said...

"Government to cut down cost"........
Tun,perkara ini telah berlaku sejak 2004,iaitu selepas sahaja pilihanraya yang dimenangi oleh Paklah.Kebanyakan kontraktor terpaksa gulung tikar disebab projek kerajaan dibekukan oleh paklah atau barangkali projek dianugerahkah secara runding terus .

Hartini O said...

salam tun,

truly agree with you.

all of us are suffering the worst things is the glc.they have to take care so many staff which is some are productive and many are not.

all the small contractors die crying not standing,all the suppliers cannot collect their debts and all main contractors don't pay their sub cont.

habis die die die lah...
what to do..
especially the first that mati berangan is contractor melayu.

along will be active again..banyak bancruptcy will happen.

will have to redesign danaharta,prokhas and many more..

entahlah pening..memikirkan orang melayu nak berarak protes..yang akan menikmati hasil protest ialah mereka yang tak ada bin dan binti,melayu berpecah...

i just cannot think..

please Allah saves us malaysia and negara ku yang tercinta.

take care tun

Unknown said...

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12, 2008 (AFP) - Corruption in Malaysia has reached a critical level as the country falls in international rankings, a graft watchdog announced Thursday, warning the government to act or lose its competitiveness.

The UN's Asia-Pacific Human Development Report highlighted an International Country Risk Guide finding which saw Malaysia decline from a score of 4.00 in 1996 to 2.38 in 2006, with a lower score representing greater corruption.

"It is worrying because it is a business index which reflects on our domestic investment, foreign direct investment and confidence in the economy," said Ramon Navaratnam, country head of graft watchdog Transparency International.

"Corruption is at a critical level here," he said.

He said corruption in Malaysia was deeply entrenched in the negotiation of contracts. Bribes were paid to government officials to speed up trade licences, for police protection and for loan transactions.

"Our economic structure, the way we do business here, needs to be reviewed, renewed and redesigned," Navaratnam said, warning that Malaysia could lose its competitive edge if it remained "complacent and inefficient."

"Malaysia can do much better if there is stronger political will to fight corruption. Given the rapid pace of globalisation and increasing economic competition among Asian countries, it's time to pull our socks up," he said.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was elected on an anti-corruption platform in March 2004, but opposition leaders say progress has been slow.

Following his government's recent drubbing in national polls he announced several measures to tackle corruption and reform what many view as a compliant judiciary.

A royal commission recently authenticated a tape showing a top lawyer brokering judicial appointments with the help of politicians during the premiership of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Earlier this week, a senior judge said judges were indoctrinated and threatened with dismissal to pressure them into making pro-government decisions during the former premier's rule.

Roy said...

Tun M,

I think very few would believe the accusation of you and family having money in Bank of Israel.

RM1.4 billion handed to Abdullah Badawi. That's a serious money and many would question how UMNO could have so much money. It is quite a damaging information actually.

wailyamein said...

Thats right, NO GUTS ....I was about to say the same to whoever posted the allegations about the Israeli bank accounts.

gibbo said...

aslkm tun,

u da man

amigo said...

Dear Tun,
Keep up the good work. They are trying to divert the oil matter. I'm sure one of this good day Pak Lah are going dOWN.

Biar kan begitu sajaaaa.

CLF said...

Salam Tun,

It's sad that the government actually left out the middle-class people, who're actually the biggest casualty of the price hike in daily goods.

They may have plans to help the poor, but that doesn't mean that those who're living with salary ~RM 3500 a month can cope with all the price increase that well.

The rich may have not much problem as they're just spending a little more from their fortune, thus they're "almost" unaffected. Of course, business cost will have to increase as well, which could cost millions and billions.

Now that we can't do anything to stop the government from making our life worse, we can only ask for help from the opposition because for us that's the only choice, since the gov doesn't really look deeply into everyone's welfare.

Maybe this is unfair for the government but their administration report card barely passed, or failed in the eyes of the rakyats.

Unknown said...

hzybstthanks Tun,

After the petrol price increase, everythings will slowly increase,
even the nasi lemak in my kampung also increse from 50 cents to 70 cents.

after being 22 years as PM in malaysia, if Tun have so much of saving seems like not so much if u compare with Pak Lah's son or his family member like KJ.....

what can we do ?
what can Tun do ?
what can Pak lah do ?

wisdom67 said...

The current is thinking for their pockets and do not have much time for the rakyat. That is what they are buzy of thinking...they do not believe in white elephant projects. White elephant will turn beneficial to the rakyat if we r able to strategise our biz plan. White elephant projects fail coz its benefited them.

iq2020 said...

salam Tun

Bank Account,
Bagi saya itu sudah jasi isu lapuk dah.. tak perlu dipertikaikan.

Oil Price and Bus Fares,
Bagi saya kepada pemilik dan tokey bas ni kata nak mintak peruntukan lebih kat kerajaan untuk memberi subsidi diesel. Ataupun subsidi yang ada telah dimansuhkan atau dapat ciput jek subsidi. Kerajaan kena fikirkan jalan terbaik bagaimana nak selesaikan masalah ini antara rakyat dan pemilik bas win win situation.

Government to cut down cost
Rakyat yang akan terasa nanti ialah dari golongan usahawan yang mendapat projek atau tender kerajaan sebab kerajaan terpaksa memotong harga sedia ada, mengurangkan projek2 yang tidak perlu atau tidak bernilai atau tidak ada langsung selepas ini projek dan tender yang akan dikeluarkan. Mungkin tender lama tidak akan diperbaharui dan ditamatkan perkhidmatan andai kata projek atau tender tersebut membebankan kerajaan. Macam2 hal berlaku kerana DUIT.

Harapan saya kerajaan sedia ada dapatlah memikirkan cara yang lebih berkesan dan bijaksana dalam menilai perkara yang penting dah perlu untuk dilakukan sebelum usahawan2 ini(Melayu khususnya) gulung tikar atau bankrap terus.

Renung2kanlah bersama2

Unknown said...

that's true tun...agree with you.

amigo said...

Bank Account! I think you provent that the bank statement are "nut" real scumbag.
Oil Price and Bus Fares! Pak Lah plan tak pakai dah...

Government to cut down cost! I think you are right, Tun...

people are suffering..

nagakeciks said...

Assalamualaikum Tun

Sabarlah dengan fitnah seperti ini. Hanya mereka yang bodoh sahaja akan membuat dan mempercayai fitnah seperti ini.

Begitu hebat individu ni , maklumat dari bank yahudi pun boleh didapati.

Nak tambah extra hot n spicy dalam fitnah nih, Tun dikaitkan dengan yahudi..

Manusia manusia...

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun

1. Orang yang baling batu sorok tangan ni tak usah layan.
2. Sekarang operation cost banyak yang meningkat. Penyelesaian: berjimat
3. Sudah jadi dogma, minyak naik, barang naik. Minyak naik 10sen, air teh o pun naik 10 sen.
4. Projek mega boleh dikaji semula, dan sudah dikaji semula.
5. Tun, jangan makan hati sangat dengan kerajaan sekarang



navstar said...

Assalamualaikum TDM,

U have my full support TUN.

azuar said...

Asm Tun,

Pentadbir sekarang memang tidak arif tentang ekonomi...ada modal tak mahu guna...modal yang diguna dikendali tak betul...Ini antara yang paling ketara...makro dan mikro polisi yang tersasar.

Golongan peniaga yang terbeban.

hans said...

sokong apa Tun tulis tu...

NikAYNA said...

YAB Tun, Fitnah adalah fitrah. Terpulanglah bagi mereka untuk menggunakan akal fikiran untuk menilainya.

thelaughinggas said...

yeah man...just reveal yourself! why? got no balls ahh? chicken! anonymous apa..anonymous??

such a classic scumbag...menuduh org berjela2 lepas tu takut nak tulis nama sendiri.

Unknown said...

huh, no comment yet? Am i the first? yay!

Tun, you are right, if the government do not spend, all other sectors will be affected as well...less/no business for everyone!

chezai said...

Hi Tun...

It seems like this blog has been a blog to open up a lot of true story behind the scene...Shame on the government today...

Creating stupid stories..making alot of childish bedtime stories...

Mcm takde keje lain..Byk tol dorang ni idea nak musnahkan kehidupan orang lain..creating those acc. no. la, those figures...em...So bijak!!!!!

Cari keje lain la!!!!!!!

Tun...pastu dorang nk tunjuk baik, potong allowance 10%....hahahaah!!!!cam citer lawak....dia ingat kite ni bodo!!Setakat 10% tu...celah kuku kaki dorang je la....huh!!!

Selamat berceramah sok Tun...Wish i could be there....Sbb tak penah miss klu Tun g mane2 forum..huhhuhuh....

Take care TUN....

Fatin said...


So, you are happy to use the service of Israeli National Bank in Singapore for UMNO's property? Wow, I thought you are anti-Israel and anti-Singapore, maybe I'm wrong. I trust that you must have spoken the truth on your blog.



ujana12a said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Semoga Allah terus merahmati Tun.
Sekadar nak berkongsi, saya semakin hari makin tak faham dgn apa "kerja" kerajaan sekarang ni.
Ntah apa2.. dah bahan api naik.. confirm la kos operasi bas2 tu naik. tu pun susah nak fikir.
Dah tu, apa kaitan potong elaun menteri2 dgn gaji bayar 2 kali dgn harga petrol yang mahal? bukan boleh "memurahkan" harga petrol tu pun.. Gaji menteri2 tu bayar 3 kali pun masih 4 angka, gaji saya ni bukan sama dgn menteri2 tu, klu dibayar 2 kali mampus la. menteri2 tu tak kisah petrol naik pasal diorang dpt petrol free kot?

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Saya doakan Tun sentiasa berada dalam rahmatnya.

Aha, what a revelation about UMNO money. I hope Pak Lah used the money wisely for the benefit of bangsa, agama dan tanah air. Do you think so after seeing how he handle the country for the past 4 1/2 years?

About the Israeli Bank - I think the rakyat is clever enough to know it's just another effort to tarnish your good name.

I'm sick of the diversion tactic of the current issues played out by our PM, the half past6 cabinet, the level 4 boys and the main stream media. Stop attacking the very person who's concern about our future!

We've got to strategise and tackle the economic woes that befallen the world and our beloved country. Come on, I'm sure we can find our own unique solution without depending on the foreign interference. said...

Ermmm...nampaknya parti BN sengaja memburukan TUN. What ever Tun juga patut membongkarkan kerja jahat BN kat blog ini. Tahniah TUN.

antimamak said...


biarlah bagi police siasat
Biarlah bagi rakyat memahami

hubungi lah kami

Jamuuna said...

Hello Tun,

It seems like FUEL is the talk in Che Det. Well, it is very much undeniable that by cutting down the subsidy our government has really angered the public. I think they could have given a warning before rushing into a decision like. It took us all by surprise.

Although the subsidies have been spread into other products, there will be a hike in price for many thing which are essential to us.

As far as the call to the public transportation providers to not increase the price, it does seem a little unfair. Their commercial objective is to make profit and by putting a restriction in increasing the fares, it might prompt them to cut down on quality of their services. It is a common knowledge that our public transportation system is not up to par with many developed countries. This would prove to be a problem as many might want to save up on fuel and use the public transportation.

If this situation persist, the government might face serious opposition from the people as Malaysia is a oil-producing nation. We do understand that global economy is a little slow, but this sudden changes remain unexpected.

JZ Richard said...

I notice at least there is one bus company in my town had increased its bus fares even though they are prohibited to do so. Why they want to take the risk? It is definitely not a wise decision but what to do, people want to earn a living and 'survive' is above everything else!

redbox said...

salam ayahnda Tun,

saya memang rasa agak kelaka dgn tuduhan bank israel tu..mmm..berat tuduhan tu tapi klau la betul..mesti lah Tun dah enjoy2 duk oversea..nak buat pe la pening2 fikir kan org melayu..dan org2 malaysia ni..

pasal harga tambg pulak..mmg lah semua org yg nak meniaga x mo rugi..jadi apa yg mesti dilakukan adalah utk menunkan kembali harga minyak tu sendiri..

kepimpinan TUNKU dolah mestilah pandai bermain dgn ekonomi demi pembangunan negara n kesejahteraan rakyat..dulu satu dunia dah kutuk Tun ikat matawang tgk..kita lah je yg terlepas dr masalah tu..

sy rasa TUNKU dolah ni takoooot..nak buat cam tu. bukan apa..kan dia dah kena ugut dgn US pasal anak dia n scomi..itu pasal la dia blh lepaskan anwar..

susah la cam ni bila kita ada pemimpin yg tunduk pd kuasa asing..TUNKU Dolah sila turun takhta!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

Tun ni bila buat lawak amat bersahaja.

Anyhow could not agree more with you that the Govt should not call for discontinuation of projects that a lot of people depended on.

2. It is a pity if businesses like the bus companies have to incur losses despite increased operational cost. Unless these bus companies gets to purchase their diesel at a subsidized price or alternate its uses with NGV then I think they should be refrained from increasing their fares.

3. I also like to know who the scum who wrote about the monies deposited in the Israeli National Bank.

Pray you in good health Tun.


antimamak said...

Kalau lah betul Tun menyimpan duit sebanyak 18 keturnan makan tak habis di Bank Isreal, Maka ini menunjukkan Tun telah bohong orang Melayu puluh tahun!! Itu namanya dosa!

Ini kes serious

Ozz said...

Dear Sir,

It seems they need to learn more about simple economics.
Sick of thisLAH!

Happy father's day. Much love.

Aku Pening said...

Akum Tun,

I wish Tun and family well at all times.

Regarding the scum accusation is nothing new. The idiot have no guts to come out about this in public as he knows that it is LIES!!! Should you or any of the accuse have such wealth, why should you bother serving the country...

I challange the idiot or better yet, the bastard to come forward with hard evidence or forever admit that you are liar and your whole famile and race should disown you as one of their own. I'm free to debate with any of those HINDRAF idiots..any time and any where. It is time we Malays don't take any more crap from this HINDRAF jokers!

Aku Pening - Original.

Don't just want to kelingtong saja!

aida said...

Salam Tun,

Tun ni walaupun seorang doktor tetapi Tun seorang 'businessman' yang berkaliber sebab tu lah ramai 'businessman' senang cari makan zaman Tun dulu. Bila Pak Lah naik, mereka mengeloh 'tak ada business, susah mau cari makan'...

Aku Pening said...

A'salammualaikum again Tun,

Just incase my first comment are not publish for the vulgar and harsh wording. I would like to invite all to see the comment at my blog, Thank you.

Aku Pening - Original

BOSS said...

What has the government done to make sure the Rakyat do not suffer further in the future when Malaysia becomes net oil importer by 2014. There is only 6 years left.

The government shd improve transportation infrastructure before making a steep fuel price increase.

Look at our southern neighbour, you do not need a car for travelling there and expensive fuel price has little impact on low and middle income people.

chchan said...

You have voice the point,stopping the project means stopping the market cash flow, they do not have sense of business.

Unknown said...

Tentang bank account Tun tak perlu risau, itu hanya cakap2 kosong orang2 yang dengki dengan kejayaan Tun membangunkan negara.

Tentang usaha Pak Lah nak cut costs tu, memang tak dapat dinafikan lagi,Pak Lah memang tak faham ekonomi langsung. Kalau Pak Lah turun padang lebih dan bijaksana manage ekonomi negara,mestilah standard of living rakyat malaysia meningkat,ini tak, kita semakin susah adala..

Psych Press said...

Dear Tun,

1. This AAB man has no 'sincere' sentiments towards the rakyat wat so ever. When the rakyat complains, he says i feel your pain. Pain my sSs.

2. From the moment he stepped into office, everything he starts he never finishes. Worse still, he discontinue the plans that you had for this nation before you left. We know that Tun loves Malaysia n this man is ruining the country. That is why Tun is so mad.

3. I totally agree with Tun. When projects are stopped, there's no development for the country. When there are no development, people dont want to invest. When people dont invest in our country, it will be bad for our economy. This AAB man has very little economic knowledge. He only 'giler' power. How did Tun appoint him to be the PM of our beloved nation??

4. Like Tun said, there has to be some increase. Those canteen operators and bus operators need some increase to cushion for their living expenses. But Mr AAB says 'no ,you cannot increase'. How can this be? This just proves my earlier statement that this man has no economic knowledge what soever. A person who has some economic knowledge can understand what business is all about. Profit. Not charity.

5. Finally, i salute Tun as the most respected PM of this era. BM says 'tiada tolok bandingnya'. Correct me if im wrong. My BM very poor 'lah'.

Salam Tun.

Hungry Nael said...


Pak Lah reign is just like any 'Ketua Kampung '. The goverment is not runs like charitable kampung.

Anonymous said...

Tun,Saya sayang Tun,jaga kesihatan Tun,saya perlukan Tun untuk meneruskan perjuangkan.saya sentiasa berdoa supaya Tun sentiasa sihat dan mempunyai kekuatan didalam perjuangan menegakkan keadilan .Sekiranya Tun berhasrat untuk menubuhkan parti baru biarlah saya orang pertama yang akan menjadi ahli.

Untuk pengetahuan Tun saya terlalu benci apabila melihat wajah Pak Lah yang arrogance (bodoh sombong dan tak tahu malu itu.).Saya begitu yakin Umno akan hancur dibawah pemerintahan Pak Lah.Najib pun sudah tidak relevan lagi bagi saya.Saya ada sedikit harapan kepada ku Li atau Muhiyudin untuk mengembalikan kegemilangan Umno.

Semoga Tun Sihat dan Panjang Umur dan SELAMAT HARI BAPA TUN, YANG SAYA KASIHI

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun,

How on earth people can believe such nonsense. Just sue them, Tun!

As for the government to cut cost, well, people can see that the government's sincerity is questionable. 10% off their allowance. Haha...come on...surely they can come with much-much better solution.

Whatever it is, people can now see how the government is very-very desperate and they need to act instead of sit and think

This is where they will do MORE HUGE MISTAKES and people will take advantages. More foolish solution to come?

Anonymous said...

teruskan perjuanganmu TUN DR MAHATHIR!!

maximus_guliano said...

Askm Tun,

SCUM??? The tone of your comment is a bit different this time...

Sabaq Tun. Don't let the enemies know what you are thinking/feeling.

Be careful!!

Hawk Tan said...

Tu lah dia Tun, mula mula lagi saya dah komplain, saya pun macam nak meletup baca komen sebegitu.
anti mamak, dan "apa nama tu" the scum dll. Saya sebagai pembaca pun dah tak boleh tahan dah. Bahasa yang kesat dan menyebarkan isu isu yang tidak berakal. Dia orang ingat kita orang ni bahlul.
Saya percaya Tun benarkan komen mereka disiarkan sebab Tun tak nak seperti media massa kini.The Star, TV3 dll (semua kena tapis,cerita pun sebelah pihak sahaja)
Kitakan beradab, kalau nak komen biarlah berbahasa sikit dan yang benar. kalau nak kutuk ataupun hina tengok lah orang, kalau kutuk saya, bolehlah tahan juga. Bayangkan orang kutuk ayah kita, Kalau boleh macam nak tampar muka dia orang tu.
Kitakan berpelajaran dan beradab, mesti sabar dan perlu menunjuk contoh dan tauladan yang baik.
Orang macam ni lah negara kita boleh hancur berkecai, huru hara.
Lain kali, tapis aja Tun, biadab sungguh. Makin ditulis makin naik darah.
Tun, Jangan tak publish komen saya.
Salam sejahtera.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of you. Long live tun. Please continue to speak the fact, from the heart and most importantly speak for the sake of malaysia.

Anonymous said...

tun, true indeed. please continue to speak the fact, from the heart and most importantly for the sake of malaysia.

June said...

Dear Tun,

Tell us the citizens of Malaysia, how can we 'save' this country.


Unknown said...

Sometimes, I really wonder why the advisors from cambridge uni to our napper cum decision maker can't foresee the consequences and effects of petrol price hike (Frankly, I think my 80 year old grandma at any times know better what are the consequences and effects).

I don't mind if those advisors from cambridge fail to foresee because they learned from uni to leave everything to GOD; but at least our ministers or RAKYAT elected Yang Berhormat shouldn't misled the RAKYAT by comparing durian to apple.

I love this country, the more I love it, the more I feel sorry as it is being governed by a napper who is being advised by a bunch of advisors who know nothing butleave everything to GOD.


season in d sun said...

salam Tun,

hah...dorang ingat boleh tipu umer orang dgan citer akaun Tun ..siap dgn no. akaun lagi...hanya si pengecut sajer yang pandai buat keje busuk tu..Tun..elok ajar haiwan tu betul betul...

NFH said...

Salam Tun,

Kerajaan PPL (Parti Pak Lah) ni betul-betul perlu belajar balik 'economy 101' Tun. Rosak negara dikerjakannya.

Tun, hari ni Tun ada tak jumpa Nelson Mandela. Ataupun beliau pun dilarang dari berjumpa Tun jugak?

Hmm..apa nak jadi parti PPL.
From democracy to anarchy

Anak DEB said...

Yes Tun. That scum is 'pengecut', a coward. Let him answer to God for the fitnah. BTW, he is insulting our intelligence.

-anak deb-

alfyaj said...

Dear TDM,

Thank you, thank you and thank you...

I agree with your comment that Big Projects which Tun have brain-child during your administration should NOT be stalled, or cancelled.

These projects , if continue, will stimulate progress and guarantee increase in the Construction sector now and years to come.

Also, complementing the above, the service, tranportation, food, property sector, to name a few, will naturally increase. One sector will have its ripple effect to another sector, and another.
Hence, the nasi lemak seller will also directly/indirectly prosper.

Actually, this is what my Government do, in my country, to ensure our economy grow, despite scarce natural resources and land.

In my humble opinion, the current PL's administration has failed to forsee this, but instead PL create a brand new "business corridors" which construction have not even started, or only begin to kick-off.

PL MUST ensure all sectors are stimulated and that the Rakyat must have means to continue having Buying Power (money) in ensuring stimulation to your economy. NOT burdening them during these trying times.

- hamba Allah, from across

sOmANja said...

Tun, our nation is "crying".....

Unknown said...

Tun, hanya org yg tak paham perjalanan bank sahaja percaya bahawa ada bank negara (tak kira dimana) yang ambil deposit.
Bab turun harga, paling lawak ialah apabila diumumkan bahawa Tesco dan Mydin takkan naik harga. Ada berapa Tesco dan Mydin dlm Malaysia ? Atau adakah ini taktik utk tambah cawangan ?
Bab jangan naik harga, biasanya barang jualan (karipap, roti canai, mee goreng etc.) akan kurang kuantiti. Harga tak ubah.
Kerajaan buat macam rakyat berniaga 'charity'. Untung tak cover penat lelah.

mamaktongkang said...

Duit sebanyak itu nak berapa tongkang bawa balik??
Nampaknya billion billion !!

Takkan lah orang nak bagi i/c dan menawarkan diri untuk disaman??
Rasanya sebodoh unta pun tak lah begitu bodoh!

-- Memang Tun mempunyai VK Lingam penguam yang begitu licik, handal dan bijak. tidak kurang juga Matthais Chang yang selalu menyalak untuk membela Tun.

Takut takut nanti kawan yang membuat statement itu disman , nanti dia berkata:

It looks like me,
it sounds like me
But it is not me !!

UMNO mempunyai 1.4 billion ringgit, Tun cuba memperjelaskan mana datangnya duit sebanyak itu? Rakyat ingin tahu, sama ada habis digunakan? mana datangnya duit sebanyak itu??

nikdublin said...

Thank you for your explanations about the bank account. I was a bit shocked when I received that forwarded email but I didn't know of any blogs that posted that. Anyhow, sue them!

Salam hormat.

Syonnia said...

As always,Tun's writing has never failed to amaze me and furthermore,it's straight to the point without any hesitation by beating around the bush unlike some leaders(who claims that they are one when they're not)out there in Malaysia.
I was hoping that Tun will comment about that account statement thingy posted yesterday by a scum.Well,he's a scum alright!That's why he's maintaining his anonymosity.A scum wouldn't be so stupid by revealing himself to the world as he knows the consequences.So why don't Tun just track him down.There's the technology to track scums online and go ahead Tun.Track him already!
By the way Tun,I'm an avid read of ur blog since the 1st time I got to know about it in May.The more I read ur blogs,the more worried I get with the current condition of our country.It's like there's nothing left to be proud of.It's getting too boring.The only thing that is keeping us citizens in our toes is the increment of all the essentials' prices in our everyday's life.
I know we can't avoid any increase of those(fuel,food,etc.) in the future but why is the government doing it so drastically?Not a warning,not even a bird's twittering by the window.Obviously,we'll be upset.The sudden increase will change a lot of lifestyles alright but does the government know how will the impact be?Let me give them some ideas on it if they're too ignorant about this.First of all,the crime rate will increase.As in how?More burglaries,break-ins,snatch-thieving,cons and frauds..and the happiest of them..ah longs will be damn busy too.All of these crimes will increase drastically like the increment of those essential's prices.Why?Coz that's the only way a person can get fast money!Gosh!
Trust me I've got so much worries in my mind about Malaysia too,Tun!Coz I'm a Malaysian and I don't want to see it's respect,that we've gained from ur reign of service before this,disappear from world's view in a blink of an eye!
I went to a few Islamic countries and Europe before and whenever the locals heard that I'm from Malaysia,they're all excited about asking on how Tun is nowadays..whether you're well and all..some of them amazingly said they love you..a total stranger and foreigners as they are,and they're saying that to a Malaysian that they Love you Tun!These are locals Tun and they're not even Malaysians.I dont get it why oh why do our own people love to condemn you so much..
I hope,if our present PM were to step down(very soon as he mentioned today on the pray and hope that the new guy will not shy away from your ever so thoughtful advises regarding our(Malaysians) well beings.
This future PM should know that,he's still new in becoming the LEADER of our country.Therefore,he has got to learn from a true leader which is you Tun!Your guidance would be,in a way,help this new PM to do his work right and maybe,hopefully Tun's Vision2020 would then become a reality..
I've got so much more to say,as this is my 1st time posting a comment,but I'll do that another day.
Tun,do take care of your health.Looking forward to your next writing.
Syonnia Raj

anita said...

Assalamualaikum ayahanda Tun yang disanjungi
Saya rasa hanya ayahanda Tun saja yang mampu memulihkan Malaysia yang kian nazak hari demi hari.
Kami guru-guru teraniaya (DG29 yang dilantik ke DG41) mohon jasa baik ayahanda Tun untuk memperbaiki skim gaji guru yang bercelaru sekarang, tatkala ayahanda Tun kembali menjadi PM kelak.
Mohon jasa baik ayahanda Tun untuk meneliti kes di bawah
Guru A
Lantikan pertama : 01.01.1995
Time-based DGA32 : 01.01.2005 (RM1932.85)P1T1
2006 (RM2011.50) P1T2
2007 (RM2612.68) P1T3 (selepas pelarasan Julai 2007 sebanyak 25%)
2008 (RM2710.99) P1T4

Guru B
Lantikan pertama : 01.01.1995
Lantikan DG41 : 2004 (RM1710.60) P1T4
2005 (RM1789.25) P1T5
2006 (RM1867.90) P1T6
2007 (RM2238.55) P1T7 (selepas pelarasan Julai 2007 sebanyak 15%)
2007 (RM2329.00) P1T8 (hadiah pergerakan gaji umpama gula-gula untuk DG41)
2008 (RM2419.45) P1T9
Ayahanda Tun yang dikasihi
Jika difikir secara logik manalah mungkin guru yang tak berijazah lebih tinggi gaji berbanding guru yang berijazah walhal sama-sama mula bertugas.
Kasihan kami yang berhempas pulas belajar U secara sambilan tanpa putus perkhidmatan ataupun cuti belajar.
Demi menyahut seruan kerajaan, kami sanggup berhutang PTPTN dan bank untuk membayar kos belajar di universiti, malahan tak habis bayar hingga kini.

SITI said...

Saya antara yang terawal?

Dalam rasa kemarahan saya kepada pimpinan Pak Lah, saya menjadi semakin takut.

Tun, apa perlu kami, orang2 bawahan ini, lakukan utk menghadapi situasi sekarang? Saya sangat takut.

sOmANja said...

Tun, our nation now is "suffering"...

Kayizhar™ said...

Tun, betul kata-kata Tun tu. Sy sokong!

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,
Semoga Tun dan keluarga sentiasa dalam keadaan sihat,InshAllah..
Segala yang Tun dedahkan dan yang belum didedahkan secara peribadi saya harapkan dapat diseleaikan dengan cepat kerana kalau dibiar terlalu lama,kami rakyat akan teruk ditindas.
Memang tertera dan termaktub,segala kronisims secara terang-terangan berlaku.
Please do something Tun tapi biarlah secara teratur."Gajah bergaduh pelanduk tersepit ditengah-tengah"

SexyGuy said...

I think Pak Lah have some huge debt that he wants to pay. That's why the sudden surge on oil price.

Unknown said...


Some people love to tell lies. That whats their mind are made of.

CpXVI said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Kami rakyat TUN tidak percaya wujudnya akaun-akaun tersebut. Israeli National bank pun tak dapat nak google. Sah ini memang kerja geng geng "antimamak" dan yang sebulu dengannya.

Walau pun tak benar, AS$200 Mil masih kecil jumlahnya jika dibandingkan dengan jasa tun pada majoriti rakyat.

Semoga TUN sihat walafiat zahir dan batin.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir

I was totally taken aback by the sudden allegation of a scoundrel,irresponsible and malicious ill intent individual who has no guts to reveal his identity.

My advice to you,Tun, gather substantiate evidence and sue this so called scathing attack and preposterous statement from an unknown scum who will by any attempts tries and continues to discredit and smear you and your family.

Enough is enough. Do it Tun!
By the way Tun. My name is Mohamad Noor Mohar.I am a Singaporean and I have my own weblog at :
( Suara Anak Marhaen )

I pray to Allah swt that you and family be blessed with strong iman and good health.

LianaFirdaus said...

Rasanya salah satu cara Kerajaaan untuk berjimat cermat ialah untuk menarika balik pembayaran ex-gratia kepada hakaim-kiam yang dipecat kerana biadab pada Agong. Saya tak halal

Tun Sri said...


1) Kebanyakannya penyokong PAS yang percaya benar wujudnya akaun bank Israel. Menunjukkan betapa ceteknya pemikiran mereka.

2) Penasihat-penasihat kerajaan yang ada sekarang tak berapa tahu nak mengira kenaikan banyak mana yang berpatutan bagi tambang bas, memandangkan kemarahan rakyat belum reda.

3) Pak Lah masih tidak sehaluan dengan pendapat Tun bahawa perbelanjaan pembangunan masih perlu diteruskan. Beliau hanya ingin bermegah dengan cerita-cerita dongeng mengenai koridor-koridornya.

anak jawa johor said...

Hi Tun,

Sesetengah orang kata ini balasan utk Tun.
Sesetengah orang kata ini balasan utk UMNO.

Pada pandangan saya, Tun adalah seorang yang bijak,tegas dan berani. Walaupun saya dari golongan muda,apa yang dapat saya lihat sepanjang pemerintahan Tun ada menunjukkan kekuatan cengkaman kuku besi. Tetapi bagi saya kesannya atas kestabilan dan kekuatan politik dan ekonomi Malaysia amat baik sekali.
Di sini apa yang kita boleh lihat Pak Lah seolah-olah mahu menjadi superhero. Dengan alasan dia mahu media tidak terkongkong, segala isu harus di bangkitkan. Namun Pak Lah lupa bahawa superhero itu sememangnya tidak wujud.
Ini dengan langsungnya telah menunjukkan kelemahan fikiran dan strategi oleh Pak Lah.
Rakyat terus bangkit,tetapi Pak Lah terus di buai.

Keadaan sekarang seolah-olah menunjukkan Pak Lah cuba mengambil kesempatan yang ada utk menekan rakyat. Ini kerana beliau merasakan beliau telah di malukan oleh rakyat sendiri.
Sekiranya Pak Lah tidak sempat melepaskan jawatan dengan hormatnya, maka beliau pasti akan mencipta sejarah Malaysia.
Saya adalah ahli UMNO tetapi saya sentiasa dalam dilema. Ini kerana saya lihat pendirian saya tidak sefahaman dengan pendirian rakan-rakan lain. Saya khuatir sekiranya saya menunjukkan belang saya sebenar, rakyat yang di pimpin saya medapat balasan dari pihak atasan.
Sehingga kini saya membisu, dan rakyat sentiasa menantikan jawaban dari saya iaitu ke mana arah tuju saya. Saya pasti sekiranya saya tekad memperjuangkan pemahaman saya, rakyat tidak akan tertanggung kesannya.
Betapa sukarnya kami di bawah kuasa pemerintah yang bodoh lagi zalim.

samshudin mohamed said...

akum Tun,
saya sokong TUN 200% walau ap pun terjadi.Tun idola saya.

ijat said...

we miss you tun..

amirs82 said...

Dear Tun,

Some people like to alleged you with allot of issues that was untrue, just to damaging people perception on you. These moves are to forget all your effort for Malaysia since your involvement in UMNO & Government. It is true that some of the industry sectors are driven by Government spending. The money is rotated to other industry and grows our consumer industry.

I give full support to increasing minimum salary proposal and increment of salary to Malaysian workers that salary below RM 4K per months, which will ease people burden on increasing of living costs. As average increase in consumer prices are around 40%, how about the public and private sector workers getting increment of 40%. Inflation may raise, but people spending will support the increasing of GDP. Then more income tax could be colleted and more Government spending on development, which will also increase GDP. People can still purchase pricy consumer products, when their earning is higher, which didn’t damaging the demand and supply - equilibrium.

As if the minimum salary will also affect the foreign workers, impose skill training to them, conducted by Government agencies, for the purpose of increase Malaysian qualities of products. Charge them as the training fund is only for Malaysian. If no training taken, no work in Malaysia. Further improve our supervision on illegal workers and employ more enforcer. As our training fund developed by Government, to be used for training of Malaysian workers for gaining technical knowledge that above level of the foreign workers, which the Malaysian will still get higher salary, and work as supervisors.

Please peg back our Ringgit to USD. Fluctuation of Ringgit value and this concept of floating paper money, that not backed by tangible assets is consisting Riba’. Our importer and exporter will also getting advantage from fixed exchange rate with USD. As exporter country, our enterprise who export, will loss in exchange rate if Ringgit appreciate. If our products that sold to US company for USD$1, we will get payment of RM 3.30 (if the rate in USD1=RM3.30) But if our Ringgit strengthen but 10 cents, Malaysian only get RM 3.20. What a loss if it involved in billions of goods per month.

Hoping that someone who the policy maker in Government, is to study back the reason of Mahathir’s economy thought, and modified or at least adopt back the old Idea. I’m sure, if the TDM is still the PM, he will have new and good idea to overcome Malaysian problem, that nope compared to other Developed country can think off.

Thanks Tun for you effort for all of us.

12.34 am

ASHAR said...


Satu arahan yang BODOH dari kepimpinan PAK LOLAH....


JADI SEMUA BAS, TEKSI dan lain tunggu subsidi dulu baru beroperasi....





Sokong TUN 110%

salam perantau

Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara
-ashar- 12;35

season in d sun said...

Yg Amat Brbhgia Tun,

berkaitan dgn gaya ekonomi kerajaan skrang..nmpak sgat dari jawapan sharil berkaitan dsai dlm tv 1...dorang nak ikut balik cadngan IMF smasa krisis ekonomi dulu...nmpaknyer
bapak bapak mnteri flip flop nie nak padam sumer usaha jaya Tun utk Malaysia negara kita trcinta nie...tak pa kalau rakyat dan maruah bangsa tergadai....semoga perancangan mereka tidak kesampaian...amin..

Fallen Angel said...

good job Tun...keep the struggle on,our people is behind you...

syafiq said...

assalamualaikum.. tun pe kabor.. saya berhara dan berdoa tun dalam keadaan sihat dan moga dipanjangkan umur.... tun adalah idola saya... setiap tindakan tun, saya terfikir dan berpendapat tun buat bukan untuk diri sendiri, malah untuk rakyat... saya sebenar nya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang pemimpin pada masa hadapan(saya baru b'umur 16 tahun)... jadi diharapkan tun dapat memberi saya nasihat, tips atau apa2 saja yang dapat membantu mencapai cita2 ini... tun boleh send e-mel pada saya di

Zamri Pearce said...

Saman jer TUN kat blog owner tu... senang jer tu nak detect location dan siapa blogger yg fitnah tun tu... polis bahagian cyber buleh handle...

Saman TUN jgn tak saman..

Anonymous said...

Salam Tun;

Actually i'm not really a big fan of you during your administration period. But since Pak Lah took over your position; things has got from bad to worst.

Deep down inside, is still sees you as the best person who has led the country.

Moga Allah panjangkan usia Tun...

datuk^rock said...

salam tun
u fight for your right...
we proud of u tun...
may allah bless u...
love u tun.....for ever...

samshudin mohamed said...

teruskan perjuangan tun

lehan said...


Tun Dr Mahathir

Terima kasih atas penjelasan itu. Saya memang langsung tak percaya dengan dakwaan itu. Sekelumit pun tak percaya. Dengan jawapan yang Tun berikan itu, maka terjawablah fitnah2 yang selama ini dilemparkan keatas Tun.
Bagi pendapat yang lain2 saya bersetuju 100%.
Dengan jawapan ini, ternyatalah memang Tun membaca pendapat kami. Terima Kasih Tun.
Saya dan keluarga sentiasa mendoakan kesihatan Tun dan keluarga. Semoga perjuangan yang yang belum selesai ini, dapat kita pikul bersama-sama.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,

You are a great leader and has done so much for the country. As a human you make mistake, that is normal.

I hope Malaysia will be able to get another great leader like you in the future.

Thank you for leading Malaysia for 23 challenging, sweet etc years..

leading said...


We support you.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,
Semoga Tun sekeluarga dalam keadaan sihat walafiat sentiasa.Saya percaya pada Tun dan trust me 95% rakyat will feel the same without even u need to clarify yourself Tun.
Please do something with this current even now.
The rakyat really need you Tun..tapi jangan sampai bak kata pepatah "Gajah bergaduh Pelanduk tersepit"

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Chedet

No doubt when times are tough, the axe must first fall on development projects that are not Class A priorities.

But equally, it does not mean that when the economy is booming, we should embark upon Grandiose and White Elephant projects.

And this is one of those problems that 20 years of your leadership has created. A culture of dependency, the 'give me a crutch' mentality of sub-standard contractors and downstream suppliers, has prevailed.

The economic theory that you and Daim employed in 1987 worked well for a country that was in recession. But Keynesian Theory cannot & should not be used to prop up the rent seekers and sub-contract mentality during the good times.

These are the people who now want the uneconomic Crooked Bridge, 2nd Penang Bridge & hopelessly financially unsound Double Tracking Train Project.

Why? Because they never built up their financial reserves, or planned for overseas expansion or for a rainy day. So, even when the nation is sinking they will continue to ask for more White Elephant Govt Project to support their unrealistic expectations and fancy life-style.

I am curious to know why you think the Govt cannot make substantial savings by taking the knife to the bloated bureuacracy of the Civil Service.

We have become a Welfare State by default. Only that we do not call these undeserving Govt hand-outs by its real name - Dole !!

Other avenues for Govt to boost its revenue is be the issuer of AP's directly to car buyers (there is at least RM 2 billion per year, cut defence by $2 billion & tender out all govt works & construction contracts.

If the Govt is serious the avenues for boosting income are many.

But first, stop the Wefare State & Dole practice !!

Xanadu Records said...

Peluang perniagaan adalah lebih terbuka dikalangan ahli politik terutama dikalangan parti pemerintah. Itu saya percaya perkara biasa dalam mana-mana duniapun. Namun, saya merasa kehilangan sesuatu sejak Tun meletak jawatan.

e.yu said...

Dearest Tun,

Obviously these people who spreads rumour about Tun has a hidden agenda.

Peoples who spreads rumour under a false name is plain coward. They wag their toungues but have no guts at all. Words that come out from their mouths are plain rubbish.

Eireen Camelia said...

i support you Tun M..
that crazy scum busuk hati namanya.
HAHAHAHAH what a coward.

Nizamon said...

I will always support you Tun. Bilalah Pak Lah nak jawab sendiri?? Asyik pengampu dia jer yang jawab.

Starlight86 said...

mereka yang menyebarkan fitnah ini adalah pengecut-pengecut yang berselindung di belakang dan ingin menjatuhkan dan memburukkan tun..
harap semoga tun semakin kuat,dan teruskan menjadi sumber inspirasi kami!

TDM Supporter said...

I am the first for this comment Tun. Looks like you can explain every single attack on you. Congratulation genius!!! One day those people will regret of what they did to you and realize your thought as realistic and futuristics.

aljufri said...

dear tun,

i admire all your ideas.
keep on revealing to the public so that we can know what is really happening.
sihat selalu Tun.

Unknown said...

Salam Tun...
All that happened due to 'minyak naik' will result in 'naik minyak'....

jamil said...

syukur kalau no 1

tun, byak bersabar dgn karenah kebudakan, tak da yg jantan datang bertemu dgn tun...mungkin mereka assume tun boleh tahan tak lama kot..tapi tulis lagi tun..londeh mereka terus...fitnah mendatang bagai hujan kpd tun tapi depa buat bodo saja..dan tun byk bersabar..fitnah ni sampai bila pun tak habis...dlm perut kita difitnah..(..anak sapa tu ..) didunia kita di fitnah...(...fitnah tun simpan duit kat yahudi tu...) dan fitnah kubur...( fitnah mati kita kerana sebab itu dan ini) jdi byk sabar tun dan senang hati tulis lagi..teruskan terukkan mereka..

nikdublin said...

This is another forwarded mail that we students in Dublin have been receiving, except for this one is nice to read. I'm not sure if it is wise to publish as your foes will use this against you. The email rads like this:

The Malaysian Solution

read this and be thankful from what we have in Malaysia.
This articles was written by a Jew

by Dr. Israel Shamir
The Writings of Israel Shamir

Take a country populated by diverse communities, the indigenous and immigrant, of roughly equal size. These communities profess different religions and ply different trades. The immigrants are better at business; the natives prefer to till their soil. It could be a description of Palestine with its native Palestinians and the immigrant Jewish communities. But here the comparison ends. In Malaysia, the communities live in peace without UN peacekeepers, they pursue their cultural and religious interests without submitting to bleaching multiculturalism, their country prospers while rejecting the IMF recipes, and it is a native son of soil who stands at the helm of good ship Malaysia.

On a less formal note, Malaysia is warm, wet and exotic. On the monsoon-swayed shore of Andaman Sea, a long-tailed, lithe monkey throws coconuts from the heights of a palm tree, flying fishes jump out of the warm blue sea and splash back, a white triangular sail rises on the horizon. Indians serve their sweet and punchy tea, teh tarik, pouring it with gusto in pulling motion, and neatly place curry on ecologically- sound banana leaves. Malay fishermen unload their haul on the shore and sort it under a broad banyan tree. At night, hundreds of stalls open at the Night Bazaar, feeding, dressing and entertaining locals and tourists.

In Malacca, the oldest-in-East- Asia Catholic church stands next to the Great Mosque next to a Vishnu temple next to a Taoist pagoda. The Dutch-built austere Town Hall is surrounded by spacious British colonial mansions. Narrow streets preserve the charm of the Seventeenth Century, when the Malaccan sultanate was the hub of commerce. Many of its denizens bear proud Portuguese names, but in appearance they do not differ from other residents.
In Penang, old Hakka smugglers warm their bones on the wooden jetties that form a floating island off Georgetown. Tamils sell junk on Armenian street, next to the most advanced chip plant, home to Athlon microprocessor. Yuppies have not taken over all of the Old City, and it reminds of Jaffa as it was before 1948: a modest, humane Eastern city. The glorious Oriental Hotel preserves the days of Somerset Maugham and the Straits' Settlements. Delightful and modish Chinese girls flock out of the convent school. Native Malays carry on their unruffled life in peaceful villages, happily serve in the army and provide the backbone of the administration.

Islam is the state religion, as it had been in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, when it peacefully seeped in and eventually became preferred to the older Hindu beliefs. Brought by the traders, Malay Islam is exceedingly tolerant, local, thoroughly adjusted to the place, as it is practically everywhere but on the pages of the New York Times. The girls do not cover their faces, but often wear a scarf, like religious Jewish women. On Fridays, men like to go to a mosque for prayer, the great social unifier and integrator. As Communism was always frowned-upon in Malaya, Islam is the preferred style of social movement.

Prosperity is ubiquitous: perfect roads, new cars, brushed-up and restored relics of the past. There are no beggars, no striking poverty. Malaysians live well: they have given up home cooking and eat out in countless restaurants and at the stalls, where one dollar buys a square meal. Neighbouring Thais and Indonesians flock in and to cook their national dishes. The Twin Towers in the centre of futuristic Kuala Lumpur are the tallest in the world. 9/11 did not happen here, and the hotel security's main worry is Durian, strong-smelling fruit the tourists are prone to smuggle in, disregarding the "No Durian beyond this point" signs.

It is a peaceful land: one rarely sees a policeman or a soldier. There are no security guards in the shopping centres, no visible tension, no American troops or bases, no prostitution, gambling and narcotics.
Evening open-air parties, much swimming in the warm sea, friendly chat, unrushed small trade: in short, a relaxing spot. How come . why do they not fight, these people of different backgrounds?

The secret of the Malaysian success was given away by their Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir bin Muhammad, whom local newspapers affectionately call 'Dr M': "It is better to share a pie than to have all of no pie." In the 1960s, Malaysia was torn by strife, for the native rural Malays felt threatened by the economic success of the Chinese and Indian immigrants, city dwellers with a long tradition of market economy. Numerically, the natives were hardly a majority, rather a plurality, of citizens. Economically, they were nowhere.
Riots were frequent, and destruction appeared imminent. A pie was there to share: mineral resources, oil deposits, tin and rubber, an educated work force, a relatively small population; but the same is true for many countries that nevertheless came to grief.

Where others failed, the Malaysians succeeded: they pursued a New Economic Policy (later called a New Development Policy), aimed to correct imbalances in agreement between the communities. That the pie of national economy should grow and the respective shares of the communities should be increasingly equalised was the idea of NEP and NDP. The prospering immigrant communities understood that disparity can ruin their good life, and agreed to affirmative action in the interest of the indigenous people. The indigenous Malays acquiesced to this relatively slow process.

The affirmative action is not too radical: a Malay student has priority if he wants to study medicine or business management, as before the NEP there were just a few Malay doctors, businessmen, administrators. The native Malay gets a five percent discount when he buys an apartment. Malay businesses have some small tax breaks. In new developments, the developers have to secure 10 percent of flats and houses for the Malays, in order to avoid ghetto formation. Malay is the national language, but there are street signs in Chinese and English; Islam is the state religion, but there is full freedom to practise other religions as well.

A guest from distant Palestine, I cried: Eureka! If we, Israelis and Palestinians, would learn from the Malaysian success, establish equality and take affirmative action to ensure a fair share for each community, Palestine would be at least as prosperous and happy as Malaysia. Even the notorious Jewish settlements would cause little irritation if their founders would ensure a fair share of Palestinian residents. (Nowadays, a Palestinian is not allowed even to tread on their fenced grounds.) Malaysia is an example to emulate. Let us follow the Malaysian way, erase partition, restore broken unity, return refugees home and live together happily ever after. Wealthy and privileged minorities can impose their will for a while, but in the long run, only agreement and fair sharing a la Malaysia will work.

Not only in Palestine: This is a general panacea against the malady of inequality and national strife. In the Twentieth Century, the Masters of Discourse promoted their own patent medicine: partition and transfer. Liberally applied in Greece and Turkey, on the Indian subcontinent, in the Middle East, in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, in the former Soviet Union, and this has already ruined half a planet.
Nowhere had it improved things. Subcontinent Muslims I meet regret the day Pakistan was torn off India. From Tajikistan to Belarus people dream of returning of the Soviet Union. Hungarians and Czechs feel nostalgia for รข?¦sterreich. Ravaged Smyrna, devastated Sudetenland and bleeding Palestine confirm that partition wounds do not heal for centuries, and that population transfer ensures future massacres. It should be undone.

The Malaysian way of integration had an alternative, the way of partition, and it was pursued by Singapore, a splinter Overseas-Chinese city-state at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It has some similarities to the Jewish state: authoritarian rule, vast employment of foreign guest workers, aggressive stance towards their integrated neighbours. A great friend of Israel and the Far East base of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, Singapore is an important link in the global system of currency trading, an integral part of the New World Order, a supporter of the US and Australia. Singapore is better than Israel: it did not expel its native Malays, did not conquer the Peninsula, did not launch aggressive wars. It could be a free and peaceful city-state, but the dynamics of partition made it a potential source of trouble. By taking a leaf from Israel's book, Singapore declared its 'right' to wage war on Malaysia if the country hikes the price of the water it sells to the island.

Singapore poisons the minds of the Malaysian Chinese and encourages their immigration to the island. It is a very unnecessary thing, for the Malaysian Chinese community is well integrated in their country.
In Penang, there is a Chinese Prime Minister, and, despite affirmative action, the Chinese retain commanding heights in the economy. What is worse, Singapore politicians try to influence decision-making of in the People's Republic, the economic giant with little political will of its own. It is proof that the evils caused by choosing the partition model do not stop at partition but have lasting, damaging effect on the world.

How the Malaysians did it

The ruling block of moderate nationalist Malays and its Chinese and Indian counterparts have managed the country since the 1960s, and Dr M, actually a medical doctor by profession, has served as the Prime Minister for over twenty years. Next year he will retire at the ripe age of 78. He came to power as a young radical and Malay nationalist, expressing the natives' disappointment over the too-slow progress in levelling economic misbalance between the communities. His victory scared the immigrant communities and made them more amenable to Malay demands. But Dr M carried out reforms gradually and gently. Under his rule, Malaysia became a prosperous industrial nation, a leader in computers as well as in traditional pursuits. Even more important, it is a rather happy land of contented people.

Malaysia rejected the Western idea of nation-state, as it accepted the many-coloured mosaic of its communities. They are not three, but rather thirty-three. The Chinese form many communities of various languages, cultures and religions. There are Cantonese, Swatow, Hakka, Hokkien, as distinct as Sicilians and Swedes. Indians are equally
diverse: Muslim and Hindu, Punjabis, Tamils, Bengalis. The native Malays also form various tribes and ethnic units. The oldest inhabitants of the Peninsula, the orang asli or `original men', Negroid tribes akin to Australian aborigines and Indian Dravidic people, still roam the jungles. Europeans and their descendents (of mostly mixed marriages) live in Malacca, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia rejected the idea of the `melting pot' as well. Communities are not asked to integrate and assimilate; they are encouraged to keep their identity and may attend schools in their native tongues while keeping the same curriculum. They do not fall for the trap of multiculturalism, either. The uncomfortable part of multiculturalism as preached by New York is the removal of the backbone of the nation:
the rejection of the original religion and culture of the majority. As I watched CNN on pre-Christmas days, I noticed their fear of actually referring to the Christian holiday without balancing it by an example of Hanukkah or Kwanza. Not so in Malaysia: there is a state religion and a state language, and tolerance of minorities.

Most importantly, Malaysia rejected the faith of Neo-Liberalism.
Together with Castro and the Pope, Dr M is an outspoken critic of the Chicago School. He does not want to sell assets to the highest bidder, nor thereby to impoverish people and create a new class of super-rich.
Food and housing are inexpensive and often subsidised. Dr M is not a socialist. He prefers a strong middle class, but he was taught enough Mencius (Mengzi), the Second Sage of Confucianism, to know of the obligation of rulers to provide for the common people.

The Neo-Liberalists tried to devour Malaysia. The Scourge of Nations, the Imperial Wizard [See Heather Cottin, `George Soros, Imperial Wizard', CovertAction Quarterly, No 74, Fall 2002.] George Soros, a mysterious man with unlimited resources and strong ties to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, who broke the Bank of England, ruined Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, attacked Malaysia, too. His financial offensive wiped out ten years of Malaysian development and ten years of 20 million men's labour: a cool $30 billion of damage.
The country would have been devastated but for Dr M, who slammed currency controls into place.

After the Soros plague, Malaysia asked for help from the IMF and the World Bank, and was told that aid is conditional upon acceptance of IMF rules, including lifting of currency controls. Ostensibly, that was the purpose of Soros's raid: to break the country, to send it running to the IMF and to turn it into a vassal of the New World Order. All nations that accepted IMF rules were ruined: from Argentina to Bulgaria, from South Africa to Russia.

Eduardo Galeano, the noted Uruguayan writer, in a recent interview,
said: "Argentina did everything it was ordered to do by the International Monetary Fund and it's destroyed. The lesson is not to buy into IMF discourse, which leads not only to the extermination of national economies, but to horrific consequences that are not only economic. A discourse that not only translates into mass impoverishment and an offensive concentration of wealth, but into slaps in the face, the daily insults that are the ostentation of the power of the few, in the face of the helplessness of the many. It discredits democracy. Nowadays, it is identified with corruption, inefficiency, injustice, which is the worst thing that could happen to democracy. Another tremendous injury is the great damage that the culture of solidarity has suffered all these years. Right now the predominant culture is that of "every man for himself," and if you fall, you're screwed.

The new name for the financial dictatorship is the "international community" ; anything that you do to defend the little that remains of your sovereignty is "an attack against the international community", rather than an act of legitimate defence against the usury practiced by the banking system that rules the world, in which the more you pay, the more you owe. That is why in a country like Argentina everything has been dismantled: the economy, the state, the collective identity of a people who no longer know who they are, from where they came or where they are going.."

The stubborn old man, Dr M refused to accept the IMF diktat, and Malaysia retained its prosperous independence. It did not go under as Russia and Argentina, because its ruler was a determined man who deeply felt his solidarity with his people. But it was not an easy
feat: Dr M had to fight a to-the-last- man-standing battle with his Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, the IMF supporter in Kuala Lumpur. Anwar Ibrahim used the Soros-inflicted depression and stirred unrest. A weaker man, a Gorbachev, would have collapsed and vacated his seat, plunging the country into chaos. Dr M is made of sterner
stuff: he deftly dealt with the Neo-Liberal by using some old and not-too-liberal laws against homosexuality. That was a correct if difficult decision: In similar vein, the Americans had sent Al Capone to jail on a trumped-up charge of small tax evasion, as they could not make other charges stick. An IMF supporter is no better than a gangster.

However, for many Malaysian intellectuals this was a traumatic
experience: they would have preferred correct results to be obtained by correct means. "Dearie, don't we all! But we can't put 'IMF support' into the penal code", I said to them. "The ruler has a duty to his people to protect them from neo-liberal wolves, and this obligation precedes his personal ethics."

Soros retained a menacing presence in Malaysia. He paid for a Web magazine and repeatedly tried to buy a newspaper to brainwash Malaysians, as he does elsewhere, notably in Russia. In a Kuala Lumpur hotel, I met Malaysian fellow journalists who expectedly complained about another very non-Western Malaysian precept, that of government-controll ed media. This would have been an embarrassing moment for me if I had not heard this complaint twelve years ago, in the offices of Russian newspapers. The Russians had no Dr M of their own; they privatised their media. It was snatched up by a bunch of moguls and turned into subversion tools against Russia. Now, almost all Russian media belongs to a galore of Israeli citizens.

That is why I told my Malaysian colleagues: "Sorry, guys. If you had had it your way and made your newspapers and TV independent of government, you would have had a lot of fun for a whole week. One week later, your media would have been bought by George Soros, the man who preaches of the advantages of open society to oysters. As long as a wolf roams outside, a clever sheep sticks to its shepherd".

This week, Dr M had an unexpected reason for joy: a French court found Soros guilty of insider trading. Its small fine of $2 million means little for a man who makes $1 billion a day, but it is satisfying to see him branded a thief. I would not be amazed to learn that the terrible excesses of the Zionists in Palestine were arranged as a diversion of attention away from their Globalist brethren. While Zionists ruin a village, Soros and the IMF ruin a country.

Together with Castro, Dr M understood that the source of their power lies in the overvalued US dollar. Since 1972, the US freely issued green bucks no longer tied to gold. This financial swindle, the biggest in the history of mankind, brought enormous wealth to some people, and ruined a lot more. That is why Malaysia is the brain and the engine of an ambitious plan to create a stable currency, the golden Dinar. It is also called the 'Islamic Dinar', as Islamic Law forbids usury and interest, and the Dinar will bear zero interest. (A similar step was taken by Solon the Wise in Sixth Century BC Athens:
he cancelled debts, zeroed interest and made people free. A hundred years later, Athens ushered in its Golden Age.) This year, the Dinar will become the currency to settle deals between Malaysia and some Arab countries.

Currency trading, the pet tool of Soros, should be banned, thinks Dr
M: "The traders sell huge sums of currency they do not have to buyers who are members of the same circle. The buyers in turn sell this fictitious currency to others, force down the value and buy at the depressed prices. Short selling has been taken to the ultimate level.
The currency trading is many times bigger than total world trade."

The New World Order has in Dr M a most outspoken enemy. He views it as a continuation of old colonialism by new methods: "Free trade had always been the war cry of the Europeans. In the 19th century they used gunboats to open East Asia for trade. They went to war when they were not allowed to supply opium to China. Now, the gunboats have disappeared, but the pressures are no less effective. An occupation army cannot colonise more effectively than the economic arm-twisting used by the West. Now international institutions are used to open up the countries for 'free trade'. Once the countries are opened up, the big corporations and banks would move in, and the locals will be swallowed up."

Dr M has not mellowed with years. His thinking has become even more striking and extraordinary. While visiting Japan, he called upon the Japanese to reject the Western model as it is sure to ruin their
achievements: Japanese system worked very well for the Japanese. It made Japan the second most powerful economy in the world. It may not be the Western way, but it can't be all wrong if it can achieve so much.

In Dr M's view, Japan should return to strong government involvement in economy, and take up its leading role in Asia, for "East Asia and the world need Japan, its dynamism and its single-minded dedication".
For Dr M, as for many important politicians in Asia, WWII was not a war between ultimate good and ultimate evil. "The success of the Japanese army in the early days of the war finally broke the spell cast by the Europeans. East Asians learned that their European overlords could be defeated." Similar sentiments are voiced in Iran and in Arab countries, where anti-British resentment brought nationalist leaders to seek help of the Axis Powers.

Malaysia is an 'alternative' country where many Western ideas were found wanting and were rejected. We are used to frequent changes of prime ministers and presidents and see it as a success of democracy.
But Dr M, this benevolent king-philosopher in Plato's mould, disagrees. It takes many years for policies to produce fruits, he says. First year in power, the ruler learns to be addressed and to address others properly. Next year, he forms his opinions. Then he makes decisions, and only in a few years can we judge his decisions properly. He succeeded because he had enough time, he says.

This idea is unusual for us, but as the matter of fact, three of the most charismatic and extraordinary statesmen of our days, Dr M, Dr Fidel Castro and the Pope, persist in power for tens of years with great success. Commercial companies, nowadays as powerful as any state, also do not change their helmsmen without urgent need.

Surely, if a statesman like Dr M were to lead Japan, (or China, or Russia, or, indeed, the EU) the world would be different. Many things have changed since WWII, and Europeans, together with ordinary Americans, are now experiencing the brunt of the same policies Asia suffered in its colonial past. 'The Open Society' has become the tool for robbery brought home, as the New World Order is the colonisation of Europeans and Americans by their new financial elite.

Dr M is a strict opponent of the American War on Terror. For him, "terrorism never dies until the causes for terrorism are eliminated".
He speaks against the impending Anglo-American aggression in Iraq, he refuses to accept the rant of 'Islamic terror'. Dr M supports the much-suffering people of Palestine without the caveats usually produced by his meek-hearted colleagues in Europe. His voice is heard, for Malaysia has not surrendered its discourse to its enemies.

Malaysia reminded me of Cuba, the Island of Freedom in the Caribbean Sea. It is also an alternative society where highly educated men map a different future for mankind, for "today's world is in shambles. The abuses of the free trade system, the unlimited greed of speculators, have resulted in the world losing its way", in the words of Dr M.
Similar ideas are expressed in Castro's speeches. The two politicians met a few times and expressed mutual admiration, despite their huge ideological differences: Castro the Communist and Dr M the Nationalist. In Cuba and in Malaysia, one can read a newspaper or watch TV without nausea. These two small countries have much for us to learn from.

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli Writer and Journalist. He wrote for Haaretz, BBC, Pravda and translated Agnon, Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa and has become a leading champion of the 'One Man, One Vote, One State'
solution in all of Palestine/Israel. His writings are mostly in English but you can also read some of his articles translated into Arabic, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Spanish.

Mohd Shafri bin Mohd Shariff said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

1. Thanks for enlighten the subject. As always you have all the right answers to the scum bag.

2. I love to read you blog as it is an intellectual subject to read not the one that we have on TV nowdays. Even the ministers are all are idiots.

Thanks for continuing writing and as always I'll be your biggest fan.

Xanadu Records said...

Pak Lah kata dia dah ada persetujuan dengan Najib hendak serah jawatan. Boleh percaya ke?

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,

Like I told you before, you have made alot of anemies along the way when you expose people of their wrong doings.

Please take care.they will try anything to hurt or tarnish your goodname.


Unknown said...

i could agree with you as if am not mistaken the govt economy multiplier is around 6-7 times (is it correct?). in other words, when govt spend it multiplied by 6-7 times and vice versa..

Nizamon said...

Antara langkah yang Kerajaan Pak Lah dah buat selepas kenaikan harga minyak sebanyak RM0.78:
1) Potong 10% elaun keraian Menteri - sepatutnya potong elaun petrol menteri tuh.
2) Bagi gaji 2X sebulan kepada kakitangan kerajaan - Akal apa dia pakai. Langkah camni dah tentu takkan bagi apa2 effect pun.
3) Semak balik potongan cukai - Kebanyakan golongan yang berpendapatan rendah yang paling teruk terjejas - Dah tentu orang2 nih tak dikenakan cukai pendapatan. Betul2 takder akal.
4) Apa lagi diaorang mencarut lepas nih.

crazyEllysee said...

The increment of some daily products as well as oils really make a difficulty to Malaysians. I mean normal Malaysians. Since gov't and some authorities make these as a oppurturnity to "gain" more and more money into their pockets.
The authorities increase the prices of some certain things like oils and transportation costs ;also the costs of electrical payments as they like. They act like making the decision of increase of those prices in a second without thinking wisely and never stand on the view of common Malaysian (people with low income).

Not all Malaysians gain thousand of dollars per month. Majority of Malaysians (in East Malaysia) gain least than RM1500 per month. The expense on petrol fuel already enough to hang them up.They might spent at least RM300-500+ per month on petrol *havent include those expenses on foods and groceries.

The dramatic increase of petrol fuel really killing all of the Malaysians. WHy?
The increase of petrol has leading to the increment of common daily product like milk (which is important for FEEDIng malaysia's future leaders), pampers, cooking oils,flours, wheat products, tin-cans foods, rices and others.

The increments are really fatal, these also lead to some crimes. Especially the illegal bringing of some daily products from neighbour country to Malaysia.
It is very obvious that alots of East Malaysia people (Miri and Limbang) go to Brunei for buying
some domestic products and some grocies then bring back to Malaysia. Recently, Many of them being caught because of buying extra petrol fuel and making some business(selling the petrol fuel they bought from Brunei to Malaysians).

This actually make the images of Malaysians' down. But they got no choices, because of living. Malaysia gov't (pak lah) really force all of the Malaysians to the end of their life.

The people who are on Pak lah's side ofcourse got no harm since they can gain opputurnity from the increment of taxes and these and that. But what about the people like us?
we are really suffered!
The children now also one of the victims, why?
Their parents couldnt afford and give their children some extra and better educations due to the increment of expensive standard of living with low salary. How could they survive?
i wonder...

I want to stregthen here= Pak lah..really not a ideal leader. He only apologies and tell the public that..he got no choice't have to increase the prices of those things.
As a leader..the managements of these should be handle on an appropriate way.Apologies and reasons arent good and worth for us!
The small $ of subsidazation..isnt enough if the world fuel's prices keep increase. The gov't only afford to give the subsidazation for today. What about tomorrow?
actually it makes no different since...the gov't has streghten their side to increase and want to follow the world petrol fuel's prices.

Oh yea, tun I did visited the blog which you mentioned which regarding the spreading of info of you and your family members' banks account. The blog is owned by an Indian right?

Anyway, tun I still your forever supporter. Im in still on my half way of reading the book "Mahathir's wake up call".

Wish you all the best tun:)
Semoga Tun sihat sihat sahaja:)

hakim said...

ha ha ha. Am i being the first? apa-apa pun, happy fathers day to you tun. keep on with your update. Memang org yg buat tohmahan tu kalau betoi apa nak takut, berilah identiti.

allah bersama org yg benar.

take care tu.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum tun..

1.bukan saja bas, teksi..keretapi hatta beca sekalipun tambangnya akan naik!. siapa mau rugi?

2.sebelum harga minyak naik pun projek mega dibatalkan, apa nak heran.

'orang' yg dapat mengawal harga bahan mentah dunia, boleh menjahanamkan sesebuah negara

'orang' yg dapat menaik & turunkan nilai matawang, juga boleh menjahanamkan sesebuah negara.

'orang' yg flip flop dan lemah, sudah pasti menjahanamkan sesebuah negara.

HAR said...

I didn't believe it when I saw in one of the blogs that you and members of your family have so much money.

Cutting mega or large development projects can hurt the economy further. But I feel that the government must be selective in deciding which project to proceed in order not to waste its resources. Objective criteria must be used during the selection process. Before starting new ones, probably it is worth looking at some of the abandoned projects that have been shown on air several weeks ago. This way, members of the public who have invested monies in them can at least see and use what they have paid for.

Penawar Hati said...

Salam buat Tun,

Tulah masalahnya, bila kerajaan sekarang kehilangan orang mcm Tun.
Bukan penjual nasi lemak saja yang kekurangan pelanggan, penjual cendol pun dah merungut, dah tak ramai yang beli cendol. Habis camana ekonomi negara nak berkembang...

Lepas ni tak tahu apa lagi kejutan demi kejutan yang Pak Lah nak umumkan. Yang pasti rakyat makin susah. Orang depa juga yang kenyang dan tersenyum lebar. PRU13 nanti, kami dah berikrar tidak mahu lagi UMNO / BN. Takut barang lagi naik....

Apapun tahniah buat Tun, negara aman dan rakyat selesa di bawah pentadbiran Tun.

Kongsi Pengetahuan said...

Dear Tun..
Sedih nya melihat dunia Malaysia skrg.Bukan di dunia yg saya pernah tinggal dahulu.Kenapa Malaysia yang masih mempunyai seorang yang hebat (Tun) di bazirkan kan begitu sahaja.Kita semua tahu yang Tun adalah seorang yang hebat dikaca mata dunia tetapi kini dipinggirkan.Takkan Pak Lah nak nak puji Tun setelah Tun tiada.Belajar la dari 'senior'.jgn la bodoh sombong.Tun, bantu la kami seadanya.Tun seorang yang hebat, berwawasan, mesti Tun ada cara untuk menyelamatkan situasi dunia Malaysia skrg ini...fikir2 kan la Tun..Ayuh rakyat Malaysia semua, bantu la Tun membantu kita semua...Terfikir macam mana Pak Lah pimpin Malaysia ketika Malaysia mengalami zaman kemelesetan ekonomi dunia dulu.Tentu lagi teruk seteruk and selemah negara jiran kita yang lain.baru isu minyak pun dah ramai rakyat susah nak buat keje dan hidup...

HAR said...

I didn't believe it when I saw in one of the blogs that you and members of your family have so much money.

Cutting mega or large development projects can hurt the economy further. But I feel that the government must be selective in deciding which project to proceed. Objective criteria must be used during the selection process. Before starting new ones, probably it is worth looking at some of the abandoned projects that have been shown on air several weeks ago. This way, members of the public who have invested monies in them can at least see and use what they have paid for.

Hazman said...

That is so true about the oil price and of course the bus business and i think the gov now pretend not to see them.. All the business now must increase all the price in business because the operational cost now is high..
now from what i see in tv they forcing the agriculture activities but if people cannot earn enough money how for them to buy them

I think even a children now know how to think logically abt the contra in business..

For me the electrical cost soon will be affected to many business especially for the IKS or small business.. Before its not easy to get profit but we still can hv the profit eventhough its small but now.. Its Good if u can survive..

Now we know what will happen to those family who hv limited income or for the people who depends on one job only but hv son and kids to be feed, to pay tuition bill, fill the petrol, pay the taxi.. and of course the school bus fees.. sigh..

Tun Dr Mahathir, if u hv time to think.. better u show us the way to solve.. cos i think i only can see the effect now.. wish u will hv a good health Tun! Aminn..


I want to know more about that 1.4billion Ringgit you gave to Mr.Abdullah....whoo ! you were too good to him....I know ,he was clean then.

WanHamidi said...

"4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family."

Yeah... I also do the same thing if the money really mine.

Ali said...

Assalamu alaikum Tun,

After you stepped down, I like some of the people I know thought perhaps you were a bit senile when you went on against the government.

So I did a little reasearch called the YouTube where I downloaded a lot of video clips listening to your speeches.

I apologise. You are indeed as sharp as a Tack. Videos on the fund Malaysia had when you stepped down, the bridge, on DSAI, etc etc etc.

I did send you an email when you, as PM activated the 'email the PM' gig at the early stage of Malaysian Internet scenario.

'Tuan adalah amanah kami dan kami adalah amanah Tuan.'


NOR said...

WOW! i'm the FIRST, ke?
Dear TDM,
Keep on posting. I love reading your posts. The more you write, the more truth will revealed. InsyaAllah.
Take care and semoga diberkati Allah.

MeeAbu said...

Mentadbir negara mesti bersifat berniaga, mesti pandai menjelmakan peluang perniagaan, pelaburan dan kerajaan mesti beranikan diri mencairkan sebahagian simpanan. Baru duit akan berputar dan semua akan dapat bahagian. Tapi selama dah 5-6 tahun ni nampak ekonomi kita macam menguncup, dalam kertas memang nampak cantik, balik-balik kita salahkan kelembapan ekonomi global. Sekarang menteri2 pun dok sibuk nak lobi jawatan, tugas pentadbiran macam dipinggirkan, ni yang buat rakyat bertambah perit

Unknown said...

Dear TokDet
Harap sihat hendaknya.

Orang kalau dah takda bukti buat tuduhan dia tak akan dedahkan diri dia. I cannot but agree with your explanation bcoz at least, now, I know who Tun is. A perfect leader.

Tun, carry on with writing

abaju said...

ayahanda Tun,

saya pun ada menerima email pasal simpanan fd tun & keluarga Tun.

amatlah menyedihkan yang & menyebarkan berita tersebut.

i personally don't believe what i've read!

hope to get further explaination from ayahanda Tun.

abaju 1pagi 14 Jun

mr-aizuddin said...

Assalammualaikum Tun,

Im interested with ur 1st and 3rd issue.

1st issue:
Wondering the next action of anonymous scum. Do not throw the stone and hide urself la.. No point.. People won't believe u..

3rd issue:
Simple and clear explaination from you Tun.. I guess if development cost would have to be curtailed, it will affect the quality of the project too whereby cheap and low quality material will be the 1st option. And we do know, when it comes to cheap and low quality material, definitely a lot of problem will occur in the future.

May Allah bless you and your family always Tun.. InsyaAllah.. Anyway, Happy Father's Day to you Tun..

Anonymous said...

Yea, Tun, the government refuse to be charitable, but den again, those people who are involved in business are expected to be 'charitable' and not increase price. Ouch, how to make a living, huh? Nonid to eat? Everything goes up, but salaries didn't even go up. Our daily expenses are escalating and the standard of living is going way, way down. The leaders these days, really just know how to N.A.T.O ( No action, talk only). They should lead by example, not just making appearances in the media and give us lame advices. I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I do know that the government now is mismanaging the country. Everything that was build by your time such as economy, infrastructure and reputation seems to be going down the drain, and it's going down really fast. pathetic, isn't it. Anymore of these nonsense, we;re not gonna be categorized as developing country anymore. One of these days, the world are gonna see us as poor 3rd world country!

The leaders these days, have their own agenda. they're not the true patriotic and nationalist like you and our forefathers.

And not much people dare to speak up too. I daresay once Pak Lah step down, his supporters will also give him the same treatment they give you. this is human nature. When you're in power, they will hail you as if you're a beauty pageant winner. When you're not, all will boo you and even drag you down the drain too! I dunno if Pak Lah kows this or not "Make your people rich, and they will make you richer". What lah! By enriching the citizens through providing chances in various sectors and strengthening the economy, the country can become stronger as tax revenue will be higher. Right?

Not only that, Malaysian mindset should be change. We have to think forward, and not afraid to learn new things. The thing with Malaysian is we don't dare to try new things in fear of failure. We must put technology and communications are priority so that we will not be left behind.

Dexter said...

Your Statements make sense. Good logical sense.

Dess said...

Bravo Tun. Keep up the good work. My meeting at a hotel in Penang has been canceled due to the directive issued by Pak Lah and his govenment to save cost. Pity the management of the hotel. No business, no money. No money, economy down. Economy down, Malaysia down. Economy down, Pak Lah down. Hidup Tun Dr Mahathir....

mbikejbc said...

Good statement.... Iagree with you...

LianaFirdaus said...

turuskan perjuangan tun

pakcik said...

Salam Tun,

Orang takde akal je bole percaya semua tu..

Cakap la gajah rimau..kami sentiasa di blkg Tun..

Hidup Tun!

co-yorks said...

A'kum Tun,

Thanks for your info. Saya nak tubuhkan kelab 'Dr. M'. Ada apa-apa cadangan blogers?

NFH said...

Salam again Tun,

Tun said,

" 1. Every time the Government increase oil price, the bus companies would be told not to increase fares."

Memang itu yang dijanjikan kepada rakyat.

Tapi, esoknya bus fares increased tremendously.


Kerajaan Pak Lah PEMBOHONG!!.
Flip-flop. Berjanji ikut sedap mulut.

Cubalah buat kajian dulu. Harga minyak naik 41%, takkan tambang tak naik!!


Temberang! Pecah Tembelang! Masuk Longkang!

(Moto baru kerajaan PPL or Parti Pak Lah)

Unknown said...

Hi Tun,

I totally agreed with you. When the economy is bad, Goverment should create more projects to spur up the economy. But right now it is working back in the other way where increase petrol price (where chain reaction will happen) and at the same time stop most of the projects... end up Rakyat will suffer even further!!


DewaDurjana74 said...

Asalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun..

Islam & Mahatirisme is my way in life.. Please keep on posting until raykat sedar dan bangkit utk bersihkan sampah masyarakat yg menguasai kabinet..

p/s... Always with u as my father, mentor and prime minister..

blogmenjerit said...

tun, anda sangat suci (kah?)


cheazmii said...

apa yg TUN nampak PM dan orangnya tak nampak atau buat-buat tak nampak atau memang buta

mbikejbc said...

A'kum Tun.... Selamat pagi... Harus cari sampai dapat orang berani memberi kenyataan kewangan Tun dan keluarga....

Unknown said...

well Tun, i am not surprised with this as there are more and more talk only kind of people, poping up like mushrooms....guess everyone now days have too much to say but non to back their words...during the 70's & 80's Malaysian could be fooled, guess these people are stuck in those era...Tun, we Malaysian would never had your side of the story told without your blog...keep writing and we love you...

kelewek said...

Assalamualaikum Tun yang dihormati...

Sudah lama saya mengikuti ruangan blog Tun, tapi inilah kali pertama saya meluahkan apa yang terbuku dihati saya. Saya bersetuju dengan apa yang Tun cakapkan. Hidup saya makin tertekan dengan keadaan ekonomi Malaysia sekarang ini... Dasar pentadbiran negara oleh DSAAB & family banyak sangat kelemahannya... diaorang makin kaya.. kami makin susah. Saya dan ahli keluarga saya memberi 8 undi untuk UMNO pada pilihan raya yang lalu... walaupun pada dasarnya kami dah meluat dengan UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO terutamanya DSAAB & famili.. tapi kerana takut kawasan kami terlepas pada calon PKR (Konco2 Anwar al-juburi), maka terpaksalah...


saya rasa serba salah... ingin cadangkan penubuhan satu lagi parti baru oleh TUN, tapi takut pulak akan lebih banyak perpecahan nanti sesama bangsa kita.. UMNO,PKR,PAS dan ****.


Saya harapkan agar ada satu jalan yang terbaik dapat dicari.. mungkin kerjasama antara parti PAS tp bukan dengan PKR.

akhir sekali Saya doakan agar perjuangan ini akan berjaya.. dan semoga DSAAB akan turun dari tahta cepat2 sikit... DAH BENCI SANGAT NIII......

azmi hassan said...

Dearest Tun,

I totally agree with you but why nobody in the government/ ministers seeing this. When everybody don't spend their money, the businesses will halt and that is not good for the economic growth. Less tax money for the government too.

But then again, we are govern by a corrupt, blind and deaf PM so that thing is not unusual.

Tun, you are still a truly hero to our family.


Azmi Hassan

Unknown said...

Salam Tun,
You are absolutely right about the anonymous scum alleging you having an account in an Israeli Bank.These are the type of people whom will do or say anything to smear your name even though even a pre-schooler knows the truthfulness in those type of allegations.These people will never dare to give their full name cause the article or allegations they produced is 100% fitnah!
About the government trying to look good in the rakyat's eyes..nothing can be said anymore about them cause whatever anyone of the rakyat says will just be ignored!Like i said in my blog..we have idiots controlling our economy!By the way Tun,there are ways to find out who that annonymous scum is..its a cyber world and nothing is impossible!Get hold of him and sue his shit out of his pants!(..must be one of the cium tangan Pak Lah gang or one of the pembangkang yang tak sekolah gang!..c'mon la friend!If you really have to do it with facts!)

onn said...

it is really sad to see that our government do not have the sense of business and economy.

Tambak Bunga said...

Salam TUN,
harap TUN bersabar dgn apa2 fitnah yg melanda.kami sentiasa berdiri teguh dan percaya dgn keikhlasan TUN menjelaskan kebenaran.
nampaknya kerajaan imam hadhari begitu terdesak untuk memerintah Malaysia sehingga sanggup mengupah beberapa induvidu untuk menyerang keperibadian TUN.ALLAH sentiasa bersama orang yang benar..

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
It's good to read this article and other facts which has been posted for my understanding it's quite clear enough to say that Pak Lah is not really capable enough to manage our country..please and do come to your x-seat Tun...i'm begging u.

LianaFirdaus said...


Saya harap Tun sekeluarga berada dalam keadaaan sehat walfiat

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Most scums write in the name of the opposition and they write slanderous accusations without any facts, statistics or common sense. I believe you can find these scums flourishing in the blogging world as they can hide their identity easily with a change in their profile preferences. However, they cannot hide the fact that they are gutless clowns who try to impress the readers with empty writings.

Carry on Tun for I will support you always.

Tambak Bunga said...

itu memang tingkah laku manusia penakut..
semoga Tun bersabar..

bekas ahli UMNO.

onn said...


Would u mind to share that if u are the current Prime Minister and facing the oil price hike and economy slowdown, what would u do to stimulate the economy again??

mnfholding said...




Harimau-Menaip said...


Saya pun tertanya-tanya adakah benar atau tidak. Sila jelaskan secara sidang akhbar kalau perlu. Saya secara jujur Tun, agak kecewa jika ia benar tetapi mengesyaki sesuatu apabila nama yang ada hanya nama orang UMNO (dan bekas UMNO). Mungkinkah ada agenda lain? Saya pun tak tahu. Hanya penulis asal dan nama-nama yang ada yang boleh menjawab.

Alhamdulillah, Tun sudah menjelaskan di blog ini. Harapan saya, tanda tanya rakyat akan terjawab.

Yang benar,
Harimau Menaip

Aziz said...

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

Thanks for always looking after our beloved nation with your constant thoughts. Your wisdom and thoughts are welcomed most as you are the elder stateman who has courage to speak outloud without hesitation. Unlike others.

BryanChoong said...

Dear Beloved Bapak Tun;

Thank you for sharing our pain and sorrows.

Unfortunately, the scums have NO USEFUL BRAINS CELLS.

If only the younger ones have lived lived thru my era then only will they appreciate your sacrifices.

Please help us out of these mess.
Thank you & may u be bless always.

Love fr All of Us

Unknown said...

Assalamu'alaikum Tun,

Semuga Tun panjang umur dan sihat selalu untuk berjuang.

Orang yang membuat fitnah takkan selamat dunia dan akhirat. Mereka takkan puas hati hingga akhir hayat mereka.

Biarlah Allah sahaja yang membalasnya dengan setimpal.

Sekian Wassalam.

Unknown said...

selamat kan Malaysia seperti selamatnya Malaysia di zaman pemerintahan Tun dahulu..Mana pergi nya orang ramai yang berani bersuara lantang selantang-lantangnya semasa perintahan Tun.Dear Malaysian,help Tun to help us.Pak Lah is a nice guy but he's not a good leader.Real leader selalu nya dibenci(ketika Tun memerintah),tetapi di sudut hati kita tahu, semua nya adalah untuk kebaikan kita..hasil nya sampai sekarang kita boleh rasai walaupun sesetgh perkara pernah satu ketika dahulu kita tidak bersetuju.Pak Lah..ur time is over,pls resign before Pak Lah di gelar 'Bapa Kejatuhan Malaysia'..

Zainal Abidin said...

that same question still in my mind right after the government statement to reduce oil subsidies. the first impact will be for sure all goods and product price will increase therefor course inflation. but still the dumb person make this decision , still is a dumb person. please Malaysian leaders "think economic" , encourage more money making in Malaysia. not give them away for short term investment. stop corruption and stop give hint money to your so called best son in law. don't think we "org kampung" blind.

Unknown said...

asalamualaikum ayahnda tun.....

kita jumpa lagi kali ini...
semoga ayahnda dan seisi keluarga senantiasa didalam perlindungan Allah taallah...dari org org (atau lebih senang lagi pak dol tu dan kaki kaki ampu nye) yg tak tahu menghargai anugerah yg tuhan beri...
ayahnda....anaknda amat bersyukur kehadrat Ilahi kerana menganugerahkan ayahnda kesihatan utk ayahnda terus menentang kemungkaran yg datang menlanda negara kita yg tercinta ini...yg di kepalai oleh org org yg hanya tahu menyusahkan rakyat dan kroni kroninya itu...

semoga ayahnda terus sihat dan terus menentang kemungkaran itu...anaknda dan ramai lagi anaknda kat luar sana akan terus berjuang bersama sama ayahnda...
semua blog ayahnda postkan..anaknda baca dan fahami...memang teruk perangai org org ini,cuba utk menutup bangkai yg busuk dgn cara yg lebih busuk...tapi Allah maha besar dan anaknda tak takut kerana anaknda masih ada ayahnda yg akan menentang kemungkaran ini...
dan Allah sentiasa bersama org org yg benar...
takat ini dulu moga kita jumpa lagi insyallah...wasallam

Charlsen said...

Tun, finally u explain this.. I also hope that u are clean..

Unknown said...

Salam untuk Tun & Family,

Bisnes memang tidak lagi seperti dulu. "Business environment" sangat tidak menentu sehingga "small businessman" macam saya takut untuk memikirkan tentang nasib kami besok pagi.

Saya bersetuju dengan pendapat Tun tentang mega projek. Apa yang patut difikirkan adalah bagaimana kehadiran mega projek yang dicanangkan boleh membawa pembahagian kekayaan dan merancakkan aliran perniagaan di peringkat rakyat dan bukan semata-mata mengenyangkan kroni dan pihak-pihak tertentu.

Saya tetap percaya bahawa hanya UMNO yang mampu menerajui orang Melayu dan negara tetapi pada masa ini saya tidak nampak bagaimana kepimpinan sekarang dapat mengatasi kebuntuan yang melanda negara dan bangsa kita. Namun saya tetap berdoa sesuatu yang boleh merubah keadaan ini dikurniakan Tuhan dalam masa terdekat ini.

Saya berharap Tun teruskan usaha mempertahankan diri dari tohmahan orang-orang yang baling batu sembunyi tangan dan suka menabur fitnah tanpa fakta dan bukti yang nyata.

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya saya juga berpeluang untuk mengucapkan TERIMA KASIH kepada Tun yang masih menjadi kebanggaan saya.

Saya berharap untuk terus menatap tulisan-tulisan Tun setiap hari yang seterusnya.

Salam Takzim. Azman

Ulu Kalumpang said...

Kepada orang-orang yang banyak berkuasa dan banyak kaya di Malaysia yang sedang baca sekarang....

Tak kira berapa kuasa atau kekayaan seseorang ada, bumi tetap berpusing and masa tetap berlalu. Dia tetap kalah satu hari nanti bila bumi suruh dia turun ke bawah. Berapa banyak kuasa dan wang kamu mahu bawa bersama ke dalam bumi?

Kenapa orang di atas bumi tidak mahu hidup sejahtera? Kalau Malaysia ditimpa tsunami seperti di Aceh atau gempa bumi di Sichuan, apa ertinya kuasa dan kekayaan seorang berada? Dia juga makan nasi yang dipungut dari lantai, minum air berwarna kuning.

Fikirkan lah, malapetaka bukan sahaja datang dengan tiba-tiba, ia juga berlaku dengan berlahan-lahan seperti global warming dan kehabisan petroleum. Kita atau generasi masa depan akan kembali hidup seperti orang purba dengan tiada bumbung, kelaparan dan dalam kegelapan. Sudah tahu hakikat seperti ini akan datang, buat apa merebut kuasa dan menyimpan wang yang menggunung? Kalau kamu tidak belajah bercucuk tanam dan berjimat-cermat dari orang miskin, suatu hari nanti kamu akan kembali minta tolong dari orang muskin.

Tolonglah orang miskin.
Hentilah naik harga.
Cukuplah kuasa yang ada.
Berilah wang yang terlebih.

Dari orang Malaysia, orang Bumi.

Celsior said...

I have no comment after saw the statement of those Fix Deposit.
It may b fake. said...

Thanks for posting again Tun

ys said...

Dear Dr Mahathir,

I appreciate all the things that you've contribute for all these years.

I'm a student and I have to work to cover some part of my living expenses here in KL. I don't drive but it would be a great help if the oil prices don't shoot up as high as this.

I wish the government will rethink and reconsider in a rakyat's shoe.
Can't they see the problem?
Aren't our voices important anymore?

Shams said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

Whatever happen we still will support you, please be our PM again... Take Care and a lot of love from your supporter.

Apisometres said...

Why must everything that the government do, the rakyat have to pay the price..

Rosli said...

Tun jangan layan fitnah firnah mereka,
Teruskan pejuangan mu.
we want you badly Tun

Unknown said...

Bottom line, Malaysia starting from the ruling government should continuously seek wealth creation opportunities to provide better environment for the people as opposed to thinking how to distribute our stagnant if not shrinking wealth. It's time for us to focus on the Economy and develop it without political or racial interference. The government should now immediately abolish their unfair and impractical policies if they intend to propel this country further in light of the competition

khalifah said...

Maybe ACA can be more aggressive to ensure nobody ask an upfront so that mega project can go ahead... Minimize unnecessary to complete the project...
Hopefully economy can be smoothly generate in this country...
I hope can still remain in Malaysia to feed my child..

tunkuishak said...

Dear Tun,

My dad, Tunku Kudin (from Kedah) send his regard to you. I think you still remember him.

Your are right. Life is in circle where it must moving so the others in the circle can benefits the process. It is no meaing if government stop the spinning and the top of the circle keep making money and we at below feeling the pain.

today, class F contractors just can watch their project taking over by big and mega companies. The smallest project is very difficult to get. This never happen in your era.

Big fish get the the food but we all the small fish get almost nothing...

I have something to ask:
does ministers (including P.M) paid their petrol usage? i don't think so...therefore they didn't suffered but we are...



Hawk Tan said...

Your views are absolutely right.
The decision on reducing government spending, increasing of prices and at the same time not able to understand the economic impact is very damaging.
Why the present government can’t be brave enough to push forward.
Unless you are being spoon feed and rich enough not to worry about feeding your children at home. Then you are the lucky ones. A bad decision will cause a domino effect and every industry and everybody will suffer.
I like to propose to the Government to take over all school canteen operation in Malaysia, therefore the government can manage it without increasing the food prices.
Our dear YB Minister meant good to protect the consumers but if operating a business without profit and at a lost, might as well sit at home and watch Euro ‘08.
The scenario is like fire fighting the problems, when in actual fact we should be attacking and finding a total solution and remedy.
As the saying goes; penny wise, pound foolish
Honestly, I am very concerned of your health, and yet you are facing all this issues and obstacles.

badlishah said...

Greetings Tun. May Allah always bless you with health and wisdom.


sangchinok said...

Dear Tun,

Bersih Cekap Amanah. I will never forget that although I was only 7 then. Our TV was still black and white. A-grade chicken eggs were only 12cents each.

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur, Wawasan 2020 and K-Economy were your trademark. Pak Lah has yet to come with something even remotely challenging - not just compared to you but to previous PMs as well.

When you became the PM, MYR and S$ are almost similar. We were trading behind when you left, but then again, your government has suffered 2 devastating economic turndown. But still we were not this angry.

I have been writing a lot of things on my blog that is parallel to your line of view. Mostly people say I'm stuck in a reference loop because I believe that when other people think like me, I must be right.

But now I am quite sure that what I think although is not totally right, I would have been mostly right because a man of your stature
thinks a lot like me.

Live longer and prosper.

pekanrabu said...

Assalamualikum Tun,
Saya ada terbaca mengenai jumlah wang $ harta yang tun miliki begitu banyak sekali.Itu adalah satu pembohongan yang dilakukan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab semata-mata untuk mencari publisiti dan ingin menjatuhkan tun.Mereka sebenarnya mencemburui tun yang berjaya mentadbir negara begitu baik sekali tanpa berlaku salah gun kuasa yang dilakukan oleh tun.Jika terbukti bahawa dakwaan yang dibuat adalah benar,maka seharusnya pihak tersebut membawa bukti yang diperolehi ke muka pengadilan.Mereka mengatakan tun mempunyai aset benilai USD 199.45 million.Persolannya dari manakah sumber yang mereka dapat?Adakah sumber yang diperolehi adalah benar? Jangan membuat serkap jarang terhadap orang lain tanpa mempunyai bukti yang kukuh!.Memang kita akui bahawa ada pihak tertentu yang mencari kesalahan jenayah tun semasa tun menjadi perdana menteri dahulu tetapi malangnya tidak ada.Sekaranglah masanya untuk berbuat demikian disebabkan tun tidak lagi menjadi ahli umno dan memegang apa-2 jawatan dalam parti. Walaubagaimanapun, saya mempunyai kepercayaan yang tinggi terhadap tun bahawa tun tidak akan melakukan sesuatu yang akan menjejaskan imej ,maruah tun dan termasuklah keluarga tun.Saya tabik kepada tun yang lantang mempertahankan diri tun,walaupun sejak dari dahulu pelbagai pihak berusaha untuk menjatuhkan tun.Saya anak jati alor star sendiri berasa begitu marah dengan pihak yang membuat fitnah terhadap tun & keluarga.

Syahir said...

A'kum Tun Doktor Mahathir :-)

Saya menggesa agar Tun membuat laporan polis berkenaan fitnah ini yang disyaki dibuat oleh pihak tertentu untuk mencemarkan Tun sekeluarga.

Di sini saya ingin menggesa kepada sesiapa yang membuat fitnah itu agar sedia tampil. "Hey pengecut! Keluar kau!!"

Tun, saya dan yang lain tetap berdiri teguh dibelakang Tun!

Selamatkan Malaysia Kita!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,

I am sure those blogs are possibly created or funded by your big political enemies from UMNO. At least, you are a MAN with strong guts as you are a blogger who dares to use a real name with a real and charming photo. You dare to challenge the weak and sleepy PM who always like to remain silence even after being verbally attacked by you repeatedly.

If that scum dares to give his or her name, IC number and address, I suggest you give him or her 50% of the money claimed from the Israeli National Bank. With this attractive offer or reward, that anonymous scum may come forward and let us see who the person is.

You are so anti-Israeli government and how could this be possible, especially having a FD account in the enemy's bank in a foreign land? I don't think you are that stupid. Right, Tun?

I have 100% trust on you as far as this bank account issue is concerned.

Stay strong in your endeavours for a better Malaysia!

pengembara alam said...

Salam Tun..

Mega projek yg selalunya 'mark-up' harga yang jauh lebih tinggi kerana mereka yang terlibat dari bahagian paling atas ke bawah akan mendapat 'bahagiannya'..ini semua kita ketahui..

Apa yang penting ialah 'cut' the cost yag melampau yg menyebabkan rakyat 'suffer' akibat penggunaan wang rakyat yang 'melampau' yang mengakibat wang utk tampung subsidi minyak dan keperluan hanya tinggal sisa..

Rakyat perlu ubah persepsi iaitu :

1. Jika nak kaya berniagalah
2. Jika nak jaga negara maka jadilah pemerintah tapi anda dan keluarga hanya mendapat apa yg secukupnya..

Persepsi inilah yg menyebabkan rakyat Iran memahami pemimpin utk berkorban dan mendapat habuan di akhirat.

Mereka memilih Ahmenajad yg amat sederhana hidupnya dan amat amanah walaupun sesen duit rakyat hingga jika anaknya datang ke ofis beliau untuk berbincang hal keluarga maka ditutup semua aircon dan lampu..walaupun Kerajaan Iran jauh lebih kaya dari Malaysia !!!

jai said...

yup.. saya setuju tu.. bila ada projek mega baru ramai dapat manfaat.. pendapatan rakyat bertambah, dapat bayar cukai pendapatan untuk negara...tak la ramai menganggur.

apapun yang terjadi dengan dunia politik negara kita, harapan saya satu ja, negara kita terus aman, makmur dan kurangkan lah budaya duk mengampu-ngampu dan bodek-membodek ni...

sekarang dapat dilihat beberapa pihak sedang melatah diluar sana.
tunggu dan lihat.

harga minyak nak naik takpa, harga barang nak naik takpa, minta pertimbangkan gaji dan elaun kena naik juga lah...

***Assalamualaikum dan apa khabar tok det? semoga tok det sekeluarga sihat sejahtera.

chegu jai

Mordecai Kucai said...


Satu lagi kes orang bodoh yang masih tidur yang memikirkan orang malaysia terutama orang melayu masih bodoh.

Sebelum Tun jadi menteri pun. Apabila Tun memegang jawatan penting dalam UMNO atau apabila Tun merasakan Tun ada kebolehan untuk pergi jauh dalam UMNO sudah tentu Tun akan menajauhkan diri dengan apa pun berunsur Yahudi sekali pun rakan penpal dari Israel atau pun Yahudi Amerika kerana di masa akan datang sudah tentu perkara ini berbangkit dan menjadi senjata yang menikam Tun. Begitu bagi ahli UMNO lainnya. Walaupun di zaman moden ini di mana sangat mudah untuk kita berkenalan dengan orang Yahudi dari internet.

Setelah menjadi PM bagaimana pula Tun boleh bank in duit di Bank Israel. Tun sendiri pun mengerti bahawa mulut tempayan boleh di tutup inikan pula mulut manusia.

Kabar kabar angin seperti begini selalunya di buat oleh parti PAS. Mereka selalu menyebarkan kabar kabar angin berbentuk otak lembab sebegini. Baca saja tajuk akbar mereka itu lah tajuk lembabnya. Hanya dengan ada Anwar baru mereka boleh bernafas.

Pedulikan Tun. Mujur dasar pelajaran Tun mencelikkan ramai orang melayu. Sehingga BN sendiri kecundang sekarang.

Ucapan ucapan berbentuk politik ala Malaysia yang berbau bodoh memang telah lama di Malaysia.

Umpamanya bila harga minyak naik. Mereka akan meminta supaya pekedai bertimbang rasa dan jangan menaikkan harga barangan. Kenyataan itu seoalah olah tidak menghormati bahawa rakyat juga berakal.

Misalnya, "Rakyat di harap bersabar dengan keputusan mengenai Pulau Batu Putih".

Rakyat malaysia semuanya sekolah. Di sebabkan tidak mau memanjangkan ketegangan antara jiran, kita membawa kes itu ke mahkamah antarabangsa. Biasa la orang kampung bergaduh pasal kambing cari tok penghulu. Logiknya, takkan lah rakyat malaysia tak berpuashati dengan keputusan mahkamah antarabangsa. Kita sekolah, kita di ajar menghormati mahkamah dalam buku sivik sekolah. Walau marah tidak berpuashati mengenai keputusan itu kerana kerajaan tidak membuat 'homework' atau persediaan yang patut. Janganlah membabitkan rakyat sama kerana harapan kita untuk memenangi Batu Putih adalah di tangan wakil kita. Kalau sekali pun gagal Batu Putih itu dan dalam keadaan ekonomi yang meruncing begini. KIta boleh kata, "Biarlah, bukan harta ibubapa kita".

Mengenai kerajaan mengurangkan kos pula. Saya masih ingat lagi bila pertama kali Abdullah menjadi PM selepas mendapat mandat pilihanraya.

Beliau berkata bahawa peniaga peniaga atau kontraktor jangan lagi berharap kerja dari kerajaan. Kita tahu seluruh Malaysia ada lebihkurang 45,000 kontraktor kelas F sahaja. Betul perkara ini berlaku dan mereka mengeluh atau ada yang golong tikar?

Setahu saya yang tidak menjadi menteri ni. Di mana mana negara. Kerajaan lah yang mewujudkan perniagaan terbesar di dalam negara itu supaya perniagaan berjalan dan pusingan wang berlaku. Kerajaan lah dinamo ekonomi negara.

Kalau kerajaan tidak ada kerja atau keperluan untuk kontraktor atau peniaga. Pihak swasta pun susah juga. Bagaimana pun yang akan shopping ialah pekerja kerajaan, pekerja syarikat public listed. Lain orang nampaknya ikat perut.

Mustahil kerajaan tidak ada kerja sekiranya ianya di rancang dengan baik untuk kesejahteraaan jangka panjang.

Cukup lah pengamalan perancangan kerajaan yang lama seawal Tunku. Yang membuat sesuatu pembangungan jangka pendek.

akar said...

dear tun,,

i really admired tun...u r the best

abdullah masuk longkang lah

sambaltumis said...

Salam YABhg TUN.

PraSyarat Pemimpin:

1. Sokongan Akar Umbi.Tapi jangan ada bidan/payung terjun.

2. Berprinsip : tegas, jelas dan konsisiten. Tapi jangan flip-flop.

3. Bermoral. Tapi jangan macam alim, tapi rosak dan merosakkan.

4. Professional. Tapi jangan ada pro-upahan dari Oxford atau John Hopkin.

5. Commerce mind. Tapi, kalau ini takda, rakyat akan derita. Negara akan hina. Kena jajah semula.

Semua di atas, TIADA pada kepimpinan hari ini.

TUN, selamatkan kami......

Mr Zam, Emzeti IT said...

Saya baru terkedu...


tmoz said...

Assalaumalikum Tun yang dihormati.

malam ni ramai yang tengok bola.. internet pun laju semacam aje. maklumlah satu dunia..

..tapi dah banyak projek corridor yang paklah luluskan. berbillion lagi tu. saya pun tak tahu samada projek itu menguntungkan orang kita ke tidak.

saya pun nak sambung tengok bola ni.

akar said...

Dear tun;

i think tat sometimes, as a rakyat really low iQ...

everybody also think tat as a minister sure are corrucpted,,but i really believe that not all like tat..

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Tun,
What you expect?Only cowards are brave enough to strip people naked but themselves are afraid of their own two-"dingdong"?Maybe dun have also you know.Apologies but what that coward nncckkl has written really pissed me off.But if the bank decided to "pakat" with those cowards(why do I have a feeling itz the 4thfloor boys) and say iz ur money then do take it Tun! and donate it to needy Malaysians.
By the way Tun,if we put whatever Najib said to the London Pressmen and what PakLah said got plans to handover to Najib(the numerous times same statements made?and boleh percayakah dengan PakLah flipflop ni???) I think and I hope we get new PM soon.Or maybe PakLah do this to senyapkan Muhiyddin so as not to challenge him and then last minute when PakLah is Presiden UMNO again after UMNO elections in Dec then flipflop tukar fikiran and tell Najib sorry but he,ie. PakLah wants to continue as PM until he dies?
Hentam sajalah Labu!Wassalam.

Unknown said...

Dear Tun,
A Powerfull stronghold under a command of an idiot brings chaos. You created the stronghold, Tun. But I really appreciate all your explaination. Thanks, Tun.

ayamtua said...

hopefully u can eloberate more on the cash money from israeli bank. quite funny with Tun statement to sue those scums...hahaha..
only stupid ppl do stupid things :)

all the best wishes to you Tun, semoga sihat selalu..we are behind you !

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